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check out stellar’s new single, ARCHANGELS OF THE SEPHIROTH !!! it’s always a shame to see them releasing such great song, but always having to struggle to survive. please, show them the love and support they deserve. we all know that the risk of disbandment is very high and that they need lots and lots of help from us. watch the mv, buy their new mini album, vote for them when the time comes, do anything that could help these lovely, talented girls. and please, show some love to the new member, soyoung ♡

anonymous asked:

I love this analysis of the "running with the thieves" line in MMITH: Any saying the includes “running with the…” implies associating one’s self with a particular group of people without identifying as part of the group. A thief, on the reduced psychological level, is someone who seeks something they don’t possess. In this song he’s waiting for a person who isn’t coming back to him, and so he feels a connection with thieves on a mental level.

I love that as well.  This also reminded me of that quote from Liam Sparkes in Another Man when he talks about Harry’s tattoos:

“The butterfly on his torso is based on and old French prison tattoo inspired by Papillon. Traditionally it would mean the wearer is a thief – something to do with the double meaning of ‘Je vole’, which translates as both ‘I steal’ and ‘I fly’.”