but then why am i on tumblr

I don’t feel passionate about life right now. I look around and all I see is people moaning, whether it be about their early morning shift or their broken down car. All I see is people working, for the sake of money. It’s all anyone cares about nowadays. People work and work, and for what? A new Rolex or iPhone or maybe a fancy new car… I just don’t see the point. Things are just things, and they don’t mean anything to me. So I guess I don’t feel passionate about life right now because I just hasn’t found it’s meaning yet. But what if I never do?


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you’ve ever just been in bed or even on the floor scrolling…



and you know you should stop but for some reason you keep scrolling and not switching off your phone/laptop even though it’s 3am.

please tell me i’m not alone.

I promise I’m not trying to be rude
I promise I’m not ignoring you
I promise I do actually like you
I may come off the wrong way
But it’s not my intention
I don’t enjoy small talk
I love insightful conversation
No, I’m not actually funny, I’m literally just stating what I see
Please don’t ignore me because I’m too nervous to ever text first
If you put the time into me I’ll put the time into you
—  existential-words

Imagine Lance sneaking out at night to hug Keith and cry with me.

I’m afraid to tell you that I miss you because I know you won’t say it back.
—  💜

Hey, A friend commissioned me to do a Dan.Va with a selfie game and I thought it was funny so I hope you enjoy it as well.

I’m so sorry.

My life feels like a badly written fan fiction with a good plot: it’s so awful and full of mistakes that I just don’t wanna go on, but I do want to know what happens next and how it ends.
—  Thoughts I’ll never speak out loud.