but then i had pretty high expectations


  • ’ Why are you all wet? ‘ 
  • ’ Aloha! ’
  • ’ You’re vile. You’re foul. You’re flawed. ' 
  • ’ Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten. ’
  • ’ If you want to leave, you can. I’ll remember you, though. ’
  • ’ I remember everyone that leaves. ’
  • ’ You! You’re the cause of all this. ’
  • ’ This is my family. I found it all on my own. Is little, and broken, but still good. Ya. Still good. ’
  • ’ Oh, good! My dog found the chainsaw. ’
  • ’ No more caffeine for you. ’
  • ’ Did you lose your job because of me? ' 
  • ’ The managers a vampire. He wanted me to join his legion of the undead. ’
  • ’ Trust me, this isn’t gonna end well. ’
  • ’ I’m sorry I bit you. And pulled your hair. And punched you in the face. ’
  • ’ GIve us a sign you understand any of this. ’
  • ’ Show us that there is something inside you that is good. ’
  • ’ I didn’t teach him that. ’
  • ’ Come on, what’s the big deal? ’
  • ’ Leave my mother out of this. ’
  • ’ You are such a pain. ’
  • ’ Then why don’t you sell me and buy me a rabbit instead? ’
  • ’ I hate it when you use Ohana against me. ’
  • ’ I’m lost. ’
  • ’ Don’t interact with her. ’
  • ’ Oh, we can’t do that. Uh-uh. That would be a misuse of resources. ’
  • ’ Why do you act so weird? ’
  • ’ You look familiar. ’
  • ’ We’re a broken family, aren’t we? ’
  • ’ I shouldn’t have yelled at you. ’
  • ’ You are built to destroy. You can never belong. ’
  • ’ We need something that can defend itself. Something that won’t die. ’
  • ’ I hear you cry at night. ’
  • ’ Do you dream about them? ’
  • ’ You came back. ’
  • ’ Nobody gets left behind. ’
  • ’ I need someone to be my friend. Someone who won’t run away. ' 
  • ’ His destructive programming is taking effect. ’
  • ’ Did you ever kill anyone? ’
  • ’ Are you.. happy? ’
  • ’ I am the one they call when things go wrong and things have, indeed, gone wrong. ’
  • ’ Our family’s little now, and we don’t have many toys. ’
  • ‘ If you want, you could be a part of our family. ’
  • ’ We’d raise you to be good. ’
  • ’ She likes your butt and fancy hair. ’
  • ’ I read her diary. ’
  • ’ Not guilty! My experiments are only theoretical, and completely within legal boundaries. ’
  • ’ He was designed to be a monster, but now he has nothing to destroy. ’
  • ’ I never gave him a greater purpose. ’
  • ’ What must it be like to have nothing, not even memories to look back on in the middle of the night? ’
  • ’ If you promise not to fight anymore, I promise not to yell at you, except on special occasions. ’
  • ’ Stupid head. ’
  • ’ Did you catch fire again? ’
  • ’ This is your badness level. It’s unusually high for someone your size. We have to fix that. ’
  • ’ Don’t leave me, okay? ’
  • ’ Do you want to be taken away? ’
  • ’ You’re just jealous 'cause I’m pretty! ’
  • ’ My friends need to be punished. ’
  • ’ Heard you lost your job. ’
  • ’ Thus far you have been adrift in the sheltered harbor of my patience. ' 
  • ‘ After all you’ve put me through, you expect me to help you just like that? ’
  • ’ He’s very persuasive. ' 
  • ’ I know you had something to do with this. ’
  • ’ Oh, good! I was hoping to add theft, endangerment and insanity to my list of things I did today. ’
  • ’ I prefer to be called evil genius. ’
  • ’ You smell like a lawn mower. ’
  • ’ I have just determined the situation to be far too hazardous! ’
  • ’ Don’t worry. I won’t hit her. ’
  • ’ This is low even for you! ’
  • ’ You are all mine. ’
  • ’ You know I have no choice. ’
  • ‘  Please don’t do this. ’
  • ’ You’re making this harder than it needs to be. ’
  • ’ She needs me. ’
  • ’ Leave me alone to die. ’
  • ’ What is that monstrosity? ’
  • ’ Does this look infected to you? ’
  • ’ You’d better not have rabies. ’
  • ’ Hiding behind your little friend won’t work anymore. ’
  • ’ Didn’t I tell you? We got fired this morning. ’
  • ’ That is the ugliest thing I have ever saw! ’
  • ’ It has no place among us. ’
My Life as a Cartoon Network Intern (and how I think you can Intern in Animation too!)

Over this past summer, I was given the amazing opportunity to be a Production Intern at Cartoon Network (I worked on Clarence; woo!)

Every once in a while I get people who either come up to me in person, or who message me on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram etc. and ask me how I got the opportunity, and how they can intern in animation as well. Recently (Over the course of the last week or so) I’ve been asked a bunch, so I decided to create this massive master post in an attempt to get the information out to as many artists (and non-artists) as possible! 

I know a lot of people who feel like getting into the animation industry is completely impossible, (I should know, I felt the exact same way not too long ago) and I also know just how LITTLE references there actually are on finding an internship, and beyond that, the type of experiences that people who gotten the chance to intern have had. I told myself that if I got the internship, I would try to change that, and here we are! (A little late, but I really want to make this as helpful as possible)

If you all could please Reblog this to your followers I would love it! You never know who’s looking and hopefully, I can help people with my experiences! 

So to make it easier for people who don’t have the time to read all of my ramblings, AND for the sake of ease/reference; I’m going to break this post up into different sections: My Internship search My initial excitement/rejections - How I got the internship - My experience as an Intern and How Interning has helped me as an artist

My Internship search: 

Halfway through last year (My Sophomore year of college) I had decided that I would take a leap of faith and apply for some internships. I didn’t expect much of it, but my hopes were high because I thought I had at least a halfway decent portfolio, and my resume had some pretty okay animation experience on it (I’m the head of the only Animation organization on campus) and I’m majoring in animation so I had some 3D experience and 2D experience (which I’ve worked on on my own time, since it’s what I want to do) 

One of my biggest worries was the fact that I go to a state school: Southern Illinois University. The school is great, and I love it there, but I couldn’t afford art school, so I was very worried about how many opportunities there would be for me in Southern Illinois. Especially with the amount of amazing art that I see coming from people who go to schools like CalArs, Sheridan and the like. I was frustrated because I wasn’t there and felt like I would never get the opportunity to work in animation, which has been my dream since I could hold a pencil. Cartoons have changed my life, and they still do; but I was genuinely afraid that because I couldn’t afford a more art-related education, that I wouldn’t get the opportunity to tell stories like I’ve always dreamed. (But I digress) 

As I was saying: I was doing all of your standard (I want/need a job) searches to try to find something in animation: Glassdoor, Internships.com, JOBS.com; stuff like that. FUN FACT: I’ve read every single Glassdoor review for both Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. Every Job. All of them.

Some internships are a lot easier to find: Nickelodeon, Disney, Titmouse

While some are WAAAAAY more elusive: Cartoon Network… 

This narrowed my search down from a bunch of animation studios.. to a handful. My candidates were: Nickelodeon, Dreamworks and Titmouse. (All wonderful animation studios!) Now here’s where it gets interesting:

 My initial excitement/Rejections:

I didn’t hear back from any of them! NOT ONE. Which I learned after a very long, VERY stressful waiting period. (At this time it was early to mid April) Now; I knew that I was really too young to be applying for the internships, (I’m young for my grade so I was 19 at the time) And I knew that all of these internships specified that they wanted a Junior or above, but I figured since the year was almost over and I had good grades that MAYBE, they would let me slide. But I had no real experience working in animation, and although my hopes were high, they were also reeeeeeeal low. 

After waiting for the few weeks that I did, and not hearing a peep, I was dejected, frustrated, and I felt like there was no hope for me… Which leads us to…


When it comes to how I actually GOT the job: The answer I want to give you guys is that it was complete luck, and that by a series of random occurrences, somehow I was offered the position…. BUT, that’s only half true. Honestly, I worked really hard on making sure that I had as good a résumé as I possibly could: 

By that, I mean that I’ve worked really hard in school to get good grades/dean’s list/honors program, etc.; and I also started an animation organization on campus. (There’s a major, but there was a huge lack of enthusiasm and community within the program at SIU so I wanted to help to bring other artists and myself closer, and make great art while we’re at it) 

On top of that, I wrote (what I think was) a really good cover letter. But… Even with all three of those things, I don’t know if I would have gotten the position if it wasn’t for the internship coordinator at my school. I go to Southern Illinois University, and she pointed me in the direction of the Cartoon Network internship. (The Turner website isn’t like Nickelodeon, they only post internships when there’s a position to be filled)

LUCKILY for me, the Producer of Clarence (The wonderful Keith Mack) is an alum from SIU, so he connected with the internship coordinator (bless her heart) and I learned exactly when the position opened up. My resume and things got sent straight to him. I got a Skype interview a couple of weeks later, and I got accepted the day of the interview!

So I mean… Looking back, it was half luck, half hard work. 

It’s not like the grades and stuff really matter outside of college; Grades are just arbitrary letters, after all. But, I say that to say that I’ve tried to work hard in college even though I’m not at an art school, and that if you’re focused, it doesn’t really matter WHAT you’re good at; but how hard you work and the type of person you are. You can never go to college but be an amazing artist and an amazing person, and if you meet that ONE right person, or if you’re at that ONE correct place at the correct time; amazing things can happen; and I FIRMLY believe that. 

While I was at CN I was talking to someone (I don’t know if it’s best to call her out by name?..) But anyway she was telling me about how some of the artists are found at CN and she told me that Tumblr, YES TUMBLR. Is a HUUUUUUUUGE factor in the hiring of some people! So if you can… POST POST POST! Putting your art out there is the absolute best way to get seen. You NEVER know who’s looking at your artwork, and this website is an amazing platform for sharing, and learning about art. (And as a shameless plug: The blog Artists-Everyday is actually meant for just that ;) check it ouuuuut)

But moving forward; let’s talk about: 


The interview to be an intern at CN was both really intimidating, and really comfortable at the same time. I love animation pretty much more than anything, so the idea that a single interview could determine whether or not I got a life-changing opportunity was pretty much one of the most daunting things that I could think of. The fact that I was in southern Illinois RIGHT at the time that I would have had to interview really didn’t help either… It was really scary to me, because it meant that I wasn’t going to be able to interview in person. It was a Skype interview, (a group one at that) and it was my first time ever interviewing for a position online. 

Once I got past all of the initial fear, the interview was smooth sailing. They had already seen my resume and cover letter; so we really just spent a lot of time talking about casual things: my favorite animated movie, what my favorite episode of Clarence was, etc. It wasn’t like your usual interview where they ask “why would we hire you” or “what is your greatest weakness” and I really appreciated that. They weren’t robots, they weren’t the ANIMATION GODS like I was imagining in my head – they were actual people, who happen to love animation, and the interview reflected that. 

I learned that I had gotten the position the day that I interviewed, and I’m SO GLAD I didn’t have to wait any more days, because at that point I was on fire on the inside. II don’t know what the hiring process was like for interns on different shows, so don’t take my word for how long it’ll take if you make it this far) 


There is no one word to describe how amazing it is to work at Cartoon Network. A lot of CN stuff is “hush hush” high security, and they don’t allow you to take pictures of the inside of the buildings - So I’m not going to say much, other than: It’s magic. Pure magic. But I will say one thing: Free food. AT ALL TIMES. EVERY DAY. 

Working there is one of the most creatively satisfying things I’ve ever done in my life. The people, the atmosphere… it was all so inspiring. I’ve learned more in those past three months than I have in the last two years, and It’s all because I was surrounded by so many people who are better than me. People, who I might add, are some of the greatest, nicest, and most helpful people I’ve met in a long time. Plus, Cartoon Network really goes out on a limb to take care of their employees. 

I got to sit in on voice actors doing their recordings, I got to see storyboard pitches, I got to see animatics and assets for episodes that were unaired, and it was all being created right in front of me by such PASSIONATE people. 

I EVEN GOT TO MEET TOM KENNY. He remembered my name… 

As a production intern you get to see the logistic side of things: and you really grow to appreciate Production and that side of the industry, because without the production team, there would be no show! Even though I want to be a storyboard artist, I now know more about the industry and Cartoon Network as a whole, and it makes me feel much more connected to the shows that I watch on television.

One of the other biggest things about the program is the fact that I got to take storyboard/character design tests for practice, and I got the chance to pitch a show to the studio, in front of the Clarence Crew and even some really important executives! which was an AMAZING opportunity that I learned a TON from. I got amazing feedback, and I had to push myself harder than I’ve ever pushed myself before. Mentally, artistically, and personally. 


It’s possible. Being an intern at an animation studio is possible. Getting a job in animation is possible. Making friends in animation, and actually feeling like you belong to something you’ve dreamed about since you were a child is POSSIBLE. It doesn’t matter where you go to school, it doesn’t matter if you’re afraid, and it doesn’t matter what you look like. People are drawn to people who are genuine; and if you love animation, or production, or storyboarding or character design, and you work hard and try to really open yourself up artistically; you CAN do it. Take it from the 20 year old black guy who loves anime, video games and cartoons. You can do it. 

I don’t know how many people will see this or how helpful it actually is; but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE feel free to share this info with your followers, and on top of that if you guys EVER have any questions about my experiences or need me to clarify anything for ANY reason you’re absolutely welcome to contact me! 

I know how many people would love to intern, and I know (from experience) how DREADFUL It is to find conducive information about how the process works and how YOU can get an internship. 

Hope you guys stuck with this post till the end, and like I said if you ever have any more questions, (hell, or if you even want to share YOUR art with me… I’m always open!) 

TL;DR:                  This Gif Sums it Up 


okay, full offense but that was a fucking masterpiece. all the songs were so unique, and there was a healthy mix between more upbeat songs and softer, gentler ones, and i love how they were pretty vastly different when played one after the other but they still fit. i had high expectations already but i was blown away. that’s my baby and i say i’m really proud. you can tell he worked super hard on this.

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Aurie, about the part in the Uprising Arc where Eren tells Jean not to bring mud tracks onto the floor and adds that it will displease Levi, most haters/non-shippers argue that Eren acted that way because he was worried and was afraid of what Levi might do to him. Your thoughts?

This made me laugh, because from all the things people could say from that moment, that one is probably the one I less expected!

But if, as you say, they were haters, it isn’t rare that they will try to interpret the facts on a way that suits their intentions…

My opinion on that scene is way different from that though!

It happens during chapter 51, they are preparing things before Levi arrives to the cabin. Eren has been of course cleaning because of this, but Jean, Sasha and Armin accidentally ruin his work while bringing the supplies inside.

Eren is definitely not happy with this! And he clearly tells Jean that Levi won’t be satisfied with their actions. Eren has been on Levi’s squad for longer, and he knows what Levi will be expecting of them on that regard.

However I do not think this has anything to do with fear! Eren isn’t scared of Levi’s reaction, or anything of the sorts. I’m going to jump a little bit further until the start of Chapter 52, after Levi arrives and when he discovers they haven’t cleaned as well as they should have.

Eren’s reaction in here always makes me laugh, haha. But I want to focus on Levi’s. He simply acknowledges their “lax cleaning job”, but he barely reacts to it. Yes, he has other priorities at the moment, but also this is just not such an important thing, and definitely not something that would upset Levi that much.

Fandom sometimes exaggerates things, and both Levi’s obsession with cleanliness and his violent tendencies are probably the two things that get exaggerated the most.

It’s true Levi has been violent on some occasions, but only when he truly has a reason for it. I might not agree with his methods in that regard, but he’s not going to beat them up for not cleaning some dirt under the table! And he might want things to be clean, but he isn’t going to suddenly go crazy if everything isn’t perfectly inmmaculate.

So I do not think Eren is scared of Levi reacting that way. I personally think Eren is not scared of Levi in any way. He respects him, I’m sure he’s careful around him, and probably feels a bit intimidated by him, but he doesn’t fear him.

So why was Eren so worried about this? Well, there are many reasons we could find. Of course Eren wants to please Levi, as he respects and admires him. He also wants to be a good soldier, since he always has wanted to be in the Survey Corps, and he takes his duties very seriously.

But I want to focus on something else:

We’re back to Chapter 51, this scene happens just after the one with Jean. Armin is wondering why were they chosen for the new squad Levi, and questioning if they’re good enough. Notice Eren’s expression while listening to this conversation, and how his immediate reaction is telling them again how they have to finish cleaning before Levi arrives.

Like I said before, Eren has been in Levi’s squad for longer, and knows what Levi will expect of them. And how high those expectations have been set by those who came before them.

I think it’s pretty clear after seeing this page what Eren was really thinking and why he reacted like that. Here he remembers how things were with Levi’s old squad and how good they were. He wants the new squad to work hard and be just as good. And the pain on his face is also obvious.

We know Eren had been feeling guilty for their death. Eren puts the weight of their deaths over his shoulders himself, as well as any other deaths caused by his decisions or somehow in relation to him, so this isn’t rare.

But I don’t think his actions here are only caused by him feeling guilty. And not just because he wants to please Levi, or because he simply wants them to be good soldiers. 

I think it’s possible he doesn’t want Levi to notice the difference that much, and miss the presence of his old squad. He wants everything to be perfect for when he arrives. That way Levi won’t have to make comparisons, or think about of how things would have been if the others were still alive.

People don’t often give Eren the credit he deserves on matters such as this. I think it was very thoughtful of him to worry about Levi and his feelings this way, trying to make the transition as easiest as possible for him, and wanting to save him the pain of feeling the absence of the ones who aren’t there anymore.


Reader: “Oh my God! Every. Single. Bloody. Time. I never get to finish writing what’s on the board! I swear to Merlin, every single note I have in my bloody book is less than half finished because you always rub it off before I have time to copy it all down! And it’s not like I’m a slow writer, I would say I’m pretty average so obviously you’re the one with the way too high expectations! How the hell am I supposed to learn anything if you won’t give me the time?”

Snape: “Are you done Y/L/N?”

Reader: “Oh I’m not even close to being done.”

Trouble Maker | Shin Ho Seok | One-Shot

wonho (monstax) + you (reader)
word count: 7,309
warnings: um yeah so this is a stepbrother!au but technically the parents aint married yet so its more a future stepbrother shitstorm if that makes it any better for your moral compass lol heads up for a tiny bit of underage drinking but mainly car sex and fingering and oral and some blunt dirty talk but i know some of yall are like me and that definitely floats our boats hehe
a/n: chatting with my friend and she told me about her dream jon snow was gonna be her stepbrother and they rage fucked each other because they were so bitter about it and i thought wow what a fantastic idea can i write that and she gave me her blessing lol so here we go thanks darling

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little things i learned in my first year of college:
  1. choosing a college is not the end all be all of your academic career. even if you don’t end up going to your dream school, it is not the end of the world. especially if you intend on going to graduate school, sometimes choosing a cheaper school is much more wise in the long run. originally, i had my heart set on an expensive private school an hour away from my home. instead, i ended up going to a public university four hours away for a fraction of the price and an equally good education, and i’m very happy here! conversely, i know plenty of people who got accepted into their dream school and ended up transferring afterwards. think things over and don’t look back! you will find a place for yourself no matter where you choose to go.
  2. freshman orientation might suck: everyone i’ve talked to either had the time of their life at freshman orientation, or wanted to sink into the ground and die for the entire 24 hour period. if you’re lucky enough to find a group of friends at orientation, that’s wonderful! but if you’re like me and spent the whole time awkwardly wandering around alone, wondering how everyone already somehow found a group of friends and thinking you’ve made a terrible mistake, it’s gonna be okay. i promise, no matter how awkward and awful orientation seems, you will make friends once you start the semester!
  3. use ratemyprofessor. trust me. i ended up almost crying during my final ‘foundations of education’ project presentation all because i didn’t listen to the fifty ratemyprofessor reviews saying that this woman was the actual devil. obviously, it’s important to take the reviews with a grain of salt, and sometimes you won’t be able to avoid taking a class with an awful professor. but if there are dozens of people warning you that a professor for a class you’re considering is dolores umbridge irl, just be aware, and maybe try to look for a different class time if your schedule allows it!
  4. go to office hours! i know, i know, it can be awkward and even uncomfortable, especially if you have social anxiety like me. but one of my biggest regrets from freshman year was not making a better connection with some of my professors. their office hours are set up specifically for you to come talk to them! at the beginning of the semester, even just stopping in and introducing yourself can help a lot as the class goes on, especially if you end up having trouble with the material and needing help. professors love when you use their office hours–take advantage of it!
  5. it’s okay to have no idea what you’re doing with your life. some people go into college knowing exactly where they’re going and what their career will be. and that’s great! but some people go into college set on becoming a doctor and come out of freshman year as an english lit major instead. and that’s great too! college is a time to explore and experiment. take classes on subjects you wouldn’t normally be interested in, and take advantage of this time to learn! whether you have no idea what you want to major in or you have your heart set on a specific career, explore as many subjects as you can.
  6. don’t go into college expecting a 4.0. i went into my first semester expecting the same straight A’s i had earned in high school and had a pretty rude awakening when i nearly failed my first chemistry test. it was a ridiculously fast-paced course that required you to teach the material to yourself for most of it. even though i didn’t get an amazing grade in the class, it taught me a lot about improving my study skills and i ended up being incredibly proud of myself for improving the way i did! while aiming for a 4.0 is a good motivator, most of the time, it just isn’t realistic because getting perfect grades is not the point of college. don’t let your college experience be dictated by grades! instead, focus on improving yourself and learning as much as you can.
  7. the syllabus is the most important piece of paper ever to be crumpled at the bottom of your bookbag. seriously. professors put everything on there– the grading policy, exam dates, paper due dates, and even homework assignments and units. if your professor is especially nasty, they might not even remind you of these things in class. stay up to date with the syllabus! some professors even add changes to the syllabus halfway through the semester, so your best bet is to keep it at the front of your binder/notebook and mark down changes as soon as they mention them. seriously. doing this will save your life.
  8. you don’t have to be friends with your roommate. if you’ve been assigned a random roommate, just remember that you don’t have to force yourself to be friends with them. in the beginning, it can be nice to stick together (eat together, walk around campus, go to club meetings, etc.), and some people end up being amazing friends with their freshman year roommate–which is great! but if you find yourself being incompatible with them or even disliking them, there’s nothing wrong with deciding not to hang out with them. as long as you respect each other’s space, communicate, and show at least basic kindness toward each other, you should get along fine even without being best friends!
  9. join! a! club! i can’t stress this enough! i didn’t join any clubs last year because i thought i wouldn’t have time, and i ended up being constantly bored and lonely. even if you end up quitting the club(s) you joined, trying new things is everything, and you could end up having an incredible experience and meeting people you’ll be friends with for the rest of your life. scope out some clubs that correspond with your interests, and even consider checking out clubs for activities you’ve never participated in, but have always been curious about. if you’ve always wanted to play a sport but don’t think you’re good enough to join a team, try out for an intramural! no matter what you choose, you’ll find other beginners/other people you click with, and you won’t regret trying.
  10. partying doesn’t matter as much as you think. if you’ve never been a partier and you’re not interested in trying it in college, don’t feel pressured! tv shows and movies tend to really exaggerate this aspect of college life, but i promise, you’re not missing anything of you decide not to participate. i know plenty of people who are having an incredible time in college who don’t party at all, and that’s great! if you do want to try it, though, remember to stay safe. always bring a friend that you trust with you and make sure to look out for each other, and if things get too wild, get the fuck out of there. also, don’t let anyone shame you for choosing to go or choosing to stay in–it’s your choice, not anyone else’s.

these are pretty basic, but knowing some of this stuff would have saved me a lot of frustration my first semester of college. i hope it helps you, too! <3

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Greenie, give me your rant about why nintendo never goes for the explicit zelink ending (explicit as them holding hands or kissing, not something nsfw)

Alrighty then. HERE I GO! THIS is going to be LONG. LOL

I believe it’s because Nintendo (and by Nintendo I mean Miyamoto and Aonuma, after all they kinda have the last say in the LoZ games LOL) are fully convinced that it’s us, the players, that join the dots, which is why they don’t feel the need to go all the way.

Not to mention, that they’re old conservative japanese men and like to keep romance… more like in the background/shadows (???) and focus more on the gameplay and stuff. I mean, after all, the games are not romance oriented specifically.

BUT! they have included moments between this two. 


We know something happened at the end of Link’s Adventure behind that curtain

And Zelda (at the end of oracle of ages) gave Link a kiss. A kiss that both of them quite enjoyed. 

*with hearts and all hahaha so cute!* 

With recent games, for example skyward sword, Aonuma expressed his doubts in regards of this scene:

At first he wasn’t so sure, but after some talks, he decided that it was ok to include it. I remember him saying something along the lines “are we really taking this lovey-dovey route for this game”?  and at the end, he was truly happy that they included this scene in the game (and I’m sure zelink fans around the world also felt the same way). 

We all know how this game ends. Zelda asking Link what he wants to do and he  just smiles at her. I think it’s obvious which was his answer hehe… After all, he fought with his life, in order to be with her again. My take is that Nintendo felt they’ve done enough for us to understand, that they went from best friends to lovers.

Also, in other games such a Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass, their interactions are quite adorable. Personally, I LOVE Spirit Tracks. You can be with Zelda for almost 99% of the game…. and you really get to know her. You can also control her (and she’s a badass with that Phantom armor!) 

But, what I love the most is how innocent and pure their bond is. Once Zelda regains her body, she hugs Link and his reaction is so adorable ;A; 

He blushes hehe (he also blushed when he first met her btw). 

And once they defeated the baddies., they hold hands while watching Anjean go to heaven. In fact, the camera makes a close up of their hands:

A part of me, feels that Nintendo’s intention is to keep it fresh. Like, the implications that there’s something going on between them are there. They exist. Link and Zelda are not a crack pairing. Nintendo has provided enough canon material in the games for us, like I mentioned earlier, to join the dots

For example, in  Skyward Sword and if you explore Link’s room and check his desk you’ll notice that he sculpts wooden statures. He has one unfinished bird on his desk with a hammer and chisel and a couple statues on his furniture. And also, if you go to Zelda’s room you’ll notice that SHE’S the only character he has given his work to, because she has a statue of a loftwing in her room. There are no other characters in the game that have this statues. I even visited everyone is Skyloft to be sure. 

That’s Nintendo’s subtle way of telling us that there’s something special going on between them.

Do I want to see them kiss? HEL YEAH I DO!!!,  but I would lie if I said that I do not appreciate details  such as this one, that strengthen their relationship. 

t’s just like Zelda’s diary in breath of the wild. To be honest, at first I felt dissapointed that Link was so serious all the time. But after reading her diary and watching all the memories in order… I felt that I finally was able to understand his character a bit more, thanks to what she said about him. 

He isn’t a guy whose gonna blush over something. He’s pretty good at hidding his emotions because, people always had high expectations of him… So, the only way he found to keep people happy, was by keeping all his fears to himself. In fact, it’s pretty interesting  what the stupid guy whose wandering outside Gerudo town tells you (after you get the sand and snow boots from him).  He says that Link is a cold and calcuating person and he adds, that he’s also actually quite strong. I couldn’t agree more with that guy.

I mean, being LIKE THAT is pretty much what saved both him and Zelda from Calamity Ganon first attack. He didn’t let the sorrow of the death of his friend (Daruk, Mipha, Urbosa and Revali) get the best of him…. Or to watch Hyrule’s Kingdom get destroyed in a blink of an eye.

His main focus was to protect what’s important for him to the point of giving his life… And he did.  He died protecting her. 

And what truly touches my heart is that, he always believed in her. Even when they were running away from all those guardians, his top priority was to keep her safe. He never saw her just as a “weapon” to seal Ganon away (kinda like the King did)… He always saw her as what she was. Even Impa tells us that, Link became Zelda’s comfort during the times she wasn’t capable of using her power. 

So… In conclusion. Even if I’m dying to see a kiss between them… A wedding and for them to give me granchildren (LOL)… I’m happy with what we have of them. They’re not the typical ship and for me, that’s what makes them so special. 

Hopefully we’ll see them kiss again ;A; Nintendo plz understand

Save Me A Dance

SAVE ME A DANCE — in which ( Y/N ) has had a crush on peter parker since freshman year, though he’s never seemed to notice having been too preoccupied with her best friend liz allan. with homecoming around the corner ( Y/N ) is determined to make her feelings known, even though telling peter the truth may just result in absolute heartbreak

WARNINGS — none !!


AUTHOR’S NOTE — this is my first peter parker imagine, and i’m really excited to post it but also super nervous ? this is also my first time posting any writing for a year now so truthfully i’m super surprised that this imagine is actually going to see the light of day. but anyways, with that being said i hope you guys enjoy it and requests are officially opened again so please feel free to send me some !!

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anonymous asked:

taakitz & blupjeans fall-themed double date (apple picking or some other romanticized autumn activities?)

Silence fell upon the living room where a pair of twins eyed their significant others, dressed warmly and endearingly in fall attire. “You want us to—“ Taako’s voice drifted.

And Lup picked up seamlessly right after, “double date?” They shared a collective look that didn’t seem as pumped as their counterparts. Personally Taako had big plans to …do nothing all day and Lup thought she and Barry were going to kanoodle around in private. “I don’t know I mean, double dates are kinda lame, where would we even go?”

“Well, there is an autumn festival happening in town. We can check it out…” Barry smiled at Lup who’s face went from unsure to completely uninterested, he decided to sweeten the pot a little. “There is a ‘dunk’ game where you toss balls at a target and dunk a person into a vat of port wine.”

Lup’s eyes seemed to gleam with a unsettled fire for mischief. “Ooo~” She purred already quite interested. “And who are we dunking?”

“I believe the person who volunteered was Magnus. Its for charity and…OFT!” Before Barry could finish Lup had bounded over to him and linked arms pulling him towards the door.

“Well come on, babe! I want to get first dibs to sink that meathead into some good sherry~”

Barry chuckled allowed himself to be carted off by his beloved. He gave Kravitz and Taako a small wave and yelled out, “we’ll meet you guys there!” And just like that they were gone. Kravitz bashfully turned his attention to Taako who was still on the couch, sprawled like a model waiting to be painted. He carefully looked over his nails showing the same amount of distant disinterest as before.

“Like I said, I-I-uh had some serious plans to do…nothing, absolutely nothing. Now I have to reschedule for some…outdoorsy, folk thing?” Taako rolled his eyes at Kravitz’s direction. “Plus if I wanted to see Mangus doused in wine I could have done that myself without throwing a thing.”

Gently and with very minimal touching Kravitz sat down on the couch by Taako’s feet. “Actually I was hoping you’d walk around the apple orchard with me. Pick some fresh, seasonal apples.” He spoke with a softness that made Taako’s ears droop and flush at the end of them. Kravitz gently placed his cold hand on Taako’s covered arm. That devilishly handsome face combined with the wholesome sweetness that coated every inch of his expression, it was downright unfair.

“Apple picking might be nice…pie season is among us.” He began to melt a little.

“And I believe there is going to be a pie tasting contest and…” just as Lup had done to Barry, Taako was suddenly on his feet. In one fluid motion of getting up he had also transformed into another outfit. An orange, thick knitted sweater and high waisted shorts, even his hat changed colors and was decorated with pinecones and twigs for a more festive look.

“What are we waiting for, Taako is making a surprise debut~”

The fall faire was pretty much as one would expect it to be. As promised Magnus was shirtlessly displayed, sitting on a geared platform that would drop and dunk him into a vat of old port wine. Somewhere around Lucretia and Davenport were discussing coolly the tragedy of the wasted wine once Magnus’s body tainted it. To everyone’s surprise it was a fairly hard target to hit. Not at all charmed by Angus who Magnus asked politely to help him, a charm that would have been detected and demolished the second Lup stepped up to the plate. Magnus, who was dry at one point was at the mercy of Lup and without fail she managed to dunk him each and every time he took his seat back on the top of the stool.

There were after little stands, mostly food and candles, trinkets that were homemade. Taako and Kravitz enjoyed some quiet apple picking. Taako spoke only to talk about the different traits and qualities of the types of apples. Sampling each one without the intention to pick most of them, a free sample was a free sample. They would have stayed longer around the trees if the two didn’t run into Merle having a very intimate conversation with a Granny Smith. With Kravitz’s hand in his, Taako very slowly retreated out of the orchard with a small basket of goodies.

The day was nice, Taako would admit and having Kravitz on his arm was well, eye candy for miles. But his grasp on his boyfriend was loosened when the sign to a ‘pie bake off’ was put up and just like that, Kravitz found himself partnerless.

“Taako! Oh gosh, TAAKO!” Ren waved from a table where her, Angus and Mavis were setting up prep work.

“Ren, Aggie…Mauve?”

“Close enough.” Both Angus and Mavis adjusted their glasses with a small smile. “Are you gonna be baking here too, sir?” Angus beamed.

“Well i—“

“That would be a tad unfair to the rest of us, Taako baking we might as well pack up shop.” Ren smiled with only a smallest defeat in her eyes. Taako had planned on joining in …but she had a point, it would have been a waste of time for everyone involved if Taako was going to enter. Taako pondered for only a second, tapping a slender finger against his lips.

“Actually” he smiled constructing a natural lie, “I’m here as a celebrity judge~”

“Really?! What an honor!” Ren clapped her hands together, the defeat replaced with unmatched ambition to impress her long time idol and her current mentor and business partner.

“Oh yea, I wasn’t going to join because nat, would have won by a landslide. I figure I could uh-uh use my vast knowledge of the cooking arts to uh-you know, eat some mad rad pie.”

Kravitz didn’t intervene much. He did look over at Lup and Barry, hand in hand constantly as she howled with laughter, tossing flaming baseballs at the target and dunking Magnus before he even had a chance to fully reset himself on his seat. Kravitz noticed, truly, how different the twins were in personality. Lup was raw power, raw emotion, everything she felt and she was clear on the surface like a crystalline raging river constantly moving and powering through. He looked away from the inseparable pair at his boyfriend and saw something different.

If Lup was a raging riptide of glass like translucency then Taako was a misted lake. Taako was still water lake, murky and misted with emotions. He knew Taako had many fronts, the ones he wore so perfectly like a second skin. He wore the part of over the top celebrity, acting as though this was all his original intentions. He spoke, joked, teased and smiled living for the publicity in them moment. Kravitz enjoyed observing him, he had for a while and that hadn’t changed even now while they were together.

Watching Taako, the century old enigma that stole him away from what was supposed to be a pretty bleak eternity.

“Ugh…” Taako groaned leaning against Kravitz. The both had stolen away after Taako had completely destroyed Lucas with criticism over his pie. Of course, Ren and her team managed a pie so good Taako might have taken more than one piece. “I’m stuffed.” He laid back on a bile of hay watching the warm, orange sunset settle by the tops of the tricolored autumn colored trees.

“Maybe you shouldn’t have went in for thirds of Ren’s pie.”

“They roasted the cinnamon themselves, you can taste the difference.” Taako smiled up at Kravtiz, “this was fun.”

“But?” He gently wrapped his arm around Taako making sure not to touch any bare or exposed skin.

“But nothing, I’m happy.” Taako paused and then chuckled a bit, “huh…you know its weird to say that outloud. Like I’m pretty fucking stoked about life these days.”

Kravitz turned slowly, his head inclining towards Taako who was already semi beginning to coil himself around his reaper. “I wonder why”

“I wonder~”

“TAAKO” Lup pulled Barry around and paused finding her brother with a deadpan expression and his leg half hitched on a now embarrassed to death Kravitz. “Oh…”

“This better be hilarious”

“Magnus is purple.” She answered immediately, then started to bite back tearful laughter. “I dunked him—so much…he’s actually stained purple and-and Merle and Carey and trying to …hose him down in front of everyone—PFT AHHAA” She held her side again and started to laugh.

“Babe…Lup…you’re actually going to laugh yourself to death…” He spoke with some concern that Lup’s physical form would give out.

Taako’s eyes lit up a bit and he unfurled himself from his boyfriend. “I gotta see, this, my god this is great. I’m totally going to transfigure the water into wine again.”

“OH GOD, TAAKO THAT’S HILAROUS” Lup roared in joyful laughter and abandoned her link with Barry to link arms with Taako and take off to cause more mischief.

“…those two are going to terrorize the town if we let them.” Barry watched their happy, retreating figures. A sight everyone would have died to see.

“Its…pretty great.” Kravitz stood by Barry with a smile.

“Yea…yeah it is.”



“Look I was binge watching The Little Mermaid before the girls were born-”

aaand here we go! The second variant (is this the right term?) of my gafou / Part of Your World crossover is here (and it’s not a dream this time :P)! It’s shorter and simpler and there’s no Stanbastian (a great loss) and if you had high expectations I’m very sorry but that’s ok, I’m used to disappointing people *thumb up*

First variant if you missed it ~ (careful, it’s pretty long)

Room 316 (M)

word count: 5.1k

genre: smut + a little fluff; CEO!seungcheol

pairing: reader/seungcheol

summary: your boss, CEO choi seungcheol, has been injured in a car accident and you go to visit him; strictly out of worry as a friend and employee, definitely not because you harbor a sort-of crush on the man. but as the anesthetics leave seungcheol a little loose, he ends up saying more than you were meant to hear and it reveals a lot about what you mean to him.


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Dating Damian Wayne Includes

A/N: Holy shit I loved doing this! I love all the batboys equally (I think), but I have a special place in my heart for the spawn. Plus, I’m reading Teen Titans:Rebirth and it brings back so many memories of my childhood. I grew up with Dick!Robin and now I have Dami!Robin. Also, this is long as hell. Oops. Enjoy!

  • If you had one word to describe Damian, it’s hard-headed. He’s stubborn as all hell and everyone knows this. He has ridiculously high expectations for himself and others, so all the BatFam assume whoever he does end up with will be a perfect, polished, robot of a person.
  • No. That’s boring. Damian may act like he wants perfection but in actuality what he wants is something and someone real.The Waynes are billionaire socialite playboys, so they’re use to people trying to get close with pretty things and the illusion of perfection.They can see through it right away. Damian can spot a fake right away and he’ll call them out just as quick.
  • That’s why he likes you, because you’re not trying to be something you’re not. You do you perfectly and that’s what he’s here for.
  • Sure, he may judge you for not knowing that’s the soup spoon, not the salad spoon. No, that’s not the salad spoon either, that’s the dessert spoon. But if anyone else says anything about it, he’ll be happy to deal with them.

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A Man of Means Feat. Getthicker

“Size is intimidating and fitting for a man.”

           I said this to Jacob one night after we met. I hadn’t expected him to grow on me as much as he had, but I guess that’s what happens when you stop expecting things to just happen.

           At first, I didn’t like the idea of being fat. Frankly, I just hated being skinny. It’s weird: in today’s society, where everything is wrapped around being skinny and who weighs less, to actually hate yourself for being skinny. Sure, you can wear more form fitting clothes and you are more attractive to a larger population, rather than being attractive to a smaller chunk of people for being a bigger portion of man.

           What caused my inner self-hatred was high school. I was bullied pretty harsh, and not for being a dork. I was actually a little popular. I was handsome, made people laugh, played some sports here and there. It was my size that got me picked on. Being close to six feet and weighing one hundred forty-five pounds made it easy for certain jocks to target me. I had no meat on my bones whatsoever, which meant I was all skin wrapped tightly over my exposed ribs, no ass, and absolutely no muscle. I would go home, broken and bruised, confused as to why I was being picked on. Bobby was chunky and had stretchmarks. Why wasn’t he picked on for being overweight? Why wasn’t Henry ridiculed for taking steroids and shrinking his balls? Why was skinny bad?

           After years of torment, I went to college, which opened up a brand-new door for me: body acceptance. While it wasn’t perfect, I saw men and women of all shapes and sizes, owning their bodies and saying, “fuck you” to anyone who tried to make them think differently. At this point, I wasn’t seeking a larger frame. That came years down the road when I graduated and started working in an office up in Manhattan. After two years of working there, we got a new coworker who I unfortunately had to work close with: Bobby from gym class. While the years hadn’t changed me at all, they certainly had changed him. He had only been chunky in school, what with his round belly and soft chest, thick thighs and round ass, but now he was simply fat. Somehow, he managed to squeeze his huge gut into a suit and tie, without bursting any buttons. We took one look at each other, me remembering years of torment in the locker room, and him laughing in my face.

           “Holy shit, is that you Slenderman? Haven’t you gained any weight yet?”

           At home that night I made myself a vow: I needed to be bigger. I couldn’t be skinny any longer.

           After doing some hours of research, I found the perfect diet. If I had it correct, I had to eat a lot of protein, rice and breads, snack during meals, and overdue it on meals. It couldn’t be too hard to gain weight.

           After a few weeks, I managed to gain three pounds. The added weight was hardly any difference to my body. I was already pushing myself to eat more at dinner, snack periodically through work days and at home, and upped my junk food intake. What would it take?

           That’s when Trent showed up. He was a new client at work, and his good looks made him the envy of every man and the desire of every woman. Luckily for me, he was gay. Trent was very muscular, having worked out five days a week for several years. The sleeves of his dress shirts were always being tested by the size of his arms, his chest threatening to pop out of his shirt. And don’t even get me started on his perfect chiseled ass.

           We hit it off well, and while none of us were looking for a relationship, that doesn’t mean we didn’t spend a lot of time in bed.

           One night, while I was eating out his perfect ass, he said to me,

           “You know, we could get some meat on you yet.”

           Lifting my face from his cheeks, I questioned what he meant.

           “I do know a guy. He’s how I managed to get this big. Through a better diet and some chest and arm exercises, we could easily get you swoll.

           Before I could question his questionable methods, he reached behind, grabbed my head, and placed my face back between the globes of his ass. He did want me to eat after all.

           While I cannot say what his methods were, I can say they were effective. Armed with one hell of a protein shake three times a day (sometimes sneaking a fourth), I managed to pack on some serious weight. Within a year and a half, of dieting the right way, and lifting weights and boxing, I had developed strong arms, and big chest, and surprisingly not-regrettable, a nice ample belly. When Bobby took his eyes off his internet porn to notice my transformation, he was astounded, and didn’t even say anything to me. I was definitely a man of bigger means. I loved how big my everything was, and even my ass seemed to grow too. While I was sad that Trent found himself a man who wasn’t me, I continued to work on my body with the tips and training he had given me.

           One night, a few friends and I were at a local bar, and I was knocking the beers away (beer is good for the belly too, just an FYI), when a few guys from high school wandered in with Bobby, who was pissed that he had gotten fired and I took his spot in the company. And like any cliché bar scene, it ended with them ganging up on me, and a massive bar fight ensued. I found myself running towards the subway, my fist throbbing and Bobby’s blood on my shirt. All I did was break his nose, but the whole scene made me sick and I took off. Much to my dismay, being bigger didn’t help the scrawny kid in me be any tougher or manlier.

           It was that night on the subway, drunk and in pain, that I met Jacob. He was, and still is a nurse, and offered to bandage me up and walk me to my apartment. Funny enough, we also lived in the same apartment building!

           We talked for the next several weeks, including me telling about my recent transformation. Jacob himself was a smaller guy, only five-seven and one hundred fifty pounds. He congratulated me on my new body, and helped me see that I didn’t need to be big to be masculine or anything.

           Surprisingly, eating at different restaurants a lot and quitting the gym made me gain even more weight. My arms and chest fleshed out with the new pounds, and my belly grew also, while growing outward and developing love handles, my belly also began to drift south with the new girth.

           One night, I was pretty drunk and Jacob and I began to get frisky on his couch. My shirt came off, revealing a tight-fitting tank top, with my gut almost fully secured in its material and my nipples, hard and sensitive poking through. While I was a bit too drunk to move, his hands rubbed up and down my soft body, pulling my tank over my head and kissing all my fat and teasing my stretchmarks.

           “I just love your body babe,” he said between kisses to my tummy. My pants soon peeled off onto the floor and he sat on his kneed in front of my engorged cock. As he grasped it with one hand and lowered his lips to my head, he looked up at me. In those few seconds, it seemed he was drinking in my chubby body, examining every roll, my patch of dark hair between my chubby man tits, and my belly.

           He slowly licked up my shaft.

           “Grow for me,” he said.

           In my drunken daze, I asked confusedly, “What?”

           He licked again, teasing the area right at the underside of my dick head, “Grow for me. Be bigger for me.”

           He repeated this several times until the idea of overpowering him washed over me and I shot on his adoring face.

           From then on, I was an eating machine. I would snack on McDonald’s and Burger King instead of on chips and nuts. I would eat two, if not three or sometimes four extra helpings at dinner. My shakes began to increase in volume and consistency throughout the days. After weeks of this, I was convinced I could feel the fat being poured into my body. My gut and tits grew immensely, making me look like a macho ex-jock. Jacob loved to pull down my shorts and rim my fatter ass no matter where in the apartment we were. He loved the challenge of finding my hole between my round cheeks.

           In bed, I was a fucking beast. While I couldn’t find my own power when it came to my bullies, man did I put it to good use on him. I love being the bigger of us two, me being able to easily overpower him with my girth. My whole body shakes and jiggles while I fuck my tiny man, and I love watching his thin frame ride me. He will grab onto my chest with both hands while he slams down onto me, loving all of my body with his smaller one.

           One day, I hope to have a gut big and round enough so when I get him on all fours and pound him, but belly will rest on his back while I give him everything I have.

           It’s true that size is intimidating and fitting for a man. And I finally am beginning to feel like the man I was supposed to be.


Last December… that’s the last time i was really happy. Six months clean, longest time i had gone without using since I was a kid in the white house- The Fish Bowl ya know, as they call it. The bubble around the President’s family, all the eye’s, the judgments, the expectations, made me feel very alone. My twin brother could handle it, but me not so much. So.. booze, weed, pills, made me feel a lot better. And then I found coke. And then everything fell by the waist side. So my life’s been pretty much a blur, highs and lows. Mostly lows. I know there is no cure for this thing, but there is recovery.

[App review] — Duolingo (Korean)

**NOTE** It was brought to my attention that this is a public beta release and the course still sin’t totally complete. I saw no indications of that on the app when I started the course, and I feel that many others will likely start the course not aware that it’s a beta. Anyway, even in light of this information I feel like my criticisms are still valid. Once the course is given a final release, I will go back and do a new review.

The Korean Duolingo is finally out. Korean learners and would-be learners have been going a bit crazy about it ever since… pretty much ever since it was announced! If you happen to hang around the Korean subreddit on Reddit, you would know that posts hyping the Korean Duo come up fairly often. I know a lot of people love Duolingo and have great expectations and high hopes for the Korean Duo. So, how does it do?

Have you ever had that feeling like you know you should feel disappointed but you just feel apathetic instead because you weren’t expecting enough to even be properly disappointed? That’s exactly how I feel about the Korean Duo. I had played around with the Japanese Duo and found a few errors and oddities and just a lack of good information about the grammar, to the point that if I hadn’t already had a little background in the language, I probably would have given up far longer before I did. I was expecting a similar outcome for the Korean Duo, but at the same time I really was hoping for the best because, while the amount of Korean learning resources available is increasing, there still just isn’t that much quality material out there. Korean Duo, unfortunately, is not quality material.

I’m just going to take you with me step-by-step through the first few levels (I’m writing this review as I go through them, though I will likely add in little notes and edits when I do my final post clean-up) so you can see what problems cropped up.

Learning Hangul

From the very starting stages, learning Hangul, it fails the learner. First of all, it uses romanization when it could very well just do a sound-symbol pairing… but I won’t waste space here complaining about why romanization is awful when I’ve already done that recently. From the beginning, there is no indication that Korean’s writing system, Hangul, is alphabetic. Instead, it gives you full syllables and you’re supposed to just intuit that there’s a certain formula to building those syllables because they sure don’t let you know. The way they present Hangul makes Korean look like it uses a syllabic writing system rather than an alphabetic one, and as I poked through the levels, I could just imagine some total Korean newbie writing every last syllable down with the romanization to try to remember them individually when they could learn Hangul a lot more efficiently in other ways. Also, some of the syllables that they gave, since they insisted on teaching Hangul with full syllables, could have been taught as vocab in their own right (꽃 flower is one example) but instead, it just had you matching “꽃” with romanization instead of connecting it to something meaningful :/ 

Another thing I didn’t like in the Hangul-learning levels (and just in general) was the awful robotic voice. If you want to teach people how to speak a language so they can, in theory, then go out and use it with other real humans, please use a real human voice for your recording! Especially in the Hangul-”learning” section, some of the vowels of the syllables sound really bad, and in general stringing sound files of words being read in isolation (once you get to making sentences) is not good when you want to approximate how people actually speak. Some of the sentences aren’t completely awful, but they’re still pretty awkward.

Picking up some words

Let’s move on… your first few words are “milk, child, raincoat, and doughnut” and then you get into this weird loanwords section. Maybe Duolinguo got some sponsorship or corporate backing, because after the four words previously mentioned, your next words are “Starbucks, McDonald’s, Samsung, and Hyundai” :] Never mind that the proper English translations “Samsung” and “Hyundai” don’t match the romanization that they just had you using to pair syllables with…?? So I can see a new learner getting confused about why “Samsung” isn’t 삼숭 and why “Hyundai” isn’t 현다이. The next section does give you more useful words, but I’m wondering why they didn’t just start with those in the first place.

First sentences

Once you get out of all the Hangul-”learning” parts, you start with basics, which is simple “X is Y” sentences. They start with 하십시오체, which I will give them props for, but there is no mention of formality levels at all. Also, there is no explanation at all of the nature, usage, and meaning of particles… and they drop a lot of particles in Basics 1 and 2, including -이/가, -은/는, -와/과, and -에. Does something so vital to Korean grammar not deserve teaching? And there is no explanation of 이다 either—you are just given 입니다 as an attachment to nouns to remember that way. I suppose it does fall in line with Duolinguo’s method of just giving you chunks to learn, but that’s not an effective way to learn them at all, especially -이/가 vs -은/는.

Common Phrases

On to Common Phrases… and suddenly we have both 하요체 and 해체/반말 mixed in with 하십시오체??? I had three questions in a row that went from “안녕하세요! 만나서 반갑습니다” to “환영합니다” to “고마워.” No explanation of formality levels, AGAIN. They do introduce 고맙습니다 in the same level but there’s no actual explanation of the importance of keeping your formality levels in check.


This is all the material covered up to the first checkpoint. Over the next few days I’ll work ahead more and maybe write a bit more on this, but I just wanted to test the first few levels to see if it provides a decent base for beginners to the Korean language. It falls far short of that, and I wouldn’t recommend that anyone with a serious interest in learning Korean use this as their starting point (if at all). Sorry, Duolingo!

I’ll leave you with what (I think?) was an attempt by the developers to be witty that just didn’t make it there.

Happy studying (just not with Korean Duo, please!)~

2x19 “Alex” Sanvers Wishes

Like always, I’ll come back after the episode airs and cross out any that came true:

  • Alex burning dinner.
    **BONUS POINTS if she burns dinner because she was kissing/flirting/talking to Maggie.

It’s okay Alex, paella is difficult to master.

  • Kara making a dig at Maggie about Alex not knowing how to cook, or about not knowing Alex as well as she does -regardless of the situation.
  • Them mentioning that Alex can’t cook.
    **Bonus Cute Points if Maggie says it doesn’t matter because she can/she’ll cook for Alex.
  • Alex & Maggie having an argument over Kara that ends badly before Alex is taken.
    **Bonus points if Maggie tells Kara later that they were fighting and now she’s scared that was the last time she’d see Alex.
  • A Maggie/J’onn scene, that’s nowhere as awkward as Jeremiah’s speech, because J’onn is Alex’s true space dad.

Not the big scene I wanted, but Im counting that ‘good work Maggie’ and hug. Heaven knows when was the last time Maggie hugged a fatherly figure.

  • Alex blurting out an ‘I love you’ and spooking Maggie. Plus Maggie beating herself up for not having said it back while they search for her.
  • Maggie and Kara having a heart to heart about Alex.

I’m still crying over “We both love her”.

  • Maggie telling Kara she loves Alex/almost telling her that.
  • Alex saying her last goodbyes over the laptop.
    **Bonus points if as she’s telling Maggie she loves her, the water covers her.
    **Extra Bonus Points if she tells Kara and Maggie to look after each other.

This was one of the wishes I was really hoping for. Alex being scared of dying without telling Maggie how much she meant to her was too good to pass up, but what really made the scene was Maggie. She took it away. Floriana knocked it out of the park with the crying and the breaking voice. Alex looking right at the camera but not being able to see Maggie, only hear her heartbroken voice. Gertrude the dog. It was all around one of the best scenes in the episode, hands down.

  • Alex dies for a moment and she’s brought back.
    **Bonus points if Kara says that she can’t hear her heartbeat.
    **BONUS POINTS AND INSTANT DEATH if Maggie gives Alex CPR.
  • More than 1 heartfelt Sanvers scene.

That laptop scene and that ILY scene. The rescue was much shorter but the forehead kisses really made it. (Flo keeps delivering, damn.)

  • More than 1 kiss.

I’m counting the three (3) forehead kisses Maggie gives Alex when she’s rescued, and of course that last amazing smooch on the medbay.

  • A kiss that lasts longer than five (5) seconds. (For reference, their first kiss lasted this.)

Roughly 5 seconds from when Alex goes for it to when they pull apart. I’d say it was on par with their kiss in 2x09 or 2x15 (amazing to have so many kisses to choose from), but Im def not complaining because Alex did almost die an hour ago.

  • Let’s shoot for the stars kids: A kiss that lasts longer than ten (10) seconds. (For reference, the 2x07 kiss lasted this.)
  • Maggie asleep next to Alex’s bed in the medbay.
  • Maggie taking care of Alex after her ordeal.

Rather short, but Maggie’s softest little voice saying “Be careful” and her facial expression. I died.

And Maggie helping walk at the DEO. Granted, she’s not very good at playing nurse if she can’t keep the patient in bed, but I’ll give this one to her.

  • Forehead touch/kiss/hand-holding while Alex is lying in the hospital bed in the medbay.

I’m crying, I cannot BELIEVE we got all three. I don’t even have anything to add.

Forehead touch:



There was some serious double triple pretzel hand-holding going on there. I approve.

  • Maggie chickening out of telling Alex ‘I love you’ at some point.
  • Maggie and Alex say ‘I love you’.

And I’m still crying about it. Almost as much as Maggie.

  • Alex/Kara/Maggie group hug. Or Kara/Alex/Maggie sandwich.
  • Alex and Maggie talking about getting a dog together, can’t forget about that.

I hope Alex said Gertrude as a joke.

  • Alex and Maggie talking about moving in together.

I’m not crossing this off, because it’s an open to interpretation allusion as opposed to an actual conversation about it. Do couples who don’t live together fight over loading the dishwasher? That seems like a really domestic thing. But I think we can infer Maggie is thinking about it. I bet this item will get crossed off before the season is over.

  • Maggie crying.

The crying/trying to smile thing Maggie had going on during the laptop scene effed me up good.

So I’m pretty sure all of us have high expectations for this episode, but I’m hopeful confident a good number of these will get crossed out.

Fingers crossed, and only one day to go!


“Well, I don’t know exactly how much time passed, but next thing I know Ronan’s back at my place unexpectedly after who knows how long. With Rhea. The last person I expected to see.”  Felix explained who Rhea was, and how he hadn’t seen her since their graduation. Needless to say, their friendship had drifted pretty far apart since then. 

“Apparently she’d been traveling the world, or something.”  He thought back to her standing in his living room. How her natural red hair had grown out her years of botched bleach jobs, and how she’d taken out all her piercings.

“And she didn’t contact you when she got back in town? Were her and Ronan friends in high school as well?”  Dr. Lee asked. 

“No, they weren’t. They had worked it out together as a surprise for me, though. It had been so long it was kind of awkward, but I went out with them anyway.”


Spring Day is a heart song. I can’t believe how quick this song hit me. The song gave me an immediate sense of comfort…but then it made me feel all sentimental…now my feelings are a mess.

Not Today is srsly so lit. I began dancing @ 0:01. A rave song…I can’t even begin to imagine how lit the stage is gonna be when they perform this. Also, the intro & ending sounded so old school bangtan my heart skipped a beat.

Outro: Wings is a staight up jam. This is an ARMY party song yall. Better than I expected and I already had pretty high expectations. You can’t not sing along. LSS (last song syndrome) material.

You Never Walk Alone is the perfect mix of sweet & sexy. When Jin hit that high note…followed by Jimin…a bitch cried. (“A bitch”… being me) Yoongi’s ending tho…I would recommend you play that on loop 24/7.

I am a happy stan.
Thank you boys.
You’ve worked so hard.

Hey hey it me again. I work for a dog walking/pet sitting company and I’m pretty much 1000% done with people (who live in high-security apartment buildings )scheduling for a pet sitter to come to their apartment, but don’t tell the leasing office there’s a pet sitter coming, so they won’t let me into their apartment like….?????? How else do you expect me to get into your place? Usually we use lock boxes and I’ve had clients hid them in some ridiculous places, not always easy for a short person to reach. On top of that it’s usually the same customers that hide the leash/poop bags/ food/etc from me…. I don’t like looking thru your stuff any more than you probably do…. pls be mindful…