but then vampire ish

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vampire daniel? maybe a were wolf david

i drew the Boys + zombie jasper bc who do you think i am lmao


anonymous asked: stelena  or scallison?
If every memory of Stefan were taken away from me,” she said icily, “I would still fall in love with him the very moment I saw him. And if every memory of me were taken away from Stefan, he would wander all over the world looking for something without knowing what he was looking for.

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Television: It’s the circle of life-ish.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer debuts at No. 20 after celebrating it’s 20th anniversary…
⬆ …While The Vampire Diaries shoots up to No. 4 after the airing of it’s series finale.

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Movies: Would pay good money to see Kong: The Musical.

Kong: Skull Island wins the No. 13 spot and the award for “Most Metal Title”.
⬇︎ La La Land is on a trajectory downward, it’s down six spots to No. 9.

Music: You guys have truly wild fandom names.

Twenty One Pilots swiped No. 1 from Ed Sheeren. No word on how the Skeleton Clique or Sheerios are handling this.
⬇︎ Hayley Kiyoko is moving quickly in the wrong direction. She’s down seventeen to No. 19.

Celebrities: Wonder if Tom got that large gorilla’s autograph?

Camila Mendes (No. 18) debuts as Riverdale starts to take off with fans
⬆ Thanks to Skull Island, Tom Hiddleston leaps thirteen spots to No. 4.

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Games:The over/under on games.

★ Play of the game: Overwatch remains at No. 1 for the 20th week in a row, a pretty wild feat.
⬇︎ Undertale drops to No. 9. The little game that could has been on this list for months and months.

Web stuff: what’s going on in the World Wide Web.

The Eleven Little Roosters returns with the cutest name at No. 16
The Adventure Zone takes an exciting trip to No. 3.

Hey, (little) guy

Trying to practise limbs and feet and hands using my fav rarepair, here we go. Please enjoy some odd stuff ❤︎ 
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- Woozi’s Bday is Coming Up + the Boys Need Your Help


- J-Hope and Suga getting mad when their crush becomes close to Jin


  • I’m Somewhere In Between A Dream And Reality [Kyungsoo/D.O] [fluff]
    ↳ For as long as you could remember, a boy had haunted your dreams. Brown-eyed and mysterious, you presumed that he was just a creation of your active imagination. Until one day you both met and destiny was set in motion, revealing that he was a lot more than just a dream.
  • The Boss’ Daughter [Minseok/Xiumin] [angst] [mafia!au]
    ↳ Being the daughter of the head of the Mafia had its perks. One being money. Another being Daddy’s hot bodyguard.
  • Someone Call The Doctor [Baekhyun] [insane asylum!au] [angst]
    ↳ If any of the other asylum doctors knew how much Baekhyun loved you, a patient, they just might think he was insane


  • First Kiss [Taehyun] [fluff]
    ↳ Accidental first kiss with Nam Taehyun
  • Over Stimulation [Seungyoon] [smut]
    ↳ Your daddy was kind and very caring. He loved to look after you and pamper his baby. But one thing he did not tolerate was disobedience


  • Kiss Kiss Kiss, Baby [Taehyung/V] [fluff/slight smut]
    ↳ Keeping your relationship with V a secret was hard, especially with him being a teasy little shit.
  • R To The M [Namjoon/Rap Monster] [smut]
    ↳ Who cares about homework or studying when you can make out with Rap Monster instead?
  • You’re Like A Butterfly [child!Jungkook] [babysitter!au] [fluff]
    ↳ 5 year old Jungkook likes three things for certain; ice cream, slides and his pretty babysitter.
  • Save Me, Save Me [child!Jungkook] [babysitter!au] [fluff]
    ↳ Jungkook looks at his reflection in the mirror, wondering if he was really going to do this. Your humming reaches his ears and he thinks,“Yes, I’m a man now. This is something I have to do”
  • Happy Hope Day! 2017 [JHope]
    ↳ This is in celebration of Hobi’s bday 💖
  • Mafia!AU: Jung Hoseok [also for Hobi’s bday :D]
  • Fuckboy!Hoseok [for Hobi’s bday … again haha]
  • A Broken Heart [child!Jungkook] [babysitter!au] [fluff]
    ↳ Young Jungkook finds out one weekend what a broken heart really feels like
  • Practice Makes Perfect [Jimin] [fluff]
    ↳ Jimin tries to teach you the choreography to “Save Me” and only ends up looking even more beautiful instead.


  • I Adore You, Enough To Get Dizzy [Seungcheol/S.Coups] [fluff]
    ↳ Kisses from S.Coups were powerful enough to leave you dizzy.
  • I Took A Pill In Ibiza [Jisoo/Joshua] [angst/fluff]
    ↳ “I took a pill in Ibiza / And when I finally got sober, felt 10 years older” / But sobriety was only first achieved with a gentleman’s help.
  • Midnight Snack [Jun] [vampire!au] [angst-ish]
    ↳ Vampires weren’t just the stuff of legends. They were real, they were hot and they were hungry
  • Chubby Cheeks [Hoshi] [fluff]
    ↳ You just can’t stop kissing Hoshi’s soft, precious cheeks.
  • Family Dinner [Woozi] [fluff]
    ↳ A day in the life of Woozi and his wife taking care of their four children; Jeonghan, Joshua, Seokmin and Seungkwan.


  • Feel So Good [Daehyun] [fluff]
    ↳ Grocery shopping is never fun. Unless it ends with a hot date


  • Limitless Love [Taeyong] [fluff] [high school!au]
    ↳ Sunbae Taeyong can’t help noticing how attractive Mark’s friend is & his friends decide to help him out with that
  • SM’s New Trainee [Mark] [fluff]
    ↳ Trainee life is hard. But having someone to help you through it makes it just a little easier. Especially if that person is Mark Lee
  • Professor Turned Call Boy [Taeyong] [smut]
    ↳ You call a sex line, only to find out that Lee Taeyong, your strict professor, has a side to him you never knew.

Monsta X

The Vampire and His Huntress - Their Deal

He’s been visiting her once every turn of the moon. Sometimes he’s gracious, and he knocks on her front door. Other times, when his thirst drives him from courtesy, he looms at her window like a salivating hound. 

Of course she lets him in, what choice does she have?

Their deal is as such: harm no one, and he shall have her willing blood whenever he thirsts. This way he does not have to fuss over hunting his prey, and she will not have to fuss over hunting him. At first, the deal is created to protect Dawn from his grasps. He even once confesses that Dawn’s blood is exceptionally spirited, which is very valuable in turning a mortal into a vampire.

“But your sacrifice,” the immortal himself starts with a sly grin, “there is no other such delicacy that can compare to it.”

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Aside from helping a player win battles, the rare 5-star battle cards also has it other perk/s when chosen to be displayed on the homepage. Just like Ikemen Sengoku, it plays a voice recording of the character (the 4-star does as well).





FUUUUUー now, more than ever, i want that 5-star card of the Count and Arthur. ԅ(¯﹃¯ԅ)


- A Vampire AU where Ripper Y/n falls in love with human Harry


“What am I doing here?“

His sight is still fogged from his unconsciousness and he hears a slight ringing in his ears upon his awakening. The lightness in his head intensifies from his frantic movements, which only makes him realize that his motions are limited due to the restraints that are tied around his wrists and ankles.

He coughs dryly, groaning at the pounding in his head and the thumping in his chest as he repositions himself upon the chair. The world seems to be spinning around him and he still isn’t too sure whether this is a dream or his reality.

When he blinks his eyes harshly to gain composure, his sight is still blurred and he hisses at the dizziness that seems to be taking over him.

It’s dark and unfamiliar territory—the lights dimmed and the illumination of the fireplace is the only glow of the room. There’s no windows, no sign of the outside world besides a door that seems to have several latches and locks to keep him in lockdown.

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Okay there are multiple pictures on Edgeworth’s unused design page that I can’t believe I missed before? I mean uh just look we got

“Pocket Cravat”,

Oh Holy Mother That Jacket Is… Quite Interesting“,

You Could Fit, Like, Five Dogs On That Cravat“,

Rockin’ The Ponytail & Giant Cravat“, and

What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets.

he doesn’t really look too much like Castlevania Dracula but I think he looks like a vampire-ish guy so

7 Spooky(ish) Scary(ish) TED-Ed Lessons to Watch this Weekend

Vampires: Folklore, fantasy and fact - Michael Molina

Animation by The Moving Company Animation Studio

Beware of nominalizations (AKA zombie nouns) - Helen Sword

Animation by Bran Dougherty-Johnson

The terrors of sleep paralysis - Ami Angelowicz

Animation by Pew36 Animation Studios

Diagnosing a zombie: Brain and behavior - Tim Verstynen & Bradley Voytek

Animation by TED-Ed

The science of stage fright (and how to overcome it) - Mikael Cho

Animation by KAPWA Studioworks

The brilliance of bioluminescence - Leslie Kenna

Animation by Cinematic Sweden

How do you decide where to go in a zombie apocalypse? - David Hunter

Animation by @provinciastudio

Happy Halloween! <3 TED-Ed 

Vampires Suck.

Genre: Smut with an inkling of Fluff

Pairing: Vampire Jungkook x Werewolf Reader (A Halloween special trash)

Word Count: 5.8k-ish 

When things between you and your love rival, Jungkook, start heating up, you realize that not everything is what it seems to be….

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“Get your grubby paws off him,” Jungkook snarls at you as you link your arm with Jimin’s, his eyes a startling shade of golden brown—indicating that he’s been feeding recently—and you give a nonchalant look in response, “Frankly, it’s disgusting.”

“Not more than you, though,” You retort back, gripping Jimin’s hand tighter to further the anger boiling in his veins, smiling when you see his glare intensify, “At least I can keep him warm like this, unlike you, deadface.”

“Guys, stop fighting, seriously.” Jimin’s soft voice serves to quell your irritation, especially when he grips your hand back with his, looking at you with his warm brown eyes and that smile that you adore so much. Though you really can’t be around Jungkook without starting an argument, Jimin makes it tolerable.

But, it doesn’t really do much to silence Jungkook.

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