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Sleeping In

HNITS one-shot, Hannah x Baker, July 2012, minor angst, major fluff

The only time Hannah knows Baker to sleep late is the day after she comes home from her grandmother’s 70th birthday party. 

It’s not like Baker to sleep in. She’s always the first of Hannah’s friends to wake up, even if she’s the last to fall asleep. Of the million times Baker has slept over Hannah’s house, Hannah doesn’t think they’ve ever slept in past nine o’clock, even when Baker was trying to stay in bed for Hannah’s sake. 

Which is why it’s really, really weird for Baker to not be returning Hannah’s texts at 11 o’clock on Monday morning. 

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Chubbies: Part 2 (Community Story)

Written by milosnikzycia

As he stepped through the double doors into Chubbies, Gabe’s mouth began to water at the strong aromas of the various sandwiches on the menu. Even though he had eaten only about an hour before for a rather large breakfast, his stomach was beginning to adjust to his new appetite. Gabe found his mind lingering on the number on the scale that morning: 178. It was certainly an improvement from his 160 or so a few months ago. But also, clearly wasn’t enough to warrant being called fat. At an average height of 5’10, he knew this jump put him into overweight territory. But surely no one else thought he was overweight, right?

“Hey bud”, his straight coworker, Jimbo said, noticing Gabe’s entrance. “You’ll be taking over here on register.”

“Thanks, man,” Gabe said glancing up with a bit of shock. He hadn’t worked a shift with Jimbo in almost 2 weeks, and it was clear that the hipster had put on a few pounds since then. On an adventurous impulse, Gabe patted his hand over the thick layer of fat that now hung over his coworker’s painfully tight skinny jeans. “Getting a little ‘chubby’ there, eh?” Gabe said, casually airquoting the name of the restaurant.

“Haha yeah, since I’ve started working here 6 months ago I’ve put on almost 30 pounds. Honestly, it’s become an issue with the girlfriend, so I’ve gotta start watching myself. Not to mention finding clothes… I guess skinny jeans don’t come ina size 36!” he said exasperated. “Looks like you’re putting on a few too though!”

“Maybe, I haven’t weighed myself in a while,” Gabe replied outright lying. “See ya,” he said as Jimbo walked off.

Gabe readjusted his dick through the pocket of his tight 32s, trying to hide an erection that emerged as soon as he touched Jimbo’s belly. The rest of the day went pretty smoothly, except for the constant hunger pangs. During a particularly loud episode, Gabe’s other coworker jabbed him in the side, asking if he was already hungry. Another lie passed seamlessly through his lips, but it was clear that the few days of straight binging had made working 4 hours without eating almost impossible. The hunger was becoming overwhelming and he grew increasingly distracted at my job.

“Hello, anyone home?” A slightly accented, hearty voice asked waking Gabe up.

“Yeah, yeah. Sorry sir. What can I get you?” he responded, cheeks slightly flushed and pink.

“No problem, man. We all have those days, don’t we?”

Gabe gave a slight smile at the handsome stranger, relieved that he wasn’t upset.

“What kind of sandwich do you recommend…Gabriel?” the man asked reading his name tag.

“Hmmm…well on a cold day like today, something hearty like our Italian sausage and cheddar sub. It comes with baked potatoes on it, which might sound a little weird, but is actually amazing! And a side of chili, since it’s cold.”

“Sounds like you’ve sold me” the man said as he stroked his thick, yet evenly trimmed dark beard.

“And what would you like to drink?” Gabe said as he punched in the order.

“You know, despite the cold, I was thinking of a milkshake. But I don’t know if I should.” The man answered as he looked down and rubbed his seemingly flat stomach.

“You’re in pretty good shape!” Gabe blurted awkwardly. “So I don’t think you need to worry about anything like that.”

“Well thanks, I guess. Don’t know if my wallet can let it go so easily though,” he said with a wink

“You know what, you seem like a cool guy-I won’t charge you for it.” Gabe said glancing at the screen which lit up a total of a little over $10, no milkshake included.

“Aren’t you sweet? Hope you won’t make me pay for it tomorrow in the gym.”

Gabe laughed, “Could I have a name for this order?”

“Yeah, sure. It’s Eryk.” The man made sure to spell it out.

“That’s an unusual spelling. Where are you from?”        

“Poland actually. I moved here with my family when I was 8.”

“Awesome! Do you want a receipt?”

“Yes. Might come in handy if I were to give out my number.” Eryk said with a smile.

Gabe promptly gave him the receipt, hoping that Eryk was alluding to himself. But before he could say anything, the customer behind him shoved to the front. “Alright, pretty boy! Enough chatter! Get this line moving!”

Gabe’s heart sunk as he continued on with an empty stomach. After an hour or so, he was offered a break, which he gladly accepted, choosing the same meal as Eryk, out of admiration. Plus it was quite fattening. He searched in the café for the mysterious Polish man, hoping to find him still eating. Disappointed, he sat at the barstool where Eryk had been.  As he put his food down, Gabe noticed a neatly folded slip of paper on the floor. Bending down to grab it, he realized with horror that the button on his jeans had popped right off, and landed with a clank next to the paper. He felt a flush of cold hair against his lower belly. Luckily, his apron could hide the obvious gap where the button used to be. He grinned to himself as he unfolded and read what was written.

I don’t know how to say this, growing up Catholic and everything, but I think you’re really cute. I’d like to take you out. (xxx)xxx-xxxx. By the way, the food was delicious! 

Every other chapter of this community story is written by a different author from the gaining community. If you’d like to participate, please read the introductory post here. Happy fapping! 

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Peter Maximoff X reader fluff "I love you"

“Okay Professor McCoy, let’s see about changing Y/N’s grades” Peter muttered half to himself as he sifted through the drawer of exam papers due to be corrected by the Professor.
Y/N had completely forgotten about the test, and despoiler ability to slow down time to whatever she wanted and giving herself and extra hour, she still completely flunked the test.
“Got it” he called over his shoulder
“You have it?” Her voice rang from the door frame where she stood on look out.
“Sure do Y/N/N……hey you got that one right!……I think”
“What one Pete?”
“The one about particle accelerators. What grade you want?” He asked
“Hmmmm B’s good”
“One B coming up princess” he grabbed Jean Grey’s paper on the same test and flicked through it, copying the right answers into about 70% of the paper.
Bless that girl and her ability to get stuff right.

Peter shuffled the test papers again and closed the drawer, speeding over the the door frame to meet Y/N.
“Done?” She asked looking up at him.
“Yep,done” he replied with a half smirk.
“Thank you Pete” she wrapped her arms around his middle beneath his silver jacket and hugged him.
Peter blushed a faint shade of red and hugged her back as well.

“Evening Mr.Maximoff, Ms. Y/L/N. Is there something I can help you with?” Hank’s voice rang out from outside the door.
Peter’s eyes widened, but Y/N got it covered.
“I can’t find my bracelet professor” she didn’t turn to look at him, instead she began fake-crying into Peter’s shirt.
“I thought I might have dropped it in here, but we can’t find it. I’ve looked everywhere”

Hank’s face softened.
“Have you tried under the desks?”
“Yeah professor , we looked everywhere” Peter added as Y/N turned away from him to look at Hank. Her eyes red and puffy.

“Well, I’ll let you know if I find it Y/N” he added before stepping out of the door frame and letting the two young mutants pass.
“Thank you professor”
“Don’t mention it Y/N”
She walked out the door, drying her eyes with her sleeve. Peter followed closely behind her, his hand on the small of her back in a comforting manner.

Hanks door clicked shut and the two mutants immediately fist pumped one another and ran off down the hall.


‘Y/N, I would like to see you and Peter in my office,please’ Charles’s voice rang out in her head.
‘Yes, Dad.,we’ll be there soon’

She shot up from her place on Peter’s bed, almost knocking the unsteady game of Jenga they had layer out on a board over if it wants for Peter.

“What’s wrong?”
“My dad wants to see us in his office”

“Dad?” Y/N’s voice sounded from the behind Charles’s office door along with a fast paced knock from Peter.
“Come in Y/N”

Peter pushed open the door with his hand as he had the height advantage on her, and they both walked in.
“You both know Warren, yes?” Charles asked
“You mean the guy with the metal wings and the weird-ass face tattoos?”'Peter questioned
“And the hair, can’t forget the hair” Y/N added Peter nodded in agreement.

Charles cleared his throat and looked uncomfortably over at the man sitting on the couch at the side of his office.

“I’m terribly sorry Warren. They don’t mean any harm”
“Nah, it’s fine” he laughed “Apocalypse did a pretty crappy job on the tattoos and the hair, I’ve gotta give them that”

Peter grimaced and Y/N’s eyes widened.
“I’m sorry Warren” she half-squeaked at the metal-winged man rose from his place on the couch.

Peter instinctively stepped in front of her.

Warren laughed again and stopped a few feet in front of the two of them, folding his wings behind his back.
“Don’t worry about it. Don’t think we’ve ever actually been introduced”
“Kinda hard to find time for introductions when your trying to destroy the world” Peter said and Y/N hit hit arm.

“That was a……pretty shit time. I hope I didn’t hurt either of you….”
“It was mainly that other bitch” Y/N said

“Y/N,language please” Charles asked

“Psylocke? Yeah, bitch is one word to describe her,mi could think of a few more”
Y/N let out a quiet laugh before turning to her Father.

“You didn’t bring us down here to introduce us to Warren, Dad. What’s up?”
“Well, if you two are done changing Y/N’s test scores. I have a mission for the three of you”
“Three? Professor, there’s only two of us” Peter said confused
“Warren here, makes that three”
Peter rolled his chocolate coloured eyes and groaned.

“What’s the mission?” Y/N asked, grabbing Peter’s sleeve in excitement.

“Your mission,my dear, is to infiltrate a highly secure facility belonging to none other than Colonel William Striker and retrieve a file”
“What’s the file on?” Peter asked
“The file, my dear boy, is on your Father. It gives everything I know about him. Strengths and weaknesses,mane Eric may not be on our side at the moment but that doesn’t make him our enemy, so we are going to do him a favour”

“What do you need me for, professor?” Warren asked
“You are to ensure their safety. Make sure they get in and out unharmed. This is my daughter, Warren,and her best friend in all the world. Failure for this plan to go smoothly would result in severe pain for both me and the other students. I need your word”
“You have it”

“Dad, you’ve never asked anyone to go with us before. Why is this time different?”
“You broken into William Strikers facility before darling, and he is not a force to be reckoned with. Hank will fly you a few miles away from the facility and you are to make your own way there. I trust that won’t be a problem for you Peter?”

“No, Sir”
“Hank will goes you a map and you go on, get the file, and get out. Simple?”

The three young mutants nodded

“Very well then. The jet leaves in 30 minutes. Your dismissed”

Y/N walked over to her Father who sat in his wheelchair behind his desk and gave him a hug.
“See you soon darling”
“Love you, Dad”
“I love you too my dear”


“How old are you, Warren? If you’d own mind me asking?” She said as she pulled her breast plate on over her head and Peter tightened it for her.


“What? Holy shit! I though you were Peter’s age!….an oldie” she giggled
“Hey! I’m only 27” he retorted and she laughed
Warren shook his head and scoffed.
“How long you two been going out?”
Peter stopped adjusting her suit and they both looked at Warren
“Huh?” They said in unison
“How long ha-”
“I heard you the first time, pal. We… We aren’t going out”
“We’re just pals” she finished
“Could have fooled me” Warren stated.

Peter patted her back
“Your good”
She nodded her thanks to him.

“Warren, another weird-ass question….”
Peter rolled his eyes
“How the hell do you get dressed? With the wings?”
Warren chuckled “it’s a lot easier than you’d thin. Hank makes me special clothes but I still need a hand with some,like these suits for example.”
“Hell, even we need help with those”
“Hey, speaking of which, would you mind-”
“Hank’s here!” Peter shouted, stopping Warren before he could finish.

“He’s gonna have to wait, Pete. We can’t have Warren flying without a suit ”
She walked over to the younger mutant and began clipping his armour into place.

Peter groaned and begrudgingly gave her a hand.


“Okay, so here the map of the facility. The X marks where the file is. It will be marked with a Magneto instead of Eric Lensherr, okay? Meet me back here in under an hour. Good luck”

Hank landed the jet, the mutants piled out and began waking slowly in the direction of the facility to discuss the plan.
Once they had it all figured out, Peter picked Y/N up in his arms and sped off.
Warren spread his wings and followed suit, lagging behind almost immediate above them.

“Peter, slow down”
“Why? He’s useless”
“He was sent to help us Pete, at least be nice to him”

Peter slowed down to about 30 miles and hour which was just over Warren’s flying speed.

They neared the facility very quickly and Y/N slowed time right down so as to give the mutants as much time a possible.

“That’s your Power? Controlling time?” Warren asked as they stepped through the gate
“Just to slow it down”
“I wish I had that mutation”
“It’s useful. It’s no just wings that stick outta your shoulders”

Peter was growing more and more frustrated as Warren’s flirtatious antics as they had been going on since they left the mansion.

“Let’s just get this done” he muttered to the two of them
The mission went smoothly and soon the mutants were back on the jet with Hank.
Y/N and Warren talking and laughing, and later just sitting beside her blowing bubbles with his gum.
He didn’t utter a word to her for the whole ride home, and she was apparently to absorbed in conversation with Warren to notice. But she did.


Once they presented the file to Charles and bid Warren goodnight, Peter and Y/N headed up stairs.

The two parted ways to get ready for bed and she popped into his room to say goodnight.

“Hey, Pete! Just coming into say goodnight”
She hugged the silver speedster but received no hug in return.

“Peter, what’s wrong?” She asked looking up at his pouty face p
“Didn’t think you’d care.”
“Why wouldn’t I care?”
“You seemed a bit too interested in what he had to say today and didn’t give me a second thought ”
“Warren ”
“Wh-? Oh I see how it is. Your jealous that I might have the opportunity to have a friend other than you ”
“What? No! Y/N, your mine”

It just slipped out of his mouth and there was nothing he could do to reel it back in.
She went silent

“I like you, Y/N. I like you a lot”
“What kinda like are we talking about here, Pete?”
“As in, I love you Y/N”

She was stunned.
He finally said it.
Finally said the thing she could never say.

“Forget it” he turned away from her
“Peter- I ‘like’ you too, you idiot”

His face brightened

“You do?”
“ I do”

He lifted her up and spun her around once before setting her back on the ground.

“You know what this calls for Y/N?”

He began madly tickling her sides as she squealed and tried to escape him using her mutation but failed as he was well able to keep up with her.

“Eek! Peter” she screeched as she fell onto his bed, bringing him down with her.

His face landed centimetres from hers.
She moved her head up closer to his and he closed the gap between their lips with his.

“So you’ll be mine?” He asked after they kissed
“In every possible way”

They both smiled and he leant down to kiss her again.

(For about a million anons who requested more Peter. I hope this is okay. Also for @ronistheking-blog and @treblebeth ! Love you guys! Sorry for the lack of smut. I just didn’t think it fit)