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How do I write?: Dialog

For writers, speaking scenes are either the bane of your existence, or the highlight of your day. On one hand, when characters are talking, it can really help further a scene and help with character development….but on the other hand…writing dialog is such a chore….blugh. So here’s some ways to write better dialog in your stories!

Give Your Characters Voices

Is your character southern? Do they have a lisp? Are they shy? Outspoken? Do they use a lot of big words, or are they an easy talker? Are they more likely to lie with confidence, or do they need to pause a lot to collect their thoughts? These are all factors that help build up a character’s profile, and to add realism to your dialog. Make sure to keep each character consistent – example: if Character A is an angry and resolute character, they wouldn’t stammer or blush when they’re caught off guard – so that your characters keep their individuality.

Embrace the Power of Verbs

Obviously, there’s a huge difference between ‘said’ and ‘yelled’ and ‘screamed’, but there are so many fics where ‘mumbled’ is an overused verb. Unless your character is incredibly shy – or loves to whisper insults under their breath – nobody mumbles every other sentence. ‘Quipped’, ‘snarked,’ ‘said indignantly’, ‘joked’, and ‘laughed’ are some of my favorite verbs.

Moving the Scene Through Dialog 

If you’re ever terrified of having a scene turn into a monotonous he said/she said conversation, then break it up with actions! Have Character A yell at Character B as they angrily slam the car door, or Character C say “huh?” as they try to clear water out of their ears. Here’s a few examples.

  • “You look like crap!” Madison tried to touch the side of her face, but Liz jerked her head back. “Are you like, sick? Your eyes are all red and puffy.”
  • “Yeah, just a second.” Jade watched as the bright orange petals swirled down the drain.
  • Scout visibly recoiled from him. “Uh, no. I’ll pass.”

Talk to Yourself

This is the best trick; it’s what I do when I’m writing dialog. I’ll put on different voices and talk aloud to myself in order to feel what sounds natural and what sounds plastic-y. You may feel ridiculous when you’re up at 2am and repeating the same lines over and over again to yourself, but believe me, it will show in the final drafts when your characters are interacting.

Finally, Have Fun

It’s such a cliche tip that it makes me want to cry from boredom, but having fun with your dialog makes it infinitely easier to write. If your inspiration is just bone dry, have your characters get silly with their dialog – “Sir, that really hella dangerous experiment is going critical” “oh dang, lmao, we should probably leave?” “yes most definitely” – because even then, you’re getting your ideas out and you can come back later. Also, it’s hilarious. In the end, writing is supposed to be a fun hobby, so find what works for you and keep on doing it!

Eye On The New Girl -AJ Styles x Reader

Summary:- You’ve just been called up to the Main Roster from NXT. You don’t know anyone, but you bump in to your dream man AJ Styles in the airport, almost instantly hitting it off. You both notice a spark whilst filming and episode of UpUpDownDown, and when you get back to the hotel to find your room has been cancelled. AJ overhears, and offers to let you share his room for the night.

Warnings:- Smut, Swearing, Bit of Fluff

Word Count:-  1,868

Requested by @heavenlytheshield


Credit to Gif Owner! Normally use my own gifs but my computer wont work,so creds to you. you rock. 

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I Got You

“Hey love hope you having wonderful day thus far.” Bae been on my mind all damn day.
“Hey Papi” Jasmine said with a deep sigh.
“What’s wrong with my favorite lady? Are you ok?”
“I’m ok it’s just been one of those days and the work volume is through the roof.”
“I understand mama, just know I’m here for you whether you need to vent or just need my voice to break the monotone of the day.”
“Jason, you know I love you right. You’re always there for me.”
“Baby that’s my job but, I’m gonna let you get back to it I know you'r busy baby.”
I made up my mind in that moment that Bae was taken care of. I grinded for the next two hourd and got caught up on all my looming work. I was walking out office at around 2:45. I sent Jas a text “hey babe just thinking of you hope your day got better.” It was damn nice to be out before rush hour. What would normally take me a solid hour during rush hour was trending around 30 minutes.
I decided to hit the florist shop in Decatur on my way home, they typically had really good deals on the freshest roses. I ended up getting the a dozen pink and red roses, plus a carton of petals. Marching on I headed to next stop. I hit wally world grabbed a few nick nacks. Lastly I had to hit Publix. My Lady loved seafood so tonight I was gonna make her a feast. I grabbed all I need and I was headed out the door.
I got home just a hair before 4. I sat my groceries down and straightened up the little that needed to be maintained. I called my sweetie to make sure all was ok. She confirmed that it was and surprisingly she would be leaving out in about thirty minutes. I was glad I decided to take off early given the news. We ended the call with a kiss through the phone as we often did. I went into a bit of an over drive to get shit right. I put a pot on for my angel hair, and began to peel and de-vein the shrimp. Afterwards I took the carton of pedals and made my way upstairs. I began sprinkling the pedals from the base of the stairs all the way to the tub. I had brought a few other items but I was quite ready for those yet. I doubled back put a few candles down throughout my rose petal red carpet .
Back downstairs my angel hair was boiling , I turned it off and strained them. I put a pan to begin sautéing my shrimp and scallops in garlic and butter. It was at this time I began to prep the lobster tail. In the middle of the maddness I was able to text Jas “I can’t wait to lay eyes on your beautiful brown skin.” I proceeded to dress the table for dinner allowing the bouquet to be the center piece. I rushed back to mix up my shrimp and scallops which we’re just about done. Moving them to the back burner I pulled up another pan to steam up the two tails. I put a little more than half a cup of water in the pan and began to heat it up. Meanwhile it was time to make the sauce for my pasta.
All was going according to plan, I was feeling good and I knew Jas would soon be feeling better. My pasta was complete and the lobster tails were turning bright orange as I heard the keys fumbling about the door. I turned heat low on the tails and went to meet bae with a kiss for the ages. I planted my lips upon hers as though I had just come home from Iraq. I could tell by her reaction that she caught a little off gaurd. One thing I loved about Jasmine though was she knew how to go with the flow. We embraced for a solid minute before she interjected.
“Baby what the hell smells do good” she gave a puzzled look.
“Love, just know I got you.”
“What you done did” she questioned with her quirky little smile she often did. She had no clue it was one of the many little things I loved about her. I led her through the kitchen to the dinning room table. She said nothing but her smile was everything. I removed her coat a purse a pulled out her chair. She marveled at the roses before her, I loved how the little things brought so much joy to her, when big things come I know she will be floored.
“Relax babygirl I got you.” I kissed her forehead gently and walked back in the kitchen. I made her plate and poured her a glass of Moscato. “Enjoy mama” I said as I sat her plate before her along with he wine. I returned to the kitchen to fix my plate. When I came back to the table I noticed she hadn’t touched her plate. “What’s wrong baby?” I questioned.
“Nothing daddy, I was just waiting on you.” This woman really knew how to make me feel special, even when on a night where it was all about her. We ate and laughed and didn’t even bring up her workday, all by design. My motto is leave work at work, when you’re home you’re home. We were wrapping up and I blew out the candles and grabbed the dishes. As I grabbed herd, she grabbed me by my member pulling me downward, I went with the flow and she whispered in my ear “thank you so much” she caressed me through my pants.
I darted up to the bathroom after dropping the dishes in the sink. I had complete the final portion of my plan. I started the tub and put the liquid in for a bubble bath. I grabbed the other item I purchased which was a box of Calgon, it was the milk and honey one. That Calgon was gonna have her body feeling so smooth. After adding the Calgon and sprinkling a few rose petals on the forming bubbles; I lite the candles along my red carpet on my way out.
“Why did you run off, you scared of this pussy boy?” I was questioned soon as I came back downstairs.
“No ma'am, not tonight at least.” I grabbed Jas by her hand and led the way upstairs. I noticed her grip tighten when she saw the petals and candles about the floor. We made it to the bathroom and before I could begin to remove her clothing she looked at me deeply.
“Jason I love you with all my heart and soul.” I put my finger to her lips and to shush her. I replaced my finger with my lips. Gently I kissed her and ran my fingers through her naturally pressed hair.
“I know you do love, as I do you.” I began removing her clothes article by article. I had to marvel at how the glow of the candle light ratiated off of her beautiful brown skin. She looked so delectable, I couldn’t help but stare. I led her in to the water and watched her relax as she submerged herself. Once she settled , I took a few petals in hand and began to run my hands over her body, stroking her ever so delicately. I slid down to the bottom of the tub afterwards and massaged her feet as I watched her body grow heavy in my hands. We didn’t even talk much verbally, but her body told me all I needed to know.

After about 45 minutes she notioned she was ready to step out, I grabbed her towel and lifted her out of the tub all wrapped up like an infant. I turned on the shower so she could finish cleansing her body. She followed my actions by turning the shower right back off.
“Daddy it’s time for me to thank you” she said seductively.
“Baby tonight was about you.”
“No nigga, it’s always about us, now bring yo ass…. I GOT YOU.”

[Jackson] Princess (Part VI)
Part 1

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

“I’m gonna miss you, buddy.” Ross taps my shoulder as I sit on his bed, my heart sinks a little. "Oh please, don’t cry, old man.“ I joke and he playfully punches me. "I’m going to miss you too.” I confess shyly, and he will. Ross is like the father I’ve never had, he watched me crying every night and held me, advised me, comforted me, listened to me, protected me. I jump off his bed as the familiar sound of jiggling keys invades the corridor, the guard is here. "I hope you have a great life.“ He says to me and my thoughts immediately diverge to Y/N. "I’ll try, Ross. You’re all I never want to become.” I reply. Ross is here forever, he’ll never see his wife and kids again, he really is all I don’t want to become. I want to see my child grow up, my little Wang and my little Y/N, they’re all I have. "Great.“ Ross’ wrinkled face lights up with a fatherly smile. "But you’re still a good person.” I add quickly, Ross has such a bad self-esteem. He’s a good guy who messed up once. Unfortunately, his mistake was too big, he lost his family. The guard, a tall black man arrives in front of my cell. His keys jiggle and sing as he struggles with the door and in a second my cell is open. I let out a long, shaky breath. This is finally happening. Ross gets ups from his bed and gives me strong, long, fatherly, heartfelt, saddening goodbye hug, patting my back and squeezing me, I hug him back. "Go away.“ He breathes, letting me go. I give him a shy smile, trying to cheer him up, I don’t want to see my old man cry. I step closer to the door. "Son.” Ross calls me and I turn around, hoping he is not crying.“I never want to see you again.” He gives me his usual warm smile, I almost want to call him Daddy. I beam at him.
“Me either, Ros.”

I change in the sweatshirt and sweats I was wearing the day I was arrested and throw my backpack on my shoulders. I’m so happy, I hated orange. I used to be my favorite color, but now it’s just ugly and way to bright for me. As I follow the guard to the exit of the building and sign papers my heart starts to race, I’m going to see Y/N. I’m nervous but giddy with joy, I can’t keep still knowing I’ll be able to touch her, kiss her, hold her. Oh and my little boy, kindly waiting for me in her belly, I’m going to feel him kick. I follow the guard out and the hundred meters between the building and the front gate feels like a kilometer. I walk and walk and after a moment I can see her outside, arms crossed over her chest, leaning against a car. I smile widely, too widely. I walk closer and get a better view: She’s wearing a black hoodie, my hoodie, a white tank top that emphasizes her baby bump. Her belly is so round, so perky, and my son is sleeping in there, it’s beautiful. She’s in jeans and sneakers. She locks eyes with me and beams, her smile is dazzling. There is a loud buzz and the gate slides open. I step out, free. And next thing I know I’m wrapping my arms around my girlfriend and I cry. I hold her tight and sob, she’s here, finally. She crying in the crook of my neck, hugging me back, holding me as tight. I’m submerged by the emotions, it’s too much joy, too much relief. 

“Baby.” I move and hold her face between my hands, her tiny face with her big eyes looking directly into mine, her cute little nose I just want to boop. I close my eyes and connects or forehead. Oh, I can’t believe I left her all alone like this, because of some stupid mistake. "I’m so sorry.“ I whisper. "It’s okay.” She sobs and my heart sinks a little more. She kisses me and it’s like a holy release. I kiss her back, gladly and needy, we’re both breathless when I pull away. "I missed you so much.“ I kiss her again and stroke a pink cheeks with my thumbs. I pull her into my arms and nuzzle her neck, she smells heavenly. "I missed you too.” She whispers. I pull away and cup her face, gazing at her features the the blurry glass of the visits room made me grow unfamiliar with.

“You’re so…”
“Pregnant?” She snorts. I meant beautiful but- Oh, hi. ”Yeah.” I snort and glance down at her tummy, palming her cute baby bump.”And it makes you ten times even more pretty.” She flushes and her cheeks heat up adorably. Cute girl who can’t take compliments she deserves.
“I’m sorry I left you alone.”
“Stop, Jackson.” She grabs the back of my neck and kisses me again, and I lose myself in the kiss. ”I love you.” I mumble once she breaks away. “I love you more.” Her answer makes me grin. Oh no you don’t, baby.

“Come on, let’s go home." 

We’re on the bus, sitting beside each other, she always take the seat by the window, I hate it. But the happiness of finally being with her make me forget, I’m so busy peppering kisses on her face that I don’t care where I’m sitting. Her lips find mine and we kiss.”I’m so happy you’re back.” She mumbles, way too sweetly for me to handle, I smile.”Me too.” I kiss her again, lazily. Her lips are so full and soft. Hmmm, I can’t resist. I poke my tongue out as we kiss and despite my closed eyes, I sense her grin. I poke it out a little bit more and so she does, kissing me playfully, I smile in the kiss.”Not on the bus.” She reprimands. I glance up at her eyes and they’re still closed, and I look back at her lips, they’re calling me.”Nobody’s looking.” I kiss her again and she giggles, but kisses me back.

Y/N unlocks and opens the door of our shared apartment. I step in, it’s still as small, as miserable, our love cocoon. ”Home sweet home.” I beam and she turns around, smiling at me. ”It hasn’t changed.” I state as she closes the door behind me. ”Come here.” I just have the time to turn around and she grabs me by the collar and pulls me to her, kissing me. She leans against the door and pulls me close, kissing me deeply, needily, passionately. I lose myself but the feeling of her baby bump poking at my bellybutton occurs me. ”Y/N-” I mumble against her lips but she ignores me and kisses me more roughly. Hmm, my princess can kiss. I manage to break away, breathless, I feel like I’ve ran a marathon. ”Baby, not while you’re pregnant.” I admonish. ”I want you.” She’s panting. ”No, baby. I won’t touch you while you’re carrying my child. I’m sorry, princess.” I breathe against her lips. I feel bad, horny Y/N is my favorite. ”Jackson, sex is okay during pregnancy.” She kisses me again, slowly, sensually. I feel hot and bothered, I’m getting hard, I want her, now. She tugs at my lips with her teeth and I almost loose it. “Shit.” I curse. I can’t act like this. She frees my collar and her hand travels down to my crotch. Oh no. “Baby,” I plead against her lips. She squeezes me and I can feel myself harden in second. “No. No, Y/N.” I grab both of her hands and pin them on the door. There. “I missed you and I love you, but no.” I kiss her between each words. “Jackson, I’m pregnant and moody, and I missed you.” She’s almost pouting. “Is that a threat?” I snort and she narrows her eyes at me. I shake my head. “God, I missed you so much.” I connect our foreheads and something occurs me. “Wait, I didn’t even say hi to you.” I crouch down and meet my seven months old, unborn little Wang. “Hey buddy, it’s me. It’s daddy.” I place my hands on Y/N’s belly as I speak, and nothing. “Is he sleeping?” I look up at Y/N and she shakes his head, frowning. “He was kicking, two seconds ago.” I look back at my son. Wake up! “Hey, ladyman. You don’t recognize your daddy?” I can’t hide the disappointment in my voice. Of course he won’t recognize me, he doesn’t know me. “I’m sorry, Jackson. Maybe he’s fallen asleep.” Y/N purrs and my heart swells with sadness. “Come on buddy, kick for your daddy.” Nothing. I sigh loudly, but then something pokes at my hand, my eyes go wide. “He’s kicking! He knows me!” I give Y/N a face-splitting grin and she beams down at me.”Yes! Yes, he does.” She cheers.

Y/N lays on the couch and I’m sprawled over her, laying my head on her naked belly and talking to my son. 

"I was singing one of my favorite songs and when I looked up mommy was standing in the doorway.” I tell little Wang about how I met Y/N.  

“And you know what I thought? I thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world. And you know what I said to her?” I don’t wait for an answer, knowing he’s probably not listening.

“I told her to get the fuck out.”

“Jackson, don’t swear in front of him.” Y/N scold from above me.

“Daddy was stupid, right? I still don’t know how I managed to get her, I was such a meanie to her.” The doorbell rings and I groan. Who’s daring interrupting my quality time with my little bean? I walk to the door and open it. Mark is standing in front of me, handsome and tall, hands in his suit pockets, his tie loosened. I’m speechless.

“Good evening.” He says.

“Mark.” Is all I can say as I walk to him. I give him a warm smile and he beams at me before I hug him. Mark is a busy man, he’s came to see me five or six times but its been a while since I saw him.

“It’s nice to see you.” He pats my back, strong and boyish.

“You too.” I grin and pull away.

“Thank you for taking care of Y/N.” I say. Y/N told me he, Jinyoung, Jaebum, Youngjae and BamBam had the habit of passing by at home and drop some groceries, check on her and help her with the house cores.

“No problem. I owed you.”

“Mark, it was not your fault.” Mark inhales as if he’s about to retort but he stops as he spots something behind me.

“Y/N.” He grins as she appears. They hug.

“You don’t want to come in?” She proposes.

“Of course. But I’m not staying, I just have a few things to say.”

“Well, come and take a sit.” Y/N pipes up and lets him in. We all sit around the coffee table.

“So, I know you are going to look for a new job, and I have a colleague who needs an assistant at BBK.” Mark shrugs and tries to sound casual, is hr doing what I think he’s doing?

“I have a suit or two for you in my car so…” He adds and shrugs.

“Are you offering me a job?” I ask even though the answer is obvious.

“Only if you want it.” Mark shrugs. I turn to Y/N and she beams at me, pregnant and excited. Do I want this job? Hell yeah I do, I need it. It’s a second chance that I won’t miss. I hope with that job I’ll be able to move out of this cave and buy us a home. I turn to Mark.“

"Hell yeah, I do want it.”

Mile High

Summary: When Katniss Everdeen boards Pan Em Flight 1213, the last thing she expects is to be flying a mile high with Peeta Mellark. 

A/N: Modern AU. Explicit sexual situations and language. 

With many thanks to my amazing betas and friends myusernamehere and hutchhitched for keeping me honest (someone has to do it, and it’s a thankless job). All remaining mistakes, errors, artistic liberties, and flights of fancy are mine. I’m also on AO3

For dandelion-sunset. Happy birthday, chica! You are a goddess, and I’m so lucky to call you a friend. XOXO 

Chapter 1: General Boarding

The gate would be at the end of the terminal, wouldn’t it? It’s the Murphy’s law of travel: when you have ten minutes to catch a connecting flight, you will be required by the laws of physics to catapult yourself through an airport roughly the size of the Milky Way like you’re some kind of frenzied comet sloughing parts of itself off as it rockets through space.

During my marathon to the gate, I drop my neck pillow three times on the floor, and since I’m expected to put that thing against my face, and I have no idea of knowing exactly what sort of flesh-eating diseases might be lurking on the tile, I decide to leave my fallen comrade behind. No, that sad little pillow can’t help me now, and so I let it go. I only drop the handle of my roller bag twice, which is a noteworthy achievement since my palms are coated in a pervasive sheen of sweat.    

I have to make this flight. Everything depends on it.

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Here Kitty, Kitty

Title: Here Kitty, Kitty

Requested By: ask-the-summer-jester

Rating: G

Original Imagine: Imagine finding an orange tabby cat on your doorstep one day. You’re not allowed to have pets, and try to shoo him away, but he sits resolutely on the doormat and meows at you, green eyes stretched wide. You finally give up and take him inside…

“Go home.”

The orange tabby cocked his head at you, tail swishing, and gave a questioning meow.

You groaned, dragging a hand over your face. You liked cats. You really did. Your landlord, however, did not. But this spunky little tabby didn’t seem to be getting the point. He had been hanging around the gate when you got home, followed you up all four flights of stairs to your door, and now refused to budge; even when you gently nudged him with your foot. He merely blinked his large green eyes at you and batted at your shoelaces.

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killerakirakuru  asked:

Yoosung comes to the party and meets MC, who is actually a boy??

Luciel’s car is so clean. It’s a stark contrast to his messy lifestyle. I drum my fingers on my lap, keeping in time with the blinker after each turn. Three more minutes until I can finally meet my girlfriend! MC has been the only thing on my mind for the past eleven days. I couldn’t even bring myself to play LOLOL last night I was so nervous. Here we are! A stylish Jumin appears before us with a tux and cat in hand, “Are you ready, Kim?”
“Y-yes, sir!”
“Let’s get going then.” A white glove reaches out to me and I take it, stepping out of the bright orange sports car. Finally, this moment has come. The doors to the banquet hall creak open as Jumin, Luciel, and I enter its enormous vessel. I look around for a beautiful women, knowing my precious MC must be near the front lobby. Even Jaehee isn’t standing there. Ah, yes, a short guy around my age is standing aimlessly, looking sheepish. I personally have always thought of this type of person to be what I seek most in a partner, but girls pique my interest too. I think Zen told me that was called “bi”. Regardless, I approach him with a bright smile, about to question where Zen, Jaehee, and especially MC are but he cuts me off.
How does he know my name? My heart starts pounding at the speed of sound, and suddenly my face lights up bright red. Wait…could this be?
“I-it’s me…MC…”
The boy hangs his head down in something similar to shame. Embarrassment? Hold on! Did he just say MC? Now I’m about to explode. In the good and blind way. The unknowing way that makes you think stupid things about love and the future.
“MC? I-I really don’t care…you know, about the whol–”
Before I can finish what I was saying, MC wraps his delicate arms around my neck and kisses me in the romance movie fashion. It’s passionate and emphatic like the first crash of lightning in a thunderstorm. I crash back into him too, forgetting that Jumin and Luciel are standing right behind me. I pull away uncomfortably knowing they just saw the entire ordeal.
Luciel has the biggest grin on his face, and I swear I see his glasses glinting and…is that a nosebleed? Jumin rolls his eyes and declares, “It took you this long to figure out MC was a boy?”
I punch Jumin in the arm and roll my eyes back at him, but I can’t help blushing. I never imagined MC to be this amazing. I guess it never crossed my mind that he was, well, a “he”. It didn’t matter to me, though. He was still my MC. My boyfriend. It doesn’t matter because he is and will always be MC.

Title: Color in the Gray

Fandom: Soul Eater.

Pairing: Soul/Maka.

Rating: T. Mentions of mature subjects (very very slight nsfw moments)

Author’s Note: An anon requested lavender, Soul/Maka, and “I need you to pretend to be my girlfriend/boyfriend.” It turned into… this. I hope it’s okay? It turned into 5,000 words. Also, Soul and Wes’s parents in this are mean but 

Summary: AU. Their colors are so bright when they mix but she hates the gray area they linger in. 

(FF.net) or read below

He doesn’t warn her or knock. He strides in and she’s sitting in the center of the floor, stained with paints that remind him of the sunset over the city: orange, crimson, pink, a dark purple like a bruise. It looks like she tried to dye the tips of her pigtails: one is black, and one is green. She turns to him when he shuts the door, an unspoken but clear question in her expression. 

He walks over to see what she’s working on, and there is some sort of multi-colored poem on her floor. Her entire apartment is a blank canvas somehow. It’s only half-finished. 

She blocks his view of it by leaning over it and shakes her head. Some excess paint flies from her loose hair to the floor. 

He hates that even coated in cheap paint and in a white t-shirt and cargo shorts he thinks she transcends her own art. Soul lifts her from the floor and pushes her to the wall, and he kisses her until she stops him. 

Their faces are so close when she whispers, “I’m going to get paint all over you if we keep this up.” 

“That’s ok,” he says. “Make me like you.” 

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The Baka and the Megane

Maki pushed her glasses further up her nose, scanning each face in her class. There were some serious-looking girls, some foolish and sleepy boys, and others who were of no importance. Second years that were used to their campus yet had no idea of the world ahead. It was pitiful. 

Especially the girl in the back with her earphones in. The mere sight of her pissed her off. 

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This part is told through Finn’s POV. I hope you like it. Please let me know what you think! If you want on my tag list or I accidentally forget your name, please let me know! :)

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Previous Chapters:
Chapter One
Chapter Two

Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now
Chapter Three

His room was too white. Everything was too white and sterile and he just wanted his own bed and poster-clad walls, not this barren blinding shit. He had a continual headache from these new meds and he was just angry; angry that he was put in a psych ward for something he couldn’t control. Someone he couldn’t control. Fucking Newt. If he hadn’t shown up, Finn would probably be on his bike right now, enjoying the wind whipping his jacket around and screaming Roses lyrics into the air.

But not since Newt appeared.

Finn Nelson hated Newt. He was clingy, whiney, and a general brat. He played tricks on people and they all blamed Finn for it and he was sick of it.

Confused? So is Finn, most of the time. About four months ago, a kid who looked remarkably like him had shown up at the park and sat himself next to Finn, commenting on the weather and Finn’s leather jacket. Finn ignored him for the first few weeks, then things started getting out of control.

Things would be written on walls, he’d wake up with bruises on his wrists, half his wardrobe changed in the blink of an eye, and what pissed Finn off most - people were telling him he had done it, but Finn knew better. It was that brat Newt. Finn didn’t even remember inviting the little fucker into his house, his room, his inner sanctuary, but Newt insisted he had.

He had started arguing with Newt the minute he decided he needed to speak to the pseudo-goth. Newt didn’t like his music, his clothes, his bike. His leather jacket? That was mint, but everything else was trash and Finn was busy gritting his teeth, trying not to break the small boy in half.

He got so angry one day that he finally asked where his stuff was disappearing to. He cornered his dad and accused him of snooping. His dad just stared at him in confusion. Finn had tossed out his Blur T-shirt and gone through his albums and broken every Beck album he’d owned, he said.

The fuck I did, Finn thought angrily. He was always angry lately and it came down to Newt.

The tipping point came when he woke up in a tattoo parlor, corner of his mouth stinging in pain and fresh tears in his eyes. He had no idea how he had gotten there. He’d been there before, had his ear pierced there, but that was a year ago. He definitely didn’t walk there. Was he drugged?

He pushed the tattooed man away from him, hand coming up to grab his lip and noticed something sticking out of it. “What did you do to me?”

“Yous told meh you wanted yer lip pierced a few days ago, kid. I told ya ya needed a parent’s permission and you got yer dad to come with yas. He’s in the lobby.” The man reached a hand behind his head, scratching the bottom of his ear in nervousness.

“DA!” Finn immediately shouted, angry confused tears in his eyes. “I NEED YOU!”

“What’s wrong, son? Pain got to ya?” His dad came through the beaded door, smiling jovially. “Love this incense they ha-… What’s wrong, what happened?” Dad instincts kicked in and he was at Finn’s side in a split second.

“I don’t know what’s going on… I don’t know what happened. I remember going to sleep last night and that’s it.” Finn’s voice shook and he was angry at showing such emotion in front of a stranger, but his mouth hurt, his head hurt, and he was… scared, truthfully.

“Finn… You told me you wanted your lip pierced. You practically begged me, told me you never wanted anything more. I thought that was a bit odd ‘cuz you didn’t even beg me for your bike.” His dad put a hand on his shoulder and Finn shook his head violently.

“No, I didn’t. I never wanted my lip pierced! Something happened, Da! It wasn’t me! There’s… I have… I need to go.” Finn shook off his dad’s hand, darting out of the chair and through the beaded curtain.

He ran… He didn’t have a destination in mind, he just needed to get away. It wasn’t until he arrived, sweaty and panting, that he knew where he was going all along. He took the steps two at a time and rang the doorbell, tremors running through his hand.

“Coming!” A voice came from within the house and Finn held his breath until he saw her face. “Finn, love! Come in, come in! How are y-oh my. Decided to rebel, have ye?” His nan, Clara, smiled big and deep, eyes twinkling with mischief.

“Wha?” Finn panted out, confused until he pulled his lip between his teeth. “Oh. I, uh… that’s what I wanted to talk about.”

“Dear, you’re shaking. What’s going on?” He let Clara pull him into the parlor and sit him down on her sofa.

Finn looked down at his hands, mind racing a mile a minute. “I…”

“I’ll be right back, love. Make yourself comfy, you’re being very odd.” Clara took off through one of the doors and Finn sat back, running a hand over his face gently and trying to get his breathing under control.

He sat there a few minutes before Clara came back, mug of tea in her hands. “Here, tea makes everything alright. You ready to speak?” His nan sat right next to him, eyeing him with concern.

“Have…” He began to speak, but had to cough. “Have I been, well, different?” He stared at his nan, his hero-worship showing.

“Well… yes. But you’re at that time where everyone tries on different characteristics, personas. I just thought you were tackling it with your usual zest, like you’re want to do.” Clara frowned at him, putting her hand on his chin to turn his face. “Are you… Explain to me, Finnley, what’s been going on?”

Finn took a deep breath before he let loose every thought in his head - about Newt, how whatever Newt hates disappears. About the his sudden lip piercing incident, everything. The entire time, Clara sat there, eerily calm and very concerned. “So what do you think?” Finn looked at her and felt five years old again, ready for her to fix all of his problems.

“Finn… I need to speak with your dad. Maybe you should call Archie, invite him over. I’ve missed that boy. We’ll have tea over here, yeah?” His gran smiled, getting up without waiting for an answer.

“And that was the beginning of the end.” Finn spoke out loud viciously, not wanting to reminisce any longer. He walked around his room, unpacking the music he was able to save from Newt, his copies of NME, and a few knick knacks.

He scattered things about, trying to make his room more inviting, less clinical. He needed something to cover all the white… When he was done, he sat back and grimaced.

“How pathetic am I right now?”

“Oh, you’re not pathetic at all.” A boy was standing in his door and Finn immediately turned angry eyes towards him, eyeing the double hats and bright orange jacket.

“And you know me, do ya?” Finn spat out, crossing his arms and leaning on his bed.

“Not yet, but you’ll warm to me eventually.” The boy grinned, so open and carefree that Finn was immediately reminded of a young child. “Everyone does. Then we’ll be friends.”

“Right.” Finn nodded along, humoring the boy. “So… did you need something?”

“It’s time for group. My room’s next to yours and I thought I’d come and introduce meself. The name’s Danny.” Danny beamed at Finn, making Finn soften.

“Finn.” He returned, fingering the bandages around his wrist - a present from Newt. “But I’m not going to… that today. Thanks anyway.”

“Got to get adjusted, eh? I understand. I’ll see you around!” Danny waved a few times, before bouncing down the hall and shouting at other unsuspecting people to slow down.

Finn shook his head, pacing back and forth in front of his bed. He let his mind wander and soon his thoughts were paved with brown eyes, raven hair, and a snarl to match his own.


Morning came too soon for Finn. He sat up and rubbed his eyes, growling an affirmative to the nurse at his door, pestering him for the breakfast line up.

He crawled out of bed, pulling on wrinkled jeans from the floor and smoothing his white tee. “Can’t anyone sleep in, in this place?” He slipped his feet into his slippers and shuffled out his door, almost running into an exuberant Danny.

“Good morning, Finn! Ready for the most important meal of the day?”

“Uhh… yeah.” Finn grunted, hands crossed across his chest. He looked around at the other faces around him and noticed everyone seemed to be feeling the same as him. He scanned the back of the group and locked eyes with that girl who told him off again. He almost smiled at the memory, not used to being stood up against, but then he remembered it was seven in the morning and his frown darkened as he turned away from the curiosity in her stare.

The nurses did a head count and opened the doors to the ward, allowing everyone to head down to the dining hall. Finn walked slowly after the crowd, cautious not to touch anybody today.

He grabbed a tray right after walking through the doors and noticed, with a hint of genuine approval, that there were more breakfast options than dinner. He loaded up his tray and sat down at the farthest table from the door.

A tray was sat down across from his and Finn kept his head down until a flash of orange ran across his eye line and he looked up from his scrambled eggs to meet Danny’s bright eyes.

Like his own, Danny’s tray was piled high with food and he watched Danny rip into a bowl of cereal with vigor.

He shrugged and went back to his own breakfast, ignoring everyone else in the room, but still keeping a radar out for raven hair.

“So, second day. Better than the first, right?” Danny spoke through a mouthful of banana and Finn scrunched his nose.

“Suppose so.” He muttered out, stabbing a sausage link as hard as he could.

“Not a morning person.” Danny spoke, way too chipper for seven thirty in the morning. Danny kept speaking and Finn alternated between nodding and chewing for the rest of breakfast.


“Group time.” The nurse who showed him around yesterday cheerily spoke over the intercom and Finn heard feet shuffling and doors opening from his room. He frowned and knew he wouldn’t be able to avoid them today. Sighing, he got up and walked into the hall towards the commons.

“Alright, Finn is present. We’re just missing one.” One nurse spoke, trying but failing to whisper in another’s ear.


“I’m comin, I’m comin’.” A voice growled as the girl Finn kept noticing appeared from the other side of the nurse’s station, hair sticking up and crease lines on her face. “So bloody early.”

“Alright, now that May’s here, we can move to the gym, yes?” Cheery Nurse picked up her clipboard and adjusted her skirt. She gave (May?) a wink and proceeded to open the ward doors.

May, huh?

To be continued. xx

Notes: Yes, Newt is Nico’s character in Hollyoaks. Newt has schizophrenia and I kinda… gave it to Finn. You should really look him up in the show, if you haven’t. He’s completely adorable.

Also, I didn’t know Finn’s nan’s name so I gave her my gran’s name.


Helen Nuden ran, wailing, into the parking lot, past the police, towards the huge creature eating her car. 

“What the hell is that thing?” she shrieked, screeching to a halt twenty paces away. Spilled oranges rolled past her from the shopping bags she’d dropped on the way. 

A woman in a suit ran up to Helen. “Please ma’am, you have to keep your distance,” she said. 

“But that’s my car!” Helen said.

The creature was bright orange, with many articulated limbs and a terrifying array of antennae between them, where some sort of face ought to be. It casually ripped one of the doors off Helen’s 2026 Tesla compact. Unlike the powerful-limbed front, the creature’s rear section seemed fleshy and soft, pulsating gently.  

“Oh, is this your vehicle?” said the woman.

“Well, it was,” Helen said, as the creature ripped off the other door. It laboriously turned itself around and started squeezing its fleshy rear end into the passenger compartment. 

“I’m with the Contact Bureau,” said the suit woman. “This here’s a Climber. One of the new species just through the Gate.”

“What the hell is it doing to my car?”

“Well, they’re sort of like hermit crabs … they need shells, but don’t make their own. We think it’s trying to make a friendly gesture - ” 

“You think?”

“ - by clothing itself in something familiar to us.”

Helen scowled, livid.

“Well, it’s just a theory,” said Suit Woman. “We’re still figuring this out.”

The Climber started clattering off, wearing Helen’s car.

Route 66 (Part 2)

this….doesnt actually take place on route 66 sorry everybody

but anyways! this is a new AU drabble series im doing and im really excited for it :) ill update it whenever the next part is written, and i really hope you guys enjoy it! each part should be under 1,000 words :)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 984

A/N: i sorta drew inspiration from these two songs, and specifically these two versus. you dont need to listen to the songs to understand the story, but you should bc the songs are amazing lmao

You don’t have to say I love you to say I love you                                            -  for him. by Troye Sivan

All we do is drive All we do is think about the feelings that we hide                                 - Drive by Halsey

Part 1

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“Hey Nat,” You spoke into the phone, heaving the heavy bag of food onto your shoulders, “We’ll be there when we get there, don’t really know what stops were gonna make on the way there.” You giggled, smiling at Bucky as you walked out of the kitchen and into the family room.

Bucky set his duffel bag next to yours; silently mouthing ‘wow’ when he saw all the stuff you had packed.

“We don’t know how long we’ll be gone.” You defensively whispered, your hand covering the speaker on the phone so Natasha wouldn’t hear.

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