but then i never am am i


did some facial ref practice with the vento aureo gang also @ davidpro part 5 when????

Stella/Scully After Dark painting.

@chewiesgirlfriend I heard you asked for it. 

The next after dark painting I plan will be probably Stella/Hank. But it will happen in a few months at the earliest! ;)

the man on the moon
whispered down to me
“if you stay a while
you will be filled with glee”
so on and on
i stuck it out
and soon enough
i lost my doubts
and life got better
and i no longer had to shout
i found friends to stick by me
and lovers that pass and flee
but all in all
in the short time that i have lived
i have learned to love
and what a privilege it is
i have learned that love is gentle
and that there are good people too
so the man in the moon looked back down on me
and when he realized i now had courage to stay
he shined a little brighter
and helped me find my way

One thing that will always annoy me with love live fans is when they act like you are personally attacking them when you say their best girl is your worst girl :T like I never said I hated her or insulted her or anything??? I just said she was my worst girl.. and like I didn’t even know she was your best girl so idk why you think I’m attacking you????? Like what the heck???? People call my best girls their worst girls and I don’t care :T idk why y'all have to take it so seriously

So apparently the people that worked on Bangtan’s upcoming comeback song are highly anticipating it. According to them, it’s not just going to capture the fans’ attention but the attention of the general public as well. 

They’re saying this is going to be the best comeback yet. ©