but then she broke the window from the INSIDE

Michelle and Peter Headcanons

Sorry this is more like a novel. It’s inspired by Tom Holland’s ratchet foot insta story the other day.

• Let’s be real Michelle is totally a cat person
• so is Peter
•but Michelle is like let-me-rescue-all-the-stray-cats-in-sight kinda cat person
•so when Michelle works up the nerve to invite Peter over for the first time, she of course has about 10 cats invading her home
• “this group is all named after women in literature” she says like it’s an obvious statement
• “Margaret, Sylvia, Toni, Mary, Maya, Gloria, and that’s P-” she stops listing abruptly once her eyes land on an obnoxiously orange and slightly mangled cat. It’s looks like it’s seen some stuff with its chipped ear and soulful brown eyes.
• “What’s the one’s name?” Peter is genuinely curious now.
• “shut up.” Michelle doesn’t elaborate any further and moves to her bedroom where Margaret and Toni follow.
• Michelle totally keeps cat food on the fire escape for cats to come by and enjoy.
• Peter doesn’t want to persist and drops it at that, but as soon as he sits on Michelle’s book laden floor, “no-name” perches in his lap and makes it a point he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.
• Michelle gets a soft look in her eyes but then she’s pulling out her ap chemistry book and it’s all business for there on out.
• once Michelle and Peter have gotten more comfortable with each other and Ned and Liz are no longer the only friends on his Snapchat, they’ve accumulated a streak of a hard 75. Of course they’re mostly snaps of street cats that they pass throughout the day.
• one day Peter was most likely overwhelmed by his friendly neighborhood Spider-Man duties and breaks the streak.
• Michelle is not okay.
• she even goes about ignoring him the next day and after moving herself and her stack of books down to Ned and Peter’s end of the table for a solid 2 months now, she’s back to her ways of isolation.
• at the end of the day when Peter and Ned are having their usual locker meeting she makes a point to talk to Ned in front of Peter.
• “can you let Peter know that I’m very upset with him right now?”
• Ned is thoroughly confused and is looking back and forth between Peter and Michelle for some answers
• “but Peter is right he-”
• “thank you Ned I’m leaving now.”
• Peter is determined to make up for whatever he did wrong to Michelle.
• so of course he gets her a new sketchbook and pencils.
• she fills up those things fast.
• Peter webs a heartfelt “I’m sorry” on to the building across Michelle’s window and hastily waits after texting her to look.
• as he’s hiding on her fire escape he hears her scramble to open the window and her curly head pops out.
• he comes out from hiding with everything he wants to say practiced in his head to avoid screwing up.
• “I’m really sorry for whatever I did Michelle. I’m so sorry, but. Seriously, what did I do” He wasn’t supposed to say that.
• she just crosses her arms and squints.
• Peter is practically sweating under his spidey suit.
• “take off the mask.”
• he immediately listens not wanting to mess up.
• she takes in a deep breath and releases with the back of her hand slapping into the palm of her other “you broke the streak Peter.”
• Peter is at a loss for words and once Michelle notices she pulls him inside and shuts the window.
• “th-the streak?” Peter is embarrassed at how he practically squeaked.
• “yes the streak. Do you know how panicked I get when I don’t hear from you?” Of course it’s not also because how she loves the rush of excitement she gets from seeing a snap pop up from C3-Peter0. No way.
• realization finally settles into Peter and the tension leaves his shoulders.
• “the streak.”
• “yes Peter, the streak, we’ve established that.”
• Peter laughs in relief and automatically regrets it.
• Michelle gets a murderous look in her eyes and Peter has to act quick.
•"no, no, no. I’m not laughing cause I think it’s funny.“
• Michelle’s posture finally relaxes.
• “I’m just so relieved. I didn’t realize I hadn’t snapped back. I thought you got the one where I was getting takeout with May.”
• Michelle’s face suddenly scrunches up in disgust.
• “you mean the one with your ugly ass toes that you posted on your story?”
• Peter goes straight for the jab at his toes.
• “wait. Toes? Ugly? Since when are there attractive looking toes in existence?”
• Michelle stares him in the eyes as she yanks off her sock to display her perfectly painted toenails.
•Peter is speechless
• “but that’s beside the point. I’m sorry for ignoring you today.” Michelle blurts.
• Peter is taken aback. Michelle is pretty stubborn about apologizing.
• “I’m sorry too. That my toes are so ugly.”
• she playfully slaps him on the arm.
• “okay, okay. I really am sorry. I promise I’ll communicate with you everyday. Scouts honor.” His right hand raised.
• “you were a boyscout?”
• “… maybe”
• more ammo for Michelle
• “ you’ll have to show me your patches some time.”
• Michelle’s parents are out for the evening so they decide to make it a movie night.
• Peter changes into the stashed clothes he keeps at Michelle’s.
• as Michelle sketches Peter in her new book while a French film plays in the background, Peter finally asks.
• “so seriously what’s the cat’s name?”
• “what cat?” Her eyes focused on her work.
• “oh I don’t know, the one that is glued to me.”
• he points to the infamous orange cat in his lap.
• Michelle mumbles something under her breath.
• “ eder urrker”
• “hmm? I didn’t catch that over the arguing in French.”
• “Peter Purrker”
• a grin breaks out his face
• Michelle’s favorite grin
• he takes in a breath
• “don’t make me kick you out.”
• he holds it.
• and settles into the warm comfort of Peter and Michelle’s company.

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Put Your Head On My Shoulder

@pearltheartist​ requested:
Song fic with Richie with the song put your head on my shoulder (by Paul anka)

Pairing: Richie x Reader

Warnings: One or two swears 

A/N: GIF is not mine, credits to the owner and honestly it has nothing to do with the imagine, it’s just the only Richie GIF I could find?? 


Originally posted by beverlymarshisabadass

                                     Put your head on my shoulder
                                      Hold me in your arms, baby
                                         Squeeze me oh so tight
                                    Show me that you love me too

Tap tap.

Looking to her window, Y/N started when she saw a familiar face pressed against it. 

Open it! Richie mouthed, and gestured at her hurriedly. 

Shutting her door, she rushed over to slide the window open and help him inside. 

At least he didn’t use a rocks this time. Y/N thought amusedly as she watched Richie tumble into her room, remembering when he did use rocks and broke her window. She had told her parents it was bullies from school that had done it as a prank.

“I’m sorry I didn’t call to tell you I was coming. Maybe you I should’ve so you could’ve asked your parents and I didn’t have to sneak in by climbing the fucking roof. But I didn’t have enough time.” Richie breathed, sitting on the floor. “I would’ve went to Bill’s but with all that stuff going on right now at his place I didn’t wanna.”

                                     Put your lips next to mine, dear
                                     Won’t you kiss me once, baby
                                     Just a kiss goodnight, maybe
                                         You and I will fall in love

He picked at the hole in his jeans, not looking at her, and Y/N’s heart ached. Scooting closer, she wrapped her arms around him. Reluctantly, he squeezed her back, relaxing in her embrace.

“You can always stay with me whenever you don’t want to stay at home.” Y/N said quietly. Richie scoffed, slightly sniffling into the crook of her neck, his glasses lightly digging into her skin. 

“Yeah, and risk your dad’s fury?” 

Y/N smiled sadly into his curls, knowing that wasn’t the real reason why he never stayed over when his home life got hard. Richie Tozier, the ‘Trashmouth’, who used jokes (most of them inappropriate) as his armour, didn’t want to seem vulnerable. Especially in front of his girlfriend. But Y/N never brought it up, just played along.

“Maybe if you came over more he’d be more welcoming.” 

Pulling away slightly, but still keeping contact, she tilted his head up to look at her, noticing a new bruise forming on his cheek. Ignoring the rush of anger that filled her and the redness of his eyes, she kissed his cheek lightly, saying nothing.

He moved his head over so she kissed his lips now, and sighed when she got up. 

                                      People say that love’s a game
                                        A game you just can’t win
                                                If there’s a way
                                             I’ll find it someday
                                     And then this fool will rush in

“Come on. Let’s get some sleep.” 

“I’ll sleep on the floor.” Richie volunteered. “I’ll be fine with a blanket or two and a pillow.”

“There’s enough room for both of us on the bed.” Y/N frowned. 

“Seriously Y/N. It’s fine. I don’t want to be a bother.” Richie said softly, picking at the hole in his pants again. “Now I really don’t want your parents walking in.”

“You’re acting like we’re gonna have sex or something. And you aren’t a bother. Don’t you ever say that.” Y/N glared down fiercely at him. Richie sat there for a moment, swallowing nervously, before clambering up onto the bed.

“I swear to god, if your dad comes in and chases me out with a shotgun, we’re breaking up.” 

“He won’t. Quit being so paranoid.”

Plucking Richie’s glasses off, she folded them nicely, placing them on her bedside table and switching off the light. Y/N settled back down and tucked her arms around him, acting as a big spoon. She leaned up to kiss his cheek. 

                                      Put your head on my shoulder
                                          Whisper in my ear, baby
                                             Words I want to hear
                                 Tell me, tell me that you love me too

“Goodnight Richie.”

“G’night Y/N.”

After a split second, Richie spoke up again. 

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

                                       Put your head on my shoulder
                                           Whisper in my ear, baby
                                         Words I want to hear, baby
                                      Put your head on my shoulder

Cam’s Best Friend

Requested ? yes: gray likes cam’s friend but they don’t think the other likes them

word count: 2,620

warning: swearing, yelling and kissing

“You’re Graybay so what does that make me?”

“You’re… my chubby bunny best friend” 

Stepping off the terminal of the plane, I looked around hesitantly and make my way to the baggage claim. Picking up my bags, I turn to find Cam. I hadn’t seen Cam since last summer when she flew out to California to meet me. Cam and I had grown up together, our parents only living two minutes away from each other. Her and I were crazy kids, always getting ourselves and her twin brothers Ethan and Grayson in trouble. The twins were two years younger than us, but that never seemed to matter. Between the sleepovers, exploration trips we made, and the endless amounts of visits to the ER throughout the years, we were almost inseparable. I wasn’t a skinny kid, and had acquired many nicknames about my weight as a child. Even Grayson, who was almost as close to me as Cam was, had a nickname for me. Grayson wasn’t like other kids though. He never called me names, he never pushed me away. In fact one day when we were about 10, I happened to be crying about my pet bunny Snow who had just passed away. Grayson pulled me into a hug and promised me that it would all be okay. Despite being two years older, I could never seem to shake the fatal attraction I felt towards him.

I heard my name being called in the distance. Turning around, I was immediately pulled into a hug by the one person I knew would always be there for me.

“Tyler you need to come home more often this isn’t fair” Cam whined at me, dragging me to the nearest Starbucks Cafe in the airport. I giggled at her and shook my head disapprovingly.

“Just because you’re smarty pants got accepted to Stanford and got to graduate a year early does not mean you are too good for a pink drink. It’s been three years since we last had one.” Nodding my head, I sit down at a far booth and pull my phone out.

7 iMessages: CamDam 

i miss you hurry up

god can’t these planes fly any quicker

i’m hungry, I wonder if there’s pizza


how long does it take to fly a plane damn

God the boys are on my ass right now about seeing you

esp grayson ;))))))

I totally forgot about Grayson. Oh boy, I wonder how awkward this is going to be. I wonder how him and-


“What sorry” I said shaking the thoughts out of my head. Not this time anxiety,  not this time.

Cam chuckles and stands up slowly. “Let’s get going. Grayson hasn’t stopped texting me since I left the house and I swear to god if I get one more text i’m throwing that boy off of a trampoline again.”

Pulling up to my house, I was immediately greeted with both of my parents. My father grabbed my bags out of the car and walked inside. My mother on the other hand almost broke Cam’s door handle she pulled on it so hard. I opened the door and stepped out, turning back to bring my head to the car’s height.

“You can come in if you want, I just have to get changed really quickly-”

“Tyler Dustyn Bell get out of that car and hug your mother before she dies of an anxiety attack” My father shouts from the living room window. I giggle and turn to my mom, giving her a big hug.

“I can’t believe you’ve been gone three years. My babygirl is finally home!!” My mom shouts and she jumps up and down. 

“Mom it’s not like I was gone THAT long. But I do have to go, Lisa is expecting me and I have to find my bathing suit in this mess of things”

She lets go and allows me and Cam to walk in. Running up the stairs, I sigh approvingly as I walk into my old room. 

“Man I missed it here” I mumble. Cam walks up behind me and bends down to the suitcases below.

“Mom said hurry up, so lets find what we’re looking for and skidaddle”

“Alright damn i’ve never met a family so impatient before as you Dolan’s” I joke, picking up the bikini that was at the bottom of the suitcase. This would be the first time i’ve seen him since before I left and I wanted to make a good impression. I walked into the bathroom and slipped on the skimpy two piece, turning to Cam to ask for her opinion.

“If I didn’t know any better I’d say you’ve gotten even hotter since I last saw you” she said, throwing a romper at me. Slipping that on, along with a pair of sneakers I grab my phone and follow Cam outside and to her car. She makes the 2 minute drive up the road and parks the car. I step outside and not a second later, Ethan runs as fast as he can towards me, engulfing me in a hug and spins around.

“You’re a douche you know that?” He mumbles into my collarbone. I giggle at the vibration it sent through me and tried to squirm my way out of his grasp. Ethan and Grayson were not small guys, and Ethan himself was about 5′10. I was 5′ even, and not very strong might I add. He finally sets me down and I give him a proper hug. 

“How am I a douche?” I chuckle asking the muscular boy. He just looks at me, and I look down at my feet.

“I had to Ethan. I couldn’t take it. We’ve talked about this a million times”

“Yes Ty I know but he litera-”

“Come on Tyler, lets go take a swim before Mom realizes we have no food in the house and makes one of us go shopping” Cam says and pulls me inside.

We had been swimming for what felt like hours, when Cam came out to tell me she was heading out. If she’s leaving, I’m probably gonna head inside. I haven’t seen their mom all day and I was dying to spend some one on one time with her. I stepped out of the pool and grabbed my romper. Not seconds later, I felt my body being thrown through the air and into the warm water. As I came up and gasped for air, I see a smirking Ethan above me. I grab his ankle and try to bring him in the water with me, but he is too heavy. I look up at him and just whisper “run”. He starts laughing until I get up out of the pool and bolt towards him. He turns and runs inside and up the stairs to his room. I was so close to catching him but he was just a little faster and slammed and locked his door so I couldn’t make it in. I grunt in frustration and turn around to be met with the most beautiful pair of hazel eyes I had ever seen before. He was wearing black joggers and my FAVORITE grey sweatshirt of his. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. He was stunning. He’s always been fairly attractive but it’s like God took those extra 20 minutes between him and Ethan’s birth and just made him perfect. His jawline was even more prominent, his hair kept down in a messy toss to the side of his head. He looked so much buffer than the last time I had seen him. 

“Tyler. Tyler. Tyler!!” I turned to see Lisa, Grayson’s mom.

“Huh yeah? Sorry I was uhh… lost in thought” I said snapping my head away from Grayson’s intense gaze. She looked at me confused, and I realize she must be wondering why I was soaking wet, dripping pool water around her house.

“Oh so Ethan freaking pushed me in the pool with my clothes and now I don’t have anything to wear. My parents aren’t home until tomorrow afternoon”

“Oh it’s alright honey, Grayson can lend you some clothes, right Gray?” she says. He sighs and turns back into his room, his door opening up for us to see.

Above his door, he has a pull-up bar and a few exercise bands on the handles. His bed is across from the door, and his white sheets that he has had since he was a child are spread across the bed in a messy attempt to make the bed. His bedside table is next to it and he has a photo of his household at Christmas time. He’s had that picture there since he was a kid and it will probably stay there forever. A piano is placed on the adjacent wall with some sheet music on the top. His dresser is next to it, where he is scrambling through the clothes trying to find something that will fit. I am a lot smaller than him, and probably more so now that I had lost a lot of weight. He comes back with a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt and hands them to me. I turn and smile at Lisa apologetically.

“Hey can you and Grayson run to the store and grab some stuff for me? I need to make dinner but I don’t have everything I need” she says after a moment. I turn to Grayson who I knew looked uncomfortable but I couldn’t figure out why. Before I could interject, he shook his head softly.

“Yeah mom, make a list.” He turned back into his room and shut the door. I made my way to the bathroom and grabbed my purse, which I had placed a matching pair of bra and panties so discreetly underneath. Changing, I took in Grayson’s scent. His clothes smelled just like him, cologne with a mix of mint, like the toothpaste he uses every morning. As a child he would not brush his teeth unless he had a certain type of toothpaste, because he believed it would give him super powers. I stepped out of the bathroom and slip my sneakers on quickly. I run downstairs and shove my phone in my pocket, when Grayson walks down the stairs as well. Completely ignoring my presence, he walks outside and gets in his car. I take the note Lisa left on the door and join him in the car. He pulls out of the driveway, his jaw clenched and eyes focused on the road. I look down at my phone before speaking quietly.

“Do you hate me?” I whisper, barely audible

“What?” he says after a moment

“For leaving? Do you hate me?” I say a little louder this time, but still very quietly. He just looks down for a moment before speaking again.

“I did. I still do to a degree. You were my best friend. And you literally just up and left, no explanation”

“Grayson it was a little more complicated than that”

“Was it? Then tell me Tyler. What did I do to make you hate me so much? I texted you for months afterwards. I missed you so much. I was so hurt. Why’d you leave me?” He yells, a tear slipping from his right eye. I look down and take a deep breath.

“I wasn’t planning on leaving. I went to your house to talk to you about it because I was scared. I was terrified. And I saw you. I saw you… kissing her”

“You did?” he says after a moment, taking a deep breath.

“Yes I did. And I didn’t know what to do. I never told you because you were my best friend. But I was madly in love with you, and seeing you kiss another girl. Not just any girl. But the one girl who was bad news. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t stay and be that girl. You never saw me as anything more than a friend anyways Grayson and I needed to get over that. I needed to leave. So I called Cam and Ethan and hopped on an earlier fight there” I spoke, my breath shaky and frantically trying to level itself out. I had tears spilling from my eyes and I didn’t even care anymore. He puts his hand on my upper thigh again before speaking softly.

“You like me?” 

“Yes Grayson. I was in love with you.”

“Then why the fuck did you leave without saying goodbye? or answer any of my texts? For fucks sake Tyler I fucking loved you. I was with Amanda because I knew I couldn’t have you and I needed to distract myself. It wasn’t fair to me!” He yelled, his hands going back and gripping the steering wheel tighter than ever. He pulled into the parking lot and got out of the car. I grabbed the list and ran towards him. Walking down a random isle, he turns back to look at me, his hazel eyes gazing into mine. 

“Wasn’t even worth the heartbreak” he says before turning around and continuing to walk.

“Excuse me? I wasn’t worth it? What about you? You were fucking kissing another bitch while you were in love with me. I fucking ran away because I loved you so much and your fucking response to that is ‘wasn’t even worth it’? Are you fucking kidding me Grayson?” I scream at him, causing a small crowd to gather. He takes my hand and pulls me into two swinging doors, the smell of steak and fish infiltrated my nostrils. I began to speak again, when I was cut off by his lips on top of mine. It was only a split second, but I swear I had never felt more alive than I did in that moment. But it didn’t last long because he ran back out, fists clenched. He grabbed a shopping basket and headed down an isle, throwing the ingredients in the basket. I hauled after him and headed to the self check out. He comes over a moment later and pays for his things, taking the bags and walking out. Placing the bags in the trunk, we got in the car and drove off. His fists clenched to the steering wheel, he sped home as fast as I had ever seen him before. Pulling into his house, he grabs the bags and runs in, setting them on the counter. 

“Gray you can’t just ignore me the entire ti-” I was cut off once again by his lips against mine. This time, they moved against mine in a perfect sync. Pulling him closer to me, I wrapped my arms around his neck and deepened the kiss. He pulls away after a moment and walks to the hallway.

“Grayson for the love of god you can’t keep kissing me and walking away without saying anything” I start in again, quite annoyed now. He turns to look at me and pushes my body against the wall, his pelvis dangerously close to my stomach. I look up to speak again and his hands go around my backside, lifting me up by the butt.

“Nobody’s home” he whispers, his hot breath tickling my neck. I push his head deeper into my neck as his mouth goes to work making love bites all over my neck. 

“God do I want to fuck you so hard right now” he mumbled pulling his lips away. I whine at the loss of contact and look at him pleadingly.

“Do it then.”


Bonded ch. 7

I know that this is really really short but this chapter is really important for the next one, that is gonna be interesting.

Sorry for the English and for the eventual mistakes, I didn’t proofread and I wrote this while watching Titanic.

Warnings: blood

Bonded masterlist

Originally posted by wolfiehunters

You hadn’t seen Theo in the last three days nor Tracey. You didn’t know if she broke the spell or not.
You hadn’t seen them in school, you even went to Theo’s house to check on him but they weren’t there too.

The ride from school to home was surprisingly slow. You were completely overwhelmed by your feelings, anxiety and worry mixed inside your chest. Everything seemed faded outside of the window, the world slowed down.
You felt like you were being swallowed by your anxiety, you moved like you weren’t in your body anymore.
You didn’t know why you felt that way but you knew that you were about to find out.
You slowly opened the door of your house.
“Mom, I am home.”
Silence followed your words and you swallowed hard, something was wrong.
The house was silent. You walked to the kitchen.
You slipped on something, your head hitting hard the ground.
An huf full of pain escaped from your lips and you lifted yourself on your elbows. You looked at the ground and screamed in horror once you have seen what was the slippery substance.
All over the kitchen’s floor there was smeared blood, a line went from your kitchen to the living room. You crawled on the floor following the line. It ended on the wall in front of you, the crimson liquid forming a sentence.
You shouldn’t have threatened me
You widened your eyes in terror.
Something behind you moved and when you were about to turn around everything became black.

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Connected — Jung Hoseok (07)

Words: 2000+

Warnings: Internet best friend!Hoseok + fluff + more fluff + cuteness

Description: You finally meet Hoseok & the rest of the boys in person :)

[01] [02] [03] [04] [05] [06] [07]


Today was the day.

Today was finally the day.

“Everything is fine, stop stressing.” Abby says, standing beside you as you looked at yourself in the mirror.

“Everything needs to be perfect.” You tell her.

“Don’t worry about anything, Y/n. Everything is going to work out.” She says.

You fiddled with your hair, unable to decide if you should leave it out or put it in a bun.

“What would look better?” You ask Abby, modelling the two styles for her.

“Leave it out.” She says.  

You nodded and made a side part in your hair.

“Does it look okay?” You ask.

“It looks fine, Y/n.” She says.

“Are you sure? I don’t want—”

“Y/n, you need to stop worrying so much.”

“Hoseok and the rest of the boys are going to be here any minute. I want to make sure I look good.” You tell her.

“You do look good. You look pretty.”

You smiled at her comment. “Thanks.” You say.

“Don’t expect another compliment.” She said.

Abby was that type of sister who teased you most of the time, but loved you anyways. You love the way she is. She loves to be sarcastic and sassy, but caring at the same time.

Abby is an amazing sister.

“Y/n!” You hear your dad yell.

Hearing his voice sent you into full panic.

About an hour ago, your dad went to go pick the boys up from the airport. If your dad was home now, that meant—

“The boys are here.” You told Abby, eyes widening.

“You don’t seem too happy.” She says.

You looked at yourself in the mirror.
Of course, you were happy. But you were nervous.

“Nervous?” She asks, reading your mind.

You nodded.

“You’ll be fine. Let’s go.” She grabbed your arm and you left your bathroom and your room, going into the hallway. Abby went to get Olivia and you walked down the steps.

Before getting fully down the steps, you saw your mom waiting at the end of the steps.

Her smile was huge.

You got to the bottom of the steps, instantly seeing the familiar 7 boys in your house.

“Y/n!” He says, smile on his face.

You smiled and basically ran to him as he engulfed you in a big hug.

“Hoseok!” You exclaimed as you both wrapped our arms around each other. You had to stand on your tiptoes in order to wrap your arms around his neck, but you felt fine once his arms wrapped around your waist.

“You’re even prettier in person.” You hear him say, causing you to blush. You smiled, looking up at him.

You took in all of his features. His orange hair was brighter in person, but it suited him well.
His eyes, nose, and mouth were perfect.

“Wow. You’re even more handsome in person.” You say, loud enough so only he hears. He chuckled before you both let go of each other.

“I hope you hug me with just enough energy that you hugged him with.” You heard someone say. It was Jin.

“Of course.” You smiled, walking over and hugging him tightly. Soon, the rest of the boys joined the hug and it was a big group hug with everyone greeting you and visa versa.

You heard footsteps coming down the steps and finally Abby and Olivia we’re downstairs.

“Hobi!” Olivia yells, instantly running to Hoseok. “Olivia!” He says with just enough excitement. He picks her up and spins her around. She was smiling the whole time.

Abby introduced herself to Hoseok and the boys before your mom spoke up.

“We’re gonna go start the barbecue in the backyard.” She says as she and your dad get things from the kitchen to take outside.

“Can I help?” Jin asks. Jin loved cooking, so this wasn’t surprising.

Your parents agreed and soon the three of them were outside, getting the barbecue ready.

The rest of you guys sat on the couches in the living room, talking and laughing with each other.

It didn’t take the boys long to get used to their surroundings.  

“I’m so glad Hoseok finally met you in person.” Jungkook says. “Now he can stop telling Jimin and I how much he wants to see you when we’re trying to sleep.”

Everyone laughed and Hoseok blushed.

“You do that?” You asked, looking at him with a smile.

“What? No.” He bluffs.

“Don’t lie.” Jimin says. “You know it’s true.”

“Hoseok’s not that bad. Y/n literally comes into my room at night, just to tell me how much she likes him.” Abby says.

Now it was your turn to blush as everyone laughed again.

They all continued talking about how annoying you and Hoseok are, and you both just laughed along, not caring.

“I think we’ve been bullied enough.” You joked, standing up. “Hoseok, do you want to come with me to the kitchen?”

“Sure.” He agrees, standing up.

The boys made “ooh” sounds, like they were children.

“Oh, shut up.” Hoseok says to his friends as they laughed and you walked to the kitchen.

“I’m sorry, the boys are annoying.” He apologises.

“It’s okay. I’m sorry, Abby is annoying.” You say.

“It’s fine. My older sister is annoying sometimes too.” He laughed.

You two took a moment to look at each other again.

“I can’t believe you’re actually here, in front of me and not just on a computer screen.” He says, wrapping his arms around you.

“Well, believe it.” You smiled, standing on your tiptoes again, putting your hands on his shoulders.

Hoseok placed and kiss on your forehead before you hugged once again.

The hug didn’t last long, but your arms were still around each other as you looked into each other’s eyes.

Hoseok leaned closer to you.

You were going to kiss. You knew it. You’ve waited for this moment for what feels like forever.

Your faces got closer together, there was only about a 3 inch gap between your lips.

You continued to get closer, desperately wanting your lips to touch.

Suddenly, you hear someone clear their throat and you quickly backed away from each other, looking at the source of the noise.

“Dad.” You groaned.

He was leaning against the door frame. “What were you two doing?” He asks.

“Nothing.” You and Hoseok say at the same time.

Before your dad could say anything else, you grabbed Hoseok’s hand and pulled him out of the kitchen.

You got back to the living room, but no one was there, so you went in the backyard to see everyone.

Jin and Abby were helping your mom set up the food and plates. Jimin and Jungkook were playing on the swings. Taehyung was running around, playing with Olivia. And Namjoon and Yoongi were sat in the hammock, talking to each other.

You let go of Hoseok’s hand and he went to play with Tae and Oliva as you went to help your mom set up.

Once you were done, everyone sat at the table, eating.

It was fun and you all made good conversations together.

But sadly, it was getting dark and the boys had to go back to their hotel.

You all waved goodbye as your dad drove off with the boys in the car.

“I’m gonna go to bed. It was nice to meet you Hoseok. Goodnight guys.” Your mother says before walking upstairs.

“We’re gonna go to bed too.” Abby says.

“Goodnight Olivia. We’ll play more tomorrow.” Hoseok says, smiling. “Goodnight Hobi.” Olivia says and then Abby took her upstairs.

“Are we gonna go to bed too?” Hoseok asks you. “Do you want to?” You asked, not tired.

He simply shook his head and you both went back to the backyard.

“I don’t know if you remember,” Hoseok starts. “but about month ago, I told you that when we meet, I’m going to squeeze your cute little cheeks.” He smiles.

“But you’re not going to do that.” You tell him.

“Who’s gonna stop me?” He asks.

You knew that you couldn’t stop him. Hoseok was way stronger than you. For every step he took to get closer to you, you took a step back.

“Hoseok, stop.” You giggled.

He started chasing you around the backyard, trying to catch you.

“Just let me pinch your cheeks! They’re so cute.” He says, running after you. “No.” You say, running away from him.

Tired, you stopped running and sat on the hammock, trying to catch your breath.

Hoseok sat beside you and smiled wide.

You both laughed, acting like children.

“You’re adorable.” Hoseok smiles.

“Thanks.” You say, still trying to catch my breath.

Hoseok widened his eyes and raised an eyebrow. “Aren’t you going to say that I’m adorable too?” He asks.

You shook your head, teasing.  

“But I am adorable.” He pouts.

“Sure.” You say, laughing.

Hoseok playfully rolled his eyes before taking your hands in his.

“I’m so glad we’re together. You’re amazing.” He says. “No, you’re amazing.” You smile.

You both looked at each other’s eyes once again. Hopefully this time you won’t be interrupted.

“Can I kiss you?” He asks, still staring into your eyes. “I’m not sure.” You joked. “I’ll have to check my schedule.” You were about to stand up, but Hoseok pulled you back down.

He looked at you, unsure of what to say.

“Yes, you can kiss me. Idiot.” You laugh.

Hoseok smiled before leaning in to close the gap in between you two. You closed your eyes once you felt your lips touch. His lips felt perfect. They were soft, plump and everything you wanted.

You pulled away to get some air, but then you went right back to kissing. Hoseok put one of his hands on your waist and you smiled into the kiss.

“That’s adorable, but go inside and sleep, losers.” You hear Abby say.  

You and Hobi broke apart, looking up at Abby’s window to see her sticking her head out.

“Leave us alone.” You tell her.

“You better stop before dad gets back. Or else you’ll be in trouble.” She says, stretching the “e” in “trouble.”

“Mind your business and go to sleep.”

Hoseok just laughed and you both stood up, going to you room to get some sleep.

You woke up before Hoseok.

It was about 9 a.m. You decided not to wake him up since he’s probably jet lagged from his long flight.

You stood up and went to the bathroom before coming back to your room.

He was still sleeping.

You laid down beside him, facing him.

You know, it was kind of creepy for you to stare at him while he was sleeping, but you still couldn’t believe he was here, in front of you.  

He was beautiful. Everything about him was beautiful.

Hoseok looked handsome on camera, but even better in person.

You slowly brought your hand up to his hair and ran your fingers through the orange locks.

His hair was so soft, your fingers just glided through the strands.

You heard Hoseok make a noise in his sleep as you played with his hair.

You remember him telling you that he loved it when people played with his hair. It was soothing.

You looked at his face. He looked so relaxed. He looked so adorable.

He moved a little bit, getting closer to you. You felt him place his hand lightly on your waist.

You smiled and kissed his forehead, hand still in his hair.

As you pulled away from him, you watched as his eyes fluttered open.

A smile instantly came to his face.

“Good morning.” You say.

“Good morning, beautiful.” He says, causing your smile to get wider. “Were you watching me sleep?”

“Is that weird?” You asked, pulling your hand away from his hair. Hobi shook his head and used his hand to bring your hand up back to his hair. “It’s cute.”

You blushed and softly kissed his lips.

As soon as your lips touched, your bedroom door opened, causing you to pull away.

You both looked to see your dad.

“Uh—hey, dad.” You greeted him.

“Hi Mr. Y/l/n.” Hoseok says.

“Hi. There’s breakfast on the table if you guys want any. Y/n, your mom and I are going to work and Abby is taking Olivia out, so it’ll just be you two home today.” Your dad says, realizing how “bad” that was after he said it.

“Or maybe I should stay home today so you won’t be alone.” He adds.

“No.” You say, almost immediately.

“No?” He asks.

“Go to work, make some money. Live your life.” You tell him.

“The rest of the boys are most likely going to come over today, so you don’t have to worry about us being alone.” Hoseok tells your father.

Your father nods. “Take care of my house.” He says.

“We will.” You say before my dad walked out of the room.

After a couple of minutes, you heard the door downstairs close, meaning that everyone had left.

“Let’s go get breakfast.” You suggested, standing up and grabbing his hand.

Hoseok lazily stood up and groaned. “Why can’t we just stay in bed all day?” He asks, even though you heard his stomach make a noise.

“Because we need to eat. After that we can go back to bed.” You tell him.

Hoseok went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and met you downstairs.

You ate the pancakes, eggs and bacon that your parents made, while you watched TV on the couch.

After you finished eating, you stayed on the couch. Hoseok was into the show you were watching, even though it was in English and he didn’t really understand everything.

“Do you know what’s going on?” You asked him, referring to the show.

He shook his head. “But it looks interesting.”

There was silence until he spoke again.

“Would you rather me pay attention to you?” He asks, looking at you.

“Maybe.” You said, confidently.

Hoseok smiled before holding your hand and kissing you. You used your other hand to run your fingers through his hair as you kissed him back.

When you felt Hoseok’s tongue swipe your bottom lip, you slowly pulled back. Honestly, you were kind of nervous around him, even though you probably shouldn’t be.

You bit your lip, looking down at the floor, shyly. “Why do you seem so shy? You don’t act this way on video chat.” Hoseok chuckles.

“I don’t know.” You shrugged still not looking at him. “You’re so cute!” Hoseok exclaimed, wrapping his arms around you. “Hobi!” You giggled as he trapped you in his arms.

He kissed your forehead. Then the tip of your nose. Then both of your cheeks. When he was about to kiss your lips, he stopped. He looked into your eyes, and you looked into his.

Before either of you could say anything, Hobi just laughed, his smile lighting up the room. “What’s so funny?” You asked, trying to hold back your laugh. “You. You’re so adorable, it’s funny.” He answers.

“Hobi.” You groaned, burying your face in his neck to hide the fact that you were blushing so hard.

You heard him chuckle, once again. “I can’t believe my girlfriend is so pretty and cute.” He says, rubbing his hand up and down your back.

He used his other hand to rest on your chin, tilting it up so you would look at him. His dark down pupils looked back at yours. You felt so lost in his eyes. He leaned in again, pressing his lips to yours for a sweet, chaste kiss.

He pulled away, mumbling “so cute.”

“Jung Hoseok, if you’re just going to make me flustered this whole time, I’m going upstairs.” You joked, standing up. “Can I come with you?” He smirked.

“Hobi!” You yelled, hitting his chest playfully. He just smiled, pulling you back to the couch, wrapping his arms around you again. This time, your back was against his chest. He placed light kisses on your neck, which sent butterflies to your stomach.

The house was quiet. The only sound you heard was the sound of Hobi’s steady breaths in your ear. You felt so—at peace. He was so relaxing.

“Y/n,” He calls. You hummed in response, waiting for him to keep speaking. “I think we—” He says, but was cut off by the sound of his phone ringing.

He sighed, lips moving away from your neck and picking up his phone. You turned around to face him as he pressed the phone against his ear.

“Hello?” He says. “You guys are coming now? It’s so early.” He says, after a pause. “Well, it’s not my fault that the hotel is boring.” He speaks. He playfully rolled his eyes. “Shut it. Just hurry up and get here before we ‘accidentally’ forget to open the door for you.”

He hung up the phone and looked back at you.

“The boys are coming over now. They said that they miss us too much, but also because the hotel is boring.” He laughed.

You giggled before Hoseok planted his lips against yours once again. “What was that for?” You asked as he pulled away.

“Because you’re so adorable.”

potatoes-tomatoes  asked:

Could you please do prompt #14 with botw zelink? I loved their chemistry in the game and I know you can do them justice ❤👍

This nails them to a ‘T’ in my opinion. Whether it’s botw or another game, I feel this hits they’re characters well enough for me to not have to strain so much to stay in character.

Thank you, I’m going to enjoy this :3


Zelda walked pristinely with her head down in long, slow strides down her castle halls.

Link, being ever faithful, remained close behind her.

This wasn’t new to them. After her father had ordered her to fixate the rest of her time on her prayers, she was soon found moping around the castle, having come back from previous praying.

She remained silent, almost as silent as the dusk, as the sun began to set.

Link kept up her pace, but looked down.

Something inside him told him something was wrong,… and he should say something.

Often remaining silent about his feelings upon everything, he wondered how long she would remain under silence…

The silence wasn’t new to him, but he knew it was silently paining her inside.

She was usually cheerful about the things she liked.


He stopped walking a moment, and Zelda broke her stride, turning behind her.


He remained looking to the side, outside the window, spotting something that completely took over his interests.

She paused a moment, before turning around, her dress carrying the motion. “What’s wrong, Link..? What do you see?” she turned to the window, and then back to Link, walking towards him.

“Has something caught your eye?”

He continued to stare…

Suddenly, he rushed forward, startling Zelda. “Ah! Link!” she faltered back, before stumbling to rebalance herself and ran towards the window.

He placed a foot up on the ledge, and jumped, looking determined as he flew downward with his arms out wide.

“Liiink!” she rammed herself against the edge of the windowsill, and looked around, worried.

When she saw him rushing to the garden, her eyes widened in shock, not sure what he was doing, and quickly darted to the stairs, lifting her dress up and hurrying to find out-

“What on earth had possessed you to-!?” she looked pretty angry, but mostly surprised and panicked with worry, before stopping in mid-sentence and stride, lifting a hand up.


Link had picked a flower for her.

He held it with a neutral expression on his face, then nodded his head and walked towards her.

Bending to one knee, he ducked his head and held it out for her to accept.

Her eyes delicately stared down in wonder at the flower, before smiling kindly and tilting her head, understanding his true intent.

“Link…” she drew forth her hand, and lightly took the flower from his hand, barely skimming her fingers against his own.

He lightly blushed from the sensation of it, but with his head down, no one could tell.

He rose it up, as if half expecting her to acknowledge it, but knew he was probably just thinking oddly and shook his head, quickly getting up from kneeling.

He readjusted himself as she smiled even more warmly towards the flower, and held it up to her nose.

“…Link, have you been paying attention to my herbal lessons?” She tilted her head, a slightly cheeky look coming on her face.

He honestly didn’t know what she was talking about, and put a hand up behind his head, scratching it.

“Hmm… I guess not.” she turned around, facing her back to him.

“..This flower… is called Love Eternal.”

“Wa-ah!” he seemed to trip on her words, before regaining himself.

Had he just accidentally confessed!?

She giggled lightly, a breathy one, before lightly touching the petals of the flower.

“It’s said that when women are too shy to say it, since the tradition has always stood that men do those honors first… that they plant these in their gardens and flowerbeds… a silent invitation for him to propose.”

She lightly turned her head back to Link, nodding some comfort to him, but still teasing him.

“I assumed you didn’t know. It’s alright. I thought it was very cute, and awfully funny of you. Thank you… Link. It did make me feel better.”

Her kindness… her gentle reassurance not to worry…

His shoulders fell as he lowered his arm from being raised, and looked down, nodding in his embarrassment.

“Please, don’t act so modest. I honestly felt flattered.” Zelda closed her eyes and smiled, nodding another reassurance for him not to worry.

“Now then.” she lowered her hands, keeping the flower tightly in one of them.

She regained her natural dignity, and looked seriously back to the castle. “Father has forbidden me to leave the castle walls if not for the sole purpose of my prayers… we should return before he suspects us of any treason against his words…”

Link looked up.

He realized how much she held back.. the true pain at saying those words.

Even his adventurous spirit felt trapped and coped up here… but it was more than just tolerable, because he was protecting the princess.

So long as he had the princess….

On her way to her quarters, Link stopped once again.

“…” Zelda turned her head once more, “Link,…”

He looked out the window.

“..You’re not planning to jump out of the window again are you?” Zelda smiled, turning around, “I swear, Link.” she giggled, “You almost gave me a heart attack last time.”

He looked back at her, and smiled kindly, before looking apologetic.

He then lowered his head.


He closed his eyes, deeply looking troubled and saddened.

“…What ever is the matter?”

Zelda walked back towards him, and waited in front of him.

When his eyes slowly opened, but didn’t look to her, she lightly raised a hand, but never fully touched him.

He looked up, following the gesture.

“…I know you’re worried about me.” Zelda looked understanding, and with every ounce of a gentle loving friend, she spoke again, “And I must ask you to keep enduring for me.”

“A-ah…” he voiced out, stepping to balance himself more.

She knew?

She looked down, turning her head away, and placing her hand holding the flower up against her chest.

“I understand you feel at a loss… wanting to help me, but not being able to disobey orders.”

He held his stare, but closed his mouth tightly.

“I’m sorry, Link… I truly do hope you know…” she looked back up at him, her pleasant face always sending a feeling through him… but he just wasn’t sure what to call it.

His eyes quickly darted to the flower, before blinking back up at her fast as instantly as he had glanced.

“I enjoyed the confession today.” She mischievously beamed.


She laughed, seeing his over-exaggerated expression.

She held another hand over her mouth, bending down and then slowly coming back up, enjoying his hilarious expression and reaction.

“Oh, Link! Haha, forgive me, haha! I couldn’t help but repeat myself again. Haha!”

She was smiling… she was genuinely laughing… at least that was enough.

Link continued to turn, embarrassed.

Later that night, as she slept silently in her bed, Link stood by her window.

He held his sword out in front, down to the floor, as his hands rested on it’s hilt.

In the shadows, he turned from his position of guarding to stare at her a moment… and the Love Eternal flower, glistening in the moonlight.

He slowly walked over to it.

Then bent down by Zelda’s side, looking over at her calm, peacefully sleeping face.

He leaned down, a quiet voice in her dreams…

“What if… I did..?”

She lightly stirred as wind passed by her ear.

the curtains of the open balcony window lightly draped over the moonlight, revealing the beautiful landscape of Hyrule outside.


The flower lightly dropped a petal from it’s watery glass.

“…Love you.”

Zelda felt something warm and slightly moist upon her cheek, but never spoke of the dreamed voice sense.

(Got a little AU at the end there. I should have just ended with, instead of ‘what if I did?’ to “Always” huh? May have kept it fully in character canon, lol)


Originally posted by sf9fantasy

Gif credit as listed

Taeyang (SF9) x Reader

~by Admin Mari

Word Count: 3,370

A/N: This was originally a WinWin fic that was going come out with the rest of the Cherry Bomb stories but then I had a Taeyang and SF9 crisis and here we are. 

The wind whispered through the dark trees like a warning in a foreign language. Something unheard by her ears before. Or at least it was unfamiliar.

It was a quiet summer evening and although the sun was beginning to dip below the horizon, (Y/n) had no intention of leaving. The temperature was dropping slowly and (Y/n) wished that she had taken a jacket with her. She wasn’t deterred, however, and kept going with her walk.

She was a long way from home.

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Miles Wood #3 -

Anon asked: Can you please do a Miles Wood imagine of how he and y/n get in an argument and end up breaking up with each other. So she erases him from her insta and a bunch of guys notice and start sending her DMs and commenting on her pics and Miles notices so when he sees her, he apologizes and they kiss and makeup and while there kissing he takes a pic of them kissing and posts it on his insta captioning it “Mine.” Thanks!

Here you go! My Miles Wood requests are starting to slowly increase. I hope you enjoy this anon!

Break-ups are by no means fun but ones ended out of anger are somehow the worst. You and Miles had been together for a while which meant countless arguments but none nearly as bad as the one two weeks ago. You weren’t even sure who truly started the fight but the next thing you knew, you stormed out and went to stay with your best friend. She welcomed you with open arms and let you stay in her guest room.

In an effort to get your mind off of the break-up and because she is the best friend ever, the two of you planned a weekend trip up to a cabin in the mountains. She helped you “cleanse” your social media of any traces of him so that you had no desire to check up on him. After that, she implemented an electronic free zone on the house save for the television in the cabin’s den.

It was exactly what you needed and you felt significantly better to the point that you even refused your phone for the drive back.

“You might want to see what you’ve missed.”

You continued to load the bags in the trunk. “I think I’ll be okay for another three hours.”

“No seriously,” your friend held your phone out to you. “Look.”

“Fine, okay.”

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chaos pt. 1

no one asked for this but me being me did it anyway. because motivation happens and the Writing Voice must be listened to. ill probably do multiple parts, if anybody reads it at all. so hey. let me know. dont be shy. 

is a fic taking place after a movie that hasnt yet been released weird? yes. will it be completely discounted by the actual movie when it comes out? probably. do i care? no.

peter parker au in which the reader makes a deal for his life during Infinity War

part 1/?

word count: 1.4k


6 months ago Thanos came to earth and brought destruction with him. 6 months ago, someone else came down with him. 6 months ago, you made a deal to save the life of Peter Parker.

6 months ago, he went missing.

You’ve kept what you did a secret. You cried with May, gave the police tons of statements that included almost the whole truth, mourned with Ned and Michelle.

Because while you’re the reason Peter isn’t dead, you’re the reason he’s gone. Somehow, someway, you missed the fine-print on the contract you never saw, and it gave the woman who took him the power to take him away.

He’s alive. You know he is. But you can’t tell anyone how you know.

It’s been six months. And the guilt is eating at you. Maybe, if you told someone, they could find him. Maybe there’s something they could do. Maybe is a lot better than the nothing that’s happening right now.

It is that which brings you to the Avengers building tonight, tapping your feet anxiously as you wait for the elevator to let you out.

One night a week, everyone gathers to watch some movie that takes them ages to agree on. You used to come with Peter, but after the battle, and after he disappeared, you stopped coming to the complex at all.

You haven’t been back here since.

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ACOWAR ft nessian .25

collabing with @togreblog who is the bomb.com.org.co.uk. tagging @madswagswaggers @illyriantremors @sparkleywonderful @propshophannah @immortal-awesomeness thanks for the support guys (: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24

Nesta woke up, again, to his screaming.

Her grief manifested as long bouts of silence, entire days staring out windows, hours and hours forgetting to eat. His was like this — loud, shattering, keeping him from rest.

“It’s over,” she whispered, not sure now if she’d even been asleep in the first place or if she’d been staring at the insides of her eyelids when his nightmare came. She gripped his shoulders with her hands, wishing she were bigger, wishing she could wrap herself around him utterly and save him from the world. “Cas, Cas, Cassian. It’s over. Wake up.”

His voice broke off, his breath still coming in gasps. His arms wrapped around her slowly as he emerged from sleep.

They clung to each other in bed, the room dimly lit with candles since Nesta could no longer be in the dark.

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Choices (Part 1)….

Okay, I decided to do it, but rather than posting one big long one-shot, I’m going to post it in parts just to tease the shit out of you. You’re welcome 😊


“I can’t do this to her Jesse,” Beca said, her voice cracking as she spoke as she gazed out of the car window through the pouring rain, staring up at the place she called home that she had worked so hard to earn.

Through the living room window she could see the commotion inside, the Bella’s bubbling over with laughter at whatever Stacie had said and right there, in the centre of it all, was Chloe.

That beaming smile etched across her face like always and it broke Beca’s heart. Jesse gazed at the brunette from his place in the drivers seat, an expression of sympathy on his face as he saw the tears beginning to well in her eyes.

“You can’t keep this from her Beca, she needs to know,” he sighed, his hand coming to rest on the petite woman’s arm gaining her attention.

“She deserves to know,” he said as he watched a mixture of emotions etch their way across a pale face, dark blue eyes almost black with how lifeless they had become.

Beca bowed her head at those words, knowing them to be true but not sure if she had the strength to do what it was she needed to do. One more glance up at Jesse told her everything she needed to know, she didn’t have a choice. She had to tell Chloe, and soon, before it was too late.


anonymous asked:

prompt : chuck tries to get steamy with Betty and she doesn't want to but chuck won't take no for an answer? I thought of this when I saw Betty and jughead slapping/punching chuck so maybe jughead could come in to get him away from her? This is kinda bad but ugh

Chuck is just a typical douche in this, he doesn’t get really physically forceful or anything because I wasn’t comfortable writing it that way. Fluffy Bughead at the end though :)


Betty looked around her in frustration, circling in place. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go. All she’d wanted was for a few of Jughead’s close friends to come round to the Andrews house, eat some good food, listen to some good music, have some much needed teenage fun for a night.

But then Hurricane Blossom arrived, trail of debris in tow.

Betty waded through the crowds of people, barely recognising anyone in the sea of faces that blocked her view as she desperately tried to find the birthday boy. He’d disappeared at the first sign of alcohol, running to find some kind of sanctity away from the tormenting masses that invaded his space.

“Betty Cooper. What, no black wig tonight?” The leering voice came from behind her. She closed her eyes for a beat, suppressing the surge of anger that shot through her at his tone, before turning to face him.

“What are you doing here, Chuck?” she demanded, not wasting a minute on humouring him. He raised his eyebrows, gesturing round the room vaguely.

“Err, if you hadn’t noticed it’s a party. Where else would I be?” he smirked.

“It’s Jughead’s party,” she shot back, voice hard as stone. His eyes widened briefly before he blinked away his shock.

“Dracula threw a party? Man, it’s always the quiet ones,” he chuckled, shaking his head. Her fists clenched, nails poised above the skin of her palms, ready to break the surface.

“No,” she spoke slowly, as if to a child. “This party is for Jughead; it’s his birthday and none of you should even be here.” The cocky expression didn’t leave his face as he looked her up and down, not paying the slightest attention to the words coming out of her mouth.

“You know, that sweater’s cute and all but I think I prefer the last outfit I saw you out in,” she sneered, voice low. His tongue flicked out to wet his lips as he took a step closer to her. She took a faltering step back, aware of how close the wall was to her back, how close Chuck was getting to her. He continued his prowl, dark eyes glinting in the dim flashing lights, predator stalking its prey. He was inches away from her now, backing her into a corner. Betty tilted her chin up in defiance, meeting his eyes with steel in her own.

“Do you remember what happened last time you messed with me, Chuck?” she spit through clenched teeth. A spree of emotions flickered across his features, remembrance, fear, anger, before settling back into his lazy smile.

“Yeah, you and your pal Veronica put on a little show for me. Hey, are you wearing that lacy bra tonight?” he crooned, hand reaching forward to begin to rest just the tips of his fingers against Betty’s waist.

In a flash her hand snapped up, slapping him firmly across his cheek. His face whipped sharply to the side, unprepared for the impact. Her eyes burned, a fury building up inside of her the likes of which she’d never felt before. First the party she lovingly prepared for Jughead had been crashed, said boy was nowhere to be seen, and now Chuck had dared to try his luck. It was enough. Her head began to spin, reality blurring with blind range as what was real slipped further and further from her grasp.

Chuck barely had his mouth open, preparing to throw out an onslaught of abuse, when he was yanked from in front of her eyes. She blinked rapidly, coming back down from her adrenaline rush, to see Jughead standing a few feet away, pupils blow wide and nostrils flaring as he braced himself in front of Chuck.

“Get your hands off her.” His voice was ice, the sharp edge slicing through the music as a crowd gathered around the pair. Chuck scoffed, squaring his shoulders as he prepared for a fight.

“Oh, look. Quasimodo gets the girl and all of a sudden he thinks he’s the hero,” he laughed, upper lip pulled back in a snarl. “Why don’t you-” His sentence was cut short as Jughead’s fist flew through the air, landing on Chuck’s cheekbone with a dull thwack. A chorus of ‘ooh’s rang out across the crowd as Chuck stumbled back, the surprise causing him to lose his balance and tumble in an ungraceful heap to the floor.

The feeling suddenly returned to Betty’s heavy legs as she looked at Jughead, chest heaving menacingly as he shook out his injured fist. She rushed to him, placing both hands on his chest, tilting her head to try and get him to look her in the eye. His eyes flew to hers and she blanched at the storm she met there, sky blue replaced by rolling grey. At her recoil he blinked, tension releasing from his muscles as his hands came up to delicately circle her, resting shaking fingers against her back.

“Come on, Jug, let’s go outside,” she soothed, gently pushing on him until his legs started walking backwards towards the front door.

The cool air hit their flushed faces, a welcome relief from the stifling, stale air of the party. He turned from her, edges of his sneakers tilting over the precipice of the Andrews’ front porch. She stood behind him, twisting her fingers nervously as she watched his shoulders rise and fall with deep breaths.

“I wouldn’t have let him do anything,” she began, small voice deafening in the quiet night air. She startled at his humourless laugh.

“I…” he paused, shoulders hunching as he deflated, anger leaving him at the sound of her voice, washing over him in soothing waves. “I know that, Betts.” He turned to look at her finally, eyes sad. “Of course I know that. I didn’t think… you shouldn’t feel…” he sighed in frustration, unable to get his words out. She was inches away from Chuck touching her and she sounded like she was… apologising? “Betty, I just don’t want anything, or anyone, to hurt you. Ever,” he breathed, reaching out with uncertain hands to cup her face. She went to him gratefully, burying her hands in the fabric of his sweater, leaning into his slightly clammy palms. “When I saw him, crowding you like that,” he closed his eyes, trying not to relive the memory. “I just saw red.” Betty pushed herself even closer to him.

“I feel like this is all my fault, Juggie,” she mumbled, lip quivering. “I just wanted you to have a nice birthday and then all this happened, because of me!” Her eyes filled with tears. He hushed her gently, trying to quash her worries with soothing strokes of his thumbs, catching the water droplets from her lower lashes before they could fall.

“No, Betty, don’t say that. I know you only wanted to do something nice,” he smiled, dipping his head to meet her downcast eyes. “I love the thought,” he whispered, rejoicing in the small giggle that slipped from her lips. “I’m sorry that Chuck ruined your party,” he said with a furrowed brow. She just shrugged.

“Doesn’t matter, it wasn’t the night I wanted anyway,” she sniffed, shaking her head. He placed a hand at the base of her neck, pulling her forward to press a gentle kiss to her forehead. She sighed contentedly, breath blowing against Jughead’s throat.

“I’ll never let anyone you don’t want get that close to you again,” he promised against her hair, tucking her head beneath his chin. They stood for moment in silence, wrapped around each other in the bright moonlight.

The sound of something smashing followed by loud cheers from inside broke them apart. Jughead rolled his eyes as Betty pulled back, straightening her shoulders and wiping away the lingering moisture beneath her eyes. Her gaze darted briefly to her own house across the road, windows dark and peaceful. He caught her look, raising an eyebrow in question.

“No one is home… wanna watch a movie?” she asked, offering him a warm smile. He laughed, lacing his fingers tightly through hers.

“Yeah,” he nodded, tucking a lose strand of hair behind her ear. “That’s exactly what I wanna do.”

Lose Control: an Alex fic

PROMPT: Can I request an Alex x Reader imagine? Maybe where Alex was the reader’s best friend and he becomes jealous whenever someone would flirt with the reader. That jealousy leads him to confess his feelings and fluff at the end, please.


You were standing by your locker after school waiting for your best friend since childhood Alex Standall. You had the biggest crush on him, but he only saw you as a friend. It was just like any other day when Zach Dempsey walked up to you leaning against the lockers in front of you.

“Zach, hey!” you said with a smile.

“Hey y/n” he said with his signature smirk.

“What’s up?” You asked, glancing down the hall for Alex.

“I just saw you here and wanted to talk to you,” he said, quirking an eyebrow at you, “You got some time?”

“Yeah, until Alex gets here,” you replied.

“So y/n, I wanted to ask you-” Zach started but was cut off by the arrival of Alex, his piercing blue gaze glaring holes into the back of Zach’s head.

“Let’s go, y/n” he said gruffly.

“Wait, Alex!” you exclaimed, “Zach was about to ask me something,”

“It’s okay, we can talk later,” he said, sulking away.

You turned to Alex, your face full of anger. Why was he acting like this? Alex was normally so kind and inviting, he’d never hurt a fly, let alone a human. So how could he be rude to Zach like that?

“That was so rude!” you said angrily.

“Let it go y/n” he growled, walking outside as you followed closely behind.

“I wanted to know what Zach wanted to ask,” you huffed. Alex let out a sharp laugh.

“It’s obvious he was flirting with you!” He shouted, causing people on the street you were walking down to turn and stare.

“Was not!” you exclaimed in return.

“Get a grip, y/n,” Alex muttered before continuing your walk home in silence, but not the comfortable silence you were so used to. What had changed?


A couple days later, after everything had returned to normal, you and Alex and your friends were gathered at Jessica’s house.

You sat in a corner of the couch beside Justin and Monty, with Alex on the ground by your feet.

Justin scooted closer to you until your legs were pressing up against each other.

“Hey y/n” he said, slinging an arm around your shoulders.

“Whats hanging Justin?” you said happily.

“You look pretty amazing in that shirt,” Justin said with a crooked smile. Was Justin…. flirting? He was cute and all, but you weren’t sure he was quite your type. At your feet Alex lurched up and strode quickly to the kitchen.

“Sorry, I have to go,” you said, leaping up after him. Alex walked straight out the front door and you followed him. “Alex!” you called but he wouldn’t acknowledge you. “Alex!” you repeated.

“What!” he barked at you.

“Why have you been acting like this?” you asked, pain and anger in your voice.

“Isn’t it obvious y/n?” Alex asked, walking up to you. You stared blankly at him, just focused on how close his face was to yours. He was practically pressed up against you. “It’s because I love you,” he confessed softly. “I’ve loved you since eighth grade, you’re so perfect to me. I can never find a girl better than you.”

He dropped the gaze of his blue orbs to the ground as you paused. You never thought you’d hear this, and your heart raced as you replied.

“I love you too, Alex,” you said and he tilted his face up until his stare met yours. You were both silent for a moment before he gripped the back of your head and his lips met yours. You two were entrapped in your passionate kiss outside. Alex pushed you up against the wall, “I lose control around you, y/n,” he murmured into your mouth. You couldn’t reply as his lips overtook yours once more and he pressed every inch of his body against yours.

You two only broke apart when you heard hooting and hollering inside, and you looked up to see all your friends watching the two of you from the window. You felt your cheeks grow red but Alex rested his forehead against yours and muttered, “I love you, y/n.”

The two of you walked inside and were met with lots of congratulations. Jess squealed with you and all the guys patted Alex on the back.

“We knew flirting with her would get you guys together!” Justin exclaimed.

“Yeah, I mean she is hot-” Justin started, but was cut off by a death glare from Alex, your new boyfriend. You all returned to where you were, but this time you and Alex cuddled on the couch all night, not willing to let go of each other.

Old Flames

Rating: General
Characters: Peggy Carter, Steve Rogers
Word Count: 3525
Summary: Peggy runs into an old friend

Read on AO3

Peggy walked directly into a stranger as she rushed through the crowded department store. She’d been hurrying, so there was some force. She bounced off the gentleman, and he grunted.

“I’m so sorry, sir,” she said as she stumbled to catch her balance. “That was entirely my fault—I wasn’t looking. My—”

Her words halted as abruptly as she had.

“Well, I never,” said the man, who wasn’t a stranger at all.

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(gif credit to the creators)

Part Three

Master List

Pairing: Misha x OFC
Word Count: 2,594
Warnings: None? Language probably
A/N: Part three is here ladies and gents! Thank you all so much for your support on this! A HUGE thank you to Nicole (aka @iwantthedean) for betaing this for me, without her this story would never see the light of day. Anyway, feedback for this is awesome! :)

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Cop Car (montgomery de la cruz/reader)

“Your dad is gonna kill me” Montgomery sighed, looking down at his lap. Y/n threw her head back against the seat and laughed at the boy who normally wasn’t scared of anything. “It’ll be fine” she smiled reassuringly while running her hand up and down his arm. They had been at one of Bryce Walker’s parties and things got a little out of control causing a neighbor or two to call the police. They had just made it to the front lawn when they were both stopped and asked if they were old enough to be drinking and Monty’s wide eyes had been all the reason they needed to put them in the back seat. They had each only had two drinks, so they were only being escorted home but he knew he was already on thin ice with Y/n’s parents and he was very positive that they weren’t going to be letting her within breathing distance of him, the thought making his heart sink to his feet because she was the only girl he had ever felt this way for. “I say we run for it” she smiled and nudged him when a cop was running their names “Just think of the story we’ll be able to tell on Monday” she continued “I think you’re crazy as hell” Monty deadpanned “Besides, we can’t get out unless they let us out” he finished finally looking at her. There was something about the way the blue lights were shining that brought out some sort of excitement, like she felt some sort of freedom. Before he could say anything else she had closed the distance between them and smashed her lips against his. Yep. He loved her. He knew it now more than anything that he loved her. She brought out the best in him while he seemed to awaken some unknown wildchild inside of her. Before him she never skipped classes, talked back, or broke curfew. Three months later and she was still continuing to surprise him. They broke apart as the car lurched forward and they were told that he was taking y/n home first and that Montgomery could walk home from her house since how he was two houses away from her. The older boy just sighed and let his head thump against the window. Her dad was going to slaughter him. Sure as day, her dad had glared at him, told y/n to say good night to Monty, and slammed the door in his face. He groaned and stuffed his hands in his pockets and started the short walk home, thinking of something he could do to that would keep her dad from keeping him from seeing her. He had just stuffed his key into the handle when he heard the thumping of footsteps fast approaching him. “No” he thought before turning around and confirming his thoughts. There was y/n smiling at him, rocking back and forth on her heels. “What in the hell are you-” he was cut off by her once again crashing her lips onto his. This time he pulled her closer and caught the backs of her thighs when she jumped up into his arms, helping her wrap her legs around his waist and resting her back against the door that had yet to be unlocked. “I love you” he whispered against her lips, looking into her eyes “I know” she smiled “I love you too, Monty” she giggled as he kissed up and down her neck. “You should go before your dad starts digging a hole for my body” he laughed “Yeah, I should probably climb back into my window before he decides to check-” “Y/N! SAY GOOD NIGHT TO MONTGOMERY AND GET YOUR ASS BACK IN THIS HOUSE” the shouting of her dad cutting her off. “Oops” she laughed and quickly kissed Monty again before sprinting in the direction of her house, yelling for Monty to call her. Yeah, he loved her alright.

Happy Halloween

Super short thing that did not turn out the way I hoped, but there’s kinda a time limit on it so here it is. Happy Halloween!

“Look! Look! Did you see that?”

“Woah! It’s a witch!”

“Is she real?”

“She’s flying!”

“Yeah! She has a broom and everything!”

Kara hurtled through the air on a gnarled broomstick with twigs for a brush, whooshing this way and that — upside down, backwards and forwards — and cackled the best witch’s cackle she could muster as she flew dozens of feet above the growing crowd of gawking children.

Their excited babble made her smile. She tugged her witch’s hat low over her eyes and executed a flawless rolling turn to the left above the tree-lined street. She flipped upside down and waved to her delighted audience. Dipping her broomstick downward, she flew through the treetops, closer to the ground. The ragged tails of her flowing, black cloak, emblazoned with the House of El crest, fluttered behind her.

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Chapter 1 - The Strange Case of the Sun Shanty Psychic

TW: somewhat in-depth and graphic discussions of suicide, murder, & drunk driving-related death; grief. 

Teddy Strange had dreamt of following his mother’s footsteps and becoming a P.I. since he was a small child.

He just never expected that dream to station him in a rundown strip mall in Worcester with only an impatient secretary to keep him company.

“I’m your office manager, you ass,” Jen snapped when he voiced this thought out loud. “And you wouldn’t even have this shitty office if I didn’t remind you to pay rent every fucking month.”

Teddy glared at his least favorite (and, by default, most favorite) employee and sighed. “What time’s today’s appointment?”

“Five minutes,” Jen said with same vaguely annoyed tone she always reserved just for him. “Straighten your tie.”

Teddy looked down, jerking his hands up in surprise, then realized he was wearing a Henley and not one of his button-downs.

“Made you look,” she said, a smile twitching at her lips. Jen’s favorite kind of jokes were the ones where he was the punchline.

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