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My top 10 favorite Skater Family images in no particular order

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Envy (Part Two)

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Loki x Reader

Part One  Part Three

“It is alright, let him out.” Thor’s voice boomed as he stomped to where Loki was locked away, watching people mill about with such boredom Thor wondered how his brother managed to keep himself slumped upright against the wall.

“Well brother what is it this time, a gift from (Y/N), words of insults reminding me how foolish I am?” To Loki’s surprise there was no retaliation, in fact all Thor did was let him out and lead him to the halls.

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A metaphor for your consideration:

Today during a press tour on the set of Supernatural, multiple reporters were SURPRISED to discover that the giant spikes in the Apocalypse World… were actually giant angel blades.

This… was stunning to me. I think everyone on my dash, from the moment we first saw those spikes, was like, OMG LOOKIT THEY’RE GIANT ANGEL BLADES!!!

Like, this is not a surprising revelation 6 months after we first saw the things, and yet, to these reporters this was legitimately a revelation.

Notice how they reacted. The found it cool, interesting, and worth talking about in a positive way.

Those reporters… are the GA. They saw the spikes. The spikes may not have registered as what they were at the time, but later when it was pointed out to them, they thought it was awesome.

Just saying.

Bts reacting to cheating on their girlfriend.


“I-i,” The man who always knew what to say was at a lost of words. “BABY I’M SO FUCKING SORRY! I-i’m such an idiot.”

He can barely make his words sound coherent with the way he was mumbling them… “If you leave me, I can understand.” 

He tears at seeing you leaving but doesn’t run after you, instead he’s beating himself up mentally wondering why he did such a thing to the one he loved the most in the world.

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He saw the distraught, anger look you had in your eyes and just bursted out into tears, “I fucked up y/n, I can admit that. Please, Please give me another chance…” 

You shook your head and stood up. He grabbed your wrist before you walked away, “I’m sorry I did this to us, to you. You can hate me all you want, just remember I will always love you and no matter what if you ever, ever need me, just call. I don’t care if I’m your last choice… I don’t want you to suffer even more.” He wiped his tears and snot all over his sweater sleeves as you shook your way out of his hold and left.

(I know I already used this but it fits well)

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God! This kids hysterical. “I’m so terribly sorry. I know this is really bad. I-i-i don’t know what to do?!” He couldn’t control himself from his waterfalls. He kept trying to grab onto air as if he was trying to speak with his hands but could make out any words. “Y/n you know this is a mistake, right?! Please don’t go…”

“Hoseok, I need some time.” You walked out the door.

“I-i-” This stuttering mess would just crawl into a ball and cry until one of the members found him on the verge of passing out from dehydration. 

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“Damn it y/n, I-i can’t explain this…” He’d ran up to you to cradle your hands in his before you ripped them out. “I’m sorry baby, God I’m so sorry…”

He tried to grab you by the shoulder but you weren’t having it. He stopped trying to grab you for your attention, instead he stood still while looking down. He started yelling apologies.

“I’M SO FUCKING SORRY IM A SCREW UP. I’M SORRY I MESSED UP THE IMAGE YOU HAD OF ME. I’M SORRY I COULDN’T- NO, CAN’T BE THE MAN YOU NEED IN YOUR LIFE. I’m sorry I let you fall in love with a-an absolute piece of shit…” He saw your silhouette walk away, “I love you y/n.”

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He looked up at you in big eyes unable to peep a word until he saw stomp to the door. He blocked the exit way with his body, “N-no!”

“Taehyung move.”

“YOU CAN’T LEAVE! I LOVE YOU! I MADE A MISTAKE… it was a mistake. I promise… a stupid… unforgivable… mistake.” He finally started crying at the realization of what he had just done hit him. “I-i’m a mistake.”


The members found him in the tub. “Uhm Jimin what are you doing?”

“I’m washing the sin off. I can’t take it. It’s destroyed my life.” It had been days later and he couldn’t face you.

“The sin?” The boys asked once again.

“The sin. THE SIN! I CAN’T LOOK AT Y/N AND SHE CAN’T LOOK AT ME! IT’S DESTORYED US! It’s destroyed my happiness…” He slowly looked up to them, “…It’s destroyed my heart.”

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“Y/N PLEASE DON’T RUN OUT THIS WAS A MISTAKE! I DIDN’T MEAN TO!” He followed right behind you as you dashed out the room.

“Ba-baby come on, what can I do? huh? Do you want me to kneel and beg for your forgiveness.” He did as he said and bowed down, breaking away from his manly imagine. “Y/n please… please dear god accept me again! What do you want me to do?”

“Just… go away…”

“I-i’m in love with you y/n l/n and nothing will ever stop me from feeling that way… Come talk to me when you’re ready…” He stayed on his knees for a while until he rolled onto his side, staring into the white wall in front of him, expressionless.

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Note to my Followers, specifically the mobile Tumblr App users. There’s a new dash filter setting affecting you.

Tumblr’s new dashboard preference “best stuff first” was rolled out recently. Unbeknownst to many, this automatically defaults to being on, and overrides the chronological order of your dash, and filters what you are seeing.

If you want to see all of our posts and continue to be inspired, please turn the setting off. Don’t let them smother our content. And pass the word on! I can only hope you are seeing this!

These settings can only be found on the app, and only affect how Tumblr works on the app. But this is how the vast majority of people access tumblr and I would assume it makes an impact.

  1. On the mobile app, click on the cog/gear and go to global settings.
  2. Select Dashboard Preferences, and in Best Stuff First  TURN THE SLIDER OFF.
Silent is the Sea | SICHENG

Genre: mermaid!au | fluff | angst

Member: Sicheng / Reader

Word Count: 6,800+

Note: a collaboration with the wonderful @tenpioca, check her version out here

Mermaids are liars. They’ll manipulate you until you brandish your hand of your own accord, happy for them to pull you under with cruel mirth.

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Patient Namjoon(Namjoon Version Smut)

Well, I know I said i wanted this to be a Dr. Namjoon smut but I’ve decided to make him the patient this go round. You’ll see why..  In my next smut which is the threesome with Namseok. This story is a special story for all of you but for four people especially. @dlcute @princess-of-luxury @xnamjoons-slutx@thegirlthatlikesasianboys

I don’t know how to warn you other than saying this is an smut that you may not want to read if you don’t like bdsm that much. It’s also AMBW. I don’t even want to tell you guys what kinks is in it. Just read it. You’ll enjoy it. Word Count: 5501

Your name: submit What is this?

Sitting at your desk with your legs propped open underneath the closed space your fingers danced across your wet clit, the soft sounds of your pussy being played with echoing throughout the quiet room. You had your lab coat bunched around your hips, sliding one finger inside of you curving and wiggling it to find your spot. Back arching a soft sigh left your lips as you felt your stomach muscles starting to clench indicating you would cum soon.

“Ms. Y/N I’m here for my appointment!” A familiar husky voiced called from the door. Jumping you pulled your hands from your wet pussy straightening up as Namjoon pushed open the cracked door and came inside.

“O-oh yes hello Namjoon please come take a seat, I’ll be right with you.” You spoke softly your cheeks flaming with heat.

“Is everything ok?” You heard him ask slowly, the mock concern in his tone made you groan inwardly. What if he found out you were fingering yourself? You would be in so much fucking trouble. Shaking your head, you straightened up faking a sneeze and quickly reaching for the tissue to wipe your fingers and your nose looking back at him.

“Oh, good heavens! I’m so sorry about this Namjoon please forgive me I have to go wash my hands and make sure you don’t get sick.” He smiled with understanding moving to sit in the chair beside you. Getting up you quickly dashed into the bathroom in the hallway washing off your fingers, scrubbing them so that he would only smell strawberries if he was to for some strange reason grab at your fingers. Smiling up at yourself you fixed your white lab button up coat, looking down to check and make sure your red pumps were intact. Hair and lipstick was straight and thankfully not sweaty. You made your way back into the room and Namjoon lifted his head to give you a bright smile his dimples showing as he drank you in.

“My my Y/N. You’re such a beautiful doctor.” He purred lightly sitting up a bit.

“Thank you Namjoon. You’re such a handsome patient. But I’m sure my fiancé wouldn’t like it if he found out you said such things or if I did so let’s keep this professional.” You smirked walking towards your desk.

“Professional. Got it!” Namjoon stretched out, his long limbs moving with him. You watched as the peak of his abs came out while his shirt rose the little teasing show causing your breath to stop momentarily, his hand swiped across your pen holder on the desk in the midst of him stretching causing him to knock it over. “Doctor! I’m so sorry.” He was going to bend down to reach it but you stopped him with your hand up.

“No need. I got this.” Bending over, you picked up the pen holder, also taking your time to pick up the pens as well. Your lab coat had rose up your legs, you knew the peak of your blue underwear were on display for him, how quiet he had gotten. You could feel him becoming stiff, you could feel that heated glare staring at your chocolate thighs and your nice round ass. You knew also that the panties you had on were a size too small showing the outline of your pussy how it would give him a clear view of it with your legs squeezed together.

“All better.” You smiled once the pens were up putting them on the desk sitting back in your black swivel chair grabbing at your dark blue notepad flipping it to a clean sheet of paper. You grabbed at a blank pen looking at Namjoon.

“So, what can I do for you today sir?” You asked him, seeing the faintest of a jaw clench you felt victory in your gut but you made no move to say anything right now.

“Well Y/N –“

“It’s Dr. Y/N.”

“Y/N” Namjoon rasped out your name and you swallowed thick nodding your head.

“Y/N it is then. Continue.”

“Do you always interrupt your patients?” Namjoon asked you. Scoffing you glared at him pinching the bridge of your nose. You clenched your teeth together before you looked up at him who was looking expectantly at you. “Well?”

“Well I was trying to let you speak. No I do not interrupt my patients usually but also my patients don’t try to test my patience.” You growled your voice rising a bit.

“Are you getting an attitude with me?” He asked his voice changing tone lightly and you shook your head.

“I’m not. Let’s start again. I am thankfully that you have come in today to see me. I just want to help you, because I’m the doctor! And whatever you need I will give it to you.” You smiled hesitantly squirming in your seat as he watched you.

“Very well then.” He rumbled out flicking his tongue across his bottom lip. “Doctor. Y/N. Lately I have been feeling a bit tired, my energy is not all the way there. Also, it seems I’m having problems having problems with my releasing process. I’m not cumming right.” He frowned patting his member.

“What do you mean not cumming right?” You asked jotting down some notes in your notepad eyeing him.

“Well, I will have an orgasm. But it’s not a lot. Maybe one or two little drops. And sometimes it’s hard for me to even get turned on or feel the need to fuck my girl. Do you think it’s me?” He asked licking on his bottom lip as he watched you.

“Well, I don’t know. Tell me how do you feel about this girl you’re seeing. You guys are engaged, right?” You asked tapping your pen on the notepad. Namjoon nodded perking up as he stared at you.

“She’s amazing! She’s the most beautiful brown kitten I’ve ever seen in my life. You know how they say that some girls are a tall glass of milk? That’s how I feel about her, except she’s chocolate milk so she’s much sweeter and it’s much better to lick on her nectar. She is so caring, charming and all around just a great blessing for me to have. I can’t keep my eyes off of her when I’m with her, and trust me whenever I see her do little things like show me skin. Whenever I go to her job and see her work I just want to pin her down on the desk and fuck her until she has bruises implanted on her hips and thighs from my fingers digging into her plumpness. And don’t even get me started about those curves that she has. Her full breast, oh and her sweet ass slapping it is the best. I mean she makes me weak doctor. Makes the monster come out of me.” He grinned playfully. Chewing on your lips, you nodded your head feeling the heat starting to rise in your face as you jotted down more notes.

“So, then maybe it is you Namjoon. Let’s give you a regular checkup and see what we can do about your hormones. If anything, one pill of Viagra will do.” You almost choked on your laughter at the glare he gave to you but your hands quickly dashed to grab your stethoscope from the drawer. Hearing something fall, you moved to look back seeing Namjoon stretching again, this time a vanilla file was thrown to the ground, some paper scattered in a pile at your feet. “Ok God of destruction.” You griped out leaning down to pick up the files. Your breast pressed together the peak of them being shown because your buttons were not buttoned that far up. Once you had everything up, you smiled at him standing up. Moving to place the stethoscope against his chest you asked him to take deep breaths. You could feel his heart beating fast, smirking you decided to fuck with him a little more. Pushing the stethoscope against his back your breast pressed against his right arm, your plump mounds resting against his toned muscled arms. He took deep breath, his face turning so that he could breathe against your breast.

“Doctor. You have smooth skin.” Namjoon purred sliding a hand up on your outer right thigh. His finger moving up dangerously close to your heat, fingers ghosting under the confines of your coat.

“I-I do indeed. Please keep your hands to yourself.” You softly whined, trying to move his hand but he was slicker. Moving his other hand upwards on the left side he managed to surprise you and reach his hand around grabbing at your ass cheek.

“Wow doctor. Your ass feels. So, fucking soft.” Namjoon squeezed at your ass cheek with his hand as your hand tried to pry his other hand away from sliding up farther.

“Well it’s not supposed to be hard, now is it?” You asked him. Namjoon chuckled pulling his hand back only to slam it down against your ass cheek causing it to jiggle as he rubbed the flesh. It surprised you and sent a jolt of pleasure dancing up your spine. Your hand stilled for a moment too long and Namjoon had you, his hands grabbing on both cheeks kneading them. His eyes looking up at you as he bit the top button close to your cleavage. A soft gasp left your lips, your hands moved to press against his shoulders. You tried to push him away with some effort but Namjoon only opened his legs wide so that he could pull you close against his body. His hand reached up from your ass cheek to grab at your panties pulling them upwards causing them to dip between your ass cheeks and press tighter against your pussy.

“You cannot t-treat a doctor like this.” You tried not to moan, your eyes were becoming hooded and your mind was becoming jumbled.

“I can when the doctor said she was going to do whatever it took to make me feel better.” He countered looking up at you as he flicked his tongue to lick up the crevices of your breast

“Yes! But doctor still needs to finish your checkup. You were concerned about your energy and parts below right? If you let me go I can help.” Your voice was failing you becoming more of a question and uncertainty when you spoke. Namjoon chucked nipping a part of your skin slapping your ass again. His middle finger sliding down your panties slowly until he was teasing your opening. Sliding his long finger inside. Without thinking you slapped his hand away from you your eyes going wide as you realized what you had just done. Namjoon froze in place, and you felt your doom coming.

“Oh no.” You mumbled softly and with a growl he was charging at you. Picking you up by your legs Namjoon threw you on the bed, he turned you around in his hold, your mind that was frozen for a split second tried to move from him crawl or do anything that would set you free. Namjoon saw your attempts but he wasn’t having any more of you denying him when he knew what you were doing before he even came inside.

Looking around your place, he grabbed at your ankle pulling you down so that he could walk towards the drawer. He kept you with a tight hold around your ankle. You whimpered slightly clawing at the sheets. You brought your leg up bending your ankle and then pushing it down making Namjoon fumble. Crawling off the bed in a quick motion you dashed towards the door with wobbly legs.

“Where the fuck are you going kitten?” Namjoon asked grabbing at a tape measure that was used for measuring your body. He ran after you catching you before you got out of the door. Shutting the door, he slammed you against it, his hands working to tie the tape measure. Once your hands were secure he picked you up over his shoulder walking backwards to the bed, he threw you on it with your face against the sheets. Letting your legs hang over the edge of it he got behind you grabbing at your hips bringing you back to rub against his growing erection.

“Mm someone is such a fucking naughty little doctor. Treating your patients like that.” He jutted out his lower lip as he ground himself against you, his dick starting to harden in his panties. “But now I get to have all the fun in the world. Because doctors cure you, don’t they?” He asked you spreading your legs wide with his. Once you didn’t answer he slammed his hand down to land against your ass raising his voice. “DON’T THEY?”

“YES!” You shouted out throwing your head back. Your legs bucked and you could feel your pussy starting to become wet from just his rough voice alone, but the grinding didn’t help anything it just made it worse.

“That’s right.. And with your sweet little pussy doctor. Daddy is going to make sure he feels cured by the time he is done with you. And look at that, my monster is ready to devour your sweet tight pussy. Or maybe I should fuck your ass and just leave you to bury your fingers back in your pussy like you were doing earlier.” He taunted. You were beyond embarrassed that he caught you, but instead of staying quiet you shook your head looking at him over your shoulder.

“Keep dreaming. You’re a patient who needed the doctors help. I bet you can’t even make me cum.” You smirked wiggling your ass against his bulge. Namjoon gripped at your hips, stopping all movements he slowly pushed up your lab coat to bunch around your waist, he leaned forward dark eyes baring into your own unsure ones.

“I bet I do make you cum.” He spoke in a low tone, pressing his forehead against yours. “I bet I make you cum a lot actually. You’re going to cum so much you’ll be crying for me to stop and I won’t. I’ll only keep pushing you to your limit doctor.”

All hope that you had of getting free or redemption went out the window with that phrase. Namjoon chuckled sadistically pulling away from you he walked from the bed. “Don’t move doctor. We wouldn’t need to prescribe you pain killers, now would we?” The threat that he made to you cause you to bury your face into the sheets staying perfectly still or as still as you could. But after sometime of him not coming back, you peeked up through your hair. Namjoon was treading back towards you with a multitude of things in his hand. Your stomach clenched at the mere thought of what he was going to do to you. He bit his bottom lip placing the toys down beside you coming to stand back behind you.

“I didn’t know doctors kept such things at work. But then again, you’re such a little slut are you Y/N? My little slut.” Namjoon grabbed at a brown paddle that had the words ‘obey’ carved into the front of it. He rubbed it across your chocolate cheeks softly dancing his fingers across your skin. “Peaches and cream, sweeter than sweet, chocolate cheeks and chocolate wings.” Namjoon sung the part out before slamming the paddle down against both of your ass cheeks. Pain shot through your back causing you to yelp out loud, your hands fisting up as you rested against the bed. “Oh look at how red you are.” He commented running his finger softly across your heated skin. Smirking he pulled the paddle back to smack against your ass again the pain making your eyes brim slightly with tears. Your legs shook, the heels becoming wobbly against the floor. Namjoon frowned playfully squatting down he flicked his tongue repeatedly against your heated flesh. “Does it hurt doctor?” He teased biting gently on the space under your ass cheeks. Dropping the paddle, he licked up and down your panties, his index finger finding your clit. He rubbed his finger against the spot watching as your whole body shook with desire. He hummed kissing at your ass cheeks. He pulled his finger back standing up he grabbed at the paddle, moving it to hit just across your ass cheeks. Giving you a round of five smacks that sounded off in the quiet room but your whimpers broke free. “Come on doctor we wouldn’t want your other patients outside to hear you nor the receptionist.”

He moved to your left ass cheek repeating the same process, dropping the paddle on the bed he gripped at your panties that were soaking wet, pulling them down he pressed a long kiss against your pussy. Sliding you out of them and your heels. He placed your feet back on the floor before tapping your ass. “Up on your tiptoes and hold it.” He quietly ordered and you obeyed. Pushing yourself up, your ass was stinging the tears that started to escape your eyes were finding little puddles along the bed sheets but you loved it, the pain was simply amazing though in the time it hurt. You loved it when he was rough with you reminding who was in charge here despite titles. Namjoon used his index fingers to open your wet pussy lips looking at the wetness before him. He puckered his lips blowing air against your slit causing you to whine for him. Your hands tugging to break free but it was no use you were stuck there. Namjoon leaned forward pressing his tongue flat against your slit he licked upwards until he was licking against your asshole and he pulled back to start the process again. Long slow kitten like licks against your slit that would frustrate you to no end because he wasn’t doing anything more. Finally, he pressed his tongue against your clit flicking it rapidly. Enclosing his mouth around the bud he gave a few sucks to your clit, tongue dancing against it while you became a wrecked mess above him. Once he was satisfied he pulled his mouth back pressing two fingers against your entrance. Sliding his fingers inside of you slowly he groaned at your tightness around his fingers the warm walls taking him in fully. He used his free hand to palm himself through his pants letting his fingers stay in place he kept them there until you were clenching them around his digits taking that as a sign to continue. He pulled his fingers out together only to thrust them back into you at a slow pace. Over and over he kept them straight not giving you the satisfaction of having him curl them for you and find your spot.

“Fuck yourself on my fingers.” He told you, not replying to him, Namjoon nodded his head growling. He stood up pulling at your hair roughly his elbow of the same hand pressing against your middle back as he bit harshly on your ear. “Either you fuck yourself on my fingers. I’m talking about bouncing this tight pussy and fucking yourself for me or I will leave you here and I won’t fucking untie you. Take your pick now then, either you’re going to behave as my little slut and get fucked nice and deep or you going to stay here while I go find another doctor that will.” Of course, that was like a slap in your face. Glaring at him you nodded your head you started to push your hips down trying to ride his fingers. Namjoon released his grip a little so that you could move your body more. Eyes drifting shut he tugged harder on your hair. “Keep those pretty brown eyes open baby girl. I’m not through looking in them.” Moaning softly, you kept your eyes on him pushing back on his fingers. Your body moving up and down the bed, nipples rubbing against the lab coat that you had on. “Faster.” Namjoon commanded and you did so pushing your hips down on his fingers as more moans slipped past your lips from how it felt to have him fingering you. “Fuck, look at those nice plump ass cheeks bouncing for me. I can hear how wet your greedy pussy is taking me in. Just imagine the sound it’s going to make when my dick is shoved inside of you.” Your pussy gushed with more juices causing Namjoon to laugh as he leaned down and bit into the left side of your hip. “You feel so good, and you’re getting wet. The little kitten likes my dirty talking.” He smirked pulling his fingers back from you slowly. He brought them to his mouth while looking at you, sucking your essence of his fingers with dramatic licks and slurping noises. He reached down to grab at a rotating dildo aligning it with your entrance. He pushed the toy inside of you turning switch onto the lowest setting. The toy started to move inside of you thrusting in and out of your walls. Head rolling forward in his hold you let his name fall of your lips. Namjoon pulled back to let your head fall forward, moving to grab at the spreader bar he locked your feet in place so that even if you tried to close your legs it would be difficult for you.

He grabbed at his paddle, starting to hit your ass once again he relished in how good it sounded for you to cry out for him. He put the paddle down as he helped the toy thrust in and out of you, turning the setting up he moved to grab at a purple bullet pressing it against your asshole. He watched it pucker up as he played with it, leaning forward he licked around your hole slowly moaning against it he pushed his tongue inside of your asshole.

“Namjoon- I’m.” Your words were short, hips thrusting back against the toy to fill more of the force of it thrusting inside of you, your words were failing you. Your eyes drifted shut and felt your stomach tighten up wanting to feel your release you kept jerking your hips downwards fucking the toy. Namjoon just hummed against you, switching the angle of the toy to press it against your spot. In a few minutes, you were cumming on the toy your hips jerking from the pleasure. Namjoon kept thrusting the toy inside of you not letting it against your spot repeatedly. He moved the bullet to press it against your clit earning a loud shout of protest from you. “Please Namjoon.” You begged gently but he wasn’t hearing it, both hands moving the toys against your clit and soaked pussy you were feeling overstimulated. Namjoon didn’t care though, it was your punishment and you were going to have to take it. Moving back from your ass he licked it again, smirking as another wave hit your body, how you crumpled and deflated against the bed he let you ride out your orgasm again and moved it from your clit sucking your essence off it. He put it down on the bed moving to grab at a row of anal beads circling them around your entrance. He slowly pushed the beads inside of you one by one each one getting bigger until he had all of them buried inside of you. He moved back watching the masterpiece in front of him. He pulled the dildo from your clit licking and sucking it clean throwing it beside you he bent down to grab at your hips turning you over to lay on your back smiling down at you. He lifted your legs upwards and placed your feet on the bed. His hands spread your legs wide pressing them down against the mattress, grabbing at a smaller vibrator he taped it against your clit turning it on max settings from the get go. Moving back, he slowly stripped himself of his shirt and his pants keeping on his boxers. He gripped at your lab coat unbuttoning it until it was open moving you to push it off of your body his hands gripped at your breast. Playing with them he jiggled them and slapped them a couple of times. Moving back, he gripped at a riding crop striking it against your stomach. He watched as the skin turned red, moving to slap it against your pussy it hit the end of the beads causing you to feel them push deeper. Back arching off of the bed you bucked your hips upwards. Namjoon grinned pressing the riding crop against your nipples he started to hit against each one of them seeing how your nipples puckered up and became hard for him. He licked his lips leaning down to enclose his lips around your pert nipples sucking on them. Letting his tongue paint your skin with his spit. A wicked flash across his features as your body tensed up and your third orgasm sucked through your body. He licked a trail over to your other breast circling his tongue around your nipples slowly biting into the flesh. Once he pulled back he put the riding crop down getting in between your legs he licked up to the toy and back down shoving his tongue inside of your wet pussy. He slurped at you shaking his head side to side curving and thrusting his tongue to taste all of you.

It was starting to hurt, the overstimulation and cumming. Your eyes were brimming with tears once again as mixed feelings swam through your body. He held your hips down not letting you move while he ate you out. Body twisting and shaking your orgasm was taking longer to build up due to the fact that you had cum already three times and he was trying to make it a forth. He curved his tongue to roll against your spot picking up the speed of his tongue to make it vibrate against your spot. He let his tongue stay in that place watching as you shifted your hips and arched harder of the bed head rolling back and cries of pleasure escaping your lips. Your voice broke, heart beating erratically as another wave of pleasure slammed into your body.

“PLEASE NAMJOON! I’M SORRY!” You knew what it was about. Telling him no. And you regretted it. Namjoon pulled back from you after he sucked up your cum and kissed at your parted thighs.

“Sorry can’t fix everything.” He reminded you as he freed his dick from the confines of his boxers. Crawling on the bed he moved until he was straddling your chest, not sitting on you he let his knees dig into the mattress. One hand gripping at your hair and the other on the bed he tilted his head. “No will I have to make you use your pretty little mouth?” He asked letting his dick tap against your bottom lip the tip smearing precum against them. Shaking your head, you opened your mouth slowly for him letting your tongue roll against the head of his heated shaft. Moaning lowly, he lurched his hips forward burying his dick inside of your mouth. He thrust his hips forward, letting his balls smack your chin every time he entered into your mouth. His head rolling back, he moaned lowly enjoying the feel of your wet tongue sliding up and down against his hardened flesh. He moved to let his hand pinch at your nose instead cutting your air off he slammed his dick faster going as deep into your throat as he could. He watched you not letting you or letting you breathe. When your eyes started to get low he slid his dick into your mouth holding it at the back of your throat feeling you squeeze around him. Enjoying the sensation, he repeated it three slow times, you could feel your oxygen leave your body and the light-headed feeling was creeping up your bones until your vision was blacking out.

Namjoon released you, your ears popping as he pulled back to let you breathe before you passed out. You coughed and joked, not seeing much but tiny little bursts of color. Namjoon growled at the sight before him, his hand fisting his dick he stroked his large member until he was releasing his cum over your face. Against your lips and over your forehead and cheeks trying to avoid getting it into your eyes. His thick ropes painted your face white with his cum. Namjoon picked you up, moving to lay on the bed he spread his legs wide pressing you down against him. You were coming around once again looking around you growled slightly.

“You expect me to ride your dick with cum on my face?” You asked and nodded his head picking you up by your hips. His still erected dick was pressing at your entrance.

“I could always go back to the toys.” He mused out. Without hesitation, you were pushing your hips down burying him deep inside of you. Head rolling forward you slammed yourself down onto him. Not taking the pace slow because who were you kidding you liked to have him buried deep inside of you. Hips snapping down against his as he thrust up into you, your walls tightened around his shaft feeling the sting of him stretching out your pussy. Your groans and pants could be heard out of the room, the air turning thicker the heat radiating off of both of your bodies together. Namjoon felt his balls tightening up because he needed release, looking down at your plump cheeks that jiggled every time his hips met your ass he was a wreck full of lust and need the words from the paddle showing up faintly on your skin that was still bright and agitated. Namjoon gripped at your hips slamming you down more than letting you take the pace at your own speed. Your bound hands behind your back rested against his lower stomach as you wound your hips down against him. He shifted his hips ever so slightly pulling all the way out only to slam you down on his shaft. You were crying out his name, your voice breaking and becoming softer from how hoarse you were. Namjoon breathlessly chuckled, watching as you lost yourself for him his hand moving to slowly pull the beads from you one by one until none were left. You didn’t even need to touch yourself he was ruining you just fine by fucking you. Your breast bounced harshly from the impact of his hips against your ass the soreness of the paddle coming back.

“Daddy may I cum please?” You asked softly and Namjoon hummed in approval not speaking because he himself was on the verge of releasing.

Once he gave you the permission you nodded your head letting your orgasm consume you. Not even having the strength to yell you released a quiet whimper as your stomach clenched, your pussy throbbing as you released once more for him.

“Y/N.. Shit.” Namjoon groaned as he held you down cumming inside of your sore pussy. He rolled his hips gently, the cum sliding down from your entrance. Namjoon pulled you back to him, his arm wrapping around your waist as he kissed up your skin tiredly. The moment was quiet, both of your heart rates going back down to normal. Smiling at yourself you were proud that everything turned out well until the door pushed open.

“Well well. It seems neither of you could have waited for me.” Hoseok accused crossing his hands over his chest as he watched you both.

“It was Namjoon’s fault.” You immediately blurted feeling your insides drop.

“Oh really?” Namjoon questioned pushing his dick deep inside of you causing you to moan out and nod your head. “You little slut.” Namjoon growled pulling out of you. You wiggled trying to get free, and Namjoon got off the bed going to wipe himself clean. Once he was done he stood by Hoseok who looked down at you a disapproving frown etched on his features.

“We will think about your punishment.”

“What do you mean we! He fucked me!” You cried out in protest.

“You touched yourself first. That’s your punishment. Not that he fucked you, we both expected that. But you know the rules about self-pleasure around here.” Hoseok turned to walk away with Namjoon winking at you following him.

“At least untie me! Please daddy.” You pouted jutting out your lower lip. Namjoon looked up at Hoseok and he looked at you.

“No. You have been a bad girl, you need to stay there and think about what you’ve done princess.” And like that you were left alone in the middle of the bed, your fate lying in the hands of two very dominate men.


Okay, so thanks to @beanpots‘s Day and Night AU, I had this moment a few months ago where I was scrolling through my dash, found a really pretty picture, and had this exact train of thought:
“oh, wow, these look really nice, and look, is that a furisode? and it’s sparkly and oooh, fairy lights could work really well with that cape… OH NO YOU DON’T, you have at least 10 projects on your list and you haven’t started any of them!“

So of course I went and asked beanpots a ton of questions then went on fabric-hunting and a month ago, I started putting the project together.
Yesterday night, I hemmed both layers of the skirt (I finished by 01:45, it was totally worth it!), and this morning, I finished the collar of the juban - now everything except the cape is done! (At least sewing-wise, I’m still waiting for “some” beads and the fairly lights to arrive.)

It takes 30 minutes to put this thing on alone - and I can’t even do it correctly, because I can’t fold the sides up neatly. Luckly, I have a friend who agreed to cosplay Day!Viktor with me and help me dressing up. Otherwise, I have to do this thing with the sleeves that Chihiro does, because they are in the way:

rescxeme  asked:

I'm so happy i found you omgg I live for tae x everyone it's just so cute and lovely and ahdkandi i'm so happy i finallt found a blog about it cause i need it and seeing it on my dash is curing my soul Also do you maybe have some tae x everyone fics you recomend? I don't know how to search for them and i really want some cute tae x everyone feels YOu're blog is reallyyy great i love it so much

thank you!! asdfgh i’m so glad so many people love tae x everyone as much as i do!! there are a few tae x everyone fics (no where near enough imo but let’s be happy with what we have) it’s kinda tricky to find them sometimes especially if they aren’t tagged properly but i know a few!! a few are super cute but most of them are pretty smutty so i hope that’s okay, i want to include them all! (if anyone else has suggestions feel free to let me know these are only the ones i’ve read)


chong! jojun! balsa! (point! aim! shoot!) by nutaella (this one is technically taekook but everyone loves tae and it’s so cute!! college au, texting fic, taegi are brothers and tae is the youngest. currently one of my faves! incomplete and i look forward to every update!)  

21st Century by  Darldarling (another college au with shy tae! very cute! teen complete)

A Little Back Pain by  puddlesofme (idol verse, tae hurts his back and everyone cares for him, really cute. general, complete) 

Cheer Up, Baby by foreheadhobi (arecipeforfeels) (bts cheer tae up when he’s sad aka tae gets the love he deserves, idol verse, incomplete 6/7 chapters, teen)

12 Days of Taehyung Christmas by SidneyFireBlood (incomplete and hasn’t been updated in a while, idol verse, very short but cute one shot chapters. teen)

The Taehyung Effect byIndigofingers (only one chapter and it’s dialogue only but pretty cute! idol verse, general) 


Attention by btstrashlmao_dabs_1 (not the most well written imo, bottom taexeveryone, pwp, idol verse, complete, explicit)

Butterfly by TheHalesNyx (historical au, tae is a prostitute (but like a rich prostitute, there’s no angst) and bts are his clients nice nice nice, pwp, bottom tae, complete, explicit) 

Six To One by miyukitsune (non idol au, pwp, bottom taexeveryone, the rest of bts have different jobs (teachers, doctors etc), incest (taejin are brothers), daddy kink, sir kink, little bit of slut shaming but overall very enjoyable, complete, explicit) 

i feel divine bygardeniahs (love this one! tae strips for the rest of bts :)))) daddy kink, slight smut but nothing too explicit, not rated (but i’d say maybe mature?) complete, very short (under 1k))   

Online shopping by hyunmin (this one hasn’t updated in a while and i want to cry it was so promising :’((( so far tae asks the rest of bts what lingerie he should buy, mature (no actual smut yet), incomplete (only 1 chap but i pray) i’ve been promised tae in cute clothes pls author, deliver) 

TaeKitty by Markisum (this one hasn’t updated in almost a year, it’s not the most well written but it’s super cute, hybrid tae adopted by bts, incomplete, not rated (and no smut yet)) 

Sharing is caring by an orphan account (everyone (except jimin :’^)) x tae, hobi and tae are a couple but everyone (except jimin :’^))) fucks tae, pwp, idol verse, complete, explicit, very good~) 

If your heart was full of love (could you give it up?) byDoeeyedmisfit (I love this one so much!! it’s incomplete and i honestly i can’t wait for the rest!! again this is technically taekook but it’s tagged taexeveryone and i’m excited to see what the author does with that! jk is a mafia leader and bts are his gang and tae is a nurse they kidnapped, be sure to read the tags, there’s mentions of suicide, domestic violence, noncon etc!! mature)

Solo Play (Tae/everyone) by buttwad (this is the only fic on this list aisianfanfic, the rest are on ao3, this one is part of a series of one shots of involving bottom tae and the rest of bts and this one in particular is about tae and everyone and it’s hella good, the whole series is great, seeing as it’s one shots idk if you could say it’s complete but it looks like the author might want to write more but i’m not sure, pwp, mature)

a little less sixteen candles, a little more touch me byteakookies (yooo this one is iconic in terms of taexeveryone fics it’s amazing, college au, vminkook are being initiated to the bts’ frat and tae suggests as the initiation they all fuck him :)))) pwp, gangbang, daddy kink etc, be sure to read the tags i’m not going to list it all out here, complete, explicit) 

All Tae’d Up [REQUESTS] bybwikoooks, miyukitsune (this one is a series of oneshots involving tae and the other members but it’s super good and i always look forward to the updates, pwp, a lot of kinks read the tags, still updating, explicit)  


50 YEARS AGO TODAY - The world learned the news of Brian Epstein’s untimely death. Epstein was found dead in his bed at his Chapel Street flat in London, on August 27, 1967. An inquest found the cause of death to be accidental, resulting from ‘incautious self-overdoses’ of the sleep-aid Carbrital, and alcohol. He was just 32 years old.

‘The next day, I went back to Chapel Street and there were rows of flowers that people had left. I gathered some of them to take them inside. On the top step somebody had left five red carnations beautifully placed in a row, with a piece of paper torn from a notebook saying simply, ‘We loved you, too.’ That finished me. I took them indoors, dashed into the bathroom and cried my eyes out like a young child. After a few minutes I felt better and I put the flowers in water and placed them on a table with the note beside them. I sat and thought for a while. My friend and my boss is dead. I knew that no one could replace him, either as a friend or as manager of the Beatles.’ - Alistair Taylor

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💌 : I want to join your Inner Circle.

💐 : I may have a 500-year crush on you.

🖤 : You’re shy like Azriel, but I really like you.

😚 : We have a great friendship just like Lucien and Feyre.

 💙 : It’s more than love. We’re mates.

Why I ship Sangwoo/Bum

It was a couple months ago when I first found out about Killing Stalking since it was all over my dash back then. It didn’t take me long to find out what it is and what it’s about; a Korean BL manhwa in which the main character stalks his crush just to find out his crush is actually a serial killer and then ends up in his basement.
And I just thought “Wtf?! Why is this so damn popular? Do the fans actually ship the main characters? Are you supposed to ship them?? That is crazy!” But ofc, you can’t judge smth like this until you actually read it yourself - so I did.
At first, I was all for Bum saving himself smh but as kept reading, I eventually realized that Bum is just as messed up as Sangwoo - not in the same way but still messed up. They’re both crazy. They are made for each other.
Think about it, is there anyone other than Sangwoo who could actually handle being with Bum? I doubt it. Is there anyone other than Bum who would actually want to be with the real Sangwoo? Definitely not.

As far as both their “love lives” go, prior to chapter one, I daresay they were basically repeating the same pattern over and over again. For Bum, it meant falling in love with someone - or rather getting obsessed with someone - just to end up being hated by them. For Sangwoo, it meant dating(?) girls and then eventually bringing them to his house where he would fuck and then kill them (and possibly torture them in between).
Both of these patterns find an end when Sangwoo and Bum… well… find each other. For the first time, Bum is obsessed with someone who doesn’t actually repay his love with hatred. I guess, at first, he is a nuisance to Sangwoo, then he is kind of a pet but right now, he is his partner in crime. As much as Bum might annoy him at times, Sangwoo doesn’t dislike having his attention and love.
As for Sangwoo, I think Bum is the first person he tried to torture and kill who hasn’t really resisted him. Bum has been mostly meek and obedient. Not to mention that Bum still loves Sangwoo despite everything he has done to him. I’m pretty sure none of Sangwoo’s other victims were like that.
Basically, no sane person would be with Bum - cuz his obsessive nature turns them off - just like no one in their right mind would want to be with Sangwoo - cuz he always tries to murder them. So in a sense, they found their perfect match in each other cuz Sangwoo doesn’t mind Bum’s obsession with him and Bum could stand the abuse and the murder attempts Sangwoo put him through and still love him. (Goodness, this is so fucked up. I love it though.) This is something that I think gets more and more evident as the story progresses. And it’s the main reason I actually ship this pariring.

Other things about this relationship that I love are Bum’s (more or less) unwavering love for Sangwoo and the fact that Sangwoo only shows his real self when he is with Bum. The first one is self-explanatory I guess; Bum loves Sangwoo no matter what. Literally, no matter what.
And Sangwoo, who lives a double life, was alone up until now. He pretends to be this perfect, charming guy as soon as he steps out of the house when in reality he is, well, fucking crazy. The only people he would show his true self to were his victims right before he killed them. But now - that he has someone in his life who loves him even though he’s a psycho - there is at least that one person who he can be himself around.

These things are considered romantic in normal ships, but I honestly find them endearing in this pairing, too.

Just to be clear, I can’t and don’t speak for any other shippers, these are just my reasons for shipping Sangbum. And I don’t expect or want to make anyone ship Sangbum with this. I just needed to get this out of my system.

My Sassenach - Chapter 10

Hello my lovelies! While scrolling through my dash the other day, i came across a gif-set of this interview and it got me thinking. It’s been an age since I posted any fic, so I decided it was just about time.

As always all my other J/C and S/C fics can be found here.

Love at First Sight Isn’t Real

Did she believe in love at first sight? No, of course not. How could she? Such a ridiculous notion. How could one meet a perfect stranger and just instantly love them. Love. Real love? Lust, yes. That answer felt comfortable to her. Safe. True. Obtainable. She had felt instant lust for several people in her life. Sometimes she had acted on it. Other times not. But Love? No, love at first sight didn’t exist.

Except it did.

And now she knew it. Love at first sight snuck up on you. It crept on silent feet, sidelong, so as to prevent you from seeing it coming. It didn’t tap you on the shoulder or whisper in your ear. It didn’t ease you into the idea, giving you time to let it settle and find it’s home. It overtook you in an instant. A literal instant. It consumed you, besieged you until you were inundated with emotions so powerful, so real that you couldn’t even take air into your lungs. The ability to breathe, to think, to respond simply stopped. You were left with only love. Overwhelming, uncontrollable, insistent love. It could be denied. It could. But not for long. She had denied it, when it swept into her life like a tsunami, washing away all the order and organization and control she had spent more than a decade perfecting.

Her life was just how she had meant it to be. The early days were terrifying, stepping off an abyss into a career she hadn’t anticipated, traveling the world in a way she had always wanted but never expected. It wasn’t always an easy life, or a calm one and true, she had experienced setbacks. Money that should have come but didn’t, causing legal pursuits that went nowhere. Relationships that should have progressed but ended instead. She’d had the overall instability of a nomadic existence and it had suited her. She’d had ups and downs, imperfections and messiness, but it all fit within the confines of her expectations. She had found success, had developed a life and a circle of friends so tight that she would never be alone, never without support. Truly, life was good. Even the terrifying and risky change of careers at an age that any expert would tell you was not ideal seemed to fit. It worked. It may have caused temporary unsettled feelings, but it all meshed within the scheme of her controlled and ordered, beautiful and rather exotic existence.

So when she was asked, during a silly game, for another round of promotion whether or not she believed in love at first sight, she panicked. She was well practiced at covering panic, or any other emotion for that matter. As a model there was no room for ‘Caitriona’ on the runway, only sass and sex and skin. That’s what she was paid for and that’s what she had learned to provide. Mastered, really. It was serving her well in this newfound form of fame. She was adept at being ‘Cait’. Just as she had learned what she needed to project on the runway, so she was learning what she had to give as an actress, always laughing, joking, answering endless inane questions on repeat and deflecting those that veered too close, with a grace and charm that she was finally old enough to admit came naturally to her. She was made for this. So why did she panic?

The question had caught her off guard, is all. She didn’t want to think about it. It wasn’t panic. It was the fact that true love was a romantic fairy tale that didn’t exist.

Except it did.

And Sam was sitting right next to her, warm and real, smelling like love and sex and contentment. She’d read all the descriptions on-line about what Sam smelled like. Woods, musk, sweat, spice, pine, man. Women went on at length about his smell and what cologne he wore and fantasized about what they would do if they ever got the chance to smell him. She would love to be incensed by that, offended by a sense of female propriety that disdained throwing herself at a man, or objectifying him in that way, except that she had smelled him for the first time, too. She remembered that smell. Creeping through the air, ghosting through her nostrils, into her lungs, dispersing through her respiratory system, traveling through her blood into every cell in her body, changing her DNA, modifying her code, and reprogramming her brain. His scent was insistent. It demanded acknowledgement. Caitriona was unable to describe it in terms of individual smells, though. It wasn’t ‘woodsy’ or ‘spicy’ or ‘athletic’. He smelled like security, comfort, companionship, strength.  To her, Sam smelled like forever. Maybe it was that early infatuation with how good he smelled that confused her and made her think love at first sight existed. Maybe that’s why she panicked. She was asked, and he was there, insistent, demanding acknowledgement. But he’d been joking, right? Playing along for the cameras. How silly. Love at first sight wasn’t real.

Except it was.

Sam had leaned in to her, playfully gazing at her like a puppy in love. Only she could see right into he eyes, those endless pools of blue, deep and fathomless, full of mystery and energy. So much energy. She’d never met anyone with such an endless supply of enthusiastic energy. He was like a bloody Energizer Bunny. He kept going and going and going. Sometimes it annoyed her, like at 5am when he was up for the blasted gym and all she wanted to do was curl into him and sink deeper into the quilts. Most of the time, it amazed her. It inspired her. She was motivated and hardworking, but she was nothing compared to the human tornado that was Sam. He ripped through life, absorbing it’s essence, taking in every experience, always learning from them and then finding a reason to give, everywhere, to everyone. It’s like he had so much inside of him that he had to keep giving things away so he didn’t explode or combust. He gave everything, except that part of him that was secret, guarded, hidden away from everyone, even his closest friends.

How had she come to know about that part of him? She told herself that she saw it in those eyes, that she’d read it when he looked deep into her own endless blue pools, but that wasn’t quite right. True, he had the ability to look deeply into everyone he met, not that he always chose to do so, but she was pretty sure that not everyone who got seared by his gaze saw what she saw. Anyway, it was more like she absorbed it, rather than saw it. She didn’t see his soul, she simply knew it. She couldn’t explain it, but it was a part of her, as soon as she became aware of its existence. Like there was a void in her that she’d never even paid attention to. It didn’t hurt; she wasn’t searching for a way to fill it. In fact, she’d never even noticed it until one day, one instant it was filled and she had a sure knowledge that she had always been waiting for it to be filled – that with this completion deep within herself, she would never be the same, and it could never be undone. If she ever tried to explain this, even to her dearest friends, they would laugh and pretend to gag at the sappiness of the description, just as she would if one of them tried to tell her the same. She was far too sophisticated to believe that souls, if they even existed, could connect like that, in some crazy, instantaneous love bond. That wasn’t possible.

Except it was.

She’d kissed him, already knowing. She’d actually had her eyes open. She watched his lips, full and soft, parted ever so slightly, pause just a breath away from her own, his fugitive tongue flicking out ever so briefly over his bottom lip. Was it a nervous response? No matter, she found it endearing and erotic and she wanted more than just a flicker of that tongue. As heat started to spark and shimmer inside her, he touched her and his lips were as delicious as they looked. She’d been mad to find out how he tasted. Oh, how he tasted. Sweet and rich, warm sunshine and the sharp tang of, what? Vinegar, citrus? He was mellow and spicy with just enough salt to bloom the flavors. He tasted like nothing on earth she had ever experienced, and she could kiss him, taste him, his lips, his skin, is essence every day and never tire of it. To her, Sam tasted like forever.  The kiss was slow and so sweet. Not tentative, but methodical, searching, seeking, learning. The heat that flashed and sizzled followed the new pathways in her body, the ones that had been forged when she had first smelled him and been forever altered.

She was hot and dizzy, her brain a jumble of muzzy half thoughts when Sam had stopped kissing her, moving to nuzzle her neck, just beyond her jawbone, and whispered her name, 'Caitriona’, with such raw sexual urgency that every nerve in her body exploded and she felt her legs literally go weak. But that was just lust, right? The fact that his scent and taste and touch seared her and erased the memory of any other person from her life just meant lust – didn’t it?

It was a stupid question. It was a stupid game. Sam loved those stupid games. He loved to smirk and flirt and be naughty, knowing that it would get everyone and their Aunt Fanny riled up, which did nothing but benefit the show. He loved acting just a little bit too familiar with her, knowing that it’s what everyone would be talking about as soon as the interview aired. But acting – that was the key word, wasn’t it? Sam was just acting. She was just acting.

Except they weren’t.

Caitriona had learned on that day when Sam blew into her life with destructive, bruising, tempestuous force that everything was changed. That the moment she saw him, smelled him, tasted him, felt him, she was uncontrollably and irreversibly in love. Just like that. Almost like love at first sight.


Caitriona sighed and dried her hands before leaving the ladies room. She was flustered and prickly. She was in danger of picking a fight with Sam, over nothing, simply to justify her irritable feelings. Things like this never flustered him. It was so annoying! She walked passed him towards the exit without looking at him and he jogged to catch up. He stopped her with a hand at the small of her back. She turned, brows furrowed, ready to bite, but the look on his face stopped her from lashing out. He didn’t say anything, merely opened his arms and enveloped her. His hands, his beautiful, graceful hands smoothed her hair, caressed her back, and she sighed, allowing herself to sink into the comfortable security of his embrace.

He didn’t ask. He already knew. He simply held her, and whispered into her ear, “Caitriona, don’t worry. It’s not theirs. It never will be. Even if they know, even if a hundred articles are written and the paps follow us for pictures, it will never be theirs. They can never really know. Call it love, call it lust, don’t call it anything, it’s doesn’t matter. Whether you believe in it or not, whether you acknowledge it or not, it’s real. One day, your heart will drown out your brain, and you’ll stop torturing yourself. This is love at first sight. This is forever.  In the meantime, I’m here and I love you. What you said back there is right; love does take time to grow and develop. But it doesn’t take time to exist. It existed the second I met you. Neither of us could have stopped it. Now we grow it. We nurture it. We spend the rest of our lives feeding it and then reaping the harvest.”

Caitriona hugged him closer, burying her face in the forever of his scent and his taste and his feel. Love at first sight did exist. It was real. She could never answer the whys. Why it happened to her. Why she got to have this man, in this life. Why she got to know him so completely and be known by him in the same way. Maybe one day she could be as carefree and unquestioning as Sam, but for now she would give him all her worries and he would carry them – for as long as she needed. And when she finally got to that place where forever didn’t terrify her, and love at first sight could exist without justification, he would be there, and he would still love her. And that, she knew, was what love at first sight really was. It was love forever.

So I KNOW these are out of fashion and nobody does them anymore and blah blah blah BUT the end of summer is upon us and I hit 6k a few days ago so I thought why not :-) Thank you so much to everyone who follows my dumb blog, but a thank you has to go out to the people who make my dash such a great place! Y’all make the drama on this hellsite worth it!

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please like and/or reblog this if you’re a fishblr who is supportive of the lgbt+ community. the reason I’m asking for that specifically is that I’ve followed a few blogs only to later found out they were homophobic/transphobic and it made me very uncomfortable. fish are my special interest and I want to be able to see photos of them and read about them without worrying that something that makes me feel uncomfortable or unsafe might show up on my dash.
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I was in the winter of my life- and the men I met along the road were my only summer. At night I fell sleep with vision of myself dancing and laughing and crying with them. Three year down the line of being on an endless world tour and memories of them were the only things that sustained me, and my only real happy times. I was a singer, not very popular one, who once has dreams of becoming a beautiful poet- but upon an unfortunate series of events saw those dreams dashed and divided like million stars in the night sky that I wished on over and over again- sparkling and broken. But I really didn’t mind because I knew that it takes getting everything you ever wanted and then losing it to know what true freedom is.
When the people I used to know found out what I had been doing, how I had been living- they asked me why. But there’s no use in talking to people who have a home, they have no idea what its like to seek safety in other people, for home to be wherever you lied you head.
I was always an unusual girl, my mother told me that I had a chameleon soul. No moral compass pointing me due north, no fixed personality. Just an inner indecisiviness that was as wide as wavering as the ocean. And if I said that I didn’t plan for it to turn out this way I’d be lying- because I was born to be the other woman. I belonged to no one- who belonged to everyone, who had nothing- who wanted everything with a fire for every experience and an obssesion for freedom that terrified me to the point that I couldn’t even talk about- and pushed me to a nomadic point of madness that both dazzlez and dizzied me.
Every night I used to pray that I’d find my people- and finally I did- on the open road. We have nothing to lose, nothing to gain, nothing we desired anymore- except to make our lives into a work of art.
I believe in the country America used to be. I belive in the person I want to become, I believe in the freedom of the open road. And my motto is the same as ever- *I believe in the kindness of strangers. And when I’m at war with myself- I Ride. I Just Ride.*
Who are you? Are you in touch with all your darkest fantasies?
Have you created a life for yourself where you’re free to experience them?
I Have.
I Am Fucking Crazy. But I Am Free.
—  Lana Del Rey

kuroken; kenma seeks comfort in his best friend.

Kuroo’s mother lets him in. Kenma nods to her, removing his shoes and placing them in an empty space in the genkan. He heads up the stairs with a familiar ease, socked feet barely making a sound as he turns into the first room on the left.

Kuroo is sprawled across his bed, laptop balanced on his long legs stretched out in front of him. He’s wearing the dumb cat-themed sweater Kenma gave him as a joke one birthday and his glasses. He looks up when Kenma enters.

“Hey,” Kuroo says. “What’s up?”

Kenma shrugs. He knows Kuroo is watching him with those sharp eyes, picking up all the little clues in the way his toes wiggle in his Pokemon socks, the way his gaze flits to the floor, the way his fingers fiddle with the hem of his jacket. Kenma takes in a breath and tries, anyway. “Are you—Can I. Keep you company.”

“Sure. Come here.”

Kenma does, crawling onto Kuroo’s bed without hesitation. The older boy makes room for him, shuffling over with laptop in tow, unplugging the charger and tossing it onto the floor so it doesn’t strangle them both. He lifts his arm, and Kenma curls up into Kuroo’s side, tilting his head into the curve of his best friend’s shoulder. Fingers find their way into his hair, then a familiar stroking rhythm begins, and Kenma feels the tightness in his chest loosen just a bit.

“What are you working on?” he asks quietly. He left his phone on his desk when he made a dash for Kuroo’s house. He busies his hands with the zipper of his jacket.

“Ah, just doing some extra research. I was finishing my essay but got distracted by this paper I found…”

Kenma doesn’t understand and doesn’t really care to understand the science that spouts out of Kuroo’s mouth, but neither of them minds. He keeps his gaze fixed on the screen in front of them, and Kuroo keeps running his hand through his hair. Quietly, while his breathing to the body next to him, Kenma lets Kuroo’s voice wash over him. The heaviness in his chest slowly fades to a memory.

When Kuroo pauses, Kenma shifts until his face is pressed against Kuroo’s shirt. “Thanks, Kuro,” he whispers.

Kuroo doesn’t reply out loud, but the hug he gives Kenma is answer enough. Anytime, Kenma.

anonymous asked:

Can we get some headcanons for a male!mc who always steals he's boyfriend clothes? XD RFA and anyone would be great :))

((How about some scenarios of them catching MC in the act? I hope that this is to your satisfaction Anon))


  • MC was kind of short, but he was in luck when he found out that Yoosung was the same size as him
  • He really liked Yoosung’s hoodies…especially his LOLOL one.
  • It just fit really well and on top of that it smelled like Yoosung
  • One day, MC got a call from a frantic Yoosung
  • “MC! I can’t find my favorite hoodie and I really wanted to wear it today!”
  • MC guiltily glanced over at the LOLOL hoodie that was draped lazily over a nearby  chair
  • “Can’t you wear another one?” MC asked quickly
  • MC heard his boyfriend sigh in irritation
  • “Lemme rephrase that. I can’t find any of my hoodies! MC, can I please borrow one of your hoodies?”
  • MC panicked as he saw his collection of Yoosung’s hoodies thrown all over his apartment
  • “Uh, sure thing babe, lemme just clean up first!” MC replied nervously
  • Suddenly MC heard a frantic banging on his door with shouts from his boyfriend demanding to be let in
  • MC decided to bite the bullet and let Yoosung in. He looked around and found his hoodies…everywhere! Including his favorite LOLOL sweatshirt ON his boyfriend,MC
  • “MC…why are all of my hoodies at your apartment?” Yousung demanded of MC
  • “I…I like wearing them.” 
  • “Just wear your own!” Yoosung complained, picking up a hoodie from the pile of hoodies in the corner or the room. 
  • “Well, mine don’t smell like you and yours are comfy” MC admitted
  • Yoosung looked MC, and a mischievous little smirk graced the blonde’s face. He dashed past MC, ran into MC’s room, grabbed MC’s favorite hoodie and pulled it on.
  • “Ya! You’re right babe! It does smell like you! Thanks for the hoodie!” Yoosung sang as he ran past MC, placing a chaste kiss on his boyfriend as he ran for the bus
  • MC couldn’t help but laugh. He probably wasn’t getting that one back. 


  • MC is about Jumin’s height so it’s rather convenient that Zen wears the same size shirts as him.
  • And MC really likes Zen’s coats, and sometimes just borrowed Zen’s jackets
  • One day they decided to go on a run together and MC didn’t have time to change out of  Zen’s jacket so he just decided to go run in it
  • They ran for a bit before MC begged Zen to let him take a break (MC isn’t too in shape yet)
  • “Come on slow poke!” Zen teased
  • MC caught up to Zen and started to catch his breath
  • “Hey, isn’t that my jacket?” Zen asked the exhausted MC
  • “Uh…maybe?”
  • Zen started to laugh, and MC’s ears began to turn red with embarrassment
  • “I thought it looked familiar. It looks better on me that it does you”
  • MC began to shed the coat, and Zen quickly pulled it back onto MC’s shoulders and zipped it up
  • “Hey, you’re gonna catch a cold if you do that! Besides, it looks way better on you than me, so you should keep it babe.”
  • MC’s eyes lit up at the idea that he’d get to keep something that smelled just like his boyfriend.
  • “Really Zen?” MC asked excitedly
  • “Yeah. On one condition though. Come here, I wanna take a selfie with my cute boyfriend wearing my jacket.”
  • Zen posted it several times in the chat room.


  • MC was super tiny for a guy, and occasionally confused for Jaehee’s sister from the back (super embarrassing for both parties when MC turned around and was clearly not a girl)
  • For some reason, he has always wanted to try on one of Jaehee’s skirts, just to see how he’d look in her outfits
  • One day when Jaehee was out shopping, MC took out one of Jaehee’s skirts and tried it on
  • Surprisingly, it fit him really well. He spun around in the full body mirror inside the door of Jaehee’s closet, looking at his appearance from multiple angles
  • He decided to go the whole nine yards and put on Jaehee’s entire suit and also put on Jaehee’s faux glasses.
  • He looked a lot like Jaehee, so he decided to pretend to be her
  • “Hello, Mr. Han. Yes sir, I’ll have the papers on your desk by tomorrow morning. Mr. Han, you have an appointment today with the department of fancy clothes at noon, and then you have another appointment with the Jerks of Korea at two.” MC joked, laughing brightly. He  then got a hilarious idea
  • “Your cat Mr. Han? She is an angel you say? Well, with all due respect, your cat is not angel in my opinion. I do believe she is, to be frank, an asshole who sheds all over my furniture without any care in the world. Sir, if I have to take care of Elizabeth 3rd one more time, I will shave it from head to tail.” MC said in his most “matter-of-fact”voice.
  • Suddenly he heard bags crashing to the ground as someone burst out laughing. He turned around to see Jaehee laughing so hard she had dropped everything in her arms, and was struggling to recompose herself
  • “H-how long were you standing there?”
  • “Since the Jerks of Korea part” Jaehee choked out between fits of laughter “Oh, my, I literally wish I could say half of that to Mr. Han. MC, you’re the best”


  • Today was the day MC told himself as he pulled out Jumin’s PJ top
  • MC was a good two sizes smaller than Jumin, so it was quite large in comparison to the tiny MC
  • Jumin rarely wore pajamas, but the one time that MC saw him in pjs, he immediately wanted to wear them and show Jumin how absolutely adorable he could be with Jumin’s oversized shirt
  • He considered also wearing the pants, but as soon as he saw long they were, he reconsidered it, since falling on his face in front of his handsome boyfriend was not on his itinerary
  • Jumin came home early, and when he went in, he expected MC to go and greet him like usual, but MC was nowhere in sight
  • Suddenly MC came out of their shared bedroom, the oversized sleeves flopping around as he ran towards his boyfriend
  • “Jumin! Welcome home dear!” MC said excitedly
  • Jumin looked perplexed, and looked to be analyzing MC as he stood there awkwardly in the oversized shirt
  • “MC, that is much too large on you. I’ll have the tailor make you a new one with the proper dimensions immediately.”
  • “Jumin…that’s not…Aren’t I cute?
  • Jumin gave MC a look as if he just asked if he could fly
  • “MC, you’re always cute, but that shirt still doesn’t fit you properly, and I’m having them make you a new one as we speak”
  • MC gives up, but makes Jumin promise that as soon as he got his, that he would wear his to match.


  • Saeyoung couldn’t find his favorite shirt, or pants, or hoodie
  • Actually, forget his favorite outfit, besides his underwear and socks, he couldn’t find any of his clothes
  • Not that he had that many outfits to begin with.
  • He couldn’t even find any dirty clothes, and he swore he did his laundry.
  • All he could find was his cosplay outfits, and so, he picked out a french maid cosplay and put it on not the worst thing in the world
  • He walked out of his room to an irritated Vanderwood
  • What the hell were you doing in there Luciel? Playing dress up?” Vanderwood shouted
  • “Nope. I couldn’t find any other outfits” Saeyoung replied, pulling up his computer chair and getting to work
  • “Then wear a dirty outfit”
  • “Can’t find those either”
  • “I just cleaned your room a week ago!”
  • “I know…I honestly don’t know where my clothes went! I’m serious Vanderwood!”
  • Vanderwood stomped into Saeyoung’s room to find that he wasn’t lying. He literally did not have any other outfits besides his cosplay, underwear and socks
  • “What the actual hell?” Vanderwood asked in disbelief
  • “So out of all the cosplays you have, why the hell did you chose the french maid outfit?”
  • “What? I’m cute and there’s no dress code! Maybe I want to look like a cute french maid.”
  • “Whatever. I don’t actually care. Just get to work”
  • Suddenly there was a knock on the door and the doorbell buzzed
  • “I’ve got this. YOU STAY.” Vanderwood demanded to an empty chair, as Saeyoung snuck away to open the door.
  • He opened the door, after looking through the security screen to MC wearing Saeyoung’s favorite outfit.
  • “Hey Vanderwood! I found where my clothes went!”
  • “Where?” Vanderwood shouted back irritated
  • “Here!” Saeyoung said proudly, showing his boyfriend off to Vanderwood


  • V could not find his warm jacket anywhere. It wasn’t where he had left it, and being half blind didn’t help
  • He really needed to go shopping, but he couldn’t see, so he called up his boyfriend MC to help him find it
  • MC looked over at a nearby chair where the jacket lay
  • He grabbed the jacket and headed over to V’s house
  • He went in and “helped” V find his jacket.
  • This wasn’t the first time MC had to “help”his boyfriend find something. Nor would this be the last
  • At least, that’s what MC thought as he walked towards the door
  • “MC, can I ask you something?” V asked
  • MC froze with his hand on the doorknob. He hoped that he was overreacting and that V suspected nothing
  • “What is it Jihyun?” MC asked shakily
  • “Why is it that whenever you’re here, something of mine goes missing? Like a shirt, my jacket, and for some reason my hats. You aren’t stealing them, are you?”
  • “I uh…”
  • “Wait, ARE you?”
  • “Maybe?” MC replied sheepishly
  • Jihyun smirked, and made a motion for MC to go over to him
  • MC did hesitantly, unsure if Jihyun was going to get mad or not.
  • As soon as he was three feet away from Jihyun, Jihyun took off his shades and softly gazed at his boyfriend dearly
  • “Is that my shirt too? If you want something, just let me know so I don’t go around looking for something that isn’t there.”
  • “Wait, you aren’t mad at me?” MC asked confused
  • “No? Why would I be mad at you? I just want to know if you have something so I know that I‘m not losing my mind yet. Besides, you look really cute.”


  • There were a lot of crashing noises coming from Saeran’s room
  • “Where the hell is is?” Saeran shouted out exasperatedly
  • “What’s wrong bro?” Saeyoung yelled back
  • “I can’t find my leather jacket!”
  • “Isn’t it in that old box in your closet?” Saeyoung asked
  • “Wow. That’s a lot of “fucks” in one sentence” Saeyoung replied laughing
  • “Shut the hell up Saeyoung!” Saeran shouted back
  • Suddenly it was deathly silent, and Saeyoung could feel the anger radiating out of Saeran’s trashed room
  • “You didn’t hide it from me, did you LUCIEL?” Saeran snarled
  • Saeyoung knew that it wasn’t a laughing matter anymore because his brother only called him by his baptismal name when he was beyond pissed off. Saeyoung got up to go help his brother, and had to dodge a box that Saeran threw at him
  • “Dude, chill. I didn’t touch your jacket. You sure that it’s not still in your closet?”
  • “I just threw the fucking box at you. Was it in there?” Saeran sassed
  • Before Saeyoung could say anything in reply, they heard a knock on the door. They were planning on ignoring it when Saeran got a text. He glanced at it, then stomped out of his room and threw open the door.
  • “Hi Saeran.” MC greeted, standing there in Saeran’s leather jacket
  • “MC. Jacket. NOW.” Saeran growled out between his clenched teeth
  • “Hey Saeran, who’s at the door?” Saeyoung shouted from Saeran’s room (who was cleaning up for his brother)
  • “My fucking nerd of a boyfriend who stole my leather jacket” Saeran shouted as he tacked his boyfriend and pulled the leather jacket off.
  • “Looks like you found it” Saeyoung laughed.