but then they have to also speak in at most 3 words repeated

How to learn a new language FAST!

Hi guys! Recently people have been asking me how come I am fluent in so many languages. And although I find this compliment to be very flattering, I do feel the urge to share my best tips with you guys. So I speak around 6 languages, but I am completely fluent in English, Croatian and Italian which always seem to interest people the most. Learning a new language does take time, but hopefully with these tips, you will be able to do it a lot faster!


For instance, if you are from Spanish speaking area, you might want to start off by learning Portuguese or Italian since all those languages have a similar sound and sentence structure. This way learning process might go a bit faster.


For best results, try leaving out at least 10 minutes or so every day to do something in that language. It can be something as simple as listening a song, even listening someone speak. Just be consistent and I promise you, you will find yourself understanding the language algorithm in no time.


It literally doesn’t matter if you understand or have no idea what the heck are they talking about. When I first started learning Italian, I just spent hours watching one Italian movie after the other and God knows I didn’t understand a thing, but I begin to understand the way they formed the sentences and noticed the way they repeated same words but in different context. This is a very important tip because every language has that part that can not be translated, nor explained, only understood by Italian speakers. So just find youtubers, movies or podcasts in language you want to learn and take our dictionary with you and listen.


It’s not that hard, really. There are also app to help you (such as Duolingo). Pick a few words and think of a way to make a sentence out of that word. Then try turning that word in an adverb and then try using that in a sentence. For instance, if you were to learn English and your word of choice was ‘beautiful’ use it first as an adjective: “This apple is beautiful.” Then use it as an adverb: “She drew his portrait beautifully.” This way you will learn a few words that go together and be closer to understanding the language structure. Also, start simple. start off by learning the most common and the simplest everyday sentences.


It doesn’t matter if you’re bad or lacking words, just speak. It is important to use what you’ve learned and practice it. Find someone to speak with. Internet is a huge place and you will find someone to speak with you. Even better if you find a native speaker (who knows, maybe they come to your town as a tourist?) since they will probably be willing to correct your mistakes and you will learn something from them.


This goes with the previous one. If you don’t have anyone to speak with, then write. You will practice your vocabulary and challenge yourself to learn the words that are missing to form a good sentence.


Grammar will come, focus on vocabulary first. Grammar will come as you begin understanding the language itself. So it takes time, but listen to songs, watch movies and try reading books in that language.


Enjoy yourself. Learning a new language is such a noble thing to do. You will have your mind so much more open and you will be richer for another experience.

Also, if you need help with anything, I will be more than glad to help you. My askbox is always open. 

Good luck.

How to Write Successful Dialogue

@albino-troll-ninja asked:

Got any feedback/advice/links for someone who wants to make lengthy, relatively action-less dialogues between characters more than just “‘Loren ipsum,’ he said.” “'Ipsum lorem’, she replied.” for forty paragraphs?

No problem!  I love dialogue, so I’m happy to be of assistance in this department.  

Here are my personal rules of thumb:

1.  Allow the dialogue to show the character’s personality.

If you really think about your conversations, it can be telling exactly how much of someone’s personality can shine through when they speak.  

Allow your character’s persona, values, and disposition to spill over when they speak, and it will make for a significantly more interesting read for you and your reader. 

For example:  let’s take a look at a mundane exchange, and see how it can be spruced up by injecting it with a good dose of personality.

Exhibit A)

“How was your day, by the way?”  asked Oscar, pouring himself a drink.

“Not too bad,” replied Byron.  “Cloudy, but warm.  Not too many people.”

“That’s nice.”   

Exhibit B) 

“How was your day, by the way?” asked Oscar, pouring himself a drink. 

“Ugh.  Not too bad,” groaned Byron, draping himself on the couch.  “Warm, but dreary.  Gray clouds as far as the eye could see.  Not anyone worth mentioning out this time of year.”  A pause.  “Well, except me, of course.”

“Hmmph,” said Oscar, glancing over his shoulder.  “If it were me, I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Isn’t that better?  Already, the audience will feel as though they’ve gotten to know these characters. 

This works for longer dialogue, too:  allow the character’s personal beliefs, life philosophy, and generally disposition to dictate how they talk, and your readers will thank you.

Of course, this example is also good for giving the reader a general sense of what the characters’ relationship is like.  Which brings me to my next point:

2.  Allow the dialogue to show the character’s relationship. 

Everyone is a slightly different person depending on who they’re around.  Dynamic is an important thing to master, and when you nail it between two characters, sparks can fly.

Work out which character assumes more of the Straight Man role, and which is quicker to go for lowbrow humor.  Think of who’s the more analytical of the two and who’s the more impulse driven.  Who would be the “bad cop” if the situation called for it.  

Then, allow for this to show in your dialogue, and it will immediately become infinitely more entertaining.


“Alright,” said Fogg, examining the map before him.  “Thus far, we’ve worked out how we’re going to get in through the ventilation system, and meet up in the office above the volt.  Then, we’re cleared to start drilling.”

Passepartout grinned.  “That’s what she said.” 

“Oh, for the love of God – REALLY, Jean.  Really!?  We are PLANNING a goddamn bank robbery!”

Some more questions about dynamic to ask yourself before writing dialogue: 

  • Who is more likely to talk and who is more likely to listen? 
  • Who would talk with their mouth full of food and who would politely wait to swallow?
  • Is their relationship fraternal/sororal?  If so, who would be the “little sibling?”
  • Is one of them a bit of a mother/father figure to the other? 
  • Who more frequently gets irritated with who?
  • Who has the more understated sense of humor?  Who’s a bit more juvenile?
  • Who’s better educated?  Does it show when they speak?
  • Who’s a bit more pretentious/full of themselves?
  • Who interrupts more?
  • Who swears more?

This can also be a valuable tool to cluing your reader in on who the characters are as people: 

3.  Think about what this dialogue can tell the reader.

It’s better to fill the reader in more gradually than to waist your valuable first chapter on needless exposition, and dialogue is a great way to do it.  

Think about what your characters are saying, and think about ways in which you can “sneak in” details about their past, their families, and where they came from into the discussion.  

For example, you could say:

Tuckerfield was a happy-go-lucky Southern guy with domineering parents,

and bore everyone to death.  

Or you could have him say: 

“Sheesh.  All this sneakin’ around in the woods late at night reminds me of being back in Kansas.  Good times, man, good times.”  There was a pause, before he added,  “‘Course, it wasn’t nearly so fun when I came home late for curfew and had to sleep on the front step, but y’know.  Life happens.”

Isn’t that much better than the omnipresent monotone?

Dialogue is also a great way to fill in potential plot holes early on, by having your characters talk them out and explain them. 

Moreover, dialogue can also be used to foreshadow, offer relevant hints about the climax, or provide information necessary for the resolution.  

So use it wisely!  

4.  Sprinkle in mini-actions throughout. 

Even in actionless dialogue, no one actually does nothing.  In my case, for example, I stim a lot.  I play with my hair.  I play with eating utensils.  It’s probably very annoying for those around me, but you get the point.

Less fidget-y folks might not do this as much, but they rarely sit totally still during conversations, either.  So occasionally add in these mini-actions, and it will make your characters feel a bit less like disembodied voices or floating heads.

For instance:  

Jo leaned back in her chair rolling her stiff neck from sitting still for so long.  “…So the way I see it,” she continued.  “Even if Pheris Beuller’s Day Off didn’t take place in Cameron’s imagination, Pheris was clearly a sociopath whose behavior shouldn’t be glamorized.”

“Ha.  As if.”  Avery paused to sip her root beer.  “Pheris,” she began, raising an index finger.  “Was clearly emblematic of counterculturist movements such as the Beat Generation, and his disregard for the capitalistic dogmas imposed upon younger generations is something to be admired.” 

“For Christ’s sake, will you two lighten up?”  scoffed Leo, counting out bills for the pizza.  “We were talking about which movie we wanted to watch tonight.  Jesus.”

5.  Remember how people actually speak.

In real life conversations, people don’t speak in paragraphs.  Alright, some people might, and this can actually be interesting as the personality aspect of a certain type of character.  

But generally speaking, people don’t speak in paragraphs, or as though they’re writing thought-out prose or letters.

In real conversations, people stutter.  They laugh at their own jokes, repeat words or phrases, and lose their train of thought.

Naturally, you don’t have to illustrate in your writing exactly how chaotic and mundane human speech can be, as writing would be pretty boring in general if it was strictly limited to miming reality.  But it’s good to keep in mind that your characters are talking, not writing in purple prose.

Exhibit A: 

“When I was a young boy, my mother and I had a most tumultuous relationship,” said Marcus.  “She saw me as a hallmark of her past failures, and took every opportunity to remind me as such.”     

Exhibit B:

“My mom, when I was kid, we had what you’d call a sort of tumultuous relationship,” said Marcus.  “Nothing I ever did was right for her.  She, uh – I think she saw me as sort of a hallmark of her past failures.  Took every opportunity to remind me of that.”    

Which of these is more organic, more easy to visualize, and more telling of character?  Unless the point of this dialogue is to illustrate that Marcus is a gentleman crook of some kind with pristine speaking mannerisms, I’m going to say the latter. 

Best of luck, I hope this helps, and happy writing!  <3

sourwolfstories top 10

friends to lovers sterek fics

1. Permanent Fixture by linksofmemories

Derek is Scott’s older brother. Stiles is Scott’s best friend. Derek is falling in love with Stiles. This is a bit of a problem.

2. Baking My Way Into Your Heart by theSilence

Derek is an uptight college student, all work and no play. His carefully scheduled life is thrown kilter when his regular barista is replaced with someone new.

3. Strut on a Line, it’s Discord and Rhyme by xiaq

“Carry me,” Stiles says.


“But I’m injured.”

“You have a rash,” Derek says. “On your arm. Your feet work just fine.”


“No. You weigh almost as much as I do. And you ate a pound of chicken at lunch.”

“Well, yeah, but I pooped like an hour ago, so.”

“You’re disgusting.”

“Don’t play, you love me.”

I do, Derek thinks, relatively horrified. I really do.

4. Thrill (like white-hot wire) by raisesomehale

Stiles made the decision that Derek was his new best friend (and that he’ll one day marry him) the day he shared his dinosaur chicken nuggets with him.

5. Little Kid Crush by KuriKuri

“What’s your name?” Derek asks, wiping the last of the tears off the kid’s face with his sleeve.

“’tiles,” the kid mumbles, and Derek frowns, wondering if he heard correctly.

“Tiles?” Derek repeats.

“Stiles,” the kid repeats, pouting at Derek slightly, defiant even though his eyes are still puffy and red and his cheeks tear-stained.

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Note: These are not in any order, the reasons are all random, also there will be spoilers and cursing.

1. LITTLE NICO IS SO CUTE. He protects his sister, “Don’t talk to my sister that way!” Plus he’s super nerdy and obsessed with mythomagic and pirates, HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE HIM?!

2. “You said you would protect her” Do really need to explain?

3. He’s so fucking powerful, but doesn’t use his powers for bad, or to show off (unlike some other demigods I know).


5. He discovered Camp Jupiter before anyone else.

6. He pretends not to know Percy, which must have been extremely hard for him to do, just to make sure that he doesn’t accidentally mess up the quest.


8. His grammar is AMAZING.

9. He is so freaking polite.



11. According to the old myths, Ares, an immortal god at his full strength could barely survive being in the Bronze jar. NICO SURVIVED AT AGE 14 AFTER BEING TO FUCKING TARTARUS.

12. On top of everything, he had MORE PAIN ABOUT HIS FEELINGS FOR PERCY.

13. He’s gay, and it made me SO happy to FINALLY see an LGBTQ+ character in a kids book.



16. Reynico and Jasico BROTP


18. He is sane enough to continue to live, talk, and be pretty okay.

19. “I have a doctor’s note”

20. He has an awesome “Son of Hades” look


22. Nico is an amazing name. So is di Angelo. It translates to Nico from the Angels, I think. Edit: Okay so apparently, according to the helpful @the-forgotten-traveller his name translates to Victory of the Angels or the Angel of Death, depending on where his first name was rooted from. (correct me if I’m wrong).

23. “With great power, comes great need to take a nap. Wake me up later”

24. He tries to comfort Reyna and defends her by killing that demigod roman asshole.

25. I’m pretty sure Will Solace had a crush on him.

26. “I’m a son of Hades, Jason. I might as well be covered in blood or sewage, the way people treat me.”


27. He speaks Italian.

28. He’s defends all of his sisters, Bianca, Hazel, and Reyna.

29. He’s sarcastic.

30. This line: “Not a word about the shirt. Not one word.”

31. He’s probably the most attractive 80-something year old ever.


33. He listens to Techno Pop music.

34. He’s awesome at sword fighting.

35. He’s a classic “Looks like he could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll”

36. He was the only one to talk to Hesita and Bob.

37. Nico talking to Bob was the only reason Bob helped Percy and Annabeth in Tartarus, and therefore Nico indirectly saved the entire world.

38. He’s the ghost king.

39. “Don’t call me Death Boy!”

40. “Significant annoyance, in your case.”

41. He’s can shadow travel.

42. He helped Apollo in ToA, even though the gods have been nothing but mean to him.

43. Fuck that. Not only did he help Apollo, he HELPED ALL THE GODS.

44. Hades is pretty cool.

45. Nico is so relatable.

46. He’s such an inspiration, I mean, he’s been though so much pain, and is still a hero.

47. He’s stronger than everyone else, because not only does he have to do normal DEMIGOD stuff, he also has SO MUCH PAIN.

48. He’s not stupid, quite the contrary actually. He’s extremely intelligent, AND he stopped going to school at age 10. Let me repeat that, HE STOPPED GOING TO SCHOOL AT AGE TEN. AND THE SCHOOL HE WENT TO WAS FROM THE 1930S.


50. He’s fucking Nico di Angelo.

  • BTS play table bowling for pocket money
  • Jungkook who is usually good at bowling is so terrible at “table” bowling, he got -25$. Jhope got 3$. Rapmon 23$. Suga 9$.Jin 7$. Jimin got 4$. V 17$. Rapmon so far is the luckiest in Hawaii but Jungkook the lucky guy seems to be cursed in that land lol.
  • Jungkook will challenge again, giving up his basic meal for tomorrow yet he ended up getting the same minus 25$ again. Then Jimin tries and wagers all his 4$, he will end up with 0 if he fails and gets 10$ if he succeeds then he proposes if he gets more than 10$ for them to provide JK with a basic meal (but JK will refuse) and then Jimin hits the highest score 30$. Jhope will put his 3$ on the line and end up with none. End of story “never gamble” as JK said, “You will end up like me”.
  • BTS went hiking, Namjin dances to Spine breaker,  they take a pic all together, Jikook takes a selfie together and they admire the waterfall.
  • Jin is still saying Aloha to every stranger on the way.
  • BTS get the mission to each order his own food: The word that saved them “To go” = takeout. Rapmon will have no problem, Suga is as cool as always, Jimin ever repeated the order numerous time before going in and being so cute even the waitresses will smile, he will ask for the most famous drink and the old lady will say “Pepsi” to which they will both laugh". 
  • Jhope said that when he orders room service in hotels when they are touring, he can’t communicate so he just says “ok, ok” and eats whatever they get him. It’s a hit or miss. 
  • After ordering BTS get to have lunch: Everyone is using forks, but Jin is using the chopsticks he carries around everywhere. Jimin gets to have a bite of JK’s burger. They all share their food and have small-talk as they eat. 
  • BTS get to use their pocket money in a supermarket, JK and JH are left in the car. Jimin will get to buy instant noodles for the broke members and V will get them and apple and an orange each. 
  • BTS head to Maune Kea to see the stars of the big island: Jin even got to speak to a family (he totally forgot he came with BTS for a second). They really love the scenery so they take loads of photos of each other. They jokingly decide to come back there when they turn 50, but more importantly they each set group as staying healthy and making it to the top 100. Jhope wants to release his mixtape, Jungkook to master English (It’s his lifetime goal), Suga didn’t get to participate in the last album because of his mixtape so this year he is more determined. Jimin wants to sing well (even if Jungkook told him"you sing pretty well" and Jin added “his singing is perfect” then all the members approved, they all encourage him to make songs and covers too). Suga still wants to form a unit with Jimin. Jin promised to make an acoustic version of awake. They keep talking while appreciating the sunset. 
  • It’s night, BTS appreciate the stars, hold hands and make wishes: “please let us make it a big hit” “ARMY please always be happy” “I want to be a genius” (JK please). We also discover that Rapmon’s child dream was to be an astronomer like Galileo Galilei (for a year). At the end, BTS will get together and eat their dinner.
  • Arriving at the hotel, Jungkook gets to sleep on the couch (he is really unlucky in Hawaii), Jimin and Yoongi get to share the same bed and so did Rapmon and V, as for the rest they got to sleep on individual beds.
First date headcanons (Peter Parker)

First date headcanons (Peter Parker)

My first headcanons lol please give this love. Also lemme know if you want this to be turned into a fic! (Also I’m on hiatus till 1st November so this has been queued from 30th September)

Pairing : Peter Parker x reader

Type : fluff

(Lol I didn’t have any other good Peter gifs on my phone)

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anonymous asked:

My dear, you keep conveniently forgetting the single most important obstacle to the rise of a fascist dictator: a stable, peaceful, prosperous democracy. You can have every element listed in those fearmongering checkoff lists about fascism, but with that ginormous obstacle in play, fascism will never come to these shores. Not only that, our 2nd Amd rights and our professional military will ensure that our people will never be subjugated by force, whether by foreign threats or from within.

Ok, you now sound like an NRA nut…and that’s being nice about it. “Yeah! Civil war! Guns. Rah rah! American is infallible and untouchable! Pew Pew Pew!”. Just for the record, you know who owns the vast majority of guns in this country? His insane supporters. That’s going to work out great for anyone going against them.

Anyway, Second Amendment Armed Resistance lunacy aside, a “stable, peaceful, prosperous democracy?” you say. Ok. Let’s break down that fallacy with a few facts. 

  1. First and foremost, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit, as of 2017 the USA is no longer a “full democracy”, but instead considered a “flawed democracy”. Other countries on that same category? The Philippines, South Korea, and Greece for example. Great company we’re keeping.  
  2. Reuters just instructed it’s staff to cover the US/Trump the way they cover any other authoritarian regime. And yes, they used the word “authoritarian”. That means one of the largest and most respected international news agencies just put the US in the same context as Turkey, the Philippines, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, Thailand, China, Zimbabwe, and Russia.
  3. Donald Trump filed with the FEC for 2020 reelection on January 20th, 2017. This is major for several reasons. First and foremost, it is NOT NORMAL. Obama filed for 2012 reelection in April 2011. Incumbent declaring before midterms is unheard of. Several MAJOR implications. If officially a candidate, can use candidate status to curry favor with PACs, businesses, other organizations. Because he’s acting as Trump the candidate, not Trump the president. Different rules apply. Even more importantly - completely changes how non profits can handle him. 501c3’s cannot “campaign” or risk losing nonprofit status. It means they can’t speak negatively about him. Imagine @PPact having to convey risk to #PlannedParenthood w/ limits on how to address. This throws nonprofits’ strategy for next few years into chaos. They must figure out how to work against Trump w/o “campaigning.“ And further muddies the already swampy ethical waters of financial gain, conflicts of interest, and business transactions. Filed 5PM #InaugurationDay2017. 5 HOURS after swearing in. This is what #TheResistance is up against. Diabolical maneuvering to skirt all conventional forms of #resistance. Norms don’t matter; it’s all about finding new ways to silence us. Again, THIS IS NOT NORMAL. Stay vigilant, stay ready to fight. We’re going to have to defy our own norms to resist. This is IRS regulation re. 501c3s. They’re smart, creative & used to this, but adds add'l hurdles/potential legal battles they don’t need. To re-clarify: likely motivation is raising $$ and using PACs for propaganda. Nonprofits know what they’re doing. But consider 1/28 events. W/ unprecedented legal/Constitutional challenges & Bannon at helm, don’t rule out attacks on previously held norms re. how non-profs operate. Addendum to thread: after getting more feedback, 501©3 issues are a discussion best had outside of the context of the candidacy filing.”
  4. This has actually come out of Bannon’s mouth: ““I’m a Leninist. Lenin wanted to destroy the state and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.Bannon was employing Lenin’s strategy for Tea Party populist goals. He included in that group the Republican and Democratic Parties, as well as the traditional conservative press.”
  5. Military convoys in Kentucky are driving around the streets flying Trump flags on their tanks. 
  6. Cheeto Hitler threatened to send US troops to Mexico to stop “bad hombres down there,” in phone call with Peña Nieto that was supposed to patch things up after The Wall debacle. Let that sink in: The POTUS told the president of Mexico he would invade Mexico. Bannon has also said that he has “no doubt” the US will be at war with China within the next few years. This isn’t funny anymore. 
  7. Today Democrats decided to boycott the vote on Price and Mnuchin. Rules say you can’t vote on nominees without at least one person from each party present so Democrats just didn’t show up. The Senate committee went ahead and approved Trump Treasury and Health nominees without Democrats present after GOP unilaterally changed panel’s rules. I’m going to quote this:The GOP just broke major committee’s rules to push through the nominations of Price/Mnuchin. This is an unprecedented break in Senate decorum. This means the Senate GOP are turning the Senate committee’s procedures into House committee’s procedures. This is dangerous because the Senate is the only institution where the minority party has the institutional rules to stop the majority & make itself heard. Madison warned us greatly about the tyranny of the majority. That’s why our democratic system is by design an anti-majoritarian system. That anti-majoritarianism is embedded in the Senate & its rule. This is a clear signal coming from Senate GOP that they are willing to kill the filibuster. Institutionally, American democracy is in a dangerous path where majority means unconstrained & unlimited exercise of power.”
  8. Jeff Sessions, who thinks church/state separation is an “extraconstitutional doctrine” even when the prohibition against the government respecting the establishment of religion is literally the first thing in the Bill of Rights, has been approved as Attorney General by the Senate Committee. This is the same man who praised a law that singled out Jews and Asians, and made it harder for them to immigrate to the US.
  9. Republican Congressional staffers, without telling their bosses, are working secretly with Trump aides. This is straight up insane. Let me repeat: the Legislative branch secretly working with the executive branch is a serious violation of separation of powers. I mean, you have the House Judiciary staff working with the WH on Executive Orders without telling their leaders or bosses because they signed NDAs and you’re seriously trying to tell me the system is working? “A Congress that allows its staff to be secretly, contractually obligated to the White House is no longer a Congress.”
  10. Wildly respected political historians are sounding the alarms and analyzing the potential outcome of of Bannon & Co creating “shock events”. Read the whole thing. 
  11. The State Department has been purged and now the WH is telling anyone with a different opinion to just up and quit. Even if that doesn’t happen you now have three people with no political experience and some really fucked up worldviews leading it: Tillerson, Bannon, and Miller. Is that not concerning?
  12. Tiny Hands decided that he is going to freeze out an entire news outlet because he deems it “fake news”. 
  13. Canadian politicians are calling Trump a fascist in Parliament. 
  14. His sons, who supposedly handle the businesses he promised to divest from but hasn’t, are directly involved in government even after he promised they wouldn’t be. This is against the law yet where were they last night? Front row at the SCOTUS pick announcement.
  15. Trump has, is, and will continue to receive payments from foreign governments. That is a violation of the emoluments clause on the constitution. No one on the GOP seems too concerned about it. 
  16. There are Customs and Border Patrol agents openly and brazenly defying court orders that have yet to be held accountable by the criminal justice system.
  17. “Bannon is making sure there is no paper trail” of National Security Council debates & decision.
  18. Yates is the first AG to be fired since Elliot Richardson was fired by Nixon in 1973. This isn’t something that happens every day. That should tell you everything you need to know, but since you clearly don’t want to listen to reason then maybe listen to what the former DOJ spokesman Matthew Miller has to say about this mess“This kind of assault on DOJ’s independence has not happened since the Saturday night massacre. The president thinks he is above the law. In our democracy, the president is not supposed to dictate to the AG how to interpret the law. This is a major breakdown in the rule of law. A president who fires an AG over this will think he can fire an AG over, say, a probe into whether his campaign coordinated w/ Russia. Also, the next U.S. atty in line of succession was not Boente, but Zach Fardon. Did Trump go forum shopping for one who would follow orders? No matter what you think about the EO, the independence of DOJ is a principle that everything else in our democracy depends on. Sessions simply can’t be confirmed in this environment. At the minimum, he needs a whole new hearing to answer q’s about DOJ independence. But in reality, we now need an AG who is entirely independent from Trump, not one who was a member of his campaign.”
  19. The DNC has straight up called Trump “tyrannical”.
  20. Trump wants to make counter-extremism program focus solely on Islamic extremism. Basically he wants the government to stop going after Neo-Nazis or any other domestic hate group. 
  21. Anti-protester propaganda linked with blatant anti-semitism has gone mainstream.
  22. This statement by brilliant political journalist Sarah Kendzior who has spent her life covering authoritarian regimes and has basically predicted the Trump administration down to every detail for months now: “You should not be surprised at pace of admin’s destruction. You should be thinking many steps ahead, which means thinking fast, acting now. Speed of changes happening for two reasons: temperament and ideology. Trump spent 40 years making fast decisions, having others bail him out. Trump has always surrounded himself with actors to mitigate his damage quickly and often illegally, from Cohn to mafia to, now, Bannon. Difference with Bannon is that speed itself is an ideology. He is a sociopathic accelerationist who has said he will destroy US + will try. Those in power need to act quickly to preserve what institutions can check them before those institutions are destroyed, esp judiciary […] You will need to predict moves far in advance – and act with far more moral conviction and far less blind faith – to preserve this nation.”
  23. American citizens are being detained at airports and being asked if they love their country. People are being asked for the social media handles by CBP at airports and being checked to see if they post anything Anti-Trump. Canadians were turned away at the border the day of the Women’s March because they told CBP they were coming to protest Trump. CBP denied them entry and told them they would need visas to come back. 
  24. Trump is signing shit without even consulting the departments the EOs affect: “As President Trump signed a sweeping executive order on Friday, shutting the borders to refugees and others from seven largely Muslim countries, the secretary of homeland security was on a White House conference call getting his first full briefing on the global shift in policy.Gen. John F. Kelly, the secretary of homeland security, had dialed in from a Coast Guard plane as he headed back to Washington from Miami. Along with other top officials, he needed guidance from the White House, which had not asked his department for a legal review of the order.Halfway into the briefing, someone on the call looked up at a television in his office. “The president is signing the executive order that we’re discussing,” the official said, stunned.”

I’ve only mostly covered the last three days worth of news and I already hit two dozen points. I think I’m going to stop there but trust me I got a treasure trove more where that came from. I read policy news all day, every day. I am very well educated on what’s happening and I’m telling you, you’re dead wrong. 

Click on all the links and read this one too. When you’re done come back to me and tell me how great this “democracy” is working out for you. 

8 Tips to Start Learning a Language

I’m sure someone has already written something on Tumblr (or anywhere else, for that matter) about this topic, but I also wanted to contribute my opinion to the discussion.

Here’s something I hear often: I want to learn [insert name of language], but I don’t know where to start!

That’s actually a good question: how do you even begin learning a language? There is so much to consider: vocabulary, grammar, special expressions, tone, culture, not to mention the four skills—speaking, reading, writing and listening. 

Yes, learning a language isn’t easy. However, it doesn’t mean that it should be boring or downright impossible. Plus, learning a language is one of the most rewarding cultural experiences: once you can understand and communicate in a language, you immediately become part of the people who use that language. They are no longer strangers to you, and you are no longer a stranger to them. How cool is that?

So here is my philosophy of language learning and some tips for those who wish to pursue a new language. Enjoy!

Tip #1: Understand Why You Are Learning This Language

Determine your goals first. Do you want to make new friends who speak that language? Do you need to pass a test to work/study/live in a particular country? Do you just want to impress your friends when reading phrases in that language? Are you about to travel somewhere on your vacation? 
Once you know what your goal is, you will know your priorities, too. If you just want to be able to order from a menu, you don’t need to buy a 400-page grammar guide. On the other hand, if you want to live somewhere longer than 3 months, you probably need more than just a grammar guide. So before you do anything, ask first: what is my goal? Why am I learning this language?

The rest of the tips are for serious learners whose goal is proficiency or fluency in a language.

Tip #2: Determine Your Strength

Are you naturally good at imitating accents? Then start by getting used to the sound of language through listening and repeating. Do you love reading? Then start with the alphabet and reading patterns. Are you a grammar nazi? Grab that grammar guide and dig right in! Are you good at memorizing? Find an app for learning new vocabulary and begin memorizing.
Whatever you’re good at, don’t be afraid to start there. Exploit your strengths!

Tip #3: Do Everything at the Same Time

Okay, this may sound weird at first, so let me explain. In language learning, the four main skills are interconnected: reading, writing, listening and speaking do NOT function separately. So, it’s important to start developing all of these skills as soon as possible. Don’t wait until you’ve perfected reading before moving on to speaking, and so on. That being said, you have to determine your own schedule for when to practice what. For example, Monday can be your grammar learning and practice day; Tuesday can be your speaking and listening day; Wednesday can be your writing practice day, etc. It’s up to you to choose when to do what. My tip for you: DON’T do more than two skills at a time. More than two at once is too confusing, even if you’re good at multi-tasking. Take your time: consistency and diligence will pay off.

Tip #4: But Start with Reading

Yes, you should write, listen, read and speak at the same time as early as possible, but in my opinion, reading should come first. Here is why I think so: if you know nothing about a language, the fastest and the most effective way to immerse yourself in that language is to learn the alphabet and the reading system. Reading allows you to: 
a) explore written and printed content at all levels
b) make native-speaking friends online and communicate with them via texting
c) practice reading aloud, developing speaking skills and proper pronunciation
d) start copying words and phrases, developing writing skills
e) learn new vocabulary words

Tip #5: Make a Native-Speaking Friend ASAP

Nothing motivates you in language learning like a good, funny, crazy friend! Finding a native-speaking (and I emphasize native-speaking, not a more advanced learner) friend is much easier than you might think. If there is a community of native speakers in your area, get out of your comfort zone and join them at community events or language classes, if they’re available. But I honestly like online language learning partners better because you can make friends more easily and start learning faster. I’d suggest these platforms/websites:

  • HelloTalk
  • Lang-8.com
  • Interpals.net

Of course, always be careful with meeting people online; but otherwise, this is a great way to make native-speaking friends. Oh, here’s another tip: try to find friends whose level of your own native language is very low—that way, you’ll be forced to use the language you’re learning, which is definitely a plus. Finally, be ready for lots of mistakes and corrections. Pride isn’t a thing in language learning, so forget it. The more willing you are to accept correction and learn from your mistakes, the faster you’ll get to that level when you won’t need too much correction.

Tip #6: Accept the Fact that This Will Take Time

Language learning takes time. Building a foundation will take anywhere between 2-6 months. Mastering a language can take years. So don’t be discouraged if you feel like you’re too slow: in a few months, you’ll look back and realize how far you’ve come. Again, consistency and diligence are key to language learning success!!

Tip #7: Don’t Spend Too Much Money

Here’s the beauty—and reality—of contemporary language learning: you can find everything you need without spending much at all. Why? Because most tools—grammar guides, listening exercises, sample readings by levels, language partnering platforms, etc.—are available online for free. So before you cash out, explore the web. 
This doesn’t mean that you should completely ditch the textbook. Some publishers offer printed resources that are extremely helpful: things like dictionaries, workbooks, flashcards, illustrated guides, etc. can be lifesavers. Just my advice would be to explore free online options before heading over to the bookstore or Amazon for more costly options.

Tip #8: Always Remind Yourself Why You Are Doing This

When you’re on the 200th page of a workbook, or when your native-speaking friend can’t explain a grammar rule, or when you’ve written out a word too many times to count but still can’t remember it in conversation… it’s easy to get discouraged. You’ll want to give up. You’ll think, “Why did I even get myself into this mess?” At those times, remind yourself of the reason why you began learning this language in the first place. Why are you doing this? What’s your goal? Has this experience been changing you? If yes, how? Those questions will help rekindle that fire and keep you going. And seriously, this applies to everything in life, not just language learning. So don’t give up just because you’ve reached a slump! We’ve all been there, and it’s about how you get out of it!

And of course, remember that no experience is a waste. The fact that you’ve started, that you tried, that you did your best, that you met new people (whether they stayed or not)—all this now makes up part of who you are and what you’ve been through. It’s worth it.

Why I didn’t like the Maximum Ride movie

It’s awful. This film only takes half, at most, of what Maximum Ride is about. Let’s rhyme it off.

- The house in the mountains is supposed to be the safest and most comfortable place the flock has ever been to. They. Do. Not. Want. To. Leave. Angel gets captured when the flock are ambushed by a team of Erasers with a CHOPPER while out picking wild strawberries near their secret house in the woods, where they are not cooped up inside all the time; they can go outside and fly around freely.

- Max’s first encounter with Nudge in the film is her threatening and yelling at Nudge. Max is their mother figure; she doesn’t yell at the flock, with the exception of Fang.

- They mis-aged all the characters. Angel is supposed to be 6, Gazzy is 8, Nudge is 11, and Max, Iggy and Fang are 14. Not so in the film.

- Max NEVER had the files on their identities hidden in the house. Ever. Those were found by the flock at the school much later in the storyline.

- When the flock abandoned the house and went on the run, all 5 (not including the captured Angel) were on the way to Lake Mead. Max split from the group to help Ella (the unnamed girl who Max rescued in the film), who was being bullied by several boys, and not from some drunk boyfriend, as Ella is also only 14.

- When Max is shot, Dr. Martinez, who is a VET and not a DOCTOR, examined her and discovered Max’s wings due to the fact that the bullet injured Max’s wing as well as her shoulder. Max was x-rayed and her chip was found in her FOREARM. Dr. Martinez and Ella both know about the Flock and their avian-hybrid capabilities, and in the film, they’re left in the dark and are barely a blip on the plot-line map. Max is then made to wait at somewhere around 3 days before her wing is healed enough to fly to Lake Mead.

- When Max catches up to the flock at Lake Mead, the flock are staying in a CAVE. Not a cabin, with food and warmth and beds. A cave. Eating stolen food out of dumpsters and snacking on some chocolate chip cookies that Dr. Martinez made for Max before Max left. They learn new flying techniques from the family of hawks that nest nearby.

- It appears that all of the flock have chips embedded in them somewhere, as the School seems able to monitor their physical statuses.

- Max is meant to accidentally kill Ari in a one-on-one fight in the sewers below the School while escaping with the flock and several other able-bodied recombinant DNA kids, and Total, the talking dog. Jeb finds Ari as Max is leaving the tunnel behind the rest of the pack, and as Max is flying away, he yells after her that she killed her own brother. Whoops. Way to forget a super important plot twist.

- Max’s first encounter with the Voice, the thing that showed her all those images of her childhood and New York at the end of the film, is supposed to be VERBAL. It’s the VOICE. It speaks.

- They neglected to mention that Ari, Jeb’s son and the main Eraser character of the film, is only 7 years old, and aged physically due to his DNA being effed with when he became and Eraser.

- Angel does actually speak. She doesn’t say a word in the film until almost the end of the movie. She does actually talk.

- Max sees none of those images about her childhood or about a file. She sees images of New York and the word Institution repeated over and over. That is the only clue they have when they set out for New York.

- Nudge is a much more happy-go-lucky character than she is portrayed as in the movie, where she is an emotional, angsty teenager.

- Wtf was with the casting choices, dude? Max needs to be way move average build, not a toothpick. Toothpicks can’t hold their own in a fight against superhuman wolf-men. Fang needed long black hair. Iggy’s wings were supposed to be white, as were Gazzy’s and Angel’s. Not to mention they were all several years too old for their characters. Ew. Just ew.

Other than all that, the pacing was terrible, there was no sense of urgency to the film, and no real sense of danger in the scenes where Angel is being experimented on. The tests in the book were portrayed to be much more severe, and they were more like rat-in-a-maze type tests than intellectual, solve-the-equation type tests.

Also, the scars on their backs are complete BS. The wings fold up small, close to their backs. Not INTO their backs. They don’t just go poof. Sorry. Way to avoid any of the potentially-accurate sciencey bits, Mr. Director. I can’t believe James Patterson signed off on this bullcrap.

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this might be weird to ask n i hope it makes sense but........ how does each member of bts speak? like when their speaking do they speak intelligently, are they well spoken or like do they use alot of slang or anything? does that make sense i hope it does asdfgh

edit: this should be added sooner but DO NOT REPOST THIS & TRANSLATE INTO ANY LANGUAGE. i’m not a native speaker, this is purely personal observation. don’t consider these as facts.

🍫 namjoon:
• he chooses words very carefully and wisely, wide range of vocabulary
• if you see something that looks like it’s quoted from a poem or a novel, it’s namjoon’s
• uses calm tone when speaking in normal circumstances, but tends to raise and distort his voice when under adrenaline rush (eg. bts gayo track 3, acting mission with yoongi)

🍗 seokjin:
• varying talking speed, he can either talk really slowly or talk so fast that even 0.5x speed can’t help decipher what he’s saying
• focuses on emotions rather than words, so middle-ranged vocabulary?
• come across some lame puns? it’s seokjin’s
• but tbh i love seokjin’s puns even though sometimes it’s really lame that i have to consider turning off the video
• imo, 2nd best english pronunciation in bts, after namjoon
• also i love how seokjin pronounce the ㅅ and ㅂ syllables
• speaks like a middle-aged man…

🐕 yoongi:
• imagine namjoon but with less philosophical elements and more emotional explosion
• not the easiest to understand due to his low and raspy voice
• talks fast, so occasionally his words seem to stuck together and it’s nearly impossible to understand what he’s saying
• usually stretches the ㅔ in 네, like instead of a short 네, he would make it sound like 네에에에에↘
• might not be related but i still find the way yoongi said ‘boy meets what’ in ‘wings’ preview show really cute. it didn’t sound like ‘what’, but rather ‘waaaaaaaat’

🌻 hoseok:
• uses 되게 (really) and 뭔가 (somewhat) A LOT
• likes to insert 네 in mid sentence
• how should i describe his tone? it varies 100% of times
• has a distinctive way of pronouncing ‘fun’
• in short, the opposite polar of yoongi

🍑 taehyung:
• doesn’t finish his sentences, and often stares into the air after stopping midway
• uses adverbs like 약간, 조금, 진짜 separately and repeatedly, has the habit of saying adverbs first, then continue with his sentences and repeat those adverbs again
• splits one straight sentence into short phrases
- proper sentence: i was gonna meet armys right after i took a shower.
- taehyung: i, now, took a shower and ddak, gonna meet armys, ddak, like this.
• uses ‘like this’ and demonstrates with actions instead of describing the actions with words
• tends to use slangs, but not a lot as far as i can remember?
• not related to talking but taehyung often makes strange noises out of the blue, eg. he imitated a pigeon and made that ‘pokato’ (?) sound when namjoon said ‘pigeon’ and ‘pikachu’ in ‘wings’ preview show
• forgot this but taehyung’s english pronunciation is so on point

🍙 jimin:
• soft and sweet tone, is sweetly sassy
• always talks to armys as if he’s with his friends
• when doing a v app broadcast alone, he talks informally like how friends talk to each other, but when sending messages or some other ‘official’ occasions, jimin talks formally
• personal preference but i find jimin’s accidental satoori very cute… remember how he said 너 왜 이렇게 떠노 and took taehyung’s hands ;-;

🐰 jungkook:
• jungkook is like 30% satoori and 70% seoul dialect to me, so it sounds new when he speaks entirely in seoul dialect (jin’s puma cf)
• raises voice at certain random words like 인형 (‘the show’ interview), 악어(bon voyage ep 7), 인증샷 (chuseok v app), etc. they sound like 인~↗형~↗, 악~↗어~, 인~↗증~↗샷↗
• speaks formally
• says ‘mom!’ habitually
• tbh i don’t really pay attention to how jungkook speaks because most of the times i’m distracted by his bunny smile

Thoughts about Supernatural 13x01


Also, there might be spoilers.

First of all:

Originally posted by giwrgoslaz

I have them. All of them. I’m glad the Moose told us two days after 12x23 that Cas would be back or otherwise I’m sure I wouldn’t have survived this episode. If their intention was to hurt us in all the best ways they sure delivered. The episode felt to me almost like a coda; it focused on the aftermatch of 12x23, on the characters and their emotions, without a lot of plot. The emotional themes of the season were established - question of idendity, family (especially fatherhood), and at least for the first episodes loss and grief. I expect that the actual mytharc will probably start of in 13x02 & 13x03. If anything it was slow, really emotional start into the new season, that I liked a lot.


It was the first word spoken in the new season, and I think fatherhood is gonna be one of the central themes of the season. It certainly was of this episode. Jack first asks if Sam is his father, and even though he is not, it is clear Sam is going to become a father figure to Jack.

Now, let’s skip ahead to what I believe was the most interesting part of the episode.

Jack: Lucifer? No, that’s not his name. My father is Castiel.

Sam: What?

Jack: My Mother, she said Castiel – he would keep me safe. She said the world was a dangerous place, that’s-that’s why I couldn’t be a baby or a child. I-that’s why I had to grow up fast, that’s why I chose him to be my father.

There is so much in this short exchange and I try to break it all down. First of all this brings back the theme of “family by blood vs family by choice”. Or to say it in the words of a wise man: “Family doesn’t end with blood, but it doesn’t start there either”. Jack has been defined as Lucifer’s son so much, it is one of the reasons Dean believes he is evil, and yet given the choice Jack chooses Cas as his father. This is so huge.

This goes back to Kelly and the connection she had with her son. Jack said he wasn’t talking to her but rather, he was her. I don’t think he used her as a vessel, but rather that it was some sort of symbiote. They both influenced each mother. Jack brought his mother back from the dead and he gave her the vision of Cas saving her. In return Kelly teached her son everything she thought he needed in order to survive. She taught him to grow up, because it would be safer (and that is the first time we get the “magical child grows up really fast”-trope with a logical explanation), she taught him that Cas would keep him safe. Dean says again that both Cas and Kelly were brainwashed by Jack, and I believe there is some truth to that (simply because they made Dean repeat that for the audience), but I also think it might be more complex than that. It doesn’t make Jack evil. If anything it is another example of him not being fully able to control his powers.

After 12x23 I speculated that Kelly’s video message would become important again and I think it will at some point. So far Jack has been influenced way more by his mother (he described Dagon as the bad woman) than his (biological) father. He seemed genuinely sad about her passing and distraught after he learned that Cas died as well. I’m pretty sure he will go astray eventually, but not in the long run.  “It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

Originally posted by radioactiveflower

Jack’s first choice was Cas (as his father), trusting the choices his mother made for him. And let’s say I’m right and Jack turns out to be a good egg in the end, this leaves the question where his place is in the narrative. Dean’s prayer made it clear that Chuck has left the building, so there is a vacancy. Jack as heaven’s new ruler? With Cas as his guide? We will see.

(Also the two angels at the lake house represented the two sides of heaven to me right now: the one side who thought Cas got what he deserved and thought of Kelly as a brood mare, and the other side, who thought Cas deserved better and thought of Kelly as a mother, meaning they value human life.)

Anyway, Jack is (obviously) still on a learning curve. He felt sorry for what he had done (to the sheriff and her son), but for a moment I actually expected him to heal Clark. Maybe he doesn’t know he can this yet. Looks like somebody should teach him that.

Originally posted by empirefoxtv

Also, that line from the sheriff? “There is no such thing as weird, everyone is normal in their own way.” Ok, I admit my first thought was that her son is gay (the actor actually played Kevin’s boyfriend in “Riverdale”). But I think it is a general statement about idendity, about finding out who you are and accepting yourself. Which I think can apply to Jack, Cas, Sam and Dean. Idendity has always been a big theme on the show.

We lost everything

Dean. Oh Dean. I’m really actually worried about him, because it is clear that he has lost all hope. His first instinct after leaving Cas’s body? Killing the thing he thinks is responsible. And look Dean was suspicious of Jack before, but I think with Cas still alive his reaction wouldn’t have been that extreme.

His nightmare, seeing Mary burn, re-living his trauma all over again. Believing her to be gone, because in his current state he can’t afford any kind of hope.

Not after his prayer, after realizing that Chuck won’t listen this time. After having been told that not even Jack could bring Cas back (and that angel lady just knew that that was Dean’s first instinct and used it to hurt him even more). Dean is beyond hope. No longer a hero, just a guy doing his job. Hurting himself so that he can feel anything. He is in such a dark place right now, that will probably mirror the literal dark place Cas is in now. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him act in a way that makes it clear he no longer cares if he lives or dies.

And this is the opposite of “You and me against the world”. Because having Sam is no longer enough. Losing both Mary and Cas has given Dean the final blow. His world has grown bigger, the show has grown bigger, and the Sam-Dean-only-unit no longer works.

Dean? No, it’s Becky

(this is a Taylor joke nobody will get but I think I’m hilarious)

I’m kinda curious about Miriam, the drunk lady angel. She didn’t seem very angelic. Was she already possesed in the dinner? What was her motive with Jack? She didn’t wanted to kill him, but use him. For what?

And speaking of motives: What would Lucifer need Mary for? The only reason I came up with is to use her as a vessel, so that he could travel through her back to our world. Please don’t.

Overall I really liked the episode. I liked the way they portayed Jack so far; there are great possibilities for future storylines. It was probably one of the most painfull episodes regarding Destiel, but it was oh so good. But mostly I’m just happy to have my show back <3

5/5 10k appreciation posts!


I’m a part of my high school’s speech and debate club–the best in Washington State (as in the school w/ most speech/debate points). This is my first year in the club, but I’ve already learned and improved various skills. The events I have/am participating and competing in are: Speech - oratory and impromptu; debate - policy. Without further ado, let’s begin…


  • Speak with emotion/variety. The last thing you want to do is to bore your audience. You must keep them focused by not having a monotonous voice.
  • Speak clearly/enunciate. This applies for both speech and debate. If your audience can’t understand you, then there’s no purpose of your speech. 
  • Used organized hand motions. Another way to keep your audience’s attention is to use appropriate hand gestures. Don’t exaggerate them, and make sure it correlates with the speech. Make sure your movements are sharp an try to keep your fingers together if possible.
  • Don’t sway or do distracting things. For 2 reason! 1) You want the audience to focus on your speech, not your actions. 2) Moving randomly is a sign of nervousness
  • Use your space. Now this doesn’t mean pacing back and forth. I mean strategic movements. An example could be moving to different spots for each major point. 

  • Try to avoid filler words like “um.” Filler words make you seem unsure/nervous, and it makes your speech sloppy. It doesn’t matter if your speech is impromptu. Just take a short pause instead.
  • Engage/relate the speech to your audience.This keeps your audience from being bored and makes your speech memorable. This also means keeping EYE CONTACT.
  • Memorization/preparation. Of course you want your speech to be finished. I always look for memorization as a plus. It’s quite annoying when someone keeps reading from flashcards or a power point. Furthermore, memorization would help you pay attention to the other tips I’ve mentioned.
  • Don’t repeat yourself. It’s just like an essay. No one wants to hear your same pointed repeated four times with slightly different wording. The speech gets boring and frankly, it shows lack of skill.
  • Use smooth transitions. It’s really awkward when you move choppily from one point to another. Instead, use transition words or relate one point to the next. 

Some of these points can also be used for debate. 


  • Know your audience. Are you speaking to a judge who did debate all throughout high school and college? Or are you trying to convince your class that the Mongols had a bad effect on world history? Knowing your audience will help you direct your speech to make your arguments more appealing. Perhaps you need to explain jargon, such as “voting issue on topicality”, or you need to speak slowly so that your audience can understand you.
  • Set a good pace. Do you need to speak slowly to be more understandable/convincing? Or do you need to speak as fast as possible (aka spreading) to get all your arguments within an 8 minute constructive? NO MATTER WHAT SPEED, ENUNCIATE.
  • Use credible sources. Some debates end up being which author/article is more recent or credible. Make sure you don’t use a blog, but instead find authors that are specialized on a certain topic. For politics (especially fluctuating ones), find recent articles like on news websites. If you have a more psychological or long term argument, find a very thorough and eduated author, ad the date doesn’t matter as much.
  • Try not to drop arguments! Unless dropping an argument won’t do any harm to your side, don’t drop it. Sometimes during your very last speech w/ time constraints, you may drop if you’re losing the argument or if dropping won’t make yoou lose. But you don’t want to concede anything. Every time you drop something, your opponent can use it to their advantage. If the other side does drop, call them out and tell them that they can’t bring it up again.
  • Fake it till you make it. Even if you don’t believe in your side, pretend that you do. Only by believing in your arguments, you can win. Make sure you sound confident and add a little sass if you want to (lol I add too much sometimes). If your opponent asks you a question and you don’t know the answer, BS it. Just don’t concede or hesitate too much. If you want to be mean (like me) when your opponent doesn’t respond well, drill them down on that one question or say “okay they don’t know their case well so NEXT!” Anything to make your opponent seem full of flaws.
  • Find your opponents’ flaws. I already mentioned this previously, but to convince your audience/opponent, you have to seem stronger and more correct. Point out any illogical arguments, uncredible sources, contradictions, etc. You can also WEIGH IMPACTS. Whatever you do, don’t insult them directly (e.g. you’re so dumb and bad at debate). 
  • After the debate, congratulate and be polite to your opponent. Unless you’ve suddenly become mortal enemies with hatred as intense as the fiery pits of hell, please do this. It’s bad sportsmanship if you don’t. I know you might be salty, but forget about what actually happened during the debate for a moment. Stand up, walk over to your opponent,and shake their hand. Tell them “y’all did really well” or “y’all probably won.” Idk but BUILT A NICE FRIENDSHIP <3
Hey There, Delilah | 8


a/n: listen i know it’s a boy in the pic but like this was relevant for the next part so like whatever. also. drama. and so much daddy!shawn in this it was so hard to write. anyways. ENJOY!!!!!

Your mom says it’ll take time, but he’ll get over it. He’ll need something or ask for something or just miss you and want his friend back, but you are having a hard time believing it. You’re really just having a hard time in general. You only actually interacted with Shawn for about three days, you don’t know why this is hitting you so hard, but it is, and it sucks.

You notice from snapchat daily stories and twitter news that Shawn has spoken out about his baby, introducing her to the world over an Instagram live video, and everyone is going crazy. The world adores her, and they adore young-dad-Shawn even more.

You hate that you’re missing out. It’s only been two weeks, but you can tell that Delilah is getting big and growing up. According to Instagram and the noise across the hall, Shawn threw a little get together for Delilah’s Two-Month Birthday with all of his friends and family. You didn’t get the invite. It’s obvious now that he probably isn’t going to come crawling back, you aren’t going to have a place in his or her life anymore, and most of all, he doesn’t need you anymore.

You are stirred from your sleep state from an incessant banging and yelling coming from outside of your door. You drowsily put on your glasses and turn your lamp on, still disoriented from being ripped out of a deep sleep at 3 am. You stand up from your bed and walk over to your bathroom where your pajama bottoms are on the floor, but your door flies open before you have a chance.

Fuck! Shawn, what the hell?” You ask, spooked, but you instantly know something is wrong by the tears streaming down his face and the urgency in his abrupt entrance.

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Hi!! Just wanted to say I absolutely love your writing! If you're still taking prompts could you write some an analogical fic, maybe where Logan is pining or decides that *logically* they'd make the perfect couple and decides to use logic to persuade Virgil he's right? No worries if it's not your thing tho <3

Logan sat at his desk, hands in his hair and frustration on his face.  He couldn’t even close his eyes without seeing his face.  That cute little smile, the way he covered it when he laughed, the way he chewed on his hoodie sleeve-

“Ughhhh!” Logan groaned and threw his head back, squeezing his eyes shut and rubbing them fervently.  This had to stop!  He had no time to deal with mushy, disgusting, lovey-dovey feelings!  No matter how much Virgil made him want to deal with them.  Gah, this was so not fair!

True, logically speaking, if any of the sides were to be together, it made sense that it would be the two of them, right?  Virgil was very fond of pointing out issues and questions that Logan easily answered and solved.  Logan also kept Virgil grounded, kept him calmer and happier.  Happier enough to see that cute smile - OK ENOUGH!  

The two of them together would most certainly benefit Thomas, Logan believed.  After all, his anxiety working through issues with his logical side makes sense, and the more time the two spend together the less anxious - oh, who was Logan kidding.  Certainly not himself.  When this dumb crush, this infatuation, begun to grow, he was not thinking of Thomas’s health!  Why throw him into this awful mix?!  Logan groaned and dropped his head down, banging it gently on the desk.  He had to get rid of these feelings, restore his sanity and get some peace.  He had to tell Virgil, that was the only way.  With renewed vigor and some excitement in his step, Logan shot up out of his seat and propelled himself toward the door - 

Wait.  What if Virgil didn’t reciprocate?  Or worse, what if Virgil thought he wasn’t serious?  After all, as the embodiment of Thomas’s worry and anxiety, Virgil had a very difficult time with trust.  Many times when one of them tried to be nice and give kind words, Virgil immediately defaulted to “you’re just saying that,” or “don’t lie to me; I know you hate me.”  Logan wasn’t sure at this moment if he could handle hearing that come out of his crush’s mouth.

And, just like that, Logan backpedaled all the way to his bed and flopped down face first.  This was impossible to deal with!  Why him?!  Then, an idea popped in his head.  He could write a letter, a stone-hard, cold and concrete letter of his seriousness.  

Logan snatched up a memo pad from his desk along with a pen.  Twelve cited sources, four Teen Vogue quizzes, and 16 points later, Logan had his essay, properly MLA formatted and ready to send under Virgil’s door.  He produced an envelope and neatly tri-folded the pages, tucking them in.  Logan didn’t lick the envelope closed, finding that utterly disgusting.  Instead he simply tucked the opening inside.

Quick as a flash, Logan darted out his door, down the hall, and threw the letter essay under Virgil’s door.

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Like A Diamond (Leo fluff/smut)

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Cutie taek *squeals*

So the reason that this took so long is because I wrote it out like 6 times and tumblr kept deleting it and I was having a mental breakdown agshkhdjoude I was so fucking m a d

This is my first smut i’m posting on this account so please let me know what you think on my asks or messages 

Written for frhhdj and lililoveskpop, enjoy! :)

Genre: Smut / fluff

Length: 3.7k

Pairing: Jung Taekwoon (Leo) + you

Summary: You’re having a bad day and Taekwoon wants to make sure you never doubt his love for you again by showing you how much you mean to him

Today just wasn’t your day. Your boss had constantly been on your back for the past week and any little bit of work you tried to provide he scoffed in your face, constantly saying you and your work weren’t ‘good enough’. He kept threatening to firing you for your incompetent work. You knew this wasn’t true because the company had less workers than it needed currently, but it was still making you feel shit.

You felt less than ‘good enough’ with your personal life as well. Taekwoon, your boyfriend of 4 months had managed to convince you to go on a public date with him. After much reluctance you agreed, just to see him happy. You hadn’t been dating long, but you still knew you’d do anything to see that beautiful smile on his face. 

You had been spotted by a fan and dozens of pictures of the two of you were taken and posted all over the internet. From the first time you saw the comments on it you could see starlights weren’t very happy about seeing their ‘precious Leo’ dating someone like you. They laughed at your appearance saying Taekwoon could do so much better than you. 

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anonymous asked:

You're still posting his disgusting artist? His mysoginostic characters have NO place on tumblr, nor do you if you think ANY of this is ok or redeemable. In 2017 we're supposed to be a BETTER world, a SAFER world, a LESS WOMAN-HATING world, yet here you are posting "hurr look at da titties boy women sure are sexy but also worthless!" in artist format. Fuck off and die, I bet you jack off to anime because no woman would actually get within 100 feet of a greasy manchild like you.

I normally choose to post Mashima’s artwork here, and nothing more. This blog was not made for any purpose but to share Mashima-senshi’s art, I have had no intentions of speaking out, or spreading any word. However, I was greeted with this in the mailbox and this is not okay.

I’m reusing a lot of old points from the previous post I’ve answered because I’m too tired and the points are generally the same.

1. Anon hate is never okay. It shows that you are a coward who do not have the guts to speak out with your identity attached, likely because you’re afraid of the repercussions. If you do not have the guts to speak out openly about your apparent disgust, you do not have the right to speak out at all, especially not a blog where his work is being shared and loved. That being said, hate in general is not okay.

2. *this, *misogynistic : Disgusting is subjective. What you find disgusting, other people may not. What we find disgusting, you may not. For example, I find this random anonymous ask attacking an artist disgusting, but you most certainly do not seem to deem it so. On the other hand, I’m sure many others following this blog for his artwork would agree that his artwork is rather great in their opinion. As this is a subjective determination, I will leave this as such. 

3. What are you doing on a blog that does nothing but post Hiro Mashima’s artwork if you find it disgusting? It seems you may have a problem. If you find something disgusting, I suggest that you stay away from it. Perhaps you can try a blacklist function, it is easily found with a quick google search. Going to a blog that posts nothing but something you find disgusting may mean that you have an issue, please see a doctor if it persists, it is not healthy for you to continually visit something that contains things you find disgusting.

4. There are a lot of things that have NO place on tumblr,; such as abuse and attack ( of which you are doing so ), cowardice ( in failing to show yourself while attacking others ). This? This is just art work of virtual characters that do not actually exist. If you are so wondrous, kindly focus your attempts of righteousness in a direction such as domestic abuse, rape and the likes. Please do in fact. The world could do with far lesser rapists. None at all would be just marvelous.

4. Who’s hating on women? You have deemed the women in Fairy Tail as sexy but also worthless, but not me. Not us. Maybe I speak for myself but I see the women of Fairy Tail as strong individuals who may have their moments to shine taken often ( unfortunately ), but such does not mean that they are any less worthy of compliments. Each of them has fought through their own troubles, traumas and sculpted a life for themselves. I don’t know what you are reading if you don’t see that. Perhaps you should be correcting yourself and your misogynistic views if you are the one seeing that the women are “sexy but also worthless”. Cause I’m pretty sure any of the women in Fairy Tail can take your ass anytime if they were in fact real.

5. Telling someone to fuck of and die is generally considered as abuse or harassment. Hey, that’s rude. That makes you a coward who attacks people, telling them to die. What makes you any better than the supposedly ‘misogynistic’ people you call us? We are just people who enjoy pretty art. You are someone who attacks people. How are you any better?

6. If you find that his work is horrible, you may choose to drop Fairy Tail like I know many have done. What is the issue here? I find it hard to understand why you continue to apparently torment yourself with art and story that you do not like and find disgusting. If you dislike it so much, please leave the fandom. No one is stopping you.

6. You’re talking about something personal, but unfortunately for you, I do not jack off. And there are many women who I hang out with frequently, definitely within 100 feet, sometimes even less than one feet. Also I’m not a manchild. I’m actually a woman who is definitely not greasy. LOL. Personal attacks don’t really work.

I do not advocate hate in any forms. If you dislike something, the smart move is to unfollow, blacklist, and avoid. Going forward to send messages like such to a blog that enjoys what you do not is honestly not the action you should be taking. You take the fun and happiness out of others because you dislike something. One can not expect everyone to like the same thing, and on the same note, one cannot expect everyone to dislike the same thing. You would not like it if I came up to you and said horrible things about the things you like, you would not like it if I came up to you and said, and I quote “ Fuck off and die”.  Even if you can not enjoy something, you should not take that enjoyment away from others. 

People who come to this blog came here for Hiro Mashima’s artwork. If you do not have that intention, or like them, please just leave. There is no place for your hate here. This is a place for people who enjoy Hiro Mashima’s artwork to unite and connect.

If any word is spread in this post, let it be this.

anonymous asked:

what's your take on ka/llura scenes in The Ark of Taujeer episode, where we see from Keith's POV him catching Allura and then them slowly gravitating around each other sorta like in a waltz, i feel like particulary these two scenes were framed as slightly romantic/slow-burn-esque...

You know, given that I thought ka/llura was more likely before season 3, I decided to rewatch the episode and see how I feel about it in hindsight. So let’s start at the beginning–Allura tries convincing everyone that it’s her Zarkon’s tracking. But then Keith interrupts with, “It’s not you, Princess. It’s me.” 

Everyone else stares at Keith, but Allura doesn’t even look up when he says this. And you know, given that they both thought the other was putting the team at risk–they could’ve tried talking to each other afterwards. Maybe with Allura thinking Keith was covering for her and Keith trying to insist that he’s the problem and she shouldn’t put all the blame on herself. But that’s not the case. Someone does get worried enough to talk with Keith in private though, and it’s not Allura. 

And I mean, Shiro could’ve gone to Allura instead. But it was Keith that he was really concerned for. It’s another one of those intimate little stolen moments between them. And unlike when Allura bumps into Keith later on, Shiro sought him out. He realized something was very wrong and wanted to be there for him. Keith is also very vulnerable during this scene. His voice sounds defeated and hoarse. When he walks away, Shiro stares after him, worried sick. As always, Keith tries to appease Shiro though. “I’m fine, just tired. Like you said, I should probably get some rest.” He’s the one hurting, but he still tries to reassure Shiro instead. 

Now, let’s talk about when Keith runs into Allura. “Uh, what are you doing?” In all honesty, I don’t think he’s all that sympathetic towards her? Despite going through the same thing? He doesn’t act too concerned–not the way Lance or Shiro would, I think. Or Hunk or Pidge and especially Coran. He sounds almost bored, like he caught her doing something embarrassing rather than dangerous. And yes, he does do the princess carry–by accident?–and it’s cute. She’s also blushing after. But I think it was also something that was kind of played for laughs rather than something serious. 

And you know, the fact that Keith looks unaffected here while Allura seems stunned–I still think Lance holding Allura in his arms was framed as something much more dramatic and meaningful. Yes, both end up being comedic moments. And Allura’s shocked at first in both cases as well. But I think her moment with Lance was much more charged. For one thing, they both look invested in the moment. The shot is also closer up to really focus on their expressions, and you can see Allura’s gaze softens at first. And then Lance opened up his mouth, lmao. 

But anyway ya, I think that, while it lasted, that scene was still way more intimate than Keith effortlessly catching Allura–and that’s another thing too, because it was effortless. He just held out his hands and there she was. Lance literally runs and like dives to catch her, so I think that says something else about being emotionally invested. 

Looking back, I don’t think this episode was really setting Keith and Allura up as love interests. I think it was more so for two things–1) to have their ka/llura throwback to the 80′s. And 2) to build up their relationship for both Keith’s galra arc and Allura’s paladin arc. For one thing, it would be hard for Allura to feel too betrayed by Keith if she never really talked to the guy personally. For another, Allura would be piloting for Keith’s team, not Shiro’s. It makes sense for them to bond first if he’s going to be the new team leader, especially since Allura and Shiro often made decisions together. 

Even when they’re just talking in the ship, it really feels like Keith is keeping very distant. Allura talks a lot about her feelings because she feels like Keith is sort of invalidating her trauma by “defending” the galra. And for his part, Keith is obviously trying to come off as someone objective and tries to cover up his own feelings. The result is a talk that feels very strained and awkward and is definite buildup for further complications to come.

I think the most meaningful moment they have here is when they talk about what they’ll do if Zarkon does chase them. Both insist that the other is going to have to go back to the team no matter what–that they’re still needed and won’t just be abandoned. “Who would pilot the castle and create wormholes?” “Well, what about you? Without you, the team cannot form Voltron.” 

Of course, it’s a tiny detail, but I think it’s also noticeable that Keith lets Allura have the last word on the galra. He could’ve insisted that he was right instead–we know how set in his ways he is–but he’s too afraid of her reaction to speak up. Compare this to when Keith’s accused of stealing by the BOM. Even when he has “incriminating evidence” against him, when he’s tackled to the floor and his life’s in danger–his first concern is that Shiro might not trust him. More than anything else, he wants to clear his name so that Shiro doesn’t think badly of him. “Shiro, you know me. I promise you I didn’t steal it.” 

While Keith does try to defend the galra in front of Allura at first–and by extension himself–he still ultimately drops it. You can see it hurts, but he can still live with Allura hating him. Even when she knows he’s galra and starts treating him differently, he doesn’t say anything. But the thought of Shiro turning away from him is something he just can’t bare. 

Anyway, then there’s the Space Dance Scene. Very Disney. Incredibly aesthetic and also adorable. It was a sweet moment. But honestly, like…I just think it never went anywhere. It was a moment–maybe something they threw in for ka/llura fans of the older series–but other than that? It feels like they just completely dropped the momentum. 

And yes, Keith checks in and asks if she’s okay. But he’s also back to calling her Princess instead of Allura and I think that shows he kind of put up his walls again. Tries to be impersonal and professional. While he definitely cares about Allura, I honestly don’t think it’s romantically. Especially given how season 3 confirms that, just like season 1, he’s still going to put the mission before Allura’s safety. The only person whose life he’s ever continuously put above his duty is Shiro 

And going back to how Allura and Keith’s interactions feel very detached, we see that Keith doesn’t try to comfort her afterwards?? Allura says they’ve made a “terrible mistake,” that they never should have left, ect. And Keith just?? Says nothing?? And maybe you could say Keith is just very bad at the whole comforting thing. But he still always reassures Shiro?? So?? Keith don’t just ignore her bro it’s gonna be a long flight back anyway that’s kinda rude

Now, the part where they reunite–when they rejoin the other paladins, who are the two with the most notable reactions? Shiro and Lance. And you know, Shiro could’ve asked about Allura too, could’ve said that he was glad they were both back. But no, he doesn’t even think to mention her. He’s just too busy being over the moon about Keith and literally repeats Keith’s words back to him. And thematically, yeah, that comes off as very sweet and romantic. But for Shiro we know this is also very personal. Because he’s heard Keith quoting him before, and he was really touched by it. “That really stayed with you, didn’t it?” By throwing Keith’s line back at him, Shiro’s essentially saying, Look, this stayed with me too. Hearing that really meant something to me. Thank you.  

And of course, Lance is really anxious to hear about the princess. And we know he has a crush on her, so paralleling his reaction alongside Shiro’s delight to see Keith means?? I’m just saying, if he did have feelings for Keith, then it would make sense why they had him be just as affected by Keith’s return as Lance was by Allura’s. 

And you know, something that I think I misinterpreted before season 3–I used to think Allura was so happy there because she was proud of Keith. Maybe she’s still thinking about their little moments together and she’s really impressed by Keith’s skill as a pilot. But looking back? I think this is less about Keith and has almost everything to do with Red. It’s not necessarily flying with Keith she’s thrilled about, it’s that she’s finally knowing what it’s like to be in Red lion. The lion she probably always dreamed of piloting after her father. And maybe part of why she would have wanted to be closer to Keith–and felt betrayed by his lineage–had to do with her father’s legacy 

Hebrew in ~300 words עִבְרִית בְּכְ־300 מִּלִּים

Attention! I made some mistakes on the original post due to how similar the vowel points look on the HTML editor, hopefully enough people will see this on my blog and see that I’ve fixed them. Sorry :(

As a part of this post about beginning to learn a language, I’d decided to translate 300 basic words and phrases into Hebrew.

Note: all words will be written in defective spelling (ktiv haser) and with vowel points for ease of pronunciation

A hyphen (מָקָף) indicates the preposition / conjunction is immediately attached to the next word, and a dot underneath the hyphen is a dagesh, a bowel point indicating change in pronunciation of ב, כ, פ from the expected mid-word soft pronunciations (v, kh, f) to the hard ones (b, k ,p, respectively).

First Verbs

Verbs are given in their simplest form: 3rd person, male, past tense. modal verbs are exceptional in Hebrew, so they are given in their most common form.

  1. be - no equivalent. The subject and the complement are simply put one after the other in the case of an adj. (which is conjugated according to number and gender), and connected with a 3rd person pronoun conjugated accordingly in case of a noun complement (הוּא/הִיא; הֵם/הֵן)
  2. there is - יֵשׁ, past הָיה
  3. have - יֵשׁ לְ־ (there is to subj.) past הָיָה לְ־
  4. do - עָשָׂה
  5. go - הָלַךְ
  6. want - רָצָה
  7. can - m יָכוֹל / f יְכוֹלָה
  8. need - m צָרִיךְ / f צְרִיכָה
  9. think - חָשַׁב
  10. know - יָדַע
  11. say - אָמַר, הֵגִיד
  12. like - אָהַב (same as love)
  13. speak - דִּבֶּר
  14. learn - לָמַד
  15. understand - הֵבִין


  1. that (as in “I think that…” or “the woman that…”) - ּשֶׁ־ (i think that…, the woman that… all tenses), הַ־ּ (the woman that… alternative tpresent tense)
  2. and - וְ־
  3. or - אוֹ
  4. but - אֲבָל
  5. because - in decreasing order of frequency - כִּי, בִּגְלַל שֶׁ־ּ, מִשֹּוּם שֶׁ־ּ, (מִ)כֵּיוָן שֶׁ־ּ, etc.
  6. though - in decreasing order of frequency - לַמְרוׁת שֶׁ־ּ, עַל אַף שֶׁ־ּ, אַף עַל פִּי שֶׁ־ּ, etc.
  7. so (meaning “therefore”; e.g. “I wanted it, so I bought it”) - אַז, לָכֵן
  8. if - אִם


When used with pronouns, Hebrew prepositions are always conjugated with a specific ending for each pronoun.

  1. of - של
  2. to - אֵל (direction), לְ־ (all other uses tbh)
  3. from - מִ־ּ
  4. in - ְבְּתוֹך (inside), בְּ־ (in general)
  5. at (a place) - בְּ־
  6. at (a time) - בְּ־
  7. with - עִם (with a noun), אֵת (with a pronoun, conjugated as ָאִתִּי, אִתְּך, etc.)
  8. about - עַל
  9. like (meaning “similar to”) - כְּמוֹ, כְּ־
  10. for (warning, this one has several meanings that you need to take care of) - בִּשְׁבִיל (intended to)
  11. before (also as a conjunction) - לִפְנֵי/לִפְנֵי שֶׁ־ּ
  12. after (also as a conjunction) - אַחֲרֵי/אַחֲרֵי שֶׁ־ּ
  13. during - תּוֹךְ כְּדֵי
  14. bonus: direct obj. marker - אֵת (used with a defininte noun, conjugated ָאוֹתִי, אוֹתְך but אֶתְכֶם, אֵֶתְכֶן

Question Words

  1. who - מִי
  2. what - מָה
  3. where - אֵיפֹה
  4. when - מָתַי
  5. why - לָמָּה
  6. how - אֵיךְ
  7. how much - כַּמָּה
  8. which - אֵיזֶה


  1. a lot - הַרְבֵּה
  2. a little - קְצַת, מְעַט
  3. well - טוֹב
  4. badly - רַע
  5. only - רָק
  6. also - גַּם
  7. very - מְאֹד
  8. too (as in “too tall”) - מִדַּי (lit. (more) than enough)
  9. too much - יוֹתֵר מִדַּי
  10. so (as in “so tall”) - m כָּזֶה, f כָּזֹאת; or כָּל כַּךְ
  11. so much - כָּל כַּךְ הַרְבֵּה
  12. more (know how to say “more … than …”) - יוֹתֵר
  13. less (know how to say “less … than …”) - פַּחוֹת
  14. than - מִ־ּ
  15. as … as … (e.g. “as tall as”) - … כְּמוֹ …
  16. comparative (more, -er) - יוֹתַר
  17. superlative (most, -est) - הֲכִי
  18. now - עַכְשָׁו, כָּעֵת
  19. then - אַז
  20. here - פֹּה, כָּאן
  21. there - שָׁם
  22. maybe - אוּלַי
  23. always - תָּמִיד
  24. usually - בְּדֶרֶךְ כְּלַל
  25. often - הַרְבֵּה, לְעִתִּים קְרוֹבוֹת
  26. sometimes - לִפְעָמִים, מְדֵּי פַּעַם
  27. never - אַף פַּעַם (used with neg. verb / copula)
  28. today - הַיּוֹם
  29. yesterday - אֱתְמוֹל
  30. tomorrow - מַחַר
  31. soon - תֵּכֶף
  32. almostֹ - כִּמְעַט
  33. already - כְּבָר
  34. still - עָדַיִן
  35. even - אַפִלּוּ, אַף, גַּם
  36. enough - מַסְפִּיק


  1. the, a (technically articles) - הַ־ּ, no indef. article 
  2. this - m הַזֶּה, f הַזֹּאת
  3. that - m הַזֶּה, f הַזֹּאת or  m הָהוּא, f הָהִיא
  4. good - טוֹב
  5. bad - רַע
  6. all - כָּל הַ־ּ
  7. some - כַּמָּה
  8. no - שׁוּם
  9. any - שׁוּם
  10. many - הַרְבֵּה
  11. few - קְצַת, מְעַט
  12. most - רֹב הַ־ּ
  13. other - אַחֵר
  14. same - m אוֹתוֹ הַ־ּ , f אוֹתָה הַ־ּ
  15. different - שׁוֹנֶה
  16. enough - מַסְפִּיק
  17. one - m אֶחָד, f אַחַת
  18. two - m שְׁנַיִם, f שְׁתַּיִם
  19. a few - כַּמָּה
  20. first - רִאשׁוֹן
  21. next - הַבַּא (in time), לְיַד, עַל יַד (both in place)
  22. last (meaning “past”, e.g. “last Friday”) - שֶׁעָבַר, הַקּוֹדֵם
  23. last (meaning “final”) - הָאַחֲרוֹן
  24. easy - קָל
  25. hard - קָשֶׁה
  26. early - מֻקְדַם
  27. late - מְאֻחָר
  28. important - חָשׁוּב
  29. interesting - מְעַנְיֵן
  30. fun - כֵּיף, כֵּיפִי
  31. boring - מְשַׁעֲמֵם
  32. beautiful - יָפֵה
  33. big - גָּדֹל
  34. small - קָטַן
  35. happy - שָׂמֵחַ
  36. sad - עָצוּב
  37. busy - עָסוּק
  38. excited - מִתְרַגֵּשׁ, נִרְגָּשׁ
  39. tired - עָיֵף
  40. ready - מוּכָן
  41. favorite - הָאָהוּב עַל …
  42. new - חָדָשׁ
  43. right (meaning “correct”) - (e.g. a right answer) נָכוֹן; (e.g. to have the right answer) צוֹדֵק
  44. wrong - לֹא נָכוֹן, שָׁגוּי; טוֹעֶה
  45. true - נָכוֹן


Conjugated as:

  1. subject
  2. ‘singular’ prepositional ending - בְּ־, כְּ־, לְ־, מִ־ּ, עם, את, של, בשביל, etc.
  3. ‘plural’ prepositional ending - עַל יְדֵי, אַחֲרֵי, מְאֲחוֹרֵי, עַל, אֵל, etc.

ס stands for the preceding prepostion

  1. I
    1. אֲנִי
    2. סִי
    3. סַי
  2. you m
    1. אַתָּה
    2. סְךָ
    3. סֶיךָ
  3. you f
    1. אַתְּ
    2. סָךְ
    3. סַיִךְ
  4. he
    1. הוּא
    2. סוֹ
    3. סָיו
  5. she
    1. הִיא
    2. סָהּ
    3. סֶיהָ
  6. * it
    1. m זֶה f זֹאת
  7. we
    1. אֲנַחְנוּ
    2. סָנוּ
    3. סֶינוּ
  8. you (pl.) m
    1. אֲתֶּם
    2. סְכֵם
    3. סֶיכֵם
  9. ** you (pl.) f
    1. אַתֶּן
    2. סְכֵן
    3. סֶיכֵן
  10. they (pl.) m
    1. הֵם
    2. סָם
    3. סֶיהֵם
  11. ** they (pl.) f
    1. הֵן
    2. סָן
    3. סֶיהן

* There is no neuter gender (it), so inanimate nouns are referred to by the corresponding male or female third person pronouns and conjugations

** Many speakers these days make no distinction between male and female second and third person pronouns (you, they), so these conjugations are gradually becoming obsolete.


Hebrew nouns come in two genders, masculine and feminine, however unlike many other languages, the definite article is identical for all genders and inflections, therefore it is not included.

  1. everything - הַכֹּל
  2. something - מָשֶׁהוּ
  3. nothing - כְּלוּם
  4. everyone - כֻּלָּם
  5. someone - מִישֶׁהוּ
  6. no one - אַף אֶחָד / אַחַת (used in negation)
  7. (name of the language you’re studying) - עִבְרִית
  8. English - אַנְגְּלִית
  9. thing - דָּבָר
  10. person - בֵּן אָדָם (lit. son of Adam)
  11. place - מָקוֹם
  12. time (as in “a long time”) - זְמַן
  13. time (as in “I did it 3 times”) - פַּעַם
  14. friend - חָבֵר
  15. woman - אִשָּׁה
  16. man - אִישׁ
  17. money - כֶּסֶף
  18. country - מְדִינָה
  19. (name of your home country) - ישְׂרָאֵל
  20. city - עִיר
  21. language - שָׂפָה, לָשׁוֹן
  22. word - מִלָּה
  23. food - אֹכֶל
  24. house - בַּיִת
  25. store - חָנוּת
  26. office - מִשְׂרַד
  27. company - חֵבְרָה
  28. manager - מְנָהֵל
  29. coworker - קוֹלֶגָה
  30. job - עֲבֹדָה
  31. work (as in “I have a lot of work to do”) - עֲבֹדָה
  32. problem - בַּעֲיָה
  33. question - שֶׁאֱלָה
  34. idea - רַעֲיוֹן
  35. life - חַיִּים
  36. world - עוֹלָם
  37. day - יוֹם
  38. year - שָׁנָה
  39. week - שָׁבוּעַ
  40. month - חֹדֶשׁ
  41. hour - שָׁעָה
  42. mother, father, parent - אֵם, אַב, הוֹרֶה/הוֹרָה
  43. daughter, son, child - בַּת, בֵּן, יֶלֶד/יָלְדָה
  44. wife, husband - אִשָּׁה, בַּעַל
  45. girlfriend, boyfriend - חָבֵרָה, חָבֵר

More Verbs

  1. work (as in a person working) - עָבַד
  2. work (meaning “to function”, e.g. “the TV works”) - עָבַד
  3. see - רָאָה
  4. use - הִשְֹתַּמּשׁ
  5. should - הָיָה צָרִיךְ
  6. believe - הֶאֱמִין
  7. practice - הִתְאַמֵּן (practice a skill), פָּעַל (practice one’s beliefs) 
  8. seem - נִרְאָה, נִדְמָה
  9. come - בָּא
  10. leave - עָזַב
  11. return - חָזַר
  12. give - נָתַן
  13. take - לָקַח
  14. bring - הֵבִיא
  15. look for - חִפֵּשׂ
  16. find - מָצַא
  17. get (meaning “obtain”) - הֵשׂיג
  18. receive - קִבֵּל
  19. buy - קָנָה
  20. try -  נִסָּה
  21. start - הִתְחִיל
  22. stop (doing something) - הִפְסִיק
  23. finish - סִיֵּם, גָּמַר
  24. continue - הִמְשִׁיךְ
  25. wake up - הִתְעוֹרֵר
  26. get up - קָם
  27. eat - אָכַל
  28. happen - קָרָה
  29. feel - הִרְגִּישׁ
  30. create (aka “make”) - יָצַר, עָשָׂה
  31. cause (aka “make”) - גָּרַם לְ־
  32. meet (meeting someone for the first time) - פָּגַשׁ, נִפְגַּשׁ
  33. meet (meaning “to bump into”) - פָּגַשׁ
  34. meet (an arranged meeting) - נִפְגַּשׁ
  35. ask (a question) - שָׁאַל
  36. ask for (aka “request”) - בִּקֵּשׁ
  37. wonder - תָּהָה
  38. reply - הֵגִיב
  39. mean - אָמַר
  40. read - קָרַא
  41. write - כָּתַב
  42. listen - הִקְשִׁיב
  43. hear - שָׁמַע
  44. remember - זָכַר
  45. forget - שָׁכַח
  46. choose - בָּחַר
  47. decide - הִחְלִיט / הֶחֱלִיט
  48. be born - נוֹלַד
  49. die - מֵת
  50. kill - הָרַג
  51. live - חַי
  52. stay - נִשְׁאַר
  53. change - שִׁנָּה (for someone to change something), הִשְׁתָּנָּה (for something to change itself)
  54. help - עָזַר
  55. send - שָׁלַח
  56. study - לָמַד
  57. improve - שִׁפֵּר (for someone to improve something), הִשְׁתַּפֵּר (for somthing to improve itself)
  58. hope - קִוָּה
  59. care - הָיָה לְ־ אִכְפַּת (word or word, there-was to-subj. care)


  1. hello - שָׁלוֹם
  2. goodbye - שָׁלוֹם / לְהִתְרָאוֹת
  3. thank you - תּוֹדָה
  4. you’re welcome - אֵין בְּעַד מָה, עַל לֹא דָּבָר
  5. excuse me (to get someone’s attention) - סְלִיחָה
  6. sorry - סְלִיחָה
  7. it’s fine (response to an apology) - זֶה בְּסֶדֶר
  8. please - בְּבַקָּשָׁה
  9. yes - כֵּן
  10. no - לֹא
  11. okay - אוֹקֵיִי, בְּסֶדֶר, סַּבָּבָּה (slang)
  12. My name is _____ - קוֹרְאִים לִי _____
  13. What’s your name? אֵיךְ קוֹרְאִים לְךָ/לָךְ?
  14. Nice to meet you. - נָעִים לְהַכִּיר
  15. How are you? - מָה שְׁלוֹמְךָ/שְׂלוֹמֶךְ?, מָה קוֹרֶה?
  16. I’m doing well, how about you? אֲנִי בְּסֶדַר, מָה אִתְּךָ/אִתָּך?
  17. Sorry? / What? (if you didn’t hear something) - סְלִיחָה / שׁוּב?
  18. How do you say ______? - אֵיךְ אוֹמְרִים _____?
  19. What does ______ mean? - מָה _____ אוֹמֵר?
  20. I don’t understand. - לֹא הֵבָנְתִּי.
  21. Could you repeat that? אַתָּה/אַתְּ יָכוֹל/יְכוֹלָה לַחְזֹר עַל זֶה?.
  22. Could you speak more slowly, please? אַתָּה/אַתְּ יָכוֹל/יְכוֹלָה לְדַבֶּר יוֹתֵר לְאַט?
  23. Well (as in “well, I think…”) -  not really one word as in English. טוֹב can be said, but oftentimes simple filler sounds are used (אֶמממ, אֶההה, etc.)
  24. Really? - בֶּאֱמֶת?
  25. I guess that … - -אֲנִי מֵנִיחַ/מְנִיחָה שֶׁ.
  26. * It’s hot. (talking about the weather) - חַם.
  27. * It’s cold. (talking about the weather) - קַר.

* As these are one word sentences, they’re rarely said as is, usually coupled with a preposition indicating who or what is cold. (E.g. I’m cold - קַר לִי; It’s cold outside - קַר בָּחוּץ

Past the black where sirens sing

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Siren!Au / Angst / One-shot

Rated T for mentions of blood and mature themes (nothing too heavy tho)

Word count: 3.8k

Synopsis: Two in the morning, during this moonless night, as Yoongi is playing his demons away with slender fingers above the white and black of a piano keys.

And nothing would be different than usual, really, if it wasn’t for the strange girl sitting at his window, claiming to be a siren in love with his music.

Author’s note: for my loved @yoongihime, even tho it’s a couple of days late and she deserves so much more than this <3 

I love you, sweetie ❤

Yoongi doesn’t consider himself a believer. He never fell for the shining lure of myths and tales, nor for the solace of a higher being molding the universe – the hell, he didn’t even believe in the monsters under his bed when he was only a naïve tiny child.

These days some people would call him a cynical man, yet Yoongi knows that this is not really the case, for he simply holds his faith closer to the rational state of his mind rather than to the realm of pointless delirium. If the eyes can’t see it, then why should he presume it real, after all?

Just use the damn brain you had the luck to born with, for God’s sake.

So, Yoongi is well aware that all these people always ready to raise their finger at him and mark him as a crude, cold human being would now be left astonished, if they saw him in his room with a completely unamused expression as he stills his fingers above the piano keys and asks “so, what exactly are you?” to the beautiful, strange girl perched on his windowsill.

Keep reading


Pairing: Fíli x Sigrid + Reader

Characters: Fíli, Sigrid, Kili, the Company

Warnings: Angst, Heartbreak

Word Count: 1, 750 (Woah! I might have overdone this one…)

Note: I have nothing against Sigrid, just thought she’d be good for the story.

Links: Part 1 Part 2 

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Jovially, royals and guests from across Arda, had gathered into the Great Dining Hall. They had all been spread out through the entire hall; many dwarves drank their mead while guffawing at silly tales and stories. Beside them, their Ones, gossiped, also laughing merrily. Despite of the fact of being hardworking, dwarves loved to gather to tell stories after a drink or two and roar in laughter, even if it were for no special occasion. But this evening it was different. This evening there were two occasions as to why everyone was so content.

The first and most important event was that Erebor had been finally reclaimed and restored to its glorious peace. Thorin was crowned King Under The Mountain, right after the defeat of Azog the Defiler and the rest of the Company had a place to call home.

The second reason as to why there was such a grand celebration was because Fíli was married to his beloved wife, Sigrid, daughter of Bard. The guests that had arrived, had also brought with them lavish and magnificent gifts from their lands for the happy couple. Along with these gifts, they had also brought their cheerfulness. 

Of course, everyone was happy that day. It was a celebration, hence the name of it. But I was not…or at least, I forced myself to be. How selfish that must sound, right? 

However, I had a truly painful reason not to be. Content that is. And it was quite difficult to think of it without it bringing tears to my eyes. It had to do with the dwarven prince. The one who was married.

As I thought of him, my eyes wandered over to the dais where the royal family and their friends were dining. Fíli had sat beside Thorin’s right and holding his big calloused hand was Sigrid. She was pretty and in her white wedding dress, she looked even prettier. Her rich, dark hair had been curled up and a beautiful braid was very much evident, as it had been purposefully tucked behind her ear. Her skin seemed as pure as the first thick blanket of snow while her emerald eyes gleamed with joy.

I watch the pair of them as Fíli leans over to whisper something in her ear which earns a soft laughter from Sigrid, rendering Fíli’s features to be graced with a handsome smile. Even her laugh was lovely. I thought to myself before I stared down at my plate, sighing sadly.

“It is an insult to have to sit below a human.” A dwarrowdam hissed behind me. Slightly, I turn my head to see her speaking with her friend as they, both, cast they’re eyes to Sigrid like I had done a few moments ago.

“We cannot complain, Freida.” The other replied bitterly. “She is married to the prince, in time, she’ll become the Queen.”

‘She’ll become the Queen…’ I repeated those words in my mind, like a mantra as if I wanted to continuously torture myself. To torture myself for having so foolishly fallen in love with the dwarf prince since the beginning of the quest.  And it was not only because of his aggravatingly handsome features, which he had Mahal to thank for, but of his personality as well. Of his sharp intellect and wit. Of his kind, loving and protective nature. Of his loyalty and good judgement.

I had tried to keep my distance from Fíli during the journey so that we would all focus on what was more important than my measly love interest. Yes, we talked and sparred together many times but I was keeping my feelings hidden from him. I had decided upon letting him know of what I felt for him after the reclaim of Erebor, but it seemed I was too late. Fíli, my sweet, darling dwarf, had fallen in love. And it was not with me. 

I was truly happy for him but in my mind, I continuously cursed that one day when I lay in tears on my aunt’s lap and she reassured me, “You will have love, sweetheart. He will come, your prince will come. You simply must be willing to open your heart and let him in. Let him love you.”

Well, apparently, I had opened my heart, my feelings, and my emotions and I regretted more than ever. Because like my previous aching heartbreaks, the dwarf prince was never going to love me. Looking over at the royal table, I decided upon something that I would most definitely regret later on. But it was too late as I had reluctantly begun to walk over to the royal table.

The Company turned their attention to me as I ascended the steps, slowly. I fold my trembling hands tightly together and with a shaky voice - trying not to cry - I whisper, “Kili, may I please speak with you?”

The dark-haired dwarf’s orbs bore into my own as he snaps out of his daze. “Sure, sure, of course. Let’s head out to the hallways where it would be more quiet and less overwhelming.”

I nod as I wait for him to come around the table and join me out at the hallways. As I wait, uneasily I decide to cast my eyes one last time to Fíli, who surprisingly I caught to have been looking at me with an expression I could not pinpoint. His blue eyes resembled the colours of the ocean, shimmering and crashing beneath the sunset. Looking into his eyes was not only hypnotizing but it seemed as if though I was staring at a fragile piece of turquoise glass, which laid in the sand, glistening in the bright sunlight.

I offer him a final smile and turn to Kili, who lightly grabbed my elbow and led me out of the Great Dining Hall. At the entrance, we stopped and his eyes were laced with concern and confusion. I could not hold it back anymore so, I let the tears cloud my vision as they quickly trickled down my cheeks. From one than it continued like an endless waterfall.

Alarmed, Kili widened his eyes and took a hold of my hands, “What’s happened, (Y/N)? Why are you crying? Should I be going to get my bow and arrows?”

I laugh through my tears as Kili lightens the tension and mood. The young dwarf smiles and brings his thumbs, wiping my tears away. “No, Kili. I don’t think this time would be a wise choice.”

“Then, perhaps not,” he agrees. “But tell me what is bothering you?”

I sigh and momentarily shut my eyes before finding the courage to tell him. “I am going to leave Erebor. After all, this marks the end of my adventure.”

“What?” Kili says as his eyebrows instantly knit in confusion. “Why? Please, do not do this (Y/N) or at least rethink it. Listen to me, if this is about the time uncle said those terrible things to you, you must know that he was - ”

“No, Kili, this has nothing to do with Thorin.” I reply, swallowing uneasily. There was an uncomfortable few minutes of silence and when I lower my head, Kili gasps, comprehending the sudden meaning of my answer. “(Y/N),” He whispers but I shake my head, not wanting him to say anything about it.

“Please, do not make this any more harder than it already is.” I plead as I reach from under my sleeve, producing a stone with a dwarvish engraving that said kidhuzel, which meant ‘gold of all gold’. That was the first and only word that I learned in Khuzdul. It was a word that Fíli had taught me and he made me promise to remember it while thinking of him.

“Please, return this to your brother. Not today. I don’t want him to think of this on his happy day. Maybe when you deem it to be right.” I say, placing the stone on his the palm of his hand as Kili ran his index finger over it. “Gold of all gold. He read and I squeeze my eyes shut, forcefully pushing my tears back.

“Wouldn’t he want you to keep this?”

“Yes, he would.” I reply, breathlessly. “But every time I look at it, it makes me tear up.” He nods understanding and looks back to me. “Kili tell him I will forever remember and keep the promise. Tell him I loved him even if he might not have loved me in return.”

Fresh tears began to sting my face and the sadness I felt seemed to float  through the atmosphere. “Let him know that I thank him. For making me believe in love…again. Even if he did not feel it, it was quite real for me.”

Kili nodded once more and reached to embrace me. I wrap my arms around him and rest my head upon his shoulder. For a while, we remained like that, in a comforting silence as he soothed me by rubbing circles on my back. I sniffle and let him go. “And I thank you for all those silly stories and pranks that seemed to aid me from my worrying and overthinking. You are a good friend, Kili.”

“Nonsense, you do not need to thank me, lass. I had known from the start, you’d helplessly fall for my charming personality.” He replies, winking mischievously as he did so, rendering me to laugh wholeheartedly.

“Well, I will miss you, my charming dwarf.” I say, placing my hand on his shoulder.

“As I, you, my little Thumbelina.” He replies, using the nickname from the stories I had told the Company and implying that I was short for a human. Sighing yet smiling to him, I turn to take my leave at the Southern Gates, not believing this was truly how it was to end. I had dreamed of it to be much more differently…and happier.

“Oh and Kili,” I call to him before he’d enter the Great Dining Hall. He turns and regards me with a curious expression. “After tea with Bilbo, you are welcome to come to my house for dinner.”

He smiles widely and bows, “I’d be honoured, lass. And so would the Company.”

I watch him till he retreats back into the hall, I walk away slowly, each footstep resonating in my head as I thought of the reoccurring memories of the journey I had taken apart in. My tears, once again, cloud my vision and this time, I let my sadness engulf me while I head out to the Gates.