but then slap him other times

Beautiful Stranger [Chapter 5]

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Chapter 5 of Beautiful Stranger

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Series Genre: AU/Smut/Fluff/Angst

“No no no, Y/N she—” Jinyoung quickly stood, looming towards you.

“Save it!” you cut him off. You held back the urge to slap the living daylight out of him. “Just stay away from me”.

You instantly turned and charged out of his office, fighting back the angry tears that began to form in your eyes.

Jinyoung slammed his fist against his desk, desperately wishing you hadn’t just heard that. He sighed before returning to his seat and picked up the call.

“Satan’s bride, herself… How did you find me this time?”

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Sex With Draco Involves...
  • Sex with Draco is slow and hot, varying from passionate to rough.
  • You were each others first time.
  • He loves taking his time, teasing you until you beg him for more.
  • Even if it’s not rough sex, he wants to be in control.
  • Nothing turns him on more then you moaning his name.
  • Neck kisses.
  • Love bites.
  • Dirty whispers and dirty talks.
  • “I’ll meet you at my bed.”
  • Having sex in a classroom once (it was scarring, exciting and so fucking good).
  • Realizing you actually have a lot of sexual fantasies.
  • Sex in the kitchen.
  • Shower sex (his favorite).
  • He doesn’t like to slap you, because he’s afraid to hurt you, but he wouldn’t hesitate to give you hikes wherever part of your body he had access to.
  • A little bit of Daddy kink.
  • When you’re alone, he would hug you from behind and slip his fingers inside you slowly.
  • “Draco, please…”
  • “Say it once more, baby girl. You know how much I love when you beg.”
  • If you want to drive him crazy, I’ve got two words for you: lap dance.
  • Draco absolutely loved the feeling of you grinding against him while a slow song played in the background.
  • In the morning he’d wake you up by kissing your neck and shoulders, and letting his hands go free though your body.
  • Obviously you two have morning sex a lot.
  • He likes to have eye contact with you the whole time.
  • When he gets jealous he would press you against a wall and kiss you rough.
  • He’ll probably fuck you against the wall.
  • “No one else can make you feel this good, hum?”
  • He would make you say you’re his and his only and get you screaming his name so the others would know who you belonged to as well.
  • After he always asks if you’re ok, just to know he haven’t hurt you.
  • When you’re feeling insecure about your body, Draco would whisper how beautiful he thinks you are while making love.
  • You have to admit, you adore it when he worships you.
  • Him pulling your hair to get a better access to your neck.
  • If you need to be quite you’d bite his shoulder to shut your moans.
  • That would probably make him moan your name loud and clear, but still.
  • Malfoy loves your blowjob.
  • You wouldn’t say it, but you also love the control you feel while when you go down on him.
  • If he’s sad or upset you would come and sit on his lap, kiss his face and tell him how much you love him while he undresses you.
  • Draco loves to lay upon you and use his fingers on you, just to watch you cum crying out his name.
  • Tease him and he’ll deny your orgasm until the least second he can.
  • Even being together during a long time, you still can surprise each other.
  • Taking long baths together after sex.
  • Having a hell of a work to hide the hikes with make up when you have class.
  • Him cussing.
  • Draco always inventing you to come to his house when his parents aren’t there.
  • Getting really loud since you two are alone.
  • Since you have the whole place to yourselves, Draco would try (and have success) to convince you to do it almost everywhere in the house.
  • He would also get even more dominating, since you were in his very own bed.
  • “Hold it.”
  • “Draco please, let me…”
  • “I said hold it!”
  • Cuddling until you sleep.

-I feel like you have to be a mix of Betty and Veronica

-Like nice and caring but at the same time kick-ass

-Cuz you’ll need to take care of him when he’s being sensitive

-But also slap some sense into him when he’s having an Archie Pity Party

-You’ve known him almost as long as Betty

-But you don’t hang around him too much

-You actually get closer to Archie after him and Jughead break up, and spend the summer with him

-You keep him away from the pedophile Hoe Ms.Grundy

-You literally have to tie the bitch down because he’s convinced they love each other

-”Archie, you’re a sophmore in highschool! The only thing you should be in love with is candy and skipping school!”

-He gets butthurt when you say that, because HE JUST WANTS TO BE LOVED

-So you make him a deal: if he stays away from Ms. Grundy, you help him with his music and with his dad’s business

-He agrees because he knows you’d give him hell otherwise

-On July 4th you’re the one by the river with him, and he’s singing a song he made for you when you kiss him

-and then the gunshot

-From then on you two are inseparable

-(More like he refuses to leave you alone)

-Archie’s a puppydog when it comes to you

-He either can’t or won’t say no to what you want

-It’s just physically hard for him to deny you

-Both of you are fans of PDA

-You like showing girls that the new hottie is yours

-He just likes kissing you, holding you touching you

-Archie’s a little horndog

-He tries to deny it but he gets one look at your body and it’s like BAM

-You have to slap the horniness out of him most of the times

-But the other times you’re perfectly fine with it

-He’s super protective, especially when he sees Reggie

-He puffs out his chest and tries to seem bigger than he is

-”Put your chest down superman.”

-You call him Arch, Archina, Superman, Horndog

-He calls you Princess, Cupcake, Sunshine, Queen, and other things he tries out

-The nicknames make you wanna gag 95% of the time

-He’s the clingy one in public

-You’re the clingy one in private

-It’s what makes your relationship work so well

-When you get insecure, Archie gets super sad because he wants you to see yourself as the goddess he knows you are

-So he wraps you up in a blanket like a sushi roll, and lays your head in his lap on the couch so you can binge watch The Simpsons

-His Dad adores you

-You’re constantly over his house for dinner because his dad already thinks of you as family

-His Dad also always takes your side during arguments

-”Archie, honey, you’re being stupid. Now go get my future daughter-in-law back please.”

-Archie gets mesmerized by you a lot, even if your sleeping

-He’s a creeper when he wakes up earlier than you, all he does is watch you breathe

-He also loves seeing his marks on you, makes him even more aroused

-The little shit hides your concealer so that people can see it

-”Princess, it’s because you don’t need make up.”

-”Archie I SWEAR TO GOD–”

-He can’t sleep without you, and vice versa

-Y’all are each other’s ride-or-die

-You’re the one always giving him a ride

-He’s the one that’d actually die without you


-He can’t do anything himself

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AU where Until Dawn is an award winning movie and all the characters are actors in it. Just imagine.

  • Josh and Chris aren’t allowed to do interviews alone together for reasons that no one is allowed to say
  • Sam constantly brings the cast and crew coffee and hot chocolate every time they shoot in the snow
  • Bloopers of Mike constantly falling on his face as he’s doing his “heroic” run to save Jessica
  • Jess in the background laughing at him every time he falls on his face
  • “Fuck nuggets”, “Scared the blue out of my jeans”, “Jesus hot sauce Christmas cake”, and everyone other creative curse was completely improvised by Mike
  • Emily accidentally hitting Ashley while filming the slap-scene and Emily freaking out and apologizing
  • Theres a tabloid rumor that Mike and Matt hate each other and got into a fist fight on set, when really they just had a heated argument over who gets the last donut (Josh stole it while they fought)
  • Josh and Jess constantly forgetting their lines
  • Ashley going out of her way to meet fans and sign pictures for them
  • Mike taking every sexist question that Jess gets during interviews
  • Chris doing the same for Ashley and Josh doing the same for Sam
  • Matt not needing to do that, because Emily can handle the situation on her own
  • Matt visiting sick fans in the hospital
  • Hannah and Beth being famous twin actors, and the marketing purposefully misdirected it so it looked like Beth and Hannah were the leads to make their “deaths” more shocking
  • Josh and Hannah staying in their “villain” makeup (ie the psycho mask and wendigo makeup) and hiding in people’s trailers to scare them
  • Matt and Jess, during their first interview together, ended it with Jess beatboxing and Matt freestyle rapping. It becomes the most liked video on youtube
  • Emily being the queen of dubsmash, and it spreading to the whole cast constantly doing them inbetween shots
  • The guys having paintball games in between scenes and Ashley and Sam joining in only to destroy them
  • There’s several bloopers of Josh and Chris leaning forward about to kiss only to start laughing
  • “what were all thinking it” is Josh’s reasoning for ruining so many shots
  • Interviewer: “Who was your favorite member to shoot with?” Beth: “My sister of course. She’s my best friend and I wouldn’t want to do this without her”. Hannah: “Awww… mine was Mike”
  • Interviewer: “What was your favorite scene to shoot?”. Ashley“The Saw scene since it was so intense and and special effects were so amazing that it looked so real”. Chris“When i got to kiss Ashley” *Smirks*
  • Sam confirming the fan theory that her character is gay
  • Interviewer“Which fate would you want, death or wendigo?” Josh“how about a happy ending for my character instead”

I’ve been sort of working with the British Men of Letters.

Aside from an edge of defiance, the words lack emotion. They hit Dean like a slap. He tries not to show how much they hurt. Another day, another betrayal, what else is new? And as she tries to explain, to justify, he looks right at Sam. Sees the pain his brother can’t hide. He moves closer to him, pulled by a bone-deep instinct to protect. 

When Dad disappeared, Sam and I looked around, and something became very clear. That the only thing we had in this world – the only thing, aside from this car – was each other.

His own words bounce around his head. He’d been stupid to think this time would be any different. Now his mom is talking about family. Family comes first, the party line. Bullshit. People always claiming they’re family then stabbing them in the back. Or, hell, right in the face. So family? Is Sam. 

Dating Bucky Barnes Would Include:
  • Heart stopping kisses
  • Waking up to his face next to yours
  • Neither of you being morning people
  • Challenging him to several rounds of arm wrestling
  • Calling each other mean nicknames like “jerk” and “punk”
  • Recipient of Bucky being a smooth sweet talker 24/7
  • Going to the shooting range together to practice
  • Whispering to each other during times you’re supposed to be quiet
  • Reading novels to him because he asked you to
  • Getting him up to date with the trends
  • Video chatting every night when one of you is on a mission
  • Running your fingers through his hair all the time
  • Late night pizza runs at the pizza diner he would always go to back in the day
  • Movie dates every Friday night
  • Him trying to use his license from the 40’s for a senior discount
  • You slapping his arm every time you find out he does
  • Getting spied on by Steve when the two of you are on a date
  • Him finding Steve in the bushes all the time during your dates
  • Jokes that never fail to make you laugh
  • Holding hands all the time
  • Warm hugs
  • Making chicken noodle soup when he gets sick
  • Him always praising your cooking
  • You never having the heart to tell him you got it from a can
  • Always finding him staring at you at random times
  • Sexual tension 24/7
  • Quickies everywhere
  • Hot, mind blowing sex
  • Scratch marks on each others’ backs
  • Him finding out you have a kink for his metal arm
  • Him using that knowledge to his full advantage
  • Teasing you with his metal arm all the time throughout the night
  • “You don’t want them to hear, do you?”
  • Covering your mouth with his hand to avoid getting yourselves in trouble
  • His hands all over your body
  • Your hands all over his body
  • Trying to hide hickies and marks made the night before when the two of you walk into the kitchen the next day
  • The Avengers fully aware of what you’re doing
  • Secret high fives exchanged among them as their ship sails 
The Garden Party

The towel wrapped around your body slipped a little as you made your way from the bathroom to the closet. You tugged it back up, retucking the end to hold it more securely. Your new navy blue dress was hanging by the steamer where you had left it this morning. Hair and makeup were done and you would only end up being a few minutes late to the party. Niall would be meeting you there after spending the day at the studio and you couldn’t wait to see him. This morning, he had been in a playful mood, slapping your ass every time he walked by and making dirty jokes. Hopefully that mood carried on throughout the day and you had a fun evening ahead of you. A smile was fixed on your face as you went to the dresser to get your underwear. Opening the top drawer, you were surprised to find it empty. You pulled open the other drawers, even though you knew it was pointless, to find them equally void of your undergarments.

“That little shit!” you muttered under your breath, grabbing your phone.

“Babe, all of my underwear seems to have disappeared,” you typed before hitting send.

The three dots indicating he was replying appeared immediately as if he had been waiting for your text. “Hmmm…that’s so strange, where could they have gone?”

Setting your phone aside, you rested your hands on your hips. It appeared he still wanted to play, and you were definitely game. You put your beautiful yet conservative blue dress back into the closet and went in search of another. You pulled out your “Wow” dress. You called it that because the one other time you had worn it, “Wow” was the only thing Niall seemed able to say. It was red and short and form fitting. It left little to the imagination. This might be going too far. You almost lost your nerve and put it back. Could you really go commando in this dress at one of Niall’s work parties? You slid it off its hanger and pulled it over your head. Niall was daring you and you would not lose to him.

When you arrived at the party, you carefully climbed out of the car and handed the key to the valet. He checked you out as you walked by and you resisted the urge to tug at the hem of the dress. Confidence was going to be key tonight.

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BTS Reactions: You Like To Be Spanked


Rap Monster:

“Come here babygirl…daddy needs to spank you for being a bad girl…”


“Get over here. Right. Now.”


“Will I spank her?…” 


When you mention that you like to be spanked his eyes darken and his voice gets low and raspy.

“Then get over here and let daddy spank you…”


He loves teasing so expect a lot of it. He would slap your butt at the most random of times,regardless of if you two were alone or not. He would like to do it most around the other members,seeing you squirm and try not to moan would turn him on so much.


Oh boy. He approves 100%. He absolutely LOVES to spank you. Like expect it most of the time especially if you were bad and he has to punish you. He would just love to grope,feel,slap your butt. He just loves it. It’s his favorite asset of yours.


Daddy Kook in the house! he loves spanking almost as much as Namjoon and Hobi. It is his favorite punishment aside from orgasm denial and over-stimulation.

How they made up? Pfff easy.

Crazy knocking on her door makes her run to see who is the maniac who nearly broke it.

She opens to find out it was the a**hole who made her say those words and do what she did just for experiment.

Before she could raise her hand for a slap *cause this is totally what she would start with* he pulls her to him and kisses her like there is no tomorrow, tightens his arms on her like he is holding on for dear life.

Breaking the kiss, they need a moment to cach their breath, foreheads touching each others.

“I love you” he said it while panting for the third time looking into her eyes touching her cheek with one hand while the other is still holding her tight (like it should be said properly).

End of scene.

Dating Carl Grimes Would Include:

- you and carl being absolute best friends

- always touching each other. he always had his arm around you or was holding your hand

- him being extremely overprotective

- your first time was rushed yet still very enjoyable. “ holy shit y/n, we definitely need to do that again…soon” 

- oh my god this boy would love to slap your ass, especially in front of Ron


- “babe, should I grow my hair out like Jesus?” “nope, his will always look better”

- constantly being teased by Daryl

- him being very insecure about his eye but you thinking he looks sexy and badass

- hickeys

- always telling each other that you love each other before going on runs

- long hugs when one of you returns from being gone

- sweet kisses, good morning kisses, goodnight kisses, passionate kisses, neck kisses, just so many damn kisses

They watched Harry sneak up behind Louis, a dramatic, tip-toed, high knees sort of sneak. He poked Louis’ sides and Louis spun around, already smiling wide. He slapped Harry’s bicep, pulling him into his body at the same time with his other hand.

Their arms wound around each other, Louis’ arms looped over Harry’s shoulders and Harry’s palms flat on Louis’ lower back. Their lips fused together, both stepping sideways in unison, ducking next to the brick cafe wall. They were hidden from the street but on the very edge of the cafe window, just close enough for two nosy patrons to watch.

Louis lifted himself up on his toes and pulled Harry down while they kissed, his fingers tight in Harry’s wild hair, Harry’s hand clenching in the bottom of Louis’ black jacket. They broke their kiss for Louis to press his mouth to Harry’s neck, Harry lifting Louis to his very tippy toes until Louis’ foot linked behind Harry’s ankle.

“Oh. My. God,” Zayn whispered even softer, wide eyed. “Did Harry actually slay the Tommobeast?”

“I can’t believe Lou hasn’t cut his tongue out by now,” Liam said, equally awed, shaking his head. “The last person who I saw kiss Louis in public was Jane Aaron in the sandbox when we were five.” Liam’s tone dropped, as if he was talking about war or death. “Louis flushed her crayons down the toilet and filled her cubby with mud.”

They could see Harry say something with his lips just barely brushing Louis’ mouth, his comment making Louis drop his head back to laugh.

Zayn asked, “Think he’s going to flush Harry’s crayons down the toilet?”

Unruhestifter (Chris Evans imagine)

Not my GIF I got it from @fallontonight

Just a quick little imagine to keep my main squeeze happy because I know she thinks Evans is absolutely adorable. @bitch-m-fabulous

“Do the thing.” You poke Chris’s chest.

“No.” He playfully slaps your hands away.

“Just do the thing.”

“You moved last time.” He protests.

“I need to know what the thing is.” Rob cut in.

“You know what it is.” Seb smirks.

“Do it. Do it.” You begin a chant that the others join in.

“Fine!” Chris shouts making the room fall silent. You turn to him standing as tall as you can without locking your knees. Then you look him in the eye as you lean your head down. Chris takes a few steps back and then without touching you jumps clear over your head.

“Ooooooo,” The room cheers.

“I didn’t flinch!” You congratulate yourself. Chris surprised you didn’t flinch as well turns back and lifts you in a hug. You two run around the room like this accepting high fives.

“Now what we really want to see it Y/N jump Chris.” Rob suggests. Your head whips around to look at Chris.

“Chris?” You say as sweetly as possible. He cringes already knowing what you are going to say.


“Let me try.”

“No.” The room explodes in laughter again as Chris begins telling you why that is a bad idea and you resume your child like pestering.


• he’s just or too cute or too rough there’s no in between
• he would totally slap ur ass in public
• gets handy all the time
• you’re the only person he trusts
• you always know what’s bothering him even when he doesn’t want to tell you
• he does everything you ask him for
• acts all cool in front of his friends but follows u like a lil pup when you’re both alone
• making out on the kitchen counter
• “dinner can wait”
• hands on your knee
• takes pictures of you all the time
• brags about how perfect you are
• the others see your relationship as something they want for their lives
• youngbin likes to play with your hair all the time
• long late night talks
• long staring contest before going to bed
• taking naps every wednesday is a must !!
• loves it when you treat him like a lil boy
• but at the same time he hates it
• loves to know he can always protect you
• loves to snuggle his face on your breast
• heated making out sessions
• which end up with both of you just giggling at each other
• likes wearing couple clothes
• gave you a necklace with a lil heart which he calls ‘his heart’
• says some cheesy shit but it’s cute after all
• cute puppy eyes that would make u jump out the window if he asks you to
• loves u endlessly

“Wendy shook Prince up and made him laugh. She wasn’t afraid to stand up to him and tell him what she thought. She came furthest of anyone I’ve seen of pulling Prince out of his shell,” observes Susan Rogers. “He adored her and felt comfortable with her. Everyone else was more or less intimidated by him. I remember one time, it was in the summer, and Prince was sitting at a keyboard. He was playing with no shirt on and Wendy reached over and pulled his underarm hair. He brought his elbow into his side and said ‘Don’t!’ and resumed playing. She reached over and pulled it again and he said ‘Cut it out!’ And they had a mock fight, kind of slapping each other. Not even his girlfriends were that informal with him. She was the only person who was that way with him, and he loved it.”

- Susan Rogers, Dance Music Sex Romance by Per Nilsen

Amateur - Jason Todd x Reader

A/N: Sorry this was supposed to go out yesterday but then the apocalypse started.

Prompt: (1) i got this idea where Reader is telekinetic but doesn’t really uses her powers so the others don’t know and she gets kidnapped along with Jason and the villain gives a monologue of how he’s gonna make her suffer but she just(2) deadpans and doesn’t even flinch and then the villain goes on to hurt jason hes like ‘imma hurt someone you care about’ and reader says ‘go ahead’. jason is like ‘wtf babe’ but as soon as the villain raises his hand she makes him slap himself(3)  repeatedly and she says ‘stop hitting yourself dummy’ and Jason’s reaction is one of awe and confusion and he generally laughs and generally something funny and maybe in the end they end up using her powers to prank the others?

Why is it always you that gets into these situation?

Honestly being tied up in the not-fun way got old after the first time it happens. At this point it’s just insanely annoying. But hey, at least your boyfriend, Jason, is tagging along this time to join in on the fun! If you had to listen to some half baked villain’s monologue, then so did he.

“Let me guess the world is going to pay. Oh! Or is it that your evil plan™ will cement your rule over the entirety of the human race.” Jason taunted from where he was tied up. He was probably already working on freeing himself, but then again Jason was never one to keep his mouth shut anyway.

“Nah babe, he’s totally the scorned lover type or possibly ‘I’m not evil, I’m just misunderstood.’ This sack of dull nails isn’t smart enough for a genius master plan.” You mocked. Jason threw his head back and laughed. The rookie villain turned bright red and angry as you and Jason continued to make fun of his skills as a villain and kidnapper.

“Shut up! Just shut up!” He cried when he had enough of you and Jason’s taunting.

“Aw sweetie, you really are new at this aren’t you?” You cooed teasingly. “If you didn’t want us to banter with you then you should have made sure we couldn’t. Don’t they teach you these things in villain school anymore?” You taunted with a roll of your eyes. The poor fool stormed over to you and suddenly pulled out a knife and held the dull side against against your throat. You scoffed and he realized that he was holding it wrong and switched the bladed around to hold it correctly. You wondered to yourself how he got this far.

“Shut up or I’ll kill you and everyone you’ve ever held dear.” He threatened, his voice quivering slightly in anxiety.

“I fucking dare you.” You challenged.

“I will!” He insisted.

“Do it.”

“I-I’ll fucking kill him.” He stuttered rushing over to Jason and holding the knife that had previously been held against you. To Jason’s credit, he didn’t show any reaction to the threat. He simply raised his eyebrow in judgment at your captors lack of kidnapping professionalism.

“Go ahead and try.” You encouraged.

“[Y/N]!” Jason cried wide eyed at your sudden betrayal.

“Don’t worry, sweetie. He doesn’t have the balls to do it. Isn’t that right, Dr. Evil?” You asked in a lighthearted joking tone. You weren’t worried about your lover’s fate. You had everything under control.

“I’ll do it! I’ll fucking do it!” He shouted his hand shaking against Jason’s neck.

“[Y/N]!” Jason cried out wide eyed when your captor pulled his gun from his pocket and moved to press it against Jason’s temple. Before he could pull the trigger your eyes narrowed and your pupils widened to consume your beautiful eye with blackness. You focused all the energy of your powers in ensuring that he couldn’t move a muscle and hurt Jason. The thugs eyes widened in horror when he realized he wasn’t in control of his own body anymore.

“What did you do to me, you freak?” He asked in panic. You could feel his will trying to uselessly break from your mental strong hold.

“Hey! Don’t you fucking call her that!” Jason seethed despite still having a gun pressed to his head.

“You know I almost feel bad for you.” You cooed at the thug still maintaining your mental control. You refocused your energy to his hand it it started to move away from Jason to his own face under your control

“Wha-what are you going to do?” He stuttered with his own gun being held to his head. You smirked slightly and after a few moments of the gun being held to his head you loosened his hand causing the gun to fall on the floor. You forced his hand into a fist and you collided his fist with his own jaw causing him to fall on the ground with a cry and a loud thud. Repeatedly you forced your captor to punch himself. When you felt he was sufficiently dealt with Jason freed himself and pulled you into a tight hug.

“Holy shit, babe! Since when could you do that?” He exclaimed excitedly.

“Always?” You said hesitantly gauging his reaction.

“That was amazing! You’re such a fucking badass!” He praised with a wide grin.

“Really? You’re not upset that I didn’t tell you?” You asked.

“Well yeah but you can make it up to me by using your powers for mischievous means on my brothers.” He offered.

“Seems reasonable.” You shrugged with a smile.

BTS reacting to you smacking their butts occasionally (requested)

Gifs aren’t mine.

Jin (Seokjin):

The first time, Jin would probably burst out laughing and blush, not knowing what to do, before hugging you playfully. He’d say ‘You really have no shame, jagi !’ before chuckling. After that he’d just get used to it and not even react anymore, just smiling at you.

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Suga (Yoongi):

The first time, Yoongi wouldn’t even react. He’d probably just close his eyes feeling embarrassed for you and ignore you. After a while he’d start hitting your butt occasionally too and you’d form this sort of routine where you would always hit each other’s butts whenever you’d pass behind one another.

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V (Taehyung):

The first time, Tae would laugh before hitting your butt too quite playfully which would lead to a butt slapping fight with him, people staring at you while passing by. ‘You won’t win, jagi !’. The times after that, it would lead to the same thing when he’s feeling playful but if he isn’t, he’ll just look back and smile widely at you to let you know that even if he wasn’t participating, he didn’t mind.

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The first time, Jimin would look back to see who could’ve done this with kind of a glare but when he’d see it’s you he’d quickly chuckle. ‘You’re the only one allowed to tap my butt, baby’ and he’d just let you continue. The other boys would tease him for being whipped and of course he’d try to deny it and he’d say that he’ll tell you to stop but he would never be able to which would lead to even more teasing.

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Rap monster (Namjoon):

The first time you hit his butt, Namjoon would be really cool about it and would smile at you before hitting your butt playfully too. ‘So naughty, jagi’. After that, he’d kind of let you do your own thing without reciprocating and would occasionally trade a butt slap for a quick kiss.

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J-hope (Hoseok):

The first time, Hobi would jump because you hit him really hard and he’d bring his hand up to his heart. ‘Yah ! Jagi, you really scared me !’ he’d complain but start laughing after five seconds. He’d surely have the same reaction every time and after the boys would notice, they’d start hitting his butt too when he’d least expect it,  so you and the guys would start a competition to see who would be able to make him jump the most.

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The first time, Jungkook would look at you, quite shocked you’d done that, although he could believe it since you’d play around all the time. He’d get all shy though and try hiding the blush that graced his cheeks. After a while he’d get used to it and would just lean in for a kiss afterwards to try and hide the tiny blush that didn’t seem to be going away.

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The Decision

Pairing: Oliver x Reader

Warnings: claustrophobia, panic attack

Words: 2612

Three Years Ago
You furrowed your eyebrows and tried to look at him, but couldn’t. You just couldn’t. Your eyes remained on the ground, a confused look still on your face as the silence wrapped around the two of you like a vice. You didn’t know what to say. You couldn’t think of anything to say in this moment, but you knew for a fact Oliver’s words hit you like a truck. You felt sick. And more than anything, you wanted to slap him. You wanted to strike your palm against Oliver’s cheek for fooling you all this time. All his I love you’s and forever’s were a lie. And you more angry than you were sad.

But you managed to walk away, his words echoing in your head. “This just isn’t working out, Y/N, I’m sorry. I… I think we should start seeing other people.” That was fine. It’s not like he was intending on hurting you, but he did. And that was fine.

No. No it wasn’t fine, but you led him to believe it was.

“Goodbye, Oliver.”

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Holiday Drabble ~ 12

12. Visiting ___’s family for the first time during Christmas and they absolutely adore you.   +   TOP

A heavy weight drops on to your back while you’re decanting a bottle of wine in the kitchen. You look over your shoulder, curiously at first and then alarmed when a hand slaps your butt, before you turn the other way and catch sight of bubblegum pink hair. 

“Things seem to be going well…” you murmur, smiling and swaying from side to side as he rests against your back. 

“Hmm…almost too well,” Seunghyun grumbles, his voice muffled.

You pause before turning around and looking up at him. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

He’d dressed up for the occasion in one of his Italian suits, this time red silk with a bright silver tie, and the color seems to have stained your eyes a bit–everything looks a bit pink somehow. His hair’s gelled and coifed in a pink cotton candy swoop, still in peek condition despite his nephew’s attempts to run his hands through it. The watch that Jiyong had gifted him the past Christmas shines on his wrist, the diamond incrusted rim catching the light in nearly every room. 

Seunghyun pouts, his lower lip sticking out and his eyes wide. “My mother brought out the kid photos.”

“Oh, come on,” you scoff playfully, folding your arms over your chest. “You’ve posted those same pictures on your public Instagram. You’re not embarrassed by them– you’re more proud of them than your mother is.”

“I was literally the cutest child on the planet, after my nephew,” he replies with a straight face. 

“That’s a pretty bold statement to make. You’re competing with not only Jiyong but Song Joonki. He was a really cute kid.”

Seunghyun ignores you and steps around to pull several wine glasses from the cabinet. “And before dinner? My father gave me the heartbreak talk, when you were in the kitchen with Eomma. Threatening me about breaking your heart–me, his son.”

“Aww,” you coo excitedly, one hand pressed to your chest. “He really did that? Appa-nim…”

“And worst of all…” Seunghyun fills up his glass until it’s nearly overflowing, his head tilted back as he takes several large gulps. Your brows raise incredulously, your mouth falling open to tell him to slow down a bit, when he puts the wine glass back on the counter and bends over it, his shoulders drawn tight. “Yeonjun likes you more than me.”

You gape at him. “What?”

Seunghyun looks up, and there are actual tears in his eyes. “You thought I wouldn’t notice? I saw the signs– ‘Noona, play trains with me? Noona, color with me? Noona, break uncle’s heart with me? Noona, Noona, Noona–’” He gives you a betrayed look. “He hasn’t called for Uncle TOP once since you got here.”

“Seunghyun? Are you serious?” You ask with a small laugh, stepping forward to brush a hand over his back in comfort, but he spins away dramatically, his red suit jacket knocking the glass over onto the counter and sending wine all over the cabinets and floor.

“I didn’t realize I’d be losing my girlfriend and my nephew in the same night, but I suppose that’s life,” he sniffs loudly, his hands pressed over his face. “Take care of each other, for me. I won’t get in the way~”

You watch as he drapes himself over the kitchen table and cries loudly into the wood, shaking your head and pouring yourself a glass of wine once the decanting was finished. You take a sip before putting it back on the counter and walking over to the table. Seunghyun grunts when you pile on top of him, despite the wrinkles it’s going to create in your dress.

“You’re being ridiculous, Tabi. You know what he was talking to me about, at that coloring table and train station?”

“What?” he asks in a small voice.

You grin. “How cool his uncle is. How I must be really cool if I got to hang out with his Uncle TOP all the time, when he only gets to see you on birthdays and stuff. Asking about your concerts and rapping some of your lines–the PG ones, of course– and singing along to Bang Bang Bang.”

Seunghyun’s head turns to the side, his dark eyes peering up at you tentatively. “…really?”

You nod solemnly, a smile turning the corners of your mouth. “Really. You were in the center of his family drawing. He took a picture of you two together to show-and-tell, and evidently he’s now the coolest kid in class because his uncle is TOP.” You lean over and press a kiss to his cheek. “Don’t worry. You’re still his favorite.”

Seunghyun grins.

“Y/N, does your mother like homemade pottery? Because I was wondering about what to give her for Christmas and–oh, I–” His mother hesitates in the doorway, her cheeks flushing in embarrassment, before she winks. “I’m so sorry to have interrupted.” 

“Wait, it’s not–” but she’s already out the door. Your head drops onto his back as your face competes with his suit for brightest color, a quiet groan of mortification building in your chest. 

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