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gif request meme + hs yearbook award themes:
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rucas meme ♥ [1/8] quotes 

“hey jexica, my name is lucas friar! i have to choose between two girls. and i thought that i liked them both, but what i really love is that you want to ride unicorns while eating cotton candy and collecting falling stars. i think you would fit in with our group of friends but please don’t tell them i invited you.”

concept- we burn this town into the ground and dance on the embers and then we watch the stars and listen to neck deep and kiss a lot

~ Hiatus Update! ~

I was kinda emotional when I started the hiatus about a week ago - but I’m gonna continue to be on it. 

While I have completed several bits of homework, I finally know what I have to do for the exit exam, so I’ll have to study up on that. Plus there is a ‘mystery exam’ in one class which has yet to be explained. 

so that’s fun =_=

Anyway! The hiatus will continue on for sure until May. Sorry about that guys! ^^;

But I am planning to do a small comic (hopefully small) and I am in the mist of figuring out the story for that (but of course, school comes first). 

I also want to mention since I just checked:




Like gosh dang people!!!! Over 5000 followers?!?!?!? I seriously wasn’t even thinking this would happen this soon!!! (or any time for that matter 0-0)

But I seriously want to say thank you and I will certainly have to do something special for this. I was planning to do a giveaway when I reached it but… I’ll hold it off until I am out of school - so look forward to that! ^^

Anyway - Thank you all for sticking with me through this! I am within my last month of school (for good) and I can’t wait to come back here with a diploma in one hand, and my pen in the other! (gosh that probably sounded cheesy)

Thank you all! And now back to the scheduled Hiatus! ^^

-7goodangel (Skie)

Me running away from responsibilities