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The way he looked like they were best friends: Chapter 2!

Rating: Teens and up
Fandom: Be More Chill
Ship: Jeremy/Michael(boyf riends)
a college/coffeeshop/internet friends/no squip AU
Summary: Jeremy and Michael have been best friends since they met each other while playing a shitty game online.
Even though they have never met each other they tell each other everything, that includes meeting the cutest barista they have ever seen.

Chapter 2/?

You can find chapter 1 here or the whole fanfic on AO3 here

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avocadofuchs  asked:

Hey~ I've already send a matchup some days ago but if there're so many, I should help you with your matchup break :> (If it is okay, if not just ignore my request :'D) So, I had a rough time not long ago where I felt useless and lonely regardless what I did, I cried a lot, smiled rarely and half-hearted. So my request is, how would Valkyrie + Nazuna react if their usually cheerful s/o suddenly changed like I did? I really love your blog! Keep up your hard work, you're doing a wonderful job! ♥

oh no i’m so sorry to hear you felt that way ! i can only hope you’re feeling better now ♥ if not, let these boys’ charms heal your soul~ also thank you so much for the kind words !!! - mod mademoiselle

Nazuna :

  • Don’t expect him to not notice a change like that. Maybe he even knew something was wrong about you before you did. He didn’t dare say anything, afraid he’d force you to talk about something you’re not comfortable with telling him.
  • As time went on and you were smiling less and less, he decided he couldn’t stand it anymore. He was afraid. This whole thing felt like how he was back when he was still a Valkyrie member. And he hated that feeling.
  • Expect Nazuna to get very emotional over what happens to you. He’ll be anxious, bite down his fingernails, lose sleep and appetite and be more irritable. He even cried a few times, all in front of you. He can’t stand this.
  • Nazuna will go out of his way to get you to talk. He’s afraid you’ll almost become mute, just like he was. He doesn’t want to lose you and will listen to you and your feelings. No matter how irrelevant you think something is to your current state of mind, he’ll ask you about it.
  • His main plan is to stay by your side, never leaving you unless he has to. At school, he’s always with you. Otherwise, he won’t stop calling or texting you. He wants you to understand you’re loved and supported.
  • He’ll get depressed too, as this brings back a lot of painful memories to him. And he especially doesn’t want you, of all people, to feel like that. He realized through this how much he cared about you.
  • But Nazuna will never stop moving forward. He’ll bring you along with him, wherever he goes, whatever he does. He’ll try his best to make you smile genuinely. He wants so hard to make you feel better.
  • No matter how you’re feeling, he’ll ask what you’re thinking about. You can just speak your mind with him : he doesn’t mind if you call him at 3 am because you’re feeling depressed. He wants you to talk about it in order to “purge” these negative feelings. That’s his main course of action.
  • When you cry in front of him, he’ll hold you tight, whispering that he’s here and you’re not alone. He’ll cry too. He always tries to hide it but you feel his tears falling on your neck and shoulders.
  • This boy can hope for two. He’ll relentlessly keep moving, bringing you by his side. He knows for sure you’ll feel better someday, and he’s working hard to make that day come as soon as possible. He wants to get to laugh and smile with you again.

Shu :

  • As sweet as Shu can be, he really has trouble understanding emotions. He’s even pretty bad at deciphering his own, let alone others’. So he won’t be the quickest in noticing you’re not acting the same as usual.
  • It will take him a while, but eventually he’ll realize you’re feeling depressed. His first reaction is anger. Towards you, for letting yourself be miserable. Towards him, for not having known or been able to prevent it. And towards whoever is susceptible of having caused that sadness.
  • Soon enough, he’ll get terribly worried about you. A tiny part of him is secretly happy you got to experience this sadness : at least you’ve both tasted it now. Shu’s still anxious about this situation, as he feels he’s not in control.
  • He’ll try to solve the problem rationally, by attacking the root causes of your sadness. School-related ? He’ll go see the teachers. Family-related ? He’ll have a word with your parents. Relationship-related ? I hope the person who made you suffer is ready to face him off. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work, and he’ll have to admit his defeat.
  • If that doesn’t work, he’ll just have you come to his house. The two of you just stay seated on his bed, under his blanket, listening to the sound of the rain on his window. He’s busy sewing a handkerchief for you, one he hopes you won’t get to use.
  • In extreme cases, when he loses it himself, Shu will use Mademoiselle to try and make you feel better. She’s always so gentle with you, it’s nice to just talk about your feelings with her. She invites you to just let it all go and tell her everything.
  • Shu’s so desperate to see your smile again. He’s asked Mika and Tsumugi about this, has read books on depression and spends entire nights sewing gifts for you. Clothes, accessories, plushies. He even started to consider using an actual phone to communicate with you. He’s used to just sending letters, but if that would help, he’s ready to start anytime.
  • One remedy he’s found is the usual tea and pastries. He’ll serve you tea, wait until you’ve tasted a pastry and gently ask you to talk about it. It’s still not guaranteed he won’t try to push the person responsible (or the person he thinks is responsible) for your sadness in the stairs. You might want to check on him often.
  • He feels especially bad about all this because it reminds him of Nazuna, back when he was still a member of Valkyrie. He doesn’t ever want to accidentally break someone he treasures again. So he’ll be unusually vehement in trying to make you feel better.
  • But Shu’s still Shu. He’ll revel in your love anyway, no matter how you’re feeling. In fact, now you have one more common point : you’re both suffering. And he secretly hopes you’re going to be able to help each other smile again, soon.

Mika :

  • That boy would get especially upset upon you feeling depressed. Sure, he’s felt sad too in the past, even though he doesn’t talk about it. But he still thinks it’s bad for you to stop smiling altogether.
  • He doesn’t really tell you, but you’re his treasure. Now, he has a lot of treasures : you just so happen to be the brightest, shiniest of them all. So he won’t let his treasure become sullied by sadness and tears. Oh no he won’t.
  • Out of the three, he’s the one who’d get the most fired up about fighting that new sadness. He’ll learn one book worth of puns and jokes and tell them to you when you’re least expecting it. He’s taken advice from one hammy theater club president to try and constantly surprise you ; however he misunderstood and is now trying to scare you. He legit thinks that’s going to help.
  • He’s often taking you out on weekends and holidays : he thinks seeing people, agitation and new places would help more than just leaving you be at your house. So he’ll be here at 9 am sharp on sundays, ready to take you to the park.
  • Whenever his bright plans fail, he’s ready to attack with candy. He’s absolutely convinced candy helps people feel happy, so he’ll shower you under his favorite sweets. He even brought homemade cake more than once as a last-minute idea.
  • And when the sadness really doesn’t subside, then he just hugs you tight. His embrace is so desperate that you can feel how nervous he is about you feeling sad. Over time, hugs have become his go-to method to calm you down. You just revel in the proximity, and appreciate how warm and close he is…
  • Mika refuses to understand that feeling sad is part of the human nature. He just wants to help you get rid of such emotions altogether, and to get to see your smile again. Sometimes he wonders whether he’s being helpful or selfish, and won’t sleep at night when the doubt arises.
  • If you can’t sleep at night (or him, for that matter), he’ll just come to your house and sleep with you. He’ll cradle you in his arms and hum a beautiful song you’ve never heard him sing. He sometimes gets embarassed over his voice, but you love it. It even helps you fall asleep.
  • Mika will let you hold his hand if you’re feeling uncomfortable or lonely. If he can be of any use, just tell him. He’d be oh so happy to help you feel better. And he’s already waiting for the day your genuine smile comes back. You’re prettiest when you smile, after all.

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Although he looks very strict, A!Tsukki LOVES spoiling his mate, O!Yama and even when he's cold to everyone else, Tsukki always showers Yama with adoration (even in public). This caused some of other Omega classmates jealous and they tried to hurt Yama without Tsukki knowing. Yama didnt say anything to his Alpha but Tsukki found out bout the bullying when O!Kage got hurt when defending his friend, Yama and A!Hinata got so mad that he scolded Tsukki for not being aware of what's going on.

Tsukishima apologized to Yamaguchi, furious at himself for not realizing. He apologized to Kageyama too, and hunted down the omegas who dared hurt his mate and Kageyama. He kindly informed the omegas that there would be serious consequences if they so much as looked at Yamaguchi. 

After Tsukki found out, he cared for Yamaguchi and scented him, doing whatever he could to make his omega feel safe. He told Yamaguchi to tell him next time something happened, and that he would take care of it, anything to protect his omega. 

Isaac- A Little Push

Request-  Hey love your blog and I really enjoy reading your imagines. If possible could you write and imagine where Issac and “you” get stuck together during a winterstorm and have to cuddle together for warmth and confessions ensue? All fluff appreciated

A/N- Thanks love! Hope you like it! Next up is a Malia imagine.

You trudged up the stairs to Derek’s loft, your boots making soft squishing noises on the metal. The snow under your boots came loose as you walked, and you briefly wondered how many people that came up after you would slip once it had melted.
You shivered in the icy stairway, wondering if it would ever melt, because this part of the building was freezing. You guessed it was probably because the older werewolf had left and turned off the heat. He had left Scott a key, telling him he had free reign of it for any pack emergency, but apparently he hadn’t done the same with the heat.
He probably hadn’t figured it would ever get this cold, considering that you lived in California. But the whole country had been struck by a winter storm this year, and it had hit Beacon Hills especially hard.
Despite the weather, Scott was still hellbent on getting the pack together to celebrate the defeat of Theo and the Dread Doctors. Everyone had made it out alive, even the chimeras Theo had brought back to life, and it was definitely worth celebrating. You tugged open the door to the loft, opening it to a room full of people.
The first thing you saw was Lydia and Stiles standing in front of the TV, loudly arguing about what movie to watch.
“The Notebook is a classic,” Lydia was telling him. “It’s got everything! Romance, comedy, drama…romance.”
“So does Star Wars!” Stiles protested. “And you, me and Kira are the only ones who have seen it!”
“Exactly,” Lydia told him as you shrugged off your coat. “And trust me, that was two hours and sixteen minutes of my life that I’ll never get back.”
Stiles gasped in offense, and you and Lydia both rolled your eyes. You looked around the rest of the room, finding Kira curled up on one of the couches with Scott, watching the argument. Liam and Malia were sitting opposite each other on the other couch, fighting over the popcorn.
“Hey!” Liam cried as Malia tugged the bowl out of his hands. “I was eating that.”
“I know,” Malia told him, grabbing a handful and shoving it into her mouth. “And now it’s mine.”
You laughed softly, causing everyone to look at you.
“Y/n!” Kira cried, shrugging away Scott’s arms and jumping off the couch. “You’re here! Now all we need is Isaac, and then we can watch the movie.”
“I still don’t think we’d be able to watch the movie,” you pointed out, nodding to Stiles and Lydia.
You ran your hands down your arms, looking back to Kira. “Why is it so damn cold in here?”
“Heat’s off,” Lydia explained as she turned away from Stiles. “We only have a few blankets too, so-”
She was cut off by the loud screech of the loft door opening once again. Everyone looked over to see Isaac trudging in, unwrapping a long scarf from around his neck. You rolled your eyes, knowing he was loving the chance to wear it when it was colder than sixty degrees outside. You also knew that even if it wasn’t that cold, he probably would have worn it anyway.
“What took you so long?” Stiles complained to Isaac. “Not that I’m happy you’re here, I’ve just been waiting forever.”
“Well I would have been up sooner,” Isaac told him bitterly. “But some asshole tracked snow up the stairs and I slipped and fell.”
You suppressed the laugh threatening to burst from your lips, covering your smile with your hand. You and Isaac were always arguing and bickering, and you found it hilarious that he had been the one to slip. You hadn’t done it on purpose, but it had certainly worked out pretty well.
“You wouldn’t know anything about that would you, Y/n?” Isaac asked knowingly.
You shrugged, looking at him with a smirk. “No, but I wish I had been there to see you fall.”
“I’m sure you do,” Isaac muttered, crossing his arms over his chest. “I’m surprised it wasn’t still frozen with how cold it is in here.”
“Which reminds me,” Lydia interjected. “We don’t have enough blankets for all of us, so if you want to stay warm, we’re going to have to find some extra. And by we, I mean you two.”
“Us?” you questioned. “But you put this whole thing together.”
“True,” Lydia told you. “But you two are the last people here. So you can go down to the basement and look for them.”
“I’m not going with her,” Isaac protested.
“Fine,” Stiles said with a shrug. “You can freeze. Actually, I think I’d be okay with th-”
“Stiles!” Lydia complained, smacking him on the shoulder. “Cut it out. You two are such babies. Just go down to the basement. The blankets are in Derek’s storage unit. Isaac could probably pry the lock open since we don’t have the key.”
“I’m not-”
“Whatever,” you said with a sigh, turning your back on Isaac and walking out of the loft. “I’ll do it myself!”
Isaac frowned, shoving his hands into his pockets and following you out the door. He didn’t like being alone with you, for a lot more than you thought, but he knew there was no getting out of it.

“I don’t see any blankets,” Isaac said as he peered past the fencing of the storage unit.
“What?” you asked. “No, Lydia said they were there.”
“Well, they’re not,” Isaac told you, irritation creeping into his voice.
“They’re probably under something,” you told him with a roll of your eyes.
You were leaning against the wall behind him, watching as he stared in confusion at the storage unit. You probably should have been trying to help somehow, but how many people did it really take to look into a storage unit?
“Y/n, the only two things in here are a baseball bat and a half-eaten sandwich. They’re not here.”
“You have got to be kidding me,” you said, pushing off of the wall and looking into the storage unit.
Sure enough, when you looked inside, the only two things in there were half of a moldy sandwich and a wooden bat. “Is this some kind of j-”
Before you could even finish your sentence, you heard the door to the staircase slam shut. Both you and Isaac rushed over, only to find the door now firmly shut, locking you inside.
“I thought you propped it open!” you cried.
“I did!” Isaac protested. “Someone must have moved the doorstop!”
“Yeah right,” you said with a scoff. “You probably just didn’t prop it open right.”
“Oh please,” Isaac told you. “You probably knocked it away and trapped both of us down here.”
“You think I wanna be trapped anywhere with you, Lahey?”
Isaac glared at you, and you two could literally feel the tension rolling off of each other in waves. You stared daggers at each other’s eyes for a few seconds, but you eventually broke. You turned away, not liking how the look you had shared seemed a little too much like a passionate staring contest.
“Whatever,” you muttered. “I’m going to text Lydia. She’ll get us out.”
“We won’t get any service down here,” Isaac told you.
You ignored him, pulling your phone from your pocket and scrolling through it. You let out a noise of annoyance as you looked at the top of the screen, realizing Isaac had been right.
“Told you so,” he muttered. “We’re going to be stuck down here for the rest of the night.”
“They’ll find us,” you told him. “They’ll realize we’re gone.”
“I doubt it,” Isaac said with a scoff. “Kira and Scott are probably staring lovingly into each other’s eyes, Lydia and Stiles are definitely bickering again, and Liam and Malia are going to be eating all the food. They won’t even notice we’re gone.”
“God!” you cried, not being able to take his constant negativity anymore. “Why are you so negative all the time?!”
“Why are you so optimistic?!” he fired back.
“Oh I’m sorry,” you told him. “Maybe I should try to be more like you. I’m Isaac, and I constantly wear scarves even when it’s 80 degrees outside. We’re gonna freeze to death down here, and I’m going to complain the whole time!”
“I don’t talk like that!” he growled, causing you to take a step back in alarm.
You realized that being trapped down here, even though it wasn’t a tiny space, probably wasn’t the best for his claustrophobia. Even just the feeling of being stuck and not able to get out probably made him agitated. You figured it was probably better for you to just drop it, and tough out the rest of the night on the other side of the room.
“Fine,” you told him softly, turning away. “I’ll just be over here.”
You walked over the the opposite wall, crossing your arms over your chest and trying to fight the shiver threatening to rack through your body. You instantly regretted taking your coat off in the loft, and you wished you had been watching the door. Being stuck in the basement with Isaac was definitely not how you wanted to spend pack movie night.
Isaac walked over to the other wall and sat down too, feeling a little bad for growling at you. He hadn’t meant to get angry, but you two were always at each other’s throats. He wished he could stop antagonizing you, at least long enough to admit his true feelings, but he had always been too afraid.
He was always terrified you would find out how he felt and laugh at him, because deep down Isaac truly believed you hated him. Still, he wasn’t going to let you freeze, and he figured he should make an effort to be nice before you hated him forever.
“Why are you sitting so far away from me?” Isaac asked softly, noticing your proximity.
You blinked, looking over at him. Even though you had just argued, you didn’t have to sit all the way across the basement, yet you had chosen to sit as far away from him as possible.
“I know how you get when you feel trapped,” you told him honestly. “I wanted to give you space.”
“I don’t need space,” he told you. “And you’re shivering. Come over here.”
“We’re going to be down here all night,” Isaac reminded you. “Unless you want to get hypothermia…”
You rolled your eyes, rising from the ground and walking over to him. “Better?”
He held out his arms, and you shook your head. “No way.”
“You’re cold,” he insisted. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell anyone.”
You sighed, sitting down next to him and letting him wrap his arms around you. You curled into his chest, surprised at how nice it felt to be in his arms. He felt his heart beat quicken, and he resisted the urge to smooth down your hair with his hand.
“I’m sorry I’m such a bitch to you,” you said suddenly, feeling more than a little bad for how you had spoken to him before.
“You’re not that much of a bitch,” he told you jokingly.
You rolled your eyes, butting your head against his shoulder in protest.
“Kidding,” he informed you. “But you’re not really a bitch. I’m just an asshole to you.”
“Only because I’m mean,” you insisted.
“Partly,” he said, mindlessly. “But that’s not really the whole reason.”
“Oh yeah?” you asked, raising your eyebrows. “What’s the whole reason?”
“Uh…” Isaac said, suddenly realizing what he had almost admitted. “You know what? Forget I said anything.”
“Isaac,” you said softly. “Come on, I won’t care.”
He bit the inside of his cheek, seriously doubting your words. He sighed, realizing that if you were going to be stuck together all night he might as well come out and admit his feelings. He probably couldn’t have hid it for much longer anyway.
“I’m in love with you,” he said softly, all too aware of the skip in your heartbeat when he did. “But…but I was too afraid to tell you, so I was just really mean all the time.”
“That’s what it’s been the whole time?” you asked.
Isaac swallowed thickly. “Maybe.”
“Thank god,” you breathed.
“Wait, what?” Isaac asked, his eyes widening.
“I’ve had a crush on you since freshman year,” you told him, pulling away to look up into his blue eyes. “But then you got bitten, and you turned into such an asshole, and you couldn’t know that I liked you. Then you changed, but by then it was kind of too late.”
“Is…is it still too late?” he asked hesitantly.
You smiled at him. “No. No it’s not.”
You grabbed the labels of his coat, reaching up and tugging his lips onto yours. Even though you were both sitting down, he was still at least a full head taller than you and he had to bend his head to kiss you.
His lips weren’t cold like you had expected, but surprisingly warm as he wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you against him and reaching up to run his thumb across your cheek.
After a few seconds he pulled away slowly, his blue eyes staring softly into yours. “God, I’m so glad I finally get to do that.”
You smiled, and suddenly being trapped in a freezing basement with Isaac didn’t seem like such a bad thing anymore. He leaned forward and kissed you again, all thoughts of being trapped forgotten.

“Hey, where are Isaac and Y/n?” Scott asked as the credits on the movie rolled.
The alpha had been so wrapped up in Kira and Mean Girls that he hadn’t even realized you and his beta hadn’t come back upstairs. Only now did he see that you two were missing.
“Basement,” Stiles answered with a shrug, grabbing the remote from the coffee table.
“Still?!” Scott exclaimed. “Do you think they got locked down there?”
“Oh they definitely did,” Liam told him, shoving the last of the popcorn into his mouth.
“What?” Scott demanded. “Wait, what are they doing down there?”
“Probably making out,” Lydia said, tilting her head in deep thought. “Wait, Malia, how long ago did you shut the door?”
“Two hours?” the coyote offered with a shrug.
“Oh yeah,” Stiles said. “They’re definitely making out by now.”
“Wait, you locked them down there?!” Scott demanded, looking at everyone else.
Kira nodded, flashing the alpha a guilty smile. “We would have told you, except that you can’t keep secrets.”
“They’ve been in love with each other for years,” Lydia told him. “They just needed a little push.”

I just wanted to add to my earlier post discussing Tywin’s actions during the Purple Wedding

Several people have come to me saying that Tywin is shielding Tommen emotionally because he doesn’t want Tommen to suffer future emotional trauma from watching his brother die, because Tywin wants a stable, un-traumatized head of state. 

To which I say: in my opinion, Tywin doesn’t think that way. 

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Everyone With BPD Should Have a Blog and Here’s Why

Since I’ve had this blog, I’ve started to notice I’m actually developing a sense of identity?? Like I think I actually know my interests and mannerisms and sense of humor?? Even as a little kid I’d cry myself to sleep wondering why I wasn’t confident enough to be like the other kids who had their own personalities. But this is changing. This is MAJOR. WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?!

Actually, it’s not sorcery. When I stopped to think about it it actually makes sense.

I don’t know who is reading my blog. I know a few of you, sure, and maybe even one or two in person. But otherwise I have no idea who most of you are. And I imagine there are many people reading this who don’t have Tumblrs so I really know absolutely nothing about them.

Normally when I interact with people in real life, this is not the case. If you talk to me, whether in person or via text, I’ll just mirror you without even realizing it. I’ll adopt your tone of voice, your sense of humor, your mood, your manner of speech. Even when I try to make myself “be myself” (whatever the hell that means), I’ll inevitably just mirror you because that’s so much easier AND there’s the added benefit that if I behave similarly to you you’ll like me more.

But I can’t possibly mirror every single person who reads my blog. There are far too many of you, I don’t know the overwhelming majority of you, and you are all so vastly different in ways I can’t even imagine. I know it’s impossible to get the approval of every single person out there. So I end up having to present myself in a way that feels natural because I can’t just adopt the persona of the people around me when I don’t know the people around me. In other words, blogging forces me to be me.

And with a growing sense of self, I’m slooooowly starting to develop self-esteem and learning to rely on myself more for emotional strength and validation, as opposed to relying entirely on other people. This is a pretty important component of BPD recovery.

Just wanted to share this with you all.

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omg, kagami's crush on aomine being so obvious to seirin and everyone else (except of course aomine). and one day aomine gets kagami to say that his crush is taller than him. and then there's this whole thing where he sees how close kiyoshi is to kagami (of course him and hyuuga are like the parents with riko as the wisest elder EVER). so aomine gets jelous kagami keeps being kagami and seirin (especially kuroko) laughs.

No but anon this is so cute omfg like, okay, the reason why everyone knows is because Kagami is really, really, really obvious with the way he’s feeling and once he realizes that he likes Aomine - it’s not like he changes the way he acts towards him, being with Aomine comes so naturally to him it’d be hard to change that (that’s one of the things he fell for, tbh) 

but whenever Aomine isn’t looking Kagami’ll have this soft look in his eyes and a stupid smile on his lips, and whenever Aomine’s around he can’t help finding him with his eyes, and every time he gets a text from Aomine he’ll look at his phone with this seriously happy face and he’s always talking about Aomine and one way or another Aomine becomes a priority for him and - well, you don’t even really need to know him to see that he’s crushing hard

(it’s actually absurd that Aomine hasn’t noticed yet, really)

(Kuroko assumes that it’s because Aomine’s got a crush on Kagami of his own, and he’s probably too lost in admiring Kagami’s sexy eyebrows or whatever, to realize that Kagami is doing pretty much the same with him)

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They’d been gone for forty minutes already and Sophia was starting to get agitated. It shouldn’t have taken that long, even if she told Dayn an hour, they worked on her time - not his. She had told them that they could do whatever they had to to bring him here, break down the door, break his arm…whatever was needed. Normally she wouldn’t care that much but he had been too cocky in their texts. Almost as thought he was beginning to doubt what she was capable of doing and that wasn’t acceptable. As she paced back and forth in the foyer, she kept herself on high alert, the first sound of a car in the driveway and she was going to make him realize he shouldn’t underestimate her. There was a reason she was given so many jobs from her father. There was a reason he trusted her. She wasn’t afraid of doing what she had to in order to make a point. 

The telltale sign of crunching gravel alerted Sophia to the return of her guys, with Dayn in tow she assumed. As soon as the engine cut off, she opened the front door, staring out into the darkness towards the dark car. He came into focus, perfectly intact, sans any broken bones and she narrowed her eyes at him. The closer he got to the door, the more sour her look became. “You can go.” The order was cold as she waved her guys off, grabbing Dayn by the shirt as soon as he was in reach and pulling him into the house. She was small but with the element of some surprise, she could direct him inside, slamming the door behind her with her foot before pushing him against the wall. “Congratulations. You pissed me off. Is that what you were trying to do? Do you want the world to know your secret?”

[ @daynthompson ]

I love reading thoughts about dating in your mid-late twenties because that is where I am in life, trying to do this thing that I didn’t find accessible in youth and am therefore challenged by as an adult. It’s a humbling admission

I always try to remind myself that the other person is a person. 

I always try to remind myself that a stranger doesn’t owe me much. I think that the advancement of communication forms can bring us closer in false ways. He texts you all day, excited for one date. You’re buds on snapchat, instagram, whatever. You celebrate too soon, and then you hang out enough times for someone to realize that It Isn’t Worth It. “But you liked my Instagram post!” someone says to themselves. You look for a replacement so you don’t dwell.

Tech bonds feel like stitching, like closeness, until you realize their overall insignificance when your text message is ignored. 

I would say that my experience this year has exposed me to the cruelty/dismissiveness of some men and the illusion of options. I would say that if we all try to emulate the apathy of men, we’re all doomed

A man will drop you easily and throw a fit if you do the same, in my experience.

I think about being ignored but I also think about who I ignore, and it gives me perspective. I think about who I have hurt. A lot of us are trying this thing and we need to allocate responsibility properly, or what’s the point

You can’t really stand atop the mountain and shout down at the millennial crowd, admonishing them for their dating failures, as a millennial with like, a Tinder, you know what I mean. You’d look like a real fool

Critique and participation can stand alongside

Also, the point is to have fun. It should be fun!

I think that there is real hope in sharing our stories, in laughing, in maintaining joy, and in not treating romance and dates like an Amazon.com shopping cart

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how bout some asanoya headcanons <3

omg i don’t even know where to start

let’s do some not-dating-yet headcanons…?

  • one of their first “meetings” outside of club practice was on a rainy morning. asahi had ducked under an awning or bus stop to avoid the rain (he had a final paper in his backpack and was scared it’d get soaked through his bag). noya found him there and offered to share his small umbrella so neither of them would be late to classes. but the umbrella, being small, remained in noya’s hand and asahi had to hunch-shuffle the whole way to school.
  • it didn’t take too long for noya to kind of figure out asahi’s mannerisms, habits and mindset. almost immediately, he started trying to be supportive and encouraging but, at the same time, is unwilling to enable asahi’s depressive moments. asahi, however, is still trying to figure noya out, due to how spontaneous and sometimes unpredictable he can be. this sometimes leads to asahi being anxious around him because he’s unsure how to respond to something or what to say.
  • they’re a slow burn. for asahi it started with earnest admiration, which evolved into a solid friendship and trust, which evolved into… oh no… he’s really awesome and near perfect and he’s nice to me but also calls out my b.s. which means he cares and. …oh no, what do i do. for noya, it was more like hitting a light switch but it took a good, long while to get said light switch working (the admiration, friendship and trust was all gradual, too, of course, it just took him a while to realize what he was feeling). 
  • asahi starts paying attention to all the things noya likes and tries to work up the will and courage to give him one of said things, but at the last second he overthinks and chickens out. poor guy’s sat alone at a bus stop or on the sidewalk and ate so many soda popsicle all on his own because he doesn’t know what else to do with them.
  • he did notice that noya struggles with contemporary literature, however, and blurted out one afternoon that he could help with it. this turns out to be more difficult than expected, if not just because noya can’t sit still for too long to save his life. this leads to many library hi-jinks… and also lots of “secretly-looking-at-each-other-instead-of-actually-studying”… mostly on noya’s end because ugh. studying. he’s also better at sneaking glances; asahi almost always gets caught. 
  • asahi’s a little on the superstitious side. noya quickly finds out it’s not a good idea to make certain jokes or bring certain things to his attention or else he’ll be even more of a wreck than he usually is. also: most horror movies are a bad idea. especially ones involving women who crawl through your tv set. …not that noya can sit all the way through them. not enough action.
  • casual texting that might not be so casual. especially when it turns into late night texting because neither of them can sleep; asahi can’t turn his worrisome brain off and noya’s got too much energy and insomnia to go to bed just yet. asahi feels kind of intrusive and guilty for continuing their conversations so late into the night but noya’s like “it’s whatever, i’m enjoying it” and long after noya passes out, asahi’s still awake, staring at the ceiling, mentally dissecting their last couple messages before noya stopped replying. it also takes a few nights for asahi to realize noya just fell asleep and that he didn’t say something that “offended” him or whatever and that’s why he stopped replying.
  • noya doesn’t always think to bring a jacket in the winter months–since he moves around so much and is such an active person, he tends to keep himself warm on his own. there have been several instances, however, where he does start to shiver (and tries to hide it) while outdoors. asahi finally started offering him his jacket, which turned into noya being more hyper because his inner monologue is suddenly omgomgomgomgomg this thing is HUGE and AWESOME and WARM. meanwhile, asahi just quietly stands off to the side like c///: 
  • the first time noya leaps onto asahi’s back in a fit of excitement and coils his arms and legs around him like a koala bear, it surprises them both and they both get kind of flustered over the matter. noya apologizes profusely, as does asahi (even though he has … no… reason to), and they’re a little awkward around each other for the next day or so. noya finally approaches asahi and apologizes, again, but asahi assures him it was a-okay and he didn’t mind it (and immediately after saying that, he spends the next half hour worrying he’d been too obvious). the next time something exciting happens, noya just stands there and practically vibrates in place until asahi nods at him. then he proceeds to spring onto his back and hug him once again. both of them silently relish in this contact for as long as they can without anything becoming obvious, either to each other or their teammates (lmao, too late on the latter u idiots). 
  • …i’m gonna stop there because this is getting long and i’m getting emotional.
my thoughts about Spock/Uhura in star trek beyond

I have so many things to say though! I still don’t know where to start xD Sorry in advance if this gets long.

tl dr: I liked the movie (but I still prefer the first one) . To quote myself from the other post I made “[in context of] what happens at the beginning and the fact that they are separated from each other for most of the movie, you still *see* their relationship. In a different way compared than before, but not less effective. My thought was that you get the sense of two people who are together since years so their relationship has that maturity and depth that is past the point of just ‘dating’.
It’s clear that they mean a lot to each other and he loves her and she’s an important part of his journey and why he realizes, after the events of this movie, where his place is. Her necklace a symbol of that, if you will. “

below the read more thingy I’ll try to elaborate what I said in my post about the movie more  (please don’t read if you haven’t watched the movie yet because it’s very very spoiler! no joke! and I don’t want to influence people who hadn’t watched the movie, ok?)

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I used to think that life was too short to waste on guys who weren’t amazing and now I realize that life is too short to wait for a guy who just clearly doesn’t seem to care. Maybe you think not texting me for 5 days is enough closure for whatever this was, but it’s not. I don’t feel single with you, but you have made that fact that I am embarrassingly clear, so much so that I had to turn my heart off to you to not feel like such an idiot about everything to avoid getting hurt. So in the past week, when boys have tried to kiss me, I have let them. And I haven’t felt guilty. I tried to make myself think about you when I was with them, but it felt forced and false and like I was intentionally trying to hurt myself. I thought and think you were and are so amazing. So, so amazing. But you have hurt me more than you probably thought possible. So I’m done trying because you have given me no reason to let myself hold onto you and unless you can do that, I am walking away. Enjoy your “freedom.” I am leaving you alone, which seems like what you want. Giving you the space you so desperately need apparently. I can’t settle for bits and pieces of a guy. I want all of him, whoever he may be and whenever that may happen. But it’s becoming increasingly clear that my guy is not you, no matter how badly I want you to be. I am smart and funny and loving and beautiful, whether you tell me I am or not, and I have so much to give. I am not afraid to admit that, and waiting on a boy who lives 1000 miles away who makes me more sad than happy is not how I want to utilize myself. I don’t deserve to feel like an annoyance or a burden. I deserve to feel wanted and desired, no matter what my relationship status may be at a certain point in time. This is so hard to do because you literally had me so smitten. I would have turned down guys in a second for you because I have honestly never met anyone like you. But I’m letting you crush my heart by waiting around for you to text me and tell me how much you care and blah blah blah, so I’m looking out for my own well-being and saying goodbye. Sorry this is over text but it’s not like you’re easy to get in contact with. Sorry this sounds like a break up but I’m not gonna apologize for how I feel and the feelings I had and the lingering feelings I have feel like those I would have for a boyfriend. Maybe one day we can be friends. You will always be one of my biggest what ifs and you were the closest thing I’ve ever had to loving someone.
—  How you break up with someone who’s not your boyfriend
The signs when bæ reads your text but doesn't reply
  • Aries: hmmm okay... Whatever..... *texts other bae*
  • Taurus: *eats feelings away*
  • Gemini: I knew it, they realized they are so much better than me. Will anyone ever like me
  • Cancer: ugh okay.. Maybe they are busy
  • Leo: what's wrong with them?!? Guess they realized I'm too hot for them
  • Virgo: *calls them to yell at them*
  • Libra: *talks to their best friend to feel better*
  • Scorpio: ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? What are they up to? *stalks all baes forms of social media*
  • Sagittarius: I didn't even like them, oh well
  • Capricorn: Where did I go wrong?! Ughhhh
  • Aquarius: I am independent! I don't need no one
  • Pisces: *makes themselves busy so they don't think about it*

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Götzeus (don't even know if you ship them but ... ><)

Drinks allof the coffee: Marco, because somehow he thinks that drinking coffee while reading the newspaper in the morning looks so cool and mature while Mario just want to have cereal and milk and maybe a sip or two from Marco’s cup

Brings up adopting a pet: Mario. Because oh don’t those puppies look adorable while Marco thinks that pets only going to leave their house in a mess but oh, of course he cannot say no when Mario already there in front of him holding a puppy with that look in his eyes, asking whether they can bring this one home because can’t Marco see how lonely this puppy is???

Kills the bugs: Marco. Mario will be too busy screaming and jumping around.

Cooks the meals: None. They live on take-aways and deliveries and they will have list of restaurants and their menus and numbers attached on their fridge.

Starts getting into holidays way before they should; Mario because he likes planning things and Marco doesn’t really care about it he just want to have a nice relaxing time with Mario.

Initiates the couple selfies: Both. Marco will takes selfies every single time he feels his hair is on point (which is… lots of time) and Mario will take selfies every time he feels they are cute together (which is also… a lot).

Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries: Marco. And Mario will try in a not-very-subtle-way to remind Marco about it but of course, Marco will only finally realizes it when Mario starts sulking like a kid.

Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping: Both of them. And they will eat it o their couch together, sitting so close next to each other their shoulders are pressing against one anither, and every now and then one of them will feed the other.

Nicknames the other: Mario. He likes to text Marco just to call him by the nickname.

KITR: Housing Matters

They’re in the midst of filming Syntax, and Lily is texting Pam between takes, because apparently that’s a thing now, which is 100% James’ fault.

But the point is, Pam texts Lily, “i think you’re a gryffindor,” completely out of the blue. It has nothing to do with the conversation at hand (they were talking about scarves, for Pete’s sake,) but Lily rolls her eyes, and replies with “why??”

“youre an actor duh” Pam texts back.

Lily scoffs. “then hes a gryffindor too,” she types, and before she realizes exactly what she’s doing, she’s already hit send. She winces as the sent text tone sounds.

Pam replies instantaneously. “IKR!!! #jily #ishipit.”

“Oh god,” she mutters under her breath, glancing around to see if anyone’s watching. She catches James eyeing her over his own cell phone. He raises a judging eyebrow at her. She scowls, and types a reply to Pam with too harsh finger taps, “i hate you so much.”