but then you have the nice maknae ;u;

Dating Sehun

-cute bubble tea dates
-“can we go somewhere other than the bubble tea place?”
-“no i need my refill”
-he’ll complain if you take to long to get ready
-“you look good, all the time, stop taking so long jeez”
-im sorry but youll have to deal with his brattiness
- he’d talk about you to his hyungs ALL THE TIME
-he may be the maknae but that dont mean hes innocent
-butt grabbing 24/7
-he wont care if its in public
-you feeling left out because of vivi
-sehun trying to make things up to you is super awkward because hes a noodle
-but he tries
-if u compliment him, he’ll bring it up 24/7 because hes smug af
-“look how nice my abs are today, wow jagi you have really good taste in men”
-he may be smug on the outside but is lowkey insecure and loves when you compliment him
- hes lowkey whipped
- you wont even notice it until the members bring it up
- he’d do anything for you
- did i mention how sassy he would be?
-he doesnt like you meeting his hyungs because he wants you to himself
-“take a picture of me for instagram” (okay as i typed this i got a notification saying he posted on insta how fucking creepy)
-he doesnt actually say it outloud often but shit he loves youuuu

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To you having a few months left to live and you telling them to move on after

To you having really soft, long hair that smells nice even though you’re swimming all the time [maknae line] -  [hyung line]

To finding out that you (new friend or gf) are a very popular youtuber that does a lot of dance covers/videos and is also a good singer

To you winning an event in the Olympic trials and are now in the Olympics

To you being a sarcastic asshole in a funny way

What would the first time with NCT be like with their girlfriend - PT 1 | PT 2

To seeing you (friend or gf) in a dress, heels, and with makeup on for the first time bc you’re a tomboy

Where you joined their group as a male member but they find out ur actually a girl

When you’re backstage with them and you’re having bad period pains

Of after dance practice you act as a stripper bc of a dare

To their girlfriend crying when they got home and refusing to tell them what was wrong because she didn’t want them to worry

To pepero game with crush

Where their significant other accidentally burns herself making him a surprise dinner

If they were jealous of another boy flirting with their crush

After you tell them they were your first kiss

To them finding out you had a crush on them


NCT REACTION To you having really soft, long hair that smells nice even though you're swimming all the time [Hyung Line]

Hi there! It’s my second NCT reaction and I’m sooo hyped about it~ This time, it’s a lighter subject o3o/

Here is the Maknae Line Version: [o3o]

Please read my advice:

This is the only reaction we do with all members of NCT, just because we received two identical requests, but please remember to always choose 4 to 6 members you want or per unit, just like you do with EXO and SEVENTEEN ^^



“Hyung how does she do it?”

“Even I don’t know…”


“Aish… No matter what I do, my hair don’t get as soft as hers..”


“Ah come on Y\N! Tell me your secret! Oppa promise he won’t tell anybody” He’d just love teasing you about your soft hair. But he’d love the most caressing it.


The moment he’s all happy with his hair, but remembers that yours always looks much more flawless and smell good all the time:


“Baby I can smell the scent of your hair from here! It’s so good!”


“Baobei your hair really is soft…” he’d be shy while caressing your hair, but would love the sensation. “It smells like strawberries!”


“Jagi your hair smells so good… This chocolate scent is making me hungry” Stap Doyoung pls


Suddenly he remembers his beautiful soft hair (just like yours) from NCT Life in Bangkok and then looks at the mirror.


Gif Credits To Their Original Owners!

~ADM Pandacchi