but then when donna thought he said she was beautiful :'(

Request: Time

Request: You being Opie’s old lady and he gets jealous when another man pays you attention

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: violence

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You knew it wasn’t easy and you weren’t really trying to replace her. You were worried about the kids in the beginning, but Kenny and Ellie were okay with you dating their dad. Opie was the one who seemed to be still trying to adjust to have a new woman around. Donna’s death wasn’t recent, but you guessed it was different for him.

In the beginning it was good, he was lonely and was sweet to you, but now, just months later, he seemed distant. Your relationship was official now and you still hadn’t his crow, but already had the status and responsibilities of an old lady. Gemma Teller made sure of that.

You left the kids at school and drove to TM. The boys were preparing for another long run and the women were around to see them leave. You parked your car in the usual spot and saw Opie leaving the clubhouse behind Jax. He passed by you without any sign that he had saw you too. You took a deep breath and walked inside. He would come to say goodbye before leave, no worries.

“Hi Chuck”, you waved, walking to the bar.

“Hello Y/N”, Chuck smiled. Your friend immediately poured coffee for you, just what you needed. “I wasn’t expecting you here today”

“I have a day off work”, you took a sip of the coffee, knowing that Chuck was watching you close.

“Something wrong?”, he leaned on the counter, listening.

“I don’t know”, you sighed, looking at your cup. “I mean… Everything is great with the kids, but Ope… He seems different, distant. Do you think it might be these constant long runs lately?”

“Tired of the runs? Yes, could be”, Chuck gave you crooked smile. “Opie is a quiet guy mademoiselle, but he likes you, he really likes you”

“Oh Chucky, I hope so”, you tried to smile. “It’s pretty hard to compete with a ghost, you know”

First, you heard the heels and then, her voice. “Hi there sweetie”, Gemma greeted you. She was carrying a box. “Could you help me please? I need the other box, it’s on Clay’s office”

“Sure”, you handed Chuck you cup and rushed to help her. The box was on the floor and you leaned to catch it, listening a whistle behind you.

“Hello gorgeous”, you turned around and there was a man on the door. He had a leather kutte, but you never had seen him before.

“Excuse me”, you said, carrying the box and trying to leave.

“Why such a hurry?”, he grinned and it wasn’t charming at all.

“Gemma Teller is waiting for me”, you barked. “You don’t wanna get in trouble with her… Or my old man”

His eyes widened for a second before he stepped aside to let you leave the room. You ignored the feeling that he was staring at your ass and kept walking, stepping outside the clubhouse. The boys were seated around the table, smoking. Opie looked at you, but you didn’t gave him a second glance.

“Hey lass”, Chibs greeted.

“Hi”, you said, without stop walking. “Sorry, I have to help Gemma. Be back soon”

You could feel Opie’s eyes on you, but you didn’t dare to look over your shoulder. You loved him, but he kinda deserved the cold treatment.


“What is wrong with her?”, Jax asked, blowing out the smoke of his cigarette.

“I don’t know”, Opie creased his brow, looking as you walked to Gemma’s office, carefully carrying a box. That was different, you were always there, always loving, even when he pushed you away, as he was doing lately.

Opie liked you, he really did. You were beautiful, kind, sexy, great with the kids, good to everybody around the club… However, these thoughts and sometimes nightmares kept coming to his mind. You, covered in blood, laying on the floor, like Donna. He loved Donna, she was the mother of his kids and somehow he would always mourn her death, but it was easy when you were around. Life didn’t seem so bitter, he didn’t fell alone and that was the problem. You were getting under his skin and he was afraid.

“Hey Dany”, Jax said, making Opie look up. Dany was a new guy, a Nomad who was trying to transfer to Charming. Opie didn’t like him and his constant stupid smirk on his face.

“Hello”, the guy had a beer on his hand and sat on a stool, lightning a cigar. Opie saw him looking some place far, narrowing his eyes. “Who is the hottie? She just ignored me… Look at that!”

Dany whistled and Opie realized his brothers’ expressions, which made him turn around to see who the new guy was talking about. Y/N was walking back to the clubhouse, she just had left Gemma’s office and was hiding the eyes from the bright sun.

“What did you say?”, Opie got up fast, letting his chair fall behind him.

“Ope”, Jax warned, but he ignored, walking to Dany and feeling his blood boiling.

“She is my old lady”, Opie said between teeth before punch Dany right in the nose. He shouldn’t have, but he couldn’t control himself. The way Dany talked about you got him, nobody would look or talk about you like that.

Someone tried to held him, probably Jax, but Opie ignored, only stopping when he heard your voice.

“Opie!”, he turned around. Your cheeks were red and eyes wide, you looked scared.

“What the hell!?”, Dany cursed behind him as Tig and Juice helped him to get up. His nose was bleeding.

“She is his old lady”, Juice grimaced and Dany was pale, stuttering an apologize, but Opie wasn’t listening, he stormed inside the clubhouse. He lost control, he shouldn’t have…

“Opie!”, you were following him. “Opie, what happened?”

The boys were bringing Dany inside and Chuck ran to catch some ice. Opie groaned and grabbed your hand, heading to Clay’s office for a private talking.


“He was talking about you”, Opie said, closing the door behind him. “How hot you are”

“Wait”, you creased your brow. “So you beat him because you were jealous?”

“Yes”, Opie admitted, surprising you. That was something completely new.

“I really don’t get you Winston”, you blurted. You saw his confused expression, but you couldn’t help it, you were tired. “You had been practically ignoring me, we didn’t had sex in weeks and now you are all jealous? You care about me now?”

“Of course I care about you!”, he raised his voice and you lost it, doing the same.

“So why are you pushing me away!?”, you said between teeth, trying to control yourself, not to cry in front of him. “You are such an idiot Winston!”

You didn’t have time to think, Opie crossed the distance between you with two steps and easily lifted you in his arms, crushing his lips on yours. Instinctively, you wrapped your legs around him and your arms around his neck as Opie carried you to the desk. He threw the things over it on the floor and settled you there, still kissing you.

His grip was tight on your hips and you loved it. You loved it when he lifted you, carried you like that and hovered over you. You felt wanted, loved, safe… You moaned on his lips as he pressed you against him, not leaving any space between you two.

“Because I love you”, he pulled back, surprising you.

“You love me?”, you looked up at him, blinking a few times. You had waited all that time to hear those words, but now you didn’t know what to say.

“Yes”, he admitted. “And I’m afraid of lose you too. That is why I have been trying to push you away. I know you are good with the kids, but… We can’t bare another lost”

“You are not gonna lose me, Ope”, you cupped his face, enjoying his beard tickling your palms.

“How can you be so sure?”, he was giving up, finally letting you in, showing all the demons inside his mind.

“Because I love you too”, you smiled and his eyes widened, locking with yours. “I love you, I love the kids and what we have. Don’t push me away Opie”

“No, not anymore”, he muttered, hiding his face on your neck. You closed your eyes, feeling his lips on your skin. His hands slid down your shirt, making you shudder.

“Opie”, you whispered. He walked back to the door and locked it. You swallowed when he took off his shirt, walking back to you.

“We have time”, he smiled and you welcomed him in your arms. Yes, all the time in the world.

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The Last One

Title: The Last One

Summary: Christmas has become just another day for Dean, not worth celebrating. Donna, on the other hand, loves Christmas. Can she instill him with the Holiday Spirit by Christmas Day?

12 Days of Dean and Donna: A Christmas Story

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x Donna Hanscum

Word Count: 1097

Warnings:  None

Author’s Notes: Okay, this one is extra late. I do apologize, my only excuse is Christmas. Thank you so much for the amazing support of the 12 Days of Dean and Donna. I appreciate all the love you’ve shown it. Written for the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge from @waywardlullabies. Day 12 of 12 Days of Christmas, Prompt: Christmas + Surprises

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Ten/Rose #2!

#8 The One Where They’re Just Friends

2400~words, Teen, #2 - Childhood Best Friends AU

It happened on the beach, that summer they first met, him a lifeguard on his Uni break, her a beach bum, hanging out with no-good friends, spending all their days flirting with boys from school or tanning on the sand in their too-small bikinis on old ratty towels. He’d saved her from drowning several weeks ago and they’d struck up a friendship.

“I really like you,” she said, eyes bright, face upturned, slight sunburn on her nose and the tops of her cheeks, lending credence to that ‘pink and yellow’ colour scheme he’d mentally assigned to her. “I mean, I like you a lot. And I want to be your girlfriend.”

Straight to the point, as always - Rose Tyler was blunt, always stating her observations with a startling clarity of vision that impressed him, even as he wished she weren’t so astute. For a nineteen year old, she saw far too much.

“Do you like me?”

A loaded question. He did like her. She was funny and fun to be with and could be astonishingly kind. Her hands were very soft. And those big brown doe eyes were beguiling when they wanted to be.

But still. He wasn’t the sort for romance, especially not with girls like Rose. She was too innocent for him, too young, too everything.

“Sorry,” he said, knowing it was the right thing to do.

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