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I hope everyone who was getting their A Level results today got the grades they needed, and if you didn’t; don’t worry. Life goes on. Your whole self worth isn’t based solely on these grades and there are countless other ways you can get to where you want in life. Do not beat yourself up.

Haven't seen this mentioned yet...

Was I the only one that noticed that all though dany was shook quite a bit by Jon not wanting to let go of her hand + the intensity of the moment at the end when she does begin to pull away she doesn’t do it fully at the last second her fingers linger still just within his grasp…

notice after the monumental look they share and she tells him to get some rest her hand is still by her side and she doesn’t place it back in her lap until right before she gets up to leave all flustered may i add… (unlike the first time she pulled away and placed right on her lap quick) it speaks volumes to her feelings

Soo much love, soo much sentiment, soo much EVERYTHING!!

TOP 10 GIRL MEETS WORLD CHARACTERS (as voted by my followers)
4 = Lucas Friar

“You know what? It’s Lucas time. You’re the best Farkle we got, and everyone knows it. And you are a complete ray of sunshine. And you are not. And that’s who we are. I don’t know what this is. But I do know that if you let someone say who you are, then you really won’t be who you are, and you certainly won’t end up being who you were meant to be.”

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Okay so what if when the skeles (mf and uf bros) SO got sick, their voice goes up like half an octave. They sound a lot more kid like and they tend to say things really different from how they usually talk. They're just so sweet and nice and sick and they want their skelebae to take care of them and make them some ice cream. (ME RN. IM SICK AND IN NEED OF SOME SKELE LOVE.) How do the skeles react/care for their sweet sick SO?

I hope you’re getting plenty of rest, friend.


-Big Daddy-

Initially, BD doesn’t know what to do. He’s never gotten sick, Boss has never gotten sick, and BD isn’t exactly the most nurturing of monsters. Honestly, he’s just as miserable as you are because he wants to help, he really does, but he’s got no idea what to do and he hates himself for it. In the end, he gets you your ice cream and then just sits in the bed with you. He’ll likely pull you into his lap and wrap his arms around you so he can get comfort out of holding you close.


Even though Boss has never personally gotten sick, or been around another human while they were sick, he does his absolute best to take care of you. He loves getting the chance to take care of you, and he’ll be damned if he doesn’t do it right. You can expect him to be kind of doting at first, but if you don’t want the attention just let him know. Probably won’t give you the ice cream if he thinks it’ll make whatever you’re dealing with worse, but if you threaten to get up and get it yourself, he’s gonna push you back into the bed and do as you ask. You’ve got Boss wrapped around your little finger while you’re sick, in all honesty.



Despite what most in the underground expect, Red is an excellent caretaker. He has natural fraternal instincts, and his healing skills rival Edge’s. So you don’t even need to ask him, he’s already taking care of you as soon as he notices you’re sick. Wait for him to make sure you’re not deathly ill before asking for ice cream, or you won’t get any. Asking for ice cream while you’re in Snowdin, in his eyes, means you’ve got a fever that’s way too fuckin’ high for his comfort. If you wait, and let him calm his own anxieties before you make the request, he’ll just roll his eyes and walk to the kitchen. After the ice cream though, you better expect some soup and Red making sure you don’t leave the couch for the day.


Edge is actually the one at a loss in this situation. Red had always been the one to go to if someone was sick or injured, and he can’t exactly get rid of whatever you’re sick with with his healing magic. He tries though, he asks Red for help on what to do (while at the same time refusing to let Red take care of you instead) and does what his brother suggests. Edge will actually adamantly refuse the ice cream. He has no idea how it will affect you and he doesn’t want you getting worse. Please don’t make him worry by getting yourself some anyway, he’ll make himself sick with it.


2017.08.17 Mowed (wet) Lawn

It rained earlier today, not a lot, but enough to make this extra-difficult. Unfortunately, I couldn’t put it off any longer or do it tomorrow, so I got it done.  My knee seems especially unhappy with mowing the grass, especially on the parts that are at an incline.  All the muscles in my leg must tighten up to protect it, because that leg got exhausted by the end today. 

Mowing the grass is one thing about summer I really dislike. I wish I could get someone else to do it, but I have so many plants spread out all over the place, I doubt anyone else would be willing to do it for any amount of money. 

Anyway done now. Gonna get lunch and cool off and rest a bit now.

Thirteen Americanos

Vernon x Reader

394 words

A/N: I got a request for a Vernon angst where reader and him see each other less and less but I changed it up a bit since I don’t like writing sad endings!

At first, Vernon wasn’t sure why he kept meeting you.

The first time, it seemed to be luck. He was elected to do a coffee run for the boys, and upon entering the only cafe that would stay open when he needed it, he found you, working the closing shift. Vernon almost felt bad, asking you to make thirteen americanos this late at night, but you said it wasn’t a problem. You wished him good luck with practicing, and he left, balancing the thirteen drinks with the utmost care.

The second and third times, Vernon was pleasantly surprised to find you working again. The fourth time, you knew that the boy who came in half an hour before closing wanted thirteen americanos, and would joke about causing you so much trouble. That time, you asked if this was going to be a regular thing. Vernon replied that it would be if you want, to which you responded I wouldn’t mind.

And so, it became a regular thing. Vernon came in and ordered thirteen americanos, staying a bit longer each time to talk to you. This continued for about three weeks. By now you had learnt to start preparing the drinks before Vernon came in, so you started to prepare the espresso shots. You hummed as you worked, looking forward to his company.

Except time passed. Five minutes, then ten. You wondered if he was late. Perhaps he just got held up at the practice room. Then fifteen minutes had gone by, and he wasn’t there. You sighed and moved on to closing up the cafe.

The next few days went by, then a week, then two, all while not hearing from Vernon.

Then, one day, into the third week, you heard the door open. You quickly glanced to the clock. Half an hour till you closed. Who would come in this late?

You turned to face the customer, and you stared at him in shock.

It was Vernon.

“Thirteen americanos, please,” he said, smiling at you.

You felt your face break into a smile. “I was starting to wonder if you had gone somewhere else.”

Vernon shook his head. “Our schedule got busy. I’m really sorry.”

You shrugged as you started to prepare the drinks. “It’s okay. As long as I know you’re coming back.”

Vernon nodded. “I will.”


Vernon smiled at you. “I promise.”

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title thingy: "to heal, to feed, to save"


the story of three women, at the end of the world.  Thanos has ripped a hole in reality and the heroes are trying to regroup for the second wave of attacks.

to heal: Jane is still bitter about Thor breaking things off with her for  her own good, but she’s not going to get caught up in all of the drama.  She’s got a job to do: fix the tear in reality that Thanos put there.  She finds herself with a group of high schooler minions from Queens who are eager to help, as well as Sam Wilson, who just won’t go away.

to feed: Darcy always wanted to be a chuckwagon cook.  She blames her grandpa, who always watched Bonanza when he watched her in the afternoons before her nana got home.  and now she is, taking on the task of making sure this crew of super powered people are eating enough to survive and SAVE everyone.  Cornily enough, she’s feeding more than their stomachs, she’s food to the soul.  and Steve Rogers can only watch her in wonderment and amazement, being reminded of all that he’s fighting for.

to save: Natasha has figured out a way to get the red permanently out of her ledger.  She’s more than ready to sacrifice herself before the world can be lost to Thanos.  The thing is, Bucky’s not willing to let her go.

i dont think is tragic ending for Jonerys.

We must understand that GOT is a medieval epic novel, as historian  myself,  I can say that the point in epic novels is Morals. but GOT does not only speak of a historical Moral, not only about the forces that move the world ,  it speaks of the personal elections and consequences that move the world too . We have facts, life and death. The Fire expands , The Ice contracts  The personals choices that the characters make and the consequences of solving them fire or ice way and theirs battle to find a harmony, the Romantic harmony that medieval stories aspired to. 

I know everyone is expecting a tragic ending, but I do not think that will happen. All the deaths in GOT are carefully thought, and are reactions to the disharmony of these two elements.

We will wait and see.

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a level results day

so huns guess who just got AAB with A* in EPQ and IS GOING TO UNI OF LIVERPOOL TO STUDY PHYSICS NEXT YEAR!!!!!!

absolutely over the moon, and I feel like even though a levels have been so tough for me at times, I’ve pushed through and worked my ass off and now it’s all paid off!!

I hope everyone else has got the grades they wanted, and even if you didn’t there’s so much more that you can do, whether it be retaking, clearing, taking a year out, an apprenticeship, just bc maybe you didn’t end up at uni this time won’t mean you never will, just keep up the good work and you’ll be rewarded 🌟

A levels ✔ - now onto the next chapter!


Hey people’s, I got something I wanna get off my chest that’s been bothering me.
Last week I started school and ever since then the work and stress just always piles on with no end and since this is just the beginning of the year it’s only gonna get worse, and I’m usually a shy, yet happy and kind person, but with all the stress of school and the mountains of work, I’ve been coming home completely exhausted (both mentally and physically from carrying a literal Boulder on my back)and doing the ongoing piles of projects and homework, back to the main purpose of this, all this stress has been killing some of my motivation to draw, I would spend an hour drawing and my paper would be full of erased indents all over the paper,and when I do art trades with other people, it’s not my best work because I’m always stressed out of my mind and just wanted to say I’m sorry to those I’ve done art trades with recently, because you put your best work for your half’s, but when I do my half’s stressed and not at the best quality as it can be, then it eats at me ,it feels like I’m scamming you guys and I just wanted to say I’m sorry to you guys, you guys show me so much luv and when I don’t make art to the best quality that it can be then to me it feels like I’m scamming or disappointing you, so I just wanted to say I’m sorry, but what has kept me going through all of this is a very good friend of mine @giasartblog, and having friends like her help keep me going, but just wanted to say I’m sorry if I disappointed any of you or didn’t provide my best work for the recent art trades😔

Edit:Thank you all for all the support You’ve shown me, thank you and no I’m not quitting art, but art might be slow

So the Space Wolves took to the field tonight in their annual matchup against the Blood Angels of @gerardb88

We showed the Bangles what Primaris Space Wolves can do… Aggressors REALLY live up to their name… Lesson I learnt? Kill the Aggressors quick and never put yourself in a position where they get to stay stationary, shoot twice and then make a charge… Sorry bro that was rough to watch!

Game ended top of turn 3 so before the Bangles got their turn 3. I’d scored First Blood and Warlord but the Bangles were holding the all important objective which would have won them the game were they holding it at the end of turn 5.

Happy to call that a draw and look forward to their next meeting!

Store manager Rob of the Plymouth store is good people!

So I’ve got a metric ton of one-shots...

I’m tempted to just post them here with little-to-no context and just see what happens…? Maybe? Most of them are Gravity Falls ones, there’s one or two Rick and Morty ones and a few miscellaneous ones. I’ll probably just dump ‘em here since I’m likely never gonna finish them, if anyone’s interested that is

A man just groped me on the street. I always envisioned myself as someone who’d do something like grab his hand and call him out or something. Or kick him in the nuts at least. But in the moment it happened, I never thought that I’d just freeze up and end up doing nothing. I’m mad at him but I’m almost kind of ashamed a man violated me and got away with it, and that I didn’t do anything when I could’ve.


I actually wanted to go see if there was anyone tending the bar inside the karaoke bar because I wanted to steal some alcohol to mix into the cherry drink.” Aspen said as she watched him.

Uh, yeah sure, lets go do that, I was planning on finding  a beer or something anyways. They hide at these kinds of things because of teens like us.” Gage said as he draped an arm around Aspen’s shoulders and they started their pursuit to find some alcohol.

Once they got inside they did end up finding some so they chilled out in the corner where the couches were drinking it talking about all kinds of things. Eventually Aspen got up and fixed her skirt since it bunched up a little bit and said, “I gotta use the bathroom, then I actually have to head home before my parents flip out.” She started towards the bathroom as she got a glimpse of Gage nodding.

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Hi! Have you seen the Wonder Woman movie?? Did you like it???


Huh? I’ve never heard of it…

Oh, no…

What? What’s wrong?

Looks like the cat got out of the bag, Umi.

You are absolutely not allowed to watch that movie! Ever!


Not that it’s a bad movie, but… knowing you, you’ll try to copy everything she does and end up injuring yourself…

Hey, that’s mean, Umi-chan!

I can name seven separate incidences of you doing exactly that!

People are gushing over Sangwoo’s acts toward Bum in this chapter, but we all know Bum is going to be in a world of hurt if they get out of this. Sangwoo is not going to easily forget that Bum hid and lied about Bae being there. Sangwoo is likely pissed he was beaten and taken to the police station by Bae, he’s going to take all of that anger out on Bum.

And to be honest, can y'all really see a person like Sangwoo believing he screwed up in covering his tracks? He’s been doing this for so long and never got caught, but suddenly there’s this cop on his tail. He’s going to blame Bum, believing Bum had ratted him out.

I can’t see this ending well for Bum, no matter what happens.

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Got any Shiemi x Paku headcanons?

Waaaaa~~ Yes I do. 

  • Shiemi and Paku are the sweetest, most adorable girls ever. The purest and most beautiful couple in the whole school. 
  • Half of the student body ships it. 
  • They feed each other sweets from the school’s cafeteria. They make messes all the time and become a laughing jumble of cute at the end. 
  • Izumo dies a little on the inside whenever they giggle and blush like grade schoolers. DAmmit they ArE so cuTE. 
  • The give each other makeovers.
  • Are definitely a cosplay couple. Paku got Shiemi into a nature-punk themed manga and they dressed up as the main characters for Halloween. 
  • They have cute names for each other. Shiemi’s nickname is “Mimi(-chan)” and Paku’s is “Nori(-chan).”
  • They love holding hands, blowing raspberries, and nuzzling each other’s faces and necks. Especially in school, where Mephisto encourages PDA rather than putting a rule up against it. 
  • Rin is their official protector from *shudders* them! The fujoshi. If anyone comes up to Shiemi and Paku with impure intentions, he cuts them down without a second thought.