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“Maria Reynolds is not the villain in Hamilton,” I say into the mic.

The crowd boos, yelling at me to get off stage. I begin to walk off in shame when a voice speaks and commands silence from the room.

“She’s right,” they say. I look for the owner of the voice. There in 5th row stands: Lin Manuel Miranda himself.

Jonghyun and SHINee don’t deserve to be remembered only by this tragedy. Jonghyun was an advocate for so many topics that Koreans were mum about and created music that spread his message far and wide. SHINee are legends in their own right. They sold out stadiums and tried out new genres of music that other artists had never done. Their music made so many people happy. Jonghyun deserves to be remembered as a person who cared for others even when he was hurting, he was selfless. SHINee deserves to be remembered as a groundbreaking group who broke countless records and paved the way for future groups. SHINee and Jonghyuns work will not go down in vain. Shinee are forever 5. SHINee will forever be one.


some wintry spiderbytes… i cant believe blizz hasnt given amelie a nutcracker skin its so obvious?? its right there?? they could just recolor her huntress skin and give her a ballet bun and a big stupid hat??? blizzard come on

Leaked Ep. 3 Cut Content

For the past couple months, leaks about episode 3′s development have been coming from two different people who knew beta testers that got to play early drafts of the game.

They cut sooooo much stuff. And I’m 99% sure the leaks were real and not a troll because they got so many details right and knew things like what days information was going to be announced and what songs would play in what parts. A lot of the stuff they said would happen, did happen. According to them, Deck Nine cut the best parts of the episode:

  1. There was a scene with Steph where Chloe would talk about Rachel
  2. Chloe would tell Steph she was realizing that she was a lesbian (and supposedly she was going to be very explicit in her language here. no “uh idk i think i might like girls no labels tho”)
  3. Chloe and Steph were going to hug
  4. There were multiple kisses
  5. There was an implied sex scene
  6. The bedroom scene was longer and you could talk to Rachel about running away.
  7. There may have been a morning scene where you could change into Rachel’s clothes at her house.
  8. Rachel initially wasn’t supposed to get hurt because Sera would save her
  9. Sera and Rachel would actually speak
  10. Sera was confirmed supernatural. She apparently had something to do with the crows and Chloe’s dreams.
  11. There was a choice where Sera wanted Rachel to come back to California with her and Chloe could be for it or ask Rachel to stay in Arcadia (shit happened afterward and Rachel would always ended up staying though)
  12. Sera knew about Chloe and Rachel’s relationship
  13. Rachel was going to kick Eliot’s ass when he got creepy on Chloe
  14. Rachel was going to be there when Chloe got knocked out by Damon
  15. It was going to be Rachel’s idea for Chloe to dye her hair
  16. Rachel was going to be with Chloe when she dyed her hair
  17. Rachel was going to meet Joyce and David and defend Chloe against David (this may have been dependent on if you’ve pissed off David)
  18. Max was originally in the play dream sequence
  19. Max was going to be mentioned in the epilogue
  20. Drew, Mikey, and Steph had more plot around their involvement with Damon
  21. Supposedly even in the “just friends” path Chloe said something that implied she had romantic feelings for Rachel in the ending.
  22. There was supposed to be a lot of really cute dialogue in the epilogue scenes. (You can honestly tell this is true because they went through the trouble of animating the characters talking and it looks like the dialogue just never got put in)
  23. There was a kiss at the end (depending on intimacy)
  24. There were 6 variations on the endings (3 for each, I believe, and I believe this had to do with your intimacy counter with Rachel.)
  25. All endings were meant to be happy. No mention of the dark room being shown at the end.

The information came from beta testers which means that Deck Nine had all of this content. They wrote it and they voiced it and they animated it. It’s not like they cut it because it was Too Much to do. They literally…. did it… and then just… threw it away???? At least that’s my understanding. I’m SO baffled right now tbh.

Even if the beta testers were somehow lying and coincidentally managed to get insanely weird details correct, their fake episode 3 was better than the real one, and I’m pretending this is the version we actually got.

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i don't remember the books so well, what is legolas' personality like in them? all i remember is tht the books and movie where massively different?

Oh my dear anon. I could go on about book Legolas for hours.

Book Legolas is a sassy little sh*t who skips on the surface of the snow when everyone else is drowning in it up to their waists and carrying the four hobbits. Book Legolas sleeps with his eyes open. He watches Aragorn throw himself to the groud and listen to the sound of running horses, only to say afterwards, “yeah, there are a hundred and five of them, they’re all blond and they all have spears nbd“. Book Legolas cries that Gollum escaped grom Mirkwood right after everyone was like, “phew, it’s good that Thranduil’s elves keep an eye on him, what could go wrong???“. He screams all the time, and occasionally drops his bow too. He kills a warg, shooting it right in the throat with a burning arrow. Book Legolas is a trees stan. Book Legolas walk away singing “To the Sea! To the Sea!“. Book Legolas is not afraid of zombies, thank you very much. He addreses his friends “children“, even though he is probably the youngest elf in Middle-Earth that we know of. And of course, book Legolas takes none of your bs, builds his own grey boat because who says he can’t sail on his own ship right, packs his best friend and shows up in Valinor 120 years late with Starbucks and a dwarf.

there’s something intensely satisfying about the idea of Rey and Ben as archetypal, mythological virgins, who were isolated and hurting and cursed for all their lonely years, before finally finding each other in equal innocence.

and it’s strange because this would have unfortunate implications in more realistic fiction, but because Star Wars is archetypal myth, there’s only this striking primordial resonance to it.

They helped to free each other of the traumatic curses that bound them to their developmentally halted childhoods - her endless childhood waiting, his endless childhood torment. They were waiting for each other so they could step forward into adulthood together. Don’t touch me, I’m too tender…