but then i avoided it

i can sometimes understand why these discourse blogs are made ya know.  like it’s a lot more organized, its useful for people who want to follow a blog for one specific thing and people wouldn’t have to see drama on your main.

but it feels so pathetic and childish to refuse to reveal what your main account is. like i can see that you’re doing it to avoid facing harassment but then like… don’t pick fights?? its no better than people who turn on anon to spam someone with nasty messages.

also like half of y’all cannot handle fights. like at all. you have shit on your abouts like “don’t screenshot/namedrop/vague/@/start drama with me” and yet your entire blog content is covered with you fighting people who said something that tipped you off. 

like what the fuck lol

It is probably no surprise that the “winner” is Regina by a hair with 16, followed by Snow and Charming with 15 apiece. The vast majority of the S1/2 flashbacks told that story, so only to be expected.

Rumple has ten by my count, Hook seven (one of which is also Rumple’s), Emma six (I am counting some of the 5a episodes as being focused on her), Zelena five, and Belle four. 

The rest of them are guest stars, supporting characters, no focus, or no flashback.


I’m super sad about this because A Court of Wings and Roses doesn’t come out until right before my exams. This means that I WILL NOT be reading ACOWAR until JUNE.
Yes, June! Until my exams are done.

I’m so upset about this but I’d rather focus on my exams and then I can put all my energy and thoughts in reading (I plan on reading a LOT over the summer!).

So, I’m posting this so that everyone will know that my blog will, obviously, be SPOILER FREE.
I will be avoiding most ACOWAR posts until I start to read it. I’ll most likely be posting some theories to try and compensate for the wait (but they will all be from before the release)
It will honestly be torture not being able to read when everyone else is but that’s just how it is - I can imagine there’s people in a similar situation whom will also have to endure the torture of having to wait - we can survive this together!

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i dont like conflict and try to avoid it the most i can. today i saw in the phan tag a phanti telling us to suck their dick bc of the moving theories and it made me feel bad (it doesnt mind me if someone doesnt ship phan or doesnt like the idea of shipping real ppl, i understand it, but that kind of posts always makes me feel bad, specially bc ppl always talk about the aggresive shippers) but now.. Now i think i would suck their dick, so they can have the same joy im having right now :)

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I’m not making much sense at the moment.

The emotional level at which 8th news has put me truly is disquieting. I can’t explain it, but I can recognise when something is blown out of proportion. Self-control and self-awareness always were very important to me and I don’t like feeling like I’m losing grip… especially when the reason for the turmoil merely is beautiful plastic space-elves soldiers.

The only thing I have to do is to log out, clean up my desk, put all my minis in boxes or in drawers, out of sight, and do something else until I forget that I care about my fluff, so maybe I can come back to it, renewed. This may take a while and hopefully by that time 8th will have become normal.

I’m going to unfollow all 40k feeds on social media, and avoid coming here as much as I can.

Time to move on.
Time to obsess over something else.

Sayonara (hopefully not completely?).

Honestly the best part of the movie.

(Redbubble) (My Star Wars art was removed last time, so maybe an limited run)

I feel like I am not allowed to exist because existing is a burden to others


“First time Blake told Weiss she loved her, Weiss literally tried to tip her”

I’ve been meaning to do some monochrome and then @anawitchs and I got to talking about Weiss being emotionally stunted and unable to express love without throwing money at people for affection. And here we have it.

Send help I was not supposed to get this invested in another ship but their dynamic is everythingggg ugh