but then i alt tabbed out

My favorite thing about Windows 10:

It’s not that Windows 10 forces me to constantly run OneDrive.

It’s not that OneDrive constantly randomly pops up a window for itself demanding I log in.

It’s not that OneDrive constantly randomly pops up a window for itself even if I’m logged in.

It’s not that OneDrive will constantly randomly crash and therefore assume it hasn’t constantly randomly popped up a window for itself demanding I log in AGAIN after closing it.

It’s not that OneDrive will open itself back up if I exit it out, and constantly randomly pop up a window for itself when it does this.

It’s not that it will do all of this when I’m playing video games, forcing them to alt tab and fucking up the game.

It’s not that it does it when I’m doing legitimate work as well.

It’s not the little “preview” thumbnail that forces itself on my taskbar if I just accidentally hover over another taskbar thing, blocking my view of the window I actually want to look at.

My favorite thing about Windows 10 is that if I ask


how to disable any “““““““““““feature”“““““““““““ Windows introduced since 7, the answer is always “WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO TURN THAT OFF?  IT’S SO HELPFUL!”

Which is the equivalent of asking how to fix your broken leg, and people answering “why would you want to fix a broken leg?  Just use your other one!”

ever wonder why pan wears such a large hat? it’s to hide his large scenegirl hair.

alt title: the rumor come out: does @pan-pizza has scene hair?

alt alt title: shitposting at midnight: mistakes that will be left unfinished


Ok, so @grilledcheese-aspiration and @blackmojitos have asked about the ceiling of the Mid-Century Modern house I just built, so I decided I would do a tutorial for everyone. 
Here are the steps:
1. Look for the “wooden plank decorative” item in (i think) Misc. Decor. I have the first snow mod installed, so mine has streaks of white. 
2. Make a room for the ceiling. 6x6 is the magic size for the amount I sized up the planks. Make sure to delete out it’s actual ceiling.
3. Size up the plank 3 times. That way it is 6 units long.
4. Use the alt key to move it to the edge, then slowly fill in the ceiling. It takes a little bit but it’s worth it!
5. Once its all filled in Its done! For weird sized rooms, the planks will overlap but its hardly noticeable. For taking pictures you’ll have to move a floor up and then use the tab key to move down and into the room. 
If anyone wants to figure out how to use it in a 2-story house, or maybe make some recolors so we can have different types of ceilings, please do!
Enjoy! :)

[TERA] Achievements guide*
Progression, Encounters and Exploration, Extracurricular Activities.

I’m finally done with this spreadsheet! I decided to integrate my Dungeons spreadsheet with this one and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I didn’t include the Tours of Duty tab because there’s already an awesome spreadsheet around (link in the link!) that has been very useful to me.

I hope my work will be helpful to all the people starting to do achievements or working on their alts. I also took some time to write down some guidelines for beginners, with some tips regarding priorities and time saving. As I already wrote there, I don’t mean to tell anyone how to play and how to do achievements, so if you feel you don’t need advices you can just ignore the first page and enjoy the rest. Once again, I made these spreadsheets because I find it easier to check them on browser/phone than always fighting with in-game tab.

If you find any mistake or something missing, please don’t hesitate to contact me so I can fix things! Also again, I’m sorry if my english is a bit derpy. I hope I was clear enough.

*This isn’t really a guide as I’m not giving screenshots of locations or anything like that. I didn’t find it necessary as there are many good guides around. It’s really worth checking them out!

Leave me your feedbacks and spread around! o/