but then yeah i can't do that

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You drew Tobeys Peter, I kinda wanna see how you draw Andrews Peter? I mean he's probably look like your Peter in a way right? I mean only if yah wanna but I can't help but think about it and I'd really appreciate it v-v

yeah i kind of do! base my own peter a little bit on the garfield look. 
he just looks so Good, especially in that underloved TASM1 suit 

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

Little comic with Remington and Emilia (ok?)

Remember when I said I’d be making an izuocha thing that involves friendship bracelets……..

Welp– I’m working on it, so here’s the rough version of it! (Excuse all the messiness btw) I plan to clean it up in the mere future, so……yeah! 



a hair extension potion made by Anna! He’ll probably lose his hair in a couple of days ahahaha

idea by @draceempressa and was drawn by me :D


I may surprise you, pixie boots. 

I Graduated! :D

I didn’t think I would get here because of anxiety and depression but I did it! I graduated it from uni/college (whatever you call it where you’re from) :D It just shows you that anything is possible. So if you guys have dreams, go chase ‘em because I believe in you! <3


@therealjacksepticeye and community, are you guys proud of me? :P

p.s yeah that’s a music dress you can see in the picture, got it made specially for the occasion :)


Sebastian Stan as Hal Carter and Maggie Grace as Madge Owens in William Inge’s Picnic (2013)


@modmad ‘s awesome comics inspired me to make this. Yeah it’s short and dumb, but I quite like how it turned out in the end ^3^) I’m so happy this ship is relevant again  T wT)

Guaglione bello = Pretty boy ( more or less )

Cornetto = is like a brioche