but there are a few of you who aren't helping

I don't know how to say this...
  • But, guys, I need help. My girlfriend and I aren't safe in either of our homes, and we can't do this alone. I hate asking for help, it isn't in my nature because it makes me feel weak.
  • But, I am tired, tired from working two jobs just to buy food, gas, and medicine for my girlfriend and I's mental health issues. My father has mentally abused me since I was little, and mentally and physically abusive towards my mother all my life. Recently, the physical abuse has started on me.
  • My girlfriend is in a house with a Step Father that has been caught filming her in the shower, and a mother who doesn't believe her, and mentally abuses her daily.
  • We just want a safe place for us, a lesbian couple, without the cost of our health.
  • We are only reaching out for help, because we have no one else to go to. Our families don't support us, and my girlfriend has come out to her mom, while I haven't out of fear.
  • We have been looking for apartments for us, so any and all donations will be going towards that, the first few months of rent, and food money, my two hosting jobs just aren't cutting it, while I am still paying on outrageous school bills, and 'owe' my parents money for helping me and her out in times of need. They take about 50 dollars out of my check every two weeks.
  • If you can help, I am dropping a paypal.me at the end of this post. Thank you, to those who donate, or boost, it means the world to us.
  • paypal.me/moonie7

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Hi ♥ So I was the anon who asked you a few days ago about the dancing doodles on your pictures, and then asked about gimp? I found out how to do it, but it awkwardly skips between frames no matter what I do. I was going to send you an example but we aren't mutuals lol. But I was wondering if you'd be able to help me? -- Side Note ; thank you for blessing my dash with your children ;-;

hi lil buddy!!!! sorry for a late reply!! i wanted 2 help u so bad i was downloadin gimp and my internet was like turtle speed today and it took like 2 hr to DL omg.. but i made u a lil tutorial that if u follow u should be able to make a doodle gif thingy!! 

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Pedantic Politics
  • "I am going to bury you."
  • "That is not what I said and you know it."
  • "So you have a photo of me with a prostitute. So what?"
  • "I never agreed to that."
  • "I have met that individual a few times."
  • "Any questions?"
  • "You need to learn law."
  • "Aw... Did I hurt your feelings?"
  • "You're a member of the underground lizard people, aren't you?"
  • "I don't give a shit who your mommy or daddy was."
  • "No. The answer is no."
  • "God help us all."
  • "What the hell just happened?"
  • "I need coffee. With whiskey in it. Make it just whiskey."
  • "What did you just say to me?"
  • "Listen sugar..."
  • "Send me the proposal before Friday and I'll have a look over it before Monday."
  • "I hate lawyers."
  • "I am going to strangle them with their tie."
  • "I clawed my way up this ladder and no little pissant is pushing me back down it."
  • "I am going to destroy them."
  • "Fuck you, fuck them and fuck everything."
  • "I'll help you end all their careers."
  • "Protesters are in your office."
  • "Don't look at me like that. The rally will be good for us."
  • "Attack them. Hard."
  • "Dig through the emails. You have to find something in there."
  • "I will not stop. Ever."
  • "What did they think I was going to do when I found out about their treachery?"
  • "I will not yield. I will not bend. I will not break."
  • "I need sleep."
  • "You wanted to tell me something?"
the “i own a car” masterpost

HEY EVERYONE so i’m poor and i have a lot of experience dealing with shitty cars and how to maintain them SO i thought i would impart some of my wisdom upon you all!!

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what ur moon signs says about u as a celebrity
  • Aries Moon: super kind and giving to fans! honest and open and sharing (most of the time). you are funny and you smile a lot. you'll probably be outspoken about the causes you believe in. you get caught being rude* a lot. *rude meaning you swear at paparazzi and people gasp in horror.
  • Taurus Moon: you're nice and (mostly) well-liked. you keep to yourself. there's probably only like one embarrassing pap photo of you.
  • Gemini Moon: you're funny but theres also probably a buzzfeed article listing all the dumb things you've said. you're open and kind. bubbly and sweet.
  • Cancer Moon: you're pretty open but also pretty private as well. you make mistakes that people make fun of, but you find humour in them. you believe that family and/or friends are super important and will probably talk about them constantly in interviews along with telling people how to stay grounded.
  • Leo Moon: no matter how open and outspoken you come across as, you are actually highly private. even though hate doesn't really bother you, you still (most of the time) try to be well-liked. you are funny and optimistic. you believe that it is important to remain who you truly are through fame and that is your main focus. you don't mind "embarrassing" yourself.
  • Virgo Moon: you constantly stand up for causes and preach what you believe in. hate probably bothers you the least out of all the moon signs, because you don't just brush it off, you actually do NOT care. You believe it's important to be smart/educated and encourage your fans to be the same. you're pretty secretive.
  • Libra Moon: your fans are your friends. you hate paparazzi but you also feel sorry for them so you're kind to them most of time. you probably give homeless people (or anyone) money. you can be too open for some people. you'll probably be made fun of a lot and be a victim to many rumours (purely because you give the media nothing else to hate on). the unproblematic fave.
  • Scorpio Moon: you've probably done some problematic things, but most people and especially you're fans know that you mean well. you're honest with your fans about yourself with most things, you want people to know that you're human. yet you are also a very secretive person.
  • Sagittarius Moon: you're basically the "up for anything" celebrity. you don't mind making fun of yourself, you don't care that people take photos of you when you look like a mess. you often find yourself "teaching" your fans. you're optimistic, bright and humourous.
  • Capricorn Moon: you don't mind be sharing and open with people even though you know you'll get backlash for whatever you say, you just want to be yourself. but you are pretty private and try to focus mainly on your work. your famous because you love your job not because you want a large fan base.
  • Aquarius Moon: you're highly idealised in the public eye, yet nobody really knows what you're doing. you don't even know what it is exactly that you're doing. you love and hate fame. you try to keep yourself out of the limelight (most of the time) but struggle to. you've probably said a few dumb things (mostly because you're just blunt) that people make fun of you for. as you get more famous the less you care what people say.
  • Pisces Moon: hate hurts you but you deal with it well and come out on top. you want people to love themselves and be happy, you actively promote that to your fans even if you aren't yourself. you remain grounded (mostly) and yourself through it all. you talk about your struggles to let people know that you're human, but to also help people who are struggling as well.
RFA Thanksgiving

No one asked for this and I know Thanksgiving is an American only holiday but dammit I want some holiday fluff and I just peeled a shit load of potatoes so here we go also just ignore the fact that they’re Korean celebrating it


- he’s never celebrated many holidays, but after you were so excited for Halloween he wanted to surprise you

- he calls three chefs to make a feast and some decorators to set up the table

- it’s adorable and sweet but you have to point out that just the two of you can’t possibly eat all that food

- time to make some calls

- his dad, Jumin specifically said no girlfriends, Zen, Jaehee, and Seven end up coming over

- that’s not nearly enough people to eat everything but it helps

- Elizabeth 3rd gets her own mini-feast and Jumin gives her some of his food

- “stop messing with that furball” Zen says every time Jumin even mentions Elizabethh

- what’s a conversation with those two without them arguing?

- once everyone leaves you and Jumin cuddle up on the couch and put on the TV

- you both fall asleep like that accidentally

- he wakes up first and carries you to the bed and goes back to sleep


- he insists on cooking everything

- he’s not used to making so much at once though so you start helping him

- he’s playing his favorite music

- gives you lots of cheek and neck kisses

- he invited his family to come, not thinking they would, but they do

- it’s slightly awkward at first but conversation soon starts and things go well

- you’re both so full and tired afterwards

- he had planned to sing for you and maybe have some fun with his beast

- but is too tired for that so you curl up on the couch and fall asleep to holiday adds


- you guys went to stay at his family’s house

- in the morning, you, him, and his mom are cooking

- his dad and sister are setting the table and talking

- the TV is on for background noise

- you kiss Yoosung’s cheek once and he gets so embarrassed

- “in front of my mom?

- she thinks it’s adorable though

- dinner is loud and fun

- you and Yoosung fall asleep on the floor in front of the couch

- when you guys are leaving his mom gives you guys a ton of the leftover food


- the cafe is closed for the holiday though you guys did offer some themed drinks for a while

- Jaehee wears an apron you made that has a big hand print turkey on it

- you guys invite the whole RFA over but only Zen and Seven show up

- Jumin doesn’t celebrate it and Yoosung is at his family’s home

- dinner is quite interesting

- it’s really fun though and there’s a lot of laughter

- after you and Jaehee watch a couple of Zen’s plays

- after the third you both shuffle off to bed

- you decide to not open the cafe the next day in sleep in

- Jaehee finally gets enough sleep


- the kitchen is a mess

- Saeran gave up once you pulled out the jellybeans

- it’s a classic Peanuts Thanksgiving

- including folding chair wrestling

- Seven loses and you have to help untangle him

- you guys do manage to cook a turkey

- you invited the entire RFA a few days before so they do all show up

- Yoosung has to leave early to go home but everyone else stays for the whole time

- very noisy

- everyone has a great time, even Saeran is smiling by the end

- you and Seven pass out on the couch

anonymous asked:

I have a question about your thoughts on writers not answering their messages. I don't think it's done out of spite, but I can't help but feel hurt when my questions get ignored. For example, I've been following this one writer who writes Bucky fics and personal posts (her name starts with a J? She signs some posts with j and two xs), and I've reached out to her in the past few days but she's been ignoring me. Fic writers do a service, but they aren't gods... What are your thoughts?

Hi, anon. I had no problem with this ask up until you chose to say, “fic writers do a service, but they aren’t gods…”. I can’t speak for all fic writers when I say this, but I’m 99.9% sure that none of us think we’re gods. Far from it in fact. We’re humans. Humans who who have lives that don’t revolve around spending all of our time on Tumblr. We absolutely love getting messages from you guys and we respond when we can, but sometimes asks/messages get lost in translation. Or it could be that this author you messaged hasn’t been on the site in the past few days (I know I like taking random hiatuses to unwind and get away), or that they’re busy living their lives, or maybe, just maybe, they’re not in the mood to respond. We adore you guys, we do, but, like I said, we have lives and sometimes being on Tumblr and responding to people isn’t what we want to do. So yes, I understand your disappointment about writers not answering your messages. But, at the same time, i understand where writers are coming from when they don’t get back to people. The balance between every day life and Tumblr life isn’t easy (I know I’m still trying to find a middle ground between the two) and, if they’re not getting back to you, it’s most likely not a reflection on you as a person. So please, take this into consideration next time you message a writer and they don’t get back to you. 

Haikyuu!! headcanons, part 3

part 1 | part 2 | part 2.5

After I posted the second set I realized that I forgot to add this other one I had, so here’s an entire list of new ones ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Bokuto, Akaashi, Kuroo, and Kenma were One Direction for Halloween
  • Daichi has older sisters. Three of them, I think. Maybe an older brother too
  • Tsukishima takes selfies and then deletes them IMMEDIATELY
  • Kuroo flosses while driving/on public transport
  • you can bet there was a summer training camp reunion in Disneyland Tokyo
    • each team had to coordinate what they were wearing so they wouldn’t lose anyone
  • the Seijou third years also visit Disneyland every year
    • they were there at the same time as the training camp reunion awk
    • Oikawa insists on sitting next to Iwaizumi on every ride; Hanamaki and Matsukawa like to make that is difficult as possible for him
  • Saeko does Tanaka and Nishnoya’s hair
  • Yamaguchi grew up with pet rats
    • Tsukishima actually likes the rats a lot and he and Yamaguchi used to play with them a lot and throw them birthday parties and whatnot
  • Bokuto once told Akaashi he thought the blue part on a globe was the sky
  • Oikawa and Iwaizumi like to marathon B movies
  • Bokuto loves temporary tattoos and puts them on all of his teammates
  • Kenma is pigeon toed
  • The Karasuno second years share porn and brag about nonexistent flings they’ve had
  • Hanamaki is that person that’s ALWAYS LATE
  • Kenma became consumed with games when he was young to distract himself from his parent’s fighting. He never got out of the habit after everything was resolved and continues to use the distraction for his other anxieties
  • Yamamoto has a pregnancy fetish. He likes physically mature women and loves the limited-edition curves
  • Akaashi wears reading glasses
  • Aone has a baby sister (Natsu’s age) whom he ADORES
    • she loves her big brother too, they do everything they can together
    • she sticks up for him if people are being mean to him or afraid of him, and even though she helps soften his image, there have been a few unfortunate times where he was questioned by security guards who think he may be a threat to her
      • Baby Aone gave them a piece of her mind; she’s the real threat
  • Alisa and Lev are best friends
  • Tanaka and Noya own mankinis
  • Matsukawa has an extensive collection of sunglasses

That’s all for right now I think but LISTEN if you want to talk headcanons just shoot me a message! A ship, a character, whatever! I’m always a slut for headcanons!!!

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering, do you have any sources to help make well rounded characters that are all really unique and aren't all really similar? All my characters tend to turn out really similar or slight variants of each other. I'm doing what I can to help change my ways of making characters different and unique, but I still really struggle with it.

//Sources, huh? I have a few!

Here my character creation tag.







And before I end it here, I want to just say that you shouldn’t be too scared about making characters that are similar to others you’ve made before. There are lot of people out there who are similar to each other, but they have small or big differences in what they like, how they act when they encounter a situation, etc. 

Here you go! I hope it helps.

anonymous asked:

You haven't posted much this weekend and I feel like that means you aren't in the best place (since you often are posting when anything big happens and you try to help others). I hope you are doing what you need to for yourself and the people around you. Thank you for being a person who helps us smile through sadness. <3

It has been a very bad few days for humanity. And I kinda don’t have a ton to contribute…there are good, strong voices being heard on the serious stuff, and I don’t feel like doing my usual happy fun stuff, so I’ve just been spending time with family and friends and working on VidCon prep. I’m fine though, thank you for your concern.

By the way

If you’re a fanartist who draws characters as looking older/sexier than they canonly are but still makes them look and act like themselves and not just their features pasted onto a bishi

Chances are good I hate you

and by hate you I mean you have ruined my life and I am sobbing in the corner because no stop making 13 year olds into hot adults I can’t handle it

and by can’t handle it I mean there are never enough please continue omfg

Blue night radio 14/07/30
  • J: There are really that kind of people, (who) contact me after a few years of not contacting each other, asking me if I can help them get tickets to some performance, if they are close to me I'd just give it to them, if those who aren't close to me suddenly ask me something like that I'd say "Of course, no problem. My account number is xxx, you can just transfer the money here". I'm already nice enough to help you get tickets, then they'd say "Ah,in that case, I'll contact you next time. " And there are also some who look for me to sing congratulatory songs, (do they) treat me as (a) karaoke (machine).
  • cr: human-lock
  • tr: cosmicsticjs

anonymous asked:

So it says that you aren't affiliated with Carmilla, but do you know people who are involved with the show? Also I'm kind of confused about which accounts on tumblr are run by people who are actually involved with the show (producers, social media writers, etc.) so any help with that would be super helpful!

I’m not, I just know a few of them.

As for tumblr accounts:

hotladypants is Steph, producer
anamatics and ana-answers are Ellen, story editor & transmedia writer
maybeest is Spencer, director
solesmusic is Erik (Soles), theme song and audio wizardry
ubykotex, sponsors

natvanlis is Natasha
kbearluna is Kaitlyn
thedesmondfactor is Matt

Text || Zargot
  • Zac: I’m sorry.
  • Zac: I just… I don’t know what to say anymore. You’re not an asshole who can’t do anything right. That asshole is me. I know because I’ve told myself that about 100 times in the past week. Maybe I’m just trying to deflect my problems. Maybe I’m just seeing a warped reality I literally don’t know but I just feel tired and scared.
  • Zac: You know what it is? Well at least a part of it. I need my best friend. I don’t want her to just be on the other end of a phone all the time because I feel like we hardly really talk face to face anymore and I hate that. I hate that every single time you find a new guy to spend your time with I just get put on the back-burner. It didn’t bother me so much before but now I just can’t stop thinking about it. I feel like my mind is simultaneously imploding and exploding and it’s not cancelling each other out and it’s somehow managing to affect practically everything I’ve ever thought and felt and I feel completely helpless. And like I said earlier I only feel like I’ve only got two close friends by this point and that’s you and Dylan. And there’s only so much Dylan can do to help. Because he’s not you.
  • Zac: I’m sorry. I’m tired and hungover and my head feels like it’s been hit against a wall a dozen times and I just want to sleep for a year and I’m not even reading what I’m typing anymore. I know I need to sort myself out. I’ve been telling myself that for months but I haven’t done anything about it. Right now I just feel like it’s be a tiny bit easier if my best friend wasn’t on the other side of the country to me.
  • Margot: and this is why you need to talk to someone and get help. You said you've been feeling like this for awhile and obviously you aren't getting better. You can't get better on your own. I can't make you better. You need a professional to help you and there's nothing wrong with that. I probably would have relapsed if I didn't continue seeing my therapist well after rehab. I don't want that for you - I don't want you to relapse. I want you to get help because I want my best friend to be around for a long time. And right now, you aren't the man who's been my best friend these past few years. You're like a shell of your former self. I'm not saying any of this is your fault. It isn't at all. Depression, addiction, and whatever it is that's going on with you isn't your fault or anyone else's. But I can promise you that if you get help, I'll be right here by your side through it all and I know your other friends and your family will be there for you, too.
  • Margot: I know I've been inseparable with Conor lately, and that's on me. But Zac, it's a two way street. I still make plans with you and text you when I'm with someone. I invited you to the fights and to my NYE party. I still make the effort. The only thing different is we don't fuck when I'm with someone. And we're both super busy, and usually in different places because of our jobs. It's hard to speak face to face when we work as much as we do. But I do invite you to hang out and I still talk to you. I don't put you on the back burner. That's not fair to say.
  • Margot: are you still in New York?
5SOS Preference #1- Jealousy
  • Ashton: (Your POV) You watched your feet as you walked, the sun shining in your eyes. Ashton's hand was wrapped tightly around yours as we walked. He smiled down at you.
  • He was about to speak when a group of teenage girls quickly rushed over, squealing and yelling Ashton's name.
  • One of the particularly very pretty girls rushed over to him first with a big smile on her face. The other girls crowded all the way around him, making you be pushed aside.
  • You narrowed your eyes, half because the sun was still in your eyes and half because of the jealously in the pit of your stomach.
  • The girl who got to him first, pulled a pen out of her purse and smiled sweetly at him.
  • "I, uh, don't have any paper on me, but you could sign something else?" She suggested.
  • Ashton looked confused at first, but once she started to spread her shirt collar wider so he could sign her chest, he got the picture.
  • He cleared his throat awkwardly and if you saw correctly, his cheeks turned a little pink.
  • You rolled your eyes and looked away. Normally, you don't think you would care about this, but the fact that you were literally just a few feet away from him, it made everything just a totally different story. And being tired and hot didn't help your mood either.
  • After her, he signed autographs for the other girls, who luckily did have paper.
  • You stood on the sidelines until he was done, then he walked back over to you.
  • "Hey, you ready to go?" He asked
  • "Yeah." You muttered and looked away from him.
  • "You okay?" He asked, taking your hand in his.
  • "Yeah, I'm totally fine." You said sarcastically.
  • You both stay silent for most of the time walking home until he spoke once again.
  • "You're jealous, aren't you?" He asked with a sly smirk placed on his face.
  • You looked away from him. "Maybe." You grumbled.
  • He just laughed and pulled you closer by you waist and kissed the top of your head.
  • Luke: It was your one year anniversary with Luke and were trying your best to get ready on time. Luke said he was taking you to some fancy restaurant and to wear something nice. So you put on your nicest dress, your favorite pair of heels and did make-up as best as you could. Once you were finished, you walked downstairs where Luke was waiting for you.
  • Once you were half way down the stairs, Luke, who was waiting by the door, looked up at you and smiled.
  • "God, you look beautiful." He breathed as you made your way towards him. You smiled at him and he placed his hands on your waist. He leaned down and started kissing you. Suddenly the kiss got too heated and, unfortunately you had to pull away.
  • "We have reservations." You said.
  • "We could just stay home," He suggested. "And do something else." He smirked.
  • You rolled your eyes and pulled away so his hands weren't on your waist anymore.
  • "Nope. Let's go." You said with a smile and you were out the door.
  • Once you got to the restaurant, you signed in your name for your reservation and made your way to your seat.
  • You both chatted for awhile until your waiter came.
  • "Hello, I'm Alex and I'll be your waiter today. Do you know what you'd like?" You both told him what you'd like to order and he smiled. Then he looked at you before leaving. "And by the way Miss, you look beautiful this evening." Then he turned to leave.
  • You blushed a little and smiled at the compliment. But Luke looked rather pissed.
  • "What's the matter?" You asked and took a sip of your drink.
  • "I don't like him." He grumbled.
  • "What? Our waiter? I think he's nice." You defended.
  • He rolled his eyes and didn't continue the conversation.
  • The waiter's flirty attitude continued throughout the night. He made subtle compliments to you, made jokes, and it seemed to you that he made the most ludicrous reasons to come to your table and talk. Which didn't make Luke any happier.
  • At the end of the night the waiter, Alex, left the check on your table. When he sat it down, he looked to you and gave you a little wink. You grabbed the check to look at it. Everything seemed normal until you looked at the bottom of the paper. In his handwriting was a phone number and 'call me'. Luke saw this and muttered something you couldn't make out.
  • "Okay, that tears it." He said and was about to get up.
  • You quickly put your hand on his and softly spoke.
  • "Luke, it's okay. I'm never going to see this guy again. Just calm down."
  • He looked at you and slowly sat down. "I just don't like when people flirt with you. It makes me jealous..." He trailed off.
  • You smirked a little. "There's no reason to be jealous. I'm yours and only yours."
  • Michael: You were applying the last of your lipstick and doing the final touches on your hair. Michael was taking you to a party later today and you were making sure you looked your best. Finally you were done and got to leave.
  • You weren't really much a party person. So you've been to, maybe, 2 parties in your whole life. And those parties usually consisted of 30-40 people. This party was going to contain a whole lot more.
  • You were resting your head on your hand and looking through the window. Suddenly you heard music playing faintly. You turned to the radio and saw that it wasn't on. Then you realized that must have been the party. You also realized you were like a block away from the party. This was going to be one hell of an experience, you thought.
  • When you finally arrived there, you were certain that was the music you were hearing. The number of the people at the parties you were at was probably the same number of kids outside.
  • You both got out of the car and walked inside. Michael kept a protective arm around your waist the whole time.
  • Most of the time, you were following Michael around and making sure you knew where he was. Then around midnight, about the time you guys were about to leave, he had to use the bathroom.
  • You sat down and looked over the sight in front of you. The majority of the teenagers were making out by now or doing something far worse in public, so you averted your eyes to your lap.
  • Someone ended up taking a seat next to you. A guy. He smiled at you.
  • "What's a pretty girl like you doing here all by yourself." He asked with a smirk.
  • "Actually, uh, I have a boyfriend. He's in the bathroom." You said awkwardly.
  • He smiled. "Well, I can tell by looking at you, that he's lucky to have you." He smiled.
  • Unlike the rest of the people here, this guy seemed totally sober.
  • You felt yourself blush. "Thanks." You smiled.
  • You both ended up striking up a conversation when Michael came back.
  • "Hi, I'm ba- Who's this?" He said eying the guy up and down.
  • The guy smiled. "Hi, I'm Charlie, and you must be her boyfriend."
  • "Yeah, I am." He said, still eying him intensely.
  • "Well, I'll go. Nice meeting you." He said to you and walked off.
  • Once he was gone, Michael looked at you. "Why were you talking to him?" He questioned.
  • You shrugged. "He just sat by me and started talking."
  • "Did he try anything with you?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.
  • You scoffed a little. "No! Nothing happened." You said with a light laugh. "Are you jealous?" You asked.
  • "No." He defended. "I just don't like when other guys talk to you when I'm not here."
  • "That's called being jealous, Michael." You said.
  • "No, that's called loving you and me not wanting you to break up with me." He said.
  • "Okay, okay." You said with a laugh, but then quickly muttered, "No, that's called being jealous."
  • Calum: "So, Calum, how's your girlfriend, Y/N?" The interviewer asked in her sweet voice.
  • You were sitting off in the audience at one of their interviews. You never got to do this before, so to be honest, to you this was pretty exciting.
  • Calum smiled at the mention of your name. "She's doing pretty well." He said. "I can't really speak for her, but from what I know she's doing well." He smiled and looked over at you. You gave him a wave and a small wink.
  • "So, Y/N is definitely very lucky to have you, isn't she?" The interviewer asked again. Suddenly becoming very flirty.
  • "Uh, well actually I think it's the other way around. I think I'm really lucky to have her." He smiled.
  • The interviewer smiled. "Well, I know that she's certainly very lucky to have you, also."
  • The interviewer's flirty attitude continued through the interview. And the weird thing was, it was only towards Calum.
  • You said there uncomfortably for most of the interview. You tried everything to keep yourself from running up there.
  • Once the interview was over, Calum walked towards you.
  • "Wow, she must really like me." He joked about the interviewer.
  • "Yeah." You muttered, looking down.
  • "Hey, everything okay? He asked bringing my chin up.
  • "Yeah, it just bothers me that she was flirting with you." You mumbled again.
  • "Hey, it's okay. There's no reason to be jealous or anything. I love you, you know that. Nothing could ever change that."

We’ve started a challenge/help blog with the sole purpose of getting as many writers as possible to finish their big bangs this year!!!

First timers to old hands welcome!!!

Well cheer each otheer on, do writing challenges, Power Hours ,and Q & A sessions to talk thru plot, characterization, or anything you need help with. A source for writing tips, music recs, inspiration, anything we can do to finish our Big Bangs!!!

Most of all we want to try and have some fun with this!!!

This is open to 2015 Big Bang writers only

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batblade  asked:

how do you deal with dumb reviews on ffnet? and how do you deal with the ones that don't like your story and demand their own perception of characters be used instead? i posted my story on ff and ao3. ao3 and some ff gave positive reviews, i haven't had any negatives about my story so far on ao3 (it's a WIP). but ff seems to generate quite a few negative reviews that aren't constructive.

Welcome to the Pit of Voles. I know of at least one writer I adore who refuses to post on FFN because of the asshole factor.

I forward the really awful ones to friends and mock. (So, yes, if you told me I’m going to hell for writing a chess-playing mouse, I have laughed at you.  You deserved it.)  It helps a lot to have someone email you back and say,  “OMG what an asshole, who says that?  Fuckhead.  I hope wild goats eat all her flowers and she realizes she’s out of chocolate on a PMS night.”

It’s easy to tell you to brush these things off but the truth is they sting.  They sting a LOT. They sting when they’re eyeroll inducing ship hate (”Dramione is all bad and even though I clicked on a fic clearly marked as Dramione I feel the need to tell you how much I hate the pairing and make some suppositions about your character based on the fact that you write it.”) and they sting when they’re idiot trolls (”You’re a fucking loser who only wishes she could write, and, by the way, I have only a passing familiarity with grammar but a bit of a fetish for capital letters.”) and they sting when they might have been intended to be concrit but came out very badly (”Your work is filled with cringe inducing failures, though I won’t bother to actually tell you what any of them are.”)  And, unfortunately, the answer I have is “get a lot of them and they start to sting less.”  Get enough abuse and you stop caring quite so much.

Still, the best answer I have is to forward them to friends, get support that way, and remind yourself that FFN isn’t a creative writing class and the twerps who send whiny “that’s not the way it should go” feedback probably aren’t exactly qualified to teach such anyway.  You are writing for you, a love letter to yourself, and if that’s how you want the characters to go, that’s how they will go.  If the reviewers prefer a different interpretation they are welcome to find a story that better fits their expectations or try writing one themselves.

underveils-deactivated20170314  asked:

"What's that thing you're holding? You aren't calling for help, are ya? You can try, but who's gonna come, huh? Guess your old pal Flowey's gonna have to keep you nice and comfortable till then... buuuuddy." ;P

*You back up, assuring Flowey that there’s no need to worry, you’ll go for a little walk
*to give flowey  some personal time!!