but then it ended up like my black widow edit

черная вдова || black widow

tili tili bom || russian lullaby - “for those who can not sleep”
black widow || susanne sundfør - “in the end i’m going to swallow your heart
we must be killers || mikky ekko “and we all know how to fake it baby, and we all know what we have done”
bang bang || sky ferreira - “bang bang, i shot you down. bang bang, you hit the ground”
mockingbird || anais mitchell - “hush, you little baby, don’t you say a word. here comes the devil, all dressed up like a mockingbird”
no rest for the wicked || lykke li - “there’s no hope for the weary if you let them win without a fight”
russian roulette || rihanna - “take the gun and count to three”
dangerous girl || lana del ray - “we were born to kill, best of the best”
about her || malcolm mclaren“well no one told me about her, the way she lied
drift || daughter - “instrumental”