but there are a lot of dipper hats

Hello! This just a small guide for young/beginner artist.

It doesn’t matter what software you use, for me I primarily use Paint tool sai. 

Mario is a good example of a character who has primary colors.

Patrick uses different variants of secondary colors.

Magenta’s color is tertiary because it is between purple and red.

Luigi has a analogous color scheme, color adjacent to each.

Yoshi dominant color is green, red is the direct color opposite from green.

Dipper’s shirt is the red, his hat and jacket serve as (indirect) split complementary colors.

There’s also Traidic color scheme: three colors equally spaces on the color wheel.

 Tetradic color scheme: double complementary. (quite difficult to use)

And Monochromatic: variations of light and saturation of one color,

Value is the lightness and darkness in color.

This shows about 9 values. Value is important because it shows the illusion of light.

This is one of the mistakes a lot of young/beginner artists make. Unless the drawing is in grey-scale, black and white as shadow and light is wrong to use. 

I use Luminosity and multiply, of course their are other modes to use, like shade for shading. screen or overlay for light. (paint tool sai user) light is not always necessary btw.  

Never be afraid of using a warm color as a shadow and a cool color as light etc.

Always experiment with your art, try new things, and figure what’s best for you!

Let me know if any of this helped you, and thanks for reading!

Now go start drawing!  

corruptapostasy  asked:

I got a few requests! YV and Bill being all buddy-buddy, in their triangle forms, please. Bill being a shit and stealing Dipper's hat. Mabel and Pyronica being all cutesy and hanging out. Kryptos being all friendly with Soos and Wendy. The Henchies in general being all cutesy and friendly. (Sorry if these are too specific.)

AAaah these ideas are so cute! Bill has lots of gold and Mabel has lots of nail polish

Got some new copics yesterday and had to try them out, which worked out well since I’ve been itching to draw this cat!bill design from the coven au that’s been floating around

Headcanon time

So you’ve all seen this guy before right

  • Dipper Pines
  • Lives in Gravity Falls, where a lot of unexplainable things seem to happen
  • Bookworm
  • Has experience with demons and demon possession
  • Extremely curious
  • Eager to help anyone who wants him to

Well, what if Dipper grew up to like learning even more about the supernatural.

What if he stayed in Gravity Falls all his life, specializing in supernatural knowledge… 

Maybe he needed to cut all ties to his family to secure their safety and he therefore changed his name?

We get:

even the hat is the same

  • Bobby Singer
  • Lives in Sioux Falls 
  • Has been a hunter for a very long time
  • Knows things about every single being out there
  • Always gives holy water to guests to check for demon possession
  • Always prepared to help out friends
  • Layered clothing

More proof:




if there’s a key then there has to be a lock

“You mean a lot to me man.”

Oh yeah and that moment where Wendy swapped hats with Dipper at the end? Completely touched my shipper heart.

So here they are, older, with their swapped hats. <3


Sometimes I wonder why I don’t draw Mabel and Dipper a lot. And then I remember why. I don’t know. Just some silly idea I had. XD


Something to consider.

I know a lot of people think that Bill’s still out there, and that he’s gonna make a comeback. I’ve even seen some people speculate that the reason the Cipher Wheel didn’t work this time was because it was meant to be used when Bill rises again.

But - think about it -

Dipper’s Pine Tree hat now belongs to Wendy.

Stan’s mystery shack Fez now belongs to Soos.

Soos’s Question Mark t-shirt now belongs to Melody.

Even if Bill comes back, the Cipher Wheel won’t be the same. The signs are changing hands.

(Excuse the aspect ratio of the screenshots. Kisscartoon is down at the moment and the other place I found won’t move the taskbar out of the way while its paused.)

Flashback time. I guess this is before Dunce goes into the Unknown. He looks so unnatural without his Dunce hat. I see the clarinet on the bed. You did say you had played it. Yay, continuity. Lots of random books and papers and envelopes and stuff. Competing with Dipper Pines on the sheer amount of weird research. 

There’s a book on interior design and a macrame owl at the bottom of the frame there. A deck of cards spread out on the table. A recording device. Dunce sure has his interests. 

I find this one particular scene in We Bare Bears funny. Now, this show has made references towards other fandoms before, but making it more obvious than this one. 

For example, this guy in a hat at Chloe’s bear report, which is like Dippers hat in Gravity Falls

Another is the guy on a date at the beginning of the viral video episode, who looks exactly like Jake English from Homestuck, from clothing color, hairstyle, and even glasses.

And then there’s this

Now, at this part, Ice Bear is staring at a girl sitting in the restaurant. The music gets a bit more intense for a second, and then dies down back to normal and ice bear then follows Grizz inside. Not a lot of people might have caught this, but being the nerd I am, I can connect characters who have similar traits really easily.

Ice Bear can come off as intimidating, has violent tendencies, and there was that flash of his paws with extremely sharp claws and tattered fur in the Primal episode while he was staring at them. That might show that he’s unstable. (?) 

He is also very stoic.

Who does that made me think of?

This guy

For those who don’t know, this is Russia from Hetalia, which is an anime that relives world history through homosexual embodiment’s of countries. Russia has a lot of the same characteristics as Ice Bear. 

Now, it’s not just the fact that Ice Bear is similar to Russia that the show makes a reference to Hetalia. 

The scene where Ice Bear is staring at the girl. 

The girl has light brown hair and a big blue bow in her hair.

Russia’s little sister, Belarus, almost looks exactly like this girl.

Russia is extremely terrified of his younger sister due to the fact that she is in love with him, wants to marry him, and will do anything to get him to agree to marry her. She is obsessed with him. She is insane and she is the only person that Russia is scared of. And when I mean scared, I mean terrified.

So when I saw that scene with the girl in the restaurant, I thought of Russia and Belarus. Which, like I said, is much more in depth than other references to shows that they have made so far. Instead of just showing a symbol well known by the fandom being referenced, or just full on having a background character that looks exactly like a character, this has representation towards a different character in an original character they have, and showing, in the slightest, what that character that is being represented would most likely do upon seeing what looks like the person they are scared of.

Now, its almost ten at night, I don’t know anymore. fml.

What If The Memories of Dipper Door Had Gone Differently?

Dipper snuck into the room that the “Dipper Memories” door led to. Soos, Mabel, and the dream boys continued down the hall, not noticing that he wasn’t with them.

He closed the door behind him and looked around. His name echoed throughout the hall.

Why was Grunkle Stan’s mindspace so gray? Were all mindspaces gray?

Dipper found a door and opened it.

He was looking at himself, but from Stan’s perspective and height. He was saying something about the woods and being unnerved by them.

His eyes widened as he watched as an image of someone else became super-imposed upon the Dipper in the memory. He could still see himself, but now there was another kid’s image laying on top of him. He was smiling, happier, with glasses, but their hair was similar. The other boy wasn’t wearing a hat, though.

Dipper looked through a lot of the other doors. All of them had the same thing - the image of someone else sitting on top of his own. Sometimes they were his age, but other times they were older. Especially when Dipper hadn’t slept or was going on something super smart or paranoid.

Dipper felt weird. He … he reminded Stan of someone else? But who even was this? Who was this … man? He actually looked rather similar in the face to his dad…. Was he family?

What happened to him?

Was … was Stan mean to him because he didn’t like this person? Or because it hurt to be reminded of this person?

The next memory he stumbled upon was of him chopping firewood while Stan and Soos sat on the couch on the porch.

“I just want to get rid of him,” was what Dipper heard.


Dipper ended up lost in the hallway again after yelling at Mabel and Soos. He no longer wanted to watch these memories. He just wanted out.

“Stan!” Dipper heard his own voice echo.

“-ley!” tacked on another voice.

Dipper stopped and looked around.

“Stanley! Stanley!”

Dipper couldn’t recognize the voice. It … it didn’t sound like Grunkle Stan, but … but voices did change over time, and Stan’s name was Stanford.

He then found the memory of Stan saying he wanted to get rid of him again.


Gideon was locked away and in prison, and Dipper couldn’t be happier. But there was still the thoughts rolling around in his head.

Mabel had gone up ahead to bed, and Dipper felt it was now or never.

“Grunkle Stan? Can I talk to you for a minute?”

“Sure, Dipper. What’s up?”

“Who’s Stanley?”

Baby Pines Twins! Based on a thing my twin bro and I used to do (at least I’ve been told so). I was born with lots of hair for a baby and he would pull it because he didn’t have any of his own to play with.

The colors are based on their clothes (Dipper’s blue hat, Mabel’s shooting star sweater). The carriage is based on an old antique carriage my mom had that had my brother and me facing each other.

Okay guys, maybe I’m overreacting because I’m paranoid, but look.

Look the way Mabel is. Seriously, I don’t think there is a lot of people who sleep “arms up” like that. Moreover, she is a cuddly person, with Waddles by her side, I thought that she would dandle him. And then it hurts me. She have the same pose that in front of the portal.

Look the way Dipper lose his hat. I didn’t understand why he is wearing while sleeping, moreover he didn’t wear it during the Northwest party. But maybe it’s foreshadowing : Dipper is losing his hat and we’re gonna see his mark more than ever.

The end was near, the end was here since the beginning. As we can see with the ball. It was here since the first opening…


-Dipper’s birthmark showed an awful lot. And he lost his hat which he usually hangs on to no matter what
-McGucket is gone. He left, we don’t know where or FOR HOW LONG. Also, I found it odd that he left without going to find his son. Knowing it was the end of the world, I feel he could’ve at least tried to get him to come with
-The news clipping said that ‘foul play was involved’ in the car crash. Hmm…
-The news clipping ALSO was from a more public newspaper, not the Gravity Falls gossiper. It also mentioned ‘highway 618.’
-What’s happened to the rest of the town? The Shack looked a bit busted up, but I’m left wondering what other parts of the town look like
-I wonder if the destruction of the town will lead to some problems with old antagonists later. *cough cough* Gideon’s escape.
-There is a book in Stan’s office that talks about parent issues. This tags along with thefact that his dad used to say that he, “Was weak, a loser, and I just want to get rid of him.” This is a bit sad when you think about it.
-There is a referance to “The Final Countdown.”
-Only Dipper’s pupils stretched at the end
-The picture breaking is supposedly a symbol of the Twins’ relationship breaking.


I’m wondering if these are fake versions of Dipper and Wendy in Mabel’s bubble, because first of all, Wendy is back to wearing her clothes like normal, she has her hat back (and is not wearing the sleeve of her flannel shirt around her head), her flannel shirt is back on and looks like it’s never been tasseled with at all. Basically she isn’t in her apocalypse apparel.

And let’s not forget Dipper, who’s obviously taken a different appearance than the first screenshot displayed (his outfit is slightly torn, and he clearly has some minor scratches and bruises across his body):

The Wendy and Dipper we see in the first screenshot from the most recent trailer have been most likely imagined by Mabel inside her bubble (that or Bill is messing around with Mabel’s thoughts and what she imagines). They may not look like they’re in the best of moods, but they look way too normal for them to be real. They have to be some illusion inside of her bubble. And I mean, let’s not forget:

Real!Dipper and the gang are all battered up from trying to survive in the apocalypse outside of Mabel’s bubble. The real Dipper, Wendy, and Soos are all trying to save Mabel, and then escape bubble that she’s been imprisoned in by Bill.

I’m wondering whether or not Bill’s messing around with Mabel’s mind inside her bubble; doing whatever he can to keep her inside, even if it means creating a different, more perfect world for her to keep her convinced and unaware of what’s really going on outside her bubble.

And I could go farther in depth, but this post was mainly over the first screenshot, and how I think it’s a tad bit suspicious and I just know for a fact that they’re illusions in Mabel’s bubble. There’s still so much we don’t know about her bubble, and what it’s purpose is, and it’s killing me that we don’t know yet. But I’m hoping we get some answers on the 23rd.

  • stan giving mabel the journal / crossbow is going to happen next ep because same sweaters?
  • all these scenes dipper has no hat. this may be because he took it off for the cipher files machine. you can also see the memory gun in the trailer for the new episode, and him using it in the sdcc preview ?
  • stanford appears?? for some reason
  • this scene is going to happen this episode too because of wendy’s tank top? hopefully
  • back to the dipper’s hat thing, a lot of people have theorized that because dipper’s hat is missing in both shots he’ll be erasing mabel’s memory. however, the sweater she’s wearing in that shot is pink with confetti, while the sweater she’s going to be wearing next week is yellow/red. so either the memory gun scene isn’t going to happen next week, or it is, and the dipper/mabel fight will come later on with no memory gun.