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After the dust of Sokovia settled Tony had time to properly process the loss of JARVIS. His near constant companion was just… gone. Well, not quite gone. Some part of him lived on in the Vision, and boy, was that Infinity Stone nonsense going to keep him up at night.

FRIDAY ran his suits just fine and worked well in a personal assistant role but the personality he’d programmed her with (90% Irish accented sarcasm) wasn’t quite advanced enough to affect him the way JARVIS’s did. Maybe it was the memory that served as inspiration for the interface of JARVIS that made him feel more like a concerned friend and kept FRIDAY just a program.

He missed the concern. He missed the emotional connection. He missed having an AI that could kick the Turing tests ass. It would take FRIDAY a while to grow organically to the same level that JARVIS had been at, and he wasn’t sure if he wanted her to. Perhaps he’d just keep her responsibilities as they were, that way if anything happen to her the loss wouldn’t be as monumental as it had been when Ultron had destroyed JARVIS.

He could probably rebuild JARVIS, he still had the beta programs in his archives somewhere, but there was no way to make him exactly the same as he was, and anything less, no more than a shadow of the previous JARVIS, would have felt wrong. So, Tony decided, he was just going to have to program a brand new AI to be his conscience, collaborator, and confidante. And after giving it some thought he found the perfect inspiration for the interface.

He took some of the basic building blocks of all his AI’s, uploaded lab protocols and controls, as well as dozens of audio samples and published papers to help mould the interface into something more human than FRIDAY. It took him a month of not-completely-obsessed work to have something vaguely resembling a finished product. It wasn’t quite at a testing stage but as he’d always told JARVIS, sometimes you need to run before you can walk.

“Alright, ready to get to work?” he asked the empty room, pulling up a series of blue holographic screens from the void. “I need you to upload and analyse Ross’s Sokovia Accords – access any and all law books from the Library of Congress that you need to do it,” he instructed, feeding the large stack of paper into a top of the line but barely used document scanner. “Highlight anything sketchy and forward it onto Capsicle and the head of Stark Industries legal department for review. And just so you know, you’re on the clock with this one; we’ve only got a week before Ross wants us to sign over our souls.”

“Well, then, this is a very important week for you, isn’t it?”

Tony smiled, definitely not choking up at the sound of an old friend.

“That it is, YINSEN. That it is.”

What I want right now;

a Les Mis fanfiction, titled ‘had you been there today’ where it’s Enjolras meeting Cosette instead of Marius. The drama of revolution over the girl and urgh.

Fic Masterlist

Sorry, not sorry. I apparently only write Rob Benedict x Reader RPF. Enjoy!

Ready Steady Series - Not Complete

Series Summary: Reader goes on a one-woman vacation to Nashville when her boyfriend doesn’t show up to the airport. While in Nashville, she meets Rob who is in town for a convention. Rob is sweet and charming, everything her ex wasn’t. The reader is a quiet songwriter who is fighting her feelings for Rob.They immediately find that they are much more than just friends; but the Reader is keeping secrets from Rob that could cost her everything. Will her secrets, and eventually; her ex come between them?

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Like the Heart Goes Series- Not Complete

Series Summary: Breaking up is hard. Especially when you are going through it publicly. Rob and Reader are doing just that; trying to navigate the difficulties of an emotional breakup while still trying to remain civil enough to work together, and adding inquisitive fans and over involved friends to the equation certainly isn’t helping.

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Best Idea You Ever Had

Summary: Reader finds herself thinking about Rob’s tongue… it may get her into an interesting situation. Smut. That is all.

Cool If I Come Over

This is a songfic I guess, and completely unedited as I just challenged myself to write straight through without stopping. I was listening to Cool If I Come Over and just started writing. I’m also trying to get used to writing short stories, so this was difficult for me.

Me:keeps telling myself I’m going to rest bc I know I need too

Me:never rests

Me:“why do I feel so bad when I try to push myself to do more,i only feel better when I’m laying dow-oh. Oh right.”

arthurjude  asked:

I mean 2 be fair... Dean was also a complete asshole at the end but they were very bad for each other -7/10

i spent like 10 full minutes staring at this ask before i realized it was about my gilmore girls opinions

anyway true tho rory has never had a good relationship with anyone in her life including all members of her family, lane, AND paris, although paris is closest mostly because paris doesn’t put up with as much of her shit as everyone else does. 

paris and jess are her best love interests and even they are far better served in their lives apart from her than they are together, again with the exception of paris in their very early days at yale.


get you a man as supportive as scott mccall