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My only wish right now is to hear Katie talking about Lena Luthor, what she thinks about playing her and about her character and how her geek side feels about playing such a character in this universe and her friendship with kara and her possible evil side and just katie talking about this job. I hope we get at least one (1) interview someday

Ugh! Right!? Make this girl a series regular and get her at Comic-Con!!! I would love to see Katie geek out about the show and Lena and her relationships with characters on the show. I want to hear how she feels about playing a role that so many people instantly fell in love with. Give me that! Give it to me now, I’m inpatient and seek instant gratification!

Although, from what we saw during her Merlin days, Katie would definitely wander off at Comic-Con. She’s done it before. And it’s adorable. Yes, give me one interview of her talking about Lena and I will never ask for another thing ever again. Except for another 10 interviews. I can never actually be satisfied.

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hey, how do you know that beronica are going to kiss again??

Okay! So! There was an interview that surfaced after the pilot I saw and the interviewer asked if there would be more Betty and Veronica kissing. All the actors laughed and The producer of the show said in episode seven there would be a sleepover with many people kissing
I screamed
I’ll try and find it again for all y'all

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i saw a post that was like "imagine how much melissa cries now seeing how her character is getting degraded" and like ??? one, why do you think melissa is defined by her relationships w men and two why are you speaking for her ??? idk lmao this fandom is rlly annoying me lately which is sad bc i love s2 a lot

i’m just like… melissa is getting paid a huge salary to pretend to be a superhero, goof around with a cast she gets on with immensely, and has stated in interviews how much she’s enjoying playing the karamel relationship. when it comes to supergirl and karamel, she’s fine. and also, without, of course, wanting to speak for her, if she’s been crying about anything recently it’s probably been this hugely difficult period in her personal life- supergirl has probably been an immensely welcome escape and distraction, so again, i highly doubt she is having issues at all with how it’s going. this fandom is so extra nowadays, and not in a good way.

Pete Dunne - More than friends

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Ever since WWE had the UK tournament, I’ve only had eyes for one person. Even though he didn’t win, he put on one heck of a match against Tyler Bate. The person I have googly eyes for? Pete Dunne.
Yeah I know, he seems to be a jerk but he plays his character so well. It’s amazing. From where I was standing in catering, I saw him being interviewed and that’s when Regal came up from behind him. 
“What do you see in the guy?” I looked up to see Baron Corbin standing next to me. I rolled my eyes. Ever since I debuted, all Baron has done is flirted with me. He is a good looking guy but he just isn’t my type.
“Maybe because he is good looking and is good in the ring.” I answered Corbin monotone. He scoffed. 
“You just think he is good in bed.” Baron mumbled. “I wouldn’t know.” I then walked away from Baron. God, he is annoying sometimes. 
I was getting my plate filled with fruit and all when someone came up from behind. I turned and tried to remain calm. Pete was next to me. Let’s just say I was always too shy or nervous to ever speak to the man. 
Pete smirked before looking at me. 
“Like what you see, love?” He asked. I loved his accent so much. I know it sounds cliche but whatever. 
“Maybe.” I answered kinda quietly where I thought he couldn’t hear. When he smirked even more, I knew he heard. 
“Meet me after the show by my locker room.” He whispered before walking away, leaving my face red as a tomato. 

The show went by like that it felt like. Lucky for me I had to meet someone. Once I made sure I had everything, I walked to where he would be. As I saw the corner, I saw Pete standing or might I say, leaning against the wall on his phone. 
He looked up and saw me. It’s like his whole demeanor changed. I kept it cool while walking over. 
He pushed open the locker room door. I didn’t know if I should go in or not. “Are you coming?” Pete asked. “Yeah.” I answered before walking in. He walked in behind me and closed the door. 
“Oh my god, that was amazing.” I caught my breath as both Pete and I were lying naked in our hotel bed now. We first started talking in the locker room. Before it got too heated, we headed to the hotel and here we are. 
“We are so more than friends.” I turned to look at Pete. He had that same cocky smirk on his face. 
“I can say we are.” 

Emma Watson as Belle

I’ve been seeing quite a bit of posts recently that critique Emma Watson’s version of Belle, both from a singing and acting standpoint, so I thought I would put down my views on the matter. As a disclaimer this is not meant to be a post on why you should like her or not, it’s just my thoughts.

I have to say first off that from all the interviews I’ve watched with her, as well as the whole cast and director, there is a deep love for the original that drives her best performance possible. I will go on record in saying Belle holds the place as the first princess I personally saw myself in. She was book smart, wanted adventure, she was kind, beautiful and she was her own person. She was perfect. Now you may think what my issue is now after having listed all those attributes.

Belle in the animated version doesn’t have any flaws, she’s made to be perfect. I touched on this in an earlier post but Belle herself doesn’t really have anything that makes her odd other than a passion for reading, wearing blue and wanting to see more of the world. As the village oddity it doesn’t affect her at all, which you’d think it would. There’s one scene where she asks her father if he thinks she’s odd and makes the comment that there isn’t anyone for her to really talk to, that’s it. Belle never mentions or even reflects on being an outcast again.

I give the new version and Emma a lot of credit for keeping in tact Belle’s spirit while also making her a real girl with concerns, insecurities, and creating a town where inventing new things and being intelligent really does make her an oddity in such a small minded town. Her singing is a farther extension of this, inflected with so much warmth and, in the case of “Belle” insecurity that makes it so real. Belle’s no longer the perfect image, she’s a real girl who is conscious of her place in the town, the fact that she has no one but her father, all while keeping her independence. I realize that Emma still isn’t gonna be everyone’s idea of Belle, but I think she is the perfect choice for making Belle as real as possible, and to fit the story so these two characters can meet as equals and fall in love through their friendship and shared experience. I can’t wait to see this movie in its entirety, it’s going to be so enchanting.

Yeah, if saw guy had been left out I think it would have been tighter.

I completely agree that there was already evidence of brainwashing going on, so I am totally okay with it being used, I just think the way DR3 did it was sloppy and detracted from the lore.

Maybe if it hadn’t been instantaneous and we got some scenes of the 77th Class trying to resist it or something I would’ve been more okay with it, but even in that post-anime interview, Kodaka’s attitude seemed to be “yeah, Junko just brainwashed ‘em and that’s that” which seems a little anticlimactic and not in an intentional, haha Modernism way.

I really like the idea of peddling a cure and duping people through their own desperate desires, because like I said, that happens ALL the time in real life and I think fiction teaching the audience how to recognize when they’re being played is a good thing.

With the Despair Novel in particular, I personally like the sort of King in Yellow-type vibe it gives off. The first chapter of DRT3 compares its creation with that of Victor Frankenstein–it’s an unexpected complication to an ambitious (and in Kibougamine’s case, well-meaning) plan where humanity reaches too far beyond its limits. I like the parallel that runs with the Kamukura Project and how it highlights that the school has lost sight of what the founding principles presumably were (and why I can’t see Naegi reopening the school in Kibou-hen as anything other than history repeating itself).

If you aren’t a fan of brainwashing in general I can see why it would bother you in either case, but for me there’s a huge difference between “mysterious, powerful object of nebulous origin revealed to be a product of man’s hubris” and “this one guy made this OP thing.”

So I guess it’s a matter of scale–I am fine with the Kamukura Project because it’s years of intensive work by many people at the top of their fields. The Shinsekai Program uses talents from at least 3 students. Monaka utilized the robo dev depatment of her family’s conglomerate. Junko steals and tweaks these huge, cooperative projects but isn’t making them by herself from scratch (even the original killing game might very well have been lifted from the Committee’s past Duel Noir system, and it required the help of at least two other people to pull off).

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Has anyone said this yet I'm not sure. What if the person coming out of the car is May? If Jemma is dead and it happened during FZZT, like some people are theorizing due to the partial date on the headstone, Fitz would have been devastated and angry and more likely to turn to Hydra as well? Just something I'm throwing out there. As for his regret some interviews indicate that his dad will appear and it comes from that.

Nah, it’s not May, because we saw her at the Triskelion, remember? And they’re all living in the same world, not separate ones for each of them–at least, that’s what I’m assuming, though I do have concerns about how that’s supposed to work given their individual life changes.

I do think Fitz’s change involves his dad, though, and I definitely think we’re going to see him in some form or fashion.

As for Jemma’s death date, if you wanna be nitpicky and assume FZZT took place on its air date, that would have been November 6th instead of November 8th. And, obviously, the year was obscured to cast a mystery over what happened to her. But the dates are close enough that we could theorize that she died as a result of FZZT, just a little later than she originally would have.

I’m also operating under the assumption that the changes Aida made to their lives was only what SHE perceived to be their biggest regret, instead of what it actually might be. So that could throw a wrench into things as well.

im gonna be surrounded by white folk in a few months i didnt see one poc when i was interviewed at chamberlain and im sure its gonna be rough as hell bc when the lgbt group person saw me she was like “uhh…yeah um..” and she wouldnt even look at me or my mother shed just talk and stare at the person who was interviewing me so im already getting hit with that lowkey racism

I feel like I need to explain or something

I was in seventh grade when Columbine happened. The only reason I knew about it was because my English teacher had us write a letter to Clinton about school safety and guns. After that, I didn’t think about it really until my first year of high school. And that’s when I began to read everything I could about it. The internet was becoming a major thing, especially in my house. I was an outcast. I had played Doom… a lot when I was younger and continued to play it any chance I could. I was tall for my age. [ I’m 5'10"]. I never fit in. I read how Doom was blamed. Violent video games. Music that I loved. I began to read every interview I could. Saw the iconic death photos of Eric and Dylan. And eventually stumbled across and read Dylan’s journal. That’s when something struck me. This guy was like me. It struck me how humane he seemed in his journal. The pain. The longing to fit in to what you disliked. Pretty much, I felt like Dylan did [or what I think he felt like]. When I looked at both boys, Dylan always stuck out to me. He was the exact guy I was attracted to. Tall. Weirdly funny. Painfully awkward. I didn’t feel much when I looked at Eric and if anything, he scared me. His journal scared me. But I was empathetic with both, just Dylan more. And so from my freshman year to today [at 30 years old], I have read and watched everything a million times over. Don’t get me wrong. These two boys did something so horrible. So unforgivable. I’m not deluded enough to spare them the responsibility of their actions. They ended 13 innocent lives. What I do have is empathy and an unfillable curiosity. I majored in psychology in college and one of my papers was on the incident. What led them to this? What could have been done to avoid this? Would Dylan have ever been able to carry this out without Eric? Had Eric lived, would he have gone on to induce something far more horrendous? The more I read, the more my heart broke and the more I started to see things. Things like the “gawd” that followed Dylan’s statement on NBK, like it was the last resort for him . As if the only way he could ever free himself and go through with his suicide was to do something so inhumane that there was no going back. My heart broke when I read that he had called Isaiah Schoels a nigger and how the two taunted him before killing him. How hate was the last thing he heard before dying. How any of them just heard hate. How at the end of the library massacre, their hatred seemed to just be aimed at the school, that the school was the main source of their unhappiness. It seemed that Dylan just became a follower. He was so lost and trying to find his place in this world that the only way he could find a place was alongside this madness. I finally read Sue Klebold’s book and Brooks Brown’s book this year and I feel like I got to know Dylan more. His humanity was coming together more and more. It’s a shame that Eric will never get a chance at that and I also understand his family’s need to stay away because nothing they will ever say will erase what their son did, especially because the media was clearly portraying him as the evil psychopath. Both sure, but Eric more. Why try to reopen still fresh wounds? Let the families move on as they try to too. In my sophomore year of high school, I found myself thinking about the friendship I would have had with Dylan. Not in any weird, sexual way. But a friendship that was based on understanding on how hopeless and helpless this world seemed. How there were little slices of pleasure in the world, but sometimes they just weren’t enough to get by on. I think the thing that most people cannot understand is that many people [like myself] are not idolizing the killers that these boys were. They are in wonder at the lives that they had before Columbine. We do not love their heinous actions. We understand that they were troubled individuals and no matter how “godlike” they thought themselves to be, they were incredibly human, incredibly flawed, and incredibly alone. Anyone can try to point blame at the parents all day long because people need a living bad guy. We know better. Its easy to blame when you’re not directly involved. We were once teenagers too. We know that if you model good behavior, you pretty much get left alone. My mom didn’t even know I was suffering from clinical depression until my second year in college when I dropped out. Because I was good at hiding behind laughs, smiles, deep affection, and friendships. I will always continue to read and research this. I will always feel this weird connection to who I perceive Dylan to have been before his actions. My heart goes out to the Klebolds, especially Sue who seems to be such a sweet, courageous, and caring woman. To the Harris’s who will never have it easy in this life. To the families of the thirteen victims who will never fill the void their loved ones left behind. And for this, I will always say that there were fifteen victims. 13 lost to two. Two lost to the world.

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TJ Perkins - dorky but lovable

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I wrapped my arms around Tj’s arm as we walked in the Staples center for Monday Night RAW. “Hey TJ, can we interview you for a second?” Charly Cruso, one of the interviewers came up and asked TJ. “Yeah of course.” TJ answered with a smile.”I be in catering.” I told TJ, kissing his cheek before walking ahead. As I reached catering, I saw the Brian Kendrick. I rolled my eyes before going somewhere he wasn’t near.
“Where are you going, babe?” Brian followed. I turned and looked at him. “I am not your babe.” I told him.  
He laughed. “What do you see in that dork, Perkins?” Brian asked. I glared at him. “That dork is a sweet and amazing guy. Unlike you, TJ loves me and can treat a girl right. You on the other hand, can’t. That’s why you are single.” I spat in his face before walking away. 

I sat with Bayley and Sasha as we watched RAW. Renee was currently interviewing TJ. 
“Tonight, you have a match against the Brian Kendrick. Last week, he attacked you from behind. Any comments on that?” Renee asked. “Well Renee, last week Brian did a cowardly move. Today he was a jerk and totally talked crap to my girl. I will not let him to talk to her like that. As for last week, he woken the monster. Tonight I will get my revenge.” TJ told Renee before walking away.
I smiled.
“That was sweet, Y|N.” Bayley smiled. I nodded. “He is totally different on screen and off. Off screen he is a total sweetheart.” Sasha said. 
“That’s why I love him. I am going to find him.” I said before standing up and walking out of catering. As soon as I turned the corner, I ran into TJ. 
“Did Brian hurt you? Swann said he saw him talking to you.” TJ asked, wrapping his arms around my waist. 
“He didn’t do anything. But I know one thing.” I said. 
“What is that?” TJ asked.
“I love you.” I told him. I then stood on my tippy toes and kissed TJ.
“I love you more, princess.”

JJ’s Crossing Himself Isn’t Religious

I’ve seen a couple of things about how JJ might be Catholic because of this:

and I’ve also seen a couple of people say that it’s weird because most Catholics don’t cross over the bellybutton (except for Russian Catholics, apparently), and the YOI staff probably messed something up there.

It’s not. A religion thing. Not this one. When I first saw him do this, my first thought was they did not just do that. The cross thing is actually a figure skating thing, although as far as I know, only one skater actually does it regularly.

That skater being none other than Yuzuru Hanyu, reigning Olympic and GPF champion, and the former World champion (current reigning Worlds Silver Medalist).

(watch the first couple of seconds) yeah i know they’re both purple that’s just an unfortunate coincidence i swear

Anyways Yuzu does the cross thing as an axis reminder: keep your back straight, shoulders perpendicular, arms tucked. He was asked that in an interview once and he said:

“That’s not a sign of the cross. The first vertical line is to check my vertical body line. The two horizontal lines I draw across my body are to straighten out my upper body core…“

tld;r: The staff know what they’re doing and JJ is reminding himself to stay on axis during his jumps.


no matter how bright your halo glows,
or how high your wings take you,
you will always, eventually, f a l l.”



“In the case of him being engaged, I feel like Odette represents his family obligations. I feel that Rory represents his true heart and soul and his love. Logan has always had his feet in both of those worlds— his family obligations and his love for Rory. I hope that it came through that Logan is deeply in love with Rory, always has been and always will be. I will also say Rory’s in the same position. Obviously, Rory and Logan have a mutual agreement. It’s not one-sided. Whether that’s right or wrong, I’m not saying. Whether I’m defending Logan, I’m not saying. But my job is to try to get the audience to connect with Logan and understand why he’s making the choices he’s making.”