but then they start mocking each other and teammates

I Don't Know If This Has Already Been Done, But...

You know what I just noticed?

While the Swim Club is gushing about Haru’s incredible race (which was kind of awesome), who’s the only person to think about Makoto?


He is the one to talk to Makoto and to ask why Makoto raced against Haru in the first place.

And when Makoto gives him his answer,

Nagisa says nothing and doesn’t mock anything at all.


Who else do we know that makes sure his teammate is okay?


Makoto is the only person who responds to Nagisa’s worries, and who is completely understanding and not judgmental at all (not that anyone else was, but still…)

Basically, what I’m trying to say is, these two look out for each other. They both totally understand the fear of being left behind by the person they love are best friends with.

They’re hopelessly in love dorks who need to start an “unrequited love club” and realize that both are insanely precious and thoughtful babies who are never selfish but always feel like they’re being selfish for trying to catch up with their respective somebodies.

Also, they need to invite Sosuke to join their club.