but then like when the sun is higher in the sky it's awful

when water is smothered by the flames; langst (klance)

WARNING: implied character death!!!!

Lance loved the sea. Every time the distinct scent of salt drifted through the air, he would search for the familiar sight of rolling ocean waves - the sound of turbulent waves crashing against the shore, or of gentle, rolling, waves softly reaching for the sandy shore and then retreating, ebbing and flowing with the cool nudges of the breeze; the white foam that sealed off the blue sea; the brilliant teal blue that faded into a serene royal blue at the horizon where it met the endless sky. The way the water felt as he propelled himself through it, as if he were suddenly airborne and free, and how the cool, misty, spray felt on his fingers. How he could submerge himself completely and let himself be enveloped by the tremendous weight of the ocean, suspended there while the world around him was silenced, as if in a trance, as if the world had stopped spinning for just a moment. The breathtakingly-beautiful sight of a sunset, the golden sphere bobbing on the ocean, and the clouded sky giving way to twinkling silver stars.

Lance loved the rain. The sound it made as it quietly hit the dry, thirsty sidewalks and made rippling puddles that ran down the sides of the street like a tiny creek. The soothing, steady rhythm tapped out by the pitter-patter on the roof that lulled him to sleep when insomnia wouldn’t rest. The way it slowly dripped down car windows like tears sliding down someone’s cheek. The way it dribbled down umbrellas and slipped into cracks, the weird way it smelled after it rained, and the droplets of dew that clung to grass and spider webs like strings of shiny pearls. The way the stormy gray sky cleared and left a dazzling array of rainbow hues instead. The shallow puddles left behind, reflecting the sky like a million mirrors embedded in the concrete. The splashes that flicked water droplets everywhere as a five-year-old-Lance’s rain boots made contact with the puddles.

And… Lance loved Keith, too.

Keith was like fire. He was too hot to touch, sizzling with intensity and passion. He was quick and confident and fiery, scorching anything that stood in his way. He followed his instincts, and his fists, not his brain. He didn’t think before setting enemies aflame. And he was unpredictable, too.

Yet… there was another side to him that Lance loved the most. The soft, warm, glowing side to Keith. The spark of happiness hidden behind the burning flames that had Lance staring in awe - the way Keith’s laugh lit up his entire face and how his eyes shined with a blinding light that rivaled the sun. He seemed so tender and fragile, and Lance never wanted to put out that light.

But what if Lance did?

Lance was like water. And Lance didn’t know what to do when he encountered fire- it was so different from water, but both were beautiful in their own ways. It was no secret how Lance and Keith clashed. And water never mixes well with fire. It smothers the flame until the only thing left is smoke and ash, and with its last dying breath the fire ignites the brightest before disappearing completely, only a whisper in the wind that is carried away and forgotten.

Lance didn’t want to smother the flame. He didn’t want this to end like all the other relationships where he pushed too far, where he wasn’t gentle enough.

So he pushed Keith out of the way and dove into the fire, pretending he was back in the sea. He remembered how he had never felt more right there in the ocean, so carefree and weightless. He pretended he wasn’t terrified, that he was brave.

And as he swept the trembling little girl off her feet and threw her to Keith, over the burning debris, Lance met Keith’s gaze. He couldn’t hear anything except for the pounding of his heart in his ears, but Lance saw that Keith was yelling, tears spilling from his eyes. Lance barely registered the droplets running down his own cheeks.

He was so incredibly stupid. But Lance couldn’t let Keith die.

So he smiled like always and yelled at Keith to run. And he let the surrounding flames licking at his feet climb higher until he was entirely consumed by the hungry fire that was so similar yet so unlike Keith. Lance was engulfed by regret and heat before it went black.

In the face of a raging fire, Lance was only a single drop of water.

But Lance forgot one thing: Keith was human, too. And humans need water to survive.

Shangst Week Día Número sIETE

@shangst-week, @herestherealproblem

Prompt: Space/Ocean (a mix of both???? smh skskadaasdjdj y'all are gonna have to forgive me i ran out of darkness so this might actually be more fluff than angst regardless I felt good writing it lmaooo)

Horizon (they back on Earth)

lmao enjoy these last few days as late and free day submissions pile in. I’m done for this week see y'all next year I guess uh byyyee me vooooy hasta la later

“So, you’re into the ocean, right, Lance?” Shiro asked as a group of seagulls barked overhead.

Lance looked up from toeing through the sand and turned to him with a smug smile.

“You bet. I know practically all the facts! What this bay got called after, the local fish species, the types of coral in the reefs, the seaweed that grows here in the winter—also a lot of the folklore. Sea folklore in general, I don’t think this bay has any stories in particular.”

That piqued Shiro’s interest. “Folklore?”

“Yeah! There’s a bunch of made-up stories talking about, you know, how little things came to be and all that, like why we have waves and currents! There are a couple of funny stories—you know, ones that sound kinda crazy and completely illogical—”

“Aren’t most folklore stories illogical?” Shiro chuckled and Lance rubbed his chin, pursing his lips and staring out intently at the sky as it and the clouds turned pink.

He hummed, “Not necessarily—I mean, the stories I know used, like, magical logic, I guess—to try and decipher what was going on.”

“Which stories used that?”

“One of my favorites does, actually.” Lance crossed his legs, wiping some sand off his shins and leaning back with a grin. “It’s about tsunamis.”

“Ooh,” Shiro’s brows shot upward. “Can you tell me that one?”

Lance practically hopped on his butt, thrusting his hand in the air triumphantly..

“Can do! So! Apparently, in this story, the sky and the ocean had children, one each. And this tale says that tsunamis existed because the child of the ocean wanted to play with the child of the sky. He wanted his mom—dad—guardian to merge with the sky so that he could walk next to fluffy white clouds and the sun, and he wanted his sea creatures to play with the stars and the moon.”

“Okay,” Shiro leaned on his arms, a smile on his lips as nodded for Lance to continue.

“So like any good parent,” Lance bit his bottom lip and licked at it. “The ocean would try to please its kid. To do that, the ocean would shake itself so much with its currents that it would also shake the earth, and with that much movement, the ocean and the kid could rise into the sky as giant waves. But because the child was pretty reckless and wanted to go higher and higher, he wouldn’t look where he was going and fall on humans.

“Of course, earthquakes don’t actually start like that, like I said, magical logic. Also, there’s another bit where apparently when the kid cries, hurricanes and typhoons form but that’s off topic—but then, since they wouldn’t exactly merge like he wanted, the sky’s kid—the child of the sky—would try and help out a little bit.”


“You wanna know how?” Lance pointed to the sky. “Meteors.”

Shiro blinked, turning to the sky. He turned back to Lance incredulously.

Yes! But listen, listen! Hear me out. So the sky’s kid—he would take the biggest rocks he could find, and throw them at the ocean.”

Shiro snorted, his brows knitting together.

“Yeah, I know, and supposedly the ocean was getting hurt by this. Don’t know why, don’t know how, and the kids didn’t know that either apparently. But the sky’s kid would do that! And the impact of those large rocks—those meteors—would be so strong that parts of the ocean and his friend would escape the Earth’s atmosphere. But then after a while, they’d just—fall right back down and they really weren’t able to play. After all, it was only part of their—entities, or whatever. Not the entire ocean and the kid.

“Eventually, the sky found out that—hey. Your kid’s throwing rocks at the ocean, doin’ some wack, GTA vandalism on Earth—and it got pissed.” Both Shiro and Lance chuckled. “Like, the sky got so mad, that it destroyed all the big rocks into smaller rocks. Badabing-badaboom, we have asteroid belts, but the kid couldn’t throw rocks anymore.”

“Uh—meteor showers?” Shiro tilted his head and a smile of amusement spread over his face as Lance brought a finger to his lips, hushing him quietly and gaze darting across the sky, as if they were being watched.

“Those are his secret attempts—with smaller rocks,” he whispered and Shiro let out a laugh.

“Aw,” he cooed.

“Yeah,” Lance sighed and hunched a bit. “And that’s why we have tsunamis. But there’s actually another story in this one.”

Shiro shrugged. “Lay it on me.”

“Alright,” Lance smirked. “This gets a little sad, be warned. So, the kids still want to play with each other, right? But the thing is, neither of them know that their parents got together, and secretly agreed to remain separated. See the line where the sky meets the sea?”

Shiro grinned and sang. “It calls meee.”

“Quiznak!” Lance bellowed. “And no one knooows, how far it goooes! Well, actually we know now. Sorry, Moana, you’re trapped in another era.”

His grin widened as Shiro hid his mouth with his hand. Both roared with laughter at their silliness for a long moment, the salty wind ruffling their hair. Then, as they settled, Lance sighed heavily and hunched forward, resting his chin in his hand.

“So, yeah. The line, the horizon. The ocean and the sky made it to ensure they would never merge. Regardless, the kids, to this day, try to get to each other, which is why we still have tsunamis and meteor showers. They don’t know.”

“Wow. That got depressing real fast,” Shiro smiled sheepishly. He turned to the ocean, his eyes distant and brows knitted together.

Lance nodded. “I feel really bad for them, you know. We’re kinda like them, name wise.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know how Blue’s the Guardian Spirit of Water?” As he asked he turned to his giant Blue Lion behind him. The mechanical feline turned their way as she felt their eyes. They waved.

Shiro nodded. “And Black’s the Guardian Spirit of the Sky.”

“And we drive them, but—” Lance smiled fondly. “We’re also like their kids.”

“Yeah. I definitely see that.” Suddenly, Shiro grasped Lance’s hand and the other Paladin jolted.

Dark grey eyes regarded sapphire blue ones and a familiar quivering feeling settled itself in Lance stomach. Shiro smiled knowingly, a light flush on his face.

“You do know there’s no line between us, right, Lance?”

Lance couldn’t help the wide grin that spread across his face. He shifted to his knees on the sand and practically tackled Shiro into a hug.

“Glad there isn’t,” Lance said and planted a kiss on his lips.

As the sun touched the water, the sky turned orange, the ocean quickly reflecting the flaming color. And like that, even if it was for just a moment, it was almost as if there was no horizon.

moonaskingtostay  asked:

46, bellarke, canonverse, for the fic prompt thingie ? pretty please ?

46.“Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.”

Thank you for the prompt, Morgane! This went in literally the opposite direction of what I was planning, whoops. Props to this post for inspiring the beginning scene. Canonverse, s5 spec (ignoring that whole bit with the prisoner ship shhh):

Clarke watched her daughter from a slight distance as she finished lacing her boots. It was still early in the day, and the overnight chill lingered. Madi was running Murphy through her typical morning routine: checking the traps they’d placed the night before, cleaning and cooking any kills, and drying whatever could be preserved for the winter.

Clarke smiled as she saw how awed Murphy was by the girl’s seriousness. She hadn’t expected him to take to Madi as much as he did, of all of them. But Madi had taken to Murphy immediately. He treated her as his equal, never talking down to her or ignoring her. Madi in turn came to him with questions or ideas, and the delight Murphy took in those moments was touching. He was the most accessible of all of the men, somehow. As soon as the dust of the reunion had settled, Monty was busy with Raven planning how they were going to extricate the bunker, and Bellamy…Bellamy had a lot on his mind. Murphy was so happy to be back on the ground, and so happy to make himself useful preparing food that wasn’t algae. He immediately began referring to himself as Madi’s second, much to Echo’s chagrin.

Clarke drew herself up and stretched. She had slept in a bit that morning, for once. Last night she had finally come off the adrenaline high she’d been on since they’d first seen each other again. She had been nodding off next to the fire, until Bellamy had picked her up and carried her to the rover, leaving her next to Madi with only a word: “Sleep.”

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Survive the Wasteland: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Shouyou stared in stunned confusion at Kageyama’s back as the other man walked away. Despite vowing to do so many, many times, Kageyama had never truly pushed him away like he had just now. Especially not the evening before he left for a job.

Kageyama had taken several odd jobs here and there since they’d come to Smog City, some of them mundane, and some of them quite dangerous—but if he was leaving Shouyou behind at the hospital, he always gave him a rundown of what he’d be facing, if only to teach him more about the Wasteland. He never seemed threatened or worried.

This time, though—this time Kageyama seemed tense. That was new and unsettling enough to set Shouyou on edge.

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Fire Bender

this has been sitting on my computer. feedback will be appreciated cuz idk how i feel about it…

Author’s note: this goes hand in hand a bit with the Minghao water bender au so I hope you enjoy both!

Summary: you are a fiery fire bender, no pun intended, and a stranger takes you by surprise as you warm up.

word count 4400

“Please don’t be sick! We can’t afford you sneezing all over the place” your friend and roommate said nervously as you coughed and your hand flew up to cover your mouth. 

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Snowdrift (fRyder x Reyes)

@atrilial @for-the-grey-wardens

No angst!? Uh oh. 

Reyes had never been to Voeld before, and he didn’t think he’d ever been this cold. There was cryo, of course, but he hadn’t really felt that. There was also that one terrifying suit breach back in training, and that was an experience he never wanted to repeat - but it wasn’t really comparable. The cold up here wasn’t sharp or fleeting. It was dense. It was pervasive. It made his limbs feel heavy, like there were icicles hanging from his sleeves. Still, it was a pleasant kind of cold. It made his heart beat faster to make up the difference. He had a helmet on, but his lips still felt a little numb.

Sara was barely visible through the haze of whirling snow, but she was somewhere above him. If he squinted up the mountainside, he could see her clinging to the slope. Slope was putting it mildly, though. It looked like they were climbing up the side of a fucking world.

How had she talked him into this?

She twisted around to wave at him - and Reyes’ heart lurched up into his mouth when she wobbled on her perch. She caught herself, though, and Reyes could hear her laughing through the comm in his helmet.

“You’re crazy!”

Sara gave an exaggerated shrug - and removed both hands from the rock she’d been clutching. Reyes was sure his heart was going to give out right here. Maybe he’d fall off the mountainside and finally find out what was so great about a jump jet.

“No hands,” Sara said cheerily. She waved them both in the air - and if Reyes could have seen her face through her helmet, he’d have definitely found her grinning. “You doing okay down there?”

“Just fine,” he grumbled. He was trying not to look down. He stretched for his next handhold, carefully checking its stability before he hauled himself up higher. This wasn’t rock-climbing, precisely, but it was close enough. Reyes didn’t want to find out how this would go without something to hold onto. “What about you? Want me to take a turn carrying those things?”

“Nah.” Sara turned back around and gave her hips a wriggle, shaking the two bundles of hardened polymer slats that were strapped across her shoulders. “I’m good. Scott and I used to take turns carrying them, and Dad’s weighed a ton.”

“Yours was an awfully athletic family, wasn’t it?”

Sara chuckled - or maybe she just exhaled loudly. Reyes hadn’t yet sorted through which parts of Sara’s family life were still sore to the touch. This seemed to be one of those memories she hadn’t made up her own mind about, either. She turned her back and reached for another rock.

“We’re nearly there,” she breathed into the comm. “We’ll rest at the top.”

“You can’t mean the top.” Reyes was aghast. “That is a very tall peak, Sara. I can’t even see it from down here.”

She did laugh, this time; full-throated and gleeful. “Not the top top. See that slope?” She pointed with her left hand, and Reyes followed the line of her arm to an outcropping about twenty metres higher up. It was a steep approach from where they were, but it gave way to a smooth slope on its western side. “We’ll go from there.”

Reyes barely made it. He’d always thought he was in pretty good shape, but the Pathfinder’s lifestyle was turning out to be more than he was ready for. Sara had made this little trip to Voeld sound much more romantic and much less exhausting than it had been so far, and Reyes’ legs were wobbling when he finally clambered up onto the ledge she’d pointed out. She grabbed his forearm to help him up the final few steps, tumbling back onto her haunches when he was finally kneeling beside her.

Sara tugged off her helmet and plonked it onto the ground. Her hair spilled across the rock, picking up snowflakes as it went. Her cheeks were red. She was grinning, but she was breathing hard - and that helped with Reyes’ embarrassment when he lay down flat on his face. He pulled his helmet off and lobbed it into the snowdrift behind them.


Sara laughed, the pitch climbing steadily. Her voice turned breathy as she tugged on Reyes’ arm. “Look,” she urged him. “Look.”

Reyes grumbled as he picked himself up - but in the end, he was glad he obeyed.

The snowfields spread out below them like a sea of melted stars. Ice, snow, rock, sky; they were everywhere and nowhere, wrapped in an orb of pale blue and white. The sun blazed high above them, brilliant but somehow cold, its pale light bathing everything in a piercing, peaceful glow. Reyes felt his mouth fall open. He forgot the cold. He forgot the wind. He forgot the ache in his muscles and the sweat on his skin.


Sara beamed at him, her hand snaking down his arm. Their gloves made it difficult, but she twined her fingers through his. “Your mouth is open.”

“I know.”

She turned his face to hers and kissed him, teasing his lower lip between her teeth. Reyes could taste ice water on her lips. “Thank you for coming with me. I haven’t done this since I was a teenager.”

With that, she slid her burdens off her shoulder. The heavy slats clacked loudly as she emptied them onto the rock and set about clicking the pieces together. Reyes watched uncertainly as the first sled slowly took form. The view was beautiful, but his awe was quickly fading. Heights were fine. Speed was fine. Descending a height at speed, though, without a good pair of wings beneath you - that was insanity.

“I know you said this wasn’t dangerous -”

“It’s not.”

“- but I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to back out.”

Sara chuckled, and she snapped the next pair of slats together with glee. “Having second thoughts? There’s no way you can be scared of heights.”

“I’m not.”

“Falling, then?” Her words were punctuated with snaps; clacks; scrapes. “Seems like a difficult fear for a pilot to have.”

“That’s not it.” Reyes would never have admitted it, but he wasn’t just uncomfortable. He really was starting to feel scared.

Sara clicked the last component into place, surveying her work critically. The two sleds were plain, but apparently serviceable, because she gave a satisfied nod. She tucked her hair under her collar and pulled her helmet back on, then retrieved Reyes’ from the snowdrift. She handed it back to him, smiling through her visor - but something in his eyes must have given him away. Her smile turned soft and careful.

“We don’t have to do this,” she said gently. “I was glad just to walk up here. It’s beautiful.”

Reyes shook his head. He knew a white lie when he heard one, so he prised his helmet from her hands. He slid it back on, grateful for the little hiss that sounded when the latches resealed - because he suddenly needed a very deep breath.

“We’re up here, aren’t we? Let’s do this.”

Sara’s next smile was a thousand watts. Her movements quick and careful, like a child sharing her favourite game, she positioned her sled at the lip of the hill. She sat down atop it with her feet braced against the forward corners, taking pains to ensure she faced the gentler side of the incline. Craning over, she patted the snow beside her.

Reyes’ heartbeat was rattling his skeleton. He was definitely numb, now, but he could feel a throbbing between his shoulder blades. It was probably just his heart - and it was probably trying to flee.

He dragged his sled over and sat down just like she had. He copied her stance, but he couldn’t still his shaking hands.

Sara clapped him on the shoulder. “Just stay with me.”

Then she was over the edge - and she was gone, streaking away across the snow like a probe through a glittering nebula. For the length of half a heartbeat, Reyes remained frozen.

Fuck it.

He pushed his sled forward, and the decision was suddenly out of his hands. Gravity took over, and he was flying - not really flying, of course; not in the sense that Reyes always had - but the world was eroded in a blur of ice and snow. His heart ceased battering against his spine. It clung to it instead, hanging on for dear life - and Reyes hung on too. He could hear Sara whooping through the comm. He could hear his blood rushing in his ears -

But there was no sudden disaster; no abrupt but expected end. His adrenaline ran its course. Gravity ran its course, too, and the world slowly resumed its shape as Reyes began to slow. He could see Sara waving at him from the bottom of the hill, helmet once again discarded. She was laughing; yelling; cheering - and by the time Reyes slid to a halt beside her, he was laughing too.

“That was great!” she hollered. She was beaming at him, her cheeks even more flushed than before.

Reyes ripped off his helmet and flung himself into the snow beside her. “Shit.”

Sara laughed, clambering over him to lie down at his side. A snowflake landed on his nose, but Sara kissed it away. “Again?”


Soldiers pt. 1 [Yoo Shi Jin]

Originally posted by xithiee

Summary: In which you are recovering from a heartbreak that Yoo Shi-Jin has brought upon you when he accidentally kissed your sister. Becoming the new Captain of Bravo team they make your broken heart full again.

Word Count: 1 410 words

Type: Soldier! Au

Pairings: Reader x Yoo Shi Jin

A/n: I just finished watching DOTS and i’m crying so much. It’s really good and I couldn’t help but fall in love with the characters. The way they portrayed their assigned roles made me fall in love with the show. I wish there will be a season two but knowing Kdramas they mostly just leave it on season 1. Enjoy :) ~ Admin Megan xx

Will be edited later

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RusAme Wingtalia Oneshot

@iridulcentdays​ and the awesome anon, here you go!

7: “I almost lost you.”

Based on Wingtalia artwork by @fynniona.

Though superb in the air, when Alfred loses a beloved trinket on the night of a storm, Ivan refuses to let his own limitations stop him from helping Alfred, even if his wings are not up for this kind of trial. RusAme, AmeRus Wingtalia AU.

Word Count: 2440

Sky Dance

Blinding blue and vibrant gold. Those marked the raucous flights of Alfred Jones each time he soared through near-cloudless skies, always announcing his flight with echoing cheers of excitement. Though a life of rushing wind and sweeping arcs had been his for ages, each flight always brought him great excitement. Pace yourself, Jones Arthur had always instructed him, seeing early on that Alfred wanted to fly as soon as could be- sooner than was recommended. But Alfred had not; his wings had always been able to handle more strain than most, and always seemed to yearn to try their strength more and more. And so they had flourished, becoming expansive feathery creations that rivaled the sun.

Ivan had been more cautious, heeding the advice of his older sister and the demands of his younger sister to be careful, to do everything by the book, to never put himself into a position where he could get hurt, what would they do if he got seriously injured? And so he maintained a cautious approach for their sake. He paced himself and built up his strength slowly. It meant for a natural endurance that would someday do him great service to have, but it also meant the development of his wings was slower than Alfred’s, and their impressive thickness and potential was not reflected in their span.

Alfred was somewhat gracious about it, though even when he did not mean to tease Ivan took offense to when Alfred would stretch, wings at their full width, fluttering and twitching slightly as he worked out the kinks in his muscles. It was a blow to Ivan’s ego and desires every time he felt a gush of air puff out around Alfred as the latter took flight, like a small, smiling golden sun come to shine his rays upon him, but always out of reach. But what good was the sun if Ivan could not feel its warmth?

“Mmmm…yours are so much softer,” Alfred sighed, his cheek following behind the path his hands traced along Ivan’s platinum wings. Alfred rubbed his face into the remarkably thick, soft, fluffy down, beaming appreciatively. Ivan’s wing twitched beneath Alfred’s touches, the unoccupied one swishing as if in flight. Ivan watched, eyebrows raised at Alfred’s display. This was nothing new, Alfred’s open fascination and fondness for Ivan’s wings, his own being expansive but a bit less full.

Ivan adjusted the scarf around his neck, cheeks warm, smiling in spite of himself. Humbling though it may be, Alfred’s presence was something he would never turn down, no matter how aware it made him feel.

“Hey,” Alfred said behind pale snowy feathers. “I’m going to catch a final flight before the storm hits, see if Francis has any baked goodies for us. Wanna come with?”

Tempting though it was, Ivan shook his head. “Someone needs to make dinner in case Francis decides he does not want to feed us constantly.”

Alfred let out a bark of laughter, waving away Ivan’s statement with a flick of the hand. “Who would let these faces starve?” he asked, leaning his beside Ivan’s and squeezing Ivan’s cheeks. He was rewarded with a smack upside the head. “Alright, alright, I’m leaving before I’m abused even more. See you in just a bit.”

“Be quick!” Ivan reminded him, able to smell the impending downpour in the air.

Alfred nodded. He slipped off his dog tags and slid them in his pocket; they were his lucky charms for flight, but he had always been concerned they might catch onto something and injure his neck. Stealing a quick kiss, Alfred waved. With a great whoop, Alfred bounded off the cliff, allowing himself to fall into a dive before being carried up, up, out away from the jagged mountainside and across the valley, cheering all the way. Ivan shook his head, glad Alfred could not see the smile he was unable to fight down.


Clouds already blanketed the sky, sealed away the sun’s rays- but not its warmth- by the time Alfred could be seen fluttering home. Ivan watched with relief as Alfred drew near, a dark honey-colored mass swooping up and down in the quickening winds. Had he been much longer, Ivan would have set off to call him back, already feeling ready for a bit of a journey after an hour of flight practice and exercises.

“Miss me?” was Alfred’s first statement upon landing with a huff, treading a few extra paces as he regained his footing.

“Was hoping you would stay there overnight,” Ivan said dryly, fluttering down from their home. Alfred smiled, as if bestowed with the highest compliment, extending a hand as Ivan too landed. It was with their fingers laced, wingers brushing with tentative touches, that they entered their home for dinner.

Silverware clinked against glass plates as they ate, Alfred catching Ivan up on Francis and Arthur’s latest argument (flower meanings). It was as he rummaged through his pocket to show Ivan the tulip seeds they’d gifted when Alfred stiffened, eyes widening.

“Oh no. Oh no, no, no, no, no…no, it was here! I know I…oh no,” he moaned, patting his pockets in mounting alarm.

“Alfred, what is it?”

“My dog tags,” Alfred said, voice cracking, blue eyes wide behind his glasses. “They’re gone…I don’t know how, this nev-” He broke off, staring into nothing with dawning realization. “There’s a hole,” he breathed, feeling the tear in his pocket. “They fell out of the hole…aw, no…” He burrowed his head in his hands, shoulders sagging.

Alfred proved to be inconsolable, head bowed through the rest of dinner, shaking his head in incredulous dismay, sighing and never voicing more than a grunt or two. Ivan suggested they look after the storm, retrace Alfred’s path with a group and carefully scour the area; Francis did not live terribly far by flight. Alfred shrugged, nodding weakly, but adding that they might be washed away by then, and who knew what the elements would do to them.

Ivan frowned, watching this sad display, mind made up with every soft despondent sigh that escaped Alfred. The glow of his entire being dimmed. Ivan knew what he had to do.

“Coming?” Alfred mumbled as he traipsed upstairs to ready himself for bed, knowing sleep would not come easily.

“Soon,” Ivan said, not looking at him. Alfred grunted, heading off.

And so did Ivan.


The winds had picked up since they had been outside last, darkness falling early beneath the thick layer of dark grey coating the sky above. Cool droplets of rain fell against Ivan’s skin, though for the moment it was light enough to only be an annoyance rather than a serious inconvenience. But he knew he needed to act quickly; he needed the light and he couldn’t let his feathers get too weighted down by the water. Before he could even think out a plan, before Ivan could even decide he was going through with this, he leapt from the ledge, falling immediately into a glide rather than let himself drift as Alfred had done. The wind was cool against his face, stinging his cheeks as the rain felt like little pinpricks poked into his skin. Ivan kept his head bowed against the rain, eyes roving the dampened ground.

Teeth grit, he allowed himself to descent slowly, wings spread as far as they could go, parallel to the ground Ivan seemed to be skating over. With a great heave, he flapped up higher, needing more air. His exercises from earlier had been good; he felt at least somewhat prepared and up for the maneuvers he would need to do this right. He checked grass and rock, bush and path, house and sign, watching, always watching for a glint of silver. The wind howled around him, thunder sounding in the distance. He was soaked through, wings needing to work harder than ever to keep him up off the ground so he could take full advantage of a bird’s eye view. He panted, letting himself glide for a few moments before needing to push doubly hard to ascend once more. At last, shivering, exhausted, every muscle of his wings screaming in protest, Ivan caught sight of something glinting amongst the barren branches of a tree. He swooped, heart soaring right with him as he saw a chain and knew he found his prize. With the invigoration born from his triumph, Ivan swooped, body twisting through the air, toes pointed, arm outstretched, snatching the dog tags in one fluid motion. He felt a delighted laughter bubble from his chest, clutching the chain as if it were his lifeline.

The creaking of trees accompanied the great torrent of wind and rain, and Ivan felt sure his blood was freezing. Shuddering, arms folded against his chest, wings wanting nothing more than to do the same, he pushed, pushed, pushed himself to make the flight home. The wind buffeted against him, rain soaking him to the bone, his own shivering burdening his course through the air. With a moan, a particularly hard blast of wind caught him under the wings, knocking him right off course. Cruelly, the sounds of the air almost sounded like his dear Alfred calling his name, mocking him with what he wanted most. Through the air he was thrown, arms held protectively over his face as branches whipped at his head, chest, limbs, wings. With a cry, he felt a few sharp branches scrape against his feathers, pulling and tearing at down and skin alike. The breath was knocked from him as his body connected with a hard surface, back ringing with the sting of stone against bone. Ivan’s broken cry was drowned out as he descended, wings fluttering helplessly, too weighed down to prevent his bodily fall, the cliffside scraping against his bruised skin and battered wings. His name continued to sound from above.

He landed in a wet and defeated heap at the foot of the cliff, his own shivering causing his body to ache in protest, though he was too pained to seek shelter. The sound of his name drew closer with the coming darkness.

Distantly, Ivan was aware of some warmth beside him, barely warmer than he was but enough to feel like a wonderful hearth of glowing assurance. He clung close and so did his newfound sun though no light radiated around him. The wind and rain continued, but he was being dragged carefully, tenderly through it, navigated with a care he had not known as he was slammed to and fro through trees and against rock. He heard someone’s breath hitch when he tried moving a certain way. His own. That was his own pained voice, his own body stinging in protest, tender, broken, sore, worn.

See FF and Ao3 to read the rest!

futuristicwastelanddestiny  asked:

Idk if your taking writing requests but like if you are could you do modern jackcrutchie being cute in public but then they deal with some jerk being homophobic or something?

TW: Homophobia, homophobic slurs

The painting may have been nearly a decade old, but its colors remained just as vibrant as the day after Jack had painted it. Russet browns stretched down the canvas, darkening with deep, expansive shadows. Gentle shading had added definition to the stone face, illuminating nooks and crannies, dark with mystery. Faded red slashed across the stone, an eternal reminder of eras past. The base of the Canyon lay black with death, and destiny. Even despite the thick darkness, small outlines of boulders and crevasses dotted the edge of the jutting walls.

At the base of the Canyon, a faded olive river crawled, winding its way deeper and deeper into the ground. Erosion lined the river’s walls, gouges of eons and eras long gone. Gone, but never forgotten, as the century-old sun shone light onto the past. Only the smallest white smudges could distinguish the rapids that seemed impossible in the sluggish river from the height of observance.

The sky above the Canyon was soft with thin, pink clouds. The setting sun, barely visible over the Canyon edge, had turned the sky a brilliant gold, with light orange undertones. White-bright sun rays extended upwards toward the clouds, washing out some of the soft golden light. The top of the sky was already darkening into a deep indigo that bespoke of eternities swirling into the distance. Shadows dipped beyond the Canyon walls, stretching beyond the dwindling sun rays.

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sunshine and moonlight | naruhina au | for yuuba

Based on this gorgeous post and my anon ask by/for the stunningly talented @yuuba. I’m so sorry I never went off anon! I was really nervous because I just adore you art work so much! May your days always be full of good health and happiness! I hope this is okay and that everyone enjoys it!! There is more under the cut btw! <3 

She sees bright lights and cityscapes as she gazes upon the earth shrouded by the night. It’s scattered little man-made stars spread across its vast lands like those of the ones which surround her. Sometimes she likes to push the stars around, creating the constellations the earth creatures seem to have a peculiar interest in. She enjoys seeing the happy faces of the children staring in wonder at the bright glow her friends, the stars, emit - though she grows nervous as they point at her, basking in her moonlight as she glides across their skies with a smile adorning her rose lips. Her porcelain, white skin glows with a shy yet wondrous aura and her pearl-like eyes with a slight lavender tint stare upon the beings upon the Earth with much adoration, despite their many faults. Faults which the stars do not hesitate to mention.

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A Little Bet, A Little Banter

Co-written with @cinderpaw1
Tags: Perc’ahlia, Ranger!Percy, Anything Can Happen in the Woods
Inspired by this art by @kalidels ^_^

Chapter 1: The Hunt


Vex dropped to her knee, examining the tracks in front of her. Fairly fresh; her quarry had made its way down this path recently.

She let out a low breath, standing back up and pulling an arrow from the quiver on her back, keeping it nocked on her bow as she started to carefully make her way through the foliage. She kept her breath low and quiet, eyes scanning through the browns and greens, hoping for a glimpse of white.

White animals weren’t uncommon in Whitestone, with how cold and snowy it tended to be, but a white stag as spring turned into summer? That was rare, and Vex was certain that it was large enough to keep her and Vax fed for a while. After all, why waste perfectly good gold on food when she could just hunt it down? Besides, a pelt like that would be worth a pretty penny at the markets.

Trinket slunk up next to her, keeping low and lightfooted despite his size. He snuffed softly, and Vex slunk up next to him, keeping her eyes peeled for any hint of the creature.

It was about half an hour later when she froze, glimpsing the stag drinking from a nearby stream. She took a breath before pulling up her bow, taking careful aim towards it. Towards the head, as to save as much of the beautiful pelt as possible.

She let out the breath, and was about to release the arrow before she heard someone nearby. “Oh sweet Pelor!” A man shouted, sounding frightened, and the stag bolted.

“Shit!” Vex hissed, loosing the arrow a bit too late. It clattered to the ground, the stag escaping unharmed, and Vex shot a glare towards where she had heard the outburst. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” she shouted. “I almost had him!”

“What? Excuse you!” the man exclaimed, making far too much noise as he blundered around to her left. “I didn’t do- Oh, gods…”

Trinket, who had reared up on his hind legs in front of Vex, was blocking the man from her view.

“Stay back,” the man warned, though his voice shook and there was a rapid cracking of sticks as he backpedaled from her bear.

“Scare, Trinket,” Vex murmured, coming up behind her companion, and she smirked as Trinket growled low in his throat.

“I’ll shoot,” the man warned, his voice a bit higher.

Vex decided that she couldn’t have that, so she patted Trinket’s back and he dropped back down on all fours, then she made her way around him, priding in her own silence on the forest floor.

“Oh, was this mean man bothering you, Trinket dear?” Vex cooed, passing Trinket’s shoulder to see a man with a bow aimed at her companion, though his hands shook slightly.

Vex slipped an arrow from her quiver and nocked it, though she kept it casually pointing towards the ground. “Careful darling, if you take a shot at my bear he won’t be the only one with an arrow in him.” she warned the man lightly.

His eyes, bright blue behind golden glasses, widened slightly. “This is… your bear?”

“Well of course.” Vex replied, leaning against Trinket and scratching behind his ears. “Why else would he be this well behaved on a hunt? A hunt which you spoiled, by the way.” Vex gave the man a light glare, studying him as she did so.

He was dressed in blues and browns, his leather armor with a golden sun emblazoned into the chestpiece showing that he served the nobility in the grand castle that overlooked the city. His arrows were fletched with black feathers, and she couldn’t help but admire the way his jaw curved, with just a hint of scruff. It was dusty brown, and didn’t seem to match the shock of white hair on his head.

“I would actually say that your bear crashed through my hunt,” the man said, straightening up slightly, his haughty demeanor reminding Vex of the gods-awful aristocrats in Syngorn. “I was doing just fine before you two came by and mucked it all up!”

“Oh really?” Vex asked, lifting her vow from where it was pointed at the ground. “And who shouted and scared of my quarry, whom I have been tracking for hours now?”

“That was definitely his fault,” the man exclaimed, gesturing towards Trinket, though he’d released some of the tension on his bow. “He startled me into giving away our position!”

“So you admit it,” Vex said with a smirk, and the man’s cheeks darkened to a pike hue.

“No,” he muttered, though he lowered his own bow mostly toward the ground.

“Of course not, darling,” Vex simpered, tightening her grasp on her bowstring, ready to raise it and fire if need be.

But then the man whistled and out of the dark canopy above them flew a white form, almost as pure as the man’s hair, but with black speckled throughout its coat.

“Ah!” Vex shouted, dropping her arrow she’d had notched, though her bow remained tightly in her grasp. “What the-”

The bird dove at her again, only just missing her as Vex dodged out of the way, Trinket growling and batting the air as he tried to keep it away from her.

The man whistled again, and the bird, which Vex realized to be a snowy owl after it had stopped trying to claw her face off, landed on his shoulder.

 "Good job, Artemis,“ he said affectionately, too quietly for Vex to hear, though she had been teaching herself to read lips. He gave her a sliver of meat from a pouch at his side and the owl gulped it down in one swallow.

Vex huffed, dusting herself off, and the man just chuckled as he watched her.

“Fair is fair,” he told her, reaching up to gently scratch at the feathers at the owl’s neck. It made a soft thrumming sound as it relaxed on his shoulder, and Trinket just growled at them.

“You’re an ass.” Vex grumbled, grabbing the arrow she had dropped from the ground. “Now I have to try and find the damn stag again, and waste time I could have spent prepping it. I’ll be lucky if I find it again before nightfall.” She glanced up at the sky, and the sun that was slowly but steadily making its way towards the horizon.

“Now wait just a moment.” The man replied, his eyes narrowing slightly. “I’ve been hunting that stag for a week now. I laid claim on it first.” 

“Not much of a hunter, are you, if it’s taken you a week,” Vex retorted. “Besides, what the hell do you need it for? Did one of your snooty bosses have a hankering for white pelt? I doubt you want it for the meat, I bet they keep you nice and well fed at the castle. But this stag means meals for me and my family, and I’m the one who nearly killed it after only a day.”

He didn’t need to know that to her, family was just her twin brother and her bear. Let him think he was starving children out of their home, if that’s what it would take to convince him leave the stag as her quarry.

The owl, Artemis, ruffled her feathers and hooted irritably, and the man straightened up, raising his chin. He opened his mouth to say something, then seemed to think better of it and swallowed before speaking again.

“I’m sorry, I do believe we got off on the wrong foot,” he said, dropping his chin again, though he still held an air of regality around him. “My name is Percival.” He slid the arrow he’d drawn back into his quiver and stopped forward slightly, his hand extended for her to shake.

Vex regarded him for a moment, wariness warning her away, but stepped forward to meet him, grasping his hand and shaking it firmly. His fingers that weren’t covered by an archer’s glove were calloused and belied his station as some worker, and Vex wondered why the nobles in the city didn’t have some mercenary they could hire to do a better job than this stuck-up prick of a stablehand.

“Sounds pretentious,” Vex said, before introducing herself. “Vex’ahlia.”

“Just Vex’ahlia?” Percival asked, raising an eyebrow and earning himself an eyeroll.

“What, like Just Percival?” she shot back at him.

He blinked in surprise, but nodded. “Fair enough.”

Percival stepped back after they let go of each other’s hands, looking her over. Vex’s face curled into a light frown, keenly aware of how her cheekbones, already high thanks to the elven blood in her, were even more prominent than they should be.

Percival sighed. "Look, I don’t need the meat.” He admitted. “But I do need the pelt. You’re very quiet, I didn’t even notice you. Granted, the bear drew most of my attention, but still. I propose we make an alliance, and work together to get the stag.”

Vex just raised an eyebrow at him. “I don’t need the charity, thanks.” She replied cooly. “…But I’m always up for a challenge. I propose a wager. Whoever gets the killshot gets the stag, and gets to choose what we take from it. Does that sound fair?”

Percival frowned, but seemed to be considering her offer.

“What do you think, Artemis?” he asked aloud, before whispering a few words that sounded like a spell. Vex nearly drew an arrow on him again, but then she realized that while he was still speaking, his voice had changed from speaking Common to hooting in low tones, Artemis doing the same in return.

Vex stared, agape, for a moment, before schooling her features to something hopefully apathetic. She had been living in the forest for years now, and while she had been able to channel some of the wild magic around her into simple spells of healing, or imbuing her arrows with the power to restrain her targets, whatever spell he’d used was still far beyond her capabilities.

Percival continued speaking with the owl before they both looked at her simultaneously. It was a little unnerving how they timed it, and Vex was thankful that Trinket was still at her side. He let out a low grumble, and Vex found herself wishing she knew the same spell Percival had used.

“You have a deal,” Percival replied, holding his hand out for another handshake.

Vex still felt wary, but reached her hand out to clasp his in her own. The moment they shook, Artemis took off in flight, disappearing into the treetops towards the direction the stag had run off.

“Cheater!” Vex retorted, dropping Percival’s hand and rushing towards the bank of the stream to begin examining the tracks left in the mud there.

“I’m using the resources at my disposal,” Percival called after her, still managing to sound prim and proper.

Vex released an angry huff as she knelt down, examining the direction the stag had been headed.

“Loop around that way, Trinket,” she told him, pointing to the side. “If you find the stag chase him this way, slowly, alright?”

Trinket nodded and groaned, heading off on his own as Vex ran after the stag’s tracks, keeping a sharp eye out for any scratches from his antlers on the trees, or for broken branches he might have snapped on the course of his retreat.

She continued to follow the few markings of a trail, keeping an arrow at the ready. She couldn’t afford to lose out to Percival. Even if he gave her the meat, the blow to her pride, at losing a wager in her element, would be a little too much.

After about five minutes, she caught a glimpse of white out of the corner of her eye, and raised her bow to aim at it. It took her a moment to realize that the white she saw wasn’t the stag, but rather, Percival, low to the ground and tracking as well. He was just ahead of her and to her right, and well, he deserved another little scare.

She aimed at the tree trunk directly above him, and loosed an arrow. It buried itself into the wood with a satisfying “thunk” a handful of inches above his head, and Percival jumped, glancing over his shoulder.

“Watch it!” he hissed at her, and Vex just gave him a coy smile.

“I apologize,” She simpered back at him. “Maybe it would help if you weren’t the same color as our quarry.”

Percival’s pale cheeks flushed as he glared at her, but she just winked and dashed off ahead of him. He followed heavily for a few moments, but then what little training he had seemed to kick in, and the sound of crunching leaves died away behind her.

In spite of herself Vex glanced behind her as she stood on a fallen tree, and found she was begrudgingly surprised at how well he could hide, even from her keen sight.

Taking no more time to linger, however, she pressed forward, deeper and deeper into the wood.

An hour passed, only the occasional track or broken branch keeping her on the trail. There was no sign of Percival, and Vex wasn’t certain if that meant either she or he were on the entirely wrong path, or if he was just that good at staying hidden when he was paying attention to it.

She ducked low to examine a few muddled tracks when she heard the telltale hiss of an arrow and the sound of it embedding itself into the stump directly to her right.

Her head snapped up, eyes catching a glimpse of Percival, who was lowering his bow. He had a smile on his face as he watched her, looking entirely too pleased with himself.

“An arrow for an arrow.” He replied, giving her his own wink before moving ahead and disappearing into the underbrush.

“Dick.” Vex mumbled to herself, her own cheeks starting to heat up as she tried to ignore the slight flutter in her chest at being on the receiving end of a playful wink, for once.

It was after another hour at least, likely closer to two, when Vex found signs of chewed leaves and an increasing number of scratches from antlers on the trees.

The sun was beginning to sink behind the tips of the Alabaster Sierras, the forest growing quieter with the oncoming night, and Vex took a steadying breath, knowing the hint was nearly over. She hadn’t seen hide nor hair of Percival since he’d sent his own warning shot of sorts, and she wondered how he was faring.

Creeping forward, she peered ahead through a narrow trail, which seemed to lead to a thicket, and she grinned as she realized the stag was likely close, ready to bed down for the night if he hadn’t already done so.

She slunk closer through the underbrush, arrow drawn and ready to fire at the first sign of the stag.

As she rounded the thicket, so saw a glimpse of white through the thick brambles, and grinned as she took careful aim. The chest, then, since the head was out of sight, though she would hate to spoil some of the hide.

She heard a low hooting, and a flash of white in the trees showed Artemis there. Shit, that meant Percival was close. She couldn’t wait.

She loosed her arrow, and heard the echoing twang of a bowstring from nearby. Two arrows appeared in the white hide, one fletched with bluejay feathers and the other with black raven.

The stag startled, springing up to his feet as best he could, but crumpled almost immediately to the ground, and Vex rushed forward, aiming carefully at the struggling deer, loosing an arrow into its head to put the poor creature out of its suffering, just before another rushed through the trees and hit the top of its spine, making the stag jerk with the impact.

Trinket lumbered up from the opposite direction of the arrows, snuffling through the trees.

“Good job, buddy,” she said, patting him on the shoulder as she grinned. She had undoubtedly gotten​ the killing blow, though her first shot had been too low, she noted. It had hit close to the stag’s front leg, hardly nicking a lung, and probably not even reaching the heart, while Percival’s arrow was buried deeply into the stag’s chest, the fletching visible just above where the deer’s ribs stopped.

Trinket grumbled proudly and nuzzled into her, while Artemis flitted down to sit on top of Trinkets head.

Percival emerged from the brush, panting softly as he looked at the stag.

Artemis fluttered down and landed on Percy’s shoulder, hooting softly. Percy hooted back at her before looking at Vex, and the arrows.

“…Honestly, I can’t tell which of us made the real killing blow.” He murmured. “They happened simultaneously.” He looked up at Vex from where he was kneeling next to the deer, a look of deep respect in his eyes.

Vex nodded, feeling a begrudging respect for him too. It had been very close.

“…Take the pelt.” She replied. He had earned that much, at least. “I want the meat and the antlers.”

“Thank you, Vex'ahlia,” Percival said graciously, and Vex bit her lip at the way her name rolled off his tongue - not like he’d only learned it that day, but like he’d known it before he even met her. “Shall we get him to a clearing where we can divide our spoils?”

Vex felt breathless, but nodded, and helped him pick the stag up, almost staggering under his weight, but resolutely holding her own. Vex was careful with her footing as she directed Percival to a small clearing close by - small by anyone’s standards, but enough to fit the two of them, Trinket, and the stag.

Artemis fluttered over to Trinkets head once Percival leaned down to help carry the heavy stag, and Trinket laid down on the edge of the clearing, keeping watch. He knew to stay alert, and defend Vex from any carnivores drawn by the smell of the blood as she butchered her kills.

She took out her skinning knife, and together she and Percival worked to remove the hide from the animal, being careful not to stain it with its blood and ruin the bright white color.

There was little exchanged between them apart from directions as they removed the hide, but once it was done, she slumped to the ground to rest for a moment before tackling the process of removing the meat and antlers and putting them into packs to take back with her.

She expected Percival to leave, now that he had his part of the prize, but to her surprise he sat next to her as she rested.

“I’ll help you finish butchering.” He murmured. “It’s a large stag.”

“…Thank you, Percival.” Vex murmured, acutely aware of how close they currently were. She could feel the heat of his body, despite how sweaty she was herself.

“It’s only fair,” he said, taking off the spectacles on his face and cleaning them using his handkerchief. “Since you helped me with the hide.”

They sat in silence for a long moment, twilight falling over the forest, and Vex looked over to where Artemis and Trinket were sitting. They both appeared to be asleep, though Trinket’s nose and ears twitched every so often, belying his awareness. As she watched, Artemis ruffled her feathers and settled down more onto Trinket’s head, the feathers under her beak bunching up into a sort of ruff.

“I’ve never seen her so relaxed around strangers before,” Percival murmured, making Vex jump slightly at how close he was to her ear.

“Strangers? I’m offended, darling,” Vex said, covering her jump by shifting to face him, smirking at the faint pink that colored his cheeks.

Percival cleared his throat, looking back towards their two companions. “…Considering her first response to you was calling you a "pretentious peasant”, I wasn’t expecting her to take a liking to you or your bear.“ Percy murmured, cheeks still flushed.

"Oh?” Vex replied, a little softer than she would have liked. That particular comment cut deep.

“But she seems to have done both,” Percival murmured. “…As have I, I suppose.”

Vex’s gaze was caught by his eyes, and she realized just how bright of a blue they were when not behind his spectacles.

“Lucky me, I suppose, hmm?” she asked, stretching her legs out on the ground below her.

Percy hummed softly, putting his glasses back onto his face. “It does take a lot.” He admitted, watching the sky. “…I’d like to see you again, after tonight. If you’re amiable towards it, of course.”

Vex’s breath caught in her throat and her heart sank. They were on the move so often - she supposed they could meet in town, or in the forest again, but would he be sent on another hunting trip so soon after chasing the stag?

“We don’t stay in one place too long - we were planning on moving on within the week,” she said truthfully, her fingers reaching up to fiddle with the end of her braid for something to do. “Will your masters allow you away before then?”

Percival laughed, and it was a full, boisterous sound in the quiet of the forest. He looked at her, eyes crinkled with amusement. “You really aren’t from around here.” He murmured, seeming to relax a little more than he had previously.

Vex frowned lightly at him. “I don’t see what’s so funny.” She replied.

Percival just shook his head, a fond smile on his face. “I’m certain you have your secrets, Vex'ahlia. I just want to keep mine, just a little longer.” He reached over then, gently tucking an errant strand of hair that had escaped her braid behind her ear. “I’ll tell you soon, though, assuming we meet again.”

Vex felt his fingers linger on the side of her face for a moment, rough and warm behind her ear. He paused, long enough to draw the moment out, and Vex felt her heart race again as she brought her hand up to his and pulled it away.

“We should probably finish getting the meat while we still have light,” she whispered, almost scared to speak louder.

She wouldn’t think about how their fingers slid so easily together, or the way that his face seemed to fall slightly as he nodded, a bit of a barrier going up behind his eyes.

“Of course.” Percival replied, his voice sliding back into the proper cadence he had used when they had first run into each other. Hearing that change, going from casual to formal, caused Vex’s heart to ache in a strange way.

They got up and both worked on butchering the stag, loading the meat into the bags that Vex had brought for this purpose and laying them over Trinket’s back for him to carry back to the city.

They were almost done, taking a moment to rinse their hands free of blood, when Percival murmured: “I apologize. I’m not usually so forwards, especially with people I just met. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

“It’s alright, darling,” Vex said, nonchalant, though she kept her eyes carefully on the task at hand, afraid what she would do if she looked up at him. They couldn’t stay in one place too long, and while Whitestone was getting warmer as the months crept closer to summer, it was still much colder than either herself or Vax preferred, especially when they had limited funds for lodging. “I won’t hold it against you.”

“Good. I’d hate to be on the wrong end of your bow. I almost was, at one point.” He chuckled warmly. “…This was one of the best hunts I’ve been a part of. Thank you, for that. Truly.”

“No problem, Percival,” she said, mimicking his way of speaking so badly that the two of them burst out laughing, which made Artemis hoot reproachfully at them.

Percival gave her a warm smile as the laughter died down. “…You can call me Percy.” He told her then, the barrier that had been put up when she pulled his hand away lowering once more.

She smiled back, watching him gather up his things as she did the same with hers.

“Well then, if we’re being fair… You can call me Vex, darling.”

“Vex…” He murmured, even the nickname rolling pleasantly off his tongue, sounding like it belonged there. “A wonderful name.”

They made their way back to Whitestone in comfortable silence as night truly fell around them, but when they reached the outskirts of the city Percy stopped.

“I have to head this way now,” he nodded towards the castle. “But I do hope to see you once more, before you leave.” He took a deep breath before moving in a little closer, murmuring something in a musical sounding language before pressing his lips lightly to her forehead. Vex had been getting ready to back away, and she felt a warm tingle spread through her body at his touch. “…What was that?” She asked, voice catching slightly in her throat as her heart pounded.

“A blessing.” Percy murmured, cheeks flushed. “And a promise.” He smiled at her, giving her one last wink before whistling, and Artemis flew off of Trinkets head to his shoulder before he began walking, disappearing into the trees.

Vex gaped after him, the lilting rhythm of the language lingering with her even after the warmth had faded, and when his form had disappeared into the darkness she turned back to Trinket, who was scratching his face with one of his paws, looking bored.

“Do you know what that was?” she asked, but the bear only seemed to shrug, and Vex shook her head in disbelief.

But she had fresh venison to deal with, and so Vex headed to the run-down house where she and Vax had holed up, debating how much she would tell her brother about the day’s events.

A few days later Vex was busy making sure all of their belongings were packed in their bags while Vax was out getting the last of his business for the Clasp sorted out, when she heard knocking against the window. It was hard and insistent, and when she looked over she saw Artemis there, banging her beak against the window and clutching something in her talons. She gave Vex the most irritated look Vex had ever had an owl give her, and Vex couldn’t help but chuckle as she opened the window to let the owl in.

“Is Percy here?” She asked, giving her some gentle scratches behind her ear as an apology for having her wait outside.

Artemis tilted her head as if to say “Why would I have knocked on the window if he was at the front door” (not that Vex knew what owls said regularly, but it seemed like an apt interpretation), and Vex sighed.

“Shame, I hoped to be able to see him before I left,” she murmured, and Artemis trilled a bit, as if trying to lift her spirits. “Well, send him my…. send him my love when you go back, yeah?”

A gentle hoot and nip at her fingers was the affirmative answer from the bird, who then hopped to the side, revealing what she had brought.

Vex picked up the tightly rolled bundle and unfurled it, revealing a small bag made of white deerskin, and two scrolls of paper with her name in beautiful handwriting written along the outside.  She felt the traveling bag with her fingers, recognizing the pelt of the white stag.

She put the bag down to unroll the scroll with her name on it, and began to read.



I hope this finds you in good health. Unfortunately, my duties have kept me at the castle and unable to find a moment to meet with you before you leave. I hope this bag goes to good use; you earned it, and I made it myself.

The second scroll is the incantation and movements required to speak with animals. I figured it would be useful; your bear has some wonderful insights, and he cares for you very deeply. (It would be a shame if you never heard him tell you himself.)

Safe travels, dear, and if you ever find yourself in Whitestone again, come and find me. You will always be considered a friend and guest.

Fondly yours,

Percival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III, second son of the house of Whitestone.


(Do you see now why I wanted to keep my secrets that day? You were the first person to make me fight for a kill, and being myself without being the noble was refreshing. Thank you again for that.)


Vex gasped as she finished reading, her hand flying up to cover her mouth.

“De Rolo?” she whispered, hardly able to believe it. She remembered Percy’s amusement, and understood, but this… it was more than she could have imagined.

She traced the words ‘Safe travels dear’ and bit her lip, surprised at how emotional she felt over some words written on a piece of paper.

Glancing over the letter again, she remembered the other scroll, and hurriedly unrolled it to find the incantation for the spell written out, its pronunciation beside it. At the bottom of the paper was a series of four sketched hands, the way to physically channel the spell into existence.

She sounded out the words to the spell once through, and though they sounded horribly stilted to her ears, there was a spark deep in her chest that she knew had the potential of becoming something more.

Artemis hooted at her before fluttering over to Trinket, hooting as she landed on his head. Trinket let out a content rumble, growling back.

Vex smiled at the sight, wondering what they were saying to each other, before Artemis seemed to bid Trinket farewell and head back out toward the castle.

“Thank you, Percy,” Vex murmured, following the owl’s flight back to the castle as far as she could, remembering the the warmth Percy’s words had inspired in her chest.

Maybe they would meet again, one day.

Rewritten, Chapter 13: Link Alone

Read this on Fanfiction.net or Ao3  ➜

He was dreaming. A divine golden light, glittering but out of reach, sat in his mind. And a voice, so familiar but completely strange, piercing through the deep, heavy silence.

“Open your eyes.”

The voice repeated a couple times. He slowly lifted his eyelids.

“Wake up, Link.”

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(Can I say that I am incredibly proud of what I wrote here? Or does that make me arrogant? Meh.)

Rating: E (explicit)

Fandom: Dragon Age Inquisition

Relationships: Cullen/Female Lavellan, Cullen/Female Trevelyan

Tags: ambiguous female LI (Trevelyan or Lavellan can be imagined), NSFW, Vaginal Sex, Boss-Employee-relationship, Dom!Cullen, Dom!Evie, Dom/Dom, Soulmates, Oneshot for now, forbidden affair, secret relationship

Summary: The Commander of the Inquisition Forces and a simple recruit.

In public, they maintain their distance. Because their affair is a secret. Forbidden. A life without the other too painful - impossible. If someone finds out, she will be thrown out and he the one to blame. But still, they can’t let go from each other.

They crave. They sin. They hope. 

Like Lovers do.

AO3 Link >here<, Story on tumblr below the cut.

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Subject A0: In The Glade [Part 16, Newt’s P.O.V.]


Originally posted by inlovewithbooksandboybands

16/20 of Subject A0: In The Glade [ prev ] [ next ]

“They took everything. They took her whole world. But little did they know that she found a new one in him.” (Newt x Reader)

A/N: Is Y/N ever going to wake up? What happened to Lizzy? // Going to be putting my stories under ‘Read More’ from now on just cause I write lengthy ones (and I finally learned how to do it!!) So hope you like this one! Couldn’t wait to update the story lol

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My Pillow

Character: Jungkook x OC
Genre: Angst/Fluff (Fluff > angst for sure)
Number of words: 1362 words
Summary: Jungkook has a terrible nightmare and you’re there to comfort him, even till the next morning.

Originally posted by hoebi

You awoke deep in the night when Jungkook, your boyfriend of 3 years, started to move around in his sleep, or what seemed more like a nightmare.

He was shaking his head and whimpering, his hand grabbing onto yours tightly, trembling, which mainly had you opening your eyes in the darkness. You turned over to see Jungkook’s eyes shutting tightly and firmly, beads of sweat forming on his forehead and neck.

“Mom, Dad, please..” He begged quietly, eyes still unopened. You shook his hand to try to wake him up, but it failed when he jerked and his whine got a little louder. Tears were now forming in his eyes and your heart clenched to see Jungkook like this.

He was a strong male, and he rarely cried or showed his emotions to anyone but you. Even though you knew him for some time, it was once in a blue moon that you’d see the poor boy crying, and for some reason it always seemed to break your heart.

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The Wrestle, Ch. VI

I’m gonna kiss you
like the sun browns you,
devour me.
I want every other freckle.

If the summer days were blinks that paradoxically lasted for eons and disappeared without warning too quickly, than the winter nights were long sighs that moved along slowly, settled in among the trees and between the houses, on the paths and in the naked branches, and took its time in passing, lasting longer and longer as the season went on. It came in one morning, and frosted the tips of grass and bits of metal along the wall, in the smoke that poured from chimneys and the sun that was just as bright as the day before, but not as fiercely as the summer afternoon. In the few months following the union of the ground and the sky, the world started to chill, started to grow crisp and colourful as the leaves burst aflame and then fall in a cascade of embers and light upon the world.

The summer days of long, unending sun faded and were replaced by nights that were conducive for only a few things, all of which made Lexa extremely satisfied. Things changed in the small bed in Lexa’s quarters. It was usually filled with a blonde, which was a fact the Commander quite enjoyed. She would return from her day and get stories read to her in that voice, and with those absent fingers knitting themselves under her shirt, in her hair. She would get questions answered and ideas explored. She got kisses and she got fire and she got to warm up from the winter outside. She got Clarke’s moans scalding her neck, tangling in her sheets. She saw stars in her own bed, she shook and she thought her body was not her own, and when she regained control, she got Clarke’s smile and eyes and voice. Lexa was torn with how much she loved winter.

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More Than Stars - Thranduil

Request: Hi~I request a Thranduil x Reader Oneshot if you please :3 In which the reader is a adviser sent to Thranduil to help him in his new position as king by Elrond. And of course Thranduil isn’t pleased about this but soonhe realize a priceless advantage of her being his counsel (and more?)  

A/N: I hope this is what the anon that requested this wanted. I didn’t really know what to make the “priceless advantage” so. Sorry, Anon, if this isn’t what you were hoping for! ALSO, I may make this two parts if I feel people want me to.

Abbreviations: E/C: Eye Color

Words: 2,750 (sorry)

My horse raced through the forests of Mirkwood, its black mane flying exquisitely in the wind. These woods were once King Oropher’s, but now they resided under the order of the newly crowned King Thranduil. And that was my purpose for being in the infested and dying woodlands.

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Beach Week — Kris x Reader || Requested by haneulah

Summary: You and Kris rent a beach cottage together and after lots of splashing and fun at the beach, you decide to have some fun inside.

Rating: S ( smut )

Word Count: 2,177

Writer’s Note: I’m getting to a bunch of requests I had like, a year ago. I’m so sorry. I’m making them as amazing and long as possible to help make up for it ;;

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The Wanderer She Met: Part I

A/N: This is this first part in a series about EXO, in which they are a wanderer, searching for their companion. I gained inspiration from the British television show Doctor Who. If you have seen the show, then some of the concepts will be familiar to you. 

New Orleans, 1949

They met on a Wednesday afternoon.

Kai was enjoying a leisurely stroll in the park down the street from his apartment building. It was the middle of October in New Orleans and the leaves on the trees had turned brilliant hues of red, orange, and yellow. The air was crisp and cool, and it filled his lungs in sudden rushes; he’d never felt more clean.

Kai was unsure of what brought him to New Orleans. At first, he guessed it to be the music, but after numerous festivals and sit-ins at late night bars, he was not fully satisfied. He tasted the delicious food and wore the colorful attire, but none of these things satiated him.

Until he met her.

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