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First off I want to just say how much I’ve enjoyed being in this fandom for nearly two years. The level of support I’ve gotten has been incredible and I appreciate each and every person who has ever read one of my fics, sent an ask, left a comment, or even just liked something I put out there. I honestly would not still be in the fandom if not for you.

To the artists who have drawn art for me: you’re amazing and I love you.

To the writers who share ideas and listen to my own messed up ones: you’re a gift and I love you.

To the readers who read what I put out: I am so lucky to have you and I love you.

To my fannibal family who still wants to be friends even after all my complaining: I am so blessed you care about me and I love you.

To all the Fannibals: You’re amazing and I don’t know you but I love you too.

[masterlist update]

Hello! Recently, it was brought to my attention that there might not be a lot of representation in fan fiction and so, as to include everyone, I want to do something to help include everyone! 

I’ve added two new columns in my Masterlist - one for POC and one for gender neutral requests! I know I’m awful at making my imagines gender neutral, so I’m going to help myself remember to be inclusive - I don’t want anyone to feel left out or for anyone to feel like they aren’t being represented in the fandom. As I’ve said before - this is definitely the friendliest and best fandom I’ve ever been part of. :)

Below the cut are some of the ‘guidelines’ for how both categories will work and how you can send in your request!

(also, shoutout to the ever so wonderful Xanthe ( @trackingthislamp ) for inspiring me to do this! i love them, go follow them!)

*Note: Requests for these are not open yet! I will make a post letting you know when they are (I’ve got a few requests I need to sort through in my inbox right now before I dedicate my time + effort into these). :)

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anonymous asked:

Idk what that persons talking about, Sakura's whole reason for following Naruto and Sasuke into that fight was to 'prove' they haven't left her behind (ie to stroke her ego.) And they want to get mad that Hinata didn't listen to Naruto and stay back but didn't Naruto tell Sakura to stay back after Sasuke appeared??? But because she's their pink fave they want to ignore that. Sakura is more valuable on the battlefield than Hinata and she should understand her place as suport.

Thank you your right! They always wanna say hinata’s reason for getting in the pein fight was selfish but so is sakura’s reason to fight madara

And the thing is Idc that hinata reason to save naruto was selfish hinata isn’t the only selfish person in that anime

and I wouldn’t care that sakura was being selfish when she went in against madara but I do and that’s because she should’ve known she wasn’t strong enough and other people were counting on her to heal them

If the fight was just madara, sakura, naruto, and sasuke and sakura went in to fight madara alone then I wouldn’t care if the reasons she did it was selfish that’s her business

Also that naruto healing people because of the so6p is bull another over power ASSPULL and I don’t recognize naruto as a healer he didn’t work his ass off to be one so I don’t think that’s really fair

So yeah sakura should’ve stayed back

and yes hinata should’ve stayed back but they weren’t at war so I don’t see why everyone hates hinata so bad just because she went in? She made naruto go tailed beast and beat pein she helped him believe it or not

Thanks for the ask ❇️

types of fans
  1. memorises specific details because they reread or rewatch regularly, can quote entire passages or scenes, slays during trivia
  2. analyses for deeper meaning, engages in online discussion, writes meta essays for fun
  3. completely loyal to the original source material, probably close their eyes and cover their ears because any spin-off or adaption is a travesty that they ignore the existence of
  4. loves anything, new or old, to do with the fandom, even when things border on the absurd and retcon the original material because THE MORE, THE BETTER
  5. likes to play with the world and the characters, loves creating and sharing headcanon, fanfiction, fanart or graphics; maybe even roleplays
  6. creates funny text posts, liveblogs reactions, probably likes to stir the fandom up for fun
  7. klasjdkasjd I JUST LOVE THIS THING OKAy
I showed my friend smut for ths first time; here is what she said.

“Aw this is cute, but knowing that you are the literal spawn of satan, I am afraid”

“wish I could get someone undressed that fast holy shit”



“Does that size of dick even exist?”

Throbbing. haha… Thats a fun word to say.”


“you ain’t gonna be sitting tomorrow”

“Why are you making me read this again? I’m not complaining…just….curious”

“with the way they described that, I don’t think i could ever drink milkshakes again”

“This has left me aroused and confused”

“Well that was wild”

nightfurmoon  asked:

Hey I saw that your accepting requests! I honestly love how you draw Black Hat's body with all the mouths and teeth, you should do that more :3c

He follows the idea “the more inhuman and gross, the better”

New and emerging cryptid: people who have watched all of Critical Role.

While we’re on the subject of tumblr’s shortcomings as a fandom platform, I want to say one more thing. I’ve been thinking lately about how it’s really important to remember that fandom isn’t just on tumblr, but on AO3 as well. One angle that I don’t see people talking about a lot with regard to commenting on fic is that it’s another level of interaction that I don’t think fandom can live without–not just because it fuels writers, but because it can fuel readers too. 

Over the course of my fandom life, I’ve gradually worked my way up to leaving more and more detailed comments (not necessarily always longer, but definitely more specific) and let me tell you–it’s incredibly rewarding. Just recently, I left a comment that prompted a writer to share a lot more about what they were thinking while writing the fic and to give me a rec for a fic with a similar theme to the one they wrote. Sometimes writers will reply to comments by going into more detail about the headcanons they have for characters or explaining more backstory for a part of the fic that I mentioned liking. I’ve had people follow me here on tumblr after I commented on one of their fics on AO3 (and as a writer, I’ve followed people who have commented on my fic too–if I can find them here), and from that, sometimes new friendships arise.

What I’m trying to say is that the importance of comments as an aspect of fandom interactions can’t be overstated. It’s not just about stroking a writer’s ego. You can get things out of it too, whether it be a new headcanon to think about, an insight into the creative process, or even a new friend. Being specific about the parts of fic you like can give writers the confidence to write more things in the same vein or to write more period. Back in the LJ days, fic and personal posts were all mixed in together, so it was easier to have those kinds of interactions, but now that those worlds are split, I think it’s even more important to remember why commenting is important and what it can do for fandom as a whole.

So next time you’re leaving a comment, I challenge you to view it not as “paying your dues” for reading the story, but as an opportunity to interact with the person behind it. You don’t have to be long-winded. Tell them what your favorite part of it was. Pick out something that was unique about it and ask about their inspiration. Talk about how it made you feel or what it reminds you of. You won’t regret it. 


Chris’s “Ship of the Day” - 01/??: “Skysolo”

everything about this scene is precious gold but can we please talk about how Shiro took off his helmet so he could dry out his little hair tuft and how he’s immensely enjoying letting it blow freely in the wind

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Here’s a post about tall girls. Tall girls who will never be petite because their bones are too big. Tall girls who are told that ‘you just can’t wear heels, it makes people uncomfortable’. Here’s to tall girls who have stretch marks on their knees from growth. Tall girls who don’t fit in the 'cute short girl’ category and won’t ever. Tall girls that were young and tall and couldn’t wear makeup because people thought you were older and if anything happened it would be “”“"your fault”“”“. Tall girls that are looked at as manly because of their height. Tall girls that can’t relate to the short protagonist of seemingly /every/ story. And here’s to tall girls who are constantly sexualised when wearing anything that shows off your legs. I’m here for you

A hero.

Following Lance’s birthday, I just want to add some further appreciation for my favorite Voltron character and the talented and lovely fandom artists that I am fortunate to have come across. There are so many that I didn’t include, but I’m addressing every single one of you who has created for this fandom. You all have such gorgeous and unique styles, ways with words, skills and creativity. Seeing everyone posting together to celebrate a character and a show that has meaning to so many people is just amazing. Thank you for making this fandom so great! 

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