but then tumblr really reduces the quality :(

True Black: The Tarot Deck

True Black: The Tarot Deck just lauched on Kickstarter!

*Images property of True Black Tarot, used with permission. For more deck images see the Kickstarter.

Launching on Kickstarter for the reduced price of $70 (retail $85) this deck is really a stunning work of art. Go check it out & get yours! For more deck pictures, please visit the Kickstarter page!

True Black: The Tarot Deck on Kickstarter!

I swear...
I swear...

Spent the scraps of my free time these past two days trying to churn out a comic for you guys.

And it’s done! It really is!!

But tumblr is just NOT having it right now. It keeps reducing the quality of the images dramatically and I’m livid.

I did not draw Keith’s hair so gloriously poofy for it to be disrespected like this.

anonymous asked:

This might sound a bit random but what file format do you upload your digital art to instagram in? Your pics always look so lush and crystal clear and perfect but every time i try to upload anything it looks pixelated and blurry and awful. Everything is RGB and saved for web and devices. I keep searching and even instagram itself won't tell me what formats it accepts. You really have your stuff figured out so I thought you'd be the one to know. I hope you don't mind me asking. :)

I just use jpg, and half the time I save it from tumblr onto my phone and repost that lmao.  When you save your image in photoshop make sure the quality is on the highest setting, use bicubic sharper when reducing image size, etc.

how to be a better, happier, and more productive creative

Work/life balance is very difficult for a lot of creatives because many of us work from home, for ourselves, or for “fun” and therefore we are our own worst enemies when it comes to really working.  Since so many of us live where we work, the line is very blurry!  Which means that we’re constantly sabotaging ourselves in tiny ways that reduce our productivity, and this goes way beyond just checking our phones or messing around on facebook/twitter/tumblr.  It goes way deep, like psychologically deep.

I want to help you fix this, though!  Here’s a list of things you can do to not only improve your productivity but improve the quality of your work and the quality of your life in and of itself.

  • Don’t work where you sleep.

If you only follow one thing on this list, this is the thing to follow.  Move your work area to another room that isn’t your bedroom.  This will absolutely improve your entire life by an immeasurable amount.  I’m not lying.  Go into the kitchen, dining room, living room, build a shed in the yard and go out there.  It doesn’t matter.  Just don’t work where you sleep.

  • Don’t eat at your desk.

This is only slightly less important than not working where you sleep, but only slightly.  If you can’t move your workspace out of your bedroom for whatever reason you’ve convinced yourself is true, then this is the thing to follow.  Take your meals away from your workspace.  Take them where you can’t even see your workspace if at all possible.

  • Take walks when you’re stuck.

When you don’t know how to push forward on whatever you’re working on, get up, and take a 20 minute walk and leave your phone behind.  20 minutes walking is the magic number of walking minutes that’ll get you to find a solution to, or at least a way around, the problem you’re having.  Not having your phone on you means you aren’t looking at it, cause if you’re looking at it you’re not thinking about the solution to your problem.

  • Put your phone and all messaging on Do Not Disturb mode.

When you’re working, you shouldn’t be able to be reached until you’re done working.  I KNOW THIS IS VERY HARD FOR MOST OF US.  The average person checks their phone 85 times a day, and uses it for about 5 hours a day.  That’s a lot of productivity time stolen by distraction.   If you can’t see it, you can’t check it.  The message can wait.

  • Take regular breaks, but don’t break at your computer!

The longer you work in a row means the less productive you become.  It’s extremely important to know your limits and to take breaks when you can.  These are different breaks than the walks noted above, those are for overcoming problems.  This is for getting a short rest and getting back to work.  But don’t take a break at your computer, because that doesn’t actually count to your brain as a break.  Leave the room when you’re taking a break.  You can check your phone now.

  • Have a different computer for doing work on.

This one is tougher to follow because it has a potentially significant monetary component and creatives are generally always strapped for cash cause of how creative work has been devalued.  But that’s another post.  A computer that you only use while working is important.

  • Your work computer should be the “opposite” operating system of your personal computer.

If your personal computer is Windows, buy a Mac.  This is a psychological thing that works in two ways.  The first is that you won’t like using it so you won’t be as inclined to fuck around on it.  Remember, you’re using it for work, not to be comfortable. Secondly, it’ll put your brain in a “Oh, we’re working” mindset, which is what we’re trying to re-train ourselves to recognize.

  • If you can’t get a work computer, make a second login on your computer. 

Purposefully limit it to only have access to work-centric programs and that you can’t install any new programs from that account.  Make the second login a totally different theme, wallpaper, colors, everything.  No facebook, tumblr, or twitter!

  • Find a ritual to get ready.

This is also a pretty big thing.  Rituals are extremely powerful things in our lives.  We all have them, whether we are conscious of that or not.  Do you check your phone first thing in the morning?  Ritual.

For getting into a proper mindset for creative work, we need tangible things that will get us ready to focus in on the task and ignore distractions and temptations for distraction.  Whatever those may be.  A proper ritual before you start working will help you get there faster.

For instance, I know some people who take a shower, get dressed in business clothes, and then go straight into their home office to begin their work day from their house.  Do they have to do that?  No.  But that’s their ritual.  That’s what works for them.

For me, I need a large ice water on my desk before I can do literally anything.  If I don’t have it, I’m seriously thinking about how thirsty I am and it’ll only get worse, and I’m so preoccupied by NOT having the ice water, I have to go get the ice water.

I know it seems like a lot of rules to follow, and don’t get me wrong, I struggle with a lot of them too.  Particularly with being accessible to everyone in my life all the time.  But following as many of these as you can with as much consistency as possible will give you results you’ll be happy with in the long term, even if you’re miserable right now cause you don’t know if you have a mention on twitter or a new note on tumblr.