but then i got to do this at the end

right, so:

the police brutality video. i don’t think it was just made for shits and giggles. skam don’t waste time like that. there’s a reason why it was made.

hear me out. it’s wild. but all things are. so, hear me out:

  • the battle thing must have been a joke to start off with, that got super super serious.
  • to the point where, even might have done something, propelled by yousef to maybe say “okay i dare you to do this”, and so even did, 
  • and … it turned out to be so huge that the police ended up getting involved. and the police thought that it was the balloon squad who did the thing. 
  • and even must have felt so guilty in that, that he couldn’t be there anymore and face them. that’s how everything connects. 

the only thing that doesn’t, is where in all of this, would even have written what he did on the FB revue page.

But what if we got this nice, calm, drama free, mutual and respectful love story that just happens exactly the way it’s supposed to be in the background of everything else blowing up left and right. Of course there would be some small hitches because of all the other drama happening around them, but at the end of the day nothing much would change regarding their feelings for each other. 

Wouldn’t that be beautiful and refreshing?

Just them falling slowly in love, respecting each others boundaries every step of the way. Building up this really, really strong emotional bond that nothing could break, ever. It’s not a very physical relationship, it doesn’t have to be, all it takes is a glance and they know it won’t matter that the world is falling to pieces around them.

So it’s 11:11 and I’ve got an exam tomorrow but I’d rather talk to you anyway,
This feels like something new,
I guess something about you feels like hope,
Feels like a new beginning,
One that won’t end up with me burning
You’re butterflies, but not the type that make you want to be sick,
The sort of butterflies that make you think you’re falling in love,
You said you don’t believe in wishes but i do, and I wished that this beginning wouldn’t end like the last.
Let’s Play Live

Holy shit guys, I went to Let’s Play Live last night, and oh my god it was the best thing ever. Despite all the screaming of the other fans, it was a great show. Jack is a great host, and I loved the whole experience of watching these people who I have admired from a screen be there, up on stage, doing things that I love to see them do. In addition, I never thought I would be able to say this, but I got bench-pressed by none other than Bruce Greene of Funhaus. That is certainly something I didn’t think I would cross off my bucket list, but there you go. And in true New Jersey style, the show ended with everyone jamming out to Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” on Rock Band, with our favorite Jersey boy, Michael Jones, on the vocals.

I got to meet Funhaus and Achievement Hunter after the show as well, and they are the sweetest people ever. In talking to everyone, it’s apparent that they care about their fans. No matter what you wanted, whether it be a hug or a picture or an autograph, they were willing to talk to you and accommodate you. My favorite thing was that while I was in line for Geoff Ramsey to sign my stuff, security was telling everyone that time was up, and I let out a disappointed “oh no”. But Geoff walked over to me and asked what I wanted (a picture and an autograph), and gave me it, despite the fact that time was up. My interactions with these people has increased my respect for them more, and I can’t wait to see where their channels will take them.

Summary: the show was great, I had fun, was bench-pressed by Bruce Greene, met the sweetest people ever, feel free to ask any questions about what happened, I’ll do my best to answer.

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Hii! I'm just wondering what are your thoughts about the Caestridge panel? how do you saw them answering about the fitzsimmons future? ps. how adorable are Iain and Elizabeth? I died. Have a good day!

Hi Anon!

Oh my goodness!  I am SO jealous of those of you who were there in person and i just grinned the whole time watching it.  I have to say after seeing a few panels at Wondercon the AOS cast is simply a delight no matter how many of them are there. 

Originally posted by stydiaislove

For me it solidified the good vibes I’ve got for Fitzsimmons as we head into the end of the season, tonight is likely going to suck but after that we’re getting the pay off…just hang in there guys.  

In the theorizing and building the wise and powerful timeline (hail the timeline) I feel like myself and the others on the CTT have gotten really good at reading the cast.  And its not only in interviews but silly things like on Social Media.  Lil is so polite but you can tell when she doesn’t like a story.  IE the whole Will thing.  See the AIDA thing, that CLEARLY upset her (same Lil same I would have preferred creeper Dadcliffe not letting him go).  Even if you go back and look at her interviews from SDCC this year.  She wasn’t as excited about things as she had been over hiatus, and we know why now.  Fitzsimmons were hardly together in A.  At Wondercon and the panel last week, But both she and Iain were super happy, bubbly, positive, and were very much hiding something.  Lots of knowing looks, especially at Wondercon and they had the read for 22 under their belts at the very least by then.  I still feel really good about engagement….with elopement and WAY left field Baby Bomb all being on the table.  Other options that I can see is them stepping back from Shield (as I predicted a long time ago) or moving into the Love Nest.  

That being said…everyone BRACE YOURSELVES for tonight.  

Originally posted by pink-and-dreamy

Because there is a good chance Fitzsimmons come face to face finally and its going to hurt like HADES.  

Something huge is going down, I can feel it!   We’re going to learn AIDA’s plan, and likely the extent of what she’s done to Fitz, that AIDA is watching/meddling from the outside, and why…not to mention I bet a huge plot twist or five. Maybe a death.  Jemma also learns or sees enough that she knows to go for Papa Fitz in 20 (we are pretty sure that is who she’s gone after in the promo pics anyway).  Because right now she has no idea that snake is in his life.  

I also won’t be surprised if we get to the point to mirror The Laws of Nature, where Fitz was the only one left trying to save Jemma (Bobbi was helping her her own way)….Jemma might be alone in trying to save Fitz (bonus if Bobbi or Hunter help Jemma go rouge and run down Papa Fitz…just saying).   Where the rest of the team has given up or been forced to work on something else. Tonight will be a big Daisy ep…next week is Jemma’s “Purpose in the Machine” and she is getting her Fitz back!

So no matter how bad things look after tonight know that after this we are heading for the light again.  Lil was very happy again about the time they were filming 20.  And I personally don’t feel either of them would be as bubbly and as secretive as they have been if something horrible was coming our way in the finale.   

Okay sorry that got away from me with some theory time but hope i answered your question too!

Jet Wolf and Act 18

The manga and I are repeatedly clashing, and so instead of full liveblogs, I’m reading each manga act (mostly) silently, and then writing up summaries at the end. I’ll be very candid, which could well include criticism and snark about the manga either wholesale or in details. If that isn’t a thing you feel like reading, please skip this post!

We open where we ended, with Mako’s – sorry, JUPITER’s – abduction. There’s a lot of name screaming, like everyone’s at a Sailor Moon-themed Rocky Horror Picture Show. ”Sailor Moon!” “Venus!” “Sailor Moon!” “Jupiter!” “Luna!” “HRRRNGH.” Petz left an earring behind when she got all killed, which by the way, fuck those Ayakashi I guess, god damn.

Everyone meets at, you’ll never guess, THE ARCADE OMG, and kick the plot along like a sluggish first grader who didn’t do their homework. Minako concludes that this is an alien invasion of the whole planet, and she is just not having that shit, thank you. Chibs is their only lead, and so talking to Chibs it is.

AW WAIT BUT CHIBS HAS A FRIEND OVER SHE’S SO HAPPY. “Can’t have that!” says the universe, with the kind of low sinister chuckle I assume concluded every Crystal production meeting. Luna and Mamoru have an entire fucking conversation right at the goddamn door where Chibs, Chib-Friend, and Ikuko are fucking standing, but the observational skills of these people is at “Gang-related? PCP?” levels and I’m screaming. What Chibs DOES notice from a million miles away is the Black Moon earring in the petri dish and holy fuck, you guys, she is losing her shit for like two pages, I am not kidding.

Cut to the Black Moon, where everyone’s comparing dick sizes, Rubeus is a goddamn hippy, and an entire argument – and I have in no way altered this image – ends with:


Everyone talks about him behind his back. Soooo many Demande entries are added to the Black Moon Burn Book. Calaveras could maybe have an emotion about her dead sisters, but nah, why bother, she’ll be dead too in twenty pages. Rubeus comes in all “Hey baby, peace and happiness, free love,” and Calaveras is like “This changes everything!” and then she goes to kill Minako or something I don’t know the story doesn’t care why should I.

Back on Earth, Minako’s trying to get some semblance of answer out of Chibs about literally fucking anything, but Chibs is scared and still freaking her shit and also like eight, so they don’t get very far. Mamoru says she doesn’t have to say anything. Off-panel, Minako rips the head off the Tuxedo Puppet with her teeth. Usagi gets jealous of Mamoru’s affection toward Chibs, and while I appreciate that it’s not been the driving force of everything, it’s still plenty uncomfortable. Minako chews Tuxedo Puppet’s head, the stuffing spilling between her lips like foam on the muzzle of a rabid honey badger.

At school, Usagi is sullen and twitchy, particularly whenever the word “black” comes up, which is apparently A LOT. Naru notices and tries to cheer her up with a video about channeling, the latest hot new fad that Naru is somehow shocked Usagi doesn’t know, despite Usagi literally never knowing any of the hot new fads until her court-appointed Umino shows up to tell us all about it.

Which he does, and it’s Calaveras, and I’m not even going to bother trying to explain this when I can sum it all up with a giant shrug. Anyway there’s a channeling thing conveniently scheduled for that night, literally everyone is fucking watching his show RIGHT NOW despite the fact that it’s a school day and it should’ve been pre-recorded because Naru was showing Usagi a tape AND DID I MENTION GIANT SHRUG. Whatever, man, the most important part of this is that Minako sees this too and this is her reaction:

A LITERAL DECLARATION OF WAR OVER A TV SHOW. This is like the time I insisted Glee was Ryan Murphy’s declaration of war. NONE OF YOU LISTENED AND NOW LOOK AT US.

Then Mamoru spends three pages talking to his rock collection, and while I appreciate the lip service in “Compared to those girls, I’m nothing. I can’t protect [Usagi] the way [the Senshi] can”, it loses some degree of sincerity when three of them combined do less on the average than you get to do in one single issue, Mamoru.

Chibs steals Usagi’s brooch. “Aw HELL no,” says Usagi.

Everyone (NO I THINK LITERALLY EVERYONE, I MIGHT BE THERE TOO I DON’T KNOW) is at Calaveras’s thing. She starts to turn the crowd against the White Moon, which somehow remarkably means something to them, when Minako’s pops up, “HO DON’T DO IT”.

Meanwhile, Usagi saves Chibs from Rubeus, then Mamoru saves Usagi from Rubeus, and it’s just a matryoshka doll of saving people from Rubeus ending in “Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber”. Glad that “no powers, no protection” thing stood up! You sure did have no chance protecting Usagi while protecting Usagi and not being abducted or anything like three of her four guardians so far. Thanks for standing behind that idea, narrative, not making it just cheap angst and drama for your male lead!

Brooch back in-hand, Usagi transforms and saves Minako! Yay, one of the non-Usagi Senshi get to stick around! I’m sure the fact that it’s the only one Takeuchi has shown any interest in whatsoever is completely coincidental!

Then Chibs pleads for everyone to help her save the 30th Century and they’re all “whaaaaaa??” because they didn’t consume this franchise in the weird fucking order that I did.


Indy Mini W17D2 - group fartlek run!

I was toasty out today!! Not used to the warm temps at all haha 70 and sunny felt very warm! I did a warm up mile around my house before I drove over to the shop just to make sure I got the kinks worked out before hand. I think this helped me a lot!

The group workout was a fartlek run where we were supposed to alternate between easy, moderate, and hard paces based on certain land marks. I ended up running with one other guy the whole time, and I had a really good run!

It was hot, but I felt really strong! My running buddy even said I was doing really great tonight. He was struggling a bit to keep up with me! But I just felt great! I was pushing us both to pick up the pace when we were supposed to. I’m very happy with this run though, it definitely boosted my confidence. I’ve been feeling a little worried about my goal for the Indy Mini, but after tonight it feels within reach again :)

After the run I went and checked on my friends kitty while she’s out of town! His name is Bennie and he’s adorable :)

Happy Tuesday!!

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Any fic genre but it's set somewhere hot? Like a really warm climate? And it affects kaisoo in some way like they sweat or have to wear little clothes or stay in the shade a lot? Love you I love what you do for the kaisoo fandom💕💕

we love all of you too~ here are some fics set in a warmer climate:

- Admin Y

usagi-inu  asked:

Okay so mom in my science class were doing an end of the year project where we have to make a legit musical instrument and I got really excited! But me being the person who loves your songs and wants to promote you I wanted to play housewife radio. Can you help me with like musical instrument ideas because I looked at the sheet music for housewife radio and I internally died because I'm preforming by myself. Please help! Or is one of your songs in a simpler form?

any sheet music for my songs wasn’t made nor helped out with by me, it was made by someone listening to my music and coming up w/ something themselves so :^(

i’m also unable to make sheet music myself so 


you’re kinda on your own with that one, sorry,,,,,,

not to be a filthy homestuck but yknow HS was also a story that had hundreds of unanswered questions by the end and instead of answers we got a shitty retcon that erased the current versions of the entire cast and a finale that ended up being a lot of pretty colours and little else…. so i guess im suprisingly prepared for SU to do the same

Very Brief Bounty Hunter Makeb Chronicles, brought to you by Torian’s unexpectedly chipper line reads and the fact that I’ve been avoiding the flirt mechanic so hard I genuinely don’t know how it works and briefly got stressed out by the thought of making my working relationship with an NPC awkward.

also did any of y’all get the sense Mako was supposed to have some lines or something in the beginning and end cutscenes that didn’t make it in? ‘cause she just mills around in dead silence and like..


Finished watching The Last Guardian.

I finished watching Jacksepticeye’s play through of “The Last Guardian”. The ending really got me… What do I do with my life now?

Gardienne tag

Rules: This is for your gardienne. Fill with what your Gardienne would answer (if you have more than one OC then please feel free to do as many of these as you want!)

I was tagged by @eldaryastuffs thank you !!

Tag more than 6 ppl : sry too lazy to tag + i feel like everyone already got tagged in this lol

im doing this in third person just because

Name (or if she has a nickname) : she doesn’t have a name (yet) lol

Gender : female

What race is she (faeries/Human/ or something in between) : she is half-human and half-whatever-the-story-will-decide-her-to-be

What guard is she in? : she is in the Shadow Guard and has no idea how she ended up in it. she doesn’t like to fight and knows nothing about potions or plants, so in the end it’s a good thing that she is in this guard i guess

Which Companion does she have? : she has a Sowige and she likes bird companions in general (or any companion that can fly)

Favourite food : she is a picky eater and meal times aren’t usually fun times for her. she likes rice because of its simplicity

Favourite Color : her colors are blue and white (yes i know not a color shut up)

Crush (and why) : can’t say if it’s a crush or not (yet) but she kinda likes Ez. he is an annoying ass most of the time but she knows she can count on him and that he can be kind (in his own way). she is curious to know why this guy joined the El HQ and how he ended up being a guard leader

Describe Yourself in 5 words : kind, determined, naive, self-conscious, sensitive

What does she like to do in her free time? : she spends a lot of time in the library or she does missions for the purrekos. she trains regularly so she can learn the basics of fighting and defending oneself. she doesn’t like doing nothing so sometimes she overworks herself

What does she think of the Human World? : she misses her parents and friends. she doesn’t feel close to her parents but she still loves them dearly. she sees herself as human before anything else

What your Gardienne looks like :

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Listening to Disney music on the way home from work, I had "Fixer-Upper" from Frozen pop up and all I could think about was trolls trying to set Stricklake and that is wholly your doing, I'll have you know.

Ain’t even bothered. :3

And bonus! A fic! (Part one of two.)

“Babe, can you pass the mayo?”

“There you– Barbara.”



Walt. What?”

“On your pizza, dear?”

“’Excuse you, I’m not the one who got Hawaiian.”

Barbara chomps an overzealous bite out of her goo-dripping slice of pepperoni, mushroom, and “yes, mayo,” bobbing her head from side-to-side at the stiff-shirt crumpling at the end of her sofa. He slouches, a thing that without witnessing, she might never have believed, digging into his own (”obscene,” “says the pot”) fruity slice.

The kitchen is a wreck-site of bent pizza boxes. The dining room explodes loose papers like the faithful reenactment of a piñata massacre. Shoes and briefcases lean in the entryway like the cubby wall of a collegiate kindergarten.

Research has gone well tonight. Barbara was home. Jim was not. It was therefore decided that dinner for the hazy-eyed, coffee-bereft changelings and troll-turned-human to whom she’d opened her home as a temporary “Hall of the Superfriends” would be pizza. As much of, and any way they wanted.

“They do get along,” whispers Blinky in Troll between plain cheese and shots of whipped cream.

“Didn’t I tell you?” replies Nomura over her peppers-and-sardine. “I’m shocked it’s taken you this long.”

“He is such a prude. How could I have noticed before seeing it with my own six, er, two eyes?”

“Shall we put a plan afoot?”


Walt shoots them a look from his–swiftly becoming Barbara’s–side of the couch, then is quickly distracted by a slim hand with a napkin poking playfully at his chin.

The schemers exchange glances and withdraw further to the edge of the room. They are not noticed. Barbara scoops up the remote from the coffee table and she and Walt tussle for control.


“The question is more about him than her.”

“Obviously. I let her into the balcony like you suggested the other day. You should have seen her eyes when Walt changed. Sunk.”

Blinky smiles warmly. “Blind fool. I worry, truly, that he seems so bent on not believing what he preaches.”

“She’s in on anything we can come up with. I already asked.”

“Hmm,” Blinky rubs his chin. “Tobias once showed me a human film, a travesty of Troll potential in cinema–they called us, of all inane things, ‘love doctors’–but it does give one…ideas.”

Nomura makes a face. What film?”

“Irrelevant, but,” Blinky’s grin would make a matchmaker dance tippy-toe in anticipation, “our tragic likenesses’ referred most aptly to the target of their concerted efforts as…a ‘fixer-upper.’”

To be continued…

FULL CONFESSION:  One of my biggest problems in digimon is ophanimon,she is the lowest ranking out of the three celestial Angels, her outfit is incredibly ridiculous I mean why does her belly need to be exposed and she got her crushed to death by cherubimon in Digimon Heroes Opening. I don’t hate her She is one of my favorite digimon but why do females get the lower end of the bargain. It would be little if she was a Serphiwomon, we need more powerful women digimon leader.

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overwatch! go ! go ! :D

i got u son 👌👌

The first character I first fell in love with: 

i think hanzo? probably hanzo. no, wait it might be reaper bc of the first cinematic trailer

The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: 

76 that mf

The character everyone else loves that I don’t: 

none??? i love all of them v much frankly

The character I love that everyone else hates: 

i mean. in a gameplay sense or a personality sense? i’m gonna guess the latter, but i wouldn’t know still bc i don’t actually see enough character hate to be certain of anything

The character I used to love but don’t any longer:

honestly i think i used to like genji more? i mean, i still love him but the amount of promotional material he’s in makes me more. meh about him.

The character I would totally smooch: 

……all of them……..

number one is probably jack tho. or gabe. both? they’re a joint unit basically, it counts

The character I’d want to be like: 


he’s that good balance of chill and active i wanna be in life

The character I’d slap: 

reaper, for being an edgy fuck

A pairing that I love:

uhhh should i have to say r76?? also roadr//at and so//mbarya are v good.

A pairing that I despise:

uuuuhh idk i guess i’m not too hot on ge//ncy? i don’t despise it i’m just kinda. mm.

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Pardon my asking, but what is a menstrual cup??

Menstrual cups are a reusable type of menstrual product. Basically, it’s a little silicone cup that you insert into your vagina, it collects the blood, you take it out to rinse it, and put it back in. It actually forms a bit of suction to the cervix so it really stays in place and since it’s got a suction seal, it doesn’t leak at all! They have a much greater capacity than tampons (even really heavy tampons), so most people only need to take out their cup once or twice a day. Since they’re made with silicone, there’s no risk of TSS, and you can leave them in way longer than tampons with no worries (honestly, I once totally forgot about mine once, and I ended up leaving it in for three days, and even though you’re not supposed to do that, I didn’t have any problems).

And, best of all, they can last years without needing to be replaced. When your cycle is done you boil them for a few minutes to get them totally sanitized again, and that’s it. I’ve had mine for a couple years and the silicone isn’t wearing down at all yet!

I could honestly go on about them for hours, but I’ll leave it at that. Here’s a link to the Wikipedia article about them if you want more info: (x) And if you have any more questions about them I am always happy to talk about my experience with them!

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Cameron Crowe is a legend and I was already totally blown away by the fact that he was the one to interview harry but to hear him talk about it is absolutely incredible. We had no clear idea what he was specifically doing for months on end but I anticipated something really special coming from him and he's really delivering on all counts. The way Cameron talks about how attuned harry is and goes on about his tells you so much about the kind of impression he makes. He's going to be such a star

i was so overwhelmed by the pictures at first that i didn’t even realize cameron crowe had interviewed him and then my brain broke for about five seconds before i was like, “well who else?” (rip rob sheffield your time will come again). it has to be so amazing for him to not only be in this place where he can make the music he wants to make and be taken seriously, but to start off his career with with a rolling stone cover and a write up by cameron crowe. like harry’s probably watched almost famous (and say anything lol) a thousand times and internalized some of it, thinking about the life of a musician and how does and does not want to be seen.

i’m so pleased that cameron crowe seems to have liked him so much and be so impressed with his energy and respectfulness and his love of music because like… that dude has seen some shit. he could’ve dragged harry or mocked him or not taken him seriously–not that i think that would’ve happened to HARRY, but it’s happened to other artists in rolling stone and ruined them–but he didn’t. @hazzwatch pointed out that in ask that the article didn’t tell us much we as fans didn’t already know about harry but that there were still some amazing glimpses into how harry thinks and who he is, and i very much agree. it was more like cameron crowe telling this story about harry styles, highlighting what people generally know about him and mentioning things that might surprise or interest people who don’t know much about him and weaving all of that together with his music and what inspires him and where he is as an artist, as someone who is a young celebrity but wants to grow more as a musician because he loves it and is so excited to do it and just?? it was really beautiful to me. i hope getting to talk to cameron crowe and read what he wrote about him was a special as harry as it was for us. i think harry might have made a fan for life out of him and that’s kind of like… really, really cool.

Rules: Using only the song titles of one Artist/Band, cleverly answer the questions and then tag 20 people.

I got tagged by @tubeztheone to do this!

Artist/Band: Machine Gun Kelly (MGK ♥)

What is your gender: Her Song

How do you feel: At My Best

If you could go anywhere: Dark Side of the Moon

Favorite mode of transportation: Sail

Your best friend: Bad Muthaf*cker 

Favorite time of day: End of the Road

If your life was a TV show: Hold On

Relationship status: Bad Things (Its a love song haha)

Your fear: D3mons

Now I tag: @godsforgottendream @gabbothebee @hugs-for-thugs @kellyann-graceful-warrior @luciusmalfoyisaterriblewizard @martialartsprobs @newazatime @ninja-nerd-turd @roundhousechick @train-go @urbanbudo @vintage-poetess @wendigorunner @addicted-to-technique @cheeseykenpo @dr-grayson @thatlightsaberlesbian @manwithoutborders @fightlife527 @faeron-the-wanderer

If I tagged you, don’t feel obligated :D ♥ Just have fun with it haha :D ♥