but there are more lyrics from this song that i want to use

How can I not be happy for them.
How can I not cry tears of happiness.

They’re talented
They’re hardworking

They deserved the daesang.

And every single tear they shed tonight, it holds more meaning to me than any smile of any photoshoot.

Because today, with all their hard work. And our determination to get them the award,

BTS proudly stands there with two Daesangs and love from a millions of people.

Every lyric they wrote held some sort of meaning to their heart. The whole HYYH series, the Wings album. It had their own feelings put into every song. And it was something that all of us could relate to, even if it wasn’t every song. They all worked so hard towards their dream. And they never forgot us, they kept us in mind. International Army, Korean Army. There’s no difference. We’re all Armies when it comes to supporting our boys. Regardless of our age or race or nationality, we all work hard towards making their dream come true.

To see them smile
To see those tears of joy.

And they deserve every single drop of our love.

The music the spent countless nights on. Hardly getting a blink of sleep, hardly having time for family and friends.

They sacrificed it all so that we could have good music.

They went through years of insults and humiliation.

But here they stand, at a spot where from the Tumblr staff to even Buzzfeed recognizes them.

You deserved it.

Even if I can never say it to you.

You deserved it.

Thank you for working hard, and I hope in the future we can all make you even more proud. As armies, we will always try our best.

Bangtan Hwaiting!


  • ‘ i feel it in my bones ’
  • ‘ you had a hold on me right from the start ‘
  • ‘ you taught me the courage of stars before you left ’
  • ‘ you’re the snake hidden in my daffodils when i’m picking flowers ‘
  • ‘ nobody does it like you do ‘
  • ‘ i was naive and hopeful and lost ‘
  • ‘ you can call me up, the phone works two ways you know ‘
  • ‘ they didn’t warn me ‘
  • ‘ how rare and beautiful it is to even exist ’
  • ‘ no one will love you if you’re unattractive ‘
  • ‘ i needed you more when you wanted us less ’
  • ‘ there’s a menace in my bed ‘
  • ‘ you’re gonna miss me when i’m gone ‘
  • ‘ finally someone let me out of my cage ‘
  • ‘ we’re coming for blood ‘
  • ‘ what would you do if you lost your beauty? ‘
  • ‘ the devil has his eye on you ‘
  • ‘ you don’t have to die alone tonight ‘
  • ‘ i’m not that fragile ‘
  • ‘ i know all about your type ‘
  • ‘ do you wanna get married or run away? ‘
  • ‘ it’s like jesus jones and the rolling stones in a game of twister ‘
  • ‘ kiss me just once for luck ‘
  • ‘ would you bleed for me? ’
  • ‘ we’ll make it i swear ‘
  • ‘ we go together or we don’t go down at all ‘
  • ‘ things go bump in the night ‘
  • ‘ save yourself ‘
  • ‘ i never watch the stars, there’s so much down here ‘
  • ‘ you can count on me ‘
  • ‘ we mean it but i promise we’re not mean ‘
  • ‘ you’re everywhere , but right now i wish you were here ‘
  • ‘ we’re birds of a feather ‘
  • ‘ you think you know me so well ‘
‘Because how could we be friends when I want us to be so much more? When I think about your lips on mine every damn moment, when I can’t concentrate on my work when you’re around and I want to kiss and kill you at the same time? When I’m standing in front of your door at night, ready to tell you everything, to ask for forgiveness but don’t have the courage to knock? How could we be friends, Lewis, when you are so much more to me?’
His breath was coming in short intakes now and he could hear his blood rushing through his veins, he could feel his heart tattooing cries of desperation against his ribs and Lewis’ eyes on him.’
—  // excerpt from a story

I always wanted to use the word ‘Colorama’ in a song ever since I saw Antonioni’s Blow Up. It was an unplugged neon light at the back of my mind for years. Some lyrics are declarations of love or hate written in blood or carved in a bus stop, in need of little or no melodic illumination. Some, I believe, are there almost entirely to facilitate it. If I ever thought about it at all I’m sure I used to think the melody was the vessel that carried the lyrics but more recently it has occurred to me that the opposite is often true.

The problem with the neon sign analogy is that neon signs are invariably bolted to the wall and full of gas. Melody seems as though its poured rather than sprayed and doesn’t feel as though whatever holds it ought to be fixed to anything.

I sometimes imagine each word to be made using a three dimensional open-top glass alphabet. Each letter built to harness and transport the mirror ball liquid marble of the melody. When the ‘substance’ fills up the syllables they seem to shimmer and become weightless. With the addition of close harmony I see colours swirl together, parts of the lyrics glow and the way in which they float suggests that something like the 'star gate’ sequence from 2001: A Space Odyssey is happening deep inside them out of view.

Happy 31st Birthday, Alexander David Turner ♡ (January 6th, 1986)

hello hello! So I decided to share the things I’ve discovered, along with some stuff I’ve learned in Psychology, about sleeping // getting up early and enjoying the day! I hope you find this masterpost helpful :)


  • Don’t use the same alarm every day. Switch it up. Using the same alarm every day will make you really tired of it! It’s ultimately less motivating. Something as simple as switching up your alarm sound from day to day can make you more excited about the morning ahead of you!
  • Use an alarm sound that makes you happy, not an annoying one! Yes, annoying alarms can sometimes be super helpful. But waking up to them is really not that enjoyable. Using the car honking sound for my morning alarm just makes me irritated and less happy in the morning. It sort of feels like you’re being jerked out of your sleep. Try instead an upbeat song that will make you want to dance, or a song with motivational lyrics (I use Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy on Mondays lmao) Another idea is classical music (here’s a giant classical masterpost), which can be a very renewing way to wake up! 
  • Don’t continuously press snooze. Continuously pressing snooze in the morning to get those extra 8-minute intervals of rest can be really disruptive for your sleep. Seriously, I used to do this all the time and I would always be groggy for at least the first part of the day. It is BEST to sleep for a solid block of time (at least one REM cycle) and then be awake for a solid block of time. Don’t keep hitting snooze! When your alarm rings, count to 3 and just throw yourself out of bed. 


  • Adjust your sleep schedule for lots of time in the morning! Yes, this means going to bed earlier! But if you wake up earlier, you will have more of the morning to yourself. Making time for the morning is a great way to do something that makes you happy and get excited for the day to come. 
  • Put your phone on Do Not Disturb. This has helped me so much in trying to fall asleep earlier. For bonus points, put your phone far away from your bed! 
  • FACT: You sleep the best (and wake up more refreshed) when your room is around 62-70° F or 16-21° C. 

in the morning

  • Visualize your day what you’re excited about! You can have as much coffee as you want, but genuinely being excited about the day is the best way to stay awake! Try even writing down one thing you’re excited to do that day! It doesn’t have to be big, sometimes the little things are the best :) 
  • Go out running or do some exercise. Good exercise can yield both physical and psychological benefits!! If you can, running is a great way to start off the day. I like to run in the park near my house, but running down your street works too! If you hate running, or just aren’t up for it, you can try working out from the comfort of your own house (try the fitness channels on Youtube) If you’re brave, take a cold shower after that. (Avoid a hot shower because it will make you drowsy)
  • If you have time, make a nice breakfast for yourself! (Self explanatory… never underestimate the wonders of good food and coffee.) 

helpful resources

  • Sleepyti.me: This is a sleep calculator that really works! The science behind it is that you will 500% more refreshed in the day if you don’t wake up in the middle of a sleep cycle. Sleepyti.me helps you to wake up at the optimal time so that you don’t interrupt any cycles!
  • WhiteNoise: A free app, WhiteNoise gives you a ton of different tracks and calming sounds to choose from that will play from your phone all night and will help you sleep. 
  • Pacifica: If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, try Pacifica. It’s a free app that has helped me a ton with my stress. You can also use it to talk to others who are feeling the same stress (for free!) 

I hope you guys found this masterpost helpful, and feel free to add on! :)

somebody that i used to know|| old man logan

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There’s only one more request after this one, and all the Logan requests I’ve written are finished!  Of all the characters I’ve written for, I’m pretty sure that he’s my favorite.. Requests are open 

Requested by @lokigoddess : Logan, Laura and Xavier are running away and they find a house and decide to knock on the door cause they are hungry, tired and cold. When the person answers… surprise… the owner is someone Logan knows very well (like they had a thing in the past) She is in shock when she sees him so defeated and attempts to do everything possible to help him even if doesn’t want it at first. 

If I end up getting the amount of activity for a part 2… this will end up being a multi chapter fic! This takes place before the Munsons. 

Song Lyrics come from Pentatonix - Somebody that I Used To Know

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Little Red Riding Hood (Negan x Reader)

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Summary: “Oh little red riding hood, even bad wolves can be good”

Word Count:  1754

Warning: slight sexual content (really just making out) and slight swearing

Extra: as you’ll see in the story I use a lot of lyrics from the song Little Red riding hood. My favorite version is from Amanda Seyfried however I picture that Negan would like the Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs version. So it’s up to you on which version you want to listen to while you read the story.

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Even: *song lyrics*
I don’t like my own bed.

Isak: what’s wrong with it?

Even: I’ve just gotten used to yours. When are you done studying for your test?

Isak: It’s on friday and Im fuck’d. I’ve fallen behind.

Even: Do you want me to study with you?

Isak: Hahaha

Even: You have to remember that Im in the 3rd grade. I know a lot more than you do.

Isak: Hahaha you don’t know anything about physics?

Even: How hard can it be? I had physics at Elvebakken.

Isak: Physics and media?
*video of Even from Elvebakken*

Even: Hahaha. Are you stalking me?

Isak: Yes.
Who is Mikael

Even: The previous man of my life.

Isak: Jerk

Even: No. You’re the only one.

Isak: ❤️

Even: Ok, can’t talk anymore. Taking a shower.

Isak: Don’t.

Even: Huh? What?

Isak: Fuck it. Come to me.

Bad Boy- A Peter Pan One-Shot

Title: Bad Boy
Request: Can you do a Peter Pan imagine using the song Bad Boy by Cascada?? Love you work, Em!
Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader
AN: This is in Y/N’s POV, enjoy! I also used lyrics from the actual song in this, so all credits and work go to Cascada for the italizised lyrics.

From the first night I got to Neverland, Peter was stuck in my mind.
He was so cruel, so mean.
So bad.
He didn’t care what others thought about him.
I loved that about him more than anything, I wanted him to be mine, I wanted his body.
Yet my feelings and thoughts always had to stay in my head, I knew Peter would never want to be with me.
So, I wrote down what I thought in a journal.
The journal was filled with writing…

Be my bad boy, be my man
Be my week-end lover
But don’t be my friend
You can be my bad boy

Peter was gorgeous through and through, some days I found myself starring at him.
He’d notice, and shoot that devilish smirk at me.
That smirk and his green eyes made me fall for him every damn time.
Before my life on Neverland, I had my heartbroken by guys time and time again.
I went through hell and back, and vowed to never want a guy again.
Other guys said they would be with me, but just pushed me away and thought I was weak…

You once made this promise
To stay by my side
But after some time you just pushed me aside
You never thought that a girl could be strong
Now I’ll show you how to go on

I knew I had to show them I could move on, that I was strong.
Finally, I got the courage to tell Peter what I had wanted to tell him for such a long time.
I walked right up to him and said, “Peter I really need to talk to you.”
“Sure. What’s on your mind?” Peter asked, smiling at me.
“Ever since I got to this island I’ve had feelings for you. Strong feelings, I don’t even know how to explain. I spend every day, every night wanting you to be mine.” I confessed.
“Yea I know.” Peter chuckled.
“What?” I asked.
“I see you looking at me all the time.” Peter added, “But what you don’t see is me starring at you when you’re not looking. Y/N I think of you every day and night too. I want you.”
I smiled widely, and all the feelings I had kept inside me exploded out in one quick moment.
I lunged forward and kissed Peter, Peter kissing back with all the strength in his body.
“You sure you want to be with all this?” Peter laughed, pointing to himself, “I can be pretty bad.”
“I know.” I giggled, “I like the bad boys.”


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  • I can't help but love you
  • I can't help but want you
  • Stay with me a little longer
  • I can’t help but be wrong in the dark
  • You're ripped at every edge but you're a masterpiece
  • You taught me the courage of stars before you left
  • It's not us no more. It's just you and me.
  • We're just strangers in passing casually
  • I don’t want to go to bed without you.
  • Why should we wait forever? We’re meant to be together.
  • You don’t remember my name. But I still want you the same.
  • I got a text from my ex, it’s official she just broke my heart.
  • I’ve got a song in my heart and I’m bulletproof
  • There’s nothing in the world that’s gonna kill this mood
  • I went to see a fortune teller and she said I’m doomed
  • You're an angel. Tell me you're never leaving.
  • You made the brightest days from the darkest nights.
  • I was told when I get older all my fears would shrink
  • But now I'm insecure and I care what people think
  • Wish we could turn back time, to the good ol' days
  • Deep down, I knew that you were too good to be true
  • But every piece and part of me wanted to believe in you
  • We can't be lovers and we can't be friends
  • It fuckin' kills me that we're done
  • And if you wait for me, I'll be your voice when you don't know what to say
  • Ain't nobody ever seen nothin' like you
  • But with you I'm feeling something that makes me want to stay
  • I'm prepared for this. I never shoot to miss.
  • I guess that's just how it goes when you break up in a small town
  • One shot, everything rides on tonight
  • Hope the wound heals but it never does
  • These battle scars don't look like they're fading
  • I wish that I could stop loving you so much
  • And I'm at the point of breaking and it's impossible to shake it
  • I don't know where the lights are taking us .But something in the night is dangerous
  • It's never enough to say I'm sorry
  • It's never enough to say I care
  • It's like one step forward and two steps back
  • No matter what I do you're always mad
Songs for BPD

Missing You - All Time Low  Grit your teeth, pull your hair, paint the walls black and scream “fuck the world ‘cause it’s my life, I’m gonna take it back”.

Adam’s Song - Blink 182  I never thought I’d die alone, I laughed the loudest, who’d have known?

The Lonely - Christina Perri  I’m the ghost of a girl that I want to be most, I’m the shell of a girl that I used to know well

Because of You - Kelly Clarkson  (in relation to abuse) Because of you I try my hardest just to forget everything, because of you I don’t know how to let anyone else in, because of you I’m ashamed of my life because it’s empty, because of you I am afraid

Suggestions - Orelia has Orchestra  It just takes a second for my world to come crumbling down

Missed Calls (We are all Sorry) - Infinity Crush I’m not getting better, but I take these drugs I should, every night I sleep and hope I dream of something good

Cry Baby - Melanie Martinez You seem to replace your brain with your heart, you take things so hard and then you fall apart

Fear and Loathing - Marina and the Diamonds There is no crime in being kind, not everyone is out to screw you over, maybe, oh just maybe they just want to get to know you

Gasoline - Halsey Are you ins*ne like me? Been in pain like me? Bought a hundred dollar bottle of champagne like me? Just to pour that mother fucker down the drain like me?

Borderline - Amanda Jenssen The monster that sub-let my head is making new friends under the bed, “I’ll make it stop”, that’s what you said

Cynics & Critics - Icon For Hire Sometimes I think we push your buttons just for fun. Sometimes I think our kind of cr*zy has already been done. We’re a copy of a copy, everything we swore we’d not be. Yeah the truth hurts, but it hasn’t stung enough to stop me

Send me an ask or a message of a song that you relate to your BPD and your favourite lyrics from the song and I’ll add it to the list :)


OH-kay I finally got around to fixing this post, so. more lyrics woohoo! this time it’s LONELIEST BABY by µ’s. definitely one of my faves, really hope I did it enough justice.

singable english lyrics under the cut!

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House Of Cards | Prologue

If you try to leave me I’m going to tie you to the bed and set this house on fire 

||Part 1|| Part 2|| Part 3|| Part 4|| Prologue || Part 5 ||

Warnings : Semi-smut, mention of blood and implied violence.  

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Your relationship wasn’t perfect and you didn’t want it to be. It was built on understanding. You understanding that he would be gone for full days with little contact while working on a song and him understanding that there would always be boundaries between the two of you, things that will be left unsaid and reasons that will be kept hidden. He didn’t force answers when you didn’t want to give them and you didn’t get angry at him every time he disappeared.

Yoongi wasn’t so different from you. You both escaped your homes to achieve your dreams and you both worked very hard for them. His ambition was far bigger than yours, and much more precise, but he didn’t match your determination and will to get where you wanted. Although you still didn’t know exactly where that was.

You left your house, back in your hometown, with nothing but a backpack with bare minimals and a little money you had saved up before. It was hell living in that house, between the constant fights over small things, stupid things, and pointless things and the scent of alcohol that stained the walls, you couldn’t stay there a second more. The first thing on your mind was to finish your studies. Finish your studies and have a decent future. Nothing too luxurious, just enough.

Yoongi on the other hand left when his parents disagreed to his profession of choice. Which was to become a rapper. He bitterly laughed while telling you how they laughed in his face when he announced it, how they berated him to his face, and how they outright rejected the mere idea of it. He wanted to prove them wrong by becoming the most known rapper and producer out there. He wanted to put them to shame once his name would be screamed everywhere he went. Nothing was enough; He always wanted more.

It was mutual ground even with the differences. It was a silent agreement that your futures may not always meet path but you didn’t mind finding a middle if it was for each other. That’s why you didn’t hesitate when Yoongi asked you to move in with him.

True you had only been dating for six months, known each other for seven, but you were in love with him. Something that wasn’t in your drawn path but it didn’t hurt to have that kind of fun along the way. And Yoongi was a lot of fun.

You despised having alcohol in the house, that was your first rule, and Yoongi obliged murmuring that his rule was that you weren’t allowed wearing clothes. Which earned him a slap to the back of his head.

“ I’m being serious ” You glared at him “ I don’t want liquor bottles anywhere near me ”

“ Okay, babe ” Yoongi massaged his head and smirked “ But I’m serious about the no clothes thing too ”

“ Yoongi, don’t you dare ” You moved back when he threateningly inched closer but stopped at the end of the couch, not to fall off “ I’ve only been here a full day ”

“ Exactly, you’ve already been here a full day ” He pouted running his fingers through your hair. Despite your faked refusal, you leaned into his touch with closed eyes and parted lips which he met immediately.

Yoongi knew how to get you pliant under him in matter of seconds, which always sparkled the undying love you had for him. As weird as it sounds. His tongue played with yours, hands advancing up your bare stomach, and breath matching yours. You could never tell where he started and you ended while being tangled like that on the couch.

“ I would give up anything for you, know that ” Yoongi whispered breathlessly into your ear before he bit down the tender skin matching his thrusts to your heartbeats. You were too gone to respond or to hear for that matter but you felt it. Which each drag of his length against your walls, making them spasm and tremble around him, you felt his love for you. You also knew how much Yoongi liked to drink. At first it was a deal breaker to you, reminded of all the days your father would come home reeking of the disgustingly nauseating scent, but he wasn’t as addicted as him and had much more control over himself while under its influence. It’s not like you personally didn’t drink as well. Occasionally, yes, but still.

“  Yoongi ” You moaned out as he finally stilled tracing open mouthed kisses to your neck and chest then riding out his orgasm with shallow thrusts and deep kisses to your already swollen mouth.

“ I love you ” He gave you his signature gummy smile that always found a way to make your heart flutter and cheeks red, even when he was still deeply buried into you and your sweat was blending into a pure mess.

“ I love you too ” You cupped his face, wiggling yourself to be on top, and coming down to leave a small peck on each side of his cheeks repeating the words as you did. In you short twenty-something life, you didn’t think you would find someone to love you this much, not after all the insecurities that your parent’s infidelity left you with. However, Yoongi was your proof. That even the most broken of all can still be loved.

“ Let’s get cleaned up ” He grunted after complaining of overstimulation and you just laughed at his annoyed expression. His mood swings were for the most part cute.

“ na-uh, let’s stay like this for a bit ” You smiled laying your head on his chest and listening to his heartbeat, with a board smile.

In that moment, with him under you and every bit of your skin filled with his touch, you were the happiest.  

Of course, it wasn’t without conflict. No relationship was. You would often argue over the most silly thing in existence. However, even those small fights were tokens of love. Yoongi would often nuzzle against you and complain about your lack of affection that day or you would randomly pull yourself onto his lap and distract him from his tracks. He would yell at you for doing it but would end up breaking into a smile and kiss you anyways. And you would always end up showering him with too much love he regretted even mention it.

There were day where you would both be irritated or stressed from work. Times where he craved to be drunk out of his mind and you wanted to be alone. Those too were built upon mutual understanding. He was allowed to get drunk once in a while and you were given enough space every time you needed it. That’s how you kept going.

“ Did I ever mention how much I love you ?” He rested his head on your back while you stirred his hangover soup, nuzzling into you like a needy cat. You did that for him after those kind of nights because you knew he was having a hard time, that was the only way you could help. While he cleaned himself twice this morning and bathed in scented water to wash away the smell off of him, he did that for you.

“ Everyday ” You sighed turning the stove off.

“ I don’t do it enough then ” Yoongi left a kiss between your shoulder blades before putting his forehead on the spot again “ It should be every hour ”

“ god, what’s wrong with you this morning ?” You pushed him back in order to get the bowels “ It creeps me out when you’re all mushy ”

“ Shut up, you love it ” Yoongi pushed you back against the counter, this time facing you, and stared into your eyes deeply “ you love me”

“ Sadly, I do ” You leaned up pressing your lips to the tip of his nose and smiled “ Now eat this if you want to function today ”

“ I don’t always say this … Okay I never said this but …” Yoongi brought your hands together into his own and kissed them “ I wouldn’t mind spending the rest of my days with you, like this ”

“ Well, ain’t that new ” You blushed biting your lip to try and conceal the smile that threatened to give off your feigned stern expression “ You’re cute but what if I leave you ?”

‘’ If you try to leave me I’m going to tie you to the bed and set this house on fire “ He joked pulling away from you and sitting down. You laughed.

You didn’t know his words weren’t a joke. You didn’t know that threat would be what you feared the most when he as standing on the other side of the room staring at you with dark angry eyes. When he somehow found out where you were staying after leaving him. When there was broken glass everywhere and you were bleeding out on the floor.

You didn’t know his words weren’t a joke. 

Someone asked me: “What’s your favorite Taylor Swift’s album?”

Taylor’s five albums from ‘Taylor Swift’ to ‘1989′ has their own strengths, but I think my most favorite of all is ‘Speak Now’. 1989 may be the strongest era, but Speak Now is definitely the most powerful album.

Speak Now doesn’t just sing about love or heartbreaks or reminiscing memories or having a crush on someone like a typical Taylor Swift song would, it speaks almost for everything. It speaks about love, about heartbreaks, about breaking up with someone who thinks you’re a game, an apology for somebody you’ve hurt, a song for being bullied, being told of mischievous things, a song for your family, for your daydreams and hopes of a happy ending, and many, many more.

Also, all of Speak Now songs also has something to do with ‘speaking’.

First of all, Speak Now has the fandom song, or the song for Taylor’s fans (Long Live). This song wants Taylor for us to promise that when we’ll have our children someday, let‘s tell and speak to them how Taylor hope they would shine, like how our bond and love for Taylor did.

Speak Now also has songs that speak about the early signs of love: being wonder struck for someone that you want to speak to then not to fall in love with someone else but you (Enchanted), and how you cannot gather up all of your courage to speak to the person you love even when you’re just meters apart (The Story Of Us).  And that (Sparks Fly) tells us that love doesn’t need speaking or explanations, you’d just feel the sparks fly. And when it’s late in the evening and you’re speaking quietly on the phone so that you wouldn’t be caught in (Our Song).

(Mine) also tells us about how love is perfect, but the people in them would never be, that two people in love can face problems like misunderstandings and how you should speak to them to fix that problems, and (Ours) talk about how people would speak harsh things but love will always be the solution, because what’s yours will be yours. And that when your (Superman) flies away, you should always never forget to speak ‘I love you’ to them. And when you love him/her, you should (Speak Now) because maybe later is too late.

(Dear John) also tells us how you should speak for yourself when you fell that your love was just a game for somebody. While (Back To December) tells how we should speak for an apology when we know we made things go wrong. And when the fragile line you’re walking on break, his/her memories haunt you and  you’d speak ‘Don’t leave me like this’ in (Haunted). How you wanted someone to come back but they say and speak ‘It’s not that easy.’ in (If This Was A Movie). And how you cannot manage to speak to him/her that’s why you’d just watch his/her life in pictures just the way you use to watch him/her sleep in (Last Kiss).

When someone speak awful things to pull you down and blame you things you didn’t do when you’re just (Innocent), something’s wrong. And also something’s wrong when people speak (Mean) things to you because everyone has the possibility to someday live on a bigger city. And when the time comes when you do (Better Than Revenge), the time when your speaking turn into doing, you’d just watch how the tables turn.

And when you speak to life how you want the time when you don’t mind deeper things in life, and you just wished you should (Never Grow Up).

‘Speak Now’ is an amazing album, every song talks about different things, Speak Now can touch almost everything in your life on a spiritual level.

kat (projectormom)

So shortly after “Cry For Help” aired gracekraft tweeted something about how Pearl and Garnet have had inspiring songs but Amethyst’s songs were all pretty melancholy so far and I started thinking about what an inspiring Amethyst song would sound like–what Amethyst’s version of a “Stronger Than You” sort of thing could be. I immediately started envisioning something that made use of her shapeshifting talent as a lyric image–’don’t pigeonhole me as a kindergarten gem because I have the potential to change myself into anything I want to be.’ I already had this more standalone, literary song I was working on which referenced the opening stanza of T.S. Eliot’s “The Waste Land” (it talks about the cruelty of “lilacs out of the dead land” mocking the despair around them) and turned it on its head–imagining that the mockery of the lilacs isn’t cruel, it’s playful; they came from a poisonous wasteland, but they’re happy and beautiful anyway, and nobody’s gonna bring them down. A lyric about a playful, mocking purple flower growing in a toxic land was too perfect for this not to use (which is also why ‘lilac out of the dead land’ is my tag for amethyst now, btw), and the chorus ended with “junkyard cat, carrion sparrow, love’s gonna give me wings” which also seemed perfect, so I mashed the existing song I’d been working on into this. It also sort of references “Stronger Than You” with the run of notes on the world “love,” although it’s more about self-love than relationship-love (HOWEVER, I think of the 3rd verse as a sort of a reprise addressed not to enemies but to the rest of the team, especially Pearl).

Shout out to bpd-amethyst for really fleshing out my interpretation of Amethyst in the show, couldn’t have written this little speculative song without the inspiration her blog provides :)

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I’m gonna go all pantrea on this one.

The art of Shedding (More because of the guitar riffs then the lyrics but w/e)

This is where the sin begins
We’re aware they’re going to free us
Rage from our hearts within
Born of this world
Which is a living hell
But we’ll be closer to heaven [x]

No good (Attack the radical)

No chance
Not for a minute
Not for a second
I won’t be defensive
I’m straight out in my opinion
You’d better listen to a man who knows what he is saying
I’ve seen your side
You run and hide for the mere fact that you feel inferior
Be superior
And know your interior [x]

Shedding skin

I was betrayed one more day of my short life
You were carried away
You had no shame
To suffocate my being
I was me but you weren’t you
You were sticking to me like a scab
so I peeled you away and bled for days
Then stepped out of myself

It’s harder
And stronger
But no one’s been inside you longer
Or harder
Or deeper
To get you off you need the fear

I’m shedding my skin to peel you off of me
You’ve got to love me

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Go Get It

maybe if we used more honesty
maybe if kings did more honoring she
queens… flat out like an ironed sheet
pioneer women and men sticking together like a flock of sheep
the goal is to stay woke
never mind the sleep
push yourself to the point
where you’re reaching the mountains peak
speak unique
walk tall and never get weak
hitting strikes and game points
you on a winning streak
success is within your reach
raise the bar
Olympian champ
encourage your brother and sister
travel overseas get ya passports stamped
African American
visit the motherland, fly to the country
no regrets, and take pride in your mother man
she did all she could for you and your brother
respect her and love her cause you’ll never get another
midnight train rides from work
hey Mr Conductor
young hustler born with the spirit
I can be what I want as long as I don’t quit
sculptor, hunter,
work for the city get the trash from the dumpster
cutter, duster, or I might just be a mother
don’t get it twisted cause I did not stutter
opportunity knock thought you missed it
cause you came from the gutter
figured you was a misfit
caught the ball but could not dribble it
played golf missed the whole when the wind shifted
grabbed your notebook and pen decided to scribble it
found your calling now cause you realized this writing lyrics is your shit.
claim it.