but then...oh I really thought this was when she was going to surprise him


Jane, you didn’t come here this late to drop off cannoli.

I have the feeling that Gray already knows that Juvia defeated Keith

And you know why? Because I think Silver told him. 
Ever since that panel of Gray and Silver standing there and hugging in between Juvia’s thoughts whether this kill would really benefit Gray was added, I had the feeling that Silver told Gray what Juvia is about to do now:

I think that Silver told him that he contacted Juvia and maybe he even said that he should cherish her for all the things she did and will do for him.

I always thought that it was strange how chill Gray was when Silver suddenly vanished. He wasn’t even like: “No… dad….” or showed any reactions of surprise as many people do even if they know the character will die nor did Silver disappear when he was hugging Gray. The latter already stood there again as if he already let go of him before he vanished (e.g. the thing that happened with Carly and Jack tried to grab her and stuff in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds). 
I could really see Silver telling Gray that Juvia will kill the Necromancer now and that he will vanish forever afterwards. Hence Gray’s lack of surprise because I would be surprised if my father suddenly vanished!

Also this smile right here:

I know it probably is because Gray is glad his father can rest BUT: Can you see it? This is the “my bangs are in front of my face so people can’t see what I’m really feeling right now” smile situation AGAIN. And we all know where this happens only. Yeah right, go back and read the special where Gray smiles exactly like that.
I believe he already also thanked Juvia in his head for this.

I could totally see that when Gray and Juvia talk and Juvia apologizes that he will say: I already knew. And Juvia will be shocked and then we might get a flashback back to this scene where we see Silver telling Gray about this. I really could. Because many situations like that end this way. And so Gray would also know what Juvia did for him.

And we might even get this flashback if Gray doesn’t talk with Juvia about this. Like when he sees her (either in her current state or when she’s okay again) that he mentally remembers the things she did according to his father. 

We didn’t see Gray and Silver until Juvia defeated Keith and telling about this doesn’t take that long so I REALLY believe this could be the case!


eniles  asked:

do you think part of annabeths crush on percy grew from moments when he surprised her with his quick wit or solutions to getting out of problems (you died in a bath tub its a big bath tub, using a gun to win rock paper sissors, franks turning into a crazy dolphin) i think at first she though it was weird and dumb but soon started to admired it and maybe got turned on by it

oh definitely! I think those moments where he surprised her gave her glimpses into him as a person and those moments were really key in her not only having a crush on him but with her trusting him as a friend and fellow hero. I don’t think she ever saw him as dumb, and if she did see him as weird it was just like on an “I don’t get this kid” level, not a reflection of who she thought he was as a person. His plans were absolutely way too go-with-the-flow for her taste but they worked! and he saved her just as often as her well thought out plans saved him lol but yeah those moments where he’s clever and witty are moments where his personality really shines through which always wake the butterflies in Annabeth’s stomach x

birthday fic for july!

title: stay with me

pairing: levi/hanji

rating: t for themes of child neglect

words: 1305

a/n: i wrote this today for julystorms for her birthday!! technically it’s tomorrow, but i was really on a roll with this! i hope y'all enjoy it (even though it’s a little darker than i thought it would be lol)!



Levi Ackerman is exactly two years, eight months, and eleven days old when Hanji Zoe is born. His mother and hers are friends; or, at least as friendly as Mrs. Ackerman is towards anyone. She wakes him up at four in the morning to go to the hospital. Apparently it’s important for the two year old to meet a newborn.

(Levi’s mom doesn’t make the best parenting choices.)

The hospital is cold when they get there and Levi cries. He can barely toddle through the stark white halls on his own, but his mother carries an array of balloons, so he’s left to try and keep up with her. At some point, a few feet from the door to Mrs. Zoe’s room, Levi lets out a little wail. His mom doesn’t pay attention.

(She doesn’t notice him a lot.)

He makes it into the hospital room only to find a sleeping woman and a sleeping baby. Hanji, his mother says, is the baby’s name. It’s weird–his little mouth can’t make the right sounds, so he just peers up at her and whispers, “Hi, Han-y.”

His mother rolls her eyes.

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