but then it went uphill from there

I love how the Theme of King J.J. went from narcissistic anthem to deeply inspirational real quick. Go listen to the lyrics again! It’s so clever how the meaning of the song changes with the context of the scene. 

The first time we heard the song, the lyrics suggest that he is an overbearing, pompous ass who thinks he’s top shit - we can infer this from the way he excudes so much confidence. But after his breakdown, it’s like the song is symbolic of his uphill climb to get to where he is now. It shows his tenacity and incredible fighting spirit. I fucking love that. 

Coraline turned her back on the door and began to run, as fast as was practical, through the dark corridor, dragging her hand along the wall to make sure she didn’t bump into anything or get turned around in the darkness.

It was an uphill run, and it seemed to her that it went on for a longer distance than anything could possibly go. The wall she was touching seemed warm and yeilding now, and, she realised, it felt as if it was covered in a fine downy fur. It moved, as if it were taking a breath. She snatched her hand away from it.

Winds howled in the dark.

She was scared she would bump into something, so she put out her hand for the wall once more. This time what she touched felt hot and wet, as if she had put her hand in somebody’s mouth, and she pulled it back with a small wail.

Her eyes adjusted to the dark. She could half-see, as faintly glowing patches ahead of her, two adults, three children. She could hear the cat, too, padding in the dark in front of her.

And there was something else, which suddenly scuttled between her feet, nearly sending Coraline flying. She caught herself before she went down, using her own momentum to keep moving. She knew that if she fell in that corridor she might never get up again. Whatever that corridor was was older by far than the other mother. It was deep, and slow, and it knew that she was there…

Riker Drabble for keatycatforlife (5, “Wait, are you jealous.”)

Moving to LA you were a little fish in a big pond. You never thought you were going to make it in the business. Then suddenly after months, and months of persevering you finally scored an audition, which was quite an accomplishment without having an agent. The audition went great, and the casting director took to you so well he called you back in a few days later for a reading for a bigger role in the alleged movie. It was all uphill from there. You soon got connected with an agent, and a few other important people and ended up getting a role as the lead love interest in the movie.

When you were sent the script you were informed your co-star, and love interest in the movie would be none other than Ross Lynch. You had heard of him before some from R5, and his TV show Austin, and Ally. The first day you met him was definitely interesting.

“Oh my gosh, you’re Ross.” You exclaimed a little more excited than you would like to admit.

“Yup, that’s me.” He joked.

“Sorry I’m not used to meeting famous people yet.” You admitted.

“Its fine, I’m used to it.” Ross chuckled. “So how long have you lived in LA?” He asked.

“Just a few months, its a lot different than I imagined.” Ross nodded.

“Oh yea, I remember moving out here when I was like 12, it was a bit of a change.” Ross paused for a second. He seemed very genuine already. “Well if we’re going to be starring in this movie together, we should probably get to know each other. I don’t know if you’ve heard of my band, but we’re having this barbeque Saturday if you want to come.”

“Sure sounds fun.”  You replied. What was even more interesting than that day was falling for your co-star’s older brother Riker. You attended that barbeque, and met all of Ross’s family including Riker. You immediately took interest in each other. Ross seeing the future relationship budding thought it was adorable, he didn’t have any troubles with you dating his brother.

The next few months after that were unique, you had to go to work, and practice pretending to be in love with Ross, then go home, and be in actual love with his brother Riker. It wasn’t a big deal for any of you though, you had a great plutonic relationship with Ross, all romance between you two was completely acting.

You, and Riker were making out on the couch in his house when footsteps trailed over to the couch.

“I hate to break up this love fest, but we have an interview in an hour.” Ross spoke. You pulled away from Riker and giggled as you saw the scowl on his face.

“I have to share everything with this kid.” Riker grumpily joked. You laughed.

“Hey I’m the reason you two met, you should be thanking me.” Ross added. Riker rolled his eyes as you stood up from the couch. You reached out your hand, and pulled him up off the couch.

“Come on grumpy, we should probably get going.” You chuckled once more.


“The movie has an interesting storyline; could you tell us more about that?” The lady in her mid forties wearing a red dress asked before taking another sip of her coffee. You and Ross were being featured on the local morning show.

“Yea, without giving away too much of the storyline its basically about this really bad boy that…” Sometimes you would tune out Ross during interviews, you loved him to death, he had become your best friend over the months but boy could he blab. On, and on, and on. It wasn’t bad by all means, it meant you wouldn’t have to answer all the awkward, and sometimes embarrassing questions and make a fool out of yourself. It was more or less something you joked about with him. You looked over to the side of the stage where Riker was standing. He opened, and closed his hand a few times making a gesture that was mimicking Ross for talking so much. You tried to contain your giggle seeing you were on live television. You kept watching Riker as he distracted you from the interview. He would try to do that quite often actually. Riker bounced his eyebrows up, and down a few times, and smirked. You had to purse your lips together to not laugh.

“And I heard you guys have a interesting little love triangle going on, is that right.” Your attentions immediately directed back to the women. You blushed, you hated it when people called it that.

“Sort of, not really.” Ross chuckled.

“How is it doing big romantic scenes with Ross, while being in a relationship with his brother?” you cringed. You hated when they directed questions at you.

“Well…I…Its” you stuttered.

“Its not hard at all for us, because our relationship is strictly professional. We’re really good friends, and all but we’re completely plutonic.” The interviewer grinned.

“So, who’s the better kisser Riker, or Ross?” The interviewer asked. Your face turned beat red.

“Uh…well, I don’t know.” you nervously muttered.

“What she means is it’s a very different type of situation our scenes are all scripted while they’re real. You can’t really compare them.” Ross saved you again.

“Well thank you guys for coming today.” The interviewer said finally wrapping up the interview. She looked into the camera. “We’ll be right back.” She said, and the crowd cheered. You, and Ross stood up, and walked over to the side where Riker was offstage. You took a deep breath.

“Hey baby.” You said wrapping your arms around Riker. Riker removed his hands off of you.

“Don’t ‘hey baby’ me.” He replied almost stern. You furrowed your eyebrows.

“What’s wrong with you?” You replied.

“You don’t know who’s the better kisser?” He defended, crossing his arms. You gritted your teeth.

“Sorry, I didn’t know.”

“You didn’t know if you liked kissing me, or Ross more?” He said defensively.

“Well no, I said I couldn’t compare them.”

“Oh no, Ross said you couldn’t compare them, you said you didn’t know. Its different.”

“Oh come on Riker you know how I get in interviews. I froze, I didn’t know what to say.” You tried to defend.

“Well you could’ve said you like kissing your boyfriend more than his brother.” Riker retorted. You looked at him, and chuckled lightly.

“Oh my gosh wait, are you jealous?”  You smirked. Riker scoffed. His stern expression suddenly turned into a blush.

“Don’t be ridiculous.” He defended.

“Yes you are! Oh my gosh! YOU are jealous.” You reached into your pocket, and pulled out a $20 bill. “Ross come here.” You asked, and Ross trotted over towards your way. “Here.” You groaned, and held up the bill for Ross to snatch it out of your hand.

“HA! Knew it!” He boasted. Riker looked at you, then Ross, then you again confused.

“What…What just happened.” He puzzled.

“When You, and I started dating, me and Ross might’ve made a bet that you were going to get jealous. I lost.” Riker’s jaw dropped.

“I can’t believe you guys.”

“Hey I had faith in you, but Ross said you were his brother, and he knew you.” You attempted to wrap your arms around Riker again. “Don’t worry, I think its adorable that you’re jealous. It means you care.” You admitted. Riker couldn’t help but smile.

“I guess I just have a habit of being protective of the things I love.” Riker admitted, and smiled. You reached up, and pecked Riker on the lips.

“Come on lovebirds we’re leaving.” Ross called. You entangled fingers with Riker, and walked out of the studio together, in all of his adorable jealousy.

“Come on lovebirds we’re leaving.” Ross called. You entangled fingers with Riker, and walked out of the studio together, in all of his adorable jealousy.

7 Valentine's Days.

7 Valentines Days together. It seems like a lot, but it really isn’t when you look back.

Our first Valentines Day in 2011. We had been dating for almost 6 months. Neither of us had any idea what we were doing. I was falling in love. He was too. But we were scared shitless. I bought shae a giant card and spilled my heart out without actually saying the words “I love you.” I remember signing the card “love, Calista!” Well, turns out our first Valentines Day was one of the worst days ever. We had a big fight and I didn’t even get to give him his gifts. That night, I gave his sister his gifts to give to him because I still wanted him to know how I felt. The next day at school, he asked me if I meant everything I said. Of course I did!!! Things went uphill from there.

Our second Valentines Day, we were both graduated from high school. I lived 8 hours away going to college and he stayed back at home. He came to visit me and I remember this day like it was yesterday. It was snowing and freezing cold in Klamath Falls. We didn’t have a car so we walked to Apple Bee’s and had dinner there. I remember my steak was cooked perfectly and Shae’s was underdone. He refused to send it back. Then we walked back to my room. God was I in love.

Our third Valentine’s Day, I was home. I had moved back home after my first year of college at OIT and was going to college near home. I was sick and needed to see lots of doctors so it only made sense to be near my family and my boyfriend. We rented redbox movies, bought candy, made popcorn, had ice cream and sat in my moms living room. Shae would be leaving for basic training in a couple months so we made the most of it.

Our fourth Valentine’s Day, we were MARRIED. Living in our own apartment across the country in North Carolina. I woke up to breakfast done and on the table. We went to lunch at Olive Garden and explored the city. Boy things had changed in just one year.

Our fifth Valentine’s Day, we decided that the crowds were too much. We’ve been married for over a year. A couple days later, we went to the gun range and shot some rounds.

Our sixth Valentine’s Day, still against the crowds. I made a fancy dinner at home and we waited for the Walking Dead to come on. Shae bought me jewelry even though he knows I never wear jewelry.

This year, on our seventh Valentine’s Day, we are spending it alone. Shae is at air assault school, while I am in bed in our home, writing this. He will be home this evening while I am at work. We have had more Valentine’s Days as a married couple then we did while dating. We have a perfect baby girl on the way that we will get to celebrate with on our 8th Vday. If there is one thing I know, it’s that I’ve never been happier with who I’ve spent all these years with. My life would not be the same without this man. I’m not sad we don’t get to spend today together. I get so many perfect days with him and we have the rest of our lives to celebrate.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! 💖


I’m really proud of my friend Jack.

He made a video that serves not only as an official coming out notice, but one that will be useful to anyone confused about how harmful leaning into the existing binary gender system really is. 

I’m really new to my own understanding of all of this, and am dependent on thoughtful, eloquent, and patient people like Jack as I navigate the waters myself. For instance, we recently traveled to and from the annual thehpalliance retreat together, and even though I was (very honored to be) told by him privately months previous, even though I had rationally processed the change of pronouns and change of whole thought about who he is in relation to gender, it was the first time that enough people knew about it that we would be referring to him as “him” all weekend long. And MOST of the time, he was just Jack. We went running and I limped back inside complaining that Jack ran ahead of me on the uphill last portion because boys are stupid. I had a couple little flubs where I said “her,” but mostly, you know, I was on it. I was feeling proud. Super comfy. 

And then, struggling with our stuff out of Penn station and splitting at our subway divide, we hugged and I yelled an oft-repeated salutation of mine:

“Bye, lady!”

And we both slumped. But only for a moment before laughing, because he gets it. This is a process for everyone, and ingrained, automatic behaviors are hard to work out of, and if we all just try, and we all are a bit tolerant, everything will be okay.

Jack, you’re a badass. Congratulations.

the bro thing

So it’s reasonable to expect a Certain Level of Weird when it came to the Avengers’ Resident Pair of Grumpy (”And Terrible - DO NOT FORGET TERRIBLE” - Tony Stark) Old Men™. 

There’s the old school New York attitudes, the Brooklyn accents, the swearing, the old-fashioned manners (”BARNES YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CHARM AWAY MY PEPPER RIGHT FROM UNDER MY NOSE!”) and the “back in my day, barefoot in the snow, uphill both ways” stories that were delivered with the best straight faces ever. 

(”Aw, Tony, but you still have the cutest nose” went a long way towards making Ridiculous Billionaire Past Playboy Philanthropist Geniuses melt into Happy Puddles.)

This one, however, was just.  Just.  All right, it’s easier to show rather than tell:

There’s a couch in the common room that’s been unofficially set aside for the exclusive use of the Grumpy Old Men™ and in all fairness, it’s a very comfy couch.  Steve and Bucky usually take up residence there on their down time with sketchbooks, books or occasionally their weapons - Bucky adores the Big Fuck Off Sniper Rifle™ that the entire team knows by its name of Tallulah. 

Sam is the witness when the following exchange happens:


Steve looks up.  “What, bro?”

Sam’s not sure what he’s supposed to feel at seeing Bucky’s intense face.  “Tell the whole world we’re bros.”

Steve shuffles over to get even closer to Bucky, tenderly cups his cheeks and whispers, “We’re bros.”

“Why’d you whisper, bro?”

And one hasn’t lived until one has heard Steve Rogers, Captain America, deliver this sentence in almost the same earnest, sincere tone that he’s used to inspire men and women to go to war for the Righteous Cause.  “Because you’re my whole world, bro.”

“Aw, hell, NO.”  Sam loses it.  He’s rethinking all the life choices he’s made, to be around these two hopeless losers who are falling all over themselves, cackling like the evil little shits that they are. 

“But you’re our bro too, Sam!”

“Yeah, Sam!  Sam’s the GREATEST!”

“Nope. I am going to Nope my way into Nopeville.  See, this is me, doing the Nope.”

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Hope Point
Chugach Natl Forest

Just a sunny fall day in Hope, Alaska. This 3.5 mile uphill jaunt is only about an hour from my house but (as it seems to go in AK) couldn’t be more different than from what it’s like just on the other side of the arm!

The fall colors were bright and vivid and that really awesome fall smell was thick in the air… and with views that went on for days. A Beluga whale even popped up for a quick breath!

‘Glee’ Power Rankings: Which Alum Is Most Likely to Succeed?

3. Melissa Benoist (Marley Rose)
Benoist had already appeared topless on Homeland when Marley was making a play to be the new Rachel. Since her departure, however, things have been going straight uphill, with no signs of slowing down. She had the female lead in Best Picture Oscar nominee Whiplash and is following it up with this weekend’s Danny Collins (also starring Al Pacino and Jennifer Garner). And then she went and landed the title role in Super Girl, only one of the hottest TV pilots this season. In fact, Benoist may well deserve to top this list if we were doing it a few months from now.


Did I just see a post saying that they’re glad Armin is gone?

And for what reason? To appease your Eren ship of snk because you have no better excuse for your Eren ship not being canon than to blame it on a character who has done NOTHING but support Eren along the whole entire series?

Oh! or was it because you thought he wasn’t as important to the series? Because his impact on his comrades like Eren and Mikasa aren’t going to affect them at all? Because no one would miss him or mourn him in any way?

Or is it because you thought he was useless? That his intelligence wasn’t needed when planning or coming up with new methods or ideas? That his development as a character went uphill instead of him hiding in other people’s shadows? Because you decided to IGNORE excellent character development from the boy who got bullied and was a “weak”‘outcast?

I couldn’t care less if you didn’t like Armin’s character. everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and not everyone has to like every single character but DO NOT say a character is better off gone. Every character in Attack on Titan has a solemn purpose, whether it be good or bad.

Armin Arlert had a huge impact, not just on the characters of snk, but on real people like myself. A lot of people saw themselves in Armin and admired his development and how he grew into a brave soldier even though he had nothing but a dream with his best friend. Don’t make jokes or criticize about a character you know nothing about.

Our Only Night in Baltimore

The following is a story about the time I managed to trick a local lord into funding all the expenses our party incurred for the night we were staying in his town. This was the first campaign we did for any significant amount of time, and so this event comes up in conversation pretty often.

Me: Once we return to the tavern I walk up to the barkeep and say “Tonight! All the drinks are on the king!”

It basically went downhill (or uphill depending on your point of view) from there.

DM (Several in-game hours after the party gets started): Have Pyrrhus roll a Will Save.

Me: *rolls and fails*

DM: Jess (an NPC we met two towns back) walks up to your character and takes him upstairs with her. *my character did not like this particular woman because she did things like this to men and my character was a big proponent of freedom and free will, I pointed this out to the DM afterwards, he said that was why she had to hit him with charm person in the first place*

A few hours after this the tavern we were staying at ran out of booze.

Fighter: I take my sword and while riding an empty beer barrel I urge the crowd to another tavern whilst screaming “CHARGE!”

DM (Once all the laughter has died and we’re ready to here how things ended): By the next morning, Pyrrhus has started a fire that burned down three other taverns, and approximately one-fifth of the town was destroyed by the drunken rampages of Rai (the fighter’s player) and his mob of boozeheads.

It should be noted that my character was half fire elemental, I hope I don’t need to elaborate on why those taverns burnt down.

Today we had our first show of the year (and since August!) and I am really happy with how it went.  There has been a lot of change recently, we have moved to a yard further from home at the beginning of December, it is a lovely yard with great people and two ménages that mean I can actually school and train effectively.  Before moving though Rocky had had two months off so we’ve only been back jumping the last 3 weeks.
Another good thing is I can hack to my local show centre from my yard so I tried that out today as well.
We went double clear in the 90cm and had one pole in the 1m, I am really happy as it really highlighted what I need to work on - which is what we really want from shows I guess!?
I need to work on letting Rocky find his own balance, getting up off of his forehand onto his hind and create an uphill bouncing canter.
Everyone was really friendly and I got to see two of my favourite people so even though it was freezing It was such a good, productive day and I can’t wait to fill the year with lots of show days :) 


Marebutt has graduated to polework!! I’m trying to get more power out of her trot and get her swinging through the back more. Poor thing has never used her whole body to move, she’s naturally so uphill that she just moved up and down with very little power. But now she’s using herself much better and poor booboo gets so tired! Our rides went from about an hour to 30 minutes max. My sweet squiggles :3

“…And a Blizzard was what it was shaping up to be. I made my way slowly uphill toward the outbuildings, sheltering my lantern under a fold of my cloak…I stopped dead on the path for an instant, letting the thickly falling snow settle like a veil on my head and shoulders…I rubbed my forearm over my face, blinked snow from my lashes, and went on, slowly, the light from the lantern swallowed in the vortex of whirling snow.”

-Diana Gabaldon, An Echo in the Bone, Chapter 3 Life for Life

This passage as well as another from Chapter 4 of Echo really speaks to me today. I’m one of the many getting hammered by Blizzard Jonas and the effort it must have taken Claire to walk up the mountain to find Ian amazes me. The love Claire has for Ian believe is more than just that of an aunt to a nephew, but as a mother to a son. She’s so concerned about him after he kills Mrs. Bug that she risks herself to find him and bring him comfort. The Fraser family and their everlasting, unbreakable love is a theme not only shared between spouses and children, but any family member or someone they have deemed worthy enough to call family.

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August 31st, 2015

I survived the first day. 23.4 km from St. Jean Pied de Port to Roncesvalles. I crossed the Pyrenees from France into Spain with a girl I met from Mexico, Edna. She is really awesome and I honestly loved hiking with her.
The hike was difficult- you scale uphill 1400m in altitude, for roughly 15 kilometers. You walk through farm land with horses, cows, and sheep all around you as the Pyrenees start to go smaller and smaller in the background. It was honestly so beautiful. When we got to the top, we screamed out “YESSSS” because we (wrongly) believed that after the flat part it went gradually downhill. It didn’t. You cross from France into Spain on a blessedly flat part only to discover you still have a little more to climb. Then you basically go straight ass downhill. My leg hates me from the downhill, but man, the forests you enter into after that initial falling down reminded me of home. I kicked the fallen leaves like a five year old, happy as a clam, trying to distract myself from the 22 pound bag on my back.
I feel like a champion. I honestly do. Me left knee hates me (kind of like how most of normal America hates Donald Trump) but I survived. The rest is honestly going to be hard, but I think surviving the Pyrenees after passing so many grave markers of pilgrims who didn’t make it, anything is possible.