but then...oh I really thought this was when she was going to surprise him


12x04 “American Nightmare”
This Little Light of Mine…

Oh Dean, you are elsewhere with your thoughts and emotions, aren’t you? But you just keep on keeping on, like you always have. Barreling through, working the case, but really just going through the motions, trying to forget about your feelings, but it doesn’t really work. Especially in moments like this one. When the pain and disappointment over what happened pierces right through the mask. And then there you stand, looking just as vulnerable and young like the young boy who lights a candle with his mom. It’s of course just headcanon, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Dean remembered a momen from his childhood here. Maybe Mary didn’t just tell Dean that “angls were watching over him”, but also lit a candle and prayed with Dean sometimes when she tucked him in.

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If you're still doing the prompts, 11 with miles?

“Thank you. I had a wonderful time tonight,” you told Miles. You meant it too. You were surprised with how nice of the date went. The two of you were friends for a long time so going on a first date was not as awkward as it could have been.

“No. Thank you for giving me a chance and only laughing in my face a little when you asked.

“I thought you were joking. I never thought you thought of me like that,” you defended yourself.

“Oh no. Day I met you. I wanted at least one shot with you. It was like I ran home, ‘Dear Diary, …’” Miles admitted jokingly.

“It’s me Miles. What’s up? I totally think I’m cool but really I’m a big dork. Met this girl today big dork too,” you continued for him.

Miles picked up, “Super pretty though. She started talking to me about Pokemon after seeing my notebook. I think I’m in love.”

You blushed at the last comment before leaning in and quickly pecking his lips. “Goodnight, Miles,” you replied softly before slipping into your apartment, heart pounding and a giddy feeling welling up.

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do you think part of annabeths crush on percy grew from moments when he surprised her with his quick wit or solutions to getting out of problems (you died in a bath tub its a big bath tub, using a gun to win rock paper sissors, franks turning into a crazy dolphin) i think at first she though it was weird and dumb but soon started to admired it and maybe got turned on by it

oh definitely! I think those moments where he surprised her gave her glimpses into him as a person and those moments were really key in her not only having a crush on him but with her trusting him as a friend and fellow hero. I don’t think she ever saw him as dumb, and if she did see him as weird it was just like on an “I don’t get this kid” level, not a reflection of who she thought he was as a person. His plans were absolutely way too go-with-the-flow for her taste but they worked! and he saved her just as often as her well thought out plans saved him lol but yeah those moments where he’s clever and witty are moments where his personality really shines through which always wake the butterflies in Annabeth’s stomach x