but then she broke the window from the INSIDE

Hooked Up

Prompt: Emma visits Hook in the hospital in season two. When Emma walks in, his heart monitor goes crazy. Fluffiness ensues.

Author’s Notes: I hope you like this! I had so much fun writing it. If any of you guys have a prompt, don’t be shy! And let me know what you think. 

Also a big thank you to @irishswanff for the prompt! 

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Emma placed her hand flat against the cold metal panel and pushed. As the door swung open, she stepped inside, letting it close behind her. The room was small and dark, the only light source a lamp hanging from the ceiling. It was enough that she could see the bed in front of her. More importantly, she could make out the person in the bed.

“Hello, love.”

“Hook,” she greeted, expressionless. She made her way over to the window, and pulled on the blinds until they squeaked and broke. Yellow sun poured through the gaps and flooded the room.

That was better. She could see him properly now, squinting in the sudden light, his hand thrown over his eyes.

He was dressed in hospital clothing and the thick, cream dressing gown they’d provided. It was odd to see him in such a thing. Emma had become used to the long leather coats and his swashbuckling style. It was hard to picture him as a pirate now. Especially since she was still finding it hard to believe fairy tale pirates existed anyway.

“To what do I owe the pleasure?” he murmured. Once he’d gotten used to the light, he removed his hand.

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Jean Jackets, Boots, and I Love You’s (Part 3)

Note: So, this is the final installment to this three parter. I loved writing this. I’m still working on Moments Gone, there shall be a new chapter up this week…eventually. A Joshaya one too, and I’m currently writing a Smarkle superhero one shot with Farkle as Spider-Man.

Lucas Friar suddenly opened the bay window with a loud bang, causing Riley to jump. She stepped off her bed, her wide eyes following him as he climbed inside.

“Lucas, what are you doing here?” She squeaked out.

“Since we broke up I figured I’d get my things,” He stated simply. “You gave me all my shoes back except one and I want it back.”

Riley’s face faltered as Lucas plucked his boot off her nightstand. It was the first boot her father ever took from him when he chased him out.

“F-fine,” She stuttered out, her voice swelling with emotions she was trying to hold back. “Take it. I don’t want it.”

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Open RP (Cassie)

All Cassie could do was run, she had mere minutes before the sun rose.  It used to be that she loved watching the sun rise but after it could kill her it lost most of its luster.  The young vampire had to figure everything out on her own after she ran away from the man who turned her into this.  She ran down an alley before spotting a basement window.  Hoping that whoever lived there wasn’t home she quickly broke it with her foot and slid inside. 

 The glass cut into her body as she slid through the small space, but they would heal before she could even react.  That was one perk she had found to being a vampire.  After falling to the floor she crawled into a nearby tool bench that would hopefully give her shelter.  Curling up into a ball she wished for sleep.