but then i alt-tabbed out


I will be doing REQUEST STREAMS with enough viewers present. With the premise of FREE ART there are a few simple rules I shall lay out for you here.


  • Requests are selected by lottery (I number people by their chat position then use random.org to randomly pick a number from 1 to the max number of eligible folks)
  • You must be present to have an entry in the lottery
  • You cannot hold a lottery selection ‘for later’
  • If you are selected for a lottery, you MUST provide a prompt within ten minutes (I will bring in sounds specifically for a notice, for those who alt-tab)
    • Failure to respond in ten minutes will let the lottery re-roll without you, you will not be included in subsequent rolls without proof of presence (namely, writing anything in the chat)
    • Please keep your references handy, screenshots are great, but the clearer the shot the better (plz crop down to your character(s))
      • IF YOUR REFERENCE IS NSFW, SAY SO BEFORE THE LINK (They are fine, but warning is good!)
    • If you are still present in the next lottery, you will be entered again.
    • Lottery eligibility is ONCE per stream
      • With a low turnout, I might go a second round.
  • Free requests are FREE. I reserve the right to refuse or do something stupid with what you give me. 

Really want to have me draw something specifically? My quick free sketch not enough to sate your needs to see something drawn to completion? Want to see a different pose? Want to REALLY have me fix up the sketch how you want it?  GOLLY GEE I WONDER HOW YOU COULD CONVINCE ME TO DRAW THINGS FOR YOU.

Note that folks who bring in money are GOING to get higher priority. (Sorry, but Gold doesn’t work for me, material needs require material monies)

Also note there is a PATREON, that can help me keep my streams frequent. Seriously. If you enjoy these free streams and whatever entertainment I provide, please think of making donations. (Even small ones add up!)



I alt tabbed out to look at funny pictures, decided to log in and finish my ICC raid I left off on this week after my long hiatus, and this happened. Holy crap. I am so happy right now.

Alright, so KF2 is great so far, but I do have two issues.

The first is that the aim and look sensitivities are on one slider, making you unable to adjust your ADS speed so it’s WAY too slow.

The other is that if you alt tab out in borderless windowed mode, the game will be click-through when you alt tab back in and when you click to shoot, you will click your desktop and the game will not respond.

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'I always wonder how people get the sims looking like real characters… or other characters…' Lots of hard work, reference photos, alt-tabbing out of CAS to stare at said references, and sometimes mods.

I tried things like that, bust mostly there was missing something to do so. hair, possibilitys in coloouring or tattos (like fenris markings or such things)

but on the other hand I never had any mods…

thanks for answering :) (is there a option to answer to answers?)

Forum Post: Everything was working fine, i started testing the app and worked fine for a week. didn’t add any new code during test. 2nd week of testing the app started to throw an exception “ Auth scheme is null” and i found out that after saving my data in the cloud, it is no longer saving files (photos) but only the data classes. I tried to delete files manually in the bluemix web platform in the applicaiton dashbaord in “Managed Data” tab. it can’t delete the file and throw exception “Can’t delete the file”. Also i need to refresh several times in order to see the files. First it shows, “Can’t load the files list”. I attach the screen shot here. ![alt text][1]
[1]: /answers/storage/temp/2127-screen-shot-2015-04-22-at-100255-am.png Reply at: http://ift.tt/1EbtyQ6
—  Can’t delete a file from Bluemix Mobile Data via http://ift.tt/1EbtyQ6

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You forgot the part when most of those memes are originated from the reveal of the black dude being a thug after all

i alt tabbed out of torchlight for this basic ass trolling attempt 

I made it out of this fuckin’ mental care facility and as soon as I got out a few pipes burst and steam poured down on my god damn head. I screamed and slammed alt-tab, but kept it held down for too long and ended up going back into the game, causing me to take off my headphones and jump out of my chair. Rest in Pepsi.

In the last couple of days, a guy named sndrec recently modded Halo 2 in order to remove mouse acceleration. Check out his tool here.I thought his tool was really awesome. So I modded his mod so that it also removes mouse acceleration on Halo Online.InstructionsLaunch Halo Online like you normally wouldSelect “Play Multiplayer”(Optional step) Start an offline game (game type is slayer and map is S3D_TURF)Launch the tool(Optional step) Make sure the mouse input in game worksClick “Activate!” on the tool. You should get a pop-up saying “Game mouse input is disabled!”(Optional step) Alt-tab back into the game and verify that game mouse input is disabled (when moving your mouse, your crosshair should stay still)Press OK on the message boxAlt-tab back into the game and verify that there is no mouse accelerationIf it is the first time using this tool, I recommend doing the optional steps.DownloadBinary: http://ift.tt/1yZpsud code: http://ift.tt/1DJ9rEg source code is ugly. I only spent 2 hours or so working on it.CreditsTheAsuro - started out the base of the programYaLTeR - helped fixed up the mouse inputsupersniper - provided some extremely useful addresses for FoVsndrec - coordinated the project and “made literally everything better."99% of the work is theirs. 1% of the work is mine for making the tool work with Halo Online.Ididn'taskforhispermissiontodothisbuthopefullyhewon'tmindsincetheideawasoriginallymine.P.S: Approximately every minute, the game engine shits itself and drops like 30 frames which completely screws up your mouse input temporarily. I’m pretty sure these frame drops are unfixable because it’s a problem with the engine itself. Hopefully, Microsoft will fix up their engine in the Beta version.P.S.S: I haven’t tested the tool much. For example: I have no idea what happens when you enter a vehicle. via /r/HaloOnline

No need for operating system or peripherals. I am located in Vancouver, BC (NCIX and such are popular local retailers) I won’t be overclocking, but I would like to be able to alt tab out of Counter Strike fairly efficiently and run CS + League at higher settings. If possible, I don’t mind throwing in an SSD on there.Cheers. via /r/buildmeapc

So I’m keeping the art blogs and maybe a few fandom/misc/personal blogs

And everything else is getting dumped like

I don’t even like Narnia or Harry Potter and OH MY GOD SO MUCH YIFF

*alt+tabs the yiff out of existence*

I’ve been experiencing an unplayable degree of stuttering since launch (near areas with a lot of foliage or grass). I’ve tried increasing the page file, setting CPU priority, clean driver installation, changing settings in the NVIDIA control panel, and nothing has worked, but I stumbled across a fix a few days ago that finally the solved the problem for me, so I’ll pass it along for those still having issues.In the NVIDIA control panel, set the global value for “VSync” to “On"Start the game, and load up the single player (make sure it’s set to fullscreen, and the game’s "VSync” setting is off)Alt-tab out of the game, open up the NVIDIA control panel again, and change the global value for “VSync” to “Let the 3D application decide"Alt-tab back to the game and change the game’s "VSync” setting to “On"Alt-tab back out of the game, and change the global "VSync” to “On” in the NVIDIA control panelAlt-tab back in the game and turn game’s “VSync” setting to offThis sounds ridiculous, but it actually works for me. I don’t think the settings are actually important, what actually disables the stuttering is the toggling of “VSync” at the global level while the game is running. I also have “Triple Buffering” on, if that makes a difference. Everything else is default. Unfortunately, you have to do this everytime you start the game, so hopefully NVIDIA or Rockstar can release a fix soon.Specs: Intel i7 4770 3.4 GHz NVIDIA GTX 670 4GB 16 GB DDR3 1600 MHz Windows 8.1 GeForce 350.12 Steam version of GTA V via /r/GrandTheftAutoV_PC