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trainees’ reaction during the 1st evaluation | noh taehyun - kim samuel - yoon jisung [1/?]

Nozaki: Thank you very much for Kagawa performance!
This is the only Shikoku performance in this tour, so I felt sad after it ended.
We’re gonna come to Kagawa and to Shikoku again!

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OK LOUIS WE GET IT. TWO GHOSTS IS ABOUT YOU. (White shirt? Check. Tattoo showing? Check)

He’s definitely on something with the white t-shirt/tattoo pics

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Liz helping Alan to walk after his knee fracture!

I feel like you’re just trying to get them into close proximity, haha. Liz offering herself up as a clutch, guiding Alan’s arm around her shoulders and pressing her body close to his side, hips touching, his head so close to hers that if he’d just turn the slightest bit he’d be able to press a kiss to the crown of her head.

Theory time....

Alright so I want to talk about this

Now, I know that this has been talked about a lot (and I’ll probably discover that someone already talked about this before) but I want to give my thoughts, as I haven’t seen anyone say this theory yet. So hear me out please.

Alright, so far I’ve seen a bunch of different speculations about what is going on in the above picture. Back before season 2 came out, I think the largest theory surrounding this was that this was proof that he was galra, as it made his skin turn purple and shows his galra form. Even now people still think that is what it is even though they don’t need it anymore to try and prove that Keith is galra.

Lately I’ve seen a bunch of theories about him also being a druid, and saying that that is why his hand looks like that instead of the glowy wounds like Shiro and Thace’s.

Then there is the simpler theories of the magic just burned his hand and the pure quintessence healed it.

All or any of these could very well be true, but consider this;

The purple in his hand is corrupted quintessence.

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I just taught my girlfriend how to make a smoothie that has spinach in it but tastes like banana and she seems so happy it's kinda adorable. I know how to make gross healthy things taste good because my dad is a total health freak and is scared of me getting overweight. Kale chips to the rescue! ✨

Love is helping ur loved ones be healthy bc u love em a lot and support their desires to be healthy and happy 👌

hey kind of a long shot, but i went to the court hotel (a gay club in perth) last night and it was cosplay night! i saw a really cool noya cosplayer there and i was wondering if anyone knew who they might be? they were also wearing a denim jacket with the words “protect trans kids” and i rlly wanna follow them!! they seem really cool! (pls boost this!!)

i just went on a very large unfollowing spree and it’s amazing to me how many of y’all I’ve followed for 6+ years like….we tru mutual homies for sure 

kinda sad to go thru and realize that some blogs that were HUGE to me back in the day now haven’t posted for years and are dead n’ gone…..like just from the icon alone I can remember how much I looked up to these people and I didn’t even notice when they faded out of my life yknow?

my sophomore album is in the works and i’d have to say it’s the best thing i’ve written since mind of mine. as much as i love working in the studio, i need to go on vacation for the next six months              smoking a joint on some random tropical island sounds like fuckin’ heaven to me.