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5 Unwritten Romance

Unwritten Romance

(Bobby X Reader X June)

Genre: School, Romance, Smut, Fluff.
Warning: Sometimes Mature Content

Summary: My mom always told me that bad boys, always break your heart, and if I want to start my romantic life, in the university I could make it happen!

You know to be with a cute man who could love me back, but being honest, I’m behind being popular or even cute  ( Or that is what I think), so my romantic life hasn’t been that great.
But it seems like my romantic life, will not go as I planned.

Being friends, with handsome men, isn’t easy at all.



I Got quite drunk, and I can´t remember what happened last night. The last thing I could remember is kissing June, and before that, my mind is just blank.
I try to reach for my phone, and when I turn to find it, it seems isn´t there, I try to sit, rubbing my eyes, trying to see, when a headache hit me hard.

Y/N: Oh my god, I barely remembered what a hangover is…

But then I suddenly feel something move under my bed sheets.
I Started to panic, what I have done? I checked my clothes, and I was still wearing the same clothes that I used yesterday.

I lifted the bed sheet slowly to see what or who was…. when I discovered a sleepy Bobby on my bed.

What? What? What happened?

But then I started to see everything clear, It wasn´t my bed, nonetheless my room. What have I done?

But then he seemed to be waking up, I just lie down again pretending to be asleep. Oh my god.

Jiwon: She is still sleeping.

He grabbed his phone and started to dial…

Jiwon: Hyung, how is June? Oh, She is still sleeping…

June? What Happened to him?

Jiwon: Yeah don’t worry, I will take care of her. See you later.

What happened last night?

He stands and went straight to the bathroom, I could hear the water running, I decided to check his phone, with who he talked? But it was blocked with ID touch, I was thinking to leave, but I don’t know what happened, and I am not the kind of person who runs, I decided to face it.

I sit on his bed, trying to look for my phone, but nothing I could not find it. His room seems different of what I could think, it was clean and neat, too much white, just the way I like it? I Grabbed one of the water bottles next to his desk, and saw a lot of things written, they seemed like lyrics, that would explain the keyboard, maybe he is a musician or something like that.

I pick one of the music sheets, trying to understand what those could mean. I was immersed reading the lyrics, that I didn’t notice the water stopped.

Jiwon: Is it that bad?

He says that placing himself behind me, I could smell his shampoo and feel the fresh aroma of his skin just washed.

I said nothing, I was just watching him semi-naked, his torso seemed like it was chiseled by the Gods themselves, only the towel covered what was necessary.

Jiwon: Did the hangover, make you voiceless?
Y/N:  No, I just… that, I was reading.
Jiwon: Is Bad?
Y/N:  In fact, it was quite interesting, Are they songs?
Jiwon: Ideas of songs
Y/N: I see ( Why can’t I stop to staring his body)
Jiwon: Like what you see? Should I remove the towel as well?
Y/N: I should say that Isn´t that bad, but keep it.
Jiwon: You didn’t say the same yesterday.

He said that while putting some gray pants, he isn’t wearing underwear, I blushed thinking that.

Y/N: Wait, what? Yesterday? What happened?
Jiwon: Relax, nothing happened, I was kidding but it could happen now if you want.

While he was drying his hair with the towel but he turned and then
he winked at me, and I blushed. But then he offers me some pills.

Jiwon: Take two, will help with your headache.
Y/N: Thank you, in fact, I was dying.

I completely forgot that I was mad at him, for yesterday, I was feeling well, better that I could say. I grab the water and the swallowed the pills.

Jiwon: You can take a shower, I will lend you some clothes, it seems like you need it.
Y/N: Do I? Wait.

I suddenly go to the bathroom, and I see myself in the mirror, my hair seemed a nest of birds, and the makeup that Jane made for me yesterday, was now the makeup of a clown, my blouse was full of strange liquids, oh my god! I turned and see Bobby calm, he was not even laughing.

Y/N: Why you didn´t tell me?
Jiwon: About what?
Y/N: About me looking like a clown?
Jiwon: You don´t look like a clown
Y/N: I am a big mess!
Jiwon: Well I won´t say that you look like the prettiest girl, but don’t overreact.
Y/N: Well, isn´t like this, how I want you to see me.
Jiwon: How is that?  
Y/N: Nevermind, I will take your clothes, if you are still willing to lend it.
Jiwon: Of course “Cupcake”.

I was speechless watching him he said that with a very serious face, but he wasn’t even joking. I closed the door and started to undress.


Now that she entered the room, I put a shirt over, and go to the kitchen so I can bring her some food.
Yesterday I decided to show her my real self, and no the playboy, she thinks I am.

Because of yesterday’s party, we were alone, although his room was next to ours, she couldn’t even talk and her roommates disappeared, everyone just vanished.

I opened the refrigerator and bring some eggs and toasts, and started to make some coffee when I was done, I could hear the water still running.

I bring two cups of coffee and the breakfast to my room and put some music when she comes out of the bathroom.

Y/N: Oh wow! Did you prepare everything?
Jiwon: Yes, of course, come sit, here some coffee.

She is beautiful, and I could say some of my ego inflated, just to know that she smells just like me.

Y/N: Thank you! But can you explain me, please? I don’t remember anything.
Jiwon: Of course, but first of all, I would like to apologize, it seems like we are not in the best terms.
Y/N: Yeah, I would say that I have been always rude towards you. So I’m sorry as well.
Jiwon: So I will tell you the truth, before our conversation outside the bathroom, I left with Hanbin, to drink some beers.
Y/N: Mmmm ok.
Jiwon: I was having a deep conversation when June called me.
Y/N: June leave?
Jiwon: I don’t know what happened with June, he just told me that something happened at home, and he needs to leave. He asked for my car keys, and I went to see him, and give it the keys.
Y/N: What about me? How I ended here?
Jiwon: Mmm you were dancing with this roommate of you, and you guys were dancing like in a stripper place…
Y/N: I can’t believe you, you are lying.
Jiwon: No I am not.
Y/N: So?
Jiwon: Some guys entered to the party and started to dance with you, and I get mad because some of them were touching you.
Y/N: Touching me? Why June leave me alone?
Jiwon: He told you, but you refused to leave. I couldn’t leave you there, so I punched this fucking asshole in the face, and take you with me.
Y/N: What about my roommate? where is she? and who was her?
Jiwon: It was my first time watching them, I don’t know her names, but they are with the team, Hanbin told me.
Y/N: Hanbin? How does he know?
Jiwon: It seems they spend the night together.
Y/N: Oh….
Jiwon: I didn’t find your purse or anything, and your friends where no seen, so I just bring you here.
Y/N: I see… Those damn things, how they dare to leave me alone.
Jiwon: But you are adorable drunk, you like to dance in a sexy way. I restrained myself of don’t do anything to you.

She Blushed

Y/N: Did something happened? Between the two of us?
Jiwon: You kissed me.
Y/N: Did I?
Jiwon: Mmm, yes.
Y/N: Anything else? You know?
Jiwon: You only hugged me all night long.
Y/N: No way! Why didn’t you sleep in another place?
Jiwon: Because I only sleep in my bed, and I could share it with you, I don’t mind.

I got close to her, and clean with my thumbs some crumbs of toast.

Jiwon: I like you y/n.

I closed the distance, and I give her a sweet peck on her lips.

Jiwon: Please, don’t make things hard between of us.

Y/N: What you mean? How can you like me? We barely meet each other, and we already kissed, how is possible?

Jiwon: I don’t understand, I get jealous every time I see you with June. I don’t like it.

Y/N: I don’t know what to say… How can I know that you aren’t playing with me?

Jiwon:  I can demonstrate that for you, I am not who you think I am. Just give me a chance.

Y/N: I am sorry Bobby, but June, I can’t be like that.

I started to got mad, we kissed first, we met first, why June had to meddle.

Jiwon: Listen, I am not saying to start dating with me, but at least give me a chance.

Y/N: Look I am not dating June, but I won’t tell you that I don’t like him.

Jiwon: But you like me too.

Y/N: I won’t deny it.

I kissed her.

Jiwon: Let me demonstrate you, that I can be that man of your life.

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Plant Update: May 2017

I’ve been gone for a longgggg time, but that’s because not much has really happened during the school year.

Other than figuring out that my big echeveria was actually a Black Prince, nothing much has happened… until today!

Today I decided to start propagating again!
My black prince got really etiolated (but I didnt get to take a picture) and my other echeveria that I do not know the ID of, started growing way too much and blocking space for her babies, so I thought it was due for a beheading.

Up on top you can see how my Lola has grown. She didn’t get beheaded, but In really happy with how she’s turning out.
You can also see my echeveria and her babies basking in the sun and it doesn’t seem so bad there, but that was taken like a month ago, and her leaves were starting to point down on me.

So earlier today I decided to behead my 2 echeveria and start a new batch for propagation. Hopefully they do well here.

I’ll update you guys again when I can!
Happy planting!


Actually a wee bit more then 10 miles today, I did the loop across the street back and fro to add just under half a mile to bring it over 10miles total. I was going to do a few laps but Id have to ride on the street a bit and there’s too much traffic.

It was a good ride overall, not many people, and quite a few roadbike guys who just flew past me with no heads up. I have manners and always double call my pass, early on and then as I approach. Even then I sometime scare people. Thinking of adding a bell to get their attention.

The wind was intense in spots so Ididnt hit speeds I wanted to. But I had a good ride. And no morons stopped in front of me blocking my way like last time. That bar and pool thing seems like a good idea but they need to make the bike rack a bit more recessed so people don’t stop in the middle of the path in your way.

Shower and dinner time. I have stuff to make all sorts of food including sandwiches. But forgot the salt free chips. Drat. So I may hold off on that and do soup or something tonight. A sandwich without chips is like a horse without a tail, it’s still a horse but it looks wierd and you can’t crunch on it to balance out the soft sandwich.

Re: my last reblog, for my lady/uterus-possessing followers, helpful tips for menstrual stuff:

Taking some (like, start very small, I began with a eighth/fourth of a teaspoon) cayenne pepper and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water will knock out/really reduce cramping and shorten your period. Those two are actually known to stop periods altogether. (I wouldn’t suggest that, but some women bleed too long and too much.) You’re probably thinking it’s going to burn like hell taking cayenne pepper but it’s not really bad tbh. Honey helps.

Ginger powder eases nausea, too. Apple cider vinegar generally stops digestive discomfort in under ten minutes. I take this anytime I feel bloated.

If all else fails, I strongly suggest looking up red raspberry leaf tea or supplements. It’s an absolute godsend for the uterus overall and googling testimonials will attest to it. Be mindful of your birth control tho; this stuff makes your uterus prime real estate for baby-making. Known to help women who have failed to conceive for years become and stay pregnant. Also known to return regular periods back to women who don’t see theirs for several months on end or who bleed for weeks to months.

Obligatory “I’m not a doctor”, merely a person who has suffered shitty periods and now, not so much. Just throwing this out there because there’s too much menstrual pain in the world when this stuff is in most people’s cupboards and might work.