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You're in an accident

a/n: I got inspired from another fic I read on instagram so I don’t totally know how the whole memory loss thing works this is just fictional so if anything’s inaccurate just go with it ;)

His heart stopped as he answered the phone from an unknown number. He had been trying to reach you all night, but you wouldn’t answer. He knew something was wrong- you always answered. You’d gotten out of a meeting just to answer his call to then have a ten minute discussion on if fish have feelings. So as soon as his phone rang, seeing the unknown number, Luke knew something was wrong.

He picked it up quickly, barely getting out a worried “Hello”

“Hey Luke, it’s me sorry I’m using y/b/f/n’s phone right now cause mine died… it just took me a while to figure out which number to use” you let out a giggle towards the end.

He let out a huge relieved sigh, running his hand through his hair. “You scared me half to death oh my gosh I love you, okay? Are you on your way home?” he asked sitting down.

“Aw babe I’m sorry for the scare, I love you too. Oh and this is off topic but can you change the sheets by the way? And yeah we grabbed a cab home I should be there-“ you started but got cut off when y/b/f/n’s let out a scream.

Luke furrowed from the other line and was about to laugh it off when he heard a car beep, your scream and a crash. He froze for a second before processing what had just happened.

“y/n? y/n? please baby can you hear me? are you okay?” he repeated as if it was going to change anything. He heard sirens and the line went flat.

Luke tried not to let out tears as he checked the location of the call. Not too far away. He let out a muffled sob praying this was a dream, or- or some sort of elaborate prank and you were gonna show up any second. It wasn’t until he got his second unknown number of the night from the hospital. That’s when his world came crashing down. He couldn’t contain himself, he couldn’t breath or think or process the situation.

He slowly calmed down to grab his keys and drive to the hospital. When he parked, he went straight to the entrance and saw your brother in the waiting room crying.

no no no no no no.

“Luke oh my god you’re here” y/b/n spoke wiping his eyes.

“please tell me she’s okay” Luke said trying to keep it together.

“It’s not good, man. My parents just went back there before you came. I haven’t heard anything yet. I heard before that she’s going through serious head trauma.”

Luke took in these words carefully and nodded. She’s alive and breathing. She will be okay.

He had to keep telling himself this as he waited and waited. Your parents walked out and Luke’s head shot up. They walked up to him, “She got out of surgery a while ago, she is okay. Their cab was hit by a drunk driver” your dad spoke.

Luke calmed down a significant amount in that moment but wanted to kill the person behind that wheel. He smiled wiping his eyes again with a nod. “But listen Luke, there’s kind of a ‘catch’”

His smiled faded as your mom spoke, “As of right now she has no memory of anything that has happened to her in about the past two years. When the doctor asked basic questions she was fine, but up to more recent things, it’s completely blank. The doctor wants you in there but be aware more likely than not she won’t know who you are. They say this is temporary, but we don’t know for how long. It could be two weeks, months or years. We’ll just have to be patient.

He prepared himself as he walked in but thought, she has to remember me, right?

He wanted to cry again when he saw your current state- you were all hooked up to wires and bandaged up profusely. There were cuts all over your face but he couldn’t care less.

You were alive. You were breathing and that’s all he could ask for.

“Ah you must be Luke” the doctor introduced herself. “I’m going to ask y/ n about you and such okay?” she asked bringing him over to you.

You blushed slightly at the sight of this attractive man.”Okay y/n do you know who this is?” she asked slowly as you looked him up and down. You looked at him sympathetically and shook your head no. His face fell but he kept it together.

“Okay well this is your boyfriend, Luke. You’ve been together for a year and a half and he’s going to take you home in a few days. Is that okay?” she asked

“How the hell did I manage to make him like me?” you whispered to the doctor but failed to keep it quiet. Luke chuckled softly, already feeling a little better. “You know I ask myself the same thing every day about you” he smiled and you blushed again. “I’m really sorry I don’t remember you.” you said sadly. “Don’t worry, we’ll get it back,” he took your hand”


It had now been a month since your accident. Luke took you home as planned and started reintroducing things to you. He showed you pictures and videos of the two of you, even a snapchat memory he had taken right before you left the night of the accident. GUYS LOOK AT HOW LUKCY I AM LOOK AT MY PRETTY GIRLFRIEND

Luke was very patient at first, hoping anything could spark your memory. But now he was losing hope. You were still apprehensive about things he did somethings, because to you it felt all brand new. His heart shattered a little every time you didn’t kiss him back at first or things like that.

You were both now getting ready for bed as you danced around the bathroom brushing your teeth. He smiled at the sight. yup, you were still there.

You joined him in bed as you shut off the lights, both drifting asleep. You curled into his side, as he wrapped his arms around you securely as you slept. Sometime around 4 in the morning you woke up in a sudden burst. Your head was killing you and it felt like a ton of bricks were hitting it at once. You held your head tightly letting out a whimper. Luke woke up slowly and turned on the light.

“Baby what’s wrong?” he asked worried as he saw you holding your head.

“Yeah my head it really hurts… wait a minute didn’t I ask you to change the sheets?” You said looking around seeing them the same.

“Yeah I’m sorry I- wait a minute..” Luke said thinking about what you just said. You asked him to change the sheets months ago…

“Y/n when’s our anniversary?” He asked thinking of a quick question only the old you would’ve remembered.

“October 9th… wait-“ you smiled sitting up, “Luke I think I remember! I remember everything.” you cried happily as he hugged you tightly, “oh my god babe.”

“You’re Luke, my amazing beautifully handsome sweet boyfriend who met me after you spilled your coffee all over me. You were all blushy and nervous and you took me to the park on our first date. We kissed on our third date at your place and the night I got hit I asked you to change the sheets cause I hate the color” you listed, laughing happily towards the end.

“I love you so so much. You’re back!” He exclaimed kissing all over your face. You laughed meeting your lips with his as he kissed you gently.

You pulled away slowly. “I’ve always been there, Lu. It just took me a while to get back to you.”

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Could you write about Beth and Derek's first public date? Thank you~

Sorry it took like a month so long bby -hides under table- my productivity rate is around -1 normally

Since we’ve been a rather dry ship lately here’s something to spice it up:)

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All right, so let's talk about Hans! (And Elsa & Anna by extension.)

luciferofthesouthpole had a pretty interesting post about Hans, and I said I’d join in, so here goes!

Meta is one of my favorite things, but I’m not sure how meta this post will get. I just really have to talk about Hans from Frozen.

I feel the need to clarify right now that I’m not an expert on films nor am I a film major. This post is coming from someone who mostly analyzes literature (creative writing & memoir); my free time is mostly spent on writing. ;)

I also want to get this outta the way: I don’t really ship Hans with anyone. I just want to talk about him as a character, because I think he’s really interesting!

So, I really liked how Hans was introduced; he’s a stranger to Anna and to us, but he’s actually really cute and charming. We can assume he didn’t hit Anna with his horse on purpose, and that he didn’t recognize her on sight. He falls all over himself to apologize when she introduces herself, too. And his horse is a sweetie.

(More under the cut.)

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It’s a goddamn GHOST TOWN up in here.

Understandably, I guess. It’s been, what, eight episodes since Daryl and Michonne interacted? Nine? Who knows at this point. And in between all of that, we’ve been dealt Bethyl bonding by the bucket loads. (Not that I’m complaining, since I do ship both, but if I absolutely had to pick between the two, I’d go with Dixonne.) 

But, does that mean we should lose hope?

Here are my top 10 reasons why Daryl and Michonne will eventually happen:

10. While Bethyl, Caryl and Richonne MAY play out on-screen, they won’t last

I’ve said this in previous posts, but I’ll say it again: AMC will come under a lot of fire if Beth/Daryl happen. For many people, the age gap is just waaaaay too big, and pairing them up will definitely cause controversy. I think Caryl is very plausible and definitely could happen in the next season, but at the same time, I think the writers mean to keep Carol a strong, independent woman, given the direction that her character arc is going in. As far as Rick and Michonne go, I personally don’t think they have a lot of chemistry together (although plenty of people do), buuuuut I do think that it will probably happen. However, I’m guessing that the writers will kill Rick off in the final season, thus allowing a now grown-up Carl to step up and fill his father’s shoes. 

9. Danai and Norman ship it

When you watch/read interviews with them talking about Richonne, Bethyl, or Caryl, at least one of the parties involved (i.e. Emily Kinney with Bethyl, Melissa McBride with Caryl, both Andy and Danai with Richonne) either dodge the topic of romance completely OR flat out say, “no, I don’t look at it romantically.” Danai and Norman, however, have both expressed interest in a Daryl/Michonne relationship. (source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHG4Q7B0YAU)

8. They’re two peas in a pod

Wit? Check. PTSD? Check. Guarded, emotionally unstable personalities? Check. Isn’t afraid to snap if you piss him/her off? Check. Badassery? Major check.

Honestly, the personality similarities are endless. There will always be that one person that says, “but but but but having super similar people in a relationship doesn’t work!” Naysayer, thou art mistaken. Insert-name-of-magazine-I-can’t-remember-here wrote this whole article about how while opposites may attract for the short-term, the most fruitful longterm relationships are ones where the couples have glaring similarities. That and, honestly, have you ever met someone who you have NOTHING in common with? Yeah, you could probably barely sustain a conversation for more than, like, five minutes.

7. If the physical attraction isn’t already there, it will be

This isn’t rocket science. Michonne is a fit, glowing woman - Daryl has been dubbed the “sexiest redneck alive.” I’d be hard pressed to find anyone who didn’t at the very least admit that they’re both decent looking - the majority of the TWD population would agree that they’re both attractive individuals.

Obvi this is a superficial reason, but hey - you can’t have a passionate relationship if you’re not into the person in that way, you know what I’m saying?

6. The writers aren’t being pressured into it

In one corner, we have, “BETHYYYYYYYL! I WANT BETHYL RIGHT NOW!”


And, what do we have in the Dixonne corner?

From all of the EW articles I’ve read about ship-wars, writers from a spectrum of fandoms will agree about this much: the rabid shipping is a) noisy, b) difficult to drown out, and c) annoying. Now, if this was the CW, I’d say there’s cause for concern - fan service is a big thing with some TV shows on other networks (*ahem* Vampire Diaries.)

But, this isn’t the CW. Gimple and Kirkman have proven time and time again that they have the guts to kill fan-favorite characters, and that they won’t compromise their artistic vision for the roar of their fans. 

The fact that Dixonne is so underrated would make it less stressful for the writers to flesh out, and would be something of a “screw you” to all of the nonsense that’s going with these ship wars.

5. Michonne is a VERY Romantic Character in the Comics

^This is pretty much enough said, but to elaborate further, she's bound to have multiple love interests on the show. I think Richonne will probably happen in the foreseeable future, but that shouldn’t discredit the possibility of Dixonne at all. If anything, I think us Dixonners should nod our heads and go, “okay, now we’re getting somewhere” if Rick and Michonne hook up, or if Michonne hooks up with ANYONE, for that matter.

Why? The writers clearly haven’t given Michonne any action because they were trying to flesh out here character arc first. Once that’s done, they can move on to Phase 2 - giving her someone to shack up with. And phase 2 (as this post will hopefully convince you) includes Daryl Dixon.

4. Daryl was P I S S E D When Rick tried to Give Michonne Over to the Governor

Okay, so “pissed” is maybe an overstatement. In fact, he didn’t really react much when Rick told him and Hershel (waaaaay back in Season 3) that he was handing Michonne over. But later in the episode, when Michonne came up with some genius plan that I can’t remember at the moment, Rick’s all “That’s a good idea,” and Daryl’s pointedly like, “Yeah, it was Michonne’s.”

I think calling it a Dixonne “moment” would be a stretch, but this does show us that even early on, Daryl had an appreciation for Michonne (or at the very least didn’t want her to die.)

3. They’re Comfy around Each Other

“He’s already given me the fleas.” “It’s a nice color. It brings out your eyes.” -Michonne

“Hey, if it were any different, I’d be right out there with you.” -Daryl

This is the one thing that I think Dixonne REALLY has over both Bethyl and Daryl: Daryl looks at Carol and feels the need to be a tough, strong person (especially after the whole Sophia thing.) He didn’t confide in her when Merle came back to the prison, and he’s kind of shrugged off her “sorry, Pookie,” “Just remember that I liked you first” and other semi-flirty comments. He’s even more awkward around Beth - that whole backwards hug, drinking game, grunting episode? That super intense stare they shared? Yeah, he has a hard time being himself around her.

But with Michonne, you see him open up and relax a bit. It’s the same story for her; she smiles around him, she teases him. And even hough she does it in a way that isn’t necessarily romantic, she proves that they're close, and that they share something special.

2. The Camera Cut to Daryl’s face when the Governor Revealed that He’d Captured Michonne

I don’t understand WHY no one else can appreciate the gravity of that two-second scene - THE CAMERA CUT TO DARYL. NOT RICK, NOT TYREESE - DARYL. (Okay, so maybe Carl too, but they were BOTH IN THE SHOT.)

And while Daryl’s reaction is kind of difficult to read, I think we can gather this much - he’s internally panicking a bit, but at the same time, he’s going, “she’ll get out of this. She can handle herself, she’s tough.”

1. There are layers upon layers of unexplored, off-camera moments between the two of them

I think the beauty of this relationship is that so much of its development is OFF CAMERA. At the end of Season 3, Daryl and Michonne are basically strangers - then enter Season 4, and BAM!, they’ve spent two to three months alone in the woods together trying to track down the Governor. We don’t know much about what happened in there, only that from this experience, they became close friends.

Obviously, this development is MEGA important. I think there was probably at least one semi-romantic altercation in the woods. A drunken hookup? A super intense stare? An “oh-shit-I-just-fell-and-now-I’m-on-top-of-you” fuck up? We don’t know, and that’s what’s awesome. I feel like when they do introduce Daryl and Michonne as a relationship (or a potential one), we’ll get some ambiguous flashbacks to scenes they had in the woods together

Lastly, I’ll leave you with this - the writers have only just planted the seeds for this relationship. If you look closely enough, it’s clear that they’re there - Gimple and Kirkman are going for a slowwww burn instead of some whirlwind romance. So, in the meantime, we just need to be patient, stay strong, and Dixonne ON.