but there are hundreds thousands of people who love you

I literally just cant. Sometimes are you guys hit by the fact, that Lexa the stoic Commander, with the wisdom of generations, fell in love with a smol girl who fell from the sky? She bared her soul to her, and she protected her, and improved and changed her entire life and the ways of her people for that small bi bean?

She was so beautiful. And strong. And just…. Powerful. She moved us all. She inspired so many of us. She inspired hundreds of thousands of us to revolt against the media and their view of the lgbtq youth. She changed the lives of so many

For me, the most powerful yet heartbreaking scene was one of her very last happy moments. That smile, that smile she gave Clarke as she leaned down to kiss her on the bed. Do you guys remember? That smile. It was like… Seeing her for the first time. Happy. Relieved. Satisfied. She looked so beautiful. And raw. And fucking amazing.

I miss her so much


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Hi everyone, as you probably know, the CIC website has been down since the 2016 election results due to a sudden flood of people accessing it. This is a really bad thing, because it affects those who are in the middle of immigrating or helping loved ones immigrate to Canada.

A personal friend of mine has spent hundreds of hours, travelled thousands of miles, and spent thousands upon thousands of dollars to get paperwork and documents and health checks together to prepare for their spouse’s application for permanent residency in Canada. Because of the website going down, they were unable to upload their documents for their application, and since this is a very time sensitive process, if they can’t get access soon, they may lose this one chance to finally be able to have a life with their spouse. It’s a very difficult process to begin with- an application could be denied just because the assessing officer was having a bad day. Not being able to upload documents on time would make everything worse.

Please, PLEASE, if you don’t have an actual legitimate reason to go to the CIC website, please refrain from visiting it in order to keep it available for those who are really counting on it being accessible.

Please share and pass on this message to everyone. It would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you.

the thing about being a young woman is that they will take everything from you. and i mean everything. and they will make it about them. your makeup, your clothes, how much you eat. your attitude, your hairstyle, your gym routine. they will take your driving and your train stations and your video games. your sexuality as sexy, your gender identity as a fetish, your cooking. your tv shows and your high heels and every harmless thing. 

if they cannot eat it, if it does not satisfy them, it will be an immediate shame. they cannot control how much you put food into your body, so it is seen as disgusting. your love of starbucks is your vapid need, your comfortable boots are symbols of your inherent stupidity. your fake nails, your body’s natural cycles, the hair on you. bath bombs, pink, the low singing of women talking about depression. your crazy, your hyper, your laughter, your loud, your excited, your passions. the things which are yours, that do not belong to them, that cannot be taken and devoured like flower petals, cannot be sucked dry until the wilt forms in you. 

do not satisfy them. let them starve. let them shy from the sin of you, the unfettered sinfulness of loving taking up space.

The Rairpair Struggle

- Your fandom is small. Where the big fandoms have thousands of fics and content per pair, your fandom has maybe a thousand fics all together… if you round up.

- There are hundreds of fics and art for the main pairings. Those pairings are great. But your lifeblood comes from the character everyone forgets exists.

- Oh! You found content for your rarepair. Sorry, it’s not in the language you speak.

- Congratulations, you found two people who ship your ship. Strongly. It takes all your willpower to not run them off with your intense love of this ship. (Which is the intensity of a thousand suns). You dread the day they drop from the fandom. Please don’t ever leave.

- There are exactly 9 fics of your precious rarepair – you wrote 1/3 of them.

Destigmatizing fan fiction (or, say it loud say it proud; the others are unappreciative idiots)

You know what irritates me to no end? The reputation that fan fiction has. Like, people act like it’s this silly lame thing to where I’m way too embarrassed to say that I write fanfic, when in reality these works can be hundreds of thousands of words long, written by some incredible authors who really poured their heart into them, and consumed by thousands of readers. The characters are well loved, yet often so complicated and taken in a unique direction by each individual author. Fan fiction is no different from regular fiction; writers simply borrow characters and near and dear relationships as a starting point.

Let me share an anecdote (I know, when do I not, but bear with): in senior year for my creative writing class we were instructed to submit a portfolio with a common thread. At the time, I was dealing with all manner of anxiety, and I figured that I’d invested so much effort and work and time into my fics that why not just showcase those? And so I edited them a bit, changed names and pronouns, took out fandom-specific references, a turned them in. My “common thread” was relationships. I explored different styles of writing, focused on primarily gay ships (they were all Johnlock, by the way), and in the end I did come up with a balanced and well-loved series of short stories. My teacher LOVED them, loved the variation, loved the very different plot lines, and then told me (and I live by this) that writing is just something I “need” to do.

Is my writing any less valuable because it started out as fanfic? Do I have less latent talent or passion because of it? Absolutely not. I write for hours because I love it. I keep myself up til 4 am (0/10 would recommend) writing, because it’s so seamless, and because it’s constantly in my head. Just because I write fan fiction doesn’t mean I’m not a true writer.

In conclusion, I think it’s time the world cooled their jets and got rid of the ridiculous stigma around fan fiction (yes, even and especially gay ships) and view it as simply a genre of writing, no more or less valid or respectable as any other. Be proud of your hard work; from now on, I certainly plan to respond to inquiries, head held high, that my writing is largely under the “fan fiction” genre.

Please, everyone! Whatever you’re feeling right now, it’s valid that you’re feeling it. There are thousands of people who are in the same boat you are, probably hundreds of thousands. 

It’s important that you take care of yourself however you need to. Definitely turn off Anon messaging, take a break if you need to, but remember this:

We’ve built a tremendous community around this show. Even if it does turn out that this is the end, don’t forget that the friends you had before the episode aired are still here for you, probably more than ever. 

The connections we’ve made together, and all that we’ve learned, can’t be taken away by anyone or anything, and we are the ultimate testimony to the fact that there is an enormous amount of people who believe that you, however you identify and whoever you are, are important and 1000% deserving of representation.

You’re important, no matter what ends up happening–for better or worse, with this show and out in the world. 

Love yourself, take care of yourself, and keep treating everyone around you with the amount of love and support they deserve.

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Hey, do you think we could do anything about YouTube canceling Scare Pewdiepie? I love your blog by the way, thank you for all the work you put into it:)

aw thank you!

and honestly I don’t know. I’m currently just waiting for poods to further inform us about it and then we shall see.

I know many people were really excited about it, not only because season one was amazing but because this upcoming season was supposed to have so many more youtubers involved and overall it was a bigger project….that being said, there are hundreds of thousands of people who were looking forward to this season and if me being on the internet has taught me anything, it’s that people in fandoms are merciless when it comes to their favorites, so I really don’t think they (we) will let youtube off the hook so easily for this one

Hey Richonne Fandom

We got this. More and more people love Richonne. White, Black, Asian, African, Brazilian. They got love coming from all over. I know it’s hard to ignore the hateful comments you may come across. I’m a dark skinned black woman. I’ve had a child by a white man. This ship hits home, and sometimes I take it as a personal attack against me because I closely identify with the Richonne pairing. Getting upset cause of a few thousand who hate, out of hundreds of thousands who love isn’t worth it. AMC is 100% behind it. Robert Kirkman is behind it(secretly wishes he did it in comics, I bet). Scott Gimple is the Captain of the Ship and put the glimmer of hope in our eyes with “Clear”. Loose lips Andy Lincoln is head over heels in love with this ship, and Danai Gurira has said time and time again, she is proud that Gimple, the staff, and AMC are pursuing the truth in storytelling and not the comfort in storytelling. Black/white interracial couples are still taboo to some and she is happy they chose to go this route, than keep a few thousand happy. It’s a shame, cause if they actually examined the relationship they would learn what love truly is and that firstly, its colorblind. Hate all you want, but thanks AMC, You’re the real MVP for giving us all of this.

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To my followers;

 With Trump as president many things are about to change and none of them for the good. He and his followers, who I call the new Nazi and Hitler, are about to start their reign of terror and I have something I want to say.

   No matter what they say, what the do and what happens, you matter. No matter the color of your skin, your race, your background, your sexuality or the gender you prefer, you matter. There may be hundreds against you, but there are thousands behind you. You have thousands fighting for you, who will protect you, who loves you. I am one of those people. Please never forget that.

  You matter. You are loved. No matter what Trump and his followers say that will not change.

Your whole life, your parents tell you never to talk to people on the internet. You are taught that everyone online is dangerous, that everyone is a sixty year old man just looking for some kids to scout. False. Obviously there are some creeps and weirdos out there. But in reality, people online, people who are hundreds, even thousands of miles away from you, can be the best people that you have ever met.

Three thousand, five hundred and fifty four miles. That is how far away she is from me. We met online, we started off as strangers, just like any other couple. It started with an app, and I am thankful for that app, because if it wasn’t for that app I would not have had the chance to meet this perfectly imperfect human being. It started with a message. Just a simple one, nothing special about it. That one message turned into so much more than I had ever dreamed would happen. That one message, was the start of true happiness for me. That one message was the start of our very own love story.

June 17th, 2016. The day that wonderful human being became my girlfriend. I remember the day so clearly. I couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the night. There was so much happiness, I was glad to be the one to put that beautiful smile on her face.

One month went by, then two, then four and eventually six. Packages were exchanged, the excitement of having something the other had actually held in their hand, it was magical. We had our fights, we had our stupid arguments, but our good days overweighted the bad days by a long shot.

Our Skype calls are what I always looked forward to every week, and will continue to do so until the day I don’t have to see her through a screen. But for now I am content. For now, I am perfectly okay with only being able to hear her voice through speakers or headphones, for now I am okay with only seeing her through a screen, not being able to touch her, kiss her or hug her. I’m okay with it because I know that soon I will be right beside her, holding her hand like I always promised I would be.

Loving someone from a distance, it’s hard. It’s difficult some days when all you want to do is have a hug but you can’t even do that. It’s difficult some days when the other person is upset and you can’t comfort them, you can only send words or voice notes in the sheer hope it’ll make them smile. It’s difficult when you see a couple in the hallways at school, or out on the street and wishing you could be with your partner doing the same. But loving someone from a distance, believe me, is so worth it.

You see, when you love someone, distance doesn’t matter, age doesn’t matter, gender identity does not matter. You find someone that you can give your heart to and fully trust that they will never break it, or ever even let it bend too much. I fell in love with our late night conversations about the most random things, I fell in love with the way she laughs, the way her smile forms, I fell in love with how her voice sounds when she talks to me. I fell in love with how wonderful she is, and how supportive she’s been since day one. I have found my soulmate, my best friend in this world. She’s everything to me and I would never give her up for anything, I will never let her go.

August 1st, 2017. The day I am finally, after over a year, going to have this incredibly special human in my arms. The day I get to see her amazing smile right in front of me. The day I get to look into her eyes, the eyes that are the most gorgeous shade of brown, the eyes that I can easily get lost in. The day I get to kiss her, hug her, be in her presence. The day that will be remembered as one of the best days of my life.

This human, this amazing human being, is one of the most kind hearted, wonderful people out there. She saved me, she has saved others, and she doesn’t see how amazing she truly is. I love her with everything I have, and I wish I could give her the world because she deserves it and so much more.

I’m in love with you, Marissa ❤️

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The ancestors pressed forward, muttering. When you’ve been dead for hundreds of years, you’re not inclined to feel generous to those people who assured you that you were going to have a lovely time. There was a scuffle in the middle of the crowd as King Psam-nut-kha, who had spent five thousand years with nothing to look at but the inside of a lid, was restrained by younger colleagues.
—  Terry Pratchett, Pyramids

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Redwineandblu is a 'lovely person' but she thinks as a white person who's only in America because her daddy came inside her mommy on American soil, she's more entitled to life than people who actually have hard lives in other countries, who's children are being blown to pieces. Hundreds of thousands of people are going to die because of her beliefs.. she's not a lovely person


“I don’t know why you still try with him, it’s not like it’ll ever work. You’re both so far away from each other,” my friend said. As if she knew anything about what we had.

It didn’t matter, though. There would always be people who thought it would go awry. Always. It was something we had to deal with. I didn’t mind because I knew in my heart that testing the limits in love was the best decision I’d ever made. I met my soulmate. Sure, we were hundreds and thousands of miles away, but we were connected by our hearts, our souls, our minds. We had a love that wasn’t based on physical connection, because we could rarely even have that - if at all. Skype calls and dates were the basis of what we had, but I didn’t care because hearing his laugh and seeing his cheesy smile made it all worth while. She rambled on, but I wasn’t listening. I had him and that’s all that really mattered because in the end, he was my ultimate prize.“

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write
About Akatsuki no Yona

* mild spoilers for the original comic, maybe

Some people : Meh, it looks like one of many reverse harem girly animes. The girl will cause problems but try nothing for it or do something only for no good to make me sick, and those guys will solve them and protect her just because of sudden and simple romantic interest caused by her beauty no matter what and fight each other to win her love. I’ll not watch it or at least will drop it.

Anime fans : *laughs for hundreds years* You just missed a big treasure box.

Fans who read original comics : *laughs for thousands years* PLEASE give us more romantic scenes, we always desperately need it. PLEASE kiss, no, just confess your love for once OTL *looks at all the feels and fights and bloods everywhere* Wasn’t this supposed to be a GIRLY comic (shoujo manga)

To the man who shot my people. You are not brave. You are not revolutionary. To any sympathisers out there, shooting people in the back is not brave. Dying in a hail of gunfire to avoid seeing the damage inflicted to countless families is not brave. Standing firm in who you love is brave. Staying alive purely on the thinnest hope it might get better is brave. Refusing to give up who you are after beatings and mocking and hate is brave. You are not brave. But I am. My community is hundreds of thousands who have endured and fought every day of our lives. You are not brave. But we are. You will not change who we are, and you will be remembered as a disgusting footnote of an embarrassment to humanity while we who marched hold nothing but glory. You are weak through choice, and we are all brave through necessity. And the brave will always be remembered.

Man who blogs stories of thousands of 'Rejected Princesses' tells us why
Feminist blogger Jason Porath on why he tells the stories he does.

From catchnews.com:

Are people shocked that you’re a man running a feminist blog? Tell me a fun story.

Oh, yeah. Plenty of people link to me on Tumblr and say, “I love this girl’s blog! So funny and informative!”

Once I re-blogged one of those posts,saying, “And I love that you think I’m a woman!” - to which I got hundreds of stunned messages saying, “YOU’RE A GUY!?”

Had fun with this quick interview with Catch News. No earth-shattering revelations, but I’m slowly getting better at explaining what this is actually about. :)

I want to sincerely thank the people who have been with us for two thousand one hundred and ninety days and tell you I love you. I will sing for a long long time, good night 🌙 Yoseobah, sorry for stealing your photo. Location: In your heart  by @bigbadboii on Instagram  [trans@yongjunna]

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“It kills me that I won’t be able to go up to every single person who has ever turned my song up when it comes on the radio and say “Thank you, you’ve helped me out”, because that’s what I feel like doing. I mean, it’s kind of overwhelming to think that there are hundreds and thousands of people… Who, you know, are supporting me right now and I won’t know their names.” - Taylor Swift

I cannot believe that Joss Whedon deleted his Twitter account.

Actually, I can, because I would probably do the same thing if hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people were sending me death threats

If you are one of the individuals who sent Joss Whedon [or anyone for that matter] a death threat, you are a disgraceful human being.

As much as I love Avengers…it’s a MOVIE. You have NO RIGHT to send a message like that, just because the movie wasn’t written/directed how YOU wanted it to be or how it was “supposed” to be.