but then it failed

In the wake of recent events:

It’s alright to be scared, and it’s alright to be sad. It is not shameful to ask for help. It is not shameful to be vulnerable.

You matter, and people care about you. The world would be worse without you.

Where there’s life, there’s hope. Let’s get through the next day, and the next, and the next.


Trump has a thing for killers

The first major scandal occurred late last year when renowned twitter troll @feckhead contacted Trump: “My parents who passed away always said you were a big inspiration. Can you please RT for their memory?” Trump happily obliged. Unfortunately, the image actually featured notorious serial killers, Fred and Rose West

After receiving heavy criticism for controversial remarks regarding a Vietnam veteran, Trump retweeted @ConnorBaldwin21’s “My bad ass Vietnam vet dad has balls too which is why he’s voting Trump!”. Helpful Twitter users broke the news to Trump that the picture he had retweeted was of Jeffrey Macdonald, a former US army officer and convicted murderer serving three life sentences. 

In a May 2013 tweet he referenced Jodi Arias, a woman who briefly fascinated the country when she was convicted of killing her boyfriend. “[Arias] stated that she follows me on twitter so I really hate to be saying that she is guilty but sadly, she is as guilty as it gets,” he wrote.  

A Little Bit of Real Talk...

I’m posting this right now, not as some witch teaching others. I’m posting this not as an individual who is light of heart and happy, as I normally do. I’m posting right now as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. I’m posting as a feminist. I’m posting as a follower of a minority religion. I’m posting as an equal rights activist. I’m posting as someone who cherishes diversity. I’m posting as a millennial. I’m posting as someone who is afraid, disappointed, and saddened.

Today marks the United States’ Inauguration of its 45th “president.” In the weeks since the election, I have watched as the machine of hate and bigotry took over our government. As a former employee of one of the local school districts, I watched in horror as our president-elect’s appointed Secretary of Education demonstrated her absolute lack of knowledge regarding education, education funding, and her complete disregard for the safety of our children.

In the weeks since the election, I have watched as our president elect displayed nothing but disrespect toward a leader of the Civil Rights movement.

In the weeks since the election, I have watched as Black Rock continues to be assaulted as it defends itself from a pipeline guaranteed to turn it into another Flint.

I watched as the president elect shook hands many times over with individuals who have sworn to make it so that people like myself and my boyfriend could never marry. As individuals were appointed to office, who would be happy to see myself and my boyfriend go through traumatic psychological “conversion” therapy in an attempt to make us “straight.”

I watched as our universal health care - something that many of my closest friends and family desperately need because of the costs of health coverage - began to come under threat by a political party whose conservative views are significantly influenced not by ethical or moral standards, but by the check they receive every month.

I watched as our president elect and his campaign and advisory teams mocked the LGBTQ+, non-Christian, Mexican, African-American, and Islamic communities that have helped to make this country more free. I watched as he mocked my generation, which struggles just to make a living and to keep a roof over its head, let alone get the education many of us desperately want and need.

And in these months and weeks, I have had family tell me that “The people voted for him” despite the popular vote leaning as far away from him as possible. I’ve had family tell me that “You don’t have to like him, but you should support our government and trust that they’ll do the right thing.”

Right now, I cannot and will not trust that our government will do the right thing. I have watched this country take amazing strides the last 8 years that had begun to put us on the path toward becoming a better world. And now, those steps are not only threatened, they are actively being attacked.

Now, I post as a witch. As an angry citizen of the United States. As one who feels that silence is no longer an option. The crow and raven now sit upon our shoulders. The eagle soars above, lightning flashing in its eyes as democracy is mocked. At one time, I never thought that I could become as angry as I am today.

As a witch, as one who feels the beating of the raven’s wings, as one who feels the anger and the pain of so many in this country right now, I say that we can’t be silent any longer. If you are LGBTQ+, a minority race, or a minority religion, stand up. If this presidency scares the shit out of you, stand up. If, like me, you feel that our government has failed the American people, stand up. If, like me, you feel that our government has failed the world community, stand up. We can no longer be silent.

We will no longer be silent.