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Supervillains AU

Characters A, B, C, and D are a group of “supervillains” that started off as superheros – albeit slightly misbehaved ones that didn’t get along with the city’s other heroes – but they didn’t live up to the “family friendly” image standards that are required to maintain a hero status, so Characters A, B, C, and D now live a life of petty revenge or slightly illegal whims.

  • Character A however is an honest to goodness eldritch being who was accidentally summoned by Character B and is now bound to do their bidding.
  • Character B used to be a harmless magic user, but now they’re the caretaker of Character A.
  • Character C is convinced they’re the sole voice of reason in the group and leads most of the missions.
  • Character D quit their hated part time retail job for a life of villainy and now works as the group’s secretary. Their paycheck doesn’t always come on time – depending on how good of a week the villain’s had – but it pays better than minimum wage.

The group is actually pretty harmless in real life and are all the sorts of people to give people directions or rescue a stray cat or help out a confused old lady, but when the city’s superheroes start acting up and using their hero status for devious deeds, it’s up to the supervillains to save the city.

Stars ; Doyoung

Characters: NCT U / Reader
Genre: Fluff, roadtrip, camping (do those even count idk–)
A/N: Doyoung my biass omgg ty anon for requesting NCT first~

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“Road trip!” Ten, Jaehyun, and Mark yelled excitedly. Taeil, who sat behind the wheel, chuckled along with Taeyong. You smiled, playing with the hands of your boyfriend. “I can’t believe Sooman-ssi let us go camping,” Taeyong mumbled, still in awe. The boys nodded in agreement.

Doyoung idly fumbled with your hands as well, not taking part in the conversation. Taeil laughed, looking at the two of you from the rearview mirror. “Okay, lovebirds, don’t keep us all up when we get there,” he mused. Both you and Doyoung jumped apart, as far as you can get in a car, faces hot. “Taeil-hyung,” Doyoung whined, covering his face in embarrassment.

Even Mark had turned red, not looking at the two of you. Groaning, you hid your face in his shoulder, making him yelp. Doyoung side-eyed the younger one, pursing his lips. As the car started, you returned to your original seat and buckled your seatbelt.

“Mark,” you chastised, “seatbelt.” Mark mocked your voice, buckling himself in. Sticking your tongue out, you went back to fidgeting with Doyoung’s hands, a habit you developed after Doyoung had asked you out. You frowned, noticing that he wasn’t doing the same with you; something he had always done.

Shaking it off as he was distracted; talking to Ten and Jaehyun, you started a conversation with Mark. “How’s Donghyuk,” you asked. Unbashedly, you had an ultimate bias who was not in fact your boyfriend. “Still a troll,” Mark mumbled, a slight pout on his lips. “You love it,” you teased, taking your hand away from Doyoung’s to poke his shoulder.

Doyoung narrowed his eyes quite obviously at Mark, who remained oblivious. He quickly took back your hand, grasping it tightly. When you looked at him with a raised brow, he merely continued his conversation. You laughed to yourself, realizing why Doyoung was acting off. How cute, you thought, resting your head on his shoulder.

Doyoung avoided eye contact with Ten and Jaehyun, cheeks red. You smiled into his shoulder, wrapping your arms around his. Slowly, you fell asleep.

“Y/N,” Doyoung mumbled, shaking your shoulder lightly. You grumbled, pushing his hand away. Laughing, he tried again, “Y/N, wake up. We’re here.” Groaning you lifted your head, glaring at the boy. “Let me sleep,” you mumbled, your words almost incoherent. Taeyong chortled, a smile gracing his features. Faking a cough into his hand, he raised his phone to take a photo.

Taeil nudged his shoulder with a raised brow. “I’m sending it to Jisung and Chenle,” he explained. “They asked for OTP photos.” 

Jaehyung stretched his arms, happily bounding out of the car. “Look, look!” He said, grabbing Ten’s sleeve. In the distance, an eagle flew across the sky. 

After much trial and error, you found yourself being carried out of the car. “This is why I told you to go to bed last night,” Doyoung laughed, shaking his head at you. You had stayed up all night the night before, too excited to sleep. “Stop judging me, you’re worse than Donghyuk and Mark,” you mumbled, jumping out of his arms.

As you stretched, you didn’t notice Taeil look away awkwardly when your shirt lifted. Doyoung did, as he narrowed his eyes at the eldest. “Let’s set up,” Taeil said, taking the tents out of the trunk.

An hour later, three tents were set up and a fire was on its way. “You know, we have lighters,” you said, watching as Doyoung and Ten struggled to light the fire. “But this way is cooler, Y/N,” Ten pointed out, as if it were common knowledge. “Sure,” you rolled your eyes. You let out a sigh, grabbing your blanket from your tent. You set off for a hill you had discovered half an hour earlier.

“Where are you going?” Doyoung asked, letting Ten struggle on his own, much to his protest. “Stargazing,” you answered simply. You glanced toward the tent, where you could hear the snores emitting from it. You waved to your boyfriend before bounding off.

You sighed again, this time in content. Spreading your blanket on the grass, you lied down You stared up at the almost dark sky. It was dark, but not dark enough for the stars to come out. Taking out your phone, you went through your playlist, choosing a song.

A smile made its way onto your face once it started playing; the soft ballad making the quiet night lively again.

You closed your eyes and let in a deep breath. You froze when you heard the rustling of leaves. You knew this was in fact a public area, but you hadn’t seen or heard anybody else since you got there and the boys didn’t know where you were.

“Why don’t you ever listen to NCT’s songs?” His voice said. You jumped, opening your eyes to glare at Doyoung. “Don’t do that,” you whispered, a hand on your heart. Doyoung laughed, sitting beside you. “I do listen to your songs,” you mumbled, closing your eyes again. “Just not in front of you.”

Doyoung pouted, laying on his side. “Why not?” You opened your eyes, turning your head to face him. “It’s embarrassing,” you mumbled, shifting so that your entire body faced him. “You’d see me fangirling/boying over you and the guys.” Doyoung smiled, interlacing your fingers. “So? It’d be cute.”

You rolled your eyes for the umpteenth time that day. “I am not cute, Doyoung, that’s you.” Doyoung flushed, burying his face into the crook of your neck. “I’m not cute.” You laughed, using your free hand to stroke his hair. It felt soft, despite being dyed.

The two of you grew quiet, the only noise being the music, “You should stay away from Mark and Donghyuk,” he mumbled into your neck. You pulled away, giving him an incredulous look. “They’re, like, five.” Doyoung snorted, “They’re actually seventeen and sixteen but–”

You rested your hand on his cheek. “I love you,” you mumbled. Doyoung turned beet red. The two of you hadn’t said ‘I love you’ to each other yet, until now. Chuckling at his expression, you repeated yourself. “I love you~.”

“Y/N,” he whined, his face hot. “I love you too, but–” You laughed, bringing him closer to yourself.

Even though you had come out to stargaze, you didn’t even glance at the sky after Doyoung came. He was just that radiant.

Beautiful Lies (Angst) (Potential New Admin)

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[ reminder: these are submitted to us so that we can see if we want the writers to be admins on our account. we’re sharing them with you so that you can give feedback! if you like this, help the writer out and send us a message about it or reblog/reply with a comment. full credit goes to the blog listed at the very bottom ] [ other applications and scenarios here ]

Word Count: 323

Warnings: Cheating, Angst(?)

Admin Note: I was listening to Beautiful Lies by Birdy and got some inspiration from that song, so you can listen to  the song while reading if you like. Hope you enjoy and have a great day/night :) 

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Private Blog

A few edits added:

So some people don’t seem certain what a private blog implies or how it works. (I’m still getting used to it myself) .

-Firstly it won’t appear on any search engine even when you search for the name specifically.

-Only people who follow this main blog (this one right here) can access it. The only rule I will be completely  firm about is to not share the chapters to aggregate sites (i.e reader sites).

-Edit: You will be sent an email to with an invite to join the blog as a member (this is the email address you made your tumblr account with), this is just to keep a count of how many people have access. You will have to either pm me or another admin to get this invite sent to you after you agree with the rules of using this blog. After you accept the invite you will be able to access the blog.

-You won’t be able to reblog any posts, this is just a feature that tumblr has implemented

-I think as far as I know you’ll be able to see the posts from there on your dashboard? Someone please inform me if this is true when I post the chapter.

If somehow a chapter leaks, I will know how to find out who it was, because it will have been one of the followers/members so keep that in mind.So please don’t ruin it for everyone else, because I will stop translating if things get out of hand.

Asks for the private blog please just pm me, I think you all noticed by now I respond to all asks publicly regardless of content, so that’s a big no no for that blog.

Any further announcements about that blog will be there.

Series that will be put into the private blog: 

-Alice in Adultland Ch 5 onwards 

-SF Ch 4 onwards

-The Priest’s Chart Ch 31 onwards

-Tok, tok Chapter 3 onwards

-PRIDE Chapter 23 onwards

And any other series which has paid chapters.

So yeah, this is hopefully the end of me being this overbearing, and I hope people will continue to enjoy reading these works.

As usual I won’t give people to links for raws, go to the actual official site please.

The Snowbaz Fanfiction Library

Welcome to the Snowbaz Fanfiction Library! This blog is dedicated to collecting and cataloging every Carry On fanfiction into an organized blog, perfect for your Snowbaz needs! 
In addition to the main library, we will also be creating masterlists, finding lost fics, and recommending fics and authors. So if we’re going to achieve these goals, we need some help from you!

Submitting works:

You can submit your own works into the library!

Submissions must include:

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 Trigger warnings, if needed
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You can submit a fic that is not your own, but please specify that it is a rec, and that you are not the original author!

Author page:

We have created an author page for finding your favorite authors!

If you would like to be added to the author page, you must have either a masterlist of your work on Tumblr or ao3.
(No tags please) (This also applies to people recommending an author; make sure they have a page!)

Additionally, please let us know if you change your url so we can fix any broken links!

Meet the Admins:

Hey I’m Katie (The Boss Man) and I created this blog all the way back in November because there really wasn’t anything like it and I wanted a place where people could easily find and read Carry On fanfiction ^__^

I’m Bailey, the editor (: I joined this blog to spread my love for snowbaz to this amazing fandom. 

Hi I’m Ari :) I’m here to help these two lovelies with their amazing work ♡

We hope you’re as excited as we are! Enjoy the library, and feel free to send us any questions you may have!

-Katie, Bailey, Ari

A Letter to You (Angst) (Potential new admin)

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Warnings: angst, possibly triggering, death, major angst actually.

Description: Your ex-boyfriend of two years, Min Yoongi, writes you a letter that sends you running back to him. But he didn’t wait for you.

Min Yoongi | Angst

Word Count | 780

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“Veronica! Open the—open the door, please
Veronica! Open the door.
Veronica! Can we not fight anymore?
Please, can we not fight anymore?
Veronica, sure, you’re scared,
I’ve been there, I can set you free
Veronica, don’t make me come in there
I’m gonna count to three!
One! Two! Fuck it!

Oh my God! No! Veronica!
Please don’t leave me alone
You were all I could trust
I can’t do this alone
Still I will if I must!”

Don’t repost/use/copy.

Hey, guys! We’re super excited to announce our first event here at Hollywood Fame RP! Being that this is our first event, the admin team has decided that this event will include EVERYONE. That being said, all the other events we post will not be mandatory. Basically, our aim is to have one mandatory event per year just so we can bond and be even closer as a group - and this happens to be that event! Now, on to the good stuff! Our first event will be….


The spring fling will take place on April 21st and 22nd. It will be a two-day getaway located in the Hamptons! All celebs will stay at The Hedges Inn. We will use a generator to pair people up into rooms. If your character is in a relationship (we go by our ships list) - you will automatically be paired up with your significant other. If you’d like to be roomed with a specific person for plot purposes please message us on the main and let us know who. You have until Friday the 14th to message us if you’d like to be paired with someone specific for plot purposes because that Monday we will post the pairings for the rooms!

Now, on to the festivities!

Friday, April 21st: SPRING CARNIVAL.

Come one, come all! A carnival is a place for festivities to happen and for everyone to let loose and have a little child-like fun! What is there to do, you ask? Plenty! The whole day will be filled with carnival rides, face painting, carnival games, the aquarium and a petting zoo. Kids are invited if you’d like for them to come as well! Interested in some specific events? Below you will find the itinerary. Everything except for the karaoke will take place on the beach. *Note: You do not have to have your celebs attend these specific events. It’s optional. You can have them do whatever you please at the carnival!

12pm: Apple Pie eating contest. Think you can beat out the rest of the champs and eat these pies with your hands behind your back? Let’s see what you got!

2pm: Dunk Tank: Come and dunk a celebrity for charity! If you’d like to be dunked, then by all means - go right ahead! Every dunked celebrity will garner $1,000 dollars for Autism Awareness.

4pm: Cirque Du Soleil. Come enjoy this mesmerizing show filled with acrobats and stunts.

8pm: Hayride. A romantic hayride for all those couples or something to just spark a connection? Who knows, but come and take a ride and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Refreshments will be served on the ride and blankets will be provided.

9pm: Karaoke at the AM Southampton. We’ll be ending our night with a bunch of booze and drunk singing. Games will be played as well! Everything from flip cup to beer pong will be at this private bar. Who knows where the night will take us - but I’m sure it’ll be one for the books!

Saturday, April 22nd: SCAVENGER HUNT

There will be a scavenger hunt lead by the gossip blog! Everyone is allowed to participate (if they’re able to get on). It will start at 1pm EST. Clues will be posted on the gossip blog every 15 minutes. It is up to you guys to figure out the clue/riddle and then figure out the answer. Once you figure out the answer, you send a message to the gossip blog and the lovely Plastics will post who qualifies for the next round of clues. Make sure to think wisely, as these clues can be found anywhere. This will continue until the very last clue (and the last clue the winner will be decided on who messages the gossip blog first.) Once we have a winner, they will be dubbed the Spring Queen or King!

Saturday, April 22nd: PARTY

Starting at 10pm, the biggest Hollywood bash will be located at the Beach Bar! We will be ending the weekend trip dancing the night away. Booze, music, an outdoor deck, and everyone dressed up looking like $1000 bucks?! Count us in! Let us see the fashion the celebs come up with - oh, and the hookups, drama, and all around goodness, this weekend can ensure? Priceless.
Note: ALL celebs must attend this party.

Please like this message so we know you read it and are aware of this event. Thanks, everyone! Can’t wait for all the fun stuff to happen!

- The Admin Team

Imperfect (Angst) (Potential New Admin)

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[ reminder: these are submitted to us so that we can see if we want the writers to be admins on our account. we’re sharing them with you so that you can give feedback! if you like this, help the writer out and send us a message about it or reblog/reply with a comment. full credit goes to the blog listed at the very bottom ] [ other applications and scenarios here ]

Word Count: 1,173

Trigger Warning: mentions of death and suicide

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anonymous asked:

KNOCK KNOCK! Hi thereeeee. ㅇㅅㅇ Can I request a scenario*ehem*smut*ehem* with our baby I.M wherein the two of us got into an argument and then things got heated up and went the other way around. P.s. he talks dirty. OMG I'm so shameless. I'm sorry :D

Aha. Ha. I got s O CARRIED AWAY WITH THIS ONE OH MY GOD I’M S o sorry I hope this is what you wanted, dear Anon– Please enjoy some shameless smut.

–Admin Ry

Title: Would A Coward Do This??
Member: I.M
Genre: Smut. This is definitely smut.
Word Count: 2,697
*Warning: light bondage*

“But still, you could have been a little more social! That was my family. My parents.” You holler through the hall from your bedroom, hanging up your dress from your formal dinner out with your family and your boyfriend of eight months. Through the tiny apartment you can hear the creaking of Changkyun’s footsteps in the living room, where he was probably removing his clothes as well. He didn’t dare enter the same room as you while in wrath, but you can hear him call out as he dared to respond; “You know your father intimidates me. Why does everything have to be a test?!”

“Because he doesn’t know you! But you didn’t talk to him. Now what do you think he thinks of you?!” You sigh exasperatedly. When you’ve finished hanging up your dress and putting your heels away, you make your way over to your vanity in nothing more than your pantyhose and lingerie. You yank open your sleepwear drawer, and shuffle through looking for a particularly comfortable pair.

“You’re digging your own grave, you know, Changkyun.” You click your tongue as you unfold the pajamas in your hands, and you hear footsteps get closer and closer. You turn around to see a disheveled Changkyun at the threshold of your shared bedroom door, and anger bubbles inside you all over again. Damn his messy hair, and his unbuttoned shirt, with his firm body all on display like that. And his belt hanging from his pants open and welcoming in such a tantalizing manner. Could he even undress himself properly? The fact he was so attractive like this was just getting you more and more riled up. You huff and groan in annoyance, and you throw the pajamas in your hands down on the edge of the bed.

“I’m digging my own grave? I’m trying to preserve myself, okay, [Y/N]. Your father is out to get me, I swear he is. He’d take anything I say and rip me to shreds.” Changkyun says, and crosses his arms. His tie catches on his arm, and it’s then that you notice it’s untied, still hanging around his neck. You scoff at his insecurity.

“So you’re a coward??” You match him with a challenging tone, calling him out on the fear he’s dancing around to admit. That gets him in a way that you can visibly see his anger.

“I’m not a coward.” He growls, his arms falling from his chest almost as soon as he put them there. He clenches a fist, and you can see the veins surfacing around his forearms. He must be just as peeved as you are. Satisfied he’s just as annoyed as you are, you decide to make it worse; “you’ve never taken charge of anything. You’ve always sat back, and taken what was handed to you. Of course you’re a coward. You won’t even speak to my father!”

Every word uttered from your mouth was a stab to him in some form of way. It seared his vision a solid red for a moment, before he smirks wickedly. “Is that what you think of me? A pushover?” His words are suspiciously calm. It causes you to falter, and catch your guard. Within seconds, the space between the two of you is gone, and his hand grips your arm tightly.

“Oh, [Y/N]… You’re going to regret saying those words.”

Those words were the only warning you had before you were thrown on the bed, with him quickly on top of you. Changkyun wastes no time in sealing your lips together. His mouth works heatedly against yours as he shrugs off his button-up shirt.

You’re still quite pissed at him, and you fight him by pushing against his shoulders. But your lips dance with his, and eventually you go along with it, exchanging bites and licks in the kiss. Your hands snake up to the tie around his neck, and you tug on it, pulling him down on you. Changkyun growls in retaliation, one of his hands falling to your hips with his fingers digging into your flesh.

“Were you always this easy, baby girl?” He teases, pulling away a fraction to admire your flushed pink face and your swollen lips. “Maybe I’m just giving you what you want, so you would shut up.” You bite back, and he chuckles. He dips back down, skipping his lips across your skin to the tender spots of your neck that he’s so familiar with. Changkyun bites harshly, causing you to flinch. Soft mewls escape your lips, and he sooths over his abuse with his tongue. It’s a cycle he continues; bite, suck, lick.

“C’mon, [Y/N]. I thought I was a pushover.” He eggs you, chuckling, with his lips still attached to your neck. You pull your lips between your teeth, holding your tongue in favor of saying something stupid. He clicks his tongue, noticing a lack of breathy sounds, and he pulls back entirely.

“We’ll have none of that.” He frowns, tapping your pressed lips with a finger. He pulls the silk tie from his neck, and you cave as he takes one, then both of your wrists to tie them to the bed post. “Now, you’re gonna make some noise for me, baby girl.” He takes a hand and rakes his nails down your ribcage, causing your back to arch as a gasp escapes your lips. Changkyun’s own curl up into a smirk, and he nods, “That’s more like it.”

He dives down once more, allowing his lips to skim across your collarbones as he brings them down between your breasts. He looks up to you from behind his eyelashes, as he presses his swollen lips to your breast. His hand comes up to cup one in his hand, and he kneads it through the material of your bra. The diluted feeling of his hand against your clothed breast only heightened your anticipation, and you could feel your chest rising and falling with your heavier breathing. Of course, this only fueled Changkyun’s ego, and he begins to tease you further by biting your nipple through the bra. You gasp at the feeling, and your hands jerk the restraints in an attempt to grab his hair.

You’d been so focused on the feeling of his mouth against his chest that you hadn’t realized where his second hand had gone, not until you felt it press against your damp core. This time a soft moan passes your lips, and Changkyun’s eyes shoot back up to your face. He experimentally rubs his fingers against you one more time, and it has you moaning out again.

“Gosh, Noona. I didn’t think you’d be this wet. All I did was kiss you.” He smirks, “Unless you were thinking of what else I could do with my mouth.” He taps his finger against your clothed clit for emphasis, and you whimper. There was no denying that your need for him had built with the anticipation of his actions, but the promise in his tone definitely had your mind reeling with images.

“What do you want me to do, baby girl?” Changkyun speaks in a low, gravelly tone. “Do you want me to take off these pesky clothes, and fuck you raw? Until I have you screaming my name, shaking from the pleasure of me ramming into you?” He accentuates every word, every syllable, “or does my Noona want to feel my tongue inside her?” He chuckles as he can feel you get wetter with every image he supplies you.

“I think my baby girl likes the idea of my tongue being inside her.” He answers himself, rather pleased with how broken down he’s gotten you without much effort on his part. “What do you think, [Y/N]? Do you want my tongue inside you? Do you want me to eat you out as you grind on my face?~” He chimes. He stops his actions; his way of coaxing an answer out of you, and it works. “I-I just need something, Changkyun, anything..” You try to form a coherent sentence from the haze in your mind, but all that comes out is begging. It seems to please him, though, since Changkyun begins slowly removing your stockings from your legs. Once gone, he places his hands back on your ankles, letting them slide up your legs, past your thighs, before hooking into the waist band of your panties.

The way you writhe and whine as he finally takes hold of your panties has him growing impatient. Changkyun rips them from your body, immediately placing himself between your legs. “God, babe, you’re so wet, I can smell you from here.” He licks his lips, smirking at you. Your face flushes deep, and you pull your arms up in a weak attempt to hide it. He shakes his head, and knocks your arms to the side. “No hiding, [Y/N]. You’re gonna look at me the whole time, you got that?” He winks at you as he lowers himself once again between your legs, before poking his tongue out to tease your slit.

He pulls his tongue back, and it collects your wetness on a connecting bridge, and he moans solely from the taste of you. You watch as his eyes dilate with lust, and he digs into your core like a man starved. The flush contact of his tongue past your folds has your back arching, and a moan torn from your throat. “G-god, Changkyun..!” You moan out, only provoking him further. This was what he wanted. It turned him on just as much to hear you moan out his name. “That’s right, baby girl..” He whispers, wrapping his lips around your clit, and sucking. You tug at the tie once more, and whine louder. “Changkyun, p-please..!”

Half of him wanting to feel your hands in his hair, and the other half just tired of hearing the bedpost rattling, he reluctantly pulls himself from your center to lean up and untie your hands. He doesn’t wait to untie the whole thing – he only loosens the knot enough for you to free your hands yourself before he goes back down to your core. Your shaky hands take a few moments to fully free themselves before a particularly hard suck to your clit, followed by the prodding of his tongue at your entrance has them buried in his hair, with your hips rolling over his mouth.

Changkyun smirks, taking his hands to your hips and holding you firmly as he presses his tongue as far inside you as it can go, before curling it around. The sensations have you shivering, and moaning, bringing tears to your eyes as he thrusts his tongue in you at a pace comfortable to him. “Fuck, [Y/N], you taste like sin..” He says against your core, which only turns you on more.

“K-Kyunnie, I’m.. I’m so close, I’m gonna..!” You cry out, and you feel his blunt nails press into your hips. “Just a little more. You got this, baby girl.” You felt the familiar coil in your stomach continue to twist and twist until the scrape of his teeth against your sensitive clit has you reeling, and you hit your climax.

After tasting as much as he can, Changkyun licks his lips clean and pulls away, smirking up at you. “Don’t get too comfortable yet, [Y/N].” He says, getting up on his knees. He pulls his belt from the loops of his dress pants, and proceeds to remove the rest of his clothing. “I still haven’t taught you a lesson.” He grins, and through your afterglow, are unable to process anything more than the fact he’s getting naked. He chuckles lowly, as he fishes around for a condom in the bedside drawer. “You know, you look so sexy when you’re being wrecked. You sound it, too. The way you scream.” He hums as he removes his boxers to roll the condom over his throbbing length.

“But I like the way you look when you’re fucked out more.” He winks as he aligns himself to your entrance, and pushes in, earning himself a loud gasp, and giving a low moan.

“F-fuck, [Y/N].. You’re so tight..” He tries to catch his breath, and it takes all of his self-control not to fuck you senseless right then and there. You take a deep breath, trying to calm yourself as well, and you take a hold of his shoulders.

“M-maybe you should have waited for me to get ready..” You rasp, shuddering as you feel him push into you, centimeter by centimeter. He gives you a cocky smile, “you know I’m impatient.” He chuckles, and you roll your eyes. After a couple more seconds, and a few winces and ‘you okay’s later, he’s fully sheathed inside you. It’s when you pulse around him once or twice and give him a nod that he pulls back, almost completely out, and rocking forward again. His hands fall to your hips to hold you steady as he pumps himself in and out of you.

Your head falls back, and a moan is ripped from your throat once more as he begins a steady rhythm. Your nails claw down his back, and it spurs him on, causing you to moan louder, and him to get turned on more. The two of you feed into each other’s pleasure in a beautiful waltz, until his thrusts become irregular. A hand at your hip grabs your thigh, pulling it up to rest across his waist, giving him deeper access and a new angle. This one has him groaning, his eyes rolling back, and has you moaning louder, and seeing stars.

“Oh, god, Changkyun- F-faster..!” His pace was already washy, but with your request drowned so deep in pleasure right against into his ear, he couldn’t help but obey as he pumps faster, his hips and abs screaming from the exertion. “I’m c-close, [Y/N]..” As much as he wanted to be a man and hold it out for you, the way your walls fluttered around his length, and the way you moaned his name into his ear had his self-restraint crumbling. His hand finds its way between your legs, and his fingers circle your clit once more, causing you to jolt, and moan.

He groans out as the stimulation has you contracting around him, giving him the signal that you’re close. This being enough motivation, he continues harder, testing his depth and angles until one particularly lucky thrust has you screaming, and clinging to him. “Ch-Changkyun!” You cry out his name as a few thrusts later, you’re cumming again, and he quickly follows after with his hips pressed flush to yours, due the new tightness around his member.

It takes a few moments before he collects himself, pulling out of you slowly, and disposing of the condom; tying it off and tossing it in the wastebin. He joins you by your side in the bed, and pulls you against his chest. He takes a few moments to stroke your hair, letting you lay your head on his chest, letting you hear his heartbeat.

“I’m sorry I didn’t say anything to your father. Next time, I promise I’ll try to say something intelligent.” You scoff, and smile at him, and he could see the forgiveness written in your face. “I’m sorry I got mad at you. It was a dumb reason anyway.” You say, and kiss his collarbone. “But I appreciate your efforts, Changkyun.” You say, and your hand finds his to lace your fingers together. “I love you, you know.”

“I love you, too, [Y/N].” He smiles, and cuddles you closer. The both of you bask in the afterglow for as long as it lasts, before you realize how sticky from perspiration the two of you are. “I’m gonna get us some water.” You say, before getting up, and picking up his dress shirt. You slip your arms through the sleeves, and you don’t bother to button it up as you walk out of your bedroom.

It’s only moments until there’s a loud bellow from you once more. “LIM CHANGKYUN. WHY AM I STARING AT YOUR TWO HUNDRED DOLLAR SUIT JACKET ON THE FLOOR.”

Hot and Angry

Anon: Can you do a smut where your dating Jungkook, and you get into a really heated argument, but he can’t help but think your incredibly hot when your angry, and it just escalates there?

Author: Admin M

Character(s): Jungkook (BTS)/ Reader

Word Count: 822

Summary: Jungkook maybe done with his idol life but there still are fangirls around and they still make me angry and jealous.

“Just because you use to be this huge idol doesn’t mean you can go around flirting with every girl who recognizes you!” I yelled as we got to my apartment. I threw my purse on the floor and headed for the kitchen.

“I wasn’t flirting with her for the last time!” Jungkook yelled back. “All I said is that she had a pretty necklace.” He followed me. 

“Look,” I said getting water out of the refrigerator. “I get it. you use to be this huge celebrity and all the girls fall over you.”

“Just like you did.” He snickered. 

“And this is the time you want to joke?” I slammed the door of the fridge. 

“Aww come on babe.”

“Don’t Babe me!” I yelled. “I am tired of watching you get all big eyed over all this girls that who you the slightest attention!” I was furious. This wasn’t the first time he had done this in front of me. 

“Babe,” He came up next to me and tried to lace his fingers with mine but I tore my hand away. He tried to cup his hand on my cheek but I slapped it away. His eyes changed. I didn’t want to back down. He wasn’t going to win that easily, or so I thought.

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The Fake Couple

Group/Member: BTS/Suga

Genre: Drabble, Fluff

Word Count: 409

Summary: #40: “I kind of told my family that we were dating and they kind of expect us to show up to our family’s annual Halloween party.  Oh, yeah I also kind of told them that you knew how to make a special dish, and they kind of want you to bring it.  Bonus: “I said it needs a dash of salt, not sass.”

Requested: Yee. Anonymous said: Can I request #40 w/ Yoongi for the drabble game? Fluff? From admin Pastel please!”

Author’s Note: So. Many. Requests.

-Admin Pastel

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anonymous asked:

Is there any simple way to tell how many rotations a skater has done in a jump just by watching?

It’s very much a ‘feel’ more then actually being able to count the rotations.

If a skater is in the air for longer, they’re doing triples or quads, and no top senior skaters plan doubles or singles so they tend to stick out like a sore thumb.

If you struggle with counting rotations there are two ways you can learn (that I’ve used), the first is watching old competitions and writing down what you think the jumps are and then checking the protocols afterwards (you can start by watching with the protocols) and secondly you can guess and then count during the replay (the tech score box usually helps as well).

Our blog schedule

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This isn’t targeted at anyone or anything it’s just to keep you in the loop so you don’t have to worry if we aren’t answering your ask. All asks will be answered - just in good time :) Thanks again guys!


Group/Member: Seventeen/S.Coups

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 383

Summary: #17 “Stop it! It tickles!”

Requested: Yes; anon said, “17 with S.Coups fluff?”

Author’s Note: S.Coups would be the best boyfriend ever you cannot argue with me on this.

- Admin Lara

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The Interruption

Anon: Hi can I request a smut where you catch luhan masturbating and at the same time finds out he has a dirty talk kink thank you~

Author: Admin M

Character(s): Luhan (EXO)/Reader

Word Count: 1,145

Summary: I don’t think interrupting Luhan will ever happen again…

“I hope he likes it!” I spoke aloud as I got to Luhan’s apartment. I got him some candies that I remembered he use to eat when he was younger. Also it was his last day of his diet. He will be so excited. I lightly knocked on his door.

“Luhan-oppa?” No response. I reached into the plant pot by the door and took out the spare key. He really shouldn’t live this here. Anyone could find it.

“Oppa?” I called out again. Nothing. Hmm maybe he’s not home.

“Oh goddd…” What the hell is that? Did he leave the tv on? “Yess oh god yes!” I covered my mouth. That’s Luhan’s voice. What is he doing?

“Luhan?” My voice was just a whisper. I couldn’t talk any louder. I walked toward his room. The door was cracked open just enough for me to see him inside.

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Working it Out

request: “Ok I’m not good at like describing requests so I’m sorry in advance! I was wondering if I could get a Zico request maybe dealing with where you yourself are an idol and maybe he gets jealous over something because of it?? I would like if it had some angst and fluff and if you’d like (coughmaybesmutcough) I leave it open to your imagination though! I’m happy with whatever you want to do I’m sorry if it’s not good enough details! D:” ~cutelilfox

genre: fluffy angsty smut

pairing: zico x you

word count: 1,336

AFF link

A/N: Still trying to get used to my work schedule so I can post regularly again >.< Anyway, I wanted to use this opportunity to write jealous Zico smut where it’s not like gross and unhealthily possessive because that is so not a turn on. So yeah, go jealousy where they work it out in a healthy way! Thank you for the wonderful request by the way! ~Admin B

Your day had been pretty good thus far. It had been a little weird considering you had to play the paper kissing game with some other male idols for your most recent promotions. They were all really good friends of yours though, so it didn’t make you too uncomfortable. Apparently though, it had made your boyfriend very uncomfortable and he wasn’t afraid to tell you that either.

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Take A Punch for You

Group/Member: EXO/Kai

Genre: Drabble, Angst, Fluff(?)

Word Count: 582

Summary: 4) “Who gave you that black eye?” 

Requested: Yes’m! @merla123 said: “Um I was wondering if anyone can do an angst/fluff imagine with exo’s Kai using #4. It doesn’t matter who writes it. Thank you and sorry for the trouble”

Author’s Note: Okay so, I’ve established that I suck at transitioning from angst to fluff… or it can just be that suck at both genres altogether lol I don’t know. 

- Admin Sonsee

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