but then i left it for ages until just now


And I don’t want to live that way
Reading into every word you say
You said that you could let it go
And I wouldn’t catch you hung up on
            somebody that you used to know…

This song came on again and I was thrown back a few years because I associated it a lot with the breakdown of Snape and Lily’s friendship. (it’s… just a really resonant, bitter and sad song, and works just as well for the falling out of a friendship imo)

It’s probably pretty obvious what this is referencing aka I’m a hack who only ever parodies songs from pop culture g o o d b y e

The Guardian

The day she’s born, you’re pulled back into reality for the first time in almost a thousand years. For the next lifetime this human is yours to protect. She is your fourth charge since the beginning when the gods left Guardians like you in charge of human affairs after almost destroying the human race with their power and petty squabbling. Now every human had its own Guardian until the age of twenty one. After that they were assigned to a group with twenty other humans and two Guardians to look after all of them until they were deemed safe by headquarters. But all of that didn’t matter yet. Right now this teeny blonde human was everything.

         “Clarke,” you breathed out in awe. You gently caressed her cheek, completely in wonder of this new life. She was only moments old, yet you could tell she would be different from any of your other charges. You could only hope to do right by her.

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Most of you must remember the Smut Fest I talked about ages ago, right? Well it’s not cancelled, so no worries. I’ve just left it for now because there was an incident with the grand opening post of it… little sleepy and dumb me managed to delete it by accident. I was meant to delete another draft, but yeah… my tired brain didn’t function until it was too late. I lost it all– approximately 5000 words. So you can probably guess how infuriated I was about that and got super demotivated… but I feel like trying again cause I worked hours for that and although it probably does suck a lot and is nothing special, I feel like you deserve something other than request fulfillments from me. So, there shall be a day when you will be able to see it ready and posted. Same with the fanfics that are part of it ^^