but then we'd both be wrong

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today in my kiosk we had a lady specifically walk up to us and complain that we'd spent "donut" and "cinnamon" wrong on our menus. she didnt buy anything. we spelled both of them right, btw.

I seriously hope this woman doesn’t have a significant role in any child’s life or education. -Abby

  • *Friend finishes ACOTAR because I raved about it and basically forced them to read it so I could talk with them about it*
  • Friend: Isn't FEYLIN just amazing?
  • Me: I'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.

Thinking about Taylor’s character arc again and what’s funny is that they should have used it for Victoria instead.

As it plays right now Taylor’s character growth is slow and natural. You see her as just another Mean Girl in episode 1, then you slowly learn there’s more to her and if you want Max and Taylor can become friendly. Taylor’s has outside pressures in her life with a sick mother and being away from home to attend Blackwell. She comes to understand she’s messed up with Kate, takes personal responsibility and then tries to makes amends. These events happen smoothly and are well paced throughout each episode. Victoria’s arc on the other hand, while having very similar elements to it due to hers and Taylor’s friendship, is far less smooth.

Perhaps the writers felt they couldn’t keep up the necessary tension between Victoria and Max if they made her too sympathetic too early. But as it stands Victoria’s arc comes off as a race towards redemption by episode 4, with the large info dump conversation at the vortex party. Cramming all her sympathetic response into that one scene kind of kills the sincerity of it all a little. Not that I think Victoria is lying about being insecure and wanting to be friends with Max, it’s just kind of jarring to have her admit it all at once. Especially when a day earlier she can still be giving Max shit over text.

The success of Taylor’s arc really emphasizes the weakness of Victoria’s writing. They both had a lot of good elements and interesting stuff in their set ups but Victoria‘s just didn’t follow through as cleanly as I’d have liked. A swing and miss I guess.