but then i will do it


oh heck idk what this is trash heap son dark captain edgelord mcgee heck what an angle

click for better detail i guess and don’t repost as ur own/remove the caption lol

Me running away from responsibilities

Red vs. Blue Asks!

1. red or blue team?
2. favorite blue?
3. favorite red?
4. favorite freelancer?
5. favorite AI?
6. favorite mercenary/bounty hunter?
7. favorite episode?
8. favorite season?
9. favorite ship?
10. favorite song?
11. least favorite character?
12. least favorite season?
13. least favorite episode?
14. least favorite freelancer?
15. least favorite AI?
16. least favorite song?
17. least favorite ship?
18. a character you liked before that you don’t like now?
19. a character you didn’t like before but like now?
20. favorite armor enchantment?
21. favorite quote?
22. favorite speech?