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Can I ask how this grain war started?

my memory is nonexistent rn but essentially:

  • i remembered the ‘brother may i have some oats’ meme and started shitposting about it on twitter/tumblr
  • @mcslained translated it into mandarin
  • @thiphuc and i Lost Our Goddamn Shit
  • we all started rapid-fire translating it
  • me: why are we saying 麦子 isn’t it like 麦片
  • cie: Do You Know Nothing.
  • wheats vs oat(meal) debate between cie and mp
  • me: brother may i have a compromise… (birth of whoats)
  • other grains started showing up
  • quinoa is bad for you apparently
  • i am very tired
On "real people" and their "real lives."

No arch-enemies? Just people they like, and people they don’t like? Dull. I’m disappointed in you, *ORDINARY SHERLOCK.*

I understand there are “perfectly reasonable explanations” for a lot of the things that are bugging me (“Arwel just likes elephants” for example). And believe me, I know that there’s a time and a place for devil’s advocating. But I’m deliberately choosing to believe there are two ways to read this episode like there are two ways to read a lot of the show, meaning the “perfectly reasonable explanation” is SUPPOSED to be there as a red herring. Arwel just likes elephants. It really is a finale. They were just queerbait jokes. There are no loose ends; Eurus did everything we haven’t explained yet. Suddenly and without warning, the writers lost their minds and have crashed their own show into the ground.

I choose to disbelieve the obvious in this case because that’s just one explanation of some of the facts, just like how John and Dimmock dismissed all the evidence Van Coon was left handed and therefore couldn’t have shot himself. For example, the “jokes” weren’t treated as jokes by the characters. The writers aren’t usually this bad at writing (an arguable point until you look at rotten tomato scores and admit something was definitely at least different this time). They deliberately contradicted very specific things they’d said in all previous episodes – the only factor of interest in a case isn’t john, it’s the solution. Shooting deaths are totally spurts of blood and flying backwards. Who you are doesn’t matter, only the legend does.

And really, if you don’t kinda maybe think it was actually a little tiny bit suspicious that arwel tweeted what he tweeted when he tweeted it now that you think about it, then we’re honestly not even having the same conversation in the first place.

Which, for real, that’s totally fine for *you* if that’s what your heart is telling you… especially if you need to protect yourself, or you’ve already been hurt too badly; I get it. Just please don’t think *I* haven’t considered the obvious, depressing explanations for the specific things I’m calling out, and feel you have to bring that to my attention.

I’m making an incredible effort to faith-leap this ghastly episode despite all the obvious reasons not to and keep going, very much on purpose, and I’m not sure what’ll ultimately derail me in the end but it’s not going to be, like, “it doesn’t mean anything how mary died, they just fridged her” or “Arwel just likes elephants, he said so.”

(“Mr. Holmes here might be so high that he can no longer distinguish fantasy from reality, and has developed delusions about a celebrity.” But he wasn’t, was he? And “have you even considered somewhere in your drug addled brain that you might be being played for a viral marketing campaign?” “Yes. Brilliant; he’s hiding in plain sight.”)

When I was about 7 years old, we lost pretty much everything we had after my dad went bankrupt. And for me, it made quite an impact, I was shocked at the change happening around me, that [my parents] took me to the park where many orphans in Barranquilla live, where many of these kids resort to sniffing glue and other terrible things to survive the tragedy of their lives. They showed me this other reality and that marked me forever, I never forgot that night. It made me want to do something about it. I made a promise to myself, at 7 years old, that I wanted to succeed in life because I needed to vindicate my parents socially but I wanted to do something also about those kids. My entire life, the image remained, and when I had my big break in Latin America with my album ‘Pies Descalzos’ (Bare Foot) I decided to create my foundation and named it the same way. Since then, we’ve been working for children and providing them with high quality education.
—  Shakira about her turning point in life

But where do we go from here, when we’ve come so far, lost so much, and given pieces of ourselves that we’ll never get back?

Anywhere, and everywhere, we want to go. Don’t you see? When it comes to this time in life, the beauty of losing it all comes in finding the strength and knowledge to get it back with the mistakes out of the way.

—  H. Murcia 1/15/2017 5:04PM

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Hey, I have a Maine coon who has been free fed kibble all her life (the same type because it's specialized to Maine coons) and she's been a pretty heavy cat all her life, but I've noticed that recently she's been loosing weight. I'm just worried b/c we used to have another car from the same litter (who we think was the runt) who lost a lot of weight and started hiding more than usual. I was wondering if I should do anything about it, like changing her food or if everything is fine

Take her to the vet, please. 

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☁ :)

“All my stories are about being left,
all yours about leaving. So we should have known.
Should have known to leave well enough alone;
we knew, and we didn’t. You said let’s put
our cards on the table, your card
was your body, the table my bed, where we didn’t
get till 4 am, so tired from wanting
what we shouldn’t that when we finally found our heads,
we’d lost our minds.” -jan heller levi

isayweallgetdrunk replied to your post “I don’t know if u watched that Sean season of Shameles but it was SOO…”

The role is like this older, mysterious, ex junky(not ex really) HOT guy that this girl falls for anyway the show is famous for their VERY explicit sex scenes. And since they just gave Jeff’s character to someone else and that that character won’t be back on the show ���� but it would’ve been so niiiice having Jeff do all that juicy stuff mmmhmmm

OMG I didn’t know that! I can’t believe we lost that opportunity

ken burns ffxiv documentary
  • Me: Are you guys gonna be done raiding soon?
  • Boyfriend: *bittersweet violin music* My dearest Elizabeth,
  • every day I grind through this new patch I feel your absence more. Our group has made quick progress through the new content, but I fear soon the dreaded pubbies may drag us down. We have already lost one dragoon, crushed by mechanics before I could heal him. Everyday I pray to the lord that Yoshi-P will release us so I may gaze upon your face once more. But I am willing - No, more than willing - to lay down my life in order to have best in slot gear when the expansion hits.
  • With love,
  • Me: divorce

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Is there a difference (for you) in abortion versus removing (that's probably not the right word sorry) a child (normally quite a bit later in pregnancy, I belive) to save a mother's life? Because I'm pro-life (can you also give me your own reasons for being so?) but would God truly want us to lose two lives when we could've just lost one?

Hi friend,

There is definitely definitely a difference in my mind. If the mother’s life is in danger, I feel like you should save her life. I mean, also try everything possible to save the baby’s life, but definitely don’t just lose both if you can save one.

As for my own reasons in being pro-life, I think what changed for me was being pregnant myself, as well as reading the Bible. I was already beginning to change my thoughts on the issue when I found out I was pregnant a few months back. I used to say, “Well, what if the mother was raped? She shouldn’t have to carry that baby and have her attacker’s baby.” But now I know that even though that was a horrible, horrible thing that happened to her, God still sent her that baby. (Saying this doesn’t come from a place of total misunderstanding, either, because I am a survivor of sexual abuse.) Once I became pregnant, I think my feelings on the subject began to solidify. I loved my baby so much. More than anything or anyone. It’s crazy and somewhat hard to explain. My husband and I ended up losing the baby, and that was one of the worst pains I’ve ever felt, but I’m still so glad that God chose me to be his/her mother for the few months I got with him/her. I thought of him/her as a human, not an embryo or fetus. He/she was a baby, my baby, and I guess once you think of it that way (as a human), it’s more like murder so there’s no way I could ever not be pro-life anymore.

All my love,