but then i think i do

You know what I hate more than my art style?

I tell you.

I hate nothing more than my art style.

But my mom came to me yesterday and told me the story of the archer who was so focused on the target that he could never hit it.
Until that one day he learned to enjoy his practice and finally understood that the more you like doing what you do, the better you improve.

Did he hit his target in the end?


And I hope to be like him and finally accept my mistakes just to get better without even realising.


i can’t believe i stan him TT


every westallen scene ever (124/?)

The scene that killed me

This. This did me in. Not only because of how much Akutagawa actually cared about Kyouka, but also because of his narration about his mentor, Dazai.

According to Akutagawa

He met a certain person

Joined a certain organization

And the hope for death in his eyes



I see your Altean Lance and I raise you Resistance Lance.

Lance comes from a line of surviving Alteans. He fights as a hope against the galra. Just as flirtatious and friendly but more alien and stuff .

 He MAY have had connections with marmora. He MAY have helped Shiro escape.He MAY have even be trying to free the red lion for years but never got past the lions barrier (and developes spite for Keith)

It only gets worse for the galras when the wanted rebel pilots the blue lion.

litwickweer  asked:

not a bpd concept but like..... tfw you're scrolling through this blog like "what if i don't actually have bpd???" even though every single post is so damn relatable

i literally run this blog and sometimes i don’t think i have bpd