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fluff friday (saturday) “stardust/enemies” {falling star} [gaasaku]


Sakura steps forward, taking her bundle of waivers and nondisclosures with her. She glances down at the seated attendant, nervously pressing the papers into his hands. He begins to flip through them and Sakura glances around, filled with nervous energy.

This is the first time she has been to Suna since becoming a ninja. She remembers, vaguely, that she came here with her parents on a business trip when she was quite young, maybe four or five. The memories are hazy, but the way the sun beats down upon her is as familiar as it is abrasive.

“Everything seems to be in order here,” the chunin says, stamping the packet. “Take this pass; it’ll be keyed to your chakra. You’ll be staying in the Konohagakure suite. The exams begin in three days’ time.”

“Thank you,” Sakura says, taking the card from him.

He eyes her before smirking. “You might want to purchase a cloak of some sort. You’re bound to be sunburned like this.”

Sakura flushes but nods in thanks before stepping away. She weaves her way through the crush of people, taking her time to examine the tough materials used to build the buildings around her. Most are made in curving angles, smoothed by the harsh weather. It is alien to her, the unforgiving sunlight, the earthy buildings, and the stinging sand, but it is not necessarily unwelcomed.

In some ways, it feels like a cleaning, a scourging of her soul.

(Secretly, Sakura is glad of it.)

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Lingerie Mishaps

Author: meemzdisaster

Summary: (Cannon – Blank Period) He ends his redemption journey, and makes way to his old teammate’s apartment. After all, he has a promise to fulfill. 

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto

Prompt: SasuSakuFest Day 3 – Her Intimates

Comments: This was longer than I anticipated! It was actually pretty fun/easy to write this prompt. I feel like this could totally happen, to be honest. Anyways, as always, enjoy!

Sasuke’s mouth hangs open while his sole visible eye widens. His ever so emotionless façade is broken by the object hanging off the edge of the couch. It takes him a moment to regain his composure but definitely not enough to calm his red cheeks.  

Sasuke stands in the middle of Sakura’s living room, where everything seems to be in place except for two glass empty glasses of water and a gift box on her coffee table… and the pieces of fabric he almost sat on when he planned to wait for Sakura to come back from wherever she went.

Usually, he is not a man who breaks and enter. But is it breaking and entering if Sakura has already offered him a when he came back to Konoha – telling him to feel free to enter whenever he came back from travel using the excuse that he must be tired from his journey.

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Sakura called out from her home office.

Normally she would be at the hospital at this time of day,but after receiving an email from Shino about Sarada’s recent behavior and a parent teacher meeting she has to attend next week,she came home early to see what Sarada did.

The girl wasn’t a troublemaker,but she had a sharp tongue,courtesy of Sasuke,and  she wasn’t the most patient kid in the academy.

‘‘Yes mama?’‘ The 8 year old said as her head appeared through the crack in the door,the girl had a very innocent expression on her face,a tell tale sign that she did something.

‘‘Come in I want to talk to you.’‘

‘‘You look kinda busy now how about later?’‘

‘‘No come in.’‘ she said with firmness in her voice that reminded her of her own mother.

‘I should really visit my mother more.’ the pink haired women remarked at the though of how exhausting parenthood is.

The girl gave up on her attempts to run from the confrontation and moved to sit in front of Sakura’s desk.

‘‘So how was school today?’‘


‘‘Nothing new?’‘




‘‘Shino emailed me.’‘

The girls expression fell,all hope of escaping this situation  lost.

‘‘Fine I punched a girl.’‘

‘‘What!? why?’‘ Sakura faintly remembered a girl a little older than Sarada in the hospital with a broken nose.

‘‘She was bullying chou again.’‘

‘‘Who’s chou?’‘

‘‘Chou-chou akimichi,and you always said that I should stand up for my friends so I did.’‘

Sakura felt a swell of pride.

‘‘But chou-chou can defend herself Sarada.’‘

She’s seen the Akimichi,and she wasn’t the type to be fazed by verbal bullying or even physical bullying since that girl was probably the strongest in her class besides Sarada.

‘‘Well she couldn’t,they cornered her,about four girls,they took her lunch and chips,she did try to defend herself,but the girl I punched was holding her back.’’


She was torn between congratulating her daughter or scolding her,cause she knew the feeling of being bullied and of having someone stand up for you.

‘‘what you did was good but maybe next time choose a different approach than breaking the poor girls nose.’‘

‘‘How did you know I-’‘

‘‘Come on Sarada,give some credit,I’m the head of the hospital.’‘


The Uchiha matriach couldn’t help but wonder on her daughter’s new friendship with the Akimichi heiress.

‘‘Since when are you friends with chou-chou?’‘

The girl was pretty much the opposite of Sarada except for the sassy attitude of course.

‘‘I don’t know,she’s always been nice to me.’‘ when none of the other kids spoke to me,she wanted to add, but thought better,since saying that will open a new discussion with her mother on a topic she really didn’t want to talk about.

‘‘You know it’s good to make friends is the academy,me and you’re aunt Ino met there, we used to bicker like kids about the last cookie.’‘ she neglected to mention that  cookie was Sasuke.

‘‘You still do.’‘ the girl deadpanned.

Sakura giggled at her daughters remark.

‘‘Yeah we bicker now more than when we were kids, I think we’re becoming worse than Naruto and you’re father.’‘

Sarada’s bored expression change into an expression of interest.

‘‘Papa and Uncle Naruto used to bicker a lot?’‘

‘‘Yeah they make the smallest thing into an argument.’‘

Sakura often hesitated to talk to the girl about her father, just so her longing to meet him wouldn’t increase.

‘‘Are Papa and uncle friends?’‘

‘‘Yeah,best friends, like me and auntie Ino, just a lot more rude and childish.’‘

Sarada was about to ask another question when the phone on her mothers desk rang.

‘‘I don’t mind,hold on I’ll ask her.’‘

‘‘Hey honey, Chou-chou wants to invite you for dinner as thanks for what you did today,do you want to go.’‘

‘‘Yeah.’‘ the girl responded immediately,excited at the prospect of seeing her friend.

‘‘Then she’ll be right over.’‘

Sarada got up from her chair and headed towards the door.

‘‘Be back by eight!’‘

‘‘Yes mama.’‘ the girl said as she ran out of the house.

Sakura smiled as she talked to the man that was standing outside her office window for the last hour.

‘‘It’s good that she’s making friends,and I was starting to think that she was too much like you.’‘

‘‘Hn,I am not childish,as for the dobe…’‘

Sakura laughed at her husband’s attitude towards the current hokage.

‘‘You know he’s hokage now,he can arrest you for saying that.’‘

The tall man scoffed as he entered his house for the first time in about 8 months,it was 8 months since he last came to the village,8 months since he’s last seen his wife.

‘‘I’d like to see him try.’‘

‘‘Don’t you two dare start another fight, cause I swear I will kill you both myself if you’re still alive.’‘

‘‘I love you too honey.’‘ he said in a very unSasuke like tone.

Sakura laughed again before her expression turned serious.

Sasuke could see the pain in his wife’s eyes, he shook his head to answer her unasked question.

He wanted to tell her he was sorry he didn’t find anything yet,that he would search faster,but no words came out as his wife hugged him.

‘‘When was the last time you got a full nights sleep?’‘ he asked noticing the dark circles under her eyes.

Sakura smiled a sheepish smile as she answered.

‘‘About two weeks,the hospital has been busy lately.’‘

‘‘Is Sarada doing well at the academy? other than breaking a girls nose.’‘

A  proud smirk formed on his lips,he hasn’t talked to his daugther in 3 years,since he started his mission,but he could tell that she is a lot like her mother.

‘‘Well,she’s top of her class but Boruto seems to be catching up to her.’‘

‘‘tch,dobe junior.’‘

‘‘You just don’t like him cause he liked to pull you’re hair when he was little, by the way,Sarada  has been calling him annoying lately,she reminds me of a certain handsome tsundere from my childhood.’‘

‘‘Good, someone else thought you were annoying.’‘

‘‘Baka!’‘ she said as she punched  his shoulder.

Sasuke chuckled as his wife pouted.

A dangerous gleam appeared in Sakura’s eyes before she spoke again.

‘‘You know,Sarada won’t be home for at least two hours.’‘ she said as she started backing her husband into a corner.

‘‘What do you propose we do in this time.’‘ he said as he took his cape and sword off.

‘‘Well it’s been 8 months,and I’ve been thinking about this since I noticed you outside the window.’‘

Sasuke flipped her so she was the one with her back on the wall.

‘‘Well then we’ll see what we can do about that.’‘ he whispered in her ear as she started unbuttoning his shirt.

and oh, sing songs to the heroes of old (remember that myths were once bodies)

She stands sentinel at the memorial stone during the night: a dark pillar holding up the sky. They call her the Widow.

(She never wanted to be Hokage. It was never her dream.

But, well.

Kakashi-sensei never taught her any ninjutsu, but he taught her that the mission was not the most important part of being ninja, that you choose your teammates over anything else every time, that you honour their dreams even when they’re dead, that you live on despite the loss—a cursed half life—and you hate yourself for it. (He never was a very good teacher.))

The bingo books, the old editions, have her hair colour listed as pink. The Academy students are skeptical. No one has pink hair. Maybe she used to dye it?

(It’s the healing that takes the colour from her.

She drains herself dry of chakra trying to heal the hole punched through Sai’s sternum, and then pushes further, pulling on her life force. Ino and Shikamaru pull her away from the corpse, and she doesn’t even have the energy to cry. Her body never fully recovers. Her heart doesn’t even try; the last of her boys are dead.

Her hair is bleached bone white. Her eyes fade to milky blue.)

They were supposed to be the second coming of the Sannin. They were supposed to surpass their teachers and change the world.

Instead, Sasuke is ashes on the wind, a procession of graves and a story of shattered hearts.

Instead, Naruto is a statue in a square. The artist carved him solemn. No one can remember the sound of his laughter.

Instead, Sakura is a faded pillar holding up too many legacies, holding up a village, holding up the sky.

They call her the Widow.

(She never thought it would end this way.)

(There is no other way it could have.)

Truth Be Told [SaiIno]

 Note: It’s time for another little fan fic. The beginning is somewhat similar to the short post I made last time. Anyway~~

The smell of Ino’s perfume lingered in the air as they walked past the dango shops and food houses - not that it was annoying or anything. Sai liked the subtlety of it, how it vanished and resurfaced like it was teasing him or something. The subtle, lingering perfume would be gone soon though, he thought as Ino led him into a cul-de-sac that would eventually end with him bading her goodbye at the gates of her house. Sai thought he knew how dates were supposed to go because he read about it in the books, but he forgot everything about them the moment Ino arrived at their meeting place. 

Sai was usually calm, but today he wasn’t. What if he was being too tacky? Too stiff? Too casual? Too formal? The prologue was just him being a nervous wreck, but Ino saved him from embarrassment when she smiled and told him he was being cute. That was a good thing, right? 

Ah, it was the second time her smile saved him.

“Today was definitely fun,” Ino said with a smile as they continued to walk. “Ah, thank you,” Sai uttered as he smiled back at her. “My house is just up ahead,” Ino said to him. Perhaps he was reading between the wrong lines, but he thought there was a sense of longing in her voice. Sai didn’t want this day to end so soon, but when she stopped in front of a house with a garden that he could only describe as an intricate work of art, his heart was forced to accept the fact that this was the last time he would see Ino today. 

It was strange, really, how much he longed to spend more time with her. It was a new feeling for him - peculiar, even. He knew what it was like to miss somebody, but not this way. This was frighteningly intense. Ino turned around to meet his gaze. Today, they were both out of their mission gear. Sai didn’t know what to wear for the occassion, so he put on a gray shirt and a pair of pants that suit him pretty well. Ino, on the other hand, almost gave him a heart attack when she appeared in a bright yellow, knee-length dress with short sleeves and a hue that mingled really well with her goldspun hair. When he first met her, he was still stuck on the idea that nobody was worth liking or beautiful, but now she took his breath away with every time he looked at her. She was perfect.

“I guess this is where it ends,” Ino said with a sad smile. Sai smiled and rubbed the nape of his neck, “I had fun today, thank you,” he said. Just then, Ino smiled from ear-to-ear as her cheeks almost glowed with a pinkish-red tint. “Why does this feel so bittersweet?” she laughed. When Sai realized that she had a point, he laughed along with her.

When the laughter subsided, she looked him in the eye and held her gaze. Sai didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to avoid her gaze, but he didn’t want to seem too smitten. She might think he’s being creepy, like a lot of people do when he holds his gaze for too long. When she lowered her gaze, she smiled. He almost let out a sigh of relief. “Hey, Sai,” she said as she reached out and tugged at the sleeve of his shirt.

“Hm?” he felt a strange warmth creep up his cheeks. “I like you,” she said, her sudden confession punctuated by a sweet little giggle. It was so random and out of the blue, like an ambush. Sai stood there, dumbfounded, wondering what she meant by that while trying to grasp the right words to say. Before he could muster anything, however, Ino handed him a dogwood flower and said, “Thanks again, I’ll see you around.”

Before he could even reply, she was gone. She ran into her house. Sai wondered if he angered her because of the fact that he didn’t give her a proper response. Either way, he was certainly flustered. And this flower? He asked himself as he held the small flower in the palm of his hand. He smiled at himself and headed home. I like you. What did she mean by that? More importantly, why was he starting to feel so giddy?

Ino’s words continued to dig a hole in his head as he walked, so he kept on thinking about what she possibly meant by it. She could mean that he liked him as a person, right? Somehow, that disappointed him. As someone she thinks of as a potential boyfriend? That intrigued him. They went on a date, and she said she had fun…so why not, right?

When he realized what kind of phantasmal world he had plunged himself into, Sai buried his face in his hands, ashamed of himself. “What am I even thinking?” he asked himself. Suddenly, he remembered how her embrace felt. It was only in his mind, but it felt real…like she was actually wrapping her arms around him and pressing her chest against his. He couldn’t feel her heartbeat at that time, but he sure wished that she didn’t feel his, because it was racing out of his ribcage the moment he felt her warmth pressed up against him. That was the first time she did that to him.

After she saved him from Gengo, his intentions were to ask her out. Although he looked cool on the outside, he was actually panicking on the inside. Instead of directly asking her out, he ended up telling her that he wanted to thank her if she’d let him. Fortunately, Ino was such a straightforward person. If she was the one who initiated the date, surely…she liked him…that way, right?

“Ah, Ino,” he uttered her name unconsciously, almost immediately receiving a cough from whoever was standing behind him at that time. He turned around quickly, to see his former teammate, Sakura, towering before him despite the fact that he was taller than she was. Sakura and Sasuke seemed to have patched things up a bit, he thought, perhaps it was the start of something special. Suddenly, he wondered if he always thought like this. Something special, he repeated. It was odd for him to think of something like that.

“Sa-Sakura,” he stammered. Why am I stuttering? he scolded himself. Sakura grinned, almost deviously, and spoke: “Are my ears tricking me, or did I just hear you utter Ino’s name as you return from your date?” 

Sai’s eyes widened a little, surprised by the fact that Sakura knew. Never mind, Ino probably told her. “Sakura, do you like me?” he asked, and wondered if Ino’s words were simply friendly. Sakura twitched as her face became drained of every ounce of color. “D-Do you want me to break every single bone in your body?” Sakura was furious.

“I guess not,” Sai shrugged his shoulders. Sakura sighed, “Why are you asking me that out of nowhere?” she aked. “Becuase…well…”

Sakura caught a glimpse of the dogwood flower in Sai’s hand, and she smiled. Ino had asked her about this before - lavender or dogwood? “I’ll wait for you” or “Accept my feelings”? She encouraged Ino to choose the latter.

“So she finally told him, huh?” she uttered to herself, mentally patting Ino on the back. “Did Ino tell you that she liked you?” Sakura asked. Sai’s pale face reddened a little, and Sakura was suddenly reminded of the face Ino made when she told Sakura of her feelings for Sai.

“Y-Yeah, but I didn’t know what she meant by that…”

Sakura heaved a heavy sigh. “You’re hopeless, Sai. She likes you…romantically. Do you understand that?”

“O-Oh. I thought she just liked me as a friend, so I asked you…”

Sakura laughed at her former teammate’s naivety. Sai was a beast in the battlefield, but not so much in the battlefield of love. “Why would she say ‘I like you’ right after a date if she only saw you as a friend? What did you say?” Sakura asked.

“Nothing,” Sai replied, suddenly feeling extremely queasy. Sakura’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when he said that. N-N-N-Nothing? she thought to herself as she tried her best to hold back the urge to punch this guy in the face. 

“Why didn’t you say anything?” she raised her tone a little as Sai almost shrunk in his shirt, like a snail retreating into his shell. “B-Because she didn’t seem like she was expecting an answer.”

“You idiot!” Sakura said, landing a light punch on top of his head. “Even someone as straightforward as Ino would like to hear your answer! She’s probably wondering if she did something wrong for you to ignore her confession like that!”


“You better tell her how you feel tomorrow, or else I’m going to break you into a million pieces. For real,” Sakura warned as Sai swallowed the lump in his throat and nodded. “I-I’m not doing it tomorrow, though,” he said. Sakura’s cold glare nearly froze him.

“I’m doing it today,” he said as he quickly turned around and started to run towards Ino’s house. Before Sakura could retort or reply, he was already off. She only shook her head and smiled. You’re lucky, Ino. Sai’s just within your reach, she thought. 

A boisterous garden and the Yamanaka clan crest on the gates. It was, undoubtedly, Ino Yamanaka’s house. He wondered if it would be rude to just enter the gates, but the doorbell was at the front door, so he invited himself inside their garden and looked around for a few moments. Dahlias, poppies and daisies popped up everywhere. The garden was beautiful, not so different from the person who tended it.

Before he could even realize how cold his hands were, he had already rung the doorbell and received a resounding, “Coming,” from Ino, whose voice was muffled by the thick wooden door. “Ino, I like you,” he said in an oddly monotonous voice. He shook his head at himself. “Ino, I like you,” he said with an inhumanely wide grin. No, too unnatural.

Before he could practice a third attempt, Ino opened the door. She had already gotten out of her yellow dress and was in her regular at-home clothes. It was the first time Sai had ever seen her dressed so casually and comfortably. Compared to her mission gear, Ino’s everyday clothes were very loose and seemed to allow a lot of room for movement. She was wearing an orange t-shirt and a pair of gray pants. She was surprised to see him, and almost tried to hide her outfit behind the door. 

“S-Sai,” she gasped.

“Ino, do you have a mission tomorrow?” he asked. Ino looked confused for a moment, but she shook her head anyway. No, she was telling him.

“I-I think we should go on a date again tomorrow.”

Ino’s face was as as the roses that grew in Ino’s garden. “E-Eh?” she cried out, “Why?” she asked, obviously shocked.

“T-That’s because…”

Too weak, he told himself. He took a deep breath, and let it out.

“Truth be told, Ino, I like you too.

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Sasuke and Sakura Relationship Complete Analysis

I can understand why some may not like Sasuke and Sakura having a romantic relationship - which is fine, that’s your personal opinion. However, to say that Sasuke never cared for Sakura- you couldn’t be more wrong 

It’s frustrating that people do not take the time to fully look at a character and break them down to fully study why they are the way they are. Sasuke is my favorite character due to his complexity- so I can imagine his relationships are bound to require the same analytical skills and mind to comprehend. Nothing with Sasuke is ever easy, haha. 

So please, enjoy, and keep in mind that Sasuke’s character is far more than his cold actions driven by the insanity of revenge, years of manipulation, and the heritage of Uchiha.

(also, concerning the abuse allegations- that will be covered in a separate post) 


Let’s begin with the databooks which contain detailed profiles… These are meant to give us the most knowledge about a character so we can better understand the story. 

DATABOOK 1 (Uchiha Sasuke’s Profile):

  • “Though until then he had taken no notice of either love or friendship, after meeting with Naruto and Sakura, Sasuke begins to accept them as nakama, even if only little by little… and also, when his heart was about to be swallowed by Orochimaru’s wicked cursed seal again, he was rescued by Sakura…”

ANALYSIS: What is said here is pretty easy to understand, and this alone should debunk any claim that Sasuke never cared for Sakura when it clearly says, “Sasuke begins to accept them as nakama.” For someone as distant as Sasuke, he must truly care about someone to consider them as nakama.

It is also crucial to note that “he was rescued by Sakura.”

It would seem that a lot of people like to make the claim that Sakura was the only one being rescued; she was helpless. While she may not have rescued Sasuke physically, she rescued him in a way much more meaningful and intimate way: to help relieve the hatred inside of himself.

  • "Sakura willingly and bravely calms the rampaging Sasuke under the influence of the cursed seal. Sakura’s heart, thinking of Sasuke, devours the wicked power.

  • External image

ANALYSIS: Like previously mention above, there is an emphasis on Sakura rescuing Sasuke from the cursed seal. Yet, this excerpt mentions Sakura’s heart- or love.Overall, it is her love that is able to “devour” the “wicked power” of the seal, which is meant to fuel Sasuke’s hatred.

Sasuke was clearly deeply affected by this love as it was able to suppress his own desire for power. It shocked him and after the affair was confused as to what happened. I also consider this as Sakura helping Sasuke’s characrer. She causes Sasuke to really look at his actions. 

Also, pay attention to the fact that Sakura asks Sasuke to stop. As a result, Sasuke abides by her wishes. He did what she asked, because he cares.

Databook 2 (Uchiha Sasuke’s Profile):

  • "Growing distant, towards darkness.. the one to appear before him as he began to leave was Sakura… The one who filled his lonely existence with the emotion called love was Sakura... Sasuke was only able to leave a single word of thanks as a parting.”

  • External image

ANALYSIS: Now this is HUGE. This shows what a CRUCIAL role Sakura plays in his life:

“The one who filled his lonely existence with the emotion called love was Sakura.”

I can’t even imagine why this would even need analysis.

And above all, Sasuke thanks her, another huge moment shared between these characters. Sasuke thanked her for giving him something that he had been missing: genuine love.

This is also a large development for Sasuke’s character in general (which many claim Sakura does not help Sasuke with his Charactar development). His gratefulness- as sense of humbleness in his normally prideful character. Unfortunately, twisted by revenge, he denies himself any sort of happiness until he avenges his clan- a decision he actually struggles with after his discussion with Kakashi thinking of Naruto AND Sakura

External image
External image

  • "Friendship and love, a future filled with warmth. But as long as he is there, he cannot make his dream come true. This is why he throws away a future with his friends.”

ANALYSIS: This re-affirms my previous analysis. Because of revenge he throws away his own his happiness.



Sasuke to Sakura about the Cursed Mark - Chapter 66 

  • "Sakura.. I have told you before. I am an avenger. This isn’t just a test to me. I don’t care about the Chuunin or whatever. ‘Am I strong?’ I just want the answer to that. I can’t forgive even you.. If you take that away from me.”

ANALYSIS: Now, why is this so important? “forgive even you,” implies that Sakura was originally held at some exception above other people, however, in this situation she becomes equal.

This not only shows that Sasuke held her as an exception to others, but shows that despite this, his desire for vengeance is greater than anyone. A major aspect for Sasuke’s character and foreshadowing. 

Sasuke to Naruto about Sakura - Chapter 133:

  • "Hey…Naruto. You have to save Sakura no matter what.. I know you can save her. Once you’ve got her, carry her, and run..as far…and as fast as you can.. Even if it’s just for a while.. I’ll be able to hold him in place. Never again. I’ve already lost everything once before. I don’t want to watch those precious/dear to me die before my eyes again.” (translations do vary between precious and dear to me)

External image
External image

ANALYSIS: Wow, again, is my analysis even necessary here? Sasuke says himself, IN HIS OWN WORDS, that he does care for Sakura. He never wants to lose her- or anyone he cares about- ever again. Also, another reference at his family (those dear to me die before my eyes again). 

Sasuke to Pakku - Chapter 138:

  • "Take care of Sakura..”

External image

ANALYSIS: Again, reinforcing his Sasuke’s care for Sakura.

 I would also like to point out the troubled expression on his face, and the way he gently places Sakura down. 

Sasuke to Kakashi about Sakura’s feelings - Chapter 693:

  • “Was she having fun in her little make-believe-fantasy of true love? As for me, I have absolutely no reason to love her and likewise, I can see no reason why she would love me. And that’s probably just.. chains from a failed past that she’s feeling..”

External image



Now, let’s slow down and think a bit more beyond his words, because many seem to take this at face-value.

The first thing we must remember that Sasuke is trying to push away all bonds of love and care- he is trying to be hated. So why would he ever act sweet or receptive to any positive emotion? Not to mention, after this, he tried to kill Naruto (AGAIN) when he considers Naruto to be his best friend.

Another crucial part is the “chains from a failed past.” 

When thinking of Sakura’s love he associates it with his own family. He is unable to accept love because it is something Sasuke feels he can no longer have. This denial he expresses depicts how lost Sasuke is and how lost he feels. This goes far beyond Sakura’s romantic feelings towards Sasuke, and more into his character. 



External image

ANALYSIS: This was the first major moment between Sasuke and Sakura.

Sasuke’s expression seems surprised at how much Sakura truly cares- which is new for him. Now, I don’t have any direct evidence of this, so his facial expression is up for open-interpretation. However, there was a reason why this moment has such an emphasis.

** ALSO - this sets the trend that whenever Sasuke expresses an emotion aside from indifference or rage- his eyes are concealed. 

External image
External image

ANALYSIS: Man, this is one of my favorite moments in the manga. I also think this is a scene that a lot of people forget- especially those who say that Sasuke never cared or was interested of Sakura. 

Sasuke notices Sakura’s insecurity and  not only makes an effort to compliment her, but compliments her publicly. 

Sakura even recognizes this and thanks him (in her thoughts). As Sakura regains her confidence, Sasuke Shown in the bottom right panel) smiles. When does Sasuke ever smile? He is happy for her- happy he could help. So clearly he cares about her mental well-being as well as physical. 

Also going further into his character development, Sakura was able to draw out kindness from Sasuke. Sasuke- usually too cool to care- is making an effort to build someone up, instead of bringing them down. He is able to receive happiness by helping someone else instead of focusing on his personal vendetta. 

External image

ANALYSIS: Here Sakura motivates Sasuke to take action. Sakura’s words make an impression on Sasuke, and clearly he listens to what she has to say.

This also attributes to the argument that Sakura does help Sasuke’s character; she is able to give him courage when he was losing it. 

External image

ANALYSIS: Man, what an awesome subtle moment, and extremely overlooked!

Of course, everyone knows, but Naruto, about Sakura cutting her own hair to protect her friends… But what is most important in this is the facial expressions that Ino and Sasuke share…

Ino, Sakura’s best friend, and Sasuke are looking at Sakura the same way: concerned, troubled, and maybe a little annoyed by Naruto’s obliviousness.

But for Sasuke to be placed in a similar mind set as her best friend, shows he cares about her and her feelings very much Like Ino


External image

ANALYSIS: For this moment, you really need to pay attention to Sasuke’s facial expressions (as usual).

Sasuke is clearly troubled be Sakura’s tears and emotions. So I have to ask… If Sasuke doesn’t care about her, why would he be so affected by what she has to say?? 

External image

ANALYSIS : Yet another powerful scene- which is quite underrated as well.

There are three things I would like to point out.

First, Sasuke’s expression. I can’t directly say what he is thinking, but he is clearly touched by the amount of Sakura’s concern and, like her reaction in the land of waves, shocked by her emotions. This is an expression the audience has never seen.

Second, this stopped naruto in mid-sentence. Whatever he was about to say was interrupted because of the intensity of this moment.

Third, Naruto’s expression. Notice he smiles? It’s a touching moment for Naruto as well…. To see love- no matter the form- has a true impact on Naruto. And Naruto knows Sasuke’s pain of loneliness, so it must be bitter-sweet to see this scene: Sasuke receiving love - something he and Naruto have been deprived of.

Naruto’s smile is also interpreted by some as more anguished, rather than bitter-sweet. While he may be happy for Sasuke, he may be conflicted because of the feelings he had for Sakura at the time.

External image

ANALYSIS:  This is yet another important look into Sasuke’s mind and character!

We all know this is when Sasuke really started to spiral down the path of darkness. In this we see Sasuke’s pained expression in being unable to protect someone dear to him (sakura)- much like he was unable to save his real family. This is really throwing salt in an open-wound. The already growing obsession over power, is only worsened as he had failed to protect someone special to him again- something he vowed to never do.

This emphasises that Sakura is not only someone he wants to protect, but he projects this self-disappointment and jealousy towards Naruto. This only fueled Sasuke’s feelings of not being powerful enough.

External image

(Sorry, not english)

ANALYSIS: Honestly, I don’t even have an analysis for this, haha. It’s just a powerful moment beyond words- hence that lack of dialogue and taking up a large portion of the page ;-)

External image

ANALYSIS: Oh yes, the apology. A lot of fans were not happy with this- they thought Sakura deserved more. Granted, I myself wouldn’t have minded a more elaborate apology, but is that really Sasuke’s personality? Let’s be real- he didn’t even give naruto an apology once, so this is MONUMENTAL for Sasuke’s character. Again, he is humbled. 

External image

Analysis:Of course, the most famous Sasuke-Sakura moment: the fforeheadd tap (which we all know was shared between Sasuke and his brother).

Here he shares with Sakura something that is so intimate to him. It shows that he definitely cares about her, but is also setting a slight distance because he is leaving for redemption. Itach did this act out of love, but he did distance himself at the same time. I think this gesture was perfect for their budding relationship- he care about her deeply, but he has things he needs to take care of first. 

Itachi loved sasuke beyond measure (we all know this) and this was something he always did, a bitter-sweet gesture. 

Now, I know many anti-ss fans are enraged that he could share something with Sakura so soon (or at all), but we must realize that Sasuke has already stated in Konoha after the war for a considerable amount of time. We know this by the health of the village, Tsunade was close to finishing making artificial arms, and Sakura’s hair has grown. I do believe they spent a good amount of time with one another.

And no- I don’t think this places sakura in the “little sister” category- and it clearly doesn’t seeing they later get married and have a child… 

External image

ANALYSIS: I wanted to make this separate from the head tap scene, despite being on the same page.

This was obviously referring to the first time he thanked her- but their are MAJOR differences that reflect his character.

This time Sasuke is facing Sakura as he thanks her, rather than her back. He has replaced knocking her out with a soft gesture to her forehead. And, as always, Kishimoto has decided not to show his eyes, but by Sakura’s expression I can only imagine it was something wonderful to see! 



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External image

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Run Him

Summary: Naruto never thought that he would miss the days of rescuing cats, but a month following the end of the Fourth Shinobi War, he learns a new appreciation for the word “boredom”. Which is why when the former members of Team 8 arrive one morning and announce they are taking him on an outing, he practically drags them out of the building before they get the words out.

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sasusaku | “We’re in an exam study group and I just send you my nudes by accident oops” AU

It’s cute that Ino thinks damage control is possible. But Sakura knows that this is the actual, real life end of the world and that there will be no recovering from this life-ruining disaster. In the spirit of this, she has collapsed into a melodramatic heap onto the purple shag rug and stares at the ceiling in existential crisis.

“What am I gonna dooo?” she moans.

Occupied by a mirror, Ino rolls her eyes. She’s halfway through applying her new Silver Shimmer eyeshadow and has no time for Sakura’s histrionics. “Girl, please. Sasuke gets nudes all the time, probably even deletes them without looking. Lord knows he never reads texts anyway.”

“He reads my texts!” Sakura wails, inconsolable.

The blonde whirls around, silver glitter flying everywhere as she assumes the hands-on-hips position of exasperated best friend. For someone so devastatingly smart and clever, Sakura can be awfully obtuse.

“That, Forehead Girl, is exactly my point.” A smug smile curls the corners of her lips. “You’re probably the one girl he wants to get nudes from. This is like early Christmas for him. And why would you take those pictures anyway if you weren’t planning on sending them, hmmm?”

Sakura’s mouth opens and closes, reminiscent of a fish out of water as her face turns a spectacular shade of red. “I didn’t–that’s not…none of your business, pig!”

But Ino just laughs, turning back to the mirror. “Better get it together, girlfriend, our study group meets in an hour and you look like a hot mess.”

Queasiness flashes across Sakura’s face. She’ll have to see Sasuke face-to-face, if he even shows up after the trauma of seeing her naked. What is she even supposed to say to him? ‘Hi yes, we study together four days a week but can you please forget that you saw me bent over in this new thong that I swear Ino made me buy and I don’t actually–’

Her frenzied imagination is interrupted by a loud buzz. Thoroughly disgruntled, Sakura hastily grabs her phone, ready to unleash the wrath of an anxiety-ridden co-ed on whoever dares interrupt her mental doomsday prepping. The text icon blinks on her screen, and she’s about to swipe it open when she freezes in terror.

It’s from Sasuke.

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Prompt: When Yoshino and Temari first meet.

This prompt was given to me by letsbananalol36. Thank you! I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Yoshino hummed cheerfully as she was able to scrounge for some free time after having finished the daily chores she set out for herself. She decided to go for a walk to have a change of scenery and perhaps to catch up with people she might meet on the way. There was a spring to her step as some inner voice teased her that this was going to be a rather interesting day.

As she waved at the familiar faces going about their own tasks, she happened to pass by the popular ramen restaurant, Ichiraku’s. It was a testament to its success that it still had a handful of customers in the mid afternoon like this, too late for lunch and too early for dinner. When she was merely passing her gaze disinterestedly over the interior of the restaurant and started to walk forward once more, her head snapped back and she almost cracked her neck.

She almost missed them because they were seated near the back corner of the restaurant.

But no, her eyes did not deceive her.

That was certainly her son, Shikamaru, right there conversing with a blonde woman. She could not see the face of the woman as she was seated across Shikamaru. But she was sure it was not Ino. The shade of her locks was notably different. All she could make out of this mysterious lady was that she had the strangest hairstyle she had ever seen on a woman. What sort of self-respecting woman wore her hair in four childish pigtails?

Her eyes returned to her son and narrowed. Curious. Really curious. Her lazy son was not slouching in his usual manner. There was a half-smirk on his face which was actually quite an indication that he was enjoying himself, or rather that he was intrigued by the conversation he was holding with this woman. And there was a warmth in his eyes that implied a certain intimacy with this blonde.

She clutched hard on the side wall as she crouched and continued to spy on them. There was a burning need to know more about this situation and about that woman. Was her son on a date? Or was it a business meeting? Who was this woman? She was almost certain that she was not of this village.

Yoshino straightened a bit when she observed her son rising and heading towards the restroom. As he entered the restroom, she paused just one second before making her way towards their booth.

As Yoshino made quite a show of taking Shikamaru’s seat, she noted that the blonde only blinked and raised an eyebrow at her presence. Yoshino hid her impressed reaction at the blonde’s seeming inability to be ruffled by a complete stranger. It was like she had sensed Yoshino coming. Points for her, she thought grudgingly. If she is going to date my son, she better have the attitude for it.

The blonde was also quite attractive. Shikamaru has taste, she thought approvingly. She was not too thin like Ino. Lord knows that girl needed more meat on her bones. And this woman carried herself well, back straight, confidence set in her posture, even while sitting.

“Who are you?” was Yoshino’s opening salvo. It came out curt but not quite so aggressive. Even if the blonde already impressed her, it did not mean she was going to make this easy. If she could not handle this, then she did not have any right dating her son.

The other eyebrow rose to join the other. “I believe I should be asking you that,” the blonde said calmly, teal eyes assessing the dark-haired woman in front of her.

Yoshino took note of the intellect in those eyes and carefully mapped out her next moves. “I happen to be someone rather special to Shikamaru. To be blunt, I want to make sure that you are not trouble for him.”

The blonde stiffened for the smallest of moments. Then relaxed as if unfazed by her declaration. “Has Shikamaru been involved in any trouble lately? I rather think that it should be Shikamaru that you should be questioning, not me. And no matter how well your intentions may be, to ambush me like this, don’t you think it’s rather bold and impolite of you?” It was said casually but Yoshino did not mistake her meaning.

Yoshino grinned to herself. This woman had steel in her. Yoshino knew that while many people were fond of her, those people were also intimidated by her to some extent. But this woman had not given in so easily. And she knew intuitively that this woman had feelings for her son, given that slight stiffening and the subtle warning undercurrents in her tone.

Ignoring her first question, Yoshino replied, “As you said yourself, I have the best of intentions. Besides if you have nothing to be ashamed of, then you’d have no problem answering my questions, wouldn’t you?”

The blonde regarded her intently. Then sighed impatiently. “You won’t be going away, will you?”

“Nope,” Yoshino quipped with a smirk, sensing her victory.

“Fine, let’s get this over with. What do you want to know?”

“What’s your occupation?”

The blonde, remembering that she had stashed away her hitai-ate while partaking her ramen, answered patiently, “Shinobi. Jounin.”

Surprised and quite impressed by now, Yoshino nodded slightly in approval. That explained the backbone. Not really, she thought, Ino, Sakura, and especially Hinata, did not give out the same tough aura as this woman.

“Which village do you come from?”

The blonde hesitated before answering, “Sunagakure.”

Yoshino paused. She heard from her husband and Shikamaru about how the ninjas from Suna had betrayed Konoha. But Shikamaru also explained to her that they had redeemed themselves when those same ninjas saved him and his other comrades from dying in the Sasuke rescue mission.

She had nothing against them now, however… “You betrayed our people.”

The teal eyes flashed in fury but then almost immediately deflated. In a somewhat subdued but stiff tone, she said, “Yes, we are sorry for it but we have already made our amends and can only hope for forgiveness.”

Yoshino was both amused and humbled by the woman. Clearly, she was quite a spitfire but she knew what was honorable and what was not. In her book, that merited a bulk of points.

“What are your intentions with Shikamaru?”

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More dorky OTP and their equally dorky pick-up lines because why not?? Inspired by dorky chats with @cyberwolften​. :D


For once, Inuzuka Kiba was out of words. He sat with a stillness that was completely out of his character, his mouth agape and his eyes as wide as saucers. He desperately slapped himself once, twice, even a third time just for the heck of it, to remove the awful genjutsu presented before him. 

Nothing happened.

He tried dispelling the illusion with the necessary hand seals, nudged his teammate and his ever-trusted Akamaru to snap him from the nightmare, and yet… Nothing. Happened.

He resisted the urge to scream.

Everything was just as it was. The smell of ramen filled the air, patrons of the restaurant mingled and chatted, the heat was sweltering despite the air conditioning running. And Hyuuga Neji and Tenten were visibly, without a doubt, flirting.

Flirting. In public, no less!

Kiba almost gagged.

He desperately shared eye contact with his other male peers and found a sense of relief when a few mirrored his distress. Alright, so it was only Naruto who returned the look – Lee was, as predicted, trying to charm his way to Sakura’s heart, Chouji was more occupied with his food than anything else, Shikamaru looked like he had fallen asleep on the table, Shino was wearing glasses, and Sai was too busy painting the scene in his sketchbook.

And the girls? The girls were watching the lovers (Kiba cringed) with hearts in their eyes, a swoon or two escaping their lips every now and then.

“Do you have a map?” Tenten suddenly said, finger sensually tracing circles on Neji’s chest. “Because I keep getting lost in your eyes.”

Both Kiba and Naruto watched, one with disgust and the other with veiled curiosity, as Neji only shook his head.

“I do not need a map,” Neji replied easily. “Because I’ve already found my way.” He eyed Tenten meaningfully, sending the female audience to a frenzied squealing.

Tenten pouted, tried again. She slid herself easily on Neji’s lap and wound her arms around his neck.

“Oh? Well, I’m sure your father was a boxer,” she grinned at him. “Because you’re a knockout!”

Kiba raised a brow; Naruto snickered only to abruptly stop when their female friends cooed.

“No, but I’m pretty sure your parents were bakers,” was Neji’s smooth answer. “Because they sure made you a cutie pie.”

Tenten frowned, opened her mouth to make another sassy pick-up line when Neji halted her by gently tilting her chin up. He smirked when a shade of pink splashed on Tenten’s cheeks.

“They also made sure you’ve got some nice buns.”

Now Kiba did gag. He rushed to the men’s room, Akamaru dutifully trotting behind him. Naruto, along with the girls, was cackling now. Tenten laughed, gasped, then harrumphed, arms crossed in defiance. Neji looked triumphant.

“Sorry, Ten, but you laughed,” Sakura chortled. Next to the pink-haired kunoichi, Ino was giggling. 

“That’s 3 points for Neji and 2 points for you, Tenten!” the blonde said. “Neji wins for today!”

“That was a close fight,” Hinata supplied smilingly. “I’m sure you’ll win next time, Tenten!”

“Damn straight I will,” Tenten murmured, then glared at Neji. “And wipe that stupid smirk off your stupid face, Neji!”

“I’m the winner, remember?” Neji responded haughtily. “That means I get to order you around for the week.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” Tenten slid off his lap, pout still in place. “You better not abuse your power on me, mister! You promised!”

Neji nodded. “Of course.” He stood and offered her a hand. He easily pulled her up. “Shall we start with then?”

“Excited, aren’t you?” Tenten grinned wickedly. Turning to the girls, she added, “And thanks for being our unbiased judges! We appreciate it a lot.” She received a series of reassurances from the kunoichi. Turning to Neji, she said, “Well, let’s go?”

Neji nodded. “Let’s.”

As the couple made their exit, Naruto set free an excited whoop.

“So they were playing a game?!” he exclaimed. “So cool! How do you play it?!”

When Kiba returned, he noticed two unoccupied chairs and immediately concluded that Neji and Tenten had gone to who-knows-where to continue their acts of lasciviousness. Kiba sniffed. Good riddance. He didn’t need those two to rub it in his face on his non-existent love life.

What made him curious, however, were Naruto and Lee tugging at Sakura’s arms, urging her to play a certain “game” with her, much to the pink-haired kunoichi’s annoyance. 

Kiba turned to his good pal Shino for some explanation. Shino shrugged.

“Blame the hormones,” was all the bug-user said. 

Penance: "Director's Cut"

I figured I’d chip in with NHSM with part of the collab fic I did with the wonderful and talented fucknesha! I plan on posting the second half later since I’m at work right now. EDIT: YOU CAN NOW READ PARTS II, III, IV AND V, INCLUDING THE EPILOGUE.

It was one of those rare occurrences that had to have been seen to be believed, but was undoubtedly true: Naruto Uzumaki had the entire weekend off. As the Seventh Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village, his free time was limited for his wife, Hinata Uzumaki of the royal Hyuga clan, and their two precious children Boruto and Himawari. His eldest child and son Boruto had already begun to display behaviors of rebelling because Naruto wasn’t able to bond with him like he used to before his promotion to Hokage. His daughter and youngest child Himawari didn’t particularly feel her father’s absence as much because she was always attached with her mother. 

And whenever Naruto was home, he’d either sleep for the entire day just to repeat his hectic duties as Hokage the following day or spend many hours in his home office catching up on work-related things he didn’t complete while at the Hokage mansion. And as far as how his wife felt about him not spending time with their family? Hinata often commiserated with his feelings and understood the duties of Hokage were strenuous and tedious. Naruto’s presence was needed not only in his home, but all over the village and Great Nations. 

Although she understood, she secretly wished he would take more time off for their family. Hinata never mentioned it to her husband, but his consistent absence from their home was putting a major strain not only on their family, but their marriage too. The brunette missed the times that she and Naruto were completely inseparable, whether it be the adorable ramen dates to Ichiraku’s or hanging out with their friends. 

She also craved the nights of being engulfed in his arms as he made passionate love to her slowly and tenderly, them whispering each other’s names in their ears as they climaxed. She loved the other nights when they rode each other relentlessly and would giggle amongst themselves, trying desperately to concentrate on keeping quiet as to not wake their kids. Naruto would call it a Silence Contest—the first one to scream out loses, and it would be an extra penalty if one of the kids entered their room interrupting them. She would always be the loser, although Boruto only ever intruded on their coupling once. That was a humiliating and equally humorous experience for the couple. 

Nevertheless, despite her feelings about her husband’s absence, Hinata would never voice them. Becoming Hokage was always Naruto’s childhood dream and she witnessed him work tirelessly to make it come into fruition. So putting Naruto in a position to choose between his family and his lifelong goal to become Hokage would wreck the brunette with major guilt. So she kept quiet. Naruto had this weekend planned for more than a month now. It was April, the weekend of their seventh anniversary and the blond allowed Shikamaru Nara, his Chief Advisor and right-hand man, to perform the Hokage duties during his absence from the mansion. The kids were away spending the weekend at the Yamanaka manor with Sai and Ino, undoubtedly enjoying time with the couple’s son, Inojin Yamanaka. 

Tonight, it was simple for Naruto: he would woo and romanticize Hinata with red roses and fresh baked warm cinnamon buns from her favorite bakery—his wife didn’t care much for traditional chocolates. The roses were freshly picked and purchased from Ino’s flower shop, Yamanaka Flowers. Ino was great to assist Naruto in his endeavor to seduce his wife tonight by volunteering to babysit his children. And she swore to keep the plans for Naruto’s seduction a secret from Hinata—only if Naruto would provide her with all of the explicit details of his night with his wife. Reluctantly, the Hokage agreed. Then lastly, he would make love to Hinata slow—real slow, all night long, just the way she liked it. And for the next day, he planned a family picnic for the four of them in the park where he and Boruto would go fishing by the lake. 

Yup. This weekend would be perfect, it would go exactly as planned, and nothing could possibly ruin it. With the particulars out of the way, the Hokage faced another challenge of a high order—he wanted to creatively experiment making love with his wife tonight. ‘Traditional sex’ was never his forté and to celebrate seven years of joyous marriage, the blond wanted to make their bedroom antics interesting and memorable. 

But what’s a guy to do? “Hmm…” Naruto scratched his chin and narrowed his eyes in deep concentration while he contemplated his options. “Hinata’s so bashful and shy, but it’s so cute,” he told himself as he took the buns out of the warmer and placed them on the dessert platter on center of the table. “But she’s really submissive and she practically lets me do anything I want to her, which is pretty awesome. So I at least have that to my advantage.” 

Taking a bottle of cherry wine from the refrigerator and placing it in the ice bucket on the table next to the cinnamon buns, the Hokage opened the Styrofoam trays of takeout from Ichiraku’s and set the food on their dinner plates. He received a text message from his wife letting him know she’s on her way home. “Well, no sense mulling over this,” he continued to converse with himself. “I’ve never liked thinking about things like this anyway. I’m sure something will come to me spontaneously like always.” Naruto quickly showered and changed into a fresh pair of orange, silk pajama pants in preparation for his evening.

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{Pompeii Chapter 5}

Kankuro was a riot, and a part of Sakura believed he was only so chummy and outgoing because it made Gaara all the more uncomfortable. Kankuro acted as if it was a real treat to do anything with Gaara, making the younger brother bluster and blush.

“I’m going to take this upstairs first,” Gaara ground out, glaring at his brother. He paused when he caught Sakura watching him and then ducked his head. “D-do you want to show me where you want it?”

Sakura nodded, taking the stairs two at a time until she was on the landing outside her room. The door had been left empty for the brothers to move in and out of easily. Sakura slipped in first and waved Gaara in behind her. There was a space under the windows she wanted the mattress set. A folded set of sheets sat off to the side, ready to be applied.

“It’ll be nice right under the windows,” Sakura commented, feeling a little nostalgic for when she used to have a similar arrangement in her childhood home.

Gaara surveyed the room, nodding at the cleaned off floor. “You have a lot of room here.” His eyes settled on the succulent she had put under the nearby window and Sakura watched his eyes soften. “You kept it.”

Now it was Sakura’s turn to flush. “Yeah. I…I know it’s super cheesy, but while I like plants and flowers I feel like the desert breeds are the only plants that can survive me. I remember for high school graduation I got so many flowers and even the potted ones. I tried to take care of them but they all died.” She glanced back at the succulent on the window sill. “A friend gave me a small barrel cactus in a pot apologizing for being so prickly all year long. I took care of that guy for my entire college life. It’s a nice feeling, when something stays with you for so long.”

“They are strong,” Gaara agreed.

Behind them the sun was setting and filtered gold started to streak in through the windows to the west. It made his face and hair just glow.

Sakura blinked, “Will you and your brother be okay carrying the mattress up?”

Gaara snorted, shaking his head and making his hair sway. “Kankuro is unnecessary.”

Seconds later a snake of sand slithered mid air, followed by a coil around the mattress. Kankuro was lying on the mattress with a saucy smirk, letting Gaara carry him and the merchandise to the designated spot. He winked at Sakura as Gaara set the mattress down.  Gaara’s sand smacked Kankuro as it left the mattress like hands leaving a child.

“A little showy, don’t you think?” the older brother asked, adjusting the black cat hood he wore as part of his outfit. In addition to a set of all black he also came with an impressive design of face paint traced across his face. At least Sakura guessed it was face paint.  

“Are you truly necessary?” Gaara asked in a droll tone, eyes half lidded.

“Yeah, cause I’m the one in charge, duh.” Kankuro hopped up and slid up alongside Sakura. “Speaking of which, my boss wanted me to ask you about the invoice. Someone already tried paying for it and we wanted to ask-“

“Don’t accept his money!” Sakura’s reaction was knee jerk at best. Both brothers blinked owlishly at her. “Ugh, no, it’s just someone trying to be welcoming. I don’t want to do anything that could be construed as taking a bribe so please don’t deposit their check or whatever they used. I have the payment already made out for you to take back.”

Kankuro smiled, causing Gaara to flinch. “Ah, no worries there. Temari is a force all on her own. She’ll turn down their payment if you tell her to. But is that okay with you? It might piss the party off.”

Sakura felt her shoulders and rolled them back, adopting the look she took on when addressing business. “That may be unfortunate, but I stand by my decision.”  

Kankuro laughed. “Oh man, the old lady is going to love you. Ah, I better get out of here before I get in too deep. Gaara looks ready to murder me.”

Sakura turned and looked back over her shoulder at Gaara, but his face only flushed a brighter shade of red under her scrutiny. He looked more embarrassed than anything. Kankuro was a tease.  

“Come on little brother, you can’t sleep here. Let’s leave Sakura to her rest, it’s getting late enough.”

Outside the sky was caught between the ghost of gold and budding night. In a little while the first stars would probably twinkle into view.  It got dark so fast, like the sky was a drain and all the gold had fallen through to a place Sakura couldn’t see.

Sakura wrote the check and a note to Temari, thanking her for being so understanding, before seeing the boys off at the front. By the time they were out the door there was silver in the sky. Gaara turned to wave her goodbye and the moonlight caught in his pretty green eyes. Sakura nearly froze at the way he looked back at her. It was an image she didn’t believe she could ever forget.

“I hope you sleep well tonight,” she said, not knowing if he heard her.

Gaara’s lip quivered before pulling upwards. “You too.”

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Sakura, Ino, and Karin rant

Okay, so I am fucking sick and tired of a lot of the things people say about these three. There’s some things we need to discuss.

1. Sakura

I’m not a Sakura fan. Believe me, I’m not. We could discuss the many, MANY reasons that I don’t like Sakura until the end of the universe, but that’s not the point here.

She is not weak. Maybe in part one, but have you seen her punches in part two? She could beat you up, no problem. Maybe she does tend to stay off the front lines- she’s a medical ninja, for God’s sake. That certainly doesn’t make her useless. Ninjas get hurt ALL THE TIME. If they didn’t have medics, they’d be screwed.

I have to tell you that even though I don’t like Sakura, I respect her. She was put on a team with Naruto, the Jinchuuriki, and Sasuke, the last Uchiha. Her sensei is the Copy Ninja, Kakashi, doesn’t bother to pay attention to or train her 90% of the time. So when she finally found something she was good at, she worked SO HARD to become the best she could be. And now she’s pretty damn strong! But she still gets hate because she’s rarely ever seen on the battlefield helping to fight. Once again: She is a MEDIC. Your medics are the last people you want to get killed off, no matter what fighting situation you’re in. Trust me. If your medics are gone and you get hurt? Good fucking luck, buddy.

Anyway, let’s move on.

2. Ino

The most common thing I see is that “she’s slutty”. Oh, boo-motherfucking-hoo, she wears a top that shows her midriff. GET THE FUCK OVER IT. If I was as hot as Ino, I’d want to show off my looks like that, too! What’s wrong with her dressing the way she wants? And even if she is a “slut”, who cares? GET THAT D AND/OR THAT V, GIRL.


I also see complaints about Ino being bitchy. Do you want to know when Ino became one of my favorite characters? In the Forest of Death. She jumped in to help Sakura, even though she was under absolutely NO obligation to do so. She and the rest of Team 10 could have just moved on. Less competition, right? And let me remind you that she didn’t do it for Sasuke, the guy she liked. She did it for her friend, Sakura. After she and her team helped out, Ino offered to fix Sakura’s hair. That does NOT sound like a bitch. 

Even before that, she approached Sakura and decided to make friends with her. She helped Sakura a lot before Sakura broke off their friendship over some dumb boy. In fact, I would say that was one-sided. Did you see how hurt Ino looked when that happened? (One of the many reasons I dislike Sakura, but again, not the point.)

Also, having confidence is does NOT make her a bitch. Having confidence is great! It’s great to feel confident about yourself (as long as it’s not excessive).

Everyone blames her for things like calling Choji fat. Well, who hasn’t said some rude and blunt and stupid things when they were twelve. I don’t see anyone holding the “ugh, the Hokage’s a woman now” comment against Shikamaru! (Let me remind you that he also said some other rude things about women in part one, and still, I don’t see anyone complaining.)

3. Karin

Again, I see a lot of “she’s a slut” when people talk about Karin. First of all, her outfit is a UNIFORM. I shit you not. Second of all, she’s showing a few inches of thigh, her bellybutton, and the small of her back. Fuck off, I’ve worn less in the summer. I’m wearing less right now. 

And loving (yes, loving, not just lusting after) Sasuke does NOT make her a slut. That is ONE FUCKING GUY. I’m pretty sure most of you have had/have crushes at some point, and kind of act the same way. Maybe you’re not as open about it, but Karin is confident enough to be, and no one should penalize her for going after Sasuke. I don’t think he’s openly rejected her, and he hasn’t made much of an indication that it bothers him (he basically doesn’t react at all), so it’s not like it’s a bad thing.

“She only likes Sasuke for his looks!” Oh, FUCK OFF. She started liking Sasuke because he SAVED HER LIFE, and because he was the first guy ever who didn’t treat her like shit.

“She’s a bitch and just wants Sasuke all to herself.” Fuck that. Karin might be a little snappy, mostly towards Suigetsu, but overall, just how mean is she? We all get snappy towards people who annoy us! Also, do you remember the time when Sasuke tried to kill Sakura? Karin was bleeding out on the ground, but she still managed to say, “Sasuke, don’t do it!” If she was a bitch who just wanted Sasuke all to herself, would she try to stop him from killing another girl who liked him? There would be less competition.

I’ve also heard people say that Karin isn’t helpful in any way. Haha, you make me laugh. Sasuke only wanted the best of the best for his team, so what does that make Karin? The best of the best. She’s a sensor, and a damn good one. Besides, hasn’t she helped Sasuke by letting him bite her to regain his chakra or whatever?

Honestly, sometimes I lose all hope for this fandom. Anyway, I think that’s it. I just have some feelings.

moonfox22  asked:

7 Kakasaku for the prompt meme?

7. I know your weakness. It’s kisses. You are doomed. (Don’t worry. We’re all doomed eventually.)

This definitely did not go the direction I was expecting, but man was it fun to write. Experimented with style, please excuse my indulgence (I am full of pretensions of poetry). Little bit NSFW.

Sakura is raised on a steady diet of love stories. Her mother giggles behind books whose covers feature women dipped low by men with flowing hair. Her older cousins bat their eyelashes at boys who preen like birds at the attention. She and Ino whisper under blankets in the night, movie stars pouting out from magazine pages.

Sakura is raised on a steady diet of love stories, and she knows that love isn’t love until it tears you apart and turns you into something new. Something beautiful.

Love is heartbreak and tears and passionate declarations in the rain.

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Title: it’s my duty
Summary: Who knew something amazing could come out of being pulled over and running late for work?
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.
Prompt: Silver Lining
Rating: K
Warning(s): idk, probably some OOC on Sasuke’s part. It’s an AU with no massacre of any kind, though, so idk. Maybe he’s IC by those standards. WHY DON’T YOU JUDGE.
Comments: Inspired by hallous’s fanart of cop!Sasuke and doctor!Sakura.


“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Sakura muttered to herself as she heard the sirens go off in warning, and glanced at her rear-view mirror to expectedly find a cop car flashing his blue-red lights at her. Tightening her jaw, she let out a small sound of frustration before moving smoothly to the side of the curb, shifting her car in park and turning off the ignition, while she drummed her fingers against the opened window side, glancing at her watch with a stressed look.

“I’m already running late for work, and it’s Spring Break, one of the busiest times of the year—AKA, my boss is going to murder me.”

Running a hand over her face, Sakura glanced in her mirror and drummed her fingers some more, biting her lip at the cop’s apparent inactivity. She knew he was probably just writing down all the information about her car as part of the usual process, but she couldn’t help wanting for him to hurry up a bit.

She had patients to treat, for god’s sake! Fearless, stupidly injured and probably very intoxicated patients, but still patients regardless!

And it’s not like I ever really speed, she thought to herself, pinching the bridge of her nose. My record is clean! I’m usually a very careful driver!

Hearing the sound of an opening door, she glanced at her mirror again and bit the inside of her cheek, thinking of what she should do. Crap, he’s coming, she thought, as she glanced back a little and saw the man approaching her window. Maybe if I make a cute face I can get away…?

Grinning secretively to herself, Sakura took a quick look at herself in the mirror, before turning to greet her to-be-victim-of-her-charms and putting on the sharpest, cutest smile she could muster—only for it to drop instantly once her eyes set on his out-of-this-world attractive face.

Mouth running dry, and stomach flipping wildly, she stared at him in distress and shattered hope of escape.

Shit, she thought, swallowing the nervous lump in her throat. He’s hot…

“License and registration,” the young cop—who was probably not more than a year or two older, at most—finally spoke, his voice rumbling deep in his chest. It drove shivers down her spine.

Ino would know how to handle this… she said to herself, unable to muster the courage to even open her mouth at all. Her eyes widened as the cop’s gaze finally moved to her, likely wondering why she wasn’t saying or doing anything.

When their eyes met, her cheeks flushed madly. Ino-pig would know how to handle this—but I sure can’t!

Raising a brow, the dark haired police officer called, “Ma’am.” He took his hand out of his pocket and gestured his hand out, as if waiting for something to be handed to him. “Your license and registration, if you would.”

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Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7.  Part 8. Part 9. Part 10.  Part 11. snip.

Summary: Arranged marriage in the twenty-first century might be uncommon, but is not unheard of. “Do you mind?”


i) I wrote flowery smut. Someone please shoot me now.

ii) The very last legs of this journey. Only one or two chapters left.


Come Cinderella, let’s take the next pumpkin outta here!


Sakura was coming to realize that Sasuke’s choice in music was extremely bad, but he was undeniably, irritatingly cute when he subtly bopped his head along.

“He likes country pop,” she gushed to Ino, “Which is like, what teenage girls like to listen to but oh my god he bops his head along when he thinks no one is watching!”

Ino positively cackled with glee. “Oh, that munchkin!”

“You can’t even imagine,” agreed Sakura.

They laughed, and then suddenly, Ino stopped, losing just point five lumens of that megawatt smile. “I’m glad you’re finally happy, Forehead.”

“Oh, Ino,” said Sakura, around a smile, “Me, too.”


Sasuke, Sakura was coming to realize, was severely lacking in the romance department. Once, she caught him rummaging around for clothes with a towel around his waist, and unabashedly ogled, slightly slack jawed.

It had taken him quite a few moments to notice her heated gaze, and when he had; he’d blushed furiously, averted his eyes, looked anywhere but at her and asked, “Do you mind?”

She’d smirked insolently and with the universal carry on gesture of spread hands, said, “Not at all.”

He’d been very careful not to be caught in such a blatant state of undress, since.


“Sasuke?” she asked one day, “I want you to be romantic.”

He sputtered in astounded silence.

“Not always,” she quickly backtracked, feeling the slight burn of a blush on her cheeks, “Just—when I ask, okay?”

For a moment she thought, he’d turn his nose up arrogantly, but he surprised her by saying, “I don’t know how.”

So she took it upon herself to teach him.

“Put your arms around me,” she instructed, turning around so that her back was to him.

He did, and she lead his head down so that his mouth was in the crook of her neck. “Now kiss me here.”

He did. It was soft and lingering and not at all innocent and she had to clench her thighs to stop her legs from buckling. She inhaled a shuddery breath. “I can’t believe I have to teach you how to be romantic,” she whispered, eyes closed, leaning back into his chest.

He pressed her closer to him, dragged his lips to the other side of her neck and kissed her there just as slowly, deliberately.

Then he let go and turned her around, laid a hand on the slim column of her throat, feeling the rapid pulse beating there and with a thumb, lifted her chin until her eyes raised fully to his. “Not everything,” he said hoarsely, as his hand slid downwards over her breast and around her waist, then slowly up her back, gently pressing her closer to him.

She looked at him, saw the flicker in his eye and barely had time to blink before his mouth was on hers.

She didn’t even pretend to resist or protest, not when it was exactly what she needed. The warmth, the steady hand, the skilled mouth. Instead, she slid her arms around his neck, pressed into him and let all the sensations wash over her.

He felt the need he’d kept carefully reined, strain at its tether. The sweetness of her, the arousing pliancy, the little licks of heat that hinted passion simmering beneath innocence.

The combination came close to snapping that tether.

So, it was he who drew back and she who protested. Struggling to temper instinct with sense, he shifted her again and settled her head on the curve of his shoulder.

She felt his heart beat fast under her hand, heard her own pound in her head. She was beginning to like this feeling of being stirred up, to feel that simmering coil in the pit of her stomach.

“That was pretty romantic,” she whispered in his chest.



She was learning—all the nicks and bumps and the tiny little things that made Sasuke—Sasuke. She was learning and she was embracing.

Sasuke worshipped Itachi, his favorite pair of boxers was green and ratty and worn out. He wouldn’t bother to make the bed but his shirts were always immaculately pressed and buttoned. When he slept, he curled into himself and that his eyes were color of angry thunderstorms about to burst the skies open. He had to subtly leave the room if animals started killing each other on the discovery channel.

She knew a hundred little things about Uchiha Sasuke, but when he kissed her, she could barely remember her own name.


Sakura, Sasuke had long since realized, had no sense of personal space.

At night, she wrapped herself around him, about him, and in the day, she wrapped herself around and about his thoughts. He found it absurd and annoying.

It was especially distracting when her face was two inches away from his and his mind still had trouble knowing if she’d be mad if he’d turned his head and accidentally kissed her.

She never did.


They lay down one night, in the rare moments when their schedules matched. He leaned against a pillow, going through one of his bland, undecipherable files while she lay on her side, looking at him; the gentle, protruding curve of his bottom lip, the high, noble, arch of his cheekbones, the slight fluttering of his lashes.

“You have no idea how beautiful you are, do you?” she asked, amazed at his naiveté.

She saw the slightest flicker of confusion pass over his features, before he finally registered her words. He turned and gave her one of those rare, charming smiles that could lure the unwary to their doom.

“No,” he told her. “Not until I met you.”

Not a few months ago, he would have shied away and locked himself in the bathroom. So she was grateful when he turned back to his report, the smile still there, just barely. There was a dimple in his left cheek, not deep, just a slight dip in the curve of his cheek. So very rarely did he smile that she’d never had a chance to properly admire it.

She leaned up on her forearms and pressed a gentle, lingering kiss into his dimple.

Startled, he turned his head. “What are you doing?”

“I like it when you smile,” she told him knocking the file out of his hand and straddling him. “I always wanted to kiss you here when you do.”  She pressed her lips into his; melded, moved, put all that she was in it. She kissed him again. And again. Until he pulled her back by the hair; eyes searing, glittering like coals.

Then he closed his mouth over hers. He kissed her slow and deep. Her heart circled giddily in her chest, then seemed to plop over and thud to bursting.

When they broke apart, he was the one straddling her waist.


Sasuke was Sasuke, and Sakura was learning that being Sasuke meant that some part of him would always be the tiniest bit shut out. She found that she wasn’t quite as patient as she should have been.

“How did you end up in a gang?”

He stiffened imperceptibly and she noticed. When he didn’t reply, she nudged him with her foot. “I wouldn’t judge.”

“Drop it,” he told her tersely.

And she did.

Except she didn’t.

For the next two days she almost but not quite bit his head off on every little thing.

“Could you pass me the salt?” he asked politely.

“Go get it yourself,” she bristled.

“It’s right next to you,” he sighed tiredly.

She sputtered indignantly. “W-well—that high horse you’re riding on? That’s just a camel with its hump up your ass!”


“Be patient.”

“Patient?” Sakura’s eyes widened. Patience wasn’t the advice she’d been expecting from Ino. “Yes. Just let your anger mellow inside you, aging like a fine wine. Then when Sasuke does something that really pisses you off, let him have it with both barrels.”

Sakura blinked. “Um, I got lost. Are these wine barrels?”

“Pay attention, Forehead. These are barrels of anger!” Ino sighed, thumping the table. “The problem with men is, you can’t tell them every time something annoys you. If you complain every single time Sasuke isn’t holding your hand, you look feeble and whiney and desperate. So you have to hit him with all his flaws at once. Which means…” she paused for dramatic effect, “Waiting until he does something that he knows is bad and having a tally of all your complaints ready in your mind. Be patient, but be prepared.”

Sakura shook her head, absolutely stunned by Ino’s crazy. “You dimblub,” she said a little dazedly, “There’s a huge difference between holding hands and having a serious conversation.”

“I’m just saying, right now, it’s one bullet in your gun. Wait for a few more.”


Sakura immediately apologized the first chance she ran into Sasuke. “Look,” she said, “I know there are boundaries we don’t cross,” she looked at him carefully. “But I hope that is not always the case.”

He accepted her apology with a kiss and she was grateful for Ino’s nonsensical gibberish. Marriage was work, not an unlimited supply of flaw bullets in your barrel.

Patience was a virtue, but not the way Ino had intended it to be.


It was eight months and ten days into their marriage when Sakura decided to take the final step. She dressed herself in her wedding uchikake, and under that, she wore white, lacy undergarments.

She knew now, what she could do to Sasuke with a word, a look, a touch; and her heart thudded with the anticipation of it.

She knew as his eyes landed on her that she’d got him.

Sasuke, for his part, was caught completely unaware. Standing in the doorway, a hand on the knob he felt his breath hitch. She was standing in front of the bed, kimono wrapped loosely around her, a sliver of leg showing through the slit and the side of the tassels hanging loosely on one end, baring a shoulder. He knew, in that moment, what she had planned. His heart pounded as she came toward him with a smile designed to melt honey from any comb. He came to his senses in an awkward scramble, ignoring the briefcase that spilled onto the floor.

“Sakura,” he said, a warning in his voice.

“Sasuke,” she noted, casually disregarding his caution with a small tilt of her head.

“Stop,” he said, and she did. “What is the meaning of this?”

He saw something flicker in her face before she lowered her eyes from his questioning gaze and stared at the floor in self conscious confusion. When she lifted her eyes to his again; they were guarded, her smile looked bracing, almost like a grimace, like she was preparing herself for bad news.

“Don’t you want to touch me?” she asked, her inflection daring, teasing, but also something else. Something hesitant and uncertain.

Sasuke exhaled. He knew he sounded resigned and a little pitiful. “Yes…”

Her gaze thawed as it dropped to his lips. “Then you should…because I want you to.”

He opened his mouth to say something, anything, to maybe take control of this rapidly uncontrollable situation, but she was already gliding away, with one smoldering look back over her shoulder. He could have sworn he heard his brain cells die. He took two steps, stopped, and tried to be sensible.

The hell with it, he thought. He hadn’t been sensible since he’d married this complete and utter stranger and made her a part of his life.

He reached out and caught her wrist and she turned around and whirled in his arms. Before he could fathom what was happening, she was pressing her lips to his throat, and he tilted her chin up, her face aside and kissed a trail along her jaw.

She grinned and unbuttoned his shirt and he tilted her head again and kissed her softly, twice and then her head dipped, and her mouth closed over his heart. A shock shuddered through him.

She shrugged his shirt from his shoulders, and he made quick work of the sash keeping her kimono from sliding off, until she stood on her bare feet with the lace that barely covered anything. Breathing hard, his hand reached around her waist, pressed into the small of her back and pushed her to him.

She shivered at the delicious sting of his jaw as he trailed kisses down the dip of her neck, arching her back to kiss down, down, his tongue flicking into the dip of her navel.

Sakura’s world was painted in feeling. Soft, muted, dreamy colors first—ochre and umber and rose with his tongue. Her breath caught, and she moaned.

He thrilled at her rising, aching, swelling as he drew back and kissed her on the mouth again, drawing out every kiss. Her muscles tightened and trembled and as he unhooked her bra and pushed her on the bed. She grasped the sheets and looked up at him.

She was wild and soft and beautiful and his breath caught as she threaded her hands into his hair and pulled.  She drew him up against her, into her, and before he knew it, his hands were slipping under her panties, pulling them away, teasing and testing and not hesitating in the least.

She drew his pants down, moved and arched until it was all he could do not to plunge inside her. “Now, Sasuke,” she whispered, her voice taut with strain and before he could think, before he could question and second guess and make himself stop, he positioned himself into her core and slipped inside.

She gasped, and in her world of colors was a pinch of scarlet.

“Are you alright?” he asked, his voice gentle in a way she’d never heard.

“Yes,” she breathed, as the color softened and faded. She pulled him closer.

He slid his hands up her back and her ankles locked around her waist and she took him in with her eyes. She kissed him and it was sugar on his tongue and champagne in his blood; he wanted to drown in her taste and scent and sound. He nipped, pulled, teased and tasted.  He moved and she stretched with him, about him, encompassing him in a vision so tunnel, the only thing that mattered was him and her. Her and him.

He stroked slowly and intricately as they blended and feathered and blushed into something radiant.

The colors glazed into something bold and bright.

The echo of her pleasure hit his blood and took it with him. Sakura was unstrung, unbound, unleashed and in his arms.

After, she lay against him, twined around him like moss on limb. Around them, the world was still, muted, almost silent.

He felt content.


Sasuke woke up with the first rays of light slanting through the ruffled bedroom curtains. He was laying on his back on the bed while Sakura lay sleeping, draped across his chest, her hair fanned across his shoulder.

With each of her soft breaths, he could feel the fullness of her breasts, remember the way they felt in his hands…

He felt the heat crawling up his neck, the steady rise and fall of her breaths, her nipples pressing into his chest, the softness of her thighs between his leg, the silky feel of her skin against his own. He also, very distinctly, felt the slow, deliberate hardening of his nether regions as he was assaulted with sensation after sensation.

In addition, he had the sudden urge to bury his face in her thighs, suck and nip and tug until she hurtled over the edge again. And again. And again.

Caught with the sudden need to move, to get the hell away before he could do something stupid, he tried extricating himself away. At his sudden movement, her lashes fluttered. Her eyes opened. They were green as sea foam and leaves and met his with sudden and impossible awareness. A smile curved her lips, parted them as she lifted a hand to his cheek.

“Hey,” she said, and with a sigh closed her eyes. Her hand slid away from his cheek to fall onto the mattress. “That wasn’t so bad.”

It really wasn’t, and he was only going to indulge occasionally. Now if he could just—

“Is that—”

“No!” he insisted, almost vehemently.

As always, she ignored him and under the sheets, reached out—

“Sakura, stop!”

A slow, lazy smile tugged at the corner of her lip. “Well, look who it is.”

He slowly inched out of her reach, “Go back to sleep.”

Something flickered on her face, so fast he barely had time to register anything before she was jumping into his arms, legs around his waist and lips inches away from his own.

“Stop holding back,” she told him.

“Aren’t you sore?” he asked, cautiously optimistic.

“You have no idea,” she told him, leaning closer.

“Then maybe—”

Maybe,” she cut him off, “You should make it go away.”

And she kissed him.


“How many—um, times have you done this before?” she asked that evening, parting from a particularly steamy kiss.

“Hm,” said Sasuke, blinking away the hazy after effects of desire.

She laughed. “How many times—have you not been a virgin?”

He blinked, then looked away, but his arms stayed locked around her waist. “Once,” he mumbled awkwardly.

“To whom?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know,” she repeated, deadpan.

He shifted uncomfortably, unwrapping his arms from around her waist. “I was drunk. And in a very bad place. I didn’t know when or how.”

At her alarmed look, he said, “I got tested. I’m clean.”

“Right,” she said dubiously.

“Look,” he said, “I understand what it’s like. To not remember. To be scared. That’s why I didn’t push.”

She cocked her head to the side, then leaned back into his embrace. “You’re kind of adorable.”

“Aa,” he admitted without remorse.


Sakura liked having sex, and Sasuke—he was a little scared.

He knew that having a lot of sex messed up relationships. It made you feel things that you weren’t ready to feel. And when Sasuke found an aspect of life he couldn’t quite agree with, it made him angry. He had known for a while now, that slowly but surely, she was going to worm her way into his heart and she was going to make herself comfortable there for the rest of their lives.

He was preparing for it. Nudging away doubts and uncertainty. Given the fast track their relationship was quickly taking, it scared him, to fully let her in.

Because once she was in, he was afraid he would never be able to let her go.

So, one fine night, when she returned home late, he cornered her at the door, reached out, caught the tops of her arms, and hauled her towards him.

Sakura blinked at him. “Something wrong?”

He held her immobile, their bodies nearly touching. “No,” he lied.

There was something in his expression; a slight franticness of his eyes, she noticed. “Liar,” she berated gently.

Those fierce black eyes bored into her. His arm slid down, wrapped around her waist, and he hauled her the last few inches between the, pressing his body full-length against hers. “You annoying woman,” he said heatedly, and kissed her.

His mouth was hard and insistent, as if he were staking claim in some way. Then the ruthless kiss softened, turned into something almost tender and in less than a heartbeat Sakura was engulfed in a white-hot blaze. She moaned as she melted against him and her arms slid around his neck. He took her deeply with his tongue and the hot, slick feel of it sent tremors crawling over her skin.

One hand slid into her hair, while the other pressed her into him from behind. He kissed her one way and then the other, kissed her as if he couldn’t stop himself.

“God, you stupid, annoying woman,” he said again, between hot, drugging kisses; nipped the side of her neck, trailed kisses down to her collarbone, kissed her madly again.

“Why?” she managed a hoarse whisper, and in ture Sasuke fashion, he completely ignored her in lieu of better things. She let it go, if only for a few moments. She didn’t know what it was, she only knew she was as wildly on fire as he was. The kiss went on and on. He took her mouth again and again, plundered it, flooding her with heat and as her knees went weak, his hands found their way benath her shirt. He shoved it up, unfastened the clasp of her bra and palmed her breasts. She gasped at the feel of his fingers molding the fullness, stroking over her nipples.

She heard Sasuke groan.

Sakura clung to him, kissing him just as fiercely as he kissed her. she tugged his shirt out of his jeans and began to work the buttons up front with trembling fingers. He dragged her shirt over her head and tossed it away, slid her bra straps off her shoulders and the lacy, black cups fell into a pile at her feet.

Hot, wet kisses followed. Deep erotic kisses that drove her insane. His shirt hung open. She shoved it off his shoulders, ran her hands over the hard planes of his chest. He was lean and solid, covered with a layer of muscle that bunched and tightened when he moved. The ridges of his muscles went taut beneath her hands.

Sasuke reached for the snap of her jeans, popped it open and buzzed down the zipper. “May I?”

She stilled, looking into his eyes, breathing hard. “Go ahead.”

He kissed her again and the next thing she knew she was lying beneath him on the couch. His hand skimmed urgently over her body, but there was gentleness too. He cupped her breasts, teased her nipples, then bent his dark head and took one into his mouth.

Sakura moaned as sensations flooded through her. Sasuke nipped at her other breast, sucked it deep into his mouth and a shivery burst of heat slid into her stomach. His hand moved lower over her belly, inside the open zipper of her jeans, beneath her panties into the soft juncture of her legs. He parted the folds of her sex, began to stoke her, and she thought she would die of pleasure.

Sakura moaned.

She wanted to feel his hands and his mouth all over her, wanted him inside her, wanted to be so close she couldn’t tell where one ended and the other began. Every time Sasuke nipped she felt as if she had morphed into someone else, as if her body were some alien, newly unearthed part of her that she could no longer control.

She didn’t notice when he slid her jeans and panties down over her hips. Her hand reached out in a frenzy and guided him between her parted legs.

With a single deep thrust, Sasuke buried himself inside her. for a secong their world stilled, and then he moved, thrusting in and out, burying himself into her, letting her take a part of him until she cried out her release.

His muscles went rigid. In some vague corner of her mind, she realized he was fighting for control.

Sakura cried out his name and clung to his neck, unable to believe how quickly she had reached her peak. She knew the moment he gave up his struggle to hold back, felt him begin to move, felt the deep thrust and drag of his shaft against the wall of her passage. She felt him and a saturating pleasure and so much more as a second climax shook her.

Beneath her hands, hard muscles tightened and Sasuke groaned. The sinews of his hips flexed and moved as he empties himself inside her, his body going rigid, his shoulders glowing with a sheen of perspiration.

For a few long seconds, neither of them moved. The only sound in the room was the soft humming of the city below, their labored breathing and the soft thud of their heartbeats.

Sakura swallowed, turned and faced him. “What was that about?”

He didn’t answer; stood up, gathered his clothes and started pulling on his shirt. Miffed, Sakura pulled herself up and grabbed him by the shell of his ear. “I asked something,” she admonished, not unkindly.

Scowling, he tried to pry his ear away, avoided looking her in the eye, gave up eventually and let out an irritated sigh.

“Are you—,“ he started, stopped and looked away. “If you don’t get an in with Senju, are you going to file for a divorce?” he asked bluntly.

Immediately, she snatched her hand away, and when he turned around with guarded eyes, she was looking at him in stony silence. Her state of undress didn’t go unnoticed and scowling, he tossed the afghan on the couch at her face. It caught in her head and stayed there; she didn’t move to push it away or pull it around her and suddenly he realized that he’d slighted her in some way.

In the same moment she reached out for his hair he realized that he’d made her really, really angry.

“You stupid, idiot!” she cried, latching on to a fistful of his hair and tugging painfully. “You stupid, selfish, brainless, idiot!”

Sasuke had too much dignity to cry out in pain. So he grit his teeth and tried to pry her hands away, while she shook him painfully.

“Why would you even think that!?”

“You sai—,”

“I was joking!”

“I didn’t know—would you letgo of my hair?”

She shook him harder and he felt a few of his hair spring free of their roots. Eventually, she did let go and he turned around, rubbing his sore noggin to watch her angrily pull on her clothes. He knew she was blinking away angry tears, so he reached out and pulled her back and pinned her to himself until she finally stopped struggling.

“I’m sorry,” he told her solemnly.

“Apology not accepted,” she flung back. “You just had angry sex with me, believing I would leave you the moment you can’t give me something stupid.”

“You married me for something stupid.”

She looked like he’d slapped her. “I guess I did,” she replied, terse and cutting, “But did you know that I care about you?”

He inhaled sharply.

“And when you care about someone like I care about you, you never leave them hanging dry.”

He squeezed his eyes shut and exhaled. His hands were digging into her wrists—not painfully, but hard enough to leave shallow prints.

“Sakura,” he started, swallowed and finally looked her in the eye. “I care about you, too.”

She studied him, then slowly nodded. “Good. That means we spend the rest of our lives together. For better or for worse.”

“For better,” he insisted, loosening his grip on her, but never letting go.


Part 11.

Working Class

Prompt:  ‘You’re an employee and I have a crush on you so when you hand me the soft serve I accidentally grab it by the ice cream instead of the cone’ AU 


Chapter 1: Brain Freeze

Description: Hinata’s brain never worked when Naruto was around.

AN: A collection of one-shot’s featuring NaruHina in the workforce; inspired by cup-of-hot-coffee’s Job AUs on Tumblr. In collaboration with Kae (she wrote the first half and it honestly amazing.) Also, I drew a logo for the Uchiha’s fast food chain that I laugh at:

Hinata gnawed at her bottom lip desperately, an awful habit she developed over the years that would pop up when she was feeling distress. Clutching at the sleeves of her best friend Shino’s jacket she all but held on for dear life as her other best friend Kiba was trying desperately to push her into the line to place their food order. Now this scene would look quite weird to the casual customer but those that were usual frequenters of the restaurant knew that this was a daily occurrence for the trio. They were currently at Uchi-Burger, their favourite fast food place, and like always Kiba was trying to get Hinata to go up to the cash register and face her “silly” fears.

“Kiba please no!! I promise that if you stop you can order anything you want from the menu and I’ll pay!” She pleaded now searching for anything to hold onto as Shino simply detached her hand from his jacket, walked away from the two and situated himself at an empty booth.

“No can do Hinata, you’ve been doing that for the past three months ever since he started working cash and lately Coach Gai has been on my case about my rapid weight gain, even threatening to take me off the track team!” Kiba shuddered. “Trust me I’m not only doing this for you but for me as well.”

“Kibaaa!” she whined, stomping her foot and pouting her lips. Not many knew this about her but coming from a wealthy family Hinata could sometimes be a brat, particularly when things didn’t go her way.

“Hinataaaa!” The brunette mocked her, dragging her reluctant body towards the cash register. “It’s simple. Just order the food and come back, literally Hinata that's it.”

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