but then we got the two people from this group

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

I always get very excited when I find out a celebrity, famous historical person, biblical person etc. is lgbt+, and I know that many of you share my excitement. 

But I also know quite a few hetero, cis people who think we are being ridiculous or stupid because of that, who think we are wasting our time or even, somehow, hurt our own movement by “making a big deal out of people being lgbt+”. 

That’s a interesting viewpoint - and one you can certainly only have if you are used to all important people being just like you. 

That’s their reality, not ours. 

Gay kids don’t go to school and learn about a politician who is gay and another who is gay and another who is gay and oh, this one here was straight but that one got murdered. 

Trans kids don’t grow up watching tv series where every single person is trans unless perhaps that one character in one single episode that had no relevance to the story at all and just served the purpose of proving how cis-accepting and praiseworthy the “normal” characters are (and the trans writer of the series, of course).  

If the last two paragraphs sound ridiculous, that proves the point: 

The reality that straight, cis people grow up in is ridiculously far away from the reality we group up in. 

Is it really so “cringe-worthy” when we get excited about finding out someone else is our shade of the rainbow when we grow up in a world that tells us all the normal people are white and black? 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

Arranged Love | Jungkook

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 14.5 | Part 15Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 | Epilogue

Summary: Whatever happened to true love? To fairytale romance? Where was that magical spark, those lingering kisses, the butterflies in your stomach, the fireworks in your heart? Where was the romance and the honesty in a forced love, in a forced marriage between you and Jungkook?

Word Count: 4,535

Genre: fluff and soon to be angst

A/N: So, someone requested an arranged marriage series with Jungkook, and someone else requested a scenario where the reader and Jungkook are dating for publicity so I figured I would combine the two and make it into a chaptered fanfic

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Bartender Shawn PT.1

AN: *shows up 8 months later with starbucks* I haven’t finished it yet but I thought I’d just post this. I haven’t edited it yet but I have to go to class and want this up in hopes to motivate me to finish. 

Word Count: 5,981

“Can I get a Porn Star?”

I nodded before leaning back over the bar and reaching for the bottles to make the purple shot. As I poured into the small shot glass I looked for an ‘It’s my birthday’ sash. It wasn’t hard to find and neither was the number 18 on the big pin attached to it.

“Bingo,” I said to myself under the guise of the music.

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OTP PROMPTs (more from my procrastinating ass)

- “We were assigned in a group project of 6 people and we are the only two doing the work, I passed out one night in the library working with you and you brought me a donut and coffee, It may be the lack of sleep talking but I am pretty sure I am in love with you.”

- “I got really sick while drinking and you have been rubbing my back as I blew chunks into the toilet, telling me it is okay.”

- “You asked me out in high school and I turned you down because I wasn’t interested, but you really changed after high school and well damn.”

- “You look like you could kick my ass and I would totally let you.”

- “You were really shy about going on a date with me, but then you show up looking fine as hell with a smile that can cause heart attacks.”

- “I found a puppy on the street and brought him into the dorm, you have been helping me take care of him.”

je-ne-suis-pas-mignon  asked:

With Lance comforting Keith in the trailer and the writers confirming that he takes care of his nephews and neices I hope that the fandom stops calling Lance a jackass, obnoxious, fuckboy or an asshole in their fics. He might be loud and flirtatious, bordering on annoying occasionally, but I never saw him as any of the above. I see those exact words used for lance time and time again in parts of the fandom, tho. I hope season 3 changes that. Lance seems to be the most polarizing of the cast.

I mean, in general, I’ve always found it very peculiar that people accuse Lance specifically of not respecting women.

What Lance does, is flirt with people. His chosen method of flirting with the exception of one lewd-sounding joke Shiro immediately called him on (which he never did again) is pretty much “hey. you’re pretty. do you know I’m also pretty. I think this is very interesting.”

And Allura rolls her eyes. It’s up to you if you think she’s genuinely uncomfortable, but, considering Allura made it very clear in her first canon appearance, and has made good on ever since that she is pretty dang clear about what she decides isn’t okay- I feel like a really uncomfortable Allura would do a lot more than roll her eyes. It feels like a kind of lighthearted interpersonal teasing at this point- Lance jokingly asks Allura for a kiss for luck, Coran makes Lance kiss Platt, our next shot of Lance is him, disappointed but already having withdrawn without obvious compliant and gone back to his Lion.

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Is it weird to want more spontaneous, open-world RP? Like…two people meet each other on a road between towns instead of in the Quicksand or Ul'dah. Or they meet when they decide to fish at the same spot. Or one encounters another in danger fighting a losing battle against some creature.

If people are RPing adventurers, why can’t we stumble across them adventuring outside of a pre-planned event that’s usually locked off to someone’s FC or friend group?

If people are RPing as treasure hunters, why can’t we stumble across them dragging their haul back to their base of operations and learn from them how they got it?

If people are RPing as white mages, dragoons, paladins, warriors, monks, ninja, dark knights, etc. etc. why can we only stumble across them at the bar?

Get out there! Go be amazing! Wave down someone passing by or just throw out an emote they can openly engage with! Get out of the bar! There’s a whole new world to explore now that Stormblood is out, there’s reasons for people to not be stuck in towns! Get their attention! Make the world a living, breathing, active place! Please!

The OHC Cast as Stuff I've Done While Drunk
  • Julian: Cried for over half an hour over how pure and good my friend's blind cat is while petting and hugging it
  • The Narrator: Explained the entire plot of Hamilton at 6am, with renditions of some of the musical numbers and poor choreography
  • John: Made out with at least seven people, got kicked in the face, cried on and off for about an hour, acquired several hickeys, and tried to jump out of a window all in the same night
  • Leticia: Tried to re-unite my friends when we got split up into two groups but ended up getting lost on my own and just went back to the bar to get another drink, also had to be held back from nearly cracking a guy's ribs when he wouldn't leave my friends alone
  • Jacques: Decided at 5:30 am I was really energetic, did two push-ups, and then collapsed onto the floor
  • François: Partied all night long just enjoying living my life and minding my business while my entire group were having several different catastrophic fights between themselves
  • Pierre: Passed out for an hour or so at a party, then woke up, chugged my drink and went back into it comparing myself to the second coming of Jesus
  • Coco: Enthusiastically listened to a stranger tell me their entire life story while too drunk to actually hear anything or remember what they were saying
The College Years - Freshman Year (Chapter 5) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The Second Patrol”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski & Reader/OFC

Warnings: Fluff, fluff, and more fluff.

A.N.: Feel free to listen to any of the songs that I mentioned in the piece… or don’t let me tell you what to do. That’s also fine. Ugh, i love this chapter too. I can’t. It was sort of inspired by my own visits to this exact spot and also Stuart doing this in The Internship.

Summary: Stiles is developing quite the crush on Y/N and it only intensifies as she picks him up for their second late night vampire patrol around Berkeley.

Chapter Four - Chapter Five - Chapter Six

Originally posted by feelingdylano

You pulled up in front of Stiles and Scott’s building and saw Stiles pacing on the sidewalk with two coffees, in to-go cups, in his hands, and his hood pulled over his perfect chocolate brown hair. It was still early and you both were the first watch that night instead of the last. You rolled down your passenger side window and shouted his name to get his attention towards the car that he wasn’t familiar with. Stiles smiled and ran over, grinning as you leaned over to open the door from the inside since he had his hands full.

“Hey… I brought you a coffee..” He lifted a cup in the air.

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Lance used to talk to Hunk about Keith

Hear me out…

After rewatching ep 1 of Voltron for the nth time, I just started to think about something.

So basically I relate a lot to Keith, and one of the things I noticed is that in ep 1, is that Keith tends to stay close to Shiro and/or Lance. I’m assuming because those are the people he is more comfortable with. I mean, If I got stuck in space with a group of random people I would totally stay close to those I know better. Thank you very much.

Point is, I never saw Keith show he knew Hunk. Even during the bike chasing scene he calls Hunk “Big guy”

Which makes me think that Keith doesn’t know (or remember) Hunk.

Now there are two options here.
1) Keith and Lance were in a different class from Hunk’s
2) They were all in the same class

I personally believe more in the second option since in Pidge’s flashbacks, when we see Lance and Hunk at the garrison, they clearly knew each other, and from the “hasta la later, Keith” we know that they both knew Keith. 

Either way, Hunk wasn’t around Keith enough time for him to remember him but
on the other hand, when Keith appears and Lance says “It’s Keith” Hunk immediately replies “Keith? You sure?” while pidge goes “Who’s Keith!”
which leaves you with the idea that Hunk knew exactly who Keith was.

And how did he know that?

Definitely not because he was friends with him because Keith would have remembered him for sure. But because Lance talked to Hunk about Keith.
It’s pretty canon if you ask me.

Just want to note that Lance probably only talked about how he was going to beat Keith’s ass or kept declaring his rivalry. But point is, he certainly talked a lot about Keith, for Hunk to know exactly who Lance was talking about in that split moment.

“So I met this man, who was very young, as I was. We went out for dinner in a group, with people I didn’t know. And there it was. I didn’t speak English, he didn’t speak French. I haven’t a clue how we managed. The miracle of love…

Years later at the Waldorf in New York, where I had a very nice suite, I invited Miles to dinner. The face of the maitre d'hotel when he came in was indescribable. After two hours, the food was more or less thrown in our faces. The meal was long and painful, and then he left.

At four o'clock in the morning I got a call from Miles, who was in tears. "I couldn’t come by myself,” he said. “I don’t ever want to see you again here, in a country where this kind of relationship is impossible.” I suddenly understood that I’d made a terrible mistake, from which came a strange feeling of humiliation that I’ll never forget. In America his colour was made blatantly obvious to me, whereas in Paris I didn’t even notice that he was black.

Between Miles and me there was a great love affair, the kind you’d want everybody to experience. Throughout our lives, we were never lost to each other. Whenever he could, he would leave messages for me in the places I travelled in Europe: “I was here, you weren’t.”

He came to see me at my house a few months before he died. He was sitting in the drawing room and at one point I went to the verandah to look at the garden. I heard his devilish laugh. I asked him what had provoked it. “No matter where I was,” he said, “in whatever corner of the world, looking at that back, I’d know it was you.”

- The French singer and actress, Juliette Gréco, in an essay for The Guardian on her romance with Miles Davies

Pretty Blue Eye

Request Prompt: Can you do an imagine where you’re Negan’s daughter (even though he doesn’t have one of course) and she meets Carl and they kinda fall for each other I WOULD LOVE YOU SO MUCH <3 -Anon

Pairing: Carl Grimes x Reader

Warning: Fluff

I looked at my dad as we rode back to the Sanctuary from Alexandria. We had just collected another tribute from them. I have to admit, I do feel a little bad. But my dad always said we do it to survive. I rested my head against the window while he went over the rules with me.

“Hey, you listening Y/N?”, he asked and I nodded.

“Yes dad. I hear ya. Kill people. Take their shit.”, I smiled and he chuckled.

“Alright, don’t be a smartass.”, he said and I shook my head.

Once we arrived the two of us got out, letting the group get the stock from the back. I heard a gun go off grabbed my pistol. My dad walked to the commotion and I pointed my gun at the intruder. I recognize him as Rick’s son.

“You look adorable.”, my dad said and I scoffed.

“He’s holding you at gun point and you think he’s adorable?”, I asked eyeing the boy.

“You scared the shit outta me.”, my dad laughed as the boy held him a scowl. I held my pistol up ready to fire when my dad held my wrist.

“Not this one.”, he mumbled and I lowered the gun. At that moment he fired again only to be tackled down by Dwight.

“Kid!” He held the crossbow up to his face and I moved to help him.

“Dwight! Is that any way to treat a guest?”, I heard my dad boast. Dwight moved as my dad held his hand out to him.

“Carl right?”, he asked with a smirk and I folded my arms.

“Come one Y/N don’t be like that.”, he said and I bit the inside of my cheek. “Let’s show our guest around shall we?”

We walked into the Sanctuary were everyone was doing their jobs. Same as they were before we left.

“We got a big load of goods and everyone gets fresh vegetables for dinner, regardless of how many point you have!”, the room erupted in cheers and we continued on.

“Is this a daily thing?”, he asked me and I nodded.

We followed my dad to the lounging area where he keeps his “wives”. The door opened and I waved at Sherry. She waved back but her smile fell once she saw my dad. He pulled her aside and they started whispering about something.

“I’m sorry you have to be here.”, I said and the boy turned to look at me.

“What does that mean?”

“Someone’s gonna get punished. I’ve never seen the iron since Dwight. The woman there, Sherry. Used to be his wife.”

“Why are you telling me this?”, he spat.

“Because my dad is dangerous. I know that. And you know it too. You don’t trust me, I can see it. But I’m telling you not to do something you’d regret.”, I snapped quietly.

“Why should you be telling me anything? You’re one of them.”, he replied.

“You think I wanted this? I’m not the one going around killing people. And I’m sure as hell not happy with what he’s doing. But if you don’t want my help then fuck you too.”, I countered.

“What are you two kids conversing about over there?”, he asked and I walked off, leaving the room. I stayed in my room after that playing with my sweater sleeve. A small knock interrupted me peaceful silence and I looked up in time to see Arat standing in the doorway.

“Its time. Your dad wants you there this time.”, she told me softly and I nodded.

I followed her to the room with the furnace where everyone gathered on the floor. The man I know as Mark tied to a chair in the center. I sat on the catwalk holding onto the railing, looking between them. He started going over the rules as Dwight held the iron over the burning fire. As my dad slipped the glove over his hand Carl turned in my direction looking up at me with a sad eye. A pretty blue eye. I tore my gaze from him and watched as my dad brought the iron closer to Mark’s face. No matter how much he pleaded and begged the punishment was carried out as planned. I clenched my eyes shut as he screamed in agony. Silence followed afterwards and I opened my eyes to see that he passed out. My dad laughed about how he pissed his pants as he stared up at Carl.

“He has been forgiven. But do remember that there are rules! Rules need to be followed.”, he stated and I quickly got up to dash outside. I hadn’t realized Carl followed me until he spoke up.

“I didn’t mean that before. Sometimes I forget there are good people too. Even if they’re mixed in with the bad.”, he said and I remained silent.

“If he let’s you go you should be lucky. He doesn’t do it often.”, I mumbled.

“If he doesn’t I have to fight. I have a younger sister back at Alexandria. And I have to fight. For her.”, he told me and I frowned.

“You have reasons to live. I don’t. I’m the reason my dad wants to live.”, I stated. “I don’t want him to hurt anyone else from your home Carl. I’ve seen too much for an average teenager. I could have stopped him that night if I had known he was going to do it.” His hand rested on mine as we sat watching the walkers behind the fence.

“He’ll lock you up like a animal. Just like your friend.”, I finished.

“I will need help if that happens.”, he smiled and I laughed a little. I looked over at him watching his eyes sparkle as my dad walked outside.

“Carl! I want to know more about ya. So come inside.”

The College Years - Freshman Year (Chapter 3) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The Coffee Shop Talk”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, Isaac Lahey, Malia Tate, Cora Hale, Ethan,  & Reader/OFC

Summary:  There had been two more attacks since the first night they encountered the vampires. Scott and Stiles have devised a plan for capturing the dangerous creatures of the night. They gather the gang at a coffee shop on campus to break down the threat, and Lydia gets jealous of Stiles flirting with Y/N.

Chapter Two - Chapter Three - Chapter Four

Originally posted by loverxo1234

“And then she walked away before I could tell her about the merits of being a long suffering Mets fan over being a Yankees fan. It was borderline offensive.” Stiles lectured to Isaac Lahey, who was sitting across the coffee table from him, on the opposite couch, with his mouth agape. He wasn’t sure how Stiles had managed to move the conversation from Isaac’s shitty first test in his environmental science class to you not being a Met’s fan.

“Is he talking about her being a Yankees fan, again?” Scott asked as he brought over cups of coffee for his friends. He sat down next to Isaac and pushed Stiles’ coffee across the table.

“Yea, he is, and now I’m really curious to see what this girl looks like.” Isaac commented in a hushed tone.

“She is actually really pretty in Stiles’ defense.” Scott said.

“I’m just saying.” Stiles exclaimed, pointing his hand in Scott’s direction in agreement. “So how did Cora close up the shop?”

“I told my boss that I was the only one able to work tonight and I didn’t feel comfortable walking home alone at night after the third attack.” Cora Hale said in a pretend weak tone, knowing full well that she could beat the hell out of any vampire that tried to jump her. She pulled up a tattered armchair to join her friends around the massive coffee table in the center of three worn-down couches in the dimly lit and cozy campus coffee shop.

“When is everyone else supposed to get here?” Isaac asked.

“I said 6PM in the text, so about ten minutes.” Scott replied, wiping the whipped cream off of his lip.

“Y/N said she’d come after her class, so she should be here soon.” Stiles said, staring at his phone, his leg jiggling in nervous anticipation.

“You are so obsessed, dude.” Cora said, as she shook her head.

“Listen, Sassywolf, I am not obsessed. I just think she’s cool and gorgeous and… She’s a witch, and that, you cannot deny, is awesome.”

“Yea, okay, Stiles.” Cora teased.

“Yea, okay, Cora, whatever.” Stiles mimicked her.  

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title: they’re all gone (part 1)
pairing: peter parker / reader
word count: 1, 894

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anonymous asked:

RFA+V with a mute MC?

A/N: I’ve only come across one person who was mute so I don’t know too much about it, I hope it’s okay??? I made it very general because of this im so sorry ;A; ~Admin 404



           -He didn’t really understand why you didn’t talk at first

           -You were so talkative in the messenger? Why not in person?

           -You never pick up the phone….did he call at all of the wrong times??? Did you just not want to talk??

           -Maybe you were shy… He was too! Only he rambles when he’s nervous, not silent

           -Saeyoung had to explain to him that you were mute, and have been since birth (Since he did the background check on you of course)

           -This little cutie immediately started studying everything he could about it

           -He’s a little bad at communicating though

           -You have to type out what you want to say on your phone and show him, otherwise he has no idea

           -He doesn’t treat you any different because? Why would he. You can’t maintain eye contact for long periods of time? Neither can he, he gets too nervous

           -So you don’t/can’t talk, he respects that!!! He’s very capable of reading what you have to say on the phone. It’s actually a blessing because if he physically heard some of the things you say to him he’d melt immediately he just loves you so much and is nervous 24/7


           - so we can’t have disney song duets??

           -He’s an actor, so he’s got a very big voice

           -Can and will use it in place of yours

           -Not to mention he talks enough for the both of you, so it’s okay MC

           -He tries to steer you away from large, loud groups of people

           -Don’t worry about attending every single show of his MC, he’ll have someone record it so the two of you can enjoy it at home

           -He literally spent a whole day over at Saeyoung’s creating something to help you communicate


           -Now you have multiple devices full of these messages so you can play them to communicate

           - loves when you play the one telling him that he’s cute go ahead MC, play it again


           -She wasn’t mute, but she did go through a period of time (a few years at least) where she didn’t talk much

           -Maybe a few sentences a day, because she had to, otherwise nothing

           -Knows it’s hard to get close to other people, but she’s willing to take it slow and wait for you to be comfortable

           -She’s spent hours thinking and researching better ways to communicate, because she doesn’t want you to get frustrated if you can’t talk to her!

           -Invests in TONS of books full of words, phrases, and the alphabet

           -Also gets books full of illustrations of emotions, places, things that are easier explained when shown

           - tried to carry them all with her all the time until you made her stop

           - jaehee you cant carry seven large books around all the time it’s okay

           -The two of you sat down and made your own compact helper book!!

           -She’s always so patient with you as you form these sentences, and will suplex anyone who upsets you jaehee pls


           -He immediately started to communicate with you through sign language

           -The mix of relief and happiness on your face made his heart jump

           -Sometimes he doesn’t even speak to you out loud

           -He’s so used to using sign language that sometimes he does it during meetings and Jaehee has to remind him where he is

           - well why doesn’t everyone know sign language assistant kang, maybe they should learn

           - this dork tried teaching elizabeth sign language just so she’d understand you

           -When you get clingy, he’s completely okay with it

           -Loves being close with you anyway, it doesn’t bother him at all

           -Most of the time, he’ll invite you to come with him to work, out on a business trip before you even have to chance to get clingy

           -All of his bodyguards know sign language now just for you and it’s seriously the cutest thing to watch them stumble over some of the words and watching Jumin school them like a teacher


           -He knew from the start, so it wasn’t a surprise

           -It didn’t bother him, either, you’re still you

           -Immediately started working on a program for your phone so you can communicate. He created a computer generated voice for you!

           -Type whatever you want, and it’ll say it out loud

           -You were thrilled!!! Finally, you can talk to anyone, since not everyone knows sign language

           - you can finally ask for directions to the restroom

           -He’s also very good and guessing what you want without you having to say it anyway

           -Uses the app too so you can have a robot voice war

           -Both of you had problems with establishing new relationships with people, but that actually helped the two of you bond quicker than you would with anyone else!

           -HE ALWAYS MESSES WITH YOU BECAUSE IT TAKES YOU A LITTLE BIT TO TYPE OUT WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY!!! “Hey mc if you want the last piece of pizza say my name. no? okay cool im eating it” SAEYOUNG YOU DIDN’T GIVE ME ENOUGH TIME TO TYPE MY ANSWER


           -He’s okay with it, he likes the atmosphere to be soft and quiet anyway

           -So he’ll be completely okay with you not talking

           -That and he’s okay with staying away from large, loud crowds

           -He buys any notebook that he finds cute for you

           -Because that’s how you talk to him! You may not vocally speak, but you can definitely write down what you want to say

           -Loves it!! A persons handwriting can say a lot about them

           -So what he can’t hear in your voice, he can deduct from your handwriting!!

           -He likes to leave little notes in your notebook for you to stumble upon

           -When you come home from a stressful event, and see’s you upset and aggravated, he feels terrible! But tries everything he can to calm you down

           -Makes you some tea, gives you space if you need it, and will hold you close when you let him. You don’t need the notebook, because he does all the talking at times like this, all the sweetest, comforting words he can say will be said


           -He didn’t talk for the longest time, so he understood that you didn’t either

           -After a while, he was actually extremely clingy to you

           -Which means he studied every little thing about you

           -You didn’t need to talk, he could read your body language

           -Sometimes it was almost as if he could read your mind (which was great because then you didn’t have to worry about telling him)

           -Otherwise, you taught him a little sign language

           -He prefers just reading your lips though, it’s easier

           - that and he just likes staring at your lips

           - literally has to hold himself back from kissing you while you’re talking sometimes what a lil cutie

           -“I don’t like that tone of body language, MC, walk out of the room and walk back in”

Trolling the Troll

I was playing Hoard of the Dragon Queen with a group of friends, and we had just reached the Hunter’s Lodge. We decided to circle the lodge, hiding in the forest, so the ranger cast Pass Without Trace and everyone got a +10 bonus to Stealth checks. Effectively, we would all be hidden so long as no one rolled a 1… which two people promptly did. We killed the investigating three ambush drakes, then the two trolls that followed them. My necromancer happily began to raise the trolls, even as we heard sounds of alarm from the lodge. As soon as I’d finished, we moved off a safe distance and talked about what to do. We’d seen a larger troll following a group of ambush drakes to where the fighting had occurred, and someone suggested we use the zombie trolls to trick him. Everyone dismissed it at first, but eventually we decided “What the heck, let’s try it.” My necromancer and the other party wizard used Mending to fix the visible damage to the trolls, who I had stand beside each other. The warlock (only person proficient in Deception, and the only one who spoke Giant) hung onto one troll’s back, while the wizard hung onto the other. When the larger troll found us and asked the zombies what had happened, the warlock responded (from behind the troll’s head) that they were attacked but then the attackers fled. The whole time, the second troll (with no one to speak for it) was “chewing” on an illusion of various limbs cast by the wizard on its back. Finally, the troll leader turned to go look for the “attackers” and I ordered my trolls to tackle him. They succeeded, pinning the leader to the ground while we destroyed him before he even had a chance to attack. Moral of the story, zombie puppeteering works wonders.

A clarification about this whole Ancelotti ordeal:

Seen a lot of stuff about how this is disrespectful and all,

Here’s the deal alright
The man got sacked from RM, and then he got sacked from Bayern
He had some pretty damn great accomplishments in his good times, and he’s having bad times right now, I can accept that
It is a team, it can’t be one man’s fault

But as much as we gave Pep shit also, he didn’t mess with the actual dynamic of the team?
We’ve conceded more goals in the past 8 or 10 games this season than we did in the first 10 games of the past two seasons COMBINED people
And we haven’t taken this bad of a loss in groups since like 15 years?? More I’m sure

It’s just that the club hasn’t ever seen a crisis like this? Hummels benched, our defense line the way it is, power struggle between Muller and Carlo and the players having to take sides, Lewa entertaining the thought of leaving the club?? This isn’t how this club functions, and it never has been

I don’t not respect Ancelotti, and I don’t hate him
I don’t think he did well with my team, and that’s okay
They saw the kind of shit that was happening and took action and it’s about damn time they did

Ok but, really, did the general public ever get a decent explanation as to where Superboy came from? Do people even know he’s a clone? Wouldn’t they wonder how there’s another Kryptonian flying around when the whole planet has been exploded for at least 3 decades? Where are the answers people? So in my mind, it went one of two ways.

One, Lex absolves himself of any relation to Superboy to the people and Clark and Kara are forced to come up with some weird BS explanation for why there’s another Super around. Anything from “he’s my cousin’s-uncle’s-brother’s-great-aunt once removed’s-teacher’s son” to “He also crash landed in a ship that came to Earth from Krypton and it got lost in space and now he’s here” to, my personal favorite, the Batman approach. “We found him and he was cute and strong so we slapped a big ole ’S’ on his chest and brought him home.”

Or option two, Lex tells all. He was so sad when Superman died that he made a clone, his name is Kon and we love him. And he and Clark get in very public custody battles over poor Kon-El (“Hi honey, I’m home from work. Anything happen on the news?” “No Jeff, just the continuation of the Luthor/Superman court case.” “Golly gee Sue, ain’t it awful when parents can’t keep it together for their child?”) And of course you got those groups who are all up in arms about Superboy can’t have two dads, and you got people who are Team Lex or Team Superman over who gets Superboy and they all fucking end up on Jerry Springer to sort this out. It’s very bitter and ugly and the public loves it. Poor Kon, he just wants to Radical and Chillin’ Teen he knows he is and for his dads to get along. He ends up hiding with Tim and somewhere along the way while Clark and Lex are at each other throats, Conner gets absorbed into the batfam. Whoops, Bruce did it again.

A Writer’s PSA

Firstly: I just saw an interesting post made by @caplanbuckybarnes (who I can’t tag, but that’s okay), that inspired both anger and relief in me at once. I was compelled to type out this PSA.

Secondly: I am tagging everyone who has asked to be tagged in The Irrelevance of Napoli SO YOU CAN SEE HOW GODDAMN AWESOME THEY ARE BEFORE I START THIS. 

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Thirdly: I am doing this more for the sake of my upcoming fic, Cherchez la Femme, which I have been working on for MONTHS–probably since Septemberish–than I am for Napoli. Also doing this for the sake of other authors who may feel this way, but don’t want to say anything for fear of making people mad. I personally am tired of dealing with my own anxiety about this subject, so I’m getting this off my chest. 


 I am exceedingly frustrated by the majority of attitudes (or non attitudes) I see towards anything that is not a one-shot on here. ESPECIALLY if it’s smut.

I like smut. I love smut. I’ve read some really good smut on here. But… that’s not all I’ve read on here. When I first got on Tumblr, I found some really unique and interesting fics, and I got very invested in them. But lately, the majority of what I’ve been seeing on this site is the same damn thing, over and over and over again. Smut one shots, no plot, no character development, no nothing. Those fics I was invested in were discontinued (temporarily, I hope) in favor of smut one shots, which, like I said, I don’t mind, but ya know… I also do.

Authors are capable of writing more than smut one shots. 

Authors are capable of writing more than smut one shots. And many of them do write more than smut one shots. But I have seen two (2) of the multi-part fics I follow being seriously reblogged. That’s out of A LOT that I happen to read and like. One of my favorites got put on hiatus because there were no reads on the most recent chapter at the time.

Tumblr, seriously, what is going on? Like, I recognize that we all want to imagine ourselves having sex with some version of Sebastian Stan (ME TOO, I AM NOT EXCLUDING MYSELF FROM THAT GROUP) but some of these people have worked ages, ages on these fics. With well-developed characters and plot and settings and serious issues that are worked through. THESE PEOPLE I READ SHOULD WRITE ORIGINAL CONTENT AND GET PUBLISHED. In my world, they would. Because they are that good.

And yet, they get almost no recognition. And it frustrates me, and scares me, and makes me really, really sad. Some might say, “Tumblr is more (something else) than fanfic for me”–which is fine. Please engage in whatever joy may have brought you to Tumblr. But also remember that for others, it IS about fanfic, and they enjoy doing that just as much as you enjoy doing whatever you do. So hit the like button every once in a while. Read more fics of your favorite characters. Some might say, “I have –something that gives me a shorter attention span–, I can’t remember what happened before this chapter/can’t concentrate enough to get through a whole fic in the time I have”–in which case, you are fine, don’t worry about it, not a big deal. Some of you may say, “Works in progress are annoying, I hate waiting for new parts to come out”–and trust me, I’m right there with you. I’m waiting on a few new parts for fics myself (I’m also waiting for Diana Gabaldon’s next Outlander book, goddammit), but that doesn’t stop me from reading and commenting on the parts that are there! Tell the author that you have something to look forward to until the next part comes out! Also, TELL THE AUTHOR IF YOU ARE WAITING FOR THEM TO COMPLETE IT, or ask to be tagged in the final masterlist! We won’t mind if you do it that way! Some of you may just hate longer fics and there’s nothing anybody can do to change that. In which case, whatever floats your boat.

I’m not getting on anyone in the above paragraph to suddenly change your preferences and start reading fics with more than two parts. What I am saying, though, is if you consume, but don’t comment AND reblog (or at least tag and reblog), or if you don’t consume at all and blatantly ignore what authors are putting out there… come on, guys. We put our heart and souls into this stuff. Some of the stuff we write is taken from real life. Some people don’t have anything but their writing to help them get through what may be a really bad stage. Likes, comments, reblogs–writers need these. We don’t all have to be JK Rowling here, but we do hope to see that someone smiles or laughs, or cries, or feels in some way with our fics. 

One of my friends on here was very sad a couple of days ago because she was getting very few notes on even her one-shots, or reblogs with no comments. She has 700+ followers and a taglist that’s a mile long. It made me sad for her, and I can’t even hug her because she lives far away from me. Readers, you don’t have to comment or reblog every chapter of a fic that’s been written, it’s really okay if you don’t, but let the reader know that you like it and acknowledge the work that’s been done. 

I’m still relatively tiny on here, and I definitely need to follow more blogs, so I will now go looking. But, indulge me for a second: If, when I publish Cherchez, I deem it as not getting enough notes, I will make a goddamn video of myself deleting the thing off my computer and burning the damn notebooks. I started by writing this stuff for me. Napoli ended up being about someone I know who recently died. Cherchez was what I wrote when I was coming out of a breakdown. So yes, I write for myself. But as soon as I put it up here, it becomes yours. You consume it, you feel because of it. So really, guys, read all the smut you want. I know I’m going to. But read more than smut, too.


Someone who is a teeny bit oversmutted

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Six years ago today the most epic Avatar group went to Megacon. This was the culmination of months of planning and coordination, and I still can’t believe this many people followed through and got it done on time.

We had it all: The Gaang, the Freedom Fighters, the Earth King, his bear, two Dai Lee agents, the hippies that sing “Secret Tunnel”, the pregnant woman from Serpent’s Pass, and an actual goddamn twelve year old Aang. We had all of Ozai’s Angels, the badass bounty hunter, WE HAD THE FUCKING BOULDER!!!! It was EPIC.

So let’s just remember that day everyone. We pulled it off, and this remains the most incredible group I’ve been apart of. Wooooo!!

Help me with tags guys, there are a ton of you and its been a long time.

#ShipperCon - my ECCC 2017 story (part 1)

I honestly don’t even know how to begin. It’s been nearly a week and I’m still buzzing and overwhelmed from last weekend. What started out 8 weeks ago as an impulsive trip with 2 ladies who live in the Seattle area (the original #ShipperCon trio!), it quickly turned into a group of 8 of us from all over the US. Finally meeting after becoming friends on Twitter over the last year. I’m so thankful they were all able to make the trip all the way out to the NW and I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. Truly.

I’ve already reblogged the top moments that @heyheykatiemae put together from the weekend (check those out too!) and I’m going to totally steal her idea of using all our Twitter handles to keep the stories straight. (You can also follow these lovely ladies over there because they’re basically the best. No lie.)

@heyheykatiemae (also on tumblr), @jill_millander, @ClaireEBFraser (@claireelizabethbeauchampfraser on tumblr), @birdie4573, @ZenGeisha1 (@zengeisha on tumblr), @Pursuitofagood1 (@pursuitofagoodbook on tumblr), and @meg_eh.

Apologies in advance that this got EXTREMELY wordy. But it just spilled out and I don’t want to forget a second of it! Since it did end up being so long, this is part 1 of 2!

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