but there are a some other great people too

This has gone on for far too long

I’m calling out the sneezing anon 

I’ve told them off 10 times already I’m bloody sick of telling this mindless 13-year-old off.

The sneeze anon annoys and harasses people in the Game Grumps community. 

Their trail of thought is “ Yes I’m the sneeze anon isn’t it great I’m proud of myself “ That’s nothing to be proud of that's stupid don’t be proud of harassing other artist or writers for art or a story if you want art either commission them or wait until some artist have requests open  

They told me they were sorry and what do they do they steal art yet again to edit into their sneeze fetish. Now mind you I have nothing against kink’s BUT when it comes to stealing art and harassing people that are where I draw the line in the sand. 

Anon has two blogs on Tumblr and a Deviantart account 

Now before I share them I will say this now 

Yes, I don’t like them myself but a HUGE BUT don’t harass them back you will be just as bad as them. Just block them that’s it. Don’t say anything!  Just block them. 

We need a huge mass blocking in order for them to get the point 


shnashq - deviantart


Just block them that’s it 

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Hello! I'm the one that asked you about the blind gossip site you're looking at. (I've also posted other things on here a couple of times.) I actually don't have an account so I always have to post as an Anonymous user. I'm afraid that if I get an account, I'll never leave Tumblr. hahah But thanks for your offer anyways! I'll just search around. :) -HG13 (I'm going to start signing my posts if you don't mind.)

Hello HG13!  You are obviously a smart cookie because I got a tumblr and ruined my life (not really - I’ve met some wonderful, funny, smart people here that are great friends now but I have spent way too much time on Tumblr.  I consider it my hobby). Anyway, here’s an article on blind gossip and the site that manufacturers most of these: 


As a disclaimer, I think 85 to 95 percent of these blind items are either total bullshit or start as a truth and is embellished with ugly false rumors to make people look awful. Usually everyone is either a drug addict/alcoholic, sleeping for parts in a movie or TV show, or a closeted homosexual. 

The second thing I’d like to point out - and correct me if I’m wrong - the guy who runs this site especially hates Jennifer because he said some nasty things about her and was forced to issue a retraction by her lawyers. So take that for what it is worth. 

For the most part blind gossip is a pretty ugly place to go but remember to not blindly buy all that you read. Do your homework. 

  • acceptable ways to take fandom seriously: genuinely enjoying the thing, allowing the thing to be a regular part of your life, participating in events/activities related to the thing, using the thing as a coping mechanism or relaxation tool during hard times, meeting and befriending people who also like the thing, producing work/art/writing related to the thing, etc.
  • unacceptable ways to take fandom seriously: yelling at other actual humans because you want different fictional people to kiss

Can i just take a minute to talk about how much I love the NCT fandom?
Because yall are some of the sweetest most loving people i have ever encountered in fans. Not ONCE have i been made feel bad for being an “older” fan (22). Especially when NCT Dream came out.
I never see people fighting over biases, (which I find dumb in the first place) instead I see people happy others are loving their bias too.
Even though I’ve been a fan since the beginning during The 7th Sense, I’ve never had anyone make me feel less of a fan since I didnt know about them during rookie days.
We’ve had some stumbles as a fandom along the way, but generally, everyone I’ve met or seen has been nothing but nice. Way nicer than any other group of fans I’ve been apart of. I’ve never felt more at home in a group of fans. Thank you all for being a great NCT family!

On Millennials:

Our parents were kids when
JFK and Martin Luther King were shot.
They grew up when everything was changing and then
suddenly it wasn’t and it was all
stereos and Dallas,
like dragging a corpse around a party
and getting a sequel. 

In elementary school, 
we saw 9/11 on our 
family’s tv screens. 
We didn’t really understand it, 
but both mom and dad came to
pick us up from school that day.

In middle school,
the housing market crashed. 
Suddenly we’d go to a friend’s house and
their dad would be home in the middle of the
day. People’s parents started getting divorced.
We thought our parents might too, when they
fought about money and each other and nothing. 
They called it the Great Recession,
and we only saw the black and white picture from our history textbook of
sad-looking people dressed in rags, waiting in line for bread.
We weren’t waiting in line for bread,
but our friends started swapping clothes instead of
going to the mall. Some people moved–
We didn’t really understand it. 

In high school,
they taught us about climate change. 
We found out that it existed and that 
we were to blame for it in the same breath,
the children of the millennium a thick layer of
plastics that should have been recycled on top of a 
mountain of garbage and dog shit. 
We were told the planet is dying, and
we didn’t really understand it. 
We tried to get our parents to start a compost heap,
but they didn’t go for it.
One girl always tried to kill herself.

In college, 
innocent students got murdered,
innocent elementary school kids got murdered,
innocent people got murdered,
and some old white guys wouldn’t let us get rid of 
assault rifles. And they won. 
In college,
we learned that we are powerless, and
we walked quickly past the guy asking us to 
sign a petition about water or 
corruption or financial aid or whatever,
because we were going to be late for class.
In college,
we learned that no one else has ever had to
pay this much to go here, and that no one 
else has ever gotten so little reward for doing it. 
We didn’t, and we still don’t really understand it.

We’re breaking ourselves off into
a million mosaic directions and leaving bits of us in our
Instagrams, in our internships. 
We’re tired, always tired, and 
we’re never doing enough. We’re the first
generation of human beings to grow up with
laptops, iPods, cell phones. 
We don’t know what that means, and 
neither does anybody else. In two hundred years,
they’ll look at pictures of us in a history book,
and laugh. The desperate confusion in the backs of our pupils,
the memes, the trance music. They’ll laugh, even if they
don’t really understand us. 

  • Here's a little newsflash: Men can be witches
  • Men are witches
  • Witchcraft isn't just for females
  • The term 'witch' can be used to describe male witches
  • 'Warlock' can (typically is. The word doesn't have pretty origins) be very offensive to male witches, please do not call them that if they do not wish to be
  • 'witch' can be used on nb (non binary) people too
  • 'witch' isn't just reserved for females
  • Men are welcome to the craft
  • Men were persecuted too even though most don't get recognized for it
  • The craft is for everyone
  • Anyone can be a witch
  • If being called a 'witch' makes you uncomfortable, that's okay, there are other terms
  • Male witches are great
  • Trans witches are great
  • Non binary witches are great
  • Witches in general are great.
  • Witches of color are great
  • Witch is a gender neutral term even for non binary.
  • 👏Why don't some if you get this👏<

oibokuro headcanons because i need some happiness:

  • literally the three most touchy feely people ever
  • so much cuddling
  • they get really enthusiastic about silly things together
  • they tease each other a lot, mostly about each others’ hair
  • oikawa and kuroo like to play othello and chess and bokuto watches enthusiastically from the sidelines because he likes to listen to their banter and see their facial expressions; the winner gets a hug from him
  • kuroo is almost always affronted by how oikawa chooses to dress himself
  • kuroo and oikawa steal all of bokuto’s sweatshirts
  • bokuto’s thinks it’s great and gives them to them even; sometimes he wears theirs’ too but they’re kinda small on him
  • they definitely all share sweatpants
  • and boxers
  • i think kuroo would want to go into science too much to stay with the vball thing but he cheers the loudest from the sidelines as his two boyfriends take japan to the olympics
  • sometimes kenma is nice enough to go to the games with kuroo and oikawa and bokuto fawn over him, but after the game they’re really sweaty and gross and kenma tries to run away
  • kuroo and oikawa watch medical dramas and oikawa makes fun of the inaccuracies but they both can’t help but love that drama shit
  • the list of items that kuroo and bokuto have broken while wrestling on the floor of their home continues to grow
  • they love sappy disney moves
  • bokuto and kuroo really like the tear-jerkers cuz oikawa cries at the drop of a hat, and it’s so gross but amazing to witness
  • they love giving him lots of face kisses to make him feel better
  • kuroo has magic hands. he gives the best massages. bokuto has the strength in his hands for the massages but he just can’t even seem to find where it hurts, it’s adorably bad 

It says “Bender is gay.” with alien alphabet. The thing is: wouldn’t it be cool if people had t-shirts of this? Because only other fans could understand what the hell it says. Also they would notice you’re a fan too. Also some of them could want to fight you.

Happy Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you’re all having a good day/night but I know this time of the year can be pretty hard for some people too.

I want you to remember that everything will be okay, even if you’re spending this weekend with unpleasant people or just alone. You are loved and there so many good things to look forward to, even if you can’t really see them now ok?

You can chat with a friend again, read a great story, pet a dog, meet someone amazing, discover tasty food, listen to a great new song, watch a good show or movie, learn new things, suddenly become passionate about something you’ve never considered and so many other things. Things that are only yours and I can’t really think about. They’re worth it, so hang in there.

Thank you everyone for the support and honestly for just being out there!

so listen… fluff is great, but I want a couple that literally has to claw their way through life to be together (and stay together for that matter). I want fights at two in the morning where they’re screaming at each other because they’re so confused and desperate to stay together despite everything, but they just don’t know how to hold on. I want flawed characters that don’t just have ‘quirky’ flaws, but actual flaws that people sometimes claim as too unlikeable. Flaws that have some people so wrongfully categorize them as antagonists, because being able to play someone who understands that they have to truly work on themselves in order to be a better person not only for their partner, but for their own wellbeing is someone so much more complicated and human than someone who’s just clumsy, or frumpy. 

So yes, give me real imperfect characters to flesh out. Pls and ty. 

Some people asked me for the journal prompt list I was following for my art journal entries so here it is! If you do want to start a journal based on this list it would be great if you could tag me in it @cheerychow and link back to this post so others can join in too! 💕

Peggy Carter

So my favourite female character in the Marvel cinematic universe is Peggy Carter.

Where do I begin? She is an amazing character. In my opinion, she is the most developed MCU lady. She is a complex, well rounded character. She had great qualities, and some epic flaws too!

She is funny and witty and smart and resourceful and independent and feminine and confident and stubborn and bold and sometimes reckless and jealous. She can be mean and hurt people.

She does what she thinks is right, and will stop at nothing to achieve what she truly believes in.

She’s Captain America’s hero, and his compass.

She founded SHIELD.

Despite working in a male dominated field, she cultivates healthy relationship with other great women: Angie Martinelli, Rose Roberts, Ana Jarvis… Plus her indescribable relationship with Dottie Underwood.

She has love and lost (Michael, Steve), and she grieved, and she managed to love again. (seriously, it’s not often a character is actually allowed to grieve on screen time, and it was done beautifully)

She takes shit from no one, be it a private, a superior officer, a colleague, a man she actually likes, or another woman. See below my favourite exhibit:

(gif by capntony)

She is a very good spy and a great warrior. She comes up with great plans, tactics and strategies, but if need be (or if someone she cares about is in danger), she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty and rush into danger.

She uprooted herself and came to live in the USA.

(She went for the grenade, too)

She was never a damsel in distress.

She is a woman who likes lipstick, shoes, accessories and other typically feminine things. And she’s a badass. She genuinely can fight and shoot. She proves that all those things are not mutually exclusive.

The way she deals with bullies and sexist jerks is awe-inspiring. She had to stomach so much sh*t and always came up on top! Her strength and perseverance in the hostile environment that’s her workplace is amazing.

I don’t identify with her so much as I aspire to be her. She is seriously one of the greatest role models ever. And she is played to perfection by the sensational Hayley Atwell.

Some of her amazing quotes:

“I know my value, anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter”

“I conducted my own investigation because no one listens to me. I got away with it because no one looks at me. Because unless I have your reports, your coffee, or your lunch, I am invisible.”

“as has always been the case, I don’t require your help”

“He would say: ‘Do as Peggy says’!”

“What’s your name, darling? - Agent.”

“The alphabet? I can teach you. Let’s start with words beginning by the letter ‘A'”

External image

ah, a new album character…
this is beau slater. he’s based off the album i like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it by the 1975
he’s a pansexual, cis male who has definitely been questioning pronouns. he was born on february 26th, 1996 in manchester, england – making him a pisces. (virgo moon, scorpio rising)
he’s a very outgoing character, not too worried about expressing his opinion regardless of the situation. he’s very progressive and will do most anything to educate those around him if they’re not aware of something. he’s very talkative but will definitely listen if needed.
he smokes cigarettes and weed on the regular including the occasional dab… which isn’t really all that great. he’s been struggling with coke but he’s nowhere near as bad as some other people he knows.

(not to put a damper on things but id prefer if you did not rp as him 🤧)

thoughts of a little starlight

VIXX are underrated.

I say this because even though this is their fourth year as a group, even though they’ve won awards before and did quite well despite coming from a small company… I think that’s still the truth. Sorry for the rant, it’s gonna be long…

Now that Conception: Project Ker is ending, it’s easy to see just how underrated they actually are. 

First of all, Dynamite was great. However, it disappointed some people because it was a bright, funky song and video. Only because those people didn’t understand the lyrics or the concept well enough to care I suppose… Amongst other reasons that might be too harsh for me to say right now. Dynamite did bring a lot of new fans as well, but some fans seemed to lose interest. 

Second was Fantasy. This song could have broken a bunch of Kpop stereotypes, it’s literally on the scale of a large movie soundtrack. Yet somehow it took so long to reach the viewcount goals, even if it had to do with Youtube glitches. Once again it brought new fans in, but… I kept wishing we could have given them more wins. Of course, this had to do with the way it was released as well… however I don’t want to blame Jellyfish for doing it for the K-Starlights. I’m super grateful of how this company is so considerate. 

Now we had The Closer. The supposed ending of Conception, and it was full of nothing but surprises and showed how much improvement and skill the boys had accumulated in this one year. However this song was their least successful out of all three releases. Why? Is it because it wasn’t promoted enough? Because fans didn’t like it again? I’m honestly saying that I think Kratos is one of the best mini-albums this year, but I suppose that isn’t really enough. 

Musically, VIXX have never disappointed me. Performance-wise, they have never disappointed me either. Their music videos are all top quality, their content for fans always thoughtful and full of genuine gratitude for us. Their fanservice is incredible, their relationships with Starlights endearing. K-netizens have even pointed that out, how envious they were of VIXX’s Starlights.

Yet… why is it that VIXX are somehow mistreated on broadcasts, music shows… Is it only because they’re from a smaller company? The boys themselves are the nicest people, they’re all talented and hardworking and quite kind. They’ve never even had actual scandals or controversies, and if they have it was never caused directly by the boys themselves. Some people say they are problematic, however that is really not the case at all. They have never belittled or insulted anyone outside of their own group, not that we know of anyway, but they do not seem like people who would. They’re so supportive of their fans, they even try to help Starlights out, they feed them and keep them warm during cold days, they talk to them and listen to their worries sometimes. It seems like VIXX never really think for themselves. 

Kim Wonshik seemed to have worried enough about something to write in the fancafe. Today’s live stage was not only cut short once again, but Lee Jaehwan looked close to tears at the very end. It’s true that VIXX are somehow mistreated, and I don’t know why. If there are fans of other groups from smaller companies that have also been treated like so, then I’d like you to know that I also feel that frustration. At times like this, I don’t think fandoms should be causing wars or arguing against each other, arguing about which group deserves what. They all deserve much more sometimes, and fandoms could really stand together in peace while supporting their own bias group as well as helping each other out if possible. That’s what would be best. 

I’d like to end this on a more positive note; Underrated groups may still come out on top in the end. For some groups, their downfall is their fandom and their fame. I’d like to think if that group rises slowly, then they will stay at the top for a much longer time. 

I’m just really concerned because of how much it seems to be affecting VIXX lately. They all look more stressed, more tired. This year they had three comebacks, and they’re about to have a fourth tomorrow. 

Milky Way… It’s a song for Starlights, isn’t it? Together we make the Milky Way. They’re letting us know that together, we’re not only beautiful but always there for each other. Okay this turning a bit too gay. But y’all get my point. I wish that VIXX will never forget that the amount of wins does not equal their value. The fandom is growing, but still small. 

Fellow Starlights, thank you all for sticking by their sides. I really love this group and this fandom. 

Listening to some girls gossip in the booth behind them...
  • ENFP: There's a quote that suddenly comes to mind. "Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about things, small minds talk about other people."
  • INTJ: I was just thinking the same thing.
  • ENFP: It brings up some questions that we're sitting here talking about them, though. Are we small minds because we're talking about them talking about other people?
  • INTJ: I was just wondering that too.
  • ENFP: It's a conundrum. Are there varying degrees to our minds being great, average, and small? Can you be small minded in some ways, and great minded in others? Are there people who reach small minded extremes in which talking about them becomes okay without us being small minded as well? Are we still great minded because we are discussing this idea at length, or are we average minded because we're also discussing the fact that they seem small minded? I mean, we're assuming they're small minded because we're listening to them gossiping about other people, but we're talking about them doing it. We honestly have no other information about them to make this assumption, they could all be geniuses and we wouldn't know it. Or are we just people, and perhaps we all do this sort of thing all the time because it's simply human nature, and ultimately we are all great and small minded to some degree?
  • INTJ: Probably that last one.
  • ENFP: Are you sure, or are we lying to ourselves because we know that we're likely no different than those girls at all and we just don't want to admit it and would rather live in the delusion that we're better than them?
  • INTJ: Honestly, I just want to eat my food.


Jesse McCree is not amused in the slightest. He waits a couple of minutes before walking up and slinging a casual arm around his significant other. He asks them what they are chatting about. If they continue, he’d move his serape behind him, revealing his hand resting easy on his Peacekeeper. It’s a mostly empty threat, but oh boy does it work.

He’d walk around with his significant other more, maybe even partake in some of their missions. He plays and says it’s just because he misses them, but his eyes linger on those people a second too long to be considering glancing. Nobody better fuck with them, is all he means.

Jesse would shower them with some McLovins. A lot of cuddly kisses, even during sex (if they do that kind of thing). He would compliment them more, see if they want to go out. He wants them to know that what they said was wrong. They’re a damn good soldier and a great person.

Gabriel Reyes

He would fight them. Seriously. I’m not telling a joke. I’m not making this shit up. As soon as he hears enough to confirm their assholery, he goes in arms swinging. It doesn’t matter if there’s six of them. He will fight them all. He wouldn’t kill them, but he would try to break a bone to teach them a lesson.

If the people shit-talking are subordinates, he’d make their life a living hell. He doesn’t care if people call it an abuse of power. How dare you talk to your teammate that way? How dare you talk to his significant other that way? He would report it to superiors, too, to get them in trouble for it.

Every time he thinks of them he reassures his lover and always commends them in battle. He trained them himself, goddammit, he knows firsthand how good they are. Even when they’re having a bad day, they are still doing better than most. Gabriel’s probably angrier than they are about it.


He would be the calmest when he sees it. Genji would walk up and stand with his s/o and talk. He will use his appearance to his advantage to try to scare them off. He’d make the situation feel off somehow in an attempt to get them to leave. He wouldn’t fight them unless they throw the first punch. If they continue, he’d have them removed the strike team his significant other is on. Nobody really knows how he did it.

He would try to have his significant other moved away from them. He’d try to convince them to switch teams or go on different missions from them. He would also report it to their superior often until something is done about it from that side.

Genji would train with his significant other. He’d teach them new moves, refine what they already know, and generally improve their skill. It’s not because he doesn’t know that they are already strong and capable, it’s that he doesn’t want them to take what those assholes said to heart. Also they should expect some cuddles.

Witch Tip

Fruit or herb infused water (making sure you’re using safe and edible ones, of course) can be a great way to have a magical boost for the day

Like, imagine if you want a little help when job hunting

Toss some sliced strawberries (luck), sliced oranges (luck, employment, money), and mint (knowledge, employment) into a container (bottle, thermos, even a pitcher) and let it sit in the fridge overnight

Voila, you have infused water tailored to your need and intent. Plus, for other witches who need to keep things hidden, it’s healthy and popular so most people wouldn’t question it too much

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I seeing adventure zone all over my dash and I don't how to watch it! I like to listen to cool games inc now and then but don't really know much about the melcroys. Although I'm a sucker for DND, so I'm very interested. How do I get into it? Also, if I like adventure zone should I look at other melcroy stuff?

you can listen to it right here! episode one is on the bottom. it starts kinda slow, but believe me it gets loads and loads better real soon. i know some people can listen while multitasking and others have to devote all their attention to it, so listen however you want

and yea you should look in to other mcelroy stuff! mbmbam is another good podcast, and theres also a short series adaptation of it on seeso. monster factory is great along with a handful of other polygon stuff. i know the boys do podcasts with their wives too, i haven’t given those a listen but maybe you’ll like em

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what r some of ur fav blogs? im new to tumblr and u seem like someone to ask i guess asgdkdld (I rlly like ur blog bye)

well welcome to tumblr !! some of my friends who have nice blogs are; @sweetpeachlester@becausedodie@phillester@moonphilight@starinorbit@pansexualphil@energeticwarrior@fringecheck@lesterp@gayeclipse@dansforeheadcurl@danopoly@lester-nerd@princessdan@astronautdan@fringegaps@crjvnge@illogicaldan@ivorylester@buttsexpizza@garbagedaniel@puritylester@dantithesis@cleverlester@uwannadoitmore@orchidan@sharkdan@smileyphil !!

some other people (who may or not be mutuals) with great blogs are; @royaltydan , @howelloddle , @demonphannie , @phursonas , @formsprings , @softdnp , @dantlers !!

Y’know, one thing I really love about Babylon 5 is how it is vehemently and pointedly NOT Star Trek, but like…it doesn’t try to distinguish itself as Not Trek by being all ‘dark and gritty’ or whatever.

It’s still a show that ultimately has a lot of hope and positivity about the future, and shows humanity overcoming great struggles and taking their place in the galaxy among other species, but just…

There are some thing that are just a little more…difficult. There’s still racism and prejudice, there’s still poverty and homelessness. People still gamble and get drunk and can’t agree on religion. People still have jobs to earn money, we still have a money-based economy and we still have all the corruption that comes with that system. There are still wars and there are still petty arguments too. Food has to be grown and it is appropriately astronomically expensive to ship across space, ships have to be fixed and the Dockworkers Union are forever going on strike because their pay hasn’t been increased in too many years. There are translators but they’re not always available or effective so if you want to speak to another species you have to damn well learn their language. There’s still a ton of paperwork to be done even if not many people use actual paper any more. There are still janitors because someone has to clean the floors!

I don’t know, I love Trek, but the world of Babylon 5 always felt more real to me, and I really appreciate that they didn’t achieve that by having a bunch of gratuitous violence and grim pessimism, but just by including a thousand little off-hand details that ground the show in reality.