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A bit late now but here’s something for the Mystery Twins’ birthday! It also happens to coincide with my country’s Independence Day hahahaha

This is Stan’s newest sweater:

Maybe it’s the first time the Pines family is reunited back at the Shack since that summer (dodgy video calls on an adventure ship can only do so much).

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I have a small favor to ask as I am v confused rn but could you post a brief description of the various gravity falls aus cus I know the names but I don't know what they're about so if you could inform me I'd be grateful please and thanks love~

Okay, this might take a bit.

Transcendence AU 

Essentially, when Bill fails the apocalypse and is dying, he makes one last desperate attempt to survive by trying to posses Dipper without his permission. Dipper fights back and by a hair’s chance manages to push the weakened Bill from his mind, killing the demon. Only, Bill has already rooted himself too deeply into Dipper and all of Bill’s power remains in Dipper, turning him into a demon and forcing him out of the physical plain. Because of his human origin, Dipper is the only demon capable of becoming physical without a rift, although it takes a while for him to figure out how. Now, while Bill was stopped from destroying the world, it was at the cost of the Transcendence. Pretty much the entire world becomes as magical as Gravity Falls and even more dangerous. Dipper becomes known as the demon Alcor and Mabel is his partner in cult bashing partner Mizar. There’s a lot of world building (reincarnation, prejudice against non-humans, monsters in everyday life, thousands of years as Alcor, Uncle Dipper, angels, other demons, awesome new characters, etc…) and overall, the blog is its own fandom that is constantly contributed to. TAU is the largest, most organized, and highest quality AU that I have ever seen. It’s huge. And fantastic. 

Here’s a longer summary.   This is its wiki.    Its TVtropes page.

Demonic Guardians AU -

Here’s the main comic behind it. Demons’ can have one human that if they bond with and protect, will make the demon stronger. There’s a catch though. If the human dies, a part of the demon does too. The stronger the bond between demon and human, the more damage will be inflicted on the demon when the human dies. Not all humans have a demon, and not all demons have a human. A bunch of the cast of GF have demonic guardians, each character having a different level of bond. Bill Cipher is Dipper’s guardian. Mabel’s is Dot Matrix (used to be named Tad Strange; might recognize him as the square with the bowler hat). Gideon’s is Kryptos (the star on top his tent). Stanley has Pi Mo (looks kinda like a coin). Pacifica’s is the Lumberjack Ghost. There’s a whole lot of fan made demons too. The creator is really cool. Outside of Demonic Guardians AU, she’s made the Danny Phantom crossover: You Smell Like Death, the Over the Garden Wall crossover: Garden Falls, and her own really good comic: The Boy Who Fell.

Monster Falls -

Dipper finds a magic stream called Fluvius Cantatis, some stuff happens, and everyone in the town gets turned into monsters. Dipper’s a Deertaur, Mabel’s a mermaid, Wendy’s a werewolf, Stanley’s a Gargoyle, Stanford’s a sphinx, Gideon’s a vampire, Robbie’s a zombie, Soos is a clay homonculus/golem, Pacifica’s a gorgon, Bill’s…human like, etc… This AU is mostly fan art and fanfiction. Sometimes the monster that a character is turned into is different, but this list is what they’re most commonly depicted as.

Reverse Falls -

I have no idea where this AU came from??? All the characters in this have swapped rolls and personalities. Gideon Pines is a kid visiting Gravity Falls with his cousin/best friend Pacifica Pines(or Southeast). While there, they meet the psychic twins Mabel and Dipper Gleeful who run the Tent of Telepathy. The twins are much darker and more powerful than Gideon from Gravity Falls. Will Cipher is an easily terrified Demon who just wants the twins to leave him alone. All the other character’s changes depend on the artist/writer. Robbie and Wendy usually swap. 

Relativity Falls -

This is essentially an age/generation swap. Twins Stanley and Stanford go to spend the summer with their Grauntie Mabel. The main switches are Mabel with Stanley, Dipper with Stanford, Wendy with Dan, Gideon with Bud, Pacifica with Preston, Abuelita(Maria) with Soos, etc… Most of the show is the same, with a few twists and the added personality of having a different character in whatever situation.

Anti-Gravity AU -

Though not to be mistaken for Relativity Falls, Anti-Gravity is also an age swap. Wendy and Soos are young kids who find Journal 3. Mabel and Dipper are teenagers who work for Grunkle Stan at the Mystery Shack. Pacifica has Robbie’s role (dating Dipper, to Wendy’s jealousy). Bud Gleeful takes Gideon’s place as Wendy and Soos’s enemy. Robbie is Soos’s bully. Other than that, all characters stay the same.

Reunion Falls -

Dipper and Mabel are separated at birth: Mabel growing up with their parents in California and Dipper being raised by Grunkle Stan. Eventually, Mabel finds out about Dipper and runs off to Gravity Falls to meet him. Without a twin, Mabel, while still bright and cheerful, is less out going while Dipper, growing up with Wendy and Stan as role  models, is more confident. The AU is the twins getting to know each other and bonding.

Only Child AU -

Mabel is stillborn, making Dipper an only child. Because of his parent’s ever growing grief over losing a child, Dipper is often neglected. Dipper has the same personality as cannon, but it’s buried under self-worth issues, survivor’s guilt, need to be loved, and shyness. He’s a sad child who really just needs a hug. He also knits sweaters; he always wears the red one he made (it looks a bit like Ford’s). The AU is Dipper’s stay at Gravity Falls with Stan and eventually reaches to him growing up and gaining a little sister, baby Mabel (who both he and his parent’s adore). The AU is all art right now, but the creator is eventually going to make a fic for it.

Fright Falls -

Mabel gets turned into a vampire. Dipper gets turned into a werewolf. The AU is their adventures as creatures of the supernatural. There’s a lot of cool art for the AU.

Immortal Pines AU -

Immortal Pines is a comic where Bill kills Mabel and Dipper, only to realize that it wasn’t what he wanted. He brings the twins back to life and makes them immortal by infusing them with his power. This means that they only exist in the dreamscape. The AU is them trying to get back to normal before they become too much like Bill.  The artist is cool.

Twin Demons AU -

Mabel and Dipper are the Demons, while Bill ‘Billi’ is the 12 year old human. Billi is an innocent, if lacking common sense, kid who’s come to Gravity Falls to stay with his Grunkle Stan. The twins are demons with big plans that involve Billi, much to his horror.

Blinded AU 

The Society of the Blind Eye doesn’t wipe Dipper’s memories of the supernatural, they wipe all his memory.  The Society takes him in, indoctrinating him into their ways. Bill visits and uses Dipper as a spy. The AU is an amnesic Dipper living with only the Society and Bill as company.

Apocalypse Falls 

Mabel’s decision in Not What He Seems has catastrophic damage on Gravity Falls. The Shack is destroyed and many people undergo….changes: physical, mental, even death. Dipper gains wings while Mabel’s mind spirals into madness. The AU just got rebooted, so the story-line is unknown at the moment.

  Gravity Rises -

Another swap AU, this time between personality and symbols. Mabel is Pine Tree, the intellectual and mystery obsessed twin. Dipper is Shooting Star, the laid back and creative one. Stan and Ford switch. Pacifica takes Gideon’s role as Crescent Moon, the leader of the Order of the Crescent Eye (Bill’s cult). She’s a sociopath and the main antagonist. Gideon takes Pacifica’s role as Lone Wolf, the rich kid turned anti-hero. Terrifying with his magic, even Bill is wary of Gideon. It’s a cool AU that’s very different from the show even though it’s partially a personality swap.

Joseon AU -

An AU where Gravity Falls takes place in the Joseon Kingdom in Korea. Everyone wears traditional clothing of the time period and place of the Joseon Kingdom. The AU is mostly fan art.

Coven AU -

Mabel and Dipper are the apprentices of Grunkle Stan in a wold where magic is common. Bill’s a magic cat.

Gravity Keys  -

In this AU, Gravity Falls is set in Key West, Florida. Mabel has a chicken instead of a pig, but other than that, most things stay the same.

Church AU -

It’s Gravity Falls, but in a church. Bill is a demon. Bill is in the Church. Dipper is just so angry at Bill. Things don’t go well.

Kitten Dipper AU -

Dipper finds a comb that has a cat shaped handle. When he brushes his hair with it, he gets turned into a kitten! The AU is Dipper the cat.

Carnivàle Falls 

It’s the 1930s. Mabel and Dipper go to stay with their Grunkle Stan at his traveling freak show. Gideon is a faith healer. The Dust Bowl is a problem.

Spy AU -

Stan and Ford are spys with Fiddleford building their gadgets. They’re trying to take down the Cipher Organization.

Camp Cipher -

Gravity Falls, but as a summer camp. The teens are counselors while all the kids are campers. Nice art.

Never Human AU 

Stanley Pines was stillborn, replaced with a Fae or Changeling. When in Fae mode, Stan had six glowing green eyes. There’s some angst of Stan learning to deal with the fact that he’s a monster and not actually related to his family. It’s later revealed that Dipper is also Fae, which really freaks him out. Mabel is super accepting, so everything turns out fine. It’s a really great AU with fantastic fics and art.

Ghost Stan AU -

Stan is a level 10 ghost. It’s awesome, and Stanley makes a great ghost. There’s a lot of sad. Stan’s dead. The AU has a whole bunch of fanfiction and fanart.

Joml AU/Grim AU -

Stanley befriends the Grim, omen of death. As soon as Ford finds out what Stan’s done he freaks out because, well, Stanley has the omen of death as his pet. Really cute and funny AU. Got some angst too though. Also, Stan makes his own journal.

Frankenstan AU -

Stanley dies pre-portal opening. Ford, being the idiot that he is, bring Stan back to life Frankenstein style with the help of Fiddleford. This includes digging up Stan’s body. It’s also got a mystery trio vibe going for it. 

GF Back to School Headcanons

-When the twins have to write the typical ‘what I did during my summer vacation’ essay, Mabel leaves nothing out. She’s especially vivid about Weirdmageddon and Dipper is freaking out when she tells him what she handed in. He starts scheming about how he could possibly get the essay back and Mabel is just like “Bro, we were supposed to write about our summer!” and Dipper is convinced they’re going to be put into therapy. But thankfully the teacher is familiar with Mabel’s eccentrics and hands back her essay with an eye-roll and a “Mabel, you were supposed to write a factual essay, not a creative story.”

-Dipper wears his ushanka (Wendy’s hat) every day and California is hot. He’ll just be dripping with sweat but he refuses to remove it and eventually Mabel modifies it with a little pocket that fits an icepack so Dipper has a way to keep his head cool on particularly nasty days

-Mabel normally always gets unicorn-themed supplies for school and her mother finds a super pink and sparkly notebook with a white unicorn on the cover that has a weirdly striking resemblance to Celestabellebethabelle. Once she sees it Mabel gets a wild look in her eye and just flings it across the store with a war cry and her mother is just flabbergasted. Meanwhile Dipper is trying so hard not to laugh

-Gideon is released from prison and returns to school and it is really rough. Pacifica has it just as bad, her family no longer able to afford private school and so she now as to attend the local elementary school. Pacifica and Gideon have been stripped of their power (money and intimidation respectively) and are tormented by the peers they once tormented. When they’re getting pushed around by a group of older kids Candy and Grenda show up and come to the rescue. After the confrontation is over the two invite Gideon and Pacifica to sit with them at lunch as if the terrible things both did never happened and they’re just super grateful for the second chance

-Dipper is a lot more vocal in class and jokes around and his peers are surprised because this is not the same awkward kid they knew at the end of the last school year

-Wendy accidentally loses Dipper’s hat on her first day back and she’s on the verge of freaking out. Her friends immediately help her tear apart the school searching for it because while they don’t understand they know how important that cap is to Wendy. Robbie finds out one of their classmates took it for a gag and he just decks the guy, and of course after word of that confrontation gets around no one even thinks about touching Wendy’s hat

-Ford is Mabel’s tutor and whenever she needs help with her homework she calls him or sets up a video chat. Ford insists she contact him no matter the time (or time difference) and Mabel is relieved because she hasn’t had the best of luck with tutors before

-Mabel brings her grappling hook to class one day to show it off and the teacher starts to panic because it’s essentially a weapon. Mabel realizes she didn’t think this one through and smooth-talks her way out of serious trouble, saying that it’s just a high-quality replica and not real. The teacher believes her, and Stan is seriously proud of her developing lying skills

-When the trigonometry unit rolls around Dipper and Mabel experience nervous breakdowns for obvious reasons. The school counsellor chalks it up to school anxiety and stress and sends them home early. For the rest of the day the two speak with Stan and Ford and it is a long conversation. Eventually they are able to deal with the trauma dealt to them by Bill in healthy ways and start to see triangles as shapes again rather than demonic forces that want to murder them

-Dipper is being harassed by a kid who’s been bullying him for a while. He gets pushed around and his backpack is taken and he is mocked for his awkwardness and general nerdiness. Mabel storms over and yells at the bully to leave her brother alone, and the guy shoves her to the ground. This causes Dipper to snap, because no one messes with his sister, and he delivers a strong left hook, and the bully goes down hard. After that, he doesn’t go near Dipper or Mabel again, and Stan is extremely proud once he hears of it

-Mabel and Dipper buy a bunch of their school pictures and send one to pretty much everyone in Gravity Falls. Stan and Ford each have a wallet-sized version that they keep on them at all times

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Ship/fix ask thing Can I get a bildip with 25?

25. librarian/avid reader au (Bill has no idea how to properly flirt)

“Hey, kid,” the librarian chirps one day, while Dipper slides his books across to be checked out. “I like you, kid. You’re here all the time.”

Dipper shuffles a bit. Admittedly, he’d noticed the man as well. He was almost always there when he was. Lurking. “Uh, thanks?”

“Name’s Bill. You?”

“Call me Dipper.”

“Like the constellation?” Bill claps his hands together brightly. “See, kid? You’re even named after a smart thing! That’s what I like about you, kid. All smart stuff, all the time.”

“Please, don’t call me kid.”

“Alright then. I hereby dub thee Pine Tree, after that snazzy hat of your’s.” He passed the first book through the scanner with an exaggerated sweep of his hands. Dipper noticed he had perfect nails. “You know, Pine Tree, books are the key to everything. Whoever said knowledge is power was totally someone really important. They knew what was up.”

“Do you know who-”

“Nope! But lots of important people get forgotten, Pine Tree. Why else would that myth of a person living on through their legacy exist?” Bill handed him a pen to sign the cards. “I host a book cult every Thursday. You oughta be there.”

“A book club?”

“No, dummy, a book cult. We sacrifice terrible books to the critic gods. You look like the critical type- be there. You’ll love it.”

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I got a few requests! YV and Bill being all buddy-buddy, in their triangle forms, please. Bill being a shit and stealing Dipper's hat. Mabel and Pyronica being all cutesy and hanging out. Kryptos being all friendly with Soos and Wendy. The Henchies in general being all cutesy and friendly. (Sorry if these are too specific.)

AAaah these ideas are so cute! Bill has lots of gold and Mabel has lots of nail polish

Artsy Pines Family Headcanons

- As an undergrad, Ford minored in Scientific Illustration, that’s why his drawings and sketches are so detailed and professional.

- Mabel’s involved in so many Art-Themed Clubs at school; she frequently paints, colors, draws, photographs, sculpts, and of course, knits.

- Once in high school, Dipper will probably join the AV club to develop his video editing skills.

- While he was in a mental institution, Stan did some art therapy. Although he claimed it didn’t help, years later he still found himself doodling on his notes for the portal whenever he got too frustrated or sad to continue.

- At Backupsmore, Ford had no interest in music until one of the professors of that department spotted his six-fingered hands and practically begged him to take lessons. Ford became quite good and enjoyed it, and though he still prefers the sciences, he liked how playing piano made him feel proud of the advantage his extra finger gave him.

- Dipper’s already a total band geek. Remember him playing the tuba in that one Gravity Falls short? ‘Cause I do.

- To keep in stock of sugary treats and Dreamboy High DVDs, Mabel eventually makes an Etsy; Caticatures and designer sweaters are a huge hit with her customers.

- In addition to boxing, Stan stumbled upon a dance class and secretly started taking lessons (no I did not just see Billy Elliot the Musical and yes it was FANTASTIC). It actually improved his footwork in the ring, and when people asked how he got so swift and fluid, Stan would just laugh and shrug because no way anyone else would approve of a boy going to dance class in those days especially not his conservative 'manly man’ father.

- Waddles is a wonderful model and fashion icon of the pig world.

- Soos’ mad DJ and music mixing skills. That is all.

- Wendy learns how to knit from Mabel and uses this activity to de-stress at home (she’s not that good yet but Manly Dan and her brothers happily wear all the sloppy homemade hats she makes anyhow).

There’s been a lot of cool posts about the Pines family + artistic talent going around lately and so I’ll just leave this here…

Headcanon time

So you’ve all seen this guy before right

  • Dipper Pines
  • Lives in Gravity Falls, where a lot of unexplainable things seem to happen
  • Bookworm
  • Has experience with demons and demon possession
  • Extremely curious
  • Eager to help anyone who wants him to

Well, what if Dipper grew up to like learning even more about the supernatural.

What if he stayed in Gravity Falls all his life, specializing in supernatural knowledge… 

Maybe he needed to cut all ties to his family to secure their safety and he therefore changed his name?

We get:

even the hat is the same

  • Bobby Singer
  • Lives in Sioux Falls 
  • Has been a hunter for a very long time
  • Knows things about every single being out there
  • Always gives holy water to guests to check for demon possession
  • Always prepared to help out friends
  • Layered clothing

More proof:




if there’s a key then there has to be a lock

Fire so red,
night so black
Dear sweet Dipper
please come back.

For the love of god don’t listen to Nancy Drew soundtracks while thinking about Transcendence Au. But look fox familiar! Still nameless but I headcanon, he carries Dipper’s old hat around. So there’s a floating hat cause no one can see ghost!fox. But it means a lot to Dipper so Fox became attached to it. (Remember ghosts obsess/are possessive.)

The Pine Tree Hat

(Originally a fic by @snapback-gravity-falls . Author’s Note at the end. Word count: 1259)

June 1, 2012

Dipper was exhausted from fighting a colony of gnomes alongside Mabel. Now that he was inside the Mystery Shack, he wanted nothing more than to collapse on the couch and watch some TV with his twin.

As the pair through the gift shop, they passed by their Grunkle Stan who was greedily counting the day’s profits. The old codger took one glance at the kids before grimacing.

“Yeesh. You two get hit by a bus or something? Ahah!”

Dipper and Mabel were not in the mood to hear their gruff relative taunts as they ignored him and continued on their way. They almost exited the store until they heard their Grunkle call for them.

“Uh, hey! W-wouldn’t you know it? Um, I accidentally overstocked some inventory, so, uh… how’s about each of you take one item from the gift shop? On the house, y'know?”

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Antigravity AU

“And for the last time, stop loitering around my shop!”

With a swift toss, the young, messy haired, tomboyish redhead and her cubby companion were thrown onto the stone pathway in front of the Mystery Shack. The man who tossed them out smiled in satisfaction, fixed the fez on his head, and turned back into his establishment, dusting the dirt off his suit and grumbling about how children get in the way of business.

“Stupid stick-in-the-mud Stan,” The tomboy complained, getting up and then looked behind herself and stuck her tongue out at the closed door of the tourist trap.

“We did knock over a postcard rack and it landed on a pregnant lady.” Her friend acknowledged, straightening his gamer’s t-shirt and adjusting his tan baseball hat.

“Are you on my side or his?” she accused, poking him in the chest.

“Uh- uh… Your side, of course! Isn’t that what best friends have to do, stick together? We’re the p-terodactyl bros!” Her loyal comrade stated proudly.

“I told you a million times, Soos, you don’t pronounce the ‘p’! The pterodactyl’s ‘p’ is silent!” It took a moment for the pair to realize what exactly she said, but when they did, they burst out laughing.

A third laugh soon joined them, and the duo turned to be greeted by the sight of a brightly colored teenage girl. “Nice one, Wendy!” She complimented, her smile exposing a crooked teeth with braces in a failed attempt to straighten them.

“Mabel!” the twosome cheered, and said teenager skipped over and grabbed both of them, giving them both noogies. “How are my two favorite pals of Gravity Falls?”

“Ack!” Wendy and Soos struggled to escape from Mabel’s grip.

“C’mon, Mabel, leave ‘em alone, they’ve receive enough from Grunkle Stan already.”

Wendy pushed Mabel away, her cheeks flushing into a dark shade of pink at the sight of her crush, Mabel’s twin brother, Dipper Pines, leaning against the doorway. “H-hey, Dipper! How’s it going?”

“Pretty good, Wendy. Haven’t seen you since last year! Did you get taller?” Dipper asked, taking the lumberjack hat off of Wendy’s head and messing up her already chaotic red hair, the color matching that of her face.  

Mabel indiscreetly winked at Wendy, and Soos was giving her a thumbs up, but Dipper didn’t notice his immature sister and best bro’s big gestures toward Wendy as Dipper yanked his hand out of her hair, which now was hopelessly tangled.  Wendy then jumped up and snatched her lumberjack hat out of Dipper’s hand and hid her crazy red mane underneath her trusty hat. “Thanks a lot, dork.”

“Anything for you, Wendy.” Dipper smirked.

“Kids! Stop slacking off! I’m not paying to talk to bratty twelve-year-olds!” Their Grunkle Stan shouted from the Shack.

Mabel and Dipper groaned in unison. “You don’t even pay us!”

“Well, I guess we’ll see you later. Don’t destroy the town,” Dipper said, and the twins headed back to work.

“What now?” Soos asked.

“Hmm… Let’s explore the forest!” Wendy decided, pointing dramatically towards the woods.

“Dude, c’mon! There’s something weird about that place!” Soos complained.

“You think the mailman’s a werewolf!” Wendy retorted.

“Who else has that much hair?”

“My dad.”

“He’s a lumberjack. If he was weird, he’d be like, Bigfoot or something.”

Wendy just gaped at him for a moment and shot her hands up in frustration against her friend, walking off. “I swear, you’re so boring sometimes!”

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you mentioned parapines. i am here. headcanons. i crave them.

same tbh lil anon, same.

  • dipper is infinitely fascinated with norman’s hair. like, holy shit. how does it stay up. what the fuck, dude.
  • dipper tried to put his hat on norman and it just sat on his hair and they both started laughing
  • dipper eventually told norman that he knew a norman once. “really? what was he like?” “he turned out to be a stack of gnomes. they kidnapped my sister and tried to make her their gnome queen for all eternity.” “oh.”
  • they both secretly dream of being Cool Kids with Tattoos and Piercings but really they just wind up in flannel shirts and hoodies and jeans and dipper has to get glasses bc he stays up too late reading all the fuckcing time smh dip
  • norman calls dipper “dippy” sometimes and it always gets him to smile all embarassed and shit
  • dipper does the same with “normal man” (tho it doesn’t get the exact same reaction,, but it’s similar)
  • norman’s grandma always has something to say abt dipper and honestly norman is just glad that none of it is about how he’s a guy?? and they’re both guys?? she’s chill with that but she keeps commenting on his weird hair and his dumb hat and his fucking vest
  • dipper asks abt the ghosts a lot so eventually norman just points them out for him (esp if they’re very talkative!! dipper likes talking to them and they seem to like him and at the very least they appreciate his interest so norman translates)
  • eventually tho it gets to the point of “dipper there’s a ghost” “norman it’s 2 am i’m trying to sleep i’ve been cramming for hours” “no ok but listen dipper listen” “norman pl e a se”
  • they met online through memes
  • eventually dipper were like “ok next summer you’ll be in mass and i’ll be in oregon and we’ve already had a ton of skype calls Lets Do This” 
  • norman was super nervous abt it but then a scrawny boy with brown hair followed by a bug guy with six fingers got off the bus and he was just like “holy fuck he actually did it”
  • they did that a lot over the next few years and eventually dipper started visiting on his own and they just. memes. but louder.
  • when they get older they decide to check out glass shard bc stan and ford never went back and they were always at the wheel so
  • norman got followed around by this one lady who kept saying how much dipper looked like her sons and they ended up talking and. yes it was ma pines she wanted to make sure her little free spirit was okay (dipper showed her a picture of him and ford w/ him and mabel he had in his wallet and she was like “yes, good, time 2 go, nice meeting u”)
  • shitty valentines in comic sans made in ms paint
  • frequent joke arguements abt norman’s vocabulary (”please don’t drink out of the fountain” “i’m not gonna start saying bubbler” “that’s what u think”)

part of me wants to draw something besides gravity falls fanart but part of me is rocking back and forth in a corner as i hug my journal and dipper hat while saying “gRAVITY FALLS IS REAL AND IT WILL NEVER DIE” 

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please spill your clones 3 and 4 headcanons!! i have a mighty need

I made a post about them in my other blog, but I guess I’m adding more stuff in!

So, we have 2 Dips. And as similar as they are (being the same person), I’m sure after a while they would start to developing different traits. We already see 3 playing a banjo, did he always know how to or he learned in a month or two they were alone, or it’s somehow related to McGucket?

They live through the summer, but later in Autumn they have to find a place to stay (they have a campfire, does it mean they get cold or they even need to eat something? In any way, snow isn’t great), so they just go back to the Shack. Soos, of course, is happy to see them and doesn’t even question it, boys get to stay in their old room. They help Soos and Melody with the Shack. But mostly, they just end up taking after Ford. They didn’t have the same experience Dipper had with Mabel, so accepting Ford’s offer later when they actually meet him would be logical. 

But for now they can’t let their family know about themselves, so they are going wait till Dipper and Mabel come to visit in summer. To be honest, they are pretty anxious, because they think they are nothing more than just copies, so they are trying to not attract attention. For now they have all they need, they can finally explore Gravity Falls! They try to busy themselves, because they miss Mabel and others so much, they need something to take their minds off. They start to differ even more, like, idk, D4 starting to write short stories, D3 becomes more athletic or starts playing other instruments (sometimes even asking D4 to joing him with sousaphone), and both of them keep reading Ford’s books. There are so many factors that can make them into different people, some adventures where they end up playing different roles: D4 having to hide and wait and D3 having to act. Repeat this pattern a few more times — and we get more cautious D4 and more active D3, taking risks when there’s a chance it’ll work. 

They picked their new names the first week after being created, but they still keep their hats with numbers on. They changed their clothes into something, that won’t melt by water (basically just normal clothes and raincoats). And the next summer when the Pines family is back, all of them figure out how to make Dips water resistant. The original Dipper grew a lot over the year Dips haven’t seen him, so that’s when they realise they don’t grow and age at all. But that is nothing compared to finally seing Mabel, they get very emotional, and Mabel is very excited to have 3 brother instead of one! Dipper is pretty gealous at first, but hey, 3 brains is better than one! And let’s not forget, that this is Gravity Falls! How many magical creatures live there, there should be at least one to grant wishes! New Pinocchios.

I agree with some of momma-ran hedcanons from this post, specifically — ink for blood and paper healing.

So I realized that Weirdmageddon Part 3 has ties to every episode

Sorry, some of these are fairly loosely done. Warning, there’s a lot of “They still have this character” sorry. Seriously, upon finishing this, some of these just kind of suck. But they still all tie to the finale

Tourist Trapped - The Gnomes show up. The series starts and ends with Dipper narrating. Dipper gets a new hat in the first episode, the one with the Pine Tree, and the last, Wendy’s

The Legend of the Gobblewonker - The Gobblewonker is part of the robot. Also McGucket uses his beard to operate a stick shift in both episodes

Headhunters - Wax Larry King’s head is back, fascinating

The Hand That Rocks the Mabel - Gideon being cute, in the finale he says he’s tied of being cute

The Inconveniencing - They finally turn 13, something Dipper lied to Wendy to get in with her group

Dipper vs. Manliness -  Manotaur comes back

Double Dipper - Grenda, Candy and Pacifica come back again. Clones 3 & 4 are also in the credits

Irrational Treasure - Quintin P. Trembley appears in the end credits

The Time Traveler’s Pig - Waddles. Also Dipper grabbing the bag of ice to help Wendy’s black eye could foreshadow her place on the Bill Cipher Wheel

Fight Fighters - Rumble McSkirmish is there to help fight

Little Dipper - The Growth/Shrink Ray is used against Bill

Summerween - Mabel brings this up when trying to restore Stan’s memory

Boss Mabel - In both episodes there’s a sign displayed that says “Under New Management.” They also aired two years apart to the day

Bottomless Pit! - In Dipper’s story “Voice Over” McGucket refers to himself as a “part time inventor” in the finale, he makes millions with patents on his inventions and buys the Northwest Manor

The Deep End - Mr. Poolcheck makes a reappearance outside of Buzz’s Autobarn

Carpet Diem - Though not exactly the same way, both features a pair of twins switching places. In Carpet Diem Experiment 78 causes Dipper and Mabel (among several others) to switch bodies. In the finale, Stan and Ford dress up as each other so Bill will go into Stan’s mind

Boyz Crazy - Sev’ral Times is shown in the finale

Land Before Swine - A dinosaur makes up one of the robot’s arms

Dreamscaperers - Stan says he’s surprised Bill doesn’t remember his mind, a reference to when Bill entered it in this episode

Gideon Rises - Stan and Ford reenact the pose where Mabel holds onto Dipper and saves their lives. Main difference is they’re going up

Scary-oke - Zombies appear in the cemetery

Into the Bunker - Weirdmageddon is possibly what the author (Ford) planned to hide in that bunker for as long as he could

The Golf War -  There’s at least one Lilliputtian in the shack during the finale

Sock Opera - In Sock Opera Bill says “I have big plans.” Meaning he planned Weirdmageddon, and subsequently needs Dipper kept in the dark as much as possible to help his plans.

Soos and the Real Girl - Melody comes back when they show Soos running the shack

Little Gift Shop of Horrors - In both episodes Grenda is given highly dangerous technology. In Little Gift Shop of Horrors, story “Abaconings” she is given a jetpack Waddles made. In the finale, she is given a glove that controls a very large fist. Both dangerous, both hilarious.

Society of the Blind Eye - The Memory Erasing Gun comes back

Blendin’s Game - In this episode Stan hired Soos. In the finale, Soos became the manager

The Love God - Robbie’s parents make a reappearance

Northwest Mansion Mystery - Marius also appears in the end credits

Not What He Seems - Ford joined the main cast in this episode, in addition, the portal being used in this episode is what caused the rift that allowed Weirdmageddon to happen

A Tale of Two Stans - The ships Stan and Ford are on now is dubbed “The Stan O’ War II” a reference to the “Stan O’ War” from this episode

Dungeons, Dungeons & More Dungeons - In both episodes Ford needs to be saved

The Stanchurian Candidate - Mayor Befufftlefumpter comes back as a zombie in the finale

The Last Mabelcorn - The hair protects the main body of the robot

Roadside Attraction - In both episodes, Stan rips on himself. In Roadside Attraction, he’s talking about how his way of flirting stinks. In the finale though, he talks about he never used his mind for anything good. Stan also jokes about him being an amnesiac, oh the foreshadowing

Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future - This episode kind of caused the Weirdmageddon, so… yeah I’m counting that

Weirdmageddon Part 1 - Gideon’s punishment is showed in the finale

Weirdmageddon 2: Escape from Reality - There’s still all of the people shown from the end here. Dipper also said that he wouldn’t go with Ford in this episode, he returns home with Mabel in the finale

That’s it. The finale has a tie to all other 39 episodes.
If you want me to add anything, please feel free to message me

ford & mabel bonding drabble/fic #12: errand troubles

rating: k+ (Has some language. Just a warning.)
characters: Mabel Pines & Stanford Pines
word count: ~3900
summary: Things take a drastic turn when Mabel is suddenly nowhere to be found. And Ford only intended for a short shopping and browsing trip with his niece. 
a/n: …I have been awakened and I’m back with another one my friends. Have I also told you I’m still terrible at summaries and titles? (Also I’m back with another attempt with writing some protective!Ford again. I forgot how much I missed it, haha!) Hope you guys enjoy reading. :’>

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kellystar321  asked:

Can I request a Bildip? c: Like, Dipper putting a top hat on Bill, but it doesn't rest on his head, it just hovers above it. And Bill's just sitting there with an amused expression as Dip tries and fails to put it on his head. I dunno, I just liked the idea. XD

a very lazy gif :’D but I had fun doing this request! And this was a lot of experimenting in manga studio as well


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