but then let me leave them afterwards

To the man who left:

I don’t think you’re a bad person for leaving.
You knew I needed you, but I know I made it hard for you to be there when I’d push you far away from me.

I don’t blame you for leaving. I know I can be more than a handful at times. My head loves to get the best of me and my paranoia quickly replaced you as my companion.

I’m not mad at you. I just don’t know how to let someone love me at night without expecting them to leave the next morning. That’s why I sometimes cried while we had sex. I didn’t expect you to hold me afterwards. I wanted you to, but god, I was scared.

I wanted you to stay, but I didn’t know how to be okay with it. I didn’t know how to allow you to love the parts of me that I despised.

Above all things, please know that I did love you, but I was just too scared. I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. I know you did the best you could. I know a person can only take so much.

I guess what I’m left with now is guilt, but I don’t deserve to miss you. I’ll keep quiet for your own sake. I know I am toxic. I know it is time to move on. Please forget me.

I deserve it.

—  to the man who left
Hickeys (Smut)


Request: Can you do a smut where you wake up next to shawn after a hot night and he wakes you up with hickeys and morning sex ? (Obviously you gave him consent to wake you up like this before haha) ?

Word Count: 1,773


I felt the sunlight from the window burn into my skin. Whenever Shawn was the last one to go to bed, he always forgot shutting the curtains. It never woke him up when the room started to become light, but it always ended up pulling me out of my sleep.

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Wanna try something new?

I’ve written this story for Gen’s “100 banging kinks for Bucky’s 100th birthday”. @bucky-plums-barnes

Kink: Tantric sex.

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: smut, kind of spiritual experience, and this should be all… I think.

Notes: the text in italics are the messages exchanged between the reader and Bucky.

Word count: 1578

Originally posted by jamesbuchananbarnesisbae

“And this is way I had to rewrite half of Friday’s code. Now moving on to the kitchen duties” Tony has gathered everybody in the meeting room for the usual monthly debrief, and it’s already a good half an hour that he is babbling about not very interesting things.

So you pull out your phone, and hiding it under the table decide to start planning your evening with your boyfriend.

“So, dear, have you got why Tony had to rewrite Friday?” You type and then press ‘send’.

To the other side of the table you see Bucky rummaging inside his pockets. A couple of seconds after your phone vibrates in your hands.

“Why? Have you, doll?”

“I wasn’t exactly paying attention.”

“And this because…”

“I was thinking about what we could do tonight… any good idea?”

“Don’t know”

“Wanna try something new?”

“Chinese takeaway instead of pizza?”

“I was more thinking about something like tantric”


You send him a couple of links to webpages explaining what tantric sex is. And then you spend the rest of the meeting enjoying the thousands of different expressions flashing on Bucky’s face as he scrolls through the material you have send him.

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Spell created by my lovely twin sister @bamboo-tea

Banishing Evil Thoughts Spell

Uses: This spell is to banish the evil thoughts that begin to linger in your mind. Whether because it’s affecting your day, your activities, or perhaps it’s clouding your mind and you just need it to go away for a while so you can finally breathe.

Time: Any time you choose. The sooner the better though, so you can rid of the evil thoughts before they worsen.


  • Yourself
  • Paper (more than 1 sheet is optional)
  • Pen/Pencil/something to write (this can also work as a wand)
  • Wand (a pencil/pen/key can work as fine too)
  • A cup filled with water
  • A plate (any plate shall do)

Let’s Get Started:
First you gather your supplies. When you’ve done so, take your cup full of water and place it in front of you onto the plate. Your plate symbolizes a small barrier or ‘bubble’ if you will, keep this in mind for later.

Now take the paper you have and use your pencil/pen/writing utensil to write what has been plaguing your mind. If you can’t write it out with readable words then you can also scribble all over the paper. If you have more than one piece of paper, you can continue this step over and over until you’ve become calm enough to continue onto the next step.

Now take the paper you have scribbled on and rip it apart. Tear it to shreds. Rip it apart until you have them in little tiny pieces and can’t do so any more. The paper represents the evil thoughts in your mind, and you ripping it apart represents yourself overcoming these thoughts. You are showing it who’s boss, but it’s not over just yet.

Take the papers and throw them into the cup of water. Let it soak in the cup while you chant these words as many times as you please:

“Get rid of this evil, which taunts my mind.
Rid this negativity, which leaves me blind.
Banished you be, away from my sight.
For I am the one with the most powerful might!”

During your chant, or even afterwards, use your ‘wand’ to swirl the ‘evil thoughts’ starting from the outer rim of the plate towards the middle,until you start to into the cup. Be sure to stir the paper into the cup until every piece of paper is soggy and until you have believe that the evil has finally be ridden.

When you believe it is finally over, you can get rid of the cup and papers by throwing out the water and paper in the trash (if the plate is paper then you can throw it away as well). Now the last thing you can do… Is treat yourself.

You just banished the evil thoughts of your mind, do something that you enjoy! Read your favorite book, watch some tv, eat something, listen to your favorite song on repeat, draw, write, take a nap, talk to some friends online or play some video games, go outside- Whatever you like to do.

bones | 02 (m)

• pairing: jung hoseok x reader // min yoongi x reader, college! hoseok, college! yoongi
• genre/warnings: smut, angst 
• words: 13,151
summary: you were broken from a past relationship, and Hoseok wanted to fix you, but what price was he willing to pay? Would he end up worse off, or would you realise in time, that your best friend was the one…?
• note. inspired by this song here.

» playlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05

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Fandom: Shadowhunters

Word count: 2497

Characters: Raphael x reader, Alec x sister!reader, Robert and Maryse Lightwood

Warnings: a bit angsty, Robert and Maryse thinking they know better than the reader

Summary: Requested by @dontyouwishyouhadlove. The reader goes to the only place she knows is safe after she argues with her parents.

Alec doubled over as you managed to land a solid hit to his gut. You stepped back, grinning, and waited for him to recover his breath.

He was glaring at you once he straightened. “That was underhand, Y/N.”

“No, you’re just sloppy,” you corrected him, unabashed by his accusations. “Come on, Alec, you know we’re supposed to be just as good at hand-to-hand combat as fighting with a weapon.”

“You’re enjoying this,” he muttered.

“Nonsense!” You pressed a hand to your chest. “Why on earth would I enjoy hurting my own twin, Alec? I’m hurt.”

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Mate - Owen Grady x Reader

Originally posted by rainbowsnowlight

{Credit to gif creator} 

Fandom- Jurassic World 

Character- Owen Grady 

Word Counter- 758 Words 


Drabble Friday - If Drabble Friday isn’t over then maybe a Owen Grady where his velociraptors think of you as his mate even though you are his shy assistant who never talks to him and they attack someone hurting you? Pretty please?!

For portable-imouto & the lovely Anon who requested<3

You watched Owen from behind the bars, the raptors were very intrigued by you, and Owen was very interested in showing them to you, though you only ever talked to him when it was absolutely necessary. Barry had told you already that the raptors saw you as Owen’s mate, but you paid no real attention to him, thinking he was only joking around - but it turns out he wasn’t. 

One of the days Owen asked you if you’d like to meet the raptors, and prehaps get to train them a little, depending on how well they took to you. 

Owen took your shaking hand and lead you into the pen, he’d only really done this once before, and that was scary to think about. 

You watched the raptors and you had their names memorised- Blue, Echo, Charlie and Delta. 

You breath in and out as slowly as you can, knowing you have to be calm as they sense fear. 

Owen leads you inside, holding you behind him just in case. 

“Are you sure about this?” He asks, and you nod. 

“Yes,” You manage to mumble and he nods, he pulls out a clicker that he uses to train them and you watch as they all come running from the overgrown vegetation. 

“This is Blue-” He begins but you nod. 

“I know their names, Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo,” You tell him and you nod to each one individually to show him you know their names and he smiles, impressed. 

One of the raptors takes a step closer and Owen puts out his hands to warn them off. 

“Back it up,” He says and you allow a small smile when he protects you. 

You spend the rest of the day training them just as Owen did and he helps you along with them. 

Once you’re out of there Barry tells you and Owen they see you the Alpha’s (Owen) mate and Owen chuckles at your blushed cheeks. 

“Well the raptors better unlearn that,” You mumble to them all and Owen smiles at you. 

You were alone today, Owen had something else to attend to, meaning you had to train the raptors alone, which meant going in their enclosure alone. 

“Lets see what you can do,” You hear and you look round at one of the enclosure workers. 

You walk into the enclosure and you pull out the clicker, attracting the raptors to you. 

“Morning raptor squad,” You say and you hold the bucket of food in your hand. 

“Delta, back up,” You say firmly and she does as she is told. 

You’re about to throw her some food when you hear shouting to get out of the pen and you see someone rushing at you with some kind of weapon. 

You yelp as they pull the weapon across the skin on your arm and you fall backwards, backing up towards the raptors. 

You watch Blue pounce forwards and she begins to tear at the man who attacked me. 

You watch the others follow and they begin to rip him apart. 

“STOP!” You yell, trying to distract them with the clicker. 

“Delta! Blue! Charlie! Echo!” You yell, but they keep ripping at him. 

You suddenly feel arms wrap around you and they pull you back. 

You catch one last glimpse at the raptors before you’re pulled completely out of the enclosure. 

“Hey, hey! (Y/N)! It’s alright!” You hear Owen’s voice and your face is pulled up to look at his. 

“Hey,” He whispers and you quickly hug him, not knowing what else to do. 

“I was so scared,” You whisper and he nods. 

“I know, but it’s okay now, you’re with me, we’re safe,” He says and you look up at him. 

“Thank you,” You say and he smiles. 

“You should thank the raptor squad,” He says and you watch some first aiders come over to fix up your arm. 

Owen stands to leave you with them but you grab him and pull his lips onto yours quickly. 

“Don’t ever make me leave you again, I am your assistent after all,” You tell him afterwards and he smirks. 

“Maybe you can be my assistent in other departments,” He winks and you roll your eyes before he helps you stand. 

The first aiders finish on your arm and you take Owen’s hand. 

“Do you think maybe you can let the raptors see us as mates now?” He asks and you laugh. 

“Maybe,” You say and he takes your waist in his spare hand and pulls you in, kissing you softly. 

Rough sex - Grayson Dolan

💟 Requested by @love-viners32416

💟 Could you write a dirty Grayson imagine please where he’s arguing with the reader and they end it in rough make up sex please?


It was late at night, maybe 3 am, you werent very sure of the time. All you knew was that grayson was going to be mad by you coming home this late. Your phone had also died so there was no way for you two to contact each other.

You walked through the front door, trying to be as quiet as possible hoping grayson was already asleep. The lights were all off so maybe that meant you were off the hook.

Making your way through your shared house you entered the bedroom and there was grayson laying on the bed, asleep, or so you thought.

You managed to get under the covers without making much noise or disturbing him. You did a sigh a relief thinking you had gotten away with being out that late until grayson had spoken up, which startled you.

“So did you have fun?” he asked throwing off the covers and turning on the lights.

“Grayson, im sorry i- i just lost track of time and some of my friends were so drunk so i had to driv- ”

“I dont give a shit about your goddamn friends Y/N, you didnt even had the audacity to call me? Do you know how fucking worried i was!?”

You werent listening much to grayson at that point. All you were focusing on was how hot he was when he was angry. It wasnt often that you got to see him like this. You had to admit it was pretty sexy.

“Grayson i said i was sorry” you told him, while standing up.

“I bet you werent sorry while fucking who knows how many guys, wherever you were.” he said, not meaning it, but wanting to see you angry.

You were about to release a ball of rage on him for even thinking you would cheat on him but before you could he smashed his lips into yours, biting your lips.

He pressed his body against yours, pushing you down onto the bed. He used one hand to pin your arms above your head and the other to tease the waistline of your panties, all while not breaking the kiss for even one second.

He broke the kiss to lean down to your ear and whisper.

“Tell me y/n, do you think any of those guys you came across could fuck you better than i ever could?” He moved his head away to kiss down your jawline and neck. His hand also moving from the waistline of your panties to teasing your clit through the thin fabric.

You were barely able to form words, because of all the moans and whimpers leaving your mouth, only motivating to grayson to tease you more. “Tell me y/n?” grayson said again, removing his fingers from your clit.

You let out a slight whimper from the loss of contact before finally making out words.

“I dont know grayson. You’re gonna have to show me.” you said in hopes he would just fuck you already.

“Trust me, ill show you.”

Both of graysons hands went to your panties and ripped them off, afterwards going to lift off the shirt of his you had changed into.

No warning, Grayson had slammed into you, letting out a deep groan. He let you adjust to his size and began thrusting, but not fast enough to meet your needs.

“Faster grayson” you were panting, while digging your nails into his back, hoping it would fuel him more.

“You’re gonna have to beg for it princess”

“Fuck grayson, just fuck me already!” you said louder.

He began picking up his pace, going faster and faster until all that could be heard was skin slapping, your loud moans, and his groans.

As grayson continued pounding into you and you both were getting closer to your highs, he burried his face into the crook of your neck.

“Say my name baby.” he said

“Grayson.. Fuck!”

“Louder. Say it so loud that the neighbours can hear.”

“OH MY GOD GRAYSON.” At that moment you had came which set off grayson to release himself inside of you.

As his thrusts got sloppier he slowed down and loosened (idk if i spelled that right but idc) his grip on your wrists, before pulling out of you.

While still panting, he looked you in the eyes “By the way, i know you’d never cheat on me. I love you.” He placed a kiss on your forehead, before holding your body closer to his.

“I love you too.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

i am shit at ending smut and writing it in general bUT I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKED IT KK BYEE

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~




The Taehyung Effect #4

Taehyung: *sigh*
Jungkook: what’s up, hyung?
Taehyung: it’s not snowing.
Jungkook: isn’t that a good thing?
Taehyung: I love snow.
Jungkook: but this way we know our fans are safe on their way to school and we’re safer on the way to the studio.
Taehyung: but I want to see the snow fairies and ask them how their summer was. Did they have fun at the south pole?
Jungkook: hyung, you know there’s–
Jimin: *elbows Jungkook*
Jungkook: still plenty of winter left. You can talk to the snow fairies later.
Taehyung: I guess so.

Taehyung: *making odd motions with his hands*
Jungkook: hyung, what are you doing?
Taehyung: I’m conducting the sun fairies.
Jungkook: you’re what?
Taehyung: I asked if I could design the sunset this time but they don’t let humans do it. I’m just pretending.
Jungkook: I thought so.
Taehyung: maybe if I get up in time for the sunrise, they might let me do it then!
Jungkook: still pretending?
Taehyung: I hope not. I really want to conduct the sun fairies one time.
Jungkook: hyung, you know that–
Jimin: *elbows Jungkook*
Jungkook: *sighs* that the fairies try to keep a low profile with the humans.
Taehyung: yeah, that’s true. I’ll leave them alone.

Taehyung: *whispering indecipherably*
Jungkook: hyung, will you please go to sleep?
Taehyung: I’m just asking the sleep fairies for a lullaby.
Jungkook: maybe the sleep fairies want you to fall asleep.
Taehyung: I know, that’s why I want a lullaby.
Jungkook: I’ll sing you a lullaby.
Taehyung: okay!
Jungkook: but no more pretending to talk to fairies afterward!
Taehyung: Kookie! They can hear you!
Jungkook: Taetae-hyung, there’s no such thing–
Jimin: *kicks Jungkook*
Jungkook: *grunts* as a fairy who doesn’t understand people not believing in them.
Taehyung: that makes sense, I guess. Now sing to me.

Taehyung: look, Jiminnie! The star fairies are so pretty tonight!
Jimin: I see them. *looks at Tae fondly*
Jungkook: are we really going to fuel his fantasies about fairies? Next thing he’ll be saying that fairies live in the microwave and heat up our food.
Jimin: don’t be ridiculous. Fairies hate modern technology. *shares a secret grin with Taehyung*
Jungkook: not you too!

Soulmates [Drabble]

Title: Soulmates
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes x Reader
Word Count: 982
Warning(s): None
A/N: This turned into a complete fluff fest. Wasn’t my intention but I enjoyed it nonetheless.
I tried not to make it OOC and, personally, I think I did satisfactory work.
P.S., I actually got this from a prompt from somewhere and I forgot to write down exactly where, so I’ll be aggressively searching until I find it.

There was a leisurely air surrounding the flat of 221B, the kind of relaxing atmosphere I’d tried to create on my own many times only to have something happen, or to become uncomfortable. This moment, though, is unique. Moments like this are to be treasured, in silence and with gratitude, but something keeps pulling at my heart and I fear it does not intend to leave me be unless action is taken.

I take my head off of Sherlock’s chest and lean back until my hand rests on the armrest so that I am now stretched across the length of the couch and his lap. I look up at him, at his closed eyes and his relaxed form leaning back into the couch while he distances himself from reality. That was another thing that made this time worthwhile- Sherlock seldom performs acts of affection like this, despite our extensive relationship. I smile at him, softly and affectionately, because despite his reluctance to physical displays of his feelings, I find it that I don’t mind as much as I thought I would have.

Again, there’s that little tug at the edge of my mind, a question begging to be spoken and I want to give in, because it’s just a question and it wouldn’t hurt to ask- but it’s a stupid question nonetheless, hence my doubts. Plus, I’d hate to disturb him whilst he is in such a zoned-out state.

I lie back and think about it before quickly poking his cheek. It was an action that, as I learned much to his disfavor, could distract him from his mind palace long enough to hold a short conversation with him, at minimum. Sherlock twitches slightly, his face scrunching up just a bit before he relaxes again. The small action is enough to let me know that he doesn’t want to be bothered, but I persist, poking his face again and again, hardly enough for him to feel it yet it pesters him.

I do it again only for him to swat my hand away. “Hmm?” He asks, clearly uninterested but he understands his momentary attention will be enough for me to leave him be afterward.

I fold my hands together and rest them on my stomach, glancing at his closed eyes before looking up at the ceiling. “Sherlock…” I pause, unsure how to go about asking the question without getting one of his snappy remarks (though I’m fairly certain that the subject of the question itself is enough for one of them).

“Yes, (Y/N)?” I look back at him to see him watching me with his beautiful heterochromatic eyes, his face blank, waiting for me to speak.

“Ah- uhm, do you believe… in soulmates?”

He watches me, his gaze lingering on mine. It wasn’t criticizing but it didn’t make me feel any more comfortable about asking the question. “No, I don’t…” With that, he closes his eyes and leans his head back again, and I suspect us finished with the little conversation. Then, he catches me off guard, “Do you?”

I lift my head up, taken aback. Then I smile and tilt my head when he opens his eyes again, and I hum, “I believe you’re my soulmate.” I lift my finger and tap his cheek, though not to pester him as before.

Sherlock grabs my hand before I can take it away and holds it, rubbing the back of it gently. He rests our hands on my chest, above my heart. He lowers his head and stares at me, just stares at me for a few seconds, and I can read it in his eyes. The love. The endearment. Even the slight humor. It’s warm, and his face is soft.

He’s such a different man than the Sherlock Holmes that John had introduced to me years ago, and to think that I was partially responsible for that change.

“I… I believe that some people are just meant to be in your life, and vice versa.” I whisper and smile, squeezing his hand. “It may sound silly or like a childish fantasy to such a logic-based mind, but I believe certain people are meant to fall in love and be together, forever.” I press his hand to my chest so he can feel my heartbeat. “And I believe that we were meant to fall in love, to change each other for the better. I never expected you to believe that, but if you don’t then what do you believe?”

Sherlock tilts his head and leans over me so his face is closer to mine. “I believe that fate has nothing on us. I believe that I love you and that it isn’t simply because it is what I am supposed to do, but because it’s what I can and what I want to do.” He leans down further and kisses me, so slowly and gently. So affectionately, and I return in kind. He pulls away, “I never expected myself capable of loving another human as passionately and as purely as I love you, and I don’t believe it is because we are soulmates that I do.”

I look at him, with his beautiful eyes that seem to hold so much emotion and the small smile on his lips. I rise up and sit in his lap like before, with my legs stretched over his lap and my head resting on his chest. I hold our hands up to my chest and he wraps his free hand around me, resting his cheek on top of my head.

“Who knew you could be so romantic?” I break into a huge smile with a small laugh and bring my other hand up to our holding ones, holding his with now both of mine and I close my eyes. “I love you, Sherlock Holmes. I love you so much.”

He kisses my forehead and whispers against it, “I love you so much more.”

[not my gif]

Originally posted by sherlocked-to-holmes

Master List

The Way You Move//Kim Yugyeom (Part 7)

Pairing: Yugeyom x Reader

Genre: Romance, Smut

Summary: @morsalinou said:
Your rrequest are open omgggg ok,…. I will try requesting simething for the first time here😅 hmm can i request a smut (🙊💕) where yugyeom sees you dancing in a competition (like hit the stage) or you dance with him you can decide (this weeks theme is love did you watch this show btw😍) and the rest is up to you! I’m so nervous omg😲😂

Author’s Note: i loved this request so much i’ve decided to turn it into a mini-series! You’ll have to wait a little while to actually get the smut part of it though, I apologize :( but hopefully you enjoy it either way~

xoxo Sara

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - 

Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14

You had expected something to ruin the moment; a cough, a sneeze—maybe even Bambam coming back into his apartment after running errands. But nothing had seemed to disrupt you.

The feeling of fireworks continued behind your eyelids as you felt his lips press ever so gently to yours, as if he were kissing a fragile piece of glass. You held onto his wrist gently, your heart seeming to get caught in your throat as you melted into his soft embrace, the natural warmth radiating off of him adding on to the warm feeling that spread throughout your entire body.

He pulled away softly, and you felt yourself unintentionally pout at the feeling of the air against your lips where his lips had been, wanting to lean in and kiss him again, but not having the courage to do so.

You had only known him for what seemed like a few weeks, and he somehow managed to stir up emotions in you that you weren’t sure were there at first.

You opened your eyes slowly, your nose pressed against his as he looked into your eyes; his seeming to glaze over slightly, and his pupils taking over where the soft brown of his irises once were. The air around you two was so soft and delicate, no longer filled with tension as you sat with him, the intimate moment surrounding your thoughts as he continued to stare at you.

He smiled at you, his lips becoming thin as his two front teeth surfaced. He looked down slightly, becoming seemingly nervous as his hands slowly slid out from beneath your hair.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.”

“He sure has,” you heard from behind him, causing you to jump slightly and let out a soft shriek, while Yugyeom quickly whipped his head around to see the culprit of the noise, “Kind of a shame he had to do it on my couch, though.”

“Oh, shush,” you groaned, picking up a pillow from the couch and tossing it at Bambam as Yugyeom slugged back on the couch with his hands over his face. Bambam laughed softly, catching the pillow you had thrown with the one arm he had free.

“Oh, i’m sorry lovebirds. Do you want me to leave my own apartment while you two continue to kiss on my couch?”

“Just— get over here and share whatever food you brought before it ends up in your hair,” Yugyeom threatened, moving over on the couch as he watched Bambam draw closer, keeping your leg in his lap as you bent them closer to you.

Bambam sat down on the couch next to Yugyeom, placing the food contents of the bag out on the table for everyone to nibble on as he chuckled to himself.

“Why are you laughing?” You reached over, wanting to grab what seemed to be noodles, the container just out of reach. Yugyeom grabbed it for you, handing it over as he reached for a container of meat.

“It’s cute. Both of you are all shy and blushing after your first kiss with each other,” Bambam mumbled, dipping his chopsticks into a container of shrimp and stuffing his mouth with one. You felt your cheeks heat up even more at his accusation, your eyes barely able to meet Yugyeom’s as you mumbled, “Shut it.”

Once all was said and done and the food seemed to be finished, you had wanted to get up to see if the pain in your leg had gone down at all.

“Be careful,” Yugyeom said, helping you push your leg off of his lap as you got ready to stand, “I wouldn’t want my dance partner to be injured a week before the competition.”

“Ouch,” you mumbled, “I’m offended that you only care about the competition.”

You looked at Yugyeom, his eyes widened as you let out a soft giggle, “I’m just joking, Yugyeom. Calm down.”

You stood slowly, taking your time as you started to walk around. The pain had definitely gone down, but it hadn’t disappeared completely. You didn’t want to tell Yugyeom it was still there, because you knew that if you did, he’d make you rest another day, and you knew you couldn’t risk missing a day of practice with the competition coming up so quickly. So you smiled through the smile tinge of pain you still felt at him.

“It feels so much better!”

“Maybe the pain killers I gave you helped,” Bambam chuckled, watching as Yugyeom stood up excitedly, “Maybe you should keep some on you, just in case.”

“Awesome!” Yugyeom chuckled, “Now we can definitely get back to work tomorrow.”

“We sure can,” you smiled head turning slightly to look at the time on the clock, “Oh, shit, it’s getting late. I should go.”

“Want me to walk you?” Yugyeom questioned.

“We live in the same apartment complex Yugyeom,” you giggled, “I’m sure I can get home safe by myself.”

“Actually,” Bambam peeped, gaining both of your attentions, “The apartment complex isn’t always safe. I think you should let Gyeomie go with you.”

“I agree,” Yugyeom hummed, walking over to the door and grabbing both yours and his shoes, “I’m going to let you walk alone. What if all of a sudden your leg cramps up and you’re stuck in the middle of the hallway?”

“Aren’t you over-dramatizing things?” you shook your head softly, taking your shoes from them and sliding them on as he did the same, grabbing your bag for you, “I’m sure that won’t happen.”

“I don’t wanna risk it,” Yugyeom hummed, opening the door, “I’ll be back soon.”

“Don’t let the door hit you on your way out,” Bambam hummed, kicking his feet up and taking up the rest of the couch, “Bye (Y/N).”

“Bye Bam,” You waved at him softly, letting Yugyeom lead you out as the door shut behind you.

“So, what’s the real reason you wanted to walk me two minutes across the building?” You asked as you caught up to Yugyeom, looking up at him as he shrugged, “Have some big secret you want to tell me?”

“It shouldn’t be much of a secret anymore,” Yugyeom shrugged, playing with the straps of your bag as you two walked down the hall, “Shouldn’t be obvious?”

“Shouldn’t what be obvious?”

Yugyeom looked at you, a soft chuckle falling from his lips as he took a deep breath. He slid his hand into yours, fingers intertwining with yours as he unconsciously pulled you closer, “Does that make it more obvious?”

You felt your heart jump at even the slightest interaction with him, your mind suddenly filling with the memories of the kiss you two shared just before Bambam had walked in, “Oh.”

“I like you, (Y/N),” Yugyeom seemed to avoid your eyes, his attitude that of a little boy as he began to fill the nervous butterflies fill his tummy, “I have ever since I was paired up with you. You’re nice, you’re pretty, you’re an incredible dancer. I didn’t think I would like you this much, though.”

You smiled down at your feet, squeezing his hand softly as you neared closer to your apartment door. Though the walk was short, you didn’t want it to end. His hand felt as if it fit so perfectly in yours, your fingers molding together as his thumb ran across your skin gently, “How much do you like me?”

“A lot,” Yugyeom laughed, sliding your bag off of his shoulder as you both arrived at your door, “Let’s just leave it at that.

You didn’t say a word as Yugyeom held out you your bag to you. You only smile as you dug through the contents of it, finding your keys and unlocking your door as he stood there, waiting for your reaction. You took a deep breath after pushing your door open, wanting to find the courage to do something, anything to show him that you felt the same. You thought about inviting him inside, but that may have been too forward. You let out the breath you had been holding as you turned around, taking a step forwards and standing on your tippy toes. You quickly placed your hands on his cheeks, pulling his face down to yours as you pressed your lips to his, the same feeling of fireworks you felt the first time still there even though the roles had reversed and you had decided to kiss him. Yugyeom’s eyes remained open for a moment out of pure shock, but he soon closed them as he began to kiss you back, his hands staying frozen at his sides as you pulled away.

“Goodnight Yugyeom,” you smiled, patting his cheek softly as you turned around, walking into your apartment and closing the door, leaving him dumbfounded in the center of the hallway.

“(Y/N)!” You heard your name being called, the sudden sound of a fist at the door afterwards, “Hold on! You can’t just leave me like that!”

“And why can’t I?” you called out, letting out a soft giggle as you looked through the peephole of your door to look at him, “I said goodnight!”

“Because,” he murmured, “You forgot your bag.”

You felt your smile drop as you looked around you, remembering that he was indeed correct; you hadn’t taken your bag from him, but you simply lifted the keys out from it. You sighed, opening the door and quickly grabbing it, hoping to get away without him reacting, but you were wrong; you felt his lips press against yours one final time, a giggle erupting from the bottom of your stomach as he pulled away quickly, “Now, goodnight (Y/N).”

“Goodnight Yugyeom,” you smiled, waving him off as he headed down the hallway, a satisfied smile on his face as he slid his hands into his pockets. You closed the door behind you and pressed your back to it, feeling a soft sigh leave your lips as a smile stayed plastered onto them.

For some reason, Yugyeom had an affect on you. One where you felt giddy and nervous whenever you saw him. One where all you wanted to do was see him. He made you feel like a schoolgirl with a crush on some cute boy, where every time you felt his touch, your heart would flutter. And now that you tasted his lips, one that tasted of the mint chapstick he applied to them religiously, you couldn’t help but want to taste them again.

Entranced Pt. 2 | Zhang Yixing Vampire!AU

Ask and you shall receive! Thank you to everyone who requested another part. I had a lot of fun writing this and I hope you enjoy! Should I continue and make it a series? Let me know what you think!

- Admin Sarang

Warnings: language, frequent mentions of blood, GRAPHIC SMUT!! (Multiple orgasms, dirty talk, kinda rough)

Genre: Fluff and smut

With Yixing in your home and the door shut tightly behind you, you felt yourself become nervous at the fact that the two of you were alone. You blushed at your wandering thoughts, knowing that it was just because of how overwhelmingly handsome he was and the feeling of his lips on yours was still fresh that got you a little worked up. You shrugged it off as the both of you proceeded further into the house and into the living room.

You sat down first, patting the spot beside you as an invitation to Yixing. He smiled and thanked you, seating himself so near to you that your legs were pressed together. You felt your face heat up at the contact, but you didn’t make an effort to scoot away. It felt easy being this close to him.

“So, tell me more about Significants.” You pressed excitedly and Yixing smiled at your eagerness

“It’s a little different since your a human,” He started, “but the basics are still the same. We’ll be protective of one another, we won’t be able to stay away from each other for too long, the…attraction towards one another is undeniable,” Yixing hesitated at the last part, smirking slightly at his own choice of words, “and it might take you awhile to get used to the feeling that’s in your chest. It usually is difficult at first for humans because love is supposed to take time for them. Just know that the feeling is present in my chest too and I’m never going anywhere, no matter how quickly we move.”

Yixing’s hand reached for yours and squeezed it gently. His cool touch ignited your nerves, heightening the sensation of his skin on yours. It was such an innocent gesture, but you found yourself becoming embarrassed.

“So, how is it different for humans, besides it taking time to sink in?” You continued, instinctively lacing your fingers inside of his. He grinned at your skinship, lightly tracing his thumb over yours.

“Well, vampires don’t age and humans do. So vampires will transform their human partners, usually at the same age the vampire is stuck at. I’m ‘twenty-four’,” He did air quotes with his free hand, “but I’m actually about to be four hundred and ninety three. How old are you?”

“I’m twenty one,” You replied “you’ll have to tell me about everything you’ve lived through sometime. Maybe you can help me pass my college history class.” You teased.

“I’m sure I can.” Yixing showed off his dimple as he smiled brightly at you.

“Are there anymore differences?”

“Yes. Vampires develop an intense craving for their Significant’s blood if they’re human. But it isn’t like the human becomes prey. It’s a euphoric experience on both parts, from what I’ve heard. And it doesn’t hurt like it would if a vampire was just hunting someone.”

Your eyebrows furrowed together in confusion. “Won’t I change into a vampire if you bite me?”

Yixing shook his head in response, “that’s actually a really extensive process.”

You hummed in understanding, not asking for any more details. Your mind crossed over everything that he informed you of, however it repeatedly tripped over one small part.

“A-are you craving my blood, now?” You asked in a small, nervous voice. Yixing’s eyes darkened ever so slightly at your question as he nodded.

“If you aren’t comfortable with the idea yet, I can hold off for a few more days.” He stated, but the look in his eye told you that waiting would be torturous for him.

“I’m a little scared.” You admitted. Yixing’s features softened and he caressed your cheek with his large fingers.

“You don’t ever have to be afraid of me, baobei, I will never harm you.” Yixing comforted you, pressing his lips softly to your temple. You breathed a sigh of relief.

“How will you know when to stop?” You rested your forehead on his shoulder.

“Your body will tell me. I won’t let you pass out. You’ll be drowsy, but with some food and a nap, you’ll be just fine. It’ll be like donating blood, but to a more direct source.” He explained. His fingers carefully hooked beneath your chin at brought your gaze up to meet his. “Just trust me, okay darling?”

“I trust you.” Yixing grinned at your words. He wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you onto his lap. You shuttered at the feeling of his chest pressed against your back as you situated yourself to lay against him with your neck exposed. You felt his fingers brush away any stray hairs that lingered on your throat.

“Are you ready?”

You braced yourself and nodded. Yixing grazed his lips against your earlobe, pressing open mouth kisses to your skin until he reached the crook of your neck.

You felt a small pressure against your delicate flesh and then an intense cloudiness overcame your mind. Yixing’s hands wrapped around your waist as your blood filled his mouth. You felt as if you were dreaming. You were lighter than air, aware of your surroundings, but distracted by the pleasing sensation of Yixing suckling on your neck.

You mewled involuntarily as his hands traveled from your waist to your thighs. You had never thought that this would be as erotic as it was proving to be, the heat between your legs causing you to press them together.

Yixing groaned as he removed his mouth from your neck. His lips were painted red with your blood. He admired you in your dazed state, your body flushed against his as it sent him signals of desire.

“Baobei, I can smell how wet you are.” He fingers traveled higher up your thighs, teasing the supple skin close to your core. You spread your legs for him, silently begging him to continue upwards. Instead, you felt yourself being pushed off of his lap. You whined in disapproval, causing Yixing to chuckle.

“Your so eager for me. Don’t worry baby, you’ll enjoy this.” He mused and he sunk to his knees in front of you. He pushed the bottom of your dress up to your hips and pulled your panties off, coming face to face with your wet heat.

You moaned as Yixing let his tongue dance over your clit, his arm holding you place so you couldn’t gain anymore friction than what he was giving you. Your legs were slung over his shoulders and your fingers gripped his hair.

You felt your stomach tighten when Yixing inserted two fingers inside of you effortlessly, brushing against your g spot with a come hither motion. You were getting close.

You opened your mouth to tell Yixing, but you were too late. A loud, vocal moan escaped your lips, and you felt yourself quivering around his fingers. He let you ride out your orgasm, licking his fingers clean of your juices afterwards.

“Every part of you is fucking delicious.” Yixing growled as he stood up, pulling his shirt off quickly. Your eyes ate up his toned form. He reached over you and tugged your dress over your head, leaving you completely bare in front of him. You returned the favor by leaning forward and unbuttoning his pants, pulling his underwear down with them.

Yixing’s large erection stood proudly and you bit your lip as he wrapped his hand around himself and pumped.

“Turn away from me and press your palms against the couch, baby.” He instructed. You did as he said, resting on your knees, bent over, presenting yourself to him.

Yixing groped your round ass as he rubbed the tip of his cock against your entrance. You pushed towards him, wanting to feel him buried deep inside you.

With a snap of his hips, he was. Yixing let out a guttural moan, his nails scraping down your sides and he repeatedly pounded into you.

“You’re so fucking tight and warm, shit (y/n).” He sped up, the sound of his skin hitting yours filling the room. You were screaming, on the brink of another orgasm as your pressed against him, his lewd words encouraging you.

“I could fuck you for days. Scream my name baby, let everyone know who your pussy belongs to.”

You chanted his name like a mantra and your muscles began to tighten. He kept up his pace flawlessly as he snaked his hand around to rub your swollen clit.

Almost immediately, you reached your second orgasm, tightening around his cock rapidly. Yixing groaned at the feeling of your walls squeezing him, continuing his ministrations in order to reach his high.

“That’s. My. Girl.” He emphasized every word with a thrust, which became erratic as he came to the edge.

Yixing pulled out of you and let out a pleased whimper. You felt his warm orgasm land on the back of your thighs. His arm stayed wrapped around your waist, supporting you as you went limp.

He grabbed tissues from the box that you conveniently had on the coffee table, wiping up his seed from your sticky skin. Once you were clean, Yixing laid on the couch, pulling you onto his chest. He rubbed your back as you worked to even out your breathing.

“Was I too rough?” Yixing asked once you settled down. You smiled at his concern for you.

“No. But I’ll probably be sore in the morning.” You giggled tiredly. At that moment, however, you just enjoyed the feeling of resting against him.

“Can we get in bed?” You mumbled, dozing off. Yixing chuckled at your sleepy state. He lifted your body and his off the couch without a problem, cradling you as he took you up the stairs to your bedroom.

Once you were both tucked into your sheets, you slept in his arms peacefully. Yixing watched you quietly, in awe of your beauty, even when you were just sleeping. He watched you for hours, feeling you snuggle into him and breathe against made his chest swell.

Yixing had everything he had ever wanted right beside him. He thought about what he would cook you when you woke up and how he couldn’t wait to spoil you rotten with his affection.

It had been four hundred and ninety three years, and for the first time in all his life, Zhang Yixing felt complete.

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Prisoner (Baekhyun Scenario) Part 2/3

Part One| Part Three

I had finished making Baekhyun’s breakfast, and just finished setting for up him when I heard a commotion coming from upstairs followed by the sound of somebody running down the stairs, and soon enough, I saw a scantily clad woman dash past and ran out the house, slamming the door closed behind her. That must have been the same woman that’s entire vocabulary was limited to only Baekhyun’s name last night. 

I froze upon hearing the sound of a different person coming down the stairs. Soon enough, Baekhyun entered the kitchen and made his way towards the breakfast bar. 

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Behind The Story – Pt. 5

Summary: The reader is Jensen’s girlfriend and also a cast member of the show. The reader and Jensen go to a family vacation with the Padaleckis after finishing shooting Supernatural S10.

Author: deanwinchester-af

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Words: 2.6k+

Warnings: FLUFF


A/N: GUYS. This part is so freaking fluffly that would have anyone smiling like an idiot, I’m just saying lol Hope you guys like it. It was fun and maybe a bit painful cause I’m single to write this but what can I do? If you guys could leave me a message or an ask with y’all reactions to this part I would appreciate it so much cause this might be my favorite part so far and want to know y’all reactions. ♥ 

Also, next part is going to be a con one, so please go to this link, read the post, is a project I’m mixing with this series so please send me y’all questions or photo ops ideas. 

Beta: @lovin-ackles (thanks bby girl, you’re the freaking best and i love you)

Behind The Story Masterlist


Middle of the night and you were sitting on your couch, changing channels with Jules cuddled up next to you, his tiny soft snores filling the air. Since you’d gotten back home from the meeting you’d been very quiet and distant. Jensen noticed something odd was going on with you when he got home but he was so tired from a long day on set that he went straight to bed. You sighed deeply, running your fingers through Jules’s soft golden locks.

“(Y/N)?” Jensen called, his voice deeper than usual yet very soft.

Looking over your shoulder, you saw him standing in the middle of the hall, shirtless with a pair of red plaid pajama pants.


“What time is it?” Jensen frowned, his naked footsteps  sounding gently on the wood floors.

“Past three… Can’t sleep.” You said, biting the inside of your mouth.

Jensen sat next to you as he laid his arm around you. “Why?”

“I had a meeting with Jeremy today…” You sighed.

Jensen rubbed his eyes, squinting them afterwards, adjusting to the TV light as he let out a yawn.

“What was the meeting about?” Jensen asked.

“Jeremy wanted to talk about my future in the show and my role future.” You bit your lower lip, playing with the knit blanket that covered your legs. “He told me I’ve got two options, either I stay in the show and the writers add a baby to Katherine’s and Dean’s story or if I decide to leave and be a mom full time, that would mean killing my character off.”

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Four Times Pietro Was Happy (And One Where He Was In Love)


“Pietro!” You called from the other side of the Avengers Tower. The speedster ran to you as he thought that you were in trouble, his heartbeat was erratic and his eyes were wild. It was as if he were ready to attack someone. He thought you were hurt and you felt a little guilty for worrying him. 

“Dragă, what’s wrong?” His eyebrows were furrowed together as he inspected your room for intruders or simply anything out of place. He noted that you did not look distressed at all. 

“Sorry to scare you. I just wanted to ask if you could run and get me some ice-cream and pizza.” You pulled your most innocent face and hoped that it was enough to get him to agree to get you the food you were craving so badly. 

“And why would I do that, dragă?” His Sokovian accent was your weakness, but you’d obviously never tell him that. If you did, his ego would grow just a little bit too much for your liking. His lips were upturned and his blue eyes were glowing with amusement.

“Because I am your favourite person on this planet and because I’m hungry, and it’s cold outside.” You pouted a little and couldn’t help but giggle at his annoyed face. You were happy when he left your room in a blur of silver and blue and then returned in a blur of silver and blue with your favourite pizza and ice-cream in his hands.


You flinched as another popcorn kernel hit your face, it was becoming more than a little bit annoying. If Pietro throws one more at you, you decided that any harm that may be bestowed upon him is not your fault. “One more Maximoff and you’ll be wishing that those bullets ended you.” It came out as a growl but sadly, you weren’t able to leave the teasing tone at bay.

“You sure sound like you mean it Y/N. Anyway, weren’t you the one begging me to stay?” His eyes held that glint of mischief and you knew that he was preparing to throw some more popcorn. You picked up a cushion as if it would protect you, it was the perfect timing as it deflected a piece of popcorn. 

“You’re going to pay, you idiot.” You tried to suppress a giggle as you throw an Iron Man cushion at the Sokovian. Typical Tony. Why anyone would have their own merchandise in their home was beyond you and the rest of the Avengers. The cushion hit Pietro, knocking the bowl of popcorn from his hands and onto the floor. That was unusual, but you were glad that he wasn’t paying attention. That would probably never happen again.

“I did not see that coming.” Pietro let out a hearty laugh just as you groaned. He knew that everyone was sick of him recycling that damn line. Everyone but him, that is. “You want to play like that Y/N? I’ll give you a few seconds to run.”

You take that as your cue to flee from the crime scene. Tony is gonna be pissed at his precious face being thrown around. You were half way up the stairs until a certain idiot picks you up and drags you with him at high speeds.


“Can’t you make an excuse and let me spend the afternoon with her alone?” Pietro begged his twin to do something so he could spend the day with Y/N. His feelings for her had grown from something friendly to something of a different and more intimate nature. Not that he’d admit it to anyone other than his dearest twin sister, of course. “I just want to spend some time with her before the next mission.”

Y/N was off to London to track some former SHIELD agents that went rogue a few months ago and they are trying to sell some weapons that are as destructive as Howard Stark’s “bad babies” were back in the forties.

“Of course, Pietro. You owe me, though; she’s my friend and I want to spend some time with her so we’ll all meet up and I’ll make an exit afterwards.” Wanda was not willing to let her brother hog their best friend and she wanted to make a point of it. 

“Hey guys, if it’s okay with you, could we leave a little earlier? I really want to spend some time with the both of you before tomorrow. You know?” You showed the twins the stack of movies she had planned for them to watch and the three of them grinned. Pietro made some popcorn whilst the girls went and got a bunch of blankets, pillows and chocolate.

“You up for the Bourne series?” Y/N showed Wanda the box set to which the younger twin nodded at. Once they popped in the DVD, Pietro arrived with not just popcorn, he had a mountain of sweets, chocolates and roughly seven bottles of various fizzy drinks. 

Popcorn. This is was going to be fun. Last time both Y/N and Pietro were near popcorn, most of it littered the floor…and the sofa….and her hair. It was lighthearted fun until Y/N was finding that in her hair even after washing it.

Half way through the second film Wanda made a beeline for the door saying that she really needed to sleep off a headache she acquired from using her powers to prevent the other two lazy idiots from moving to get more popcorn or to grab the remote. Typical.

With his little sister gone, Pietro used it as a sign to finally wrap his arms around Y/N who was shivering a little as the temperature had dropped a little too much for her comfort or liking. 

The day passed with the pair of them watching different films until Y/N fell asleep on Pietro’s chest. The steady, rhythmic beat of his heart made it easy for her to drift off into a comforting sleep before their departure in the morning.


“Dragă, are you awake?” Pietro tiptoed quietly into her bedroom. It was dead in the night and he couldn’t sleep. He needed to be with her.

Y/N groaned at the new noise, she rolled around in her bed a little before prying her eyes open to see the man that made her heart skip. “Pietro, what are you doing here?” She picked up her phone to check the time. The bright light burnt at her eyes that were definitely not prepared for anything but darkness at this time. “It’s 3am.”

“I’m sorry, dragă. I had a nightmare and if I went to Wanda, she’d look into my mind to find out what it was about and the last thing I want to happen is that. She would freak out so badly if she knew.” His eyes were a little remorseful and Y/N opened the side of her blanket to him which exposed her bare legs to the biting cold air. Pietro climbed in next to her and his body heat warmed her up immediately, it was one of his more redeeming features.

“It’s okay. I’m always here for you. Tell me about this nightmare. Pietro, you know that you can tell me.” She took his larger hand into her own and squeezed it, just to show him that she was there and that she cared. If only he knew just how much she cared.

“I was ten years old having dinner with Wanda…an-and my parents.” He took a sharp intake of air and suddenly not even his body heat could warm you up. Her blood went cold as she knew exactly what his nightmare was about. He was reliving the night his parents died. “You know what happened, only in this nightmare, they took her too. The fucking drone took my baby sister too.” Tears fell down Pietro’s face. It wasn’t even a nightmare you expected Pietro to have because one of the twins without the other was unspeakable. It would be so wrong if they were apart.

“Pietro, sweetheart, she’s alive and she’s okay. From what I know, she isn’t going anywhere for a long time. You know that pair of you aren’t going to be separated anytime soon. You still have your twin sister like she has you.” You wiped the tears from his eyes and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. 

You always knew how to make him feel better and this time, he fell asleep with a content smile on his face and no nightmares anywhere. You kept all the bad things away from him and he did the same for you.


Pietro looked at you the same way that you looked at him. The only problem was that the pair of you were both blind and stupid. Anyone could see that you loved each other but neither of you thought that the other would even consider anything more than a friendship. This drove Wanda insane and she knew better than to mess with either of your minds because there was so much that could go wrong with that and it wasn’t worth the risk.

“Just tell her you’re in love with her already.” Wanda slapped her older brother and sighed with frustration when he refused to. “She likes you too, Pietro.”

“No, she doesn’t, she is basically in another league. Everything about her is so perfect, I can’t meet that standard.” Pietro punched the wall and then sighed. 

Wanda had to try a different tactic, possibly one that involves getting Natasha to bring you within hearing distance. She messaged the assassin and got a reply instantly. This has to work, for everybody’s sake. The entire tower were sick of the pair flirting but not dating, even Thor and Vision got the not so subtle hints that her idiot brother and equally as idiotic best friend were in love.

“What about Y/N makes you so happy?” She could feel the presences of the other two ladies and she was glad that Pietro couldn’t.

“The way the sun catches her eyes and makes them glisten that much more when she’s in a good mood or when she’s really happy that her voice gets so much higher and how she makes sure that I’m okay. I love the way that she says my name when she’s annoyed and despite how much I still annoy her, when I need her, she’s always there.” Pietro had a faint blush tinting his cheeks and his smile was so evident. 

You walk into the room and Wanda uses it as an excuse to leave the pair of you to it. You carefully place your hand on Pietro’s cheek to guide his eyes to yours. He’s a little worried that you heard all of that as he didn’t want to seem like a creep but he was annoyed with his twin enabling you to hear all of that.

“Did you mean that you said?” Your voice was barely above a whisper as your breath was hitched at the bottom of your throat and the bubble of happiness that was growing had to be suppressed in case it was just a joke.

“Are you serious Y/N? I had no idea you were there and if I did, I wouldn’t have said anything at all.” His eyes softened just ask your heart broke when you tried to leave, he held your wrist and twisted you back. “I wouldn’t have had the guts to tell you that. I love you, Y/N. Everything that you heard was true but I only slightly wish that I told you to your face and not to my little sister as you were conveniently behind the door.”

“I love you too Pietro Maximoff.” With that, you kissed him with all you had. You were on your tiptoes with your arms wrapped around his neck and he pressed you against the bed. “I think I fell in love with you in my dreams and then in real life. Every little thing about you makes my heart race.” You traced your fingers down his arm and lowered your hand to his toned torso.

He took your hand and placed it on his heart, it was beating so quickly, it was beating quicker than you had ever felt it. “I’ve run thousands of miles at insane speeds but the only time that it ever beats this fast is when I am around you, dragă. It’s only ever you.”

Fresh Start - Making Amends

A/N: Part 17 of the Fresh Start series, my mechanic!Dean x Single mom!Reader AU. After this, there will be one more part before a time jump. There are still a few parts left, but we’re nearing an end. I love this series, and the feedback i’m getting on this means more to me than you’ll ever know (i’m in a sentimental mood:p). Anyway.. Happy reading all. Oh, and thanks again to my beautiful beta @thorne93  

Characters: Dean x Reader, Beth, Balthazar.

Warnings: Wee bit of angst, but mostly fluff.

Wordcount: 2135

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Originally posted by dean-sam-winchesterbros

You opened your mouth to speak, but no words came to mind. Dean Winchester was falling in love with you, what do you respond to something like that? Did you feel the same way? Hell yes. That’s probably one of the reasons you were freaking out. You had realized when you lay awake in your bed that you were not only falling in love with him, but in fact you were completely in love with Dean, you loved him.

This thing between the two of you had moved so fast, and it was scary how much you felt for him after so little time. But didn’t that mean it was real? That it was something to hold on to?

You were so confused. You came here to end things with him, to spare him the trouble with your own drama. Now all you wanted to do was throw your arms around him and never let him go. You stared long and hard into those emerald greens of his, trying to find some words to offer him.

He was so sure he had pushed too hard. He didn’t get any reaction from you at all, except for an unreadable facial expression and more tears that stained your cheek. He had to fight himself not to wrap his arms around you, he wanted nothing more than to comfort you. “What’s going on in that pretty head of yours, sweetheart?” He chanced with a soft voice.

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ummm! i miss little mix and i miss that when i met them, the first thing they did was compliment me and make sure i was comfortable?? like leigh and jade kept talking about my hair, that they loved it and how cute it was and afterwards i heard that they complimented basically every fan there??? mind you, it was a fanevent for 100 people!! and we weren’t allowed to hug them but leigh let me hug her anyway and when it was time to leave i told jesy congrats on her engagement, and the bodyguard was pushing me away so she held my arm so he couldn’t :’) they care for their fans so much and it became so evident in those few minutes i had with them, i love them so much. and the year after that when i went to their signing, they seemed so genuinely happy to meet the fans there, it was the cutest thing. i hope i’ll get to meet them again soon.

Cursed Souls

Happy birthday to the wonderful lizzyc807shipscaptainswan! Love, you are such a wonderful joy to be around with. I hope you like this fic… This idea came to me and I just had to write it!

Cursed Souls

Killian Jones entered the tavern with all the swagger and composure a pirate like himself was meant to have. It’d been five years since he and Liam had rebelled against their kingdom after coming back from that wretched mission in Neverland. Five years since he’d lost his hand in a battle against their king’s army, protecting their crew from the vicious retaliation. Five years since he’d gained his more colorful moniker: Captain Hook.

His eyes quickly scanned the room, bored with the same faces he always encountered, until a mass of blonde curls caught his attention.

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Cesaro/OC: You and Cesaro are polar opposites. You think he’s way too uptight, and he thinks you’re unprofessional. When the two of you are forced to share a room for the night, you learn that maybe being polar opposites isn’t too bad. Smut with the Swiss Superman. Requested by anon.

I know, I know. It’s been a while. But the semester just started so y’all are gonna have to cut me some slack. However, here’s some hot shit with Cesaro bc I finally got it done. It’s lit.

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