but then i started falling for all these mitchell songs and yeah

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Do you have any Faberry or Bechloe fic recs? You write amazing fanfiction, so I imagine you probably also have good taste in them :D

aw thank you so much! as luck would have it… I do have fic recs for both of those ships! And, well, of course I think of myself as having good taste in fics ;)

I have made a few faberry fic recs in the past, and unfortunately, I haven’t found many more fics with them since then? Granted, I haven’t been as much in a faberry-heavy mood for a few months, so… yeah the fic rec lists are the same. You can find them  here and here.

As for bechloe… okay, well the majority of my favorite Bechloe fics are shorter stories/oneshots (which i believe is the majority of stories i’ve really seen) but granted, I haven’t gone through this entire fandom and scoured for fics like i have for faberry. 

Okay, so without farther adieu:

Bechloe Fic Recs

By Redlance

Experimentation - So, about that one little regret… (aka canon divergent from the second movie and Chloe’s tent confession also known as the slowest burn to ever burn)

this is like the classic quintessential bechloe fic, let’s be real. i’m sure you’ve already read it, but… the hands down best bechloe fic i’ve ever seen.

Exception - Chloe is Beca’s exception to most of the rules she’s set herself in life. Which isn’t anywhere near as difficult for Beca to accept as it should be.

Sure Would Be Prettier - There’s an entire world out there for Beca to see, and she does. It’s filled with beauty and music and wonder, and it’s all pretty breath-taking. But there’s always something missing.

By wherehopelies -

You Still Make Sense to Me (Your Mess Is Mine) - “Chloe fills up all of the spaces inside her that she didn’t even know existed until Chloe was there.“orrrrr the one where it takes a fake-engagement and being domestic as hell for these two idiots to realize they’re in love. Set two years after PP2 and mostly canon compliant. Title taken from Vance Joy’s "Mess is Mine”

By Care -

The Sexual Implications of Teleportation - The first time is a complete freak accident.

eliminate the distance between us - Senior year isn’t really going the way Beca thought it would.A Pitch Perfect 2 AU.

You Know Her Breath Will Catch And How Her Fingers Curl - If someone had asked Beca at the end of her freshman year whose idea it would be to do a Bellas reunion tour, she would have sworn up and down that it would be Aubrey’s.

By gilligankane -

reality is a sliding door - There is a theory: every person has a moment in their life where they make a choice to go left or right. From those possibilities, two parallel lines form, running alongside each other; two concurrent realities. Parallel lines never cross; they run forever next to each other without ever meeting.In one world, Beca Mitchell joins the Barden Bellas.In another world, she wasn’t supposed to.In every world, Beca Mitchell underestimates Chloe Beale.

when gravity’s pulling (you’re still holding my heart) - Beca isn’t sure how she got here.Well, she knows how she got here, in this house, with these girls. She knows all about the real estate process too. But she isn’t sure how she got here: Laying on her bed with her laptop in her lap and her legs bent at the knee, feet flat so Chloe can paint her toenails while she goes over the Bellas history with Legacy and answer every question about the Beca-and-Chloe (fake) dating thing.It’s this part of her life she isn’t so sure about.

Song Beneath the Song - Chloe has always followed the music, because music has given her the best, most important things in her life.  It’s never led her astray. Sometimes, though, she wishes it’d give her a little bit of warning about the roller coaster she’s in for.

By sexonastick -

The Party’s Crashing Us - Beca has never been big into high school activities, but sometimes desperate people do desperate things. Like show up for marching band and get stalked by the creepy redheaded cheerleader who won’t leave you alone.

Bulletproof Use of Bullet Points - Nobody values friendship more than Aubrey Posen. (Even her best friend, Chloe, can really only be said to consider friendship equally as important as Aubrey does.) The point is: it matters.But Beca Mitchell might just be the most annoying person at Barden University. (Important note: she most definitely is.) Tolerating smug shitheads for the sake of someone else is surely the True Meaning of friendship.

By eliseboobman -

One touch and I was a believer (every kiss it gets a little sweeter) - “I wonder how many there are.” Chloe says, pointing up with her finger. She starts to count, moving her finger every time she does, and Beca smiles as she watches her. It’s impossible to count every star in the sky, but obviously Chloe tries. It’s such a Chloe thing to do.

You’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece - Beca is in love with Chloe. Chloe is in love with Stacie. Stacie is in love with Aubrey. Everything is messed up. (The unrequited love AU that nobody asked for.)

By obstinate_questionings -

This World Is Gonna Burn (Baby You Should Stick Around) - Beca really should have let Chloe know how much she hated ghost stories.[Halloween fic.]

By shitqueen -

Silhouettes -  It’s quite worrisome, how happy-go-lucky, doesn’t know the meaning of boundaries, across-neighbour Chloe Beale doesn’t bother her.  She doesn’t dwell on it though, she just continues on with life and focuses on what’s in front of her. Like, giving Jesse his Chinese food and pushing his legs off her sofa.(or: beca thinks everything is perfect, then chloe moves in across from her. being domestic as hell and secretly in love with each other for two years  come after.)

oh the habits of my heart - Listen, Beca’s not gay.She’s, like, only mildly attracted to German blondes. And, like, half-ish attracted to weirdo redheads with no knowledge on boundaries and how to respect them. So, yeah. Beca’s not gay.

By novel_concept26 -

Storytellers and Legends - Dr. Mitchell has the habit of kicking off his classes with personal stories: stories about a girl so outrageous, she couldn’t possibly be real. At least, that’s what Chloe always told herself. 

(Accidentally) Taking Aim - For Kay’s prompt: “At Barden, the acapella groups are naturally drawn to understanding the world through music. It’s the language they speak, from toners to aca-children, but most of all in the harmonies they make with their mouths. So is it really any wonder that Chloe is falling so hard when Beca is wooing her with her music, even if it’s completely by accident?”

Secrecy - Chloe and Aubrey are best friends; always have been, always will be. Which is what makes this whole thing so weird. Because, see, best friends don’t keep secrets from each other. Most of the time.

Some Kind of Home - Home is where the heart is; Chloe is just better at following hers than most people. Not that Beca gets that at all.

By reliquiaen -

I Am Not Worthy (Not Worthy of This) - Prompt: “I found your tumblr but you don’t know and urg now you’re posting about your crush on this cute person oh wait is that me.”  Got waaaay out of hand.

Jesse’s Girl - “It’s an inner monologue of curses and other assorted expletives coupled with self-derogatory slurs that’s been skipping scratchily through her head for the past ten minutes.” - AU

By lismicro -

this love ain’t enough to leave you - On a one-way trip to Los Angeles, aspiring DJ Beca Mitchell doesn’t expect her world to change. Enter Chloe Beale, photographer and journalist, who doesn’t know how to make hers stand still.

By mooosicaldreamz -

mix the bourgeoisie and the rebel (we got the gift of melody) - Beca is an up and coming producer, Chloe Beale is pop’s newest princess. This is the story of how they fall in love.

By echo_wolf -

Something You Want, Something You Need - Beca Mitchell’s not really sure how, but a copper-haired Cocker Spaniel (who walked into her bathroom while she was singing in the shower) managed to change her life and give her Chloe Beale.  Or the story of how DJ-just-moved-in-down-the-hall Beca and  travelling-private-music-instructor Chloe succeed to be disgustingly domestic with a dog and 5000 miles distance.

By galpalkru -

Don’t You (Forget About Me) - If you drunkenly sleep with your best friend, you’re both just supposed to pretend that you don’t remember, right? Even if you know that she knows that you know that she knows. Yeah.Or the one where Beca and Chloe sleep together and refuse to be the first to admit that they both remember everything.

By lamachine -

embrace the weirdness -  She was working for a sex line. Chloe was a phone sex operator.  Okay. That one, Beca needed time to process.

By theamberissubtle -

Aca-awkward - Chloe gets caught sexting in class by a lecturer who also happens to be the unsuspecting father of her girlfriend.

By chloebeale -

All Apologies - Beca can’t believe it when her gorgeous redheaded neighbor shows up on her doorstep. When she starts crying, admitting that she’s run over what she thinks is Beca’s cat, she doesn’t have the heart to tell her that the feline belongs to the old man next door. And when Chloe locks her keys in her car, she can’t help but invite her in. But even Beca doesn’t expect what happens next.

I’ll stop there for now… I hope you enjoy!

#8 I Found A Love for Me

A/N: hey nerds. this week has been a doozy, but nonetheless i’m well and breathing. sorry i haven’t written in a while, writers block was full force and I was so stressed I was just creatively like…not there. at all. ANYWHO here we go. Back on track. lets do this shit. In the mean time, feel free to read all of my stuff here -> it’s always tagged under “ficshit” 

The List Be Here
1. Oh my god you’re in love with her
2. You’re too good for this world
3. It’s about damn time!
4. I just had to see you
5. Please let me help
6. H-How long have you been standing there?
7. Could you be happy here with me? (this one is my fave so far xx)

***I’m also going to be a douche bag and NOT write this prompt, I have another prompt i’ve had in my head for a bit and I’m gonna write that one instead. Don’t h8***

Based off of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” and “Hearts Don’t Break Around Here” BECAUSE I can’t not think of Bechloe when I listen to them. Assholes.

Dating for three years, engaged for one, these two were finally ready to tie the knot.

Most of the wedding plans were set other than the details regarding the reception. More specifically, their first dance. Beca had told Chloe she wanted to surprise her and to leave all the music to her, but Chloe didn’t not like knowing what was going on. 

They were sitting on the couch, Beca on her laptop - Chloe flipping through social media on her phone, their legs intertwined but bodies on opposite ends of the couch. Chloe nudged Beca with her foot. “Hey.. so like can you at least give me a hint?”

Beca looked up and took an earbud out, “A hint to what?”

“The wedding stuff. Just give me like a genre.”


“Babe pleaseeeee” pouty face in full force, Beca’s weakness.

“Nope. Notta.”

“I’ll give you a foot rub every night this week and do the laundry for a month.”

“You already give me a foot rub every night.”

“Okay but the laundry thing.”

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I dreamed about Matt Murdock singing "Pacify her" by Melanie Martinez, thinking about Foggy and Marci. Mostly the lines: "Someone told me stay away from things that aren’t yoursBut was he yours, if he wanted me so bad?" and "Pacify her/ She’s getting on my nerves/ You don’t love her/ Stop lying with those words"

I hope you’ll forgive me for going with the spirit of the prompt and not the lyric itself, but here’s some Matt stealing Foggy with love songs. 

Sister Louise had been the one who taught him to play the guitar, a worn-out sounding instrument she had named Janis. “What do you get when you fall in love, a guy with a pin to burst your bubble,” she’d sung, strumming happily in the St. Agnes’ common room with Matt’s hand resting over hers, learning the shape of her knuckles as they made notes on the strings.

When Matt had commented, a little hesitantly, that he hadn’t thought nuns were allowed to like music, she laughed. “I was at Woodstock, dear heart, they couldn’t stop me if they wanted to. Here, feel where I put bumps on the top of the neck? That’s how you can tell where you should put your hand. Now, show me F#, do you remember that one?”

Sometimes, Matt listened to the cassette tapes playing in Sister Louise’s room while he lay in his bed, two floors away. Under the blankets, his hands made the shapes she was teaching him. Sister Louise listened to the Shirelles and the Carpenters and Joni Mitchell. Sometimes, with the volume so low Matt almost had to strain to hear, she played The Grateful Dead. But mostly, she hummed along to ladies with pretty voices singing about being in love.

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Yes, the time has officially come. After three years, I feel it is finally time to say goodbye to the Five Nights at Freddy’s fandom. In spite of everything, I actually have had a lot of fun in this fandom. I loved building my own versions of the characters, writing Poor Little Souls (and the later fanfics in the same verse), and RPing with so many cool people. Especially RPing-I honestly feel like I’ve made a lot of friends through Five Nights at Freddy’s roleplays, so I just want to take a moment to shout out to all the amazing people who have made my time as a member of this fandom worthwhile. I’m not sure how many people will still be on by the time I post this, so I’m going to tag as many of you as I can.

Whether we RP a lot, and have had up to two threads at a time( @akiller-astutterer-ryandjeremy , @universal-multimuse, @miraculouslykawaii,), have had one ongoing thread( @foniela, @funtimefoxyask, @kawiikirbywarrior, @asksecurityofficermitchellandco, @nightowl-nina), have only had a few threads( @jack-the-purpleguy-rp, @five-or-so-missing-children, @fazbear-security, @asknoahstuff-reactivated, @ask-funfred-and-bon), you just started following me( @wind-the-music-box, @four-kids-and-dead-brother, @miadoragamer , @lolbitzz, @brentwingard), or I haven’t even seen you in forever, but we used to RP a lot in the past (@grey-drop, @lostshadowkids-deactivated20170, @the-oc-squad, wehaveaplaceforhim, @ask-the-fiesta-time-crew, patchedupmess), you guys made me proud to be a Five Nights at Freddy’s fan, and even when the games started to grow stale, and the headache that is Sister Location came along, I was willing to stay anyway for the wonderful friends I made. Coming onto Tumblr every day and seeing all of you on my dashboard always made my days a little brighter. No matter where I was or what I was doing-whether it was at school, cramped up in a tiny apartment in New Jersey, or back at home, the one constant in my life was my online friends. I would say that I wish I could meet you guys in real life, but honestly, you’d probably just be disappointed if you met me, heh…

Even though I no longer find the Five Nights at Freddy’s games fun, I can safely say that they have had a BIG influence on me as a writer and artist. If I’m being completely honest, I don’t think I’ll ever actually stop loving the games-I really loved the story (well, mostly the first three games), wrote a fanfic that I’m still super proud of and to this day has still gotten the most attention out of any of the fanfics I’ve ever posted, and allowed me to craft characters I enjoyed building and fell in love with in the form of Mike, Ian, Melody, Tricia, Travis, Hope, Fritz, Jeremy, Sal, and everyone on my side blog. These guys are simply too great to get rid of…so I’m not going to. After all, I have two webcomics I’m planning to work on in the future-just change some names, tweak their designs a little bit, and they can fit right into Myth City and Phylum! I might not be into Five Nights at Freddy’s anymore, but I can’t just let these great characters go to waste. That’s the reason I picked the song I did for this comic-this isn’t goodbye to them forever-just for now. (BTW, brownie points to anyone else who watched Out of the Box as a kid!) And I thought it would be fitting to mark my departure from this fandom by having Mike setting the kids’ souls free like in the FNAF 3 minigames, finally allowing them to rest in peace. This is only the second color comic I’ve done-hopefully when I actually get to working on my webcomics they’ll be much better…my biggest regret in all the time I’ve been in this fandom is that I didn’t do more digital art, so my AU could get at least a little more attention-and fanart. And even though I honestly believe the games should’ve stopped after Five Nights at Freddy’s 3, Scott Cawthon is one of my biggest inspirations, and I’m grateful that he brought Five Nights at Freddy’s to the world. I’ve had a lot of fun with it, it’s obvious he’s been having a lot of fun making the games, and I just hope that one day I can create something this groundbreaking.

Also, I’m sorry guys, but I’m afraid that there’s actually more to this comic and post than just me leaving the fandom. I’ve been doing some thinking, and I think it would be best for me to take a (probably long) hiatus from Tumblr and yes, this does mean that all the RPs I’m doing will be dropped. I have to be real with myself-it’s been a year now since I graduated from Mitchell, and I haven’t really done a lot with myself.

A whole YEAR.

Okay yes, back in New Jersey I got called in for some job interviews, and I did volunteer work at the Jaguar Project and the Bird Rescue…but that’s simply not enough. I’ve done almost nothing except RP here on Tumblr, and I know that if I want to get anywhere in life, I can’t keep going on this way.

I think it’s finally time for me to grow up–or at least pretend that I’m a grown-up :P

I’m going to continue, and then eventually finish, my driving lessons with my uncle, go in for my practical test, and get my driving license; and I’m also going to do work for Lisa, and look and see if I can find a paying job in the environmental field, even if it’s temporary. Once I’ve gotten some work experience under my belt, and started earning my own money, I’m going to finish and send in my application for Chatham University and hope that they accept me, so I can start work towards my Masters’ in Environmental Arts and Humanities. I don’t know if at this point they’re still accepting applications for Fall 2017, but there’s always spring. But I really DO want to go to that school-it looks amazing.

I honestly don’t know how long this hiatus will last-a few weeks, a month, two months, but just a heads-up: when I do come back, this blog is going to change. For starters, I’m going to change my icon and URL (maybe go back to rhys-ravenfeather and change my art blog back to rhy-art, maybe pick out another URL), and I’m likely going to start RPing a lot less. I’m still going to keep Rhys, Seth, Iris, and Gabby around in case anyone really wants to interact with them, but I’m going to focus more on art, ESPECIALLY stuff for Myth City, to promote the story and characters and get more people excited for when I start the comic. Though that likely won’t be for a while-I still have a long way to go artistically. One of the things I plan to do during my downtime in this hiatus is to search for more art programs, practice different effects such as shading and glowing-as well as little things like just learning to fit an entire person into one page. I’m also going to do some stuff for Under Gravity—I’m still planning on working on, and eventually finishing, the story, though I am planning on making this the last fanfic I work on. I still like this idea and all, but honestly, borrowing other people’s characters just isn’t as fun as using my own.

I get that this huge information dump might be a bit much for you guys, so if some of you don’t want to follow me anymore, I won’t force you to stay. To some of my more recent Five Nights at Freddy’s rpers/followers, I’m sorry that we couldn’t have done more together. For what it’s worth, it was fun, and I am going to miss you. To everyone else, i.e. my non-FNAF RP followers, or mutual followers I’ve never had a single RP with but still love anyway( @ultimate-liam, @puellamagialexmagica1993, @cookievampiress, @matthewchastain-etc, @gasriel-chara-and-aster-dreemurr, @ksbwcosplay), don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine…somehow. One thing you’ve gotta know about me-I’m a durable gal. I can’t say how soon I’ll be back, but I do promise that you haven’t seen the last of me. The day may come that I leave Tumblr altogether, but that won’t be one day soon-not before I become a popular artist! Gotta get my name out there, after all ;)

But before I do anything else, I should really try and get my life-my REAL life, together first. So yeah…goodbye, for now.

Until we meet again :’)

I present to you, the ultimate Bechloe fic rec list.

this list consists of the best bechloe fics i’ve read, dating back to when i first discovered the ship (january 2013). fics that take place during/after pp2 will probably be towards the bottom, since i’m adding these in the order i have them bookmarked on my laptop. there probably also won’t be a whole ton of them, since i’m still working on reading a bunch of the new ones.

PLEASE NOTE: most of these have a set plot or premise. i didn’t add any of the “smut without plot” fics i’ve read. if you’re looking for one of those, feel free to ask; i can recommend a few.

fics with a * after the title are oneshots!

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Just in case you ever forget how beautiful Zach/Owen is:

  • Zach going off to college, talking to a friend who’s taking Zoology and off-handedly mentioning that his boyfriend is an ex-Navy SEAL professional raptor wrangler.
  • Owen can’t figure out why Zach is so reluctant to spend the night with him. He isn’t going to push him, yeah, but they’ve been dating for almost seven months now (and he’s kind of starting to wonder whether his boyfriend has a third nipple or something). Turns out Zach talks in his sleep. At first it’s just ten kinds of adorable and pretty freakin’ hilarious when Owen catches him mumbling about pickles and Owen’s jawline in his sleep. Then one night, he’s just drifting off, cuddled up with an arm around Zach’s waist, when he hears the words I love you murmured softly. Owen doesn’t tease him again after that, but secretly, Zach’s midnight ramblings are one of his favourite things ever.
  • It’s been years since the Isla Nublar incident, and Owen still feels really empty without his girls. He misses having something to teach and care for — and it doesn’t go unnoticed by Zach. He adopts a puppy from the animal shelter and surprises Owen. Owen falls in love with her instantly and by the end of week, she refuses to leave his side. The puppy chews through Zach’s headphone cord but he can’t bring himself to complain — not when this is the happiest Owen has been since the raptors.
  • Owen’s really into country music. Like, really, really into it. He knows every lyric to every Johnny Cash song ever and it’s kind of terrifying, but one day they’re driving and an old Taylor Swift song comes on the radio. Owen looks a little embarrassed, but half a minute later and some goading from Zach (because, come on, he found Owen’s secret stash of less-than-macho music weeks ago), and they’re both belting out the words like it’s nobody’s business.
  • Zach realizes he might just love Owen on a lazy Saturday morning; when they’re wrapped in blankets and slow-dancing in the kitchen, still half-asleep. Zach rests his head against Owen’s shoulder, listening to him hum an off-pitch tune, and thinks: shit, I might just love this dork.
An Affair to Remember

Chloe Beale remembers the exact moment her boyfriend proposed to her. She had just told Tom she was going to stay in Atlanta for her medical internship, even though he already had plans to go to New York.

“Then marry me, Chloe Beale,” Tom had said, kneeling down without an actual ring.


“Marry me. If we’re going to be apart then you can at least promise me that when you can get transferred from Atlanta you will, and you’ll come to New York and marry me.”

“Oh, Tom, are you sure? We’ll be so far away for a whole year, maybe more,” Chloe had said.

“Chloe. I am more sure that I want you in my life than I am about anything else. Please, Chloe. Marry me,” he pled, holding her hands.

“Okay,” Chloe said, no sense of excited feeling at all in her.

Chloe had been with the man since her freshman year in college, although when she decided to complete her intern year at an Atlanta based hospital Tom decided to go to New York, where he’d always wanted to go.

Now she was standing at the Empire State Building, about three months before she was going to transfer to a New York hospital and plan a wedding with Tom, watching the beautiful night sky and city lights.

She was only visiting Tom for the week, except it was her first day and she learned Tom accidentally scheduled a work trip for the entire duration, leaving her to stay at his place alone, knowing no one and nothing in the city.

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Mitch Marner #5

Requested by Anon:  (Inspired by Mitch and Auston singing on the bench) I ❤ your writing so much! Can you write an imagine where y/n and Mitch are singing in the car. The windows could be rolled down and ppl in the cars around them are laughing and it’s just super cute

*Hiii! Thank you so so much! I love Mitch and Auston singing on the bench. Okay, so here it is. I hope you enjoy this. It isn’t exactly what you requested but Mitch is being a dork here so I hope, I really hope you like this. :)*

Word count: 974

Originally posted by wonthetrade

Mitch grabbed your phone from the dashboard the moment your car merged with the traffic.

“Music time!” he declared as he opened your Spotify app.

You gripped the wheel and glanced at him quickly, “drivers get to choose.”

“Ha!” he said playfully, “I offered to drive but you won’t let me so I choose,” he sniggered.

Trust Mitch to actually feel bad about not being able to drive in bumper to bumper traffic. Dork.

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Chandler Riggs Imagine - Requested

Prompt: So I had an idea for a Chandler imagine because I’m currently listening to Heartache On The Big Screen by 5 Seconds Of Summer and I thought of like an imagine where the reader and Chandler are both on twd, but based off of that song? Idk

A/N: I love writing Chandler imagines! I hope you enjoy it and it’s what you wanted! ❤️

Y/N: Your Name
Y/L/N: Your Last Name
Y/C/N: Your Character’s Name

Warnings: None!

My alarm clock was going off but I didn’t want to get out of bed to turn it off. I had spent all night crying and ended up falling asleep around 3 in the morning. I had to be on set at 8am to start filming the episode.

“Ugh” I groaned reaching for my phone and shutting off my alarm. It was 6:30 so I got up to shower.

I made my way over to the set of The Walking Dead and went into my trailer (I had one because I was one of the main characters). I was eating my breakfast when I heard a knock.

“Come in.” I said shoving my breakfast burrito in my mouth.

“Good morning honey! Let’s get you all dolled up” Mitchell, my makeup/hair artist said to me.

“Morning” I replied as I took another bite.

“Oh dear God, Y/N. You look horrible!” He exclaimed.

“Gee, thanks.” I rolled my eyes.

“I meant that in the nicest way possible. Did you get any sleep last night?!” Mitchell said getting his makeup and hair tools ready.

“No. I slept like crap.” I said remembering why I didn’t get enough sleep. “Chandler and I had a huge argument last night after our shoot.”

We had been dating for about 2 years and we were the perfect couple, but lately things had been getting rough between us. It has gotten to the point where the directors and producers noticed and they pulled us in to talk to us about our attitudes toward one another. They said it was affecting our characters. After we were pretty much scolded, Chandler and I drove to his house. During that car ride we argued more and more; when I dropped him off he slammed the door and walked in. After I got home, he sent me a text saying he didn’t know if it was a good idea to be in a relationship anymore.

“I’m sorry to hear that sweetie” he said as he started to apply some basic makeup on me.

“It’s okay.” I lied to him. I was so not okay.

“All finished.” He said, spinning me to the mirror.

A knock sounded on my door and Mitchell went to go open it. He revealed one of the assistants.

“I have your outfit for you Ms. Y/L/N.” She said handing me my outfit for the episode.

“Thank you, but you can call me Y/N. I said smiling at her.

“Okay, Y/N. They want you on set in 5.” She said as she walked out and closed the door behind her.

“I’ll let you get dressed, hope your day gets better.” Mitchell said leaving the trailer.

I got dressed and headed to the main set where we were filming. I was greeted by Andy, Danai, Norman, Scott Gimple, and Robert Kirkman.

“Morning Y/N” they said. Norman pulled me into a hug.

“Where’s Chandler?” Andy asked.

“I don’t know” I said looking down.

“Did you guys work things out?” Scott asked.

“Um, kinda” I lied.

“Hey guys! Sorry I’m late” Chandler said as he approached us.

“There you are.” Robert said. “Now let’s get ready guys. Today we are filming Carl’s and Y/C/N scene. There’s a kiss, which I know you guys won’t have a problem with. I expect you guys have your lines memorized, am I correct?”

“Yes” we both said in unison.

As we started filming, I had forgotten some lines as did Chandler. We were just so distracted by what was going on between us and the director yelled cut. We all took a 15 minute break and I went back over my script to review my lines.

“You and I both know you know your lines” I heard Chandler say.

I just sat there turning all my attention to the script.

“It’d be better if we ran lines together” he muttered.

“Okay, fine.” I told him scooting the script towards him.

“You know, we still have to talk about what happened last night.” He said.

“Can it at least wait until we are done filming?”

“Yeah” he said.

We finished running lines and made our way back. Both of us delivered our lines flawlessly and then we kissed. I missed his lips on mine. I wish we could just stay like this forever.

“Cut” we heard the director yell and we pulled apart.

We walked off and started to pack up for the night. I walked over to Chandler’s trailer and knocked. He opened it and let me in without a word. I sat on the couch and watched him remove his ‘gunshot wound’ from where Carl got shot by Ron.

“Um, are you going to want a ride home?” I asked him.

“Sure, if you don’t mind.” He said wiping off the makeup.

“Chan, I’m really sorry. I don’t want to keep fighting. I miss you.” I said and awaited his response.

“I miss you to Y/N, but things were just getting too much out of control. We fight over everything and its really exhausting.” He said.

“I know it is, and I wanna change that. I don’t wanna lose you” I said with tears filled in my eyes.

“You won’t lose me” he said walking over to me.

A/N: I hope you like it! I didn’t want to end it with it being all sad and stuff! Sorry about the wait!! I love you all!

Imagine spending a night at the club with Nick Robinson:
“You really do look gorgeous, you know.” Nick shouts over the music in your ear.
“Thanks!“You say as you sway back and forth near him. This is the best at dancing that you’ll ever be. "You’re looking mighty fine yourself there, handsome.” You smile. Damn is he gorgeous. You couldn’t believe it when he asked you to this club with him. You almost fell out of your chair.
“Karaoke time people!” The DJ announces, stopping the music. Who’s ready to try this??!
“Let’s go sit down and get a drink. I’m excited to watch this!” You laugh. You’ve always had fun watching drunk people singing and having a great time.
“Yeah. I’m not drunk yet!” He laughs.
On your way over a guy elbows you in the face and you fall flat on your butt. Nick’s helping you up in seconds. “Are you okay? What happened?”
You take your hands away from your nose and look. “Is my nose bleeding?”
He gently touches your chin and tilts your head back slightly. “No. I don’t think so.”
“Good.” You touch your nose. “Ouch.”
“So what happened?”
“Oh. Some guy accidentally elbowed me in the face.”
“Where is the asshole? Did he even apologize?” Nick’s face starts to get red with anger.
“Woah calm down. I don’t know where he is. And no, he didn’t apologize. It was an accident. I don’t even think he knows he did it.” You hope your nose doesn’t bruise. “I could really use a drink now.”
“Yeah. Let’s go get a drink.” He grabs your hand and leads you through the crowd of dancing, drunk people.
You both order a beer and laugh at all the people that have their go at singing. Nick excuses himself so he can go to the bathroom. You order another beer for yourself and laugh at the couple on stage singing the last few versus of a song you don’t know. They sound so drunk you wonder if they’ll even remember this night. You turn around towards the bartender to thank him and give him a tip.
And then your favorite song starts playing. Quickly you spin around to look at the stage, wishing Nick was here so you could enjoy it with him. You freeze.
“This one’s for you.” The man on stage points straight at you.
It’s Nick.
Your heart skips a beat and you blush. His voice rings out at he starts singing and you smile. You didn’t know he was this good at singing. His voice is angelic, much like his normal speaking voice. He dances around and smiles and sings until the song is over. And the whole time he doesn’t take his eyes off of you. When it’s over, you rush up to him and throw your arms around him.
“That was amazing!” You hug him tighter. “That was the best!”
He laughs and hugs you back. “You deserve the best.”
Did he just hit on you?
“Okay!” The DJ announces, “That’s it for Karaoke. Let’s slow things down a bit with a slow song.”
Nick pulls away. He puts his hand out toward you, “May I have this dance?” He seems to blush but, it’s too dark to be sure.
You blush and hope it’s too dark for him to see. “Yes.” You take his hand and he leads you to the dance floor. “But I’ll have you know I suck at dancing.”
“Here. Step on my feet.”
You do as he says and gently step on the top of his shoes. You put a hand on his shoulder and he slips his arm around your waist, bringing you closer to him and closeting the gap between you guys. You place your free hand in his and let him slowly dance around. You get lost and lean your head on his shoulder. The feel of his hand on yours and his arm around your waist. His smell surrounding you. You never want this night to end.
The song is over too soon. You sigh and take a step back.
“I told you you could dance.” He says.
You look up into his dark eyes. “With a little help.”
He smiles. And then he bends down and brings his lips to yours. And suddenly you guys are kissing. You pull back quickly.
“I’m…I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.” He says, embarrassed.
You swallow hard. “No. It’s okay.” You smile and wrap your arms around his neck, bringing your lips to his. He kisses you back, gently at first and then with more passion. He wraps his arms around your waist to bring you closer and puts a hand in your hair.
You moan as he gently bites your lower lip and smiles against your kiss. “I love you.” He whispers.


Merry Pitchmas, @postmjbuttercup :) Here’s your christmasy bechloe fic. Hope you like it! xx

——fa la la la la—-

Fact: finals were done. 

Fact: the house was decorated. 

Fact: Beca loves Chloe. 

Fact: Chloe has no idea. (or so she thinks).

You’d think the three and a half years of harboring feelings for her bestfriend would have burst out by now. But nope. There they sat. Locked up behind Beca’s alleged tiny cold, dark, heart. 

For a while she thought she was just going to tell her. Rip off the band-aid, get it over with. But every time she finally mustered up the courage to confront the redhead, something came up. Or more so, Beca made another excuse to not do it. 

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Bechloe Fic-Rec

I actually have time :D

These are the Fictions I have read or will be reading or will be rereading :)

All these are Complete Multi-Chapters.

∙Be Still My Heart(Cause It’s Freaking Out) - Beca has a one-night stand with Chloe and is more than surprised when she learns that the redhead will be starting an internship at Barden Hospital where she is an attending.

∙I guess I do - Chloe’s cousin’s getting married and she’ll be damned if she has to endure another family gathering/speed dating weekend. Cue Beca to begrudgingly save the day.

∙Stay - Beca has had a tragic two years and has given up surfing because of it but while taking care of her sick aunt at the woman’s beach house, she meets Chloe, an outgoing surfer. Will she be able to let go of her personal demons, allowing herself to be loved and creating new friendships along the way?

∙Rebel with a Voice (Trilogy: If you could see me now, Against All Odds ) - Beca Mitchell is the epitome of a rebel being the master of expulsion since second grade. Then her mom and stepdad pass, and she’s to live with the father who had abandoned her long ago and his new family. She’s sent to Barden High, and she expects to just play football as always and lay low. Yeah, she should’ve told that to the hyperactive redhead that turns everything on its head.

∙Someone Like You - Chloe is tired of getting her heart broken and swears off relationships but what happens when Beca comes into her life?

This Time I’m Going After Love (Trilogy: Just Want Your Love, Everything has changed) - Beca’s not one for commitment and Chloe’s not one for games. So what happens when Beca becomes interested in Chloe and learns that she has a daughter? Will she run or see where things lead them?

∙Remembering Her Comes In Flashbacks and Echoes - Beca and Chloe met at summer camp and were the best of friends while there. They end up losing touch and meeting up again twelve years later when Beca, now a music producer, has to help Chloe, who is now a famous singer, work on her new album.

∙Blind Love - Chloe’s best friend Aubrey is marrying the guy of her dreams; she’s the maid of honor of course. Planning the wedding is going to be a lot of work, so when Jesse (Aubrey’s future husband) suggests that his best man/Best friend Beca Mitchell helps them, a lot can go wrong.

∙You Speak to My Soul Like You’ve Known It Before - Chloe’s a doctor and she meets Beca at the hospital when the brunette is hurt in an accident. The two get close but Beca has a secret that stops her from wanting to have a relationship with Chloe.

∙The Bella Auction - Luke gets Beca a date with Chloe

∙My Betrothed - Random moments leading up to Beca and Chloe’s wedding. (17th century)

∙You’re the Pulse that I’ve Always Needed - Beca gets assigned a project with the most popular girl in school, Chloe Beale, and is dreading it until she learns that there is more to the redhead than she had originally thought. Oh, and not to mention her parents are deadbeats so she’s being raised by her foul-mouthed half-sister, Alex, who keeps pushing her to be successful in life.

∙Since U Been Gone - Jesse breaks up with Beca - in a public performance. The Bellas are furious, the Trebles self-righteous, and two ex-Bellas have their own problems with this break-up.

∙Novacane - What happens when you mix a Berkeley dental student and a struggling DJ in the summer heat of Indio, California during the Coachella Music Festival? Based on the song “Novacane” by Frank Ocean

∙Battle of the DJs - DJ Mitchell and DJ Bella are two up and coming girls in the Los Angeles music scene, and they absolutely hate each other. However, when the two get close and personal to compete for a spot in the hottest club in LA, what may happen?

∙That Never Works - After suffering from another broken heart, Chloe decides that love simply isn’t worth the pain and, let’s face it, Beca never was one for love. After a drunken night of Bellas partying, the pair decide to make a pact: a purely physical relationship where they promise not to fall in love.

∙Capturing Moments - Beca confronts Chloe, who has been taking her picture from afar, and it leads to something interesting.

∙I’m Cheating on My Roomate - Aubrey moves to Boston over the summer to get settled before graduate school, leaving Chloe with rent to pay and no one to split it with. Beca moves in with Chloe, but it puts a strain on Chloe’s “relationship” with a very jealous Tom.

∙We Found Love Right Where We Are - Beca acts in a show called ‘Barden Bellas’ and when she finds out that she has a love scene with her co-star, Chloe, whom she also has a crush on, things get weird.

∙Your Plus One - Beca and Chloe had always been close, inseparable even. Until one day. Now Beca knows Chloe doesn’t love her. And she never will. Beca’s just happy to be Chloe’s occasional plus one.

∙Beauty and the Badass - Beca Mitchell is a badass LA music producer, working as a bartender by night. So what happens when an adorable redhead comes into her life?

∙Gotta Keep Your Head Up - Beca quickly develops a crush on Chloe but after stumbling upon something she wished she hadn’t Beca quickly realizes she’s become too attached and breaks away from both the ginger and the Bella’s.

There’s Something More Than This - They are friends. They are close. They have that special bond that no one can understand…people around them knows there’s someting more about them, but they’re just too oblivious to see it. They are confused about their feelings…is it worth taking a risk between friendship and love?

∙What Beca Wants - After the ICCAs Beca is confused about her feelings for Chloe. Chloe tries to help Beca accept her feelings, but Beca is in denial. Will she realize her feelings before it’s too late, or will she push Chloe away for good?

Runaway - Beca shuts everybody out - don’t take it personally - but is she about to shut out one too many? There’s one girl who will hold out for her, who loves her unconditionally - but has she made one too many mistakes?

Recommended writers
bechloehuh (eliseboobman)

All from Fanfiction.net. Sorry it’s so long. Maybe you have already read some of them.

How about you? You have any recommendations for me :)

anonymous asked:

Here be a Christmas Prompt: established Bechloe, like married n shit, Beca is secretly surprising a huge christmas eve surprise for Chloe but acts all totally distant and stuff so Chloe thinks somethings up and then Chloe comes home from the store or something and the entire house is decorated all cute and christmassy and stuff and Chloe cries and it is al just amazing and i realize this is nothing really to go on but FA LA LA LA LA have fun with it, i trust you.

Beca had watched herself dig herself into a hole with this whole “Christmas surprise” thing. 

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: Chloe crying in the bathroom because she can't deal with all the stress and Beca standing outside the door softly singing Titanium to cheer her up

Chloe Beale has never considered herself a crier.

At least not when it comes to her own issues. 

Has she been known to cry at an emotional song? Sure. Watching movies? Pass her the tissues. When she read that Dobby died? She was a mess.

But when it comes to her own life, Chloe prides herself on keeping it together. 

Or at least she used to.

This year has really been pushing her to the limit and she’s starting to rethink that whole not being a crier thing. 

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How High Does Your Belt Go?

Pairing: Bechloe

Words: 1,712

Summary: Being a part of the Barden Bellas was the craziest thing ever—apparently, the appropriate dinner conversation is all about girls singing lady jams and being naked in the shower together.

Author’s Note: I got inspiration from this post. Thank you, snowsann! I hope you don’t mind me writing this—your post sparked my imagination and the whole headcanon belongs to you. And I hope I did this justice. Thank you!

It was a rare moment. All the Bellas have gathered—all of them, no exceptions—in the dining room and they were about to eat (and quietly judge) the dinner that Emily has cooked for them. This was another unofficial Bella initiation made by Fat Amy and the other girls. Beca thought it was crazy. What does cooking have to do with a cappella anyway?

The white rectangular table fit all ten girls just fine. Best friends sat beside best friends. Of course, Chloe sat beside Beca. No one and nothing could separate the two.

Emily placed the huge bowl of chili in the center of the table, along with the rice. “I’m sorry, you guys,” she laughed nervously, “It’s the only meal I can actually cook. Well, besides from the real basic ones like breakfast food. And,” she nudged a platter of spring rolls, “I made these to go with it.”

“I’m impressed; I still can’t figure out how to use a can opener. I don’t know with you Americans,” Flo shook her head as she scooped portions of food onto her plate. Lilly just stared at her, slowly shaking her head.

Beca, who was at one end of the table, couldn’t reach anything with her short arms. “Oof, can someone hand me a spring roll, please?”

And by someone, she meant Chloe. It was always Chloe.

“Here you go, Becs,” Chloe was immediately at her rescue, spearing a few with her fork and depositing them on Beca’s plate.

“Thanks, Chlo,” the brunette gave her a smile. Chloe smiled back at her and couldn’t seem to wipe it off her face throughout the dinner.

Fat Amy and Stacie exchanged a discreet look of glee which only had Emily noticed. The three of them at the other end of the table giggled.

Everyone knows about Beca and Chloe—they have made their relationship official a couple of months ago—but the three Bellas still squealed at the sweet little things that the couple does. Maybe it was because Fat Amy and Stacie have watched the two girls slowly fall in love for the past three years. For Emily, she had always adored her Captains (and she was surprised that their relationship was just recent because she had always assumed they were together, from the very beginning).

Dinner was relatively quiet. Occasionally, someone dropped a compliment on Emily’s cooking. “This is good, Legacy!” exclaimed Jessica, the usual head chef in the house. “Finally, someone can go on cooking shifts with me.”

“I need to lay off the carbs, but if our food was this good every day then I don’t think I’ll lose a pound.” (That was Ashley).

Cynthia-Rose broke the relative silence and started a conversation about Emily. “You know, I think Legacy has the weirdest initiation yet ever.”

“As if our own initiation wasn’t weird enough,” Lilly murmured. “The blood didn’t taste like blood at all.”

Chloe opened her mouth—right then and there, Fat Amy knew she was about to mention something about a 1990-something aca-bitch that nobody knew about (it was the crazed look on the redhead’s face)—and so, Fat Amy interjected before she could say anything.

“We didn’t even need to recruit you, Legacy; you just casually popped on our front door and talked about your junk.”

“I was talking about being a Junk but,” Emily smiled cheerfully, “You guys know what I mean. And thanks for not being dicks about the song I wrote.”

“You had your eyes closed all the time,” Stacie shook her head. “It was really creepy.”

“But you were really good,” Flo said, “And Chloe rigged the votes anyway. It was either a G-sharp or an A-flat—any a cappella singer would know they’re the same thing.”

Beca smiled at her girlfriend’s antics—it sounded a lot like Chloe to make sure Emily gets in. She shrugged, unable to contribute anything to the conversation. “Sorry I wasn’t there, Em. Chloe just texted me, and I didn’t even know taking Legacies was a thing.”

Emily swallowed her mouthful before saying, “Well, I’ve always wanted to be a Bella. It’s my ultimate dream, so thanks for not kicking me out so far.”

“We’re just waiting for a golden opportunity,” Beca joked but she earned a glare from Chloe. “Hey, I was kidding, Chlo!”

Luckily before Chloe could retort, Stacie changed the subject.

“Isn’t it weird that we all happened to audition for the Bellas in particular?” Stacie looked around at them, beaming. “It’s like, a total big coincidence. And a good one, because I have an amazing family now.”

That’s when everyone started to share their recruitment and audition stories.

“I came across the Bellas booth at the Activities Fair and showed them my excellent mermaid-dancing skills,” Fat Amy demonstrated a little bit on her chair, making Chloe laugh at the memory. “Yeah, I remember. Aubrey was horrified,” Chloe shook her head and smiled to herself. “Your singing was aca-awesome, though. Definitely broke our eardrums with that high note.”

“How about you, Stace?” Fat Amy asked.

Stacie shrugged, “Just normal. Activities Fair. Although I do think that what attracted me was Chloe saying ‘We’re the tits.’ Finally, I had the chance to be sexy and actually do something at the same time!”

Jessica spoke, “Me too, Activities Fair. Nothing special about it, I just took a flier.”

“Same here,” Ashley said, nodding. “Just showed up and sang.”

Emily looked over at Beca who was still noiselessly eating spring roll after spring roll. Damn, for such a small woman, she could eat a lot. And it flattered Emily because she’s the one who prepared it. “How about you, Beca?”

The Captain looked up from her plate with her mouth still full. “Mmm-hmm?”

“I find it weird that you produce music using your cool techno stuff, but you actually chose to join an a cappella group that makes music with their mouths…”

“She called us lame,” Chloe feigned a look of offense, pouting at her girlfriend.

And like a truck, the memories she has long forgotten started to hit her right on the head: the shower, the fallen shampoo bottle, the wink, the lady jam. Beca slowly chewed and swallowed. “Uh, Activities Fair. Same as everyone else,” she shrugged as if to brush off the matter, but her blushing cheeks gave her away. “Aubrey was a big bitch, she kept picking on me.”

As her best friend for almost four years, Fat Amy noticed—and relished—in Beca’s embarrassment. She loved catching the DJ on the wrong foot, and boy, was she awkward most of the time. “You’re not telling us something. Spill the beans, Beca.”

Chloe looked like she suddenly remembered things too, and she chuckled nervously, “It was really crazy, you guys. You don’t want to know—”

“Dude, stop,” Beca threw Chloe a dirty look. “Now they would be desperate to hear about it.”

Stacie nudged Emily, the two trying to hide their grins. “Hear about what?” Stacie asked, encouraging Chloe to continue.

Beca glanced—not just glanced, but openly glowered—at Chloe who was smiling like a cat. “It’s stupid. And embarrassing.” In a low voice that only Chloe could hear, she added, “I hate you.”

“You know you still love me,” Chloe whispered back.

Fat Amy was still on her mission of torturing the hell out of Beca Mitchell. “I can’t even imagine what you guys did but,” she cleared her throat theatrically, “Let’s be honest.”

All the senior Bellas burst out laughing. Emily and Flo didn’t know the context behind this joke and just looked at them bewilderedly as Jessica and Ashley frantically tried to explain it to them.

However, Beca’s scowl only deepened. “Amy!” she exclaimed at the blonde Australian, who just grinned at her, enjoying her discomfort.

“Come on, Becs,” Chloe nudged the tiny brunette. “Be a good sport. It was a long time ago anyway.”

“Just tell us what happened, you guys,” Stacie sighed.

Chloe smiled coyly and said, “All right, we sang in the shower—”

“—you barged in on me,” Beca interrupted, covering her face with her tiny hands, her voice coming out muffled. “You were really intrusive. Not to mention downright creepy.”

Chloe gazed at what is visible of Beca’s face, trying to relieve the memory. “We harmonized Titanium. The bathroom acoustics were pretty good, don’t you think, Becs?”

Emily’s eyes grew very round. “Were you guys—you know,” she gestured up and down her torso, too flustered to say the word.

“Naked?” Beca plopped her hands on the tabletop and scrunched her eyes, “Yeah.”

The Bellas “Ooohed” altogether (coming from eight a cappella singers, it sounded more like beautiful blending).

“Beca finally got some lady-loving!” Stacie sing-sang with a twinkle in her eye.

“Gettin’ some action, weren’t ya?” Cynthia-Rose asked, grinning.

“We weren’t,” Beca groaned in humiliation.

Chloe noticed the extreme distress of her damsel and decided to finally rescue her. “We just sang in the shower, you guys. We didn’t do anything. The action didn’t start until this year,” Chloe winked at Beca.

“Oh my God, you’re not helping, Chloe!”

At least Chloe had the modesty to apologize, “I’m sorry, babe.”

Cynthia-Rose still wasn’t satisfied, though. She wanted details. “You didn’t get some—what did you two even do in the shower?”

Right now, Beca’s normally pale face was blushing furiously, right to the tip of her ears. “Um—we talked about Chloe’s—uh, favorite song. And she asked me—”

“How high does your belt go?” Chloe grinned cheerfully; she was completely shameless of her past shower venture. “After three years, I’m glad I finally found out. And it wasn’t just my favorite song—it’s my lady jam,” she added with a playful Beale trademark wink.

Fat Amy held up her hand and covered Emily’s eyes, as if that would stop the freshman from hearing these things. “All right, you guys, stop the sexual innuendos. You’re already corrupting Legacy. And I know I said lesbianist, but you’re taking it to another level.”

“So it was Chloe’s smoking hot body which drew you into the Bellas, huh?” As usual, Stacie’s mouth was unfiltered.

“Dude, I didn’t come for the goods,” Beca finally grinned wickedly, “But that’s definitely what I stayed for.”

Take Me Home, 5/?

A/N: I live for cliffhangers.

Months had passed by, and Luisa and Pieter had been able to finally afford a small three bedroom house in a decent neighborhood in the city. Beca was invited to live with them even though she had insisted that she wasn’t contributing, and that she should get a job to help pay for the mortgage. The German’s convinced her though, that the only reason they were able to afford such a nice place, was Beca’s mixes and through Das Sound Machine rising in popularity.

The brunette had her own clothes, her own bed, her own home. She had been provided with a nice laptop and Beats audio headphones in return for creating mixes and allowing DSM to use them.

Most of the time Beca found herself alone, wandering the city, and managing to find herself back at the park where she used to sleep. It felt like forever ago; scrounging around for food, shivering herself to sleep; none of that happened anymore, but she still found herself lonely. Pieter working with DSM every day. Luisa working at her office job, and then going straight to practice.

The small woman had only ever seen them rehearse once and perform once. The girl let out a sigh as she slouched back against the bench, pulling the headphones over her ears. An eyebrow raised as she scribbled on a notepad, My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark, and All I Do Is Win. Two popular songs for the time being, and she thought heck, why not, stray away from the techno, machine like music, and throw some pop and alternative.

A body sitting down next to her made her jump, and she looked up only to see Luisa. “I figured you would be here,” the woman smirked, Beca pulling off her headphones. “It’s just a great place to think, so quiet, peaceful,” she replied, smiling up at the woman. Her heart raced, something new that had recently started. The woman made her warm, and fuzzy inside, her knees were weak, and.. Beca thought about her in the most inappropriate ways; but the girl kept quiet, she didn’t need to lose what she thought was a job and the roof over her head.

“I left work early, and you weren’t home. I was worried…” the last part of the German’s sentence was murmured, barely audible, but Beca had caught it. “Heh, yeah, no need to worry, I’m a big girl,” she stammered nervously, closing her laptop. “There is when I care about you mäuschen,” her voice was clear, stern, another tone that the brunette couldn’t quite decipher. This was when Beca got the most uncomfortable. People didn’t care about her, she wasn’t important. Hell, she lived on the streets half her life and almost starved to death a few times.

Running away was still the thing Beca was best at. “Y'know I should probably get home, I have to finish this new mix, and I didn’t bring my charger, I’ll, uh, see you later?” Her voice was hurried and she was shoving her things into her backpack. Luisa tried to stop her, slow her down, but the girl was already on her feet and scurrying off.

The German sat there, slightly baffled, but not quite as surprised as she thought she would have been. She expected the brunette to flee, she feared it, but it had happened, and all the woman could do was sit on the park bench and watch with sad blue eyes as she headed back to their home. The blonde had always had some sort of feelings for the younger woman, but ever since that first night she had stayed at their former apartment, her feelings had just gone wild. The woman wasn’t the best at showing her feelings, or even speaking them, but she was going to try at least. Most times she ended up just venting to Pieter, and even he had pushed her to tell the girl. Letting out a frustrated sigh, she got from the bench and walked in the direction of her house.

Beca was quick, she had thrown her things in her room, and she knew that she needed a shower. The one place where she could think, and not be bothered. Both her and Luisa shared a bathroom, and once again Pieter got his own. She turned the tap on and undressed herself throwing her clothes on the floor.

You got me so wild, how can I every deny…” sang the brunette, letting the hot water wash over her body.

Meanwhile, Luisa had pushed through the front door, and smelled food cooking. Pieter, she thought to herself. Beca didn’t know how to cook, and every time she tried it was inedible. The blonde made her way towards her bedroom, and heard a voice. “You got me so wild, why should I be so surprised? You got me so high, don’t you see it in my eyes?” Luisa didn’t want to read into anything, but she was sure that Beca was singing her feelings. She’d seen it before, but mostly sad songs; which usually ended up in the brunette crying and the blonde holding her until she fell asleep.

And you keep telling me, telling me that you’ll be sweet, and you’ll never want to leave my side, as long as I don’t break these…” the tiny woman’s voice rang, and the German’s heart skipping a beat. Her ear was resting on the door, and she sighed softly. It was rude to invade the girl’s privacy, so she backed away even though she didn’t want too. The blonde’s fingers curled into a fist as she walked to her bedroom and collapsed onto her bed.

Why were things suddenly getting complicated and frustrating? These past few months hadn’t been anything, but now, it just seemed like everything was falling apart. The German knew it could be worse, but it still felt like she had a lot of things going on regardless.

There was a soft knock on her door, and she lifted her head off of the bed to see the small woman standing in her doorway. Her brown hair was down, and soaked from the shower she had taken. Dressed in her typical ‘comfort’ clothes, of leggings and a cotton shirt. She was biting her lip, and Luisa could have eaten her alive, and was finding it hard not too; but she tore her eyes away from the brunette’s body, and cleared her throat a little.

“Can I come in?” her voice was timid, one hand grabbing her own arm. The blonde nodded, gesturing her in. Beca sat on the edge of the bed, where the German’s feet were hanging from. “I have a new mix for you guys,” she was avoiding the main topic. Beca didn’t look at Luisa, but the blonde propped herself up on her elbows. “Beca…” the blonde woman started, but she was cut off by the brunette.

“Ok, ok, I get it; there are things we need to talk about…” Beca threw her head back and let out a loud sigh. Green eyes wandered and found blue ones. “Where do I start?” her voice was almost a whisper, as fire shot through her body, the older woman’s hair a mess, and her clothes slightly disheveled. The brunette rolled over onto her stomach, face now inches away from Luisa; she felt relaxed, but unsettled at the same time.

The German leaned forward, lips right next to Beca’s ear. “Let’s start with this…” she murmured, then turning her head and pressing a soft kiss to the brunette’s lips.

Took a break from writing Hoofbeat and.. well, here’s a dabble of Hufflepuff Chloe being reduced to a garbled mess trying to ask out Gryffindor Beca

Chloe Beale has been infatuated with Beca Mitchell since her second year. Aubrey insists that the girl is nothing but absolute trouble. However Chloe just can’t shake her crush on the tiny brunette.

She supposes it started with the way Beca Mitchell pushes the boundaries with mixing muggle things into her wizarding life. For instance, the first day of musical studies, Beca suggested several muggle songs that would mix perfectly with Hogwarts traditional, definitely bland, songs. Unfortunately, much to the brunette’s dismay, the professor flicked his hand and dismissed the whole idea. But it isn’t just music that Beca brings from the muggle world, it’s those wonderful and intriguing ear pieces. The tiny brunette wears a dark colored spiral in one of her ears and Chloe can’t help but be slightly attracted by that. And don’t even get her started on Beca’s attitude; sarcastic quips and a general disinterest in things that makes Chloe smile.  

Perhaps it’s the way the girl is unintentionally clumsy. Chloe can recall their first year in flying class when the broom smacked the poor girl in the face. Or the time Beca locked herself out of the Gryffindor common room because she apparently rolled off a bunch of random words to the Fat Lady. It could be the time Beca blew up up her cauldron last year as well. No, the time Chloe heard Beca getting a howler during dinner earlier this year from her stepmother and falling off her seat is definitely her favorite.

“Chlo!” Aubrey hisses.

“What?” Chloe looks up from the candy in Honeydukes.

“Are you even listening?”

Chloe sighs, “Sorry Bree.” Although her sorry doesn’t last long when a certain brunette catches her attention.

“Chloe!” Aubrey hisses out again.

Chloe shakes her head and looks at the tall blonde, “Sorry.”

“Clearly you’re not. You’re practically drooling over that careless girl.”

Chloe slumps her shoulders, “I just can’t shake her Bree!”

“It’s our fifth year and you’ve been pining over this girl since second year. If you have such an interest in her Chloe you should talk to her.”

“I can’t!”

Aubrey gives her a look, “Chloe you have no problem talking to anyone.”

Chloe looks back at the candy, “But Bree,” she whines, “She’s so intimidating and hot. ”

Aubrey makes a grossed out face, “Intimidating and hot? That girl is clumsy and short, there’s nothing to be intimidated by. Besides, she’s not even that good looking.”

“She’s amazing Bree you don’t understand. Don’t forget I did try to ask her out and literally nothing came out but garbled words.” Chloe looks back at the Gryffindor. It’s true, Chloe did try to ask the brunette out and it didn’t go over that well, especially when that Stacie Conrad came to hang all over the Gryffindor.

Aubrey rolls her eyes and sighs, “Seriously if you’re going to keep drooling, I’m going to bring her over here. So go over there this instant.”

Chloe looks back at her best friend, “I thought you didn’t want me to involve myself with her.”

“Although I do find her ways with girls displeasing to the eye,” Chloe knows exactly what Aubrey is talking about. It’s not that Beca is a ladies-woman but she has been known to kiss girls in the middle of corridors and skip class to do whatever. “I don’t think I can stand watching you do this to yourself for another moment. So go!”

Chloe hesitantly walks over to the Gryffindor, “Hey, it’s Beca right?” Of course she’s right, she known this girl’s name and has since year one.

The small brunette looks up from the chocolate frog box, “Oh hey, um, yeah…”

Chloe smiles, “I’m Chloe Beale, Hufflepuff.”

Beca smirks, “Yeah I know we’ve had classes together since our first year. Also the uh, yellow scarf kind of gives it away.”

Chloe looks down at her scarf and then at Beca, smiling slightly, “Right I uh- I was- so…” Chloe lets out a huff when she can see an amused look on Beca’s face. Gosh dang it why can’t she just get it out? Seriously, conversation about music between the two is not a problem, asking her out is just impossible.

“You okay?” Beca asks.

Chloe just nods not trusting herself to speak again. She’s blown it, she knows she’s blown it. She was doing so well too and now, well now she’s garbled up her words yet again. “I was wondering…” Chloe bites her lip momentarily and she catches the brunette’s glance down at her lips. Okay so maybe she did that lip bite on purpose because hey, sometimes it works. “Did you uh- well wanna… you know that thing were two people hang out and- I don’t know what I’m saying.”

The Hufflepuff shakes her head and starts to walk away only to feel her hand being grabbed. She turns around to see the other girl grinning. Oh gosh that hand feels nice. It makes Chloe’s heart beat ten times faster when she feels Beca entwine their fingers.

“If you’re asking me out then my answer is yes.”

Chloe’s face lights up, “For serious?”

Beca offers a slight smile, “I think as you would say, totes. I mean we have been drooling over each other since fourth year. Or am I totally imagining being distracted by you during Potions?”

Chloe giggles, “Oh so that’s why you blew up your cauldron.”

Beca glances down before looking back at Chloe, “Perhaps…”

“So do you uh, well- do- err do you really mean you’re down for a date?”

Beca smirks, “You’re cute you know that?”

Now it’s Chloe’s turn to glance down at the floor, “You’re cheesey Beca Mitchell.”

That smirk still hasn’t left Beca’s face, “So let me know when you want that date yeah?”

As soon as Beca’s hand leave’s Chloe, she misses the contact. She watches at the Gryffindor walks out of the shop. She lets out and sigh not entirely believing that, that was a half successful ‘ask the Beca Mitchell on a date’.

“That was hard to watch Chlo’ you really need to work on your talking to Beca Mitchell skills.”

“Oh hush Bree.” Chloe says, looking at the blonde. “I have a date with Beca Mitchell.” Chloe says proudly.

“When?” Aubrey asks, walking out of Honeydukes with Chloe.

Chloe opens her mouth to answer but nothing comes out. Gosh darn she should’ve just told Beca she wanted that date as soon it works for the both of them. “Dang it.” Chloe mutters and she can hear Aubrey chuckling. “Oh hush.”

A Different Kind [2/2]

Pairing: Beca/Chloe (Pitch Perfect)

Words: 5923

Rating: T

Summary: Barden’s Back Room needed a new pianist. A female pianist. A pianist (it was rumored) who wouldn’t fall in love with the speakeasy’s star, the (in)famous Chloe Beale. Enter Beca Mitchell, who was positive she fit all three of these requirements. (She might end up being wrong about one.)

Notes: Thanks for all your kind comments on part one, folks! You all are so lovely. Hope you enjoy the second part. Also, the whole thing is now on AO3, if you prefer reading it there: [AO3 Link]

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