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Publishing for Fun and Profit

So there was a list going around tumblr for a while that made it to my dash of literary journals that accept open submissions (and will pay!), but upon inspection about half of them were closed indefinitely, and I found quite a few other places that looked interesting through further research, so I wanted to post my own list. 

I tried to focus on things that paid professional grade (at least 6 cents per word), were friendly to speculative fiction, and specifically encouraged diversity and writing about marginalized groups.

(Please note that as of right now I have never submitted or been published with any of these, so if anyone has experience with them, good or bad, please feel free to message or reblog this with your experiences.)

Speculative Fiction

  • Strange Horizons — Speculative fiction (broadly defined) with an emphasis on diversity, unusual styles, and stories that address politics in nuanced ways. 8c per word. Up to 10,000 words, under 5,000 preferred. Responds within 40 days. LGBT+ positive.
  • Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine — Sci-fi, fantasy, horror, etc. 7-12c per word. Up to 25,000 words. No response times listed.
  • Asimov’s Science Fiction — Primarily sci-fi but accepts fantasy and surreal fiction, but no high fantasy/sword and sorcery. Prefers writing that is character driven. 8-10c per word. 1,000-20,000 words. Responds in about five weeks.
  • Evil Girlfriend Media — Horror and urban fantasy centered on female empowerment and defying gender stereotypes. $100 flat payment. 4,000-7,000 words. No response times given. LGBT+ friendly.
  • Beneath Ceaseless Skies — Fantasy with a focus on secondary worlds and characters. 6c per word. Up to 10,000 words. Average response time 2-4 weeks.
  • Fantastic Stories — Speculative fiction with an emphasis on diversity and literary style. 15c per word. Up to 3,000 words. Responds within two weeks. LGBT+ positive.
  • Fiction Vortex — Serialized fantasy and speculative fiction. $300 for featured stories, $50 otherwise. 3,500 words or less. No response times given.
  • Shimmer — Speculative fiction with an emphasis on diversity, strong plots, vivid characters, and beautiful writing. 5c per word. 7,500 words or less (will consider longer words with query letter). Usually responds within two weeks. LGBT+ positive.
  • Clarkesworld Magazine — Sci-fi, fantasy, and other speculative fiction. 10c per word up to 5,000 words, 8c per word after. 1,000-16,000 words. Responds within days usually, gives a tracking number.
  • Apex Magazine — Speculative fiction of all kinds. 6c per word, +1c per word for podcast stories. Up to 7,500 words, all submissions over will be auto-rejected. Responds within 30 days.
  • Heliotrope Magazine — Speculative fiction of all kinds. 10c per word. Up to 5,000 words. Responds within 30 days.
  • Lightspeed Magazine — Speculative fiction of all kinds, with creativity and originality in terms of style and format encouraged. 8c per word. 1,500-10,000 words, under 5,000 preferred. LGBT+ positive. Submissions temporarily closed for their main magazine but is accepting for their People of Color Destroy Science Fiction special.

General Fiction

  • The Sun Magazine — General fiction, likes personal writing or writing of a cultural/political significance. $300-$1500 flat payment  and a one year subscription to the magazine for fiction (also accepts essays and poetry). No minimum or maximum lengths but over 7,000 words discouraged. Responds in 3-6 months. Physical submissions only.
  • One Story — Any and all varieties of fiction, “unique and interesting” stories encouraged. $500 payment plus 25 contributor copies. 3,000-8,000 words. Usually responds in 2-3 months.
  • Camera Obscura — General fiction. $1000 for featured story, $50 for “Bridge the Gap” award, no payment for other contributors. 250-8,000 words. Response time vary, running just over two months as of now.

Flash Fiction 

  • Daily Science Fiction — Speculative flash fiction (including sci-fi, fantasy, slipstream, etc.). 8c per word. Up to 1,500 words, but shorter stories given priority. Response times not listed.
  • Vestral Review — General flash fiction. 3-10c per word depending on length to a max of $25. Up to 500 words. Response within four months.
  • Flash Fiction Online — General flash fiction. $60 flat payment. 500-1,000 words. Response times not listed.


  • Riptide Publishing — Any LGBTQ manuscripts between 15,000 and 150,000 words. Currently especially interested in lesbian romances, trans stories, asexual/aromantic stories, romances with a happy ending, and genre fiction such as urban fantasy. Also has a YA branch.  LGBT+ positive.
  • Crimson Romance — Romance stories of all kinds, currently seeking LGBT+ stories with a focus on emotional connections and relationships, especially m/m romance. Novel (55,000-90,000 words) or novella (20,000-50,000 words) length.  LGBT+ positive.

Kindle Direct Publishing 

  • Kindle Direct Publishing — Allows you to set your own prices, create your own cover art, and make royalties off of each sell. Any and all genres are welcome and if you’re prolific and smart about how you’re publishing you can make pretty good money.
  • General Guide to Kindle Publishing — Gives a good rundown of the publishing process on Kindle.
  • 101 Guide to Kindle Erotica — Great guide with lots of resources about how to make money publishing erotica on Kindle.   

Publishing Comics/Graphic Novels

  • Here is a list of potential comic companies and what kind of open submissions they accept.  
  • Here is a list of literary agents who accept graphic novels. 
Ride Monologue
  • Ride Monologue
  • Lana Del Rey

I was in the winter of my life- and the men I met along the road were my only summer. At night I fell sleep with vision of myself dancing and laughing and crying with them. Three year down the line of being on an endless world tour and memories of them were the only things that sustained me, and my only real happy times. I was a singer, not very popular one, who once has dreams of becoming a beautiful poet- but upon an unfortunate series of events saw those dreams dashed and divided like million stars in the night sky that I wished on over and over again- sparkling and broken. But I really didn’t mind because I knew that it takes getting everything you ever wanted and then losing it to know what true freedom is.

When the people I used to know found out what I had been doing, how I had been living- they asked me why. But there’s no use in talking to people who have a home, they have no idea what its like to seek safety in other people, for home to be wherever you lied you head.

I was always an unusual girl, my mother told me that I had a chameleon soul. No moral compass pointing me due north, no fixed personality. Just an inner indecisiviness that was as wide as wavering as the ocean. And if I said that I didn’t plan for it to turn out this way I’d be lying- because I was born to be the other woman. I belonged to no one- who belonged to everyone, who had nothing- who wanted everything with a fire for every experience and an obssesion for freedom that terrified me to the point that I couldn’t even talk about- and pushed me to a nomadic point of madness that both dazzlez and dizzied me.

Every night I used to pray that I’d find my people- and finally I did- on the open road. We have nothing to lose, nothing to gain, nothing we desired anymore- except to make our lives into a work of art.


I believe in the country America used to be. I belive in the person I want to become, I believe in the freedom of the open road. And my motto is the same as ever- *I believe in the kindness of strangers. And when I’m at war with myself- I Ride. I Just Ride.*

Who are you? Are you in touch with all your darkest fantasies?
Have you created a life for yourself where you’re free to experience them?
I Have.
I Am Fucking Crazy. But I Am Free.

- Lana Del Rey


They made a race of it, dashing headlong across the yard and past the stables, skirts flapping, whilst knights and serving men alike looked on, and pigs and chickens scattered before them. It was most unladylike, but Alayne sound found herself laughing. For just a little while, as she ran, she forget who she was, and where, and found herself remembering bright cold days at Winterfell, when she would race through Winterfell with her friend Jeyne Poole, with Arya running after them trying to keep up. 
                                                                                           Alayne, The Winds of Winter

(requested by anonymous)

Hi! I’ve just moved all the way across the united states and currently have ZERO funds and I just found out that my cat is very sick and I have no way to take him to the vet! I honestly have no idea what to do. I’ve asked my family for money and all of them have nothing to give. PLEASE if there is ANY way you can help, any little bit would be very appreciated. Jeffrey is my heart and I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to him… Please reblog to spread the word.. if there’s ANYTHING you can donate, the PayPal is hannahchelle.1995@gmail.com - I’m so sorry to clog your dash with this, but I don’t know what else to do. ❤

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At the start of each school year, I’m sure we all start off saying that we’re going to study more, not let distractions get in the way, et cetera. I came across this list on my dash, and found it so inspiring I had to share and expand upon some of the points, giving you tips and tricks to achieve each of these goals and keep you on the paths to success. I’ll be releasing a new tip each day, and linking them back here for your convenience. 

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Kim Jongdae

body rolls like a sinner one moment

is a cinnamon roll the next

I Found Them. Part 1.

I approached where I knew Aries resided, and I saw them immediately, a fire aura surrounding each and every one of them. They were horned, yet dragon like, where I knew they could take flight and leave me in the dust at any minute. The heat radiated from them, warming the cracking skin on my hands, and I couldn’t help but be spell bound by their youth, by their vitality and longing for life. 

When I found Taurus, eventually, for they could hide like the best of them if they set their mind to it, I found them in the greenest of forests, in a little cottage-like place, all wooden and old. I could smell freshly baked goods and a certain sweetness, perfume almost, as I knocked at the door in hope. The Taurean Earth spirit answered, with long, flowing hair and doe eyes, nymphs in spirit. 

Gemini whizzed past my ears and sprinkled stardust all over, giggling and dashing back and forth, so much so that I nearly swatted one away, dust in my eyes and chatter in my ears. With a sneeze, I lifted from the ground, flying like they do in the intellectual realm of Mercury. And I laughed as they laughed, their cherubic faces twinkling as their eyes do. I always wanted to be as light as they are. 

Luna’s Notes:

I had to travel far to the north, to the Griffin Kingdom, for this lead. The idea actually came from another candidate, Rainbow Dash, whom Gilda has a history with. It seems that during an extended skirmish with Sombra’s forces, The Cloudsdale army hired a local mercenary band to assist them, with Gilda as part of that band. And in the chaos of that battle, Dash and Gilda found themselves often fighting together, and surviving against greater numbers than their own. That synergy would be useful to the Quest for Harmony.

I found Gilda in a remote camp with her mercenary allies. Gilda didn’t trust my sudden appearance one bit, which is excellent. I prefer a wary candidate to an overly trusting one. I traveled with her and her band a few days for the sake of evaluation.

Gilda is a fierce warrior, using her avian wings to maintain mobility and speed, and her lion’s strength to overwhelm enemies. Her glaive gives her an impressive reach as well. She is lethal, ruthless, and incredibly aggressive in a fight. A genuine terror whose assault is as much psychological as it is physical. Additionally, Gilda’s experience in a band of mercenaries, and her time with Rainbow Dash demonstrates good teamwork skills.

Gilda’s demeanor is less viable, however. She is rude and, at times, a bully to anyone she considers weaker than herself. This could lead to intra-team conflict with other members.

While her problems are not insurmountable, especially when considering her strengths, I would prefer to find a yet more ideal candidate. Her potential synergy would only be effective if she could get along well with the rest of the group; and that is the most in question with her.

Gilda, Adventuring is Magic!

Surprise, this one isn’t actually a Patreon project. It was actually commissioned privately. As such, it was completed independent of the Patreon schedule, and there will still be another AiM character done later this month.

Even still, if you like this, you may want to consider supporting my Patreon.

Well, I said I will message you, dear snogfairy,  but an ask is not enough long, and I want to more people to know about your awesome Tails & alons fic, so I tought - I would express myself with im the beast at! (as you can see its not the literature, at least in English ;-; 

So this is how I imagined Lucy’s tattoo - I hope you like it c:

Also my the reason of my excitement is that I’m really not into fanfics.  I barely readed some and these are really well written, but until now I only read ones in the same universe, and I found that too.. out of character, making all lovely - dovely, but Tails and Talons was everywhere in my dash and I hate when I’m out of something, so  I chacked it, well done, me,
 This AU was awesome *-* You expressed the characters perfectly, and in this world I totally can see them going like this. The Wendy-Grandine thing was way too awesome to me >w<  It’s really rare, but your work made me smile, made my heart squeeze (literally, only good shoujos and books can do that~) and my heart was so full when you brought whole sentences from the original ;-; 

So thank you for your hard work, and ganbattene! <3
Also happy birthday, I’m so firgjid bc if I were checked it before, I could have greeted you!
/Guys its really worth the 5 hours sleeping/

( ░░ ❀ in honor of reaching 200 followers, i’ve decided to post the faceless photo hunt that i’ve been working on for months, casuallyfound below are 430 faceless photos of all sorts of ladies && gents. i’ve been collecting images and adding them at random, so there isn’t much rhyme or reason, but i do think all of these could be used to depict FCs. i apologize if there are any repeats, because knowing me there may be. please like/reblog if you’re using !! ☼ ) 

tysm, ily guys for even noticing my dumb ass. i’ll do a follow forever when i hit my next goal, bc i srsly love all of you guys so i would just end up listing all of you &&  my dash is always lit af. s/o to my 200th follower, @sierraroleplays, btw :~) 

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I’ve seen a bunch of AUs and character graphics on my dash with fake social media ‘screenshots.’ Considering I like to dive into my characters’ heads, I use a few generators for Facebook, Twitter, and text messages to and from my characters. After going through Google, I’ve found a short list of generators for FACEBOOK messages, TEXT MESSAGES, and TWITTER statuses, plus a couple of others. So, without further ado, enjoy!

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Now, since y'all are my family, i thought i should share this pic with y'all. Im extremely insecure of my body due to my stretch marks on my butt, thighs, & even my boobs. Like g i don’t even wear bikini bottoms without shorts to cover them up. Buttt, seeing all these beautiful black women on my dash is really boosting my confidence, so i thought why the fuck not?? I found that taking pictures of my body helps me feel more confident, so that’s my new thing. Much love to y'all 💖 You guys are my heart

Today has been heartbreaking and infuriating and traumatizing. Absolutely awful at its absolute best. So, I want to take a second to say thank you to everyone I follow. I’ve seen nothing but love and support (both given and received) on my dash throughout this mess and I cannot stress the importance of that enough. I’m so, so eternally grateful to have found such an incredible community on here (I love you all, I really do) and I want that for each and every one of you. 

That said, I know not everyone has had the same experience. Endless virtual hugs to you. If someone you follow has posted something hurtful or said something that has made you uncomfortable in any way, unfollow them. Put the pressure of maintaining mutuals aside, turn off anon, do whatever you have to do, but do not sacrifice your own comfort. You deserve a safe space. You are worthy of love. You are worthy of respect. And I firmly believe that if Louis could tell you that himself, he would without hesitation. 

so the year is ending and i thought i should finish it with my first follow forever! i have found so many wonderful blogs with even better persons behind them and i just wanted to thank them all for being amazing and making my dash look rad. i actually wanted to do this ff since forever but then i saw maya doing some beautiful christmas edits and decided to make one with one of hers so i wanna thank lukeyhemminq for the picture ♡ but first i wanna thank a special person:

Silvana ♥︎♥︎: silva , corita , señorita cora , master or whatever i call u you’re always gonna be the most special person to me in the whole world.u have teached me all i know in ps u even explained me what that was about 3 months ago. i know we know eachother for only almost 3 years but these have been the most amazing years in my life so far. we have so much fun together that my mom screams at me every time we laugh too much :)) i just enjoy being with u and just make bs all the time , my littlebitchsquealer sabes que te quiero even tho a veces jodes como concha te amo pequeña ♡♡♡

so i wanted to make my favourite blogs bolded but realised i love u all too much so mutuals are bolded. 

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i wanna give my special friends a shoutout so bieberconda af , #nobunsquad , GABI’S PARTY and calumhoodsource members i lub u ♡

and ofc i wanna thank all of my followers for following me this wouldn’t be possible without u ! And even if you’re not here remember that i lub u if we are mutuals ♡ i have a bad memory and i follow way too many blog i adore u guys i’m probably forgetting some ppl but message me and i’ll put u next time here