but then i used the one with my jumper on

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And a Slytherin female and Gryffindor male relationship? What are your thoughts on that?? I love your blog btw!!😍😍😍

Some things you may hear in the Gryffindor common room:

“Slytherins suck”

“I know right!”

“Man your girlfriend is in Slytherin”

“Shit you’re right”

“Look man I really want to support Gryffindor at tonight’s match but everyone will be outside the castle, so we’re gonna take advantage of that”

“No i’m not doing that homework my girlfriend said Snape is sick so he won’t be in class to collect it in”

“Of course I can score us some firewhisky my girlfriend’s a Slytherin”

Some things you may hear in the Slytherin common room:

“Guys my boyfriend said filch takes a nap from eight to nine in the evening so we have a one hour window to sneak out”

“I don’t care if it doesn’t show house pride if I want to wear my boyfriend’s jumper I will”

“My dumb boyfriend got into detention again wanna sneak him out?”

“For the last time Jeremy I am not going to use my boyfriend to find out the Gryffindor quidditch strategy”


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“Pick 5 (ish) of your favourite drawings and tag 5 other artists.”

I generally like most of my drawings but there’s always something I would change in them so I pick 6 I wouldn’t change because I like them as they are :) (…Well ok, maybe I would change few small bits but whatever xD)

1. Remus Lupin. Colours and lines are pretty decent and I like how his hair turned out.

2. Lineart is hard to do, and I always try to make it look like from a comic or something which I think I managed here. I like her hair in this one.

3. My original character! I like the colours and the way they’re put on the canvas. I like that some of the lineart is visible but there are those brush strokes that give it kind of painterly look.

4. Idk, I just like it’s a little bit more dynamic. My art isn’t very dynamic… :/

5. I’m really proud I managed to use just green and brown tones but things didn’t blend together. You can still see what happens in the drawing. That’s good. I like the books, wand and reflections on the desk. Oh, and hatching of his jumper.

6. The idea is pretty interesting. I like the white in this drawing.

I’m tagging: @juanjoltaire , @ev1ct, @meabhd (if you guys want to :)) and anyone who feels like sharing their favourite drawings :)

one thing I’ve started doing recently is: taking pictures of very ordinary things. I’ve spent years taking pictures of amazing moments, incredible adventures with friends, skies that looks like painting and stuff I feel grateful I’ve had the chance to experience with my own eyes. but do you have a pictures of the street you live in? the front of the house you’ve been living most of your life? I don’t have a single picture of my mom’s old red car, the one she used to bring me to school every day (and that our cat sneaked in to gave birth to three kitties on the backseat of it) I don’t have pictures of my old bedroom with the lovely lilac walls. I don’t have even a single picture of the jumper I’ve worn so many times I had to throw it away because it was ruined. not a picture of our front door that once my dad painted pink “just because why not”, and my sister’s lovely dollhouse. I am sorry for that - I’ve spent so many time looking for the “extraordinary things” forgetting all the rest

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What would make us all very happy (me especially) is if you expended the lil ficlet you made where draco steals Harry's sweater, because its adorable and perfect and everything I need in my life and I'm dying for more

Ok~ (edit: I wrote this thinking anon meant the hoodie stealing fic but they also might have meant the holiday jumper stealing fic. Hopefully, I picked the right one or at least made them happy?)

“Potter. Potter. Potter!”

Harry looked up from his plate across the table at Draco with a frown, “What? I’m right here, you don’t have to shout, you twat.”

“Then answer the first time,” Draco sniffed.

Harry rolled his eyes, “What do you want?”

“Do you want my potatoes?” He pushed his plate halfway across the table.

Harry frowned at them, “What’s wrong with them?”

“There’s nothing wrong with them. You ate some of them, you daft wanker.”

Harry made a face at him, “What’s wrong with yours then?”

“Merlin save me,” Draco muttered, briefly pressing his fingers to his forehead. “I just don’t want them.”

“Don’t you like the roasted potatoes?” Harry asked.

“No.” Draco said flatly, “Now do you want them or not.”

Ron leaned over and pointed at Draco with his fork, “Liar. I’ve seen you eating them.”

“On occasion,” Draco said stiffly.

“They’re one of your favorites,” Ron went on mercilessly.

Draco glared at him, “Well today they’re not.”

“They’re Harry’s favorites too,” Ron said.

“So?” Draco said.

“They’re the first dish to run out,” Ron said with mounting frustration, “You could just be honest and say you got them for him.”

Draco gave him a cold look and then turned away like Ron had ceased to exist. He picked up his plate and dumped the potatoes onto Harry’s plate and then stood up. “It’s not my fault you’re too scrawny,” he said and marched off.

“Hey! I am not!” Harry yelled after, standing as well. He went to follow and hesitated, glancing at his plate and quickly shoveling down the potatoes before running after him.

Ron slowly dropped his forehead onto the table with a thump, “They’re going to be the death of me… If I don’t strangle them with my bare hands first.”

Hermione patted his back sympathetically, “Well, you tried.”

Part 1 ~ Part 2 (you are here) ~  Part 3 ~ Part 4

Ed Sheeran - ERASER (lyrics) Extended F64 Version

[Verse 1]
I was born inside a small town, I’ve lost that state of mind
Learned to sing inside the Lord’s house, but stopped at the age of nine
I forget when I get awards now the wave I had to ride
The paving stones I played upon, they kept me on the grind
So blame it on the pain that blessed me with the life
Friends and family filled with envy when they should be filled with pride
And when the world’s against me is when I really come alive
And everyday that Satan tempts me, I try to take it in my stride
You know that I’ve got whisky with white lines and smoke in my lungs
I think life has got to the point I know without it’s no fun
I need to get in the right mind and clear myself up
Instead, I look in the mirror questioning what I’ve become
I guess it’s a stereotypical day for someone like me
Without a nine-to-five job or an uni degree
To be caught up in the trappings of the industry
They showed me the locked doors I find another use of key
And you’ll see

[Chorus 1]
I’m well aware of certain things that will destroy a man like me
But with that said give me one more, higher
Another one to take the sting away
I am happy on my own, so here I’ll stay
Save your lovin’ arms for a rainy day
And I’ll find comfort in my pain

[Verse 2]
I used to think that nothing could be better than touring the world with my songs
I chased the pictured perfect life, I think they painted it wrong
I think that money is the root of evil and fame is hell
Relationships and hearts you fixed, they break as well
And ain’t nobody wanna see you down in the dumps
Because you’re living your dream, man, this shit should be fun
Please know that I’m not trying to preach like I’m Reverend Run
I beg you, don’t be disappointed with the man I’ve become
Our conversations with my father on the A14
Age twelve telling me I’ve gotta chase those dreams
Now I’m playing for the people, dad, and they know me
With my beat and small guitar wearing the same old jeans
Wembley Stadium crowd two hundred and forty thou
I may have grown up but I hope that Damien’s proud
And to the next generation, inspiration’s allowed
The world may be filled with hate but keep erasing it now

[Chorus 2]
I’m well aware of certain things that will befall a man like me
But with that said give me one more, higher
Another one to take the sting away
I am not beyond my own, so here I’ll stay
Save your lovin arms for a rainy day
And I’ll find comfort in my pain
And I’ll find comfort in my pain
And I’ll find comfort in my pain

[Verse 3]
I woke up this morning lookin’ in the mirror
Thinkin’ to myself that I should probably be thinner
The industry told me to look like them
But I found my happiness in fried food for my dinner
I wish that she could have been my first time
And I wish that I’d never took that first line
And I wish that every word in this verse rhymed
But forgive me if it doesn’t
I wish that I could make peace with my older cousin
I wish he didn’t think that it was me when it wasn’t
I wish I didn’t love it when I’m high and my face feels buzzin’
And the taste stays underneath my tongue
Wish that I had known what to do as a youngling
Wish I hadn’t dropped out of school and missed every single party
With that hardly matters now, man, does it?
Wish I had an answer to everything, but fuck it
I wish creatin’ art didn’t come with a budget
But while we’re on the subject
I wish my private life would have never gone public
But that’s the sacrifice that we make
Spendin’ my whole time high livin’ life away

[Chorus 3]
Singin’ this is how we’re livin’ down here
Sittin’ on the edge, lookin’ out without fear
Yeah, we got drama but you know we don’t care
I wanna see you sing it, put your hands in the air, one wish
I’m singin’ this is how we’re livin’ down here
Sittin’ on the edge, lookin’ out without fear
Yeah, we got drama but you know we don’t care
I wanna see you sing it, put your hands in the air, one wish

[Verse 4]
I wish my family and friends they stay healthy
I wish that love was a currency and the whole world was wealthy
I found myself late night wishin’ on a star
Everyday I wish I’d never broken a heart, uh
And I wish I’d never run to
Every woman that I loved that kept my life and what it’s come to
I wish I was the role model you looked up to
If I told my fans the things I did they’d say, “Fuck you”
I wish I was home more
I wish my teens could see the kids on the birthdays, but yo, we’re on tour
And I wish I’d grow more, wish I told more
People that I love ‘em but it’s in the music that I’m known for
And I wish he never got cancer
And if I smoke a pack a day, well, does that make me a wanker?
Oh yes, I guess it does, and we’re still stressin’ 'cause
Every day this shit gets the best of us
Usin’ my balance on eraser blades
Spendin’ my whole time high wishing life would wait

[Chorus 3]
Singin’ this is how we’re livin’ down here
Sittin’ on the edge, lookin’ out without fear
Yeah, we got drama but you know we don’t care
I wanna see you sing it, put your hands in the air, one wish
I’m singin’ this is how we’re livin’ down here
Sittin’ on the edge, lookin’ out without fear
Yeah, we got drama but you know we don’t care
I wanna see you sing it, put your hands in the air, one wish

[Verse 5]
I’m using jumpers for goalposts, cigarettes for throat cold
Mum sayin’, “Don’t smoke,” no, I don’t listen, I got
Love for a ghost note, shows on the gold coast
People that I don’t know share the same vision
I find truth in the hard times and words that aren’t mine
Tryin’ to find a love with a compatible star sign
Sometimes I can’t write, sentences can’t rhyme
Starin’ at my notepad quick, I’m tryin’ to find mine
Shit, quick before I hit it again
Surrounded in the industry by all these ignorant men
And who knew that I’d be paid just to pick up a pen
Just let me hit the studio when we can rip it again
I’m a competitive dick, with an adrenaline kick
My daddy told me work hard and you can never be shit
I’ve seen all my heroes dethroned except my dad
Set back here reminiscing 'bout the times we had
One wish


How I little in everyday-life

▪I wear baggy jumpers… it makes me feel small and vulnerable!

▪When I place things into alaphabetical order I HAVE to sing the ABC song!

▪I am very picky with my food and hate most vegetables.

▪When I am in a lecture and not bothered to write notes I start drawing in my book (and use more than one pen colour).

▪Everytime I saw a dog I am in awestruck and must go “awwweeeee!” while giggling.

▪I find it impossible to not buy chocolate when it is in sights view!

▪I love to give warm hugs to everyone! ♡

Sometimes there are characteristics of my little self that will always be in my everyday life without me even realising it! The subconscious just wants to take over sometimes hehehe

Reblog this if you do other little thing in your big everyday-life! I would love to know ♡

Wonwoo’s interview on Seventeen x Seventeen

‘Cool brain wave man who loves to read, Wonwoo’

1. How are you going to exress your personality?
◇ I’m very shy around strangers. It usually takes one or two months until I can look into the eyes of the people I just met. But after that, the distance between us gets smaller (the relationship gets warmer/closer). (laughs)

2. What is your role in the group?
◇ Intellectual. I have liked reading since I was a child. I think I know more about thing compared to the other members. Even nowadays if there’s time, I will read.

3. What is the time that makes you the happiest?
◇ When I can express my feelings through our music. Among our songs, 'Can’t See the End’ is the song where I expressed my feelings after the debut.

4. How do you spend your days off?
◇ Since I’m basically an introvert, I will likely to spend most of the time at home. I would play games at home or read a book.

5. What’s your favorite daily clothing style?
◇ A casual style that matches with a parka, sweater or jersey. During winter, I love wearing jumpers, (*there’s something about mountain leather? I’m not sure? It’s probably a brand? Sorry.) I’m wearing one on the video for the concerts in Japan this February.

6. Charm point
◇ I think it’s my manly side.

7. What kind of kid were you in school?
◇ I used to play basketball, bowling and soccer with my close friends. We did sports. I like the subjects English, Math and Korean. I’m bad with Social Studies though, but recently I read a book about society and I found it interesting.

8. A few words to 'SEVENTEEN’ readers?
◇ I always wanted to be someone who performs (sings and dances) since I was a child, and I finally achieved that dream. To 'SEVENTEEN’ readers, I want you to reach your dreams too.

Scan by @ jeonwonwoo_kr
Japanese ⇒ Korean by @ MooooocciR
Korean ⇒ English by fyeahwonhui
(Please do not take out the translations without permission. Also sorry in advance if not everything is 100% accurate)


🌲🌈LGBT+ Animal Crossing Canvases, Clothes and Umbrellas 《♡Part 2♡》 🌈🌲

So here are the other ones that I couldn’t post! I also added some new ones such as intersex, pangender and genderqueer! 😊

These aren’t pro designs meaning that you can use them as a canvas on your wall, T-shirt’s and even umbrellas! 😁

I might make some proper jumpers for them next 😁

Please do leave my caption if you Reblog and credit me on other sites if you do use and share them! It’s more because I’d love to see you guys using my work! 😊

Relationship Goals- Cole Fluff

Request:  May i ask for a Cole imagine? where YN like Cole is a former disney child star,but she stepped out from the spotlight for some time for herself and reunited with Dylan and Cole in college where they started to date The fans LOVE them together( they’re couple goals) and when it’s revealed that she’ll play Sabrina Spellman on Riverdlae, even the cast (also fans) freak out. what do you think?

Warnings: Mild language, fluff.

Notes: btw, J.B. Moranville is the actual producer of the show and Lee (Toland Krieger) is one of the actual directors too :) The scene that she’s shooting is when Veronica and Cheryl have a sleepover, but instead of Veronica, it’s Sabrina (your character) 


My head was buried in a book, at the library of NYU. A tap on my shoulder disturbed me from my intense study. Probably another fan. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when a fan comes up to me and asks for a photo or autograph, but it’s times like this -when I’m stressed for exams- when it’s not a good time to disturb me. I turn around though, and was faced by Dylan Sprouse - my best friend from when we were kids. Dylan, his twin Cole and I were the best of friends -inseparable even- when we were kids, because we were all childhood actors. We drifted apart due to life being thrown at us from all different directions. 

“Dylan! Oh my god! What are you doing here!”, I ask, leaping out of my seat and embracing him tightly. 

“Oh this and that”, he laughs. “Nah, Cole and I study here”

“Holy shit! How did I not know this”,I laugh. 

“Hey, sit with me at lunch? I’m over by the Washington Square Park”, Dylan smiled at me. I nod and agree. We said our goodbye’s and I went back to studying. 

– Lunch –

I made my way to the park area of the uni where Dylan said he’d be. As I got closer, I saw Dylan and a couple of his friends. 

“Ayee, look who finally showed up!”, Dylan laughed, getting up from his seat and embraced me.

“Cole, look who studies here too”


“Cole!”, I shrieked in excitement and embraced him in a tight him. I sat down in between Dylan and Cole and joined in on the conversation they were having with their friends.

– 5 years later –

Cole and I started dating a few months after we re-united at NYU. We announced it to the fans too; they absolutely love and support us, and we’ve been called “relationship goals” a lot. A Majority of our fans ships Cole and I.

Cole is currently working on a new tv show called ‘Riverdale’. The producer, J.B. Moranville, has asked if I would like to play the new character that’s being introduced named ‘Sabrina Spellman’. Of course, I agreed and have been filming for about two weeks. The whole cast and crew even call Cole and I “goals”. When we announced it to the fans, they went insane (in a good way of course). They came up of lots of theories about Jughead -Cole’s character -  and Sabrina getting together in the show, and most of them have even started shipping them.

“Oh, Y/n. Are you ready for the scene now?”, Lee, the director, asked. I nodded and placed myself on Cheryl’s bed and we shot the scene. 

“And cut!”, the director called out. “Take 15 everyone”. I got up and saw Cole and K.J messing around behind the cameras.

“Great job today, Y/n”, K.J smiles and high-fives me. I laugh and thank him.

“Do you get off early tonight?”, Cole asks me.

“Yeah I think so. Do you?”

“Yeah. Do you wanna do something?”, Cole asks. K.J laughs and smirks at us. I roll my eyes and reply;

“Nah, I’m too tired. Sleep is the only thing I want to do”

“Besides Cole of course”, K.J winks. I laugh and agree. 

“Sleep’s fine with me”, Cole says after laughing for a bit. 

After a few more hours, I get dressed into some sweatpants and one of Cole’s jumpers and wait for him to arrive back from set. I heard the door open after a few minutes of waiting.


“In here”, I call from the bedroom. Cole comes in within a matter of seconds and plops down on the bed, releasing a sigh of relief. 

“Relatable”. Cole laughs at my statement. 

“Let me go get changed and then we can cuddle”

“Sounds good to me”, I smile at him.

Headcanon: Fleur was the only one of Molly’s daughters (because all her daughters-in-law became her daughters) who carried on the tradition of Weasley Jumpers. Hermione liked to use what little free time she had reading or spending time with her family, Ginny absolutely hated knitting and Angelina had never learned to knit.

Fleur’s last Christmas gift to Molly was a beautiful purple jumper with a gold ’M’ on it and a card that read: “Mum - After all those years of making them for everyone else, I thought it was about time someone made you your very own Weasley Jumper. All my love, Fleur.”

To the end of her days, it was Molly’s favourite item of clothing.

Merry Christmas! It’s #optomstudies here again with another Sunday Study Tip on university life! This will be a multi-part series that hopefully will give a unique insight, since I can go on and on about university, and I love giving advice and helping others :)


Because exams are so serious, you can enjoy reading something a little light-hearted :)

Study 3-4 weeks in advance of the finals. I feel like once you actually get down to it, after all the touching up to find out what concepts you need to understand or reclarify with the teacher, then starting revision about 4 weeks advance is enough to get you a very high mark in a course. Of course assignments usually take a lot of the time, but if you can manage to start, then you’ll find that everything else kind of falls into place. And you still manage to finish those assignments before the due date.

Form study groups leading up to the exam. Or not. I usually prefer studying by myself since I’m someone who works at their own pace, despite the fact that the times that I studied with others were quite productive. If it works for you, I say go for it.

Study for open book exams too! Because you can guarantee that they’ll ask you questions that make you wonder whether you’ve even covered that even remotely in class. Radiometry, Photometry and Colorimetry exam I’ll forever remember you ==‘

Arrive at the exam place early to tackle exam stress and anxiety. I find that getting to the exam facility early really helps you acclimatise to the environment and focus on staying calm and collected. When I was in first year a lecturer advised us to arrive an hour early just in case any train delays occur, so now I usually arrive more than 40 minutes before an exam. Also don’t freak out in the exam. Every minute counts!

Try and convince yourself that you don’t care anymore. This totally works for any overachievers or people who stress about doing the best that they can like me. Yep, just repeat to yourself, or listen to the song! “I Don’t Care” :) a little 2NE1 never hurts (my music style is more SM Ent though haha).

Study till the last minute. I’ve tried both relaxing the last day and studying the last day. Personally I’ve had one or two cases where studying on the last day led to an extra mark, and I don’t feel any big difference in stress levels, so I always just try and study until the last minute.

Exam staff are so very difficult. Not kidding, even a tiny blue tint and you can’t bring your water bottle in. You can’t wear a watch, or even put it on the table. You can’t write your name after times up, yup, even just your name so they know who filled out the exam LOL. They’re just doing their job, but they’ll get you to pull out your hair wondering who. the. heck. made. these. rules. Taking bets for the next thing they’ll ban! (my money’s on jumpers and jackets)

Collect the massive bags that they give you before an exam. I was literally so sad when they switched over to those tiny plastic bags. The big ones we used to be given that would fit your laptop were made of such good material and you could use them again for many purposes. I did manage to snag quite a few the first few semesters we had them though ;)

That moment when you manage to sit next to your friend in an exam and wave hiiiiiiiiiii (which translates to *heeeeeeeeelp*). Exam seating is random so you get given a card and you follow the spot to your seat. There was one time though that was such a coincidence I was like whaaaa? I was sitting an exam and went in with my friend. When we were about to get the cards, I turned around to go get my ruler from my bag just in case, and the card that I got was literally the one right next to my friend hahaha. 

Make sure you don’t drink too much water. Some exams really have you racing against the clock! No time for tinkling in the toilet when you have to tinker with the test whilst the time goes tick tock! (did you like that cause I thought that was pretty funny… no…? okay…)

Don’t leave early unless you’ve racked your brains for the answer twice over. Once I finished an exam early and checked my answers once or twice before sitting back and relaxing (which really means uncomfortably shifting around in a chair with no cushioning). I had about 20 minutes left for the exam, and only in the last minute did I flip over and realise I had read one question wrong. Thankfully I was able to change it and get that extra mark ^_^





etsyfindoftheday 1 | 5.18.17

theme thursday: jumpsuits + rompers

linen jumpsuits by offon

somehow, guys, and i don’t really know how, but the jumper/romper trend is still a thing. more power to those long-torsoed ladies who can pull it off and make it look SO rad!! today i’m featuring five jumpsuit finds that i’m going to personally use as my springboard to trying out this trend!! a solid romper (in a bold hue like this, or even a neutral!) may be the way to dip your toe in these waters, like one of these easy-fitting options from offon.

Be an unreasonable c***? Fear for your son's life.

I’ve been working in the skydiving industry for a number of years (because my husband is a tandem instructor) and recently our current drop zone has been short-handed, so I started learning to do manifest.

Side note: doing manifest is basically figuring out which tandem instructor goes with which student, which is more complicated than it sounds when you’re at a large DZ and the many instructors have large egos. End side note.  

Today was my second day in the manifest office, and I made basically the biggest mistake I could make: I missed two people and they weren’t on the load sheet. I realized this only a few minutes after the sheet went out, when the mom of one of the jumpers came striding up to my window and demanded answers.  

My manager and I did some quick recon and figured out what had happened, and I added the two missing jumpers to the last load… which, based on the order they checked in, would have been the load they were on anyway. And I apologized for my mistake and explained that I’m new. Nope, unacceptable. This “let me speak to your manager” haircut bitch proceeded to ask for a discount for her inconvenience, tell us she was going to leave a scathing review mentioning me personally, ask for my name, the manager’s name, the owner’s name, the email address where the owner could be reached, and just generally made her displeasure known in a really shitty, aggressive way. She was basically screaming at me by the time she gave up and I got to slam the window shut and have a little rage-cry.  

Then it was time to figure out which instructor was going to jump with her special snowflake son. It just so happened that my husband was up! I waited until just after hubs had finished his ground interview video with the snowflake (because I knew bitch-mom would be watching like a hawk) before I waltzed out and gave him a lingering kiss. I also whispered some unimportant work info in his ear while looking at her.

Watching her realize that her precious baby boy’s life was in the hands of a man who was, at the very least, sleeping with the girl she just screamed at… let’s just say it was satisfying.

Fuck you, Miss!

jungkookvisbaeuniverse  asked:

How would a three way with YOONGI and TAE be like?







                             DON’T THINK ABOUT IT, BABY DON’T                              

“A bet is a bet Tae” I say pulling his Sweatshirt over his head… “Yah! This isn’t how I wanted you to take my clothes off” the younger male protests … “Oh like you would know what to do if Y/N actually agreed to sleep with you” Yoongi says grumpily across the couch from us … “And you’ve slept with how many women Hyung?” Taehyung looks at the older boy pointedly… “Yah!” I warn… both of the bickering men look towards me …. “Calm down children, it’s just a game” I say looking at them through my lashes… “Now take off that shirt” I say pulling the large jumper from Taehyung’s toned body and placing a chaste kiss to his cheek…. The younger boy grows flustered and I can’t help but giggle at the way his cheeks pink and his toned chest rises steadily…. I lick my lips involuntarily as I continue to stare at his honey skin and wonder if it would actually taste like honey on my tongue… ”Y/N!” Yoongi snaps…. “It’s your turn to call it” he explains his voice velvet soft but his eyes hold a predatory sheen as he comes to sit beside me and takes a swig of the beer that’s in his hand …. ” Oh. yeah” I reply … now I’m the one who’s flustered…at the feel his body heat radiating against my skin through the thin fabric of my own jumper…. But decide to play along and take the smooth glass bottle from his hand …. winking at him before taking a large swig of the bitter liquid….

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Midnight Picnics (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

So could you do a fic where we have secret midnight meetups at hogwarts astronomy tower?? Maybe where he confesses his love?? ❤️🙏🏽Thank you !! Xxx-anonymous


(Author’s Note- I don’t know about this one so tell me what you think x)

I climb the last few steps to the astronomy tower, teeth chattering. I hadn’t brought a coat. Shivering, I take the folded note out of my shirt pocket.

“To (Y/N)

Let’s meet at the astronomy tower at midnight.


I read it again, making no more sense of it than the first time. What would the Slytherin Prince want with me? As far as I am aware he’s a popular, extremely attractive, pretentious snob.

I hear foot steps stumbling up the stairs behind me and I turn to see the blonde haired prince panting heavily.

“Sorry I’m late,"He pants, doubled over with his hands on his knees, his hair messy and ruffled "I ran from the other side of the school, trying to avoid that stupid cat,”

I find my self giggling at the whole thing.

“It’s fine,” I say through a small chuckle as he stands up straight, dusting himself off and brushing a hand through his thick blonde hair.

“Nice to meet you,"He says finally, holding out his hand for me to shake, which I do instantly.

"You too,” I smile sweetly.

“Sorry for the random note earlier, I just thought we could be friends, you seem nice and you’re in my classes… I sorta acted on impulse because you’re really pretty and I wanted to get to  get to know you,"He explains making a blush creep up my neck and tingling my cheeks.

"Thanks,"I mumble when another breeze sweeps past and my body reacts on its own as I start to shiver again .

"Are you cold?"His voice is overflowing with concern making me question the rumors I’ve so often been told about the "Slytherin Prince”.

“Um just a bit, my fault though, I forgot my coat,"I admit timidly.

"Oh here,” He says, pulling his jumper off and holding it out to me.

I stare at the jumper for a second then my eyes drift to the owner again.

“I couldn’t possibly…"I say holding my hands up in protest.

"I insist. I dragged you up here after all,"He says, gently pulling the jumper over my head, giving me no choice but to slide my arms into the sleeves, the event causing the tingling sensation return to my cheeks again.

"Thank you,"I mumble.

"No it’s fine really,"He says, smiling sweetly at me.

"Wait aren’t you playing quidditch tomorrow?"I ask, suddenly remembering the Slytherin vs Gryffindor match.

"Yeah,"He smirks

"Shouldn’t you get some rest?"I ask, instantly imagining the dreadful image of him falling off his broom due to a lack of energy.

"Don’t worry, I’ll be fine, I don’t really need much sleep,"He smirks, winking at me suggestively. I groan.

"Aww come on that was a good one!"He argues and I roll my eyes.

"Just come on, let’s get to bed, I don’t want to be the reason the star player falls off his broom,"I say, guiding him by the arm to the staircase and walking him down until we arrived back in the school corridors.

"Lumos,” I whisper, creating a bright light from the tip of my wand which I shield with Draco’s jumper to avoid waking the portraits that hung on the walls around us.

I turn to face him, the suppressed light from the wand beneath the jumper making his features now barley visible.

“If I win, can we meet again tomorrow night?"He whispers.

"Let’s hope you catch that snitch then,"I tease and I can just make out a smirk on his face in the dim light from my wand.

"Come watch?”

“Of course,” I assure him.

“I’ll see you then,(Y/L),"He says, beginning to turn away from me.

"Good luck, Draco,"I say, watching his back as he walks back through the empty corridors toward the dungeons. I can’t help but smile to my self.

The next day Draco easily catches the snitch with his new found motivation and I once again find myself at the top of the astronomy tower at midnight, although this time with the addition of my own coat and a less flustered Draco, already standing at the top when I arrive.

He greets me with a with a wide grin, holding a tattered picnic blanket and a what appears to be a bag of sweets.

”(Y/N)! Care to join me for a celebratory feast?“He says happily and I laugh, nodding my head.

He spreads out the blanket on the floor before clumsily plopping himself down on it and gesturing me to sit with him.

"Well done Draco,” I say as I take my seat. He’s unloading the contents of the bag he brought with him and I find my earlier assumptions to be true as he produces two chocolate frogs from his seemingly endless paper bag.

“Thank you, I’m rather proud of myself if I do say so myself,"He smirks, handing me a chocolate frog that I take gratefully.

"So what’s with the sweets?”

“I didn’t have enough time to make a three course meal so I brought sweets instead, seems a bit childish now…”

“It’s cute,"I smile sweetly and I can swear for a second that I saw his cheeks heat up.

We talk for hours before we say good bye to each other, not before making another plan to meet again though.  

For four  months now, Draco and I have been having midnight picnics at the astronomy tower almost every week. Talking for hours about school, family, friends and sometimes random things like "Who would win in a fight, Unicorns vs Mermaids” or “ Would you rather kiss Aragog or Snape?”. We get on really well with each other, he’s a totally different person at the the astronomy tower.

Tonight is no different. We are sitting on the tattered old blanket again, stuffing ourselves with sweets like children.

“Umbridge is making me go insane!” I grumble.

“I think you are past that point,"Draco jokes and I push him playfully.

"Shut up , you know you love me,"I tease and he goes silent for a second before replying.

"You’re right, (Y/L), I love you,” He says, his voice suddenly serious.

I stare at him with wide eyes. My cheeks burning.

“I-I…"The words get caught at the back of my throat, not sure whether they can leave my lips yet because my mind is still unsure as to whether Draco is telling the truth.

"I’m being serious, I love you,” He repeats, inching ever so slightly closer until our faces are just inches away from each others.

Then the words that I have been to afraid to say are set free.

“I love you too, Draco,” I whisper, leaning in till our lips are touching and we are suddenly kissing. Not strong and lustful kiss, but rather a gentle kiss that is overflowing with emotion.

We kiss for what feels like hours, under the stars which make the sky look full of glitter.


C2E2 Day 2: Down with the LMDs! 

Season 4 Jemma Simmons: me

Daisy Johnson/Quake: @daisy-in-the-skye
LMD!Fitz: @centurionjones
Season 1 Jemma Simmons: Lily, 10, who did all of the blood makeup for the aftermath of our LMD battle!

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Hello everybody! Hope you’ll like this one shot, as it’s a little different than my previous ones. I experimented with asshole-harry as I announced earlier this week.

Summary: Y/N loves Harry to pieces, however, not when he switches from being the nicest man to the complete opposite whenever he’s angry.

Warning: There are hints on sexual assault. ( Not rape !!! ) In case you’re sensitive to that subject, please do not read. It’s something I have no experience in and I really tried be careful while writing.

This gif isn’t mine, but oh my, look at him! 

I’d seen him angry before, and a few times his anger had even been directed to me, but never had he got as loud as he was being now. Harry’s clear green eyes were cold and held none of the love they were usually filled with whenever he looked at me. Instead, they bore into my gaze as sharp as blades while the voice I knew as calm and gentle turned loud and spat one insult after the other. All the while my headache increased into a pounding pain and my heart hammered in my chest as I witnessed him punch the wall to his side in frustration, completely unfazed by my flinch.

“You’re so fucking naive, Y/N!” Harry shouted and gave another forceful kick to the door frame separating me from him as I stood in the living room and he in his kitchen.

“Sometimes I question what the hell it is that’s taking up the space in you head you’d need to think properly for fucking once! I’d bet that there’s absolutely nothing in there!” He pointed against his own temple before raising his hand to point at me with a trembling finger.

“You don’t mean that, Harry,” I answered, my voice barely above a whisper as my throat felt as if it was in a tight knot.

My words were followed by his foot colliding with a chair and I crossed my arms over my chest as I willed myself not to jerk again. Though Harry was clearly more angry than he’d ever been in my presence, I knew he’d never direct the physical aspect of his rage at me.

“Oh, you better believe I do, baby!” he replied, the pet name cutting into me by the harshness in which he spat it, “You can be such a pain in the arse sometimes! I seriously wonder why I even bother anymore!”

“Stop it,” I begged and shook my head as if to keep the foul words to enter my mind.

“You wanna know why?” Harry asked, ignoring my plead. His ringed hand pulled at the sleeves of his jumper until they exposed his heavily tattooed arms, arms I was so used to holding me. His gentle gestures  seemed something of a dream as the man before me resembled nothing to the kind boyfriend I knew.

“No,” I replied and my voice hitched, “Harry, just stop.”

Finally his eyes met mine again and for a second, I believed I saw how it dawned on him, that this time, he’d gone too far. Harry knew that he couldn’t take his anger out on me. That I wouldn’t take it as I wasn’t one of the guys who just dealt with his moods.
I bit my lip as my ears still rang from his loudly spoken words. The room had gone quiet aside form the noises of distress that were escaping me still as I tried to calm myself down so I wouldn’t have a break down in front of him.

“Y/N, listen, I-”

I shook my head and stepped back. “No.”

He’d lost himself in front of me before, however, never like this. Never had he got this harsh with me. Early on in our relationship, I’d learned that Harry could very easily snap and switch from being the nicest person in the world, to the complete opposite. He’d become a person he had no control over and said or did the most hurtful things that came to his mind.
Though I somehow knew it wasn’t his fault, I’d made it clear that I couldn’t handle him when he got angry and Harry had understood that.
He took a step forward, yet stopped immediately when I raised my hand.

“You know you can’t be like that with me, Harry.”

A hiss fell from his lips and I watched him roll his eyes before he let his head roll back. Any sign of kindness left his face as he clearly found my words beyond ridiculous.
“Wow, Y/N. You’re really gonna pull that shit on me?”

“What shit?” I questioned.

“The: ‘Oh Harry, you’re just too mean to me. I can’t take it.’ bullshit. Come off of it. It’s fucking ridiculous.”

He turned around and walked to the sink where he filled himself a glass of water, as if the conversation was over to him.

“Is it really, Harry?” I asked and stepped forward, refusing to let it go, “You just called me stupid and your burden! Did you think I would just be okay with it?”

“No, but I-”

“You’re my boyfriend! How can you speak to me like that?”

“Stop making this a bigger deal than what it is,” Harry spoke dismissively.

He raised his hand and brought the glass to his lips, emptying it with a few gulps before setting it down so harshly I feared it’d break.

“You know my day has been nothing but shit,” I continued, “And then you go on and yell, when all I needed was for you to be there for me. Just today, Harry! For once, it could have been about someone other than you!”

This struck a nerve as he raised his eyebrows and I knew that now I’d angered him properly. I willed my feet not to move back when he, with a few strides, came to a stand in front of me. His face held an angry expression and his figure loomed over my shorter one, making me feel incredibly small.
My breath hitched when he leaned in closely and raised his hand to caress my cheek in a surprisingly gentle gesture. A grin appeared on his beautiful face at my reaction. There was no remorse or guilt in his eyes. Only anger and the knowledge that he’d found someone to take it out on.

“I always make everything about myself?” he wondered quietly, “Now you’re lying and you know that. How many times have you called me only to have somebody who’d listen to you bawling your eyes out?”

A quiet laugh escaped him and my heart dropped to my stomach. I shrugged off his touch. How dare he? Harry had become the only person I felt comfortable enough with to confide into and now he was so willing to rub it in my face. I knew he could be an asshole, but never like this.

“You jerk!” I hissed and pushed him back by his chest.

“How many times, huh?” he continued, the cruel smile still on his lips, as my forceful action had done nothing to him, “How often did I have to listen to your complaints while I was with the boys? My friends all with a girl on their lap and me with mine crying to me over the phone. They all got some while my phone bill got more and more expensive by the minute.”

He crossed his arms over his chest and shrugged.

“If only your problems would have at least made a good story to tell them later. Would’ve saved me some mocking, not gonna lie.”

“Harry!” I whimpered as tears stained my cheeks, “You said I could trust you with that.”

“Well, what else was I supposed to say?” he mocked me.

I shook my head before pushing past him, knocking into his shoulder in process. I made my way to the door with Harry following close behind.

“Where are you running to now, babe?”

I hastily slipped on my shoes before putting on my coat.

“Anywhere away from you, asshole!” I replied as I yanked the door open, only for it to be pushed close with force by his hand, preventing me from exiting his apartment.
My breath hitched when he stepped even closer, his breath fanning over my neck and his body heat radiating off on me. It was almost ironic really, given how cold he was being right now.

“And why would you do that, darling?” Harry purred into my ear as he leaned in close.

“I cannot deal with you when you’re being like this!” I spoke, still refusing to face him “and you know full well that you just crossed a line.”

I pulled at the door handle once more and groaned in frustration when it didn’t budge.

“Now let me out, for god’s sake! I’m done with you!”

“Fucking fine!” he exclaimed and let go of the door, allowing me to pull it back open and stepping out of his apartment with rage cursing through my veins and a broken heart thumbing in my chest.


My head was dizzy and my feet ached. After I had spent the last week falling right into bed the minute I got home where I cried and cursed Harry for being the asshole he was, one of my friends had decided that she’d had enough of it. She’d pushed me into a shower, forced me into one of her too-tight and too-short dresses and then dragged me to her favorite club. A place, where she was quick to abandon me at, so she could socialize with the dozens of people she knew.

I wrapped my bare arms around my waist and bit my lip. I didn’t want to be here, alone and surrounded by drunken strangers. At least, whenever Harry had brought me to a club, he’d never left my side. It had even been fun sometimes. But Harry hadn’t tried to reach out to me all week, not a call and not one single text. My eyes stung at the thought and I cursed myself for relying on him so much. That needed to change.
I stepped into the pool of dancing people. My body easily found the rhythm to the music and soon the awkwardness faded as I let myself relax.
However, it all faded when all of a sudden two hands settled on my hips and a body pressed itself against my back. I struggled to turn around, but once I did my breath hitched. I’d never seen the stranger who held me to him before.

“Aren’t you a pretty one?” he spoke, his voice deep as it came out like a low grunt.

The man wasn’t exactly unattractive, yet he made me feel incredibly uncomfortable given how close he’d come, uninvited. His hair was blond and his figure tall and muscly as he towered over me. The stranger grinned when he noticed my gaze as he probably believed I was checking him out.

“Like what you see, babe?” he questioned and pulled me closer.

He, too, eyed me up and down with piercing blue eyes and a sickening feeling crawled up my throat as I noticed how his tall figure allowed him a perfect view down my dress. An approving hum escaped him and my entire body tensed.

“Let go,” I fought and tried to shrug off his hold. He, however, only tightened his grip on my waist.

“Now, now, we don’t want to make this a mess, do we? Wouldn’t wanna ruin all the fun we’re gonna have.”

I grimaced as his breath, smelling heavily of alcohol, hit my face and shook my head, my eyes searching for my friend. My body jumped when a pair of lips found the skin of my cheek in a wet kiss.

“Stop it! Get off of me!”

The stranger huffed and I whined when he moved to take hold of my hands. Before I knew it, I was pulled through the crowd of people and towards a darker corner from the club. All my struggles were for nothing and I cried out in frustration when I couldn’t loosen his hold.
Once we reached his desired destination, he pressed me up against the wall and positioned his body so that it shielded mine.
Frightful tears escaped my eyes as I realized that no one would come to my aid now. The man forced my arms up to press them both against the wall with one hand. The other settled onto my stomach as he began moving his palm, searching for any bare skin.

“Please, stop,” I whimpered and my body froze in shock from the unwanted touch.

“I didn’t come here by myself. My boyfriend,” I began to lie desperately, when his fingers found the hem of my dress, “he’s going to look for me, and-”

“I have been watching you,” the man interrupted me and I whimpered when his wet mouth pressed to the skin of my neck, liking and biting the skin. “There isn’t anyone with you. No need to try to make me jealous, baby.”

More tears fell from my eyes and my wrists hurt from his tight hold on them. I gasped when his knees pressed into my legs in an attempt to get them to part, crushing me further into the cold stone.

“C'mon baby,” he cooed, “be good for me.”

I whimpered and my lungs struggling for breath when the guy began to nip and suck on my skin.

“I don’t want to,” I repeated against his ear, my head dizzy from fear, “please stop.”

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing there?”

My stomach clenched in relief at the familiar voice, coming from right beside me and a small cry escaped my lips. Harry. I looked up and my eyes found his face, yet he his eyes weren’t set on me. Instead, his furious gaze was directed on the man who didn’t make any effort to let me go, while I tried to set all my focus onto Harry, desperately clinging to any distraction from the man assaulting me.

“Go away,” the stranger grunted, his head still pressed into my shoulder. “You can have your go when I’m done.”

My heart fell at the rough words and I whimpered, trying to shake off the man’s hold. Harry’s eyes darkened when he saw my attempts at freeing myself and for a moment his angry glare found my face.

“Don’t think that’s gonna work for me,” he growled, “Now do as I said.”

The stranger groaned in frustration and still remove himself, though, I knew if he’d see Harry’s angered expression he’d let go instantly.

“Mate, fuck off alre-”

The man cursed when he was swiftly pulled from my body, but was silenced when Harry knocked him further back with another forceful push to his shoulders.
My body came to life the moment my attacker let go and my lungs filled with all the air they’d been denied for too long. I quickly raised my aching arms to pull down my dress, covering the skin the man had managed to expose and I willed myself not to break into hysterics at the fear mixed with relief I felt. Harry had already positioned himself in front of me when I looked back up and warmth flooded through my body as I knew I was no longer in danger.

“You. Leave,” Harry said and raised a warning finger at the stranger, “Now. Or else I will rip off your head.”

Harry’s voice stayed surprisingly quiet and calm, yet his tone as sharp as a blade. My mind shot back to when Harry had raised his voice at me only a week ago and though I’d been afraid, I realized that I hadn’t seen the truly angry Harry then. Truly furious Harry wasn’t loud, but calm. He neither shout nor yell. This was even scarier, because there was no sign that could have indicated when he’d snap.
The blonde guy glared at Harry, anger clear in his eyes, yet I could tell that he wasn’t immune to Harry’s intimidating aura and he took a step back.

“What the hell, man? Wasn’t doing any harm, now was I?”

Harry’s back muscles tensed and I reached out to brush my fingers over his shoulder blades in an attempt to calm him. “Harry-”

“No harm?” Harry growled and took a step towards the man and out of my reach, “You were just molesting my girlfriend and you call that no harm?”

“Hey, c'mon man. She didn’t say anything 'bout a boyfriend,” the stranger defended in a nervous chuckle and looked around Harry as if he expected me to help him.

“But she told you 'no’ and you just ignored that.”

My chest tightened and I wished Harry would stop taunting him and let the strangers leave, if only so that we could go home.

“Harry, please let’s go,” I pleaded quietly.

It surprised me just as much as the two men how high and frantic my voice sounded, as if I’d cry at any moment. Green eyes found mine when he turned around and to my relief, a quick nod followed.

“I’ll let you off for it now,” Harry said, directed to the man but he was still looking at me, “but rest assured that I’m gonna remember you.”

His warm hand found my small one and once more I was pulled through the crowd of people. My feet struggled to keep up with Harry’s long strides but we both refused to let go of our interlocked fingers and so he slowed his pace a bit. He continued to pull me until we stepped outside where my aching lungs happily breathed in the fresh air. Finally he came to a halt in front of a black car that I recognized as his. He gently squeezed my fingers once more before releasing them so that he could unlock the vehicle.

“Harry, I-”

He silenced me by raising his hand. “Not here.”

Harry nodded towards the exit we had just come out of and I noticed a group of people staring at us. Of course they wanted to see what the famous Harry Styles was doing in a non-fancy club.

“We’ll talk in private, yeah? Get inside.”

“My friend, she-” I began, my voice shaking as I still hadn’t stopped trembling.

“I’ll text her later,” Harry interrupted, “I’ll let her know that you’re with me.”

He nodded to his car once more and this time I was quick to obey without questioning anything further. I settled into the passenger seat and the moment Harry sat down behind the steering wheel, my hand already reached out to take hold of his. Harry chuckled softly and squeezed my hand.

“Love, I need that hand for changing the gear,” he spoke quietly and lifted my hand to his lips where he pressed a kiss to the skin before gently setting it down onto my thigh.

He shot me a gentle smile, started the engine and drove off.
A breath escaped me and I relaxed further back into the leather seat. Every muscle in my body felt sore and it took everything I had to keep the tears at bay as I was crushed with emotion.


“We’ll be at my flat in a bit, love. Okay?” Harry assured me calmly, “Will you be alright until then or do you need me to pull over?”

“No, it’s fine,” I murmured.

Harry nodded and reached forward to turn on the radio, knowing that the music would ease me.


“How did you know where to find me?”

I was sitting on one of Harry’s barstools in his kitchen, my torso dressed Harry’s Rolling Stone’s shirt and a pair of his black boxers hung from my hips. My fingers held the cup of hot chocolate Harry had made me as I stared up at Harry who stood in front of me. Both of our hair was wet after we’d taken turns at showering and the wet strands dropped onto his bare chest. Normally, his nakedness would have had me drooling over him, but after tonights events I was simply grateful that Harry and I had somehow forgotten about our argument.

“I have your friend on snapchat for some reason,” he replied while buttering the toast he was preparing for me, insisting that I needed to eat something. “Was receiving one picture of you two after the other, until it was only her. Figured something was going on.”

“She was excited to go,”  I muttered.

Harry shot me a glance and handed me the toast before taking a sip from his tea. “She’s a shit friend, Y/N. You shouldn’t hang out with her anymore.”

“She was trying to cheer me up,” I weakly defended her, but I knew he was right.

“Yeah, and then she left you alone with a pervert who would have done god knows what to you, if I hadn’t seen him pull you to the side.”

I whimpered at his words and put away the piece of bread as all the appetite was gone. Harry sighed and set down his cup before leaning down to wrap both of his arms around my waist. I quickly buried my face into his neck and  closed my eyes, breathing in the comforting smell of him as I allowed him to lift me up.

“M'sorry,” Harry murmured, “didn’t mean for that to come out this harsh. I know you’re shaken up by all this.”

“It’s okay,” I whispered back and cuddled myself further into Harry’s chest.

I welcomed his closeness and the security he provided as my heart slowly began to calm down.

“My baby,” Harry hummed against the shell of my ear, before his lips found my neck, “S'all over now, okay? S'done.”

“I know,” I whispered, and tried to push away the memory of a different pair of lips that had touched the same spot only hours ago.

Sensing that I was uncomfortable he tightened his hold and hoisted me up. “C'mon. We should go to bed.”

I nodded and allowed him to carry me to his bedroom. My body was placed onto the bed and I smiled when Harry carefully covered me with his bedsheets.

“Good?” he asked, “Warm enough?”

He waited for my nod before slipping under the sheets himself.

“I like that we’ve slept together in your bed so often that we have established sides,” I whispered.

Harry chuckled and wrapped his arms around my waist so I could lay my head on his chest. “S'your bed as much as it’s mine, love. And if m'not wrong, your 'side’ is on top of me.”

I giggled and nodded, knowing how true his statement was.

“Are you feeling any better?”

“Much,” I replied, “Thank you.”

“Of course,” he hummed and took a deep breath before asking, “He didn’t hurt you, did he?”

“No, Harry. He didn’t.”

He nodded and pressed a kiss to my head. “M'glad.”

I hummed and cuddled my face further into his neck, my arms squeezing him tightly. The room was quiet aside from our breathing or the occasional kisses we left on each other’s skin. I took a deep breath as I let myself be consumed by him, happiness flooding my body at the relief.

“I never want to go that long without talking again,” I confessed.

Harry sighed. “I need to say sorry for that, don’t I? Was being such an asshole.”

“Yeah, you were.”

Harry moved so that he could hover over my body. His lips found my collarbones in a soft kiss and his hands squeezed my waist. His green eyes settled on my face and it warmed my body when I noticed how loving and warm they were.

“I love you and I’m so sorry, Y/N. I promise to never be like that with you again.”

“I don’t want you to be like that with anyone, though,” I replied and leaned forward to kiss his cheek softly. “You’re so much better than that.”

“I know,” he whined and reorganized the blankets so he could cover our heads with them as well.

I giggled at the makeshift cave he’d created and moved my hands to hold him by his neck, so I could make out where his face was in the sudden darkness. His own fingers found the hem of the shirt I was wearing and began moving his thumb against the skin of my hips.

“You did hold your ground, though. Was quite proud of that.”

“Shouldn’t have to,” I replied, “I get that arguments are bound to happen in a relationship, but not like this, Harry. Can’t have you purposely hurt me just 'cause you’re angry.”

I gasped when another kiss was pressed to my jaw and giggled when his hair tickled my cheek. This gentle and kind Harry was the person I loved and was used to. Of course I didn’t want to end our relationship, but I knew I never wanted to feel afraid of him again.

“You scared me,” I whispered.

Harry whimpered at that and pressed himself further into my arms. “M'sorry. I’ll work on my anger, I swear.”

I nodded and squeezed him. “That’s all I’m asking for.”

Harry pressed another kiss to my cheek. “I promise.”

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{Reaction} EXO finding you wearing their clothes.

Note: Sorry for taking so long finishing your request! I have had different family things going on and I’ve returned to college now so my updates may not be as frequent as I’d like, either way, please enjoy this reaction as I had a lot of fun writing it. Thank you~ Mami xx

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Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by daenso

Chanyeol would laugh when he finds you wearing one of his oversized hoodies whilst sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea and a book. He’d interupt your peacefulness to tease you about how small you look in his clothes, but would really find it very cute. He would love how cosy and warm you look wrapped up in his hoodies, especially in the winter when your cheeks are flushed and you look so cute under his clothes.

Chanyeol: “Ya! You look so small jagi it’s adorable! I just want to cuddle you forever~”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by daebaksoo

Kyungsoo wouldn’t tell you that he thinks you look really cute in his clothes. He’d pretend to be annoyed and tell you to stop using his clothes when you have perfectly good ones of your own. But deep down he would secretly think you look incredibly adorable, and would especially love the way you look wearing his jumpers on a cold winters day, or one of his shirts that’s far too big for you the morning after staying at his.

Kyungsoo: “Aish, are you wearing my clothes again?”

{y/n}: “But wearing your jackets are like having warm hugs from you. They’re warm and smell like you?”

Kyungsoo: “Are you forgetting the real thing is standing right in front of you?”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by parkchny

Baekhyun would be all for you wearing his clothes. Not only that, but Baekhyun would really love couple matching outfits {however much it makes the other members cringe.} He’d constantly tease and compliment about the way that you look in his clothes, and he would adore the way you look in the most random moments. Drinking coffee or making tea, he’s stop and admire the way you look in his clothes and smile, thinking how lucky he really is.

{y/n}: “Why are you watching me like that?”

Baekhyun: “I just think you look so beautiful like that.”

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by jongins

Sehun would like the fact that you wear his clothes, even though he doesn’t seem like the type that would. At first when you started wearing his clothes, he may have been a little bratty about it. But now he simply sees you wearing his clothes and loves the way it looks on you {especially the smile it brings to your face. He won’t admit it, but he thinks your smile is beautiful too.} He can also be playful when it comes to you wearing his clothes, sometimes he’d let out teasing comments as you walk by.

Sehun: “My clothes look great on you Jagi, but they’d look better on my floor.” *winks*

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by laygion

Yixing is either going to react one of two ways. He’s either going to find you wearing his clothes very cute, or he’s going to find you wearing his clothes very sexy. This means that one day he might be all cuddles and compliments, to another day being all flirty and touching. Usually, he’ll find you adorable in his hoodies or his accessories, but pull out the button up shirt and his hands aren’t going to be able to stay away from you.

Yixing: “Jagiya you look so sexy in my clothes, but do you know what would be sexier?”

{y/n}: “What?”

Yixing: “If you were wearing nothing at all.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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Jongdae will more than likely whine at you for “stealing his clothes.” But like Yixing, he’s not just going to act in one specific way. You’re either going to get an outburst of “Waaaaeeeee,” or you’re going to get an attack of sudden kisses in the crook of your neck. If there are other members around, Jongdae will be less than happy {probably because the other members are gawking at you as much as he is.}

Jongdae: “Jagi! Come over here. Do you really think I’m going to let you walk around like that unpunished?”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

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You’re in for some fun with Minseok if you know how to play your cards right. Wearing his hoodies will make him unable to resist hugging you, however wearing something a little sexier is going to make him unable to keep his eyes or his hands off you.

Minseok: *Cages you against the wall between his arms.* “If you think I’m going to let you walk around like that untouched then you’re dead wrong, Jagiya.”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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Tao would be flattered when he sees you wearing his clothes, and you’d be the only person that would be anywhere allowed his Gucci collection. If anything, he’d help you choose items of his clothing to wear {this could be morning after wear or during a day.} To be honest, it doesn’t matter to Tao if you’re wearing his clothes or your clothes, he’d going to love how you look either way.

Tao: “Here you can borrow my Gucci bag, it matches your outfit better than yours.”

{y/n}: “Are you sure?”

Tao: “Yeah, but if you damage it in any way, shape or form I will not be happy.”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Junmyeon would love seeing you in his clothes and would more than likely urge you to wear them. He’d love seeing you in his clothes, but he would also like giving you his clothes for when he does away. He’d remind you how much he loves and missed you, and how he sent wait to replace the hoodies for hugs when he gets home.

Junmyeon: *On Skype.* “Aish Jagi, I’m so jealous of my hoodie. As soon as I’m home I’m going to cuddle you all day and all night.”

Lu Han

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Luhan would take this opportunity to flirt with you a hell of a lot. You’d be wearing a tee-shirt of his and he’d purposefully ask you to swap with him just so he can see you remove the shirt. But regardless of this, he will be sweet as well. Sometimes he’d buy clothes just because he knows how cute they’d look on you. {of course, he’d never admit to this.}

Luhan: “Baobi I think you’d look hot in this.”

{y/n}: “But I’m already dressed today.”

Luhan: “Maybe you should get undressed.” *Suggestive*

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Jongin would love you wearing his clothes. He’d always offer you his jacket on cold days out, and would always make sure you’re wrapped up in one of his hoodies when you’re shivering. Of course, he’d find this all very sweet, but he’d also love to see you wearing his hats, scarves and buttoned up shirts. You in his clothes is also a major turn on for him if you do it in the right way.

{y/n}: *Wearing his checked button up shirt, some of the buttons undone at the top to reveal cleavage as you bend over to ‘clean the worktop’ {AKA giving Jongin something to gawk at}*

Jongin: “Hey Jagi, I think you’re done cleaning for now.” *Plans on doing inappropriate things to you against that very work surface.*

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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He wouldn’t admit it, but Kris would love seeing you wearing his clothes. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a sexy or an innocent way, he’d love it wholey. It would make him feel warm and fuzzy inside, and he’d be even happier when he gets that item of clothing back with your smell lingering on it.

{y/n}: “Wasn’t I wearing that shirt yesterday?”

Kris: “Yeah, so? What’s wrong with that? You can wear clothes more than once. Gosh Jagi, you’re such a clean freak, pssh.” *Defensive, but totally blushing.*