but then i figure it out

Actually on the subject of Dream Daddy, I only played a little bit last night but here is an incomplete list of things Hal Forrester has done so far:

  1. Pretended to be dead when his daughter woke him up
  2. Gave a lame excuse for why he fired a flaming tennis ball at a police station and added that the police “didn’t believe it either.”
  3. Expressed pride in his daughter when she smashed something and shouted “I GOTTA PROBLEM WITH AUTHORITY.”
  4. Tried (with his daughter) to con free food out of someone who was clearly giving them free food anyway.
  5. Flirted by saying “Your face…is…good.”

It is so easy to imagine this guy as an alternate-universe Stan that it’s a little scary.

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I wanted to rewatch Inuyasha, to see kikyo again, she is a very interesting and remarkable character for me. Do you know what episodes she appears in precisely? If it's not too much xd

i agree!! i love kikyo so much now ;u;

I don’t think there’s a complete list out there but I found this from here

“14-15 These episodes were the one where she is brought back to life.
22-23 This is where they learn Kikyo is stealing other girl’s souls.
32-33 Naraku steals Kikyo and later some more flashbacks.
47-48 Naraku tries to kill Kikyo and so he separates his heart and also Kagome witness Inuyasha and Kikyo embracing. She goes home but realizes she loves Inuyasha and comes back.
60-64 These are mostly flashbacks of Kikyo with the dark priestess.
87 Kikyo is in it but it more on how Onigumo was in his past.
98 This is where Kikyo and Kagome both have to work together to get out of this monster that they were consumed in.
108-126 She was somewhere between some of these episodes.
147-148 The Tragic Love Song….. (These are more flashbacks of Kikyo but ties everything together of their past)
154 I think she gave an arrow to Inuyasha to give to Kagome.
-Final Act-
7-8 These episodes are her last. “

I’d also recommend episode 120 particularly !! It’s the episode where she talks with St Hakushin and I just really love the whole thing, it kind of make you understand her character more seeing how she related to St Hakushin and all. 

I feel like educators probably say mostly negative things about autistic students bc ableism but one cool thing about teaching an autistic kid is that once you figure out their special interest, getting them engaged in doing work is just a matter of tying in their interest somehow

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What are xe pronouns and how do you pronounce them? Thank you for all the work you put into this blog it has helped me so much :-)

Hi there! Xe/Xem/Xir/Xemself is one of the many sets of neopronouns created by nonbinary/genderfluid/genderqueer folks. Since he/him pronouns and she/her pronouns don’t fit many of us, and some of us also don’t feel that they/them pronouns fit us, we get creative!

Xe is one of the more common neopronouns, I would say. But you can see a whole (nonexhaustive) list here

Xe is usually pronounced “zee,” ( “zem”; “zear” for xir, rhyming with ear; “zemself”) but if you meet someone who uses these pronouns just ask xem how xe pronounces it for xemself, because it might vary.

Xe usage goes like this:

Avery is nonbinary, and xe’s trying out some new pronouns. Ask xem what xir pronouns are!

For practice with xe pronouns as well as they pronouns and some other common pronouns, see this cool online game

I hope this helps :)

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I don't know if you did this already, but everyone keeps mentioning that Alec has problems with Max in the beginning (did you mention this in ALDNT or just in a prompt, bc I can't seem to recall reading it...)so I was wondering what happened when Alec finally broke and confessed to Magnus. if you wrote it already, could you tell me where?

You didn’t miss it, I’m just horrible and haven’t found a way to bring it up in the actual story yet. I’ve had this time in their relationship planned out pretty carefully for a few months now, but I honestly don’t have any solid ideas about how to work this much information smoothly into a chapter. But people have been asking me about it here, so I’ve gone in-depth on certain aspects of their ‘rough patch’ in answers over the past month or so. I know, it’s a super annoying way to bring up an important part of my own damn story, but I swear I’m desperately trying to think of a good way to incorporate it into actual ALDNT canon! It’ll happen, eventually!

As for your specific question, I talked briefly about the circumstances that finally result in Alec breaking here. It’s not very thorough, so if you have more questions about it, I’d be happy to answer them! God knows I probably won’t actually be writing it any time soon! 😅

And just in case you’re interested in some of the other details people have asked about, I’ve gathered up the links to all of the answers I’ve written about their rough patch so far:

one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight