but then i alt-tabbed out

on one of my da play throughs i forgot to tell dorian about his father’s letter before taking him to the tavern. i thought the dialogue seemed off but then dorian turns to my inquisitor and says “you knew about this and didn’t tell me” and that’s when i realized my mistake. i felt so awful, the sound of betrayal in his voice made it so much worse :( i alt tabbed out of the game so fast, idk how people can do evil play throughs and get through that part


Some interior pics of the house I’m working on. It’s taking me for-ev-er to decorate, because I keep alt-tabbing out to peruse my Tumblr dash. You guys are very distracting. In a good way, of course.

I’ve used a couple more CC items, but also took some away, so I think it’s still under 5 items for this lot. Which I hope isn’t too much. It’s helping me keep my sanity, because WOW are the base game items uninspiring to me by this point. XD They’re great but I’ve just used them too much. *pets CC lovingly*

okay so I have like 11 hours in FO4 here are my impressions

it is way, way, WAY fucking better than Fallout 3.

I think technically it’s probably better than Fallout NV, but the writing is way worse. I still miss the RPG mechanics and don’t like the voiced protagonist (here’s advice - turn off the conversation camera cause Bethesda’s facial animations are somehow even worse in higher fidelity)

The crafting and settlement development is not.. terribly complex, but it’s fun enough. I think the crafting is way better than it was in 3 or New Vegas, every item just being worth units of a resource (like a baseball breaks down into 1 cloth and 2 cork) is a way better solution than requiring you to comb the wasteland for very specific trash to make a weapon you’re mainly making for a gimmick anyway.

The world is a lot more interesting too.

However cracks show in a couple places, Skyrim had GO UNDERGROUND AND KILL THESE DRAUGR and FO4 has GO TO THIS PLACE AND KILL THESE RAIDERS at least so far.

Also Ghouls are way, way better than in either game. They’re fast and there’s like 5 times more of them in an area than there would be non-ghoul enemies in an area so you think you’ve cleared an area and suddenly SIX GHOULS UP YOUR ASSHOLE

also it has not crashed for me at all, even when I alt tab out of the game which is fucking new for a Bethesda game. I’m apparently really really luck though

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This has got to be the most poorly designed virus I’ve ever seen.

So I booted up my virtual box, connected to tumblr and visited your blog. Then I had to press test my game. Then I had to activate shockwave flash. Then and only then did it work. Until I alt tabbed out and started task manager to close it.

Seriously, if you’re going to be sending virus, git gud