but then we didn't

lmao pls dont tell me my priorities are off just because i “watched a concert” even tho i said i had to draw that night

the only reason i went was to make sure my sister went and had fun and didn’t feel out of place with my workmates. her anxiety is bad enough as it is and i wanted her to have a good time.

i sleep at 1am working on artworks and just because you don’t see me uploading much doesn’t mean i’m not doing anything :D

Hey, TWD, if you wanna declare a mulligan and just re-do S7 next year instead of going forward with this wheelbarrow full of hot garbage you decided to turn your show into, we the fans support you entirely and will be totally cool if you just pretend it never happened and start over. 8x01? Starts off right where 6x16 leaves off. Just go with it, man.

To prevent history from repeating, might I suggest that in your S7 remake, you refrain from

  • killing Glenn
  • shoving aside all your wonderful female characters for this gross male power fantasy bullshit you decided to go with this season
  • preventing Carol from doing anything at all this season aside from sit in a house and be sad
  • including the Junkyard People, they are stupid and have stupid hair
  • having Negan bend backwards like he’s doing the limbo every time he says a vowel, that can’t be good for JDM’s back

Possible new narrative avenues you could take can be

  • Glenn, alive and totally living
  • Carol doing things and being part of the story
  • Women in general doing things and being part of the story, having agency and feelings and stuff
  • either have Negan be Actually Not A Rapist (For Real), or deal with the fact that he is
  • Instead of Dwight, how about a nice Sherry instead
  • Actually make Negan a compelling villain, instead of an off-brand version of Ramsey Bolton
  • Whatever this nonsense is with Eugene and Sasha? Just don’t.
  • Maybe have Rick face some actual consequences other than His Friends Die Because Of Him, But His Other Friends Don’t Blame Him Or Hold Him Accountable, So It’s Cool
  • Olivia, being all alive and shit, just like Glenn

Bail Organa is a normal-as-heck senator that looked at the flaming ruins of the space wizard hangout and went “I should go check this out to make sure everything’s ok.”

He’s a guy who saw one of the young students there get gunned down and went “I should go find what survivors I can.”

He’s the guy who dropped off Yoda to go try to assassinate the Emperor and picked him up when it failed and everyone was looking for Yoda.

He’s the guy who gave sanctuary to the only two Jedi he could find and the two Jedi that would be the highest of the Emperor and Vader’s list.

He’s the guy who watched one of his closest friends die after giving birth the children of the second most dangerous/evil guy in the galaxy, and began making arrangements for the children’s safety.

He’s the guy that took the daughter of the mass-murdering sorcerer who ruined the galaxy and decided to put himself and everything he held dear at risk to raise her as his daughter, give her a loving home.

He’s the guy that taught his daughter, who has the genes of the most powerful Jedi that’s ever lived, to channel her passions into righteous causes and the aid of others.

He’s the guy that started the Rebellion before there was even an Empire and who constantly put himself, his family, and his people at risk so that people across the galaxy could continue to fight against tyranny.

Bail Organa is too good for any of us.


Okay I had this sitting about since December. I should have shared it sooner but well. I love this movie so much it reminded me why I do what I do